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Wednesday, September 3, 2008




Erin said...

What was it like?! Was it as awesome THERE as it was coming through my 32" of non-HD goodness?!

WendyDarling said...

I completely agree. She did an amazing job. :-)

Unknown said...

AMEN!!!!!! That was a GREAT and AMAZING speech! Tonight, the country really got to know Sarah Palin even more! This is exciting!

I loved how she went on the offensive! She's strong and she won't back down!

I am so thrilled that we have her on the ticket! This is a winning ticket! We are soooooo gonna win in November! OH YES!!!!!!!!




Mountain Mama said...

Cool, Adam! You look great down on the convention floor!
How close were you able to get to Sarah Palin?
Man, many of the comments at the WSJ (!) were just mean! I think Juan Williams is correct: she did a terrific job.

Orange said...

I have been so looking forward to hearing directly from Sarah all week. I'm a Republican but I just didn't know her so I've been cautiously optimistic since she was announced as Mac's running mate.

Well... I am cautious no longer... Sarah Palin is the real deal.

The speech opened a bit slowly but once she got rockin', wow, she rocked hard.

Joe Biden, say your prayers.

Sheri said...

Sarah gave a wonderful speech. I just love her. Adam, you were right on! I hope that you are having a wonderful time!!

Carl said...

Well, folks. I think everyone saw tonight why we wanted her to be VP.

jill said...

You're looking good, Adam!

She knocked 'em dead, and we're so happy you were there to see it. Thank the Great State of Alaska for us! Her birthplace of Idaho gets a shout out too.

Window4U (IL) said...

What a wonderful performance!

The liberal media is very afraid. They all have scorns on their faces and are calling her shrill and mean the way she attacked Obama.

I guess it's alright for them to attack McCain and Palin unmercifully but it's not alright for our VP candidate to go after Obama with a little humor? Oh, and Biden didn't go after McCain? What a double standard.

Anyway, I think America is going to be very impressed!

Mountain Mama said...

Palin Supporters:

Brace yourselves for Thursday. The hate you will see directed at Sarah Palin will be UN-REAL.

There are very vicious rumors and emails coming out tomorrow about Gov. Palin herself, and if (G-D FORBID!) they are true and prove unethical behavior, McCain will face pressure to knock her off the ticket.

I hate to write that, but it's very probable.

I've worked and prayed hard for her for months, so know that I am NOT exaggerating: PRAY HARD!

Anonymous said...


From A Hillary Supporter.

Anonymous said...

That speech was made of pure WIN.

I don't know if I can think of anything that would make it better, except announcing that McCain had agreed to drill in ANWR.

Maybe he's saving that for his speech!


That speech (one of the best political speeches I have EVER heard in my life) was a perfect ending to a perfect night.

Anonymous said...

I'm just in shock. Amazing. Awesome. Inspiring.

I think we witnessed the debut of the next Ronald Reagan tonight. I'm incredibly honored to have been here at this time in history.

techno said...

Adam, you are one of the pre-eminent movers and shakers in the 21st century. I heard McCain read this blog consistently which allowed Sarah to poll so high in the various polls and allowed him to gain an understanding of what kind of phenomenal talent that she is. One week ago, who could have predicted that the Republican base would be now totally unified under the leadership of McCain and that the Republicans would be boasting a female on their ticket, not the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

There are vile comments about Sarah everywhere after this speech. It's really a fascinating phenomenon. I'm interpreting this as massive panic on the left.

Cornelia Seigneur - Finding the Adventure in Motherhood and Life said...

Sarah has shown how tough she is with tonight's acceptance speech at the convention.

I did not know all that about the luxury jet, personal chef and driver, and how Sarah said no to the wasteful spending that previous administrations conducted business under. Sarah showed how you can stand up to big government and get the job done.

It is especially interesting how Sarah's candidacy has brought up the subject of working mothers - when it is so clear that would never be a topic were McCain's choice a man.

Sarah is the mother of a Down's Syndrome Child and loves each of her children the same. Democrat or republican, if honest, have got to hand it to Sarah Palin tonight. She hit a home run with that speech.

-Cornelia Becker Seigneur - a fellow mom of five in
West Linn Oregon

Tim Reinhart said...

I was moved to see the Blue Star Banner pin on Governer Palin's jacket.

As an Army veteran of the Gulf War and now a video producer, I'd like to share a video that I produced a few years ago:

Seeking assistance in sharing this link with her family and others.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful speech -- Vice President Palin!

It's utterly fitting Reagan made his speech at the 1964 Goldwater RNC (the year Sarah was born).

It was the speech that launched modern conservatism. And tonight we saw the torch passed to Reagan's successor:

Sarah Palin!

naveen said...

Watch out people a REFORMER is coming to town... that was one heck of a speech.. so real and so touching ... but so damn right on the point.. yes she is the real deal ... I think she will do a great job as VP... now its up to us to defend her from the stupid liberal attacks and the moron media attacks... CNN and MSNBC are pathetic... boycott CNN... how dare they show a VP speech from behind her... did they do the same thing to the Lord BO.. no media is digging the past of BO while media is crazy about issues of sarah that has no relevance...

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

Checklist for VP Greatness:

1. Troopergate scandal killed: Check (thank you MSM).

2. MSM bashing addressed: Check.

3. Barack Obama emasculated: Check.

4. Red America credentials: Check.

5. Keith Olbermann peeing his pants: Check.

6. Knocking it out of the park: Check.

Sarah Palin WILL be our next VP. Why? Because Obama and Biden suck at debates.

Sean Peck said...

being from neighboring town Palmer Alaska and having her single handedly defeat our Girls basketball team time and time again she has done the same to the dems with grace style and venom! I was amazed all the praise CNN talking heads piled on it was great! This blog site has done wonders and go


Sean Peck said...

PALIN gave my wife goosebumps and made her tear up when she dropped the special needs advocate line.

Free Movies said...

I am not into politics but as being a woman myself i must say she was being too bitchy and attacking too much. Besides how can a woman expect her 18 years old daughter get married with someone 17 years old just to prove she got family values. helloooooooo ? Are we in China ? Pleaseeee give me a break. I like Mc Cain but now this is all a show. If that is what woman of today are supposed to be then sorry but i am ashamed to be a woman. It was pretty disgraceful speech full at attacks. Little bit of sensitiveness would have made her look better.

Anonymous said...

That was the best speech I've ever heard from ANYONE ever. I'm so proud of Palin!! Best of all, unlike some people, it wasn't *just* a good speech - it was the Sarah we all know and love and now the rest of the country will know and love her too! (ok, except the nutcase lefties who are running scared from the pitbull in lipstick!)

Unknown said...

The comments on this blog were better before we had the leftists discover her! Thanks Adam - Thank you Sarah Palin!

Anonymous said...

Boy did she deliver. Thanks so much for this wonderful blog. I found it months ago and followed it daily since. I think she is one of the best things to happen to the Republican party in a long time.

Unknown said...

Re: I think she is one of the best things to happen to the Republican party in a long time.

AMEN!!!!! I totally agree! She is definitely what our party needs! She is who we need in DC!

I just LOVED her speech last night! It was amazing! She's tough and she won't back down! YES!!!!

Let's enthusiastically cast our votes for McCain & Palin in November! They are sooooo gonna win! OH YEAH!!!!!!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!


Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

What you didn't see:

When Gov. Palin made her comments slamming the media elites, many of the delegates in my section stood up, turned toward the press boxes and made "thumbs down" signs (while booing, of course). They were really angry about the coverage of Gov. Palin, and it was really interesting to see them communicate directly to the media.

Unknown said...

Re: They were really angry about the coverage of Gov. Palin, and it was really interesting to see them communicate directly to the media

WOW!!!!!! HAHAHA! That's awesome! The media needs to know how upset the delegates and other people are the way they've treated Sarah. I hope and pray that the media will stop their ferocious attacks on Sarah.

I'm glad you got to go to the convention, Adam, and I'm happy that you got to see the action first hand. Congratulations and good luck on The Colbert Report! God bless you!


SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!


Bob R. said...

Awesome Speech. One day, Sarah Palin will be President of the United States!

Bob R. said...

I never watch K. Olberman on MSNBC, but had to last night after Sarah’s speech – I was daring him to be negative. Boy, was I shocked. For the first time, I saw him and Chris glum. They were depressed!! They are not reporters – they are Bush haters and Republican Haters and all they saw last night after Sarah’s speech was the future of their own demise. God Bless Sarah and God Bless America!!!

Chris Of Rights said...

HOME RUN? You don't do that speech justice.

Forget about out of the park. This one hasn't landed yet.

scottrr said...

Sarah Palin gave a tremendous speech. She looked very poised in her first time ona national stage.

Her speech made me look forward to the vice presidential debate in October. Bring your best game Senator Biden... you'll need it.

victore charade said...

strike three, you're out!!!
i like how her press release says we should respect her daughters "choice" to have the baby...she had no choice according to her mothers politics, so what does that mean??? so sorry you all...she's is corrupt, she lies, and has a pregnant daughter out of wedlock who isn't even an adult, remember what all of you people said about the Spears girl pregnancy, how horrible she and her parents are...remember? hypocrites!!!

jill said...

A new Rasmussen Poll says 51% think reporters are trying to hurt Sarah Palin with their coverage, and 24% say the stories make them more likely to vote for McCain in November.

S.K. said...

Place bets freemovies is not a woman. What Liberal women only support women's choices if it's the choices the liberal elite think are ok. Sorry to tell you, real feminists support all women's choices and don't dump on them for working and having children or supporting their families through tough decisions, or not working or not having abortions. I've watched Liberal political activists for some time now, even worked with them on campaigns and I can tell you one thing. They don't support women or women's choices. They use women! As a Liberal woman, I support Sarah Palin and all of her choices as a mother, a worker, and an elected executive politician. I don't have to share all of her beliefs to support her and respect her. I don't have to demand she make the same decisions I might in the same situation. Demanding these things is not feminism. It is not real Liberalism. It's good old fashioned sexism and hypocracy. Sarah Palin has my support!

Daryl-Hunter said...

McCain’s choice to choose Sarah Palin was inspired. At long last McCain has my vote and the votes possibly millions of conservatives like me that had many fundamental problems with McCain’s centrist legislative style, I hope Governor Palin can pound some sense into him. I was afraid I was going to have to write in Newt Gingrich as I did in the Idaho Primary.

A powerful and articulate woman with guts and conviction, now wonder Democrats hate her so much; she is their worst nightmare. It is going to be entertaining to watch the incompetent liberal media try to articulate how their empty suit candidate, Obama, is more experienced and ready to lead than Sarah Palin.

rosariostrano said...

All questions having been answered,now it is time to take a bow everyone, America has a formidable individual that can speak and back up what she says with facts and yes plenty of experience.

Go Sarah!!!

rosariostrano said...

Boycott newspapers and magazines that are bias and are themselves lying on Sarah Palin

Unknown said...

She is going to the White House to help Americans? Which ones? The people who look like her? What about the rest of us?
She said when she and McCain get in we should all "watch out"! Uh, I am concerned, what are we watching out for? Are we going back to Jim Crowe? Has Palin ever reached out to any African American, Native American or Hispanic group?
Probably not, she has been too busy hunting animals and watching snowmobile races.

rosariostrano said...

Can legal residents of USA donate to a political campaign? To Sarah Palin of Course!

Almeda said...

This speech and its delivery was a home-run AND a touchdown. Even though I don't agree with every one of Gov. Palin's stances, the crafting of this speech, its pacing, the timing of the intertwining of serious issues with lighter humor were all terrific. Kudos to the speech-writers and to Gov. Palin's delivery coaches. She's obviously a quick study, but also a natural.

One bulls-eye decision was for her to wear neutral colors. She LOOKED like a vice president. Perfect image. I hope they keep her in relative neutrals and not in the mangoes and yellows of Hillary Clinton. Gov. Palin was a very convincing contrast to the colors reminiscent of Sen. Clinton. I also like that Gov. Palin can shift between skirts and pants -- avoids the pants-suit jokes and comparisons.

Keep up the good work, Gov. Palin. You are giving smart women a good name -- they know enough to not be bossy, but still speak their minds.

bluesuede said...

I just met my best friend as we were going opposite directions on our way to work. She stopped me, gave me a "thumbs up," and said "GO, Sarah! -- Go, Sarah! -- Go, Sarah!" ...

We are movers and shakers in our own community and would probably be considered "community organizers." For those people who might take exception to that comment, we sure don't. We could probably serve as the mayor of our town, but neither one of us could go on to be Governor of the State of Tennessee.

I just wish we could claim Sarah. The folks of Alaska should be very proud of her today!

rosariostrano said...

For the record:Biden and Obama are in a congress that has done hardly anything to address mayor isses,soooo what is all the anger about the "current administration"Congress went on holiday with gasoline well above alarming levels.
This administration has kept this Country safe for all these years and managed a number of crises,among which Setember 11th. Those of you out there that are trying to find faults at all costs are not doing a good service to your country,Country First!!!I am a migrant,I believe in working hard and do ot look up to anyone to step in and hand a hand.No other Country in the WHOLE world offers such a diversity and accessibility to the political arena as USA does,be happy!

rosariostrano said...

Yes what about Mayor's Giuliani pointing out some simple statistics:Obama voted "present" how many times? and This Congress "The DO NOTHING CONGRESS" where have Biden and Obama lived in the past two years?

meta said...

It's funny you mention vacation's incidentally Bush has taken the most vacation days of any President. I grew up on a farm/ranch in Nebraska, our county was the poorest in the US with an average yearly income of $12,000/yr. I believe I know a bit about poverty.

As far as Congress controlling the price of gas/oil that is a farse. The only way to become less dependent on foreign oil is to develop new energy alternatives, i.e. renewable energy. Fossil fuels are limited in supply and as a result we need to act now to address the issue, we've lost 8 years while the current administration has been in office (Bush and Cheney both have ties to the oil industry).

As far as this administration securing our country, let me refresh your memory the September 11 attacks of 2001 happened while Bush was sitting President and he was given knowledge beforehand that there was a serious threat and yet he and his cohorts chose to sit on their hands. When Bush was informed of the attacks while he was visiting the grade school, he froze like a dear in headlights.

This whole idea of voting for someone because you want to have a beer with them or because you feel sympathy for the fact that they have had a hard road doesn't mean that they are qualified for the job. I personally evaluate a candidate on their values and I also want a candidate that has enough foresight and idealogy to help us grow as a country in every aspect for the future, enough said.

Unknown said...

Oh praise God! What an incredible woman!! What an amazing stand Sarah has taken, what conviction! I hope that I can be as bold as she is.

I don't follow politics at all, and just happened to stumble upon a yahoo news posting. I was amazed at how Sarah was so confident and outward with her Christian views, regardless of the adversity she knew she would face.

What an example to us all :)

Unknown said...

Oh praise God! What an incredible woman!! What an amazing stand Sarah has taken, what conviction! I hope that I can be as bold as she is.

I don't follow politics at all, and just happened to stumble upon a yahoo news posting. I was amazed at how Sarah was so confident and outward with her Christian views, regardless of the adversity she knew she would face.

What an example to us all :)

Unknown said...

Maybe we should be thanking the press for all the "scandal" they brewed up. It guaranteed our Sarah a large audience that might otherwise not have been watching when she introduced herself to the rest of America.

While the lib trolls on here may make us grit our teeth, we should welcome them (at least the ones who can refrain from profanity long enough to be coherent)for two reasons: (1) They confirm the fear she's struck in their hearts. (2)They give us some insight into their party's "talking points".

Well, maybe 3. Some of them are really good for a laugh!

Unknown said...

Newsflash for you, meta. Bush isn't running, though your party desperately wants you to believe that he is. Tragically, some cases of BDS seem to be terminal.

The ticket is McCain/Palin

Haynesville said...

Here is a link to my site with 70 or so reactions to Palin's speech.



meta said...


Its really hard to tell them apart Bush/McCain since McCain voted with Bush 90% of the time......that to me sounds like 90% of the same. I'm not attacking McCain/Palin as individuals just their politics. Maybe you can post another reply and then respond to yourself once again in case you forget something.

Mountain Mama said...

Mornin,' y'all!

The criticism that Sarah wasn't that brilliant last night because another person wrote her speech is SO unfair: liberals never lob at lib politicians, who all have their speeches written for them, too!

Plus---get THIS! Rush just reported that the teleprompter kept rolling on, even when the audience's applause kept Sarah from being able to keep reading. WOW! Sarah kept her cool and REMEMBERED what to say on her own! Take THAT, liberals!

Okay, Sarah Supporters: how STRONG is your support for Sarah? Your support WILL BE TESTED very soon by some really ghastly rumors, so KEEP THE FAITH!

These rumors make me FURIOUS! They would NOT bring this crap up if Sarah were an abortion-supporting liberal! They would not even make the news!

Rosario: thanks for all your kudos and support for Sarah. Yes! You can support her and this winning ticket at
Just click on CONTRIBUTE at the top. You can list SARAH PALIN as the person who inspired your donation, too!

Bottom line: with Sarah Palin and her family, America can connect with a Real Person with a Real Family with Real Joys and Challenges. Todd is NO Metrosexual, and Sarah is NO manipulator. They are REAL. Welcome to Reality Politics:
It will be quite a ride.

KEEP PRAYING, Palinistas!
Prepare for the onslaught with PRAYER!---and write to tell off everyone who tries to hurt Sarah Palin, too.

meta said...

mountain mama

You can pray all you want, it still doesn't change the fact that she is not qualified for the job.

Unknown said...

Re: KEEP PRAYING, Palinistas!

AMEN, mountain mama! I will definitely keep praying! McCain-Palin'08 is the winning ticket and we must support them as much as possible!

I don't care what the liberals say: Sarah's speech last night was FANTASTIC!!!!!! OH YES!!!!!! That's amazing how she kept going, even without the teleprompter! It shows what a talented speaker she really is!

Praise God for Sarah Palin! She is exactly who the Republican Party needs! She is INCREDIBLE! Let's keep Sarah covered in prayer, that she will remain strong against the ruthless and relentless attacks by the liberals.


SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!!

YES!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!

McCain-Palin'08!!!!!! The unbeatable, unmatchable and unstoppable ticket!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

rosariostrano said...

Meta: what has exactly Obama voted for...quoting Mayor Giuliani, 100 times present...this ticket,McCain Palin represents the future not the past,what does Biden Obama represent...? What record does Senator Obama offer...decent speaches...Hello Toastmasters,need more than that,look at the wavering reactions of Senator Obama to recent crises,Georgia last...3 o'clock in the morning call and do not forget,Senator Biden recently praised Senator McCain over Senator Obama-Short memory?....

William said...

I love Sarah Palin and was inspired by her speech last night. I do have some concerns. I do not live in Alaska but Wisconsin, so I do not have the facts.

1. Did Sarah really support the bridge to nowhere at one time? It is being reported that she supported it and was against when it became unpopular. Also, was the money returned?

2. It has also been reported that she accepted $27 million in pork projects. Is this true?

meta said...


Here is a link in regards to support for the bridge to far as pork barrel spending I don't know where that stands.

MCjudge said...

I have never seen a more exciting RNC! The first thing I did this morning was order my McCain/Palin T-shirt! What an amazing speech! As a small town working "football-mom" with a doctorate degree I have been so offended by the media the last few days. Gov. Palin put them in thier place last night! It is exciting to be a Republican Woman!

Sheri said...

The first six years under Bush, our economy was great. The economy went sour once our oil price went up. And I blame that on the Dems. They have not allowed our country to drill for more oil for years. So, we became dependent upon foreign oil. They jack up the price, then everything else goes up in price. The farmers need diesel for their equipment, truckers use diesel to drive our products all over the country. Within the past year, prices have shot up and it all happened when price per barrel of oil went up.
You are silly to believe that Bush knew the terrorist were going to fly planes into our buildings.
You said that you are is Obama going to make you rich? When has the government ever made any rich. Tell is Obama going to take care of you?

William said...


You are obviously against Palin and an a Obama supporter. I cannot stand Obama. He is a used car salesman. I do not want a response from an Obama supporter but from a Palin supporter from Alaska.

You must have no life if you are going on pro-Palin sites and being an Obama troll.

I do not trust want I read in the media, I want an independent source.

meta said...


I am not poor I am from a poor upbringing, I am currently what is referred to as middle income. I do not strive to be rich, just for the opportunity to provide comfortably for my family. Obama has stated, and I believe he is a man of his word, that he will give tax breaks to middle to low income working america and tax the elite %5. In case you don't understand the ideology of the republican party let me spell it out for you, they subscribe to the belief that you give the rich tax breaks and in return they will let the 'leftovers' trickle down to the less fortunate out of the goodness of their heart. First and foremost unfortunatley the rich tend to be greedy and lack a heart.

In regards to Bush, I'm silly? It is a well documented fact that Bush had the intelligence reports and that outgoing President Clinton strongly proposed a meeting to brief the Bush cabinet on the situation. If you don't believe me read it for yourself straight from Bush's sidekick:

meta said...


My mistake I provided you with facts instead of telling you wanted to hear. Incidentally when you attack someone personally with a grade school mentality of namecalling it tends to weaken your arguement.

rosariostrano said...

Meta:I worked for 21 years,seven days per week with the goal of improving my comes Obama with his ideas of giving and spreading it thin and probably meaning well but in reality gifting the many people that have done nothing in their life to try harder,and I am not saying that you are one of them,it just does not make sense and it is just going to destroy any motivation to work harder,why would anyone ever wnat harder any more, we might just as well move to Cuba...guess why...

Anon said...

Viewpoint of an undecided independent, if anyone is interested--

I'm none too impressed at the moment.

Palin delivered a moving speech, but let's be honest here, there were some whoppers in there. The bridge to nowhere? That's gonna come back to bite, hard.

Also, I didn't care for the jabs at the opposition's role as a "community organizer" (or whatever it was called.) Yeah, it's a stupid title, but as a Christian, knocking someone down for working with the poorest of the poor leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

"Drill, baby, drill" was just mindless, mob ranting. And "zero, zero, zero" didn't exactly renew my faith in McCain--the senator-- as an executive leader.

The book banning rumor needs to be addressed. Someone, PLEASE tell me she didn't really want to ban "A Wrinkle in Time," along with the Dictionary. (I'm inclined to think that's BS. No one in their right mind would waste their time and the taxpayers dollars on bannning the dictionary.) And the question of the huge earmarks Palin WAS responsible for still stands.

I'm still undecided, but am now leaning more left than I was just a few days ago.

I suppose it will come down to the debates for me.

Side note Rosario--teachers, nurses, farmers--these people don't try hard enough? Maybe that's not what you meant to say. I do agree there are serious abuses in the welfare system, if that's what your getting at. But I'm not about to punish the VERY hard working middle class because of some bad apples. I just want to pitch the bad apples. : )

meta said...


I understand that you are hard working person in search of the 'american dream' but it confounds me that someone who has worked so hard is willing to elect a party that has only hurt people that work hard for their income. The ideology of the trickle down effect has never worked, when Reagan was in office we wer in a recession, at the time I was 13 years old working on my family farm and I experienced the trickle down theory first hand. It was one of the hardest times for our family, to hear a president (and former actor) speak that the economy was thriving when in reality farmers and low income families were struggling to put food on the table. When in reality the only people prospering were the elite rich.

Sheri said...

I read your article. I have heard that before. Ms. Rice said this:

Mr. Ben-Veniste asked if there was anything in the document that should have given a reader any reassurance that a terrorist attack might be prevented. ''Certainly not,'' Ms. Rice replied. ''There was nothing reassuring. But I can also tell you that there was nothing in this memo that suggested that an attack was coming on New York or Washington, D.C. There was nothing in this memo as to time, place, how or where. This was not a threat report to the president.''

From what I gather, they did not know that Bin Laden was going to fly planes into buildings in New York and Washington. Also, almost all of this would have been planned during the Clinton you blame him at all? Even though I do not care for Clinton, I really do not blame him either. I just do not think that any of us ever thought something this big could happen here in the U.S. 9/11 was a day that changed how many of us thought...yes, we could be attacked and hurt badly. So, blaming Bush or any president for 9/11 is wrong. Bin Laden had these men train for years for those attacks.

Also, The Bridge to Nowhere. I read that article too. It sounded like she understood why the town wanted the bridge. Then as the price grew up to 400 million dollars, she changed her mind. Yes, her Dem opponent said she only did that to look good to the nation...but did she even know that she would be a VP pick? I think his comments were just sour grapes.

Meta, I am more of a fair tax proponent. I think everyone should be taxed the same amount. I don't think that the rich should pay higher taxes (an NO, we are not rich at all...not even by Obama's standards) I just think it is wrong to work so hard to increase your income only to have it bump you up to a higher tax bracket. And I know that Obama says that he will lower taxes on the middle class...I can tell you that our taxes since Bush has been in office has gone down. For the first time since we have been married, we actually get money back instead of paying money to the IRS. That only happened once Bush 's tax cuts came into effect.
I think that businesses and people create jobs and money, not the government. If we tax small businesses more, then that money that is now going to the government can not go to a new employee or a raise for the existing employees.
I just do not believe the gov't is suppose to take care of people. We are to take care of ourselves.
Sorry for being so long. :)

William said...


I want a Palin supporter to answer my question not an Obama supporter. I cannot stand Obama, but I have no desire to go to pro-Obama sites and write anti-Obama statements. I have better things to do.

Republicans are not for lowering taxes on the rich, but lowering taxes for EVERYONE.

Molly said...

Sarah's speech last night was truly amazing. You could see in her eyes how genuine she was, and that she really cares about America. The comment about Special needs=Special love sent pure chills down my spine- and could Piper and Trig have been any more adorable?!?

Unknown said...

Re: You could see in her eyes how genuine she was, and that she really cares about America.

YES, absolutely! You can just see that she's got a genuine heart and that she has a real passion to help America.

For our party, Sarah is a dream come true! She is INCREDIBLE!!! I can't wait to see her debate Biden. That is gonna be awesome!

Keep standing strong, Sarah! We're with you all the way!!!!!!

SARAH!!!! SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!!!


meta said...


I appreciate your comments and the fact that you are able to express them without personal attacks, i.e. referring to me as a an Obama troll. As Americans we are only as strong as our weakest link and in an ideal world where everyone played on a level playing field, I too would support the view that we have an obligation to take care of ourselves. However because there is a select few that are in true poverty it is my belief that government needs to step in and intervene to aid these people since a majority of America has failed to do so.

Sheri said...

William...after I wrote my REALLY long post. I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking that why is he here. This is a pro-Sarah of course we are not going to change our mind. He would do a lot better if he went to a Blog where there are "undecided" voters. He could try and persuade them. Just like it would be a waste of my time to go to a pro-Obama site and try to change their minds about Obama.
Instead those sort of people come here and I get all worked up. Even though I am younger that Bush, Palin, and McCain...the momma in me wants to stick up for them. I have really got to stop that! :)

Sheri said...

Meta: I do not believe in attacking people that disagree with me. I am too sweet I guess.
You do have to realized that most people here are not going to change their mind about this ticket. We just disagree so much with the other side.

I do feel sorry for people in poverty...but, some people are in poverty because they chose to do nothing. I can say this because we have a very large poor community where I live. I live in south Alabama...we see a lot of poverty here. I think that people like myself are willing to help those that want to help themselves...but too often I see poor people that think we owe them. I do not know what we owe them for...but we owe them. And they do not put their children first, these children do not put their education first. How can you expect any success if you do not graduate from high school.
That is the problem that I have. And, again, I feel like I can say these things, because I grew up not poor, but very low income. My parents could not afford college...but I still graduated from high school with good grades. My dad worked extra hours for us kids and I got a technical degree. All of this was hard work...the government never gave my dad a cent. He earned it all.

rosariostrano said...

37 millions households watched last night...

Unknown said...

Re: This is a pro-Sarah of course we are not going to change our mind.

Agreed! I think it would be better for the Obama supporters to go to pro-Obama blogs, where they can be with people who agree with them. The majority of us here on this blog love and support Sarah and we won't back down.

It would be a bad idea for us to go to pro-Obama blogs and start arguing with them, trying to change their minds....not to mention it would be a waste of time, since nothing would get done.

Instead, I think all of us here should discuss things such as how awesome Sarah is, how we can further the McCain-Palin ticket and how we can win in November.

This is a crucial election and we've gotta get McCain & Palin elected! America cannot afford an Obama presidency.

We're backing you, Sarah!!!!! Stand strong!!!!!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!


rosariostrano said...

Two speaches and Sarah has wrapped up a certain result-she inspires confidence,and of course political opponents do not like it,however when things calm down some,we should all use the very same judgement and ask ourselves-country first-both McCain answer fuly and with confidence that question,not so for Obama and Biden,the latter a career politician that has been living off taxpayers money ( monthly check)for all his politician what a beautiful figure,has Biden ever asked himself the key question of the day on why he was benefiting of health benefits provided with the job, did anyone in his family ever complain in public about it...say I get benefit and 300 millions of americans do not? Somebody ask that question,please,thank you.

Anon said...


I'm sorry to say that the "follow blindly" attitude you suggest(unless we're talking about Him, of course : )) is one of the reasons I went from being a republican to an independent. I'm not sure when it started, but I hope it doesn't last.

I am an American. It is my DUTY to question. My brother, father, uncles, grandfathers, great-grandfathers, and so on, have fought in every war since the American Revolution to be certain that I had this right. I will not insult them by so carelessly tossing that precious gift aside.

There is no reason a person cannot fully support and question at the same time. Goodness, I do that with my nieces and nephews, I should be able to do that with a candidate.

I understand that this is a pro-Palin site. I hope you understand that independent voters genuinely interested in both candidates are going to seek out information from those who claim to know best.

Thanks to all of you (looking in Sheri's direction) who have offered clear, concise, based in fact reasons for supporting the GOP ticket. It does give me something to think about. : )

Okay, I'll leave you lot to it. Keep the noise to a dull roar. I'm not sure the dem stage is down yet and it can't handle the vibration. (I admit, Palin was dead-on with that one. Tackiest. Stage. Ever.)


Unknown said...

Re: I'm sorry to say that the "follow blindly" attitude you suggest

Independentvoter, I never suggested a "follow blindly" attitude. I was just saying that this is a pro-Palin site. I was not accusing you, personally, of anything and I am sorry if I offended you.

I was just making a point that those who are going to be on here and say negative, sexist and trashy things about Sarah shouldn't be on this site. I wasn't saying that you were doing it. I was making a generalized statement. I have observed a ton of very nasty and inappropriate comments about Sarah & her family from opponents and I was just saying that people who are going to say stuff like that shouldn't be on this blog.

And I do have facts why I support Sarah Palin:

Fact: She is a Christian
Fact: She is unashamedly pro-life
Fact: She is pro-marriage
Fact: She is pro-drilling
Fact: She has fought a ton of corruption
Fact: She is an extremely popular Governor

Those reasons are why I support Sarah Palin. I think she is more than capable of leading this country!


SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!


Anon said...


I wasn't going to post again, but I just wanted to say--Sorry!
I obviously misinterpreted your post. That's on me. : )

Okay--now I REALLY need to get some laundry done. Thanks again for the great discussion, all!

Vinay said...

Please read these and form your opinion on our V.P:

meta said...


I checked out the links you provided and have provided a couple of reliable links that also have the same findings. It seems Palin is not what she makes herself out to be.

ladem said...

Yikes. For a proud "christian" she gave a pretty mean spirited speach - but expected from these types. I found it very difficult to see her basically make fun of Obama's community work. By the way, the community work supported steel workers (new jobs and housing). Hmmm? I think someones' husband is in the same union. Very little person.

All For . . . said...

Awesome speech!! I loved her mocking the idea of a community organizer (Rudy, too!) - volunteering and community organizing is a joke!! Like anybody, if I'm going to help somebody, I better get paid!!

Yes, Jesus said to care first for "the least among us,", - I'm glad Sarah called Him out on it.

Just because Barak volunteered doesn't make him Jesus. Talk about a messiah complex. And that goes for anybody who cares about their community. Enough!! Go do something for somebody, losers.

And they BETTER keep those tax cuts for the wealthiest among us. It's helped us all. Just ask your friends how many more hours they work for less money, let alone spending with their family . . .at least I'm not wasting my time helping others!

I love this country, I just hate what it stands for.

P.S. It was awesome when Guilliani mocked Obama for mentioning the UN during the Georgian crisis (I know McCain called for them too, but I think it's right for Rudy not to mention that. Three marriages? He's just like Rush!! Which means he's just like us!! And forget Sarah's attacks on Hilary back in March).

Concerned Citizen said...

Wednesday night Sarah Palin made history. I'm sure she captured the hearts of Americans everywhere. We're not just looking at the next Vice President; we're looking at the future. We're looking at the first female President of the United States.

Her speech was electric, her delivery Reganesque; her poise and strength apparent to all. The liberals should be afraid; they have reason to be afraid; she will be a formidable opponent and a strong advocate for the American people. To quote MSNBC's Chris Matthews. "She's a torpedo..."

Though Obama might have had 80,000 people at his convention, the roar of approval from her speech was echoed in millions of living rooms throughout the country.

And the liberal Main Stream Media? They looked like they were hit over the head with a baseball bat. (Anyone catch NBC's Andrea Mitchell that night? Her dazed expression was reminiscent of an amateur boxer taking a full facial blow by a pro. And CNN’s Suzanne Malvoix looked like she aged 10 years overnight. It certainly was good for a well deserved laugh.)
The liberals are in panic mode. To quote CNN's Anderson Cooper, "She puts in the knife without them even realizing they've been stabbed."

Yet the smear meisters are already hard at work trying to undermine this woman's achievements. But in the end it won't work, because the more the media and Obama supporters gang up on this woman the bigger the public backlash at the polls.

To say Obama is in an awkward position is the understatement of the year.

After tonight there should be a new Republican Mantra:


At least that will be the sign on my front lawn.

Anonymous said...

I am an Italian and really do not care USA and politics; however her speech was brilliant.
She sound a very strong woman with gutts.
She is definatelly there to win.
As Governator of Alaska she already proved the kind of woman she is.
She sounds a bit like a "pretty" Margareth Thatcher.
Good luck to her!

Walter said...

Sarah Palin is out of her league. Her little attacks did not say how the Republicans were going to change things. She need to be home with her kids.

Unknown said...

I hope we were watching our next next president. Sarah did a fabulous job.

rosariostrano said...

I saw McCain's speech three times. I wanted to weight in every word, this is an historic message.

rosariostrano said...

And I forgot to add, how dare anyone suggest she should be at home because of her kids, how come no one is suggesting that to Obama? Is that politically correct to say that she ( a Woman ) should stay at home because of her "duties"? I thought we were beyond those dark days in this country...

huskyonspeed said...

Great speech, Sarah! I thought it was very funny but also got some good points across. I can't wait to see her speak some more on the campaign trail and take on Biden in the VP debate!
McCain/Palin '08

Unknown said...

Sarah is so amazing. She could be gentle and firm at the same time. I was so excited after I watched her deliver that speech, we will win this election. Congratulations John McCain for choosing her as the VP and once again proving that you are a really good decision maker.

rosariostrano said...

Anyone know when they will be in Arizona? Thank you

Katie said...

I guess being a governor is sort of like being a community organizer, except you live in a mansion, hang out with elites and get paid a whole hell of a lot more.

When was the last time Sarah Palin went knocking on doors in the ghetto.

thirstygirl said...

I'm just really concerned about her environmental and women's rights stand.....seems it may be a setback.