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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


That was the best word I could think of to describe how I feel about the hacking of Sarah Palin's PRIVATE email account. It may actually be a political positive, as they don't seem to have found anything of any interest, but I'm still really, really mad. Actually, that's nowhere near an accurate description of my current mood, but I don't believe in the type of gratuitous profanity that would be needed to properly convey my feelings.

I'm going to keep my remarks brief in the interest of preventing my head from exploding, but there are three entities I want to single out for criticism:

1. The Hackers: I realize that these people have activist pretensions, but lets call them what they are - delinquent punks. Apparently the think themselves so committed to their cause that they have the right to disrespect the privacy of American citizens at will. Of course, no such right exists, and I sincerely hope that these lowlifes are tracked down and prosecuted.

2. The Liberal Media: In this case, I do not mean, the "mainstream media" but openly liberal publications. The response from Mother Jones made my blood boil. Not only did they fail to criticize the only actual criminals involved (the hackers); nor did they stop at declaring Gov. Palin a criminal herself; they aided the hackers by highlighting email addresses obtained from the Governor's contact list, including that of her 17-year old daughter Bristol. That is not right bay ANY journalistic standard.

3. The Associated Press: Earth to AP - when the Secret Service asks to see the emails, you give them what they want. Apparently, they didn't even ask that the info not be printed...they just wanted to see the emails! I can't think of a more arrogant act in journalistic history than openly thumbing your nose at the US Secret Service.

I may or may not post more on this later. Right now, I'm going to go run my head under some cold water in an attempt to cool off (I doubt that I will succeed).


caem said...

Check out this following link. It proves why Mccain is the right guy at this time. Obama helped create the economic mess we are in today. Mccain foresaw the dangers 2/3 years ago and tried to fix the problems!

Sir Andrew said...

I know how you feel, Adam. I was pissed when I heard about this and I was even more pissed when the journalists showed screenshots.

Gunner Sykes said...

You have considerably more restraint than I do. It is the self-righteous crowing that annoys me most. Nick Denton belongs in jail.

Erin said...

Well, Adam, I'm trying to be "livid or less" as well. In an effort to turn lemons into lemonade, I read through gawker's goods, and of course they were unbelievably nasty about innocuous items. And then the list of e-mails. This is similar to Paris Hilton's phone getting hacked (or whatever happened to it), except the American people will actually CARE about the person hacked and the people affected by this.

Frankly, this saddens me. Certain members of the left will go to ANY length to destroy a woman because she is so opposite of feminine expectations. I dislike everything Obama and Biden stand for, but I respect them as people. I do not hate them. I honestly cannot understand how people allow themselves to go this far in their quest to hurt someone. I guess I'm a lover, not a fighter. :)

To the parties involved with this--keep up the hating; break the law to uncover goods like "pray for me" and other such heinous statements. You're digging your own graves. Yes, I'm looking at you, Mother Obama, oops; Jones. If it was possible for me to cling tighter to Sarah, you just managed. I doubt I'm alone.

Kek said...

Wow. Just when you think they can't go any lower, they manage to scrape some more gunk from the bottom of the rock. This is despicable, whether or not there is any kind of 'privacy' law in place. I went to the website as well. It's just breathtaking, isn't it, the levels they will stoop to? If ANYTHING remotely close to this were done to Obama, there would be hell to pay! I hope whoever are the culprits get their pants sued off!

Unknown said...

I agree that this is an invasion of her privacy, but the Obama campaign should not be held responsible for the actions of these people. Additionally, if she was not conducting governmental business on her personal email accounts, these hackers would not have been tempted to do this. Former employers of hers admit that she encouraged personal email use to avoid the possibility of exposure. Congratuations Sarah, for the Cheney-like tactic.

Carlos Echevarria said...

It gets worse, CNN even had the audacity to read the emails and state that Gov. Palin was conducting business via her Yahoo account in order to skirt sunshine/oversight laws like the Bush Administration!!!

Can you imagine if some right wing blogger had penetrated BHO or Uncle Joe's email????????

The MSM would be in cardiac arrest calling for the death penatly...

There is even a scumbag, I won't mention his site who called Bristol, has the audio on his site and leaves repugnant messages regarding her pregnancy and encouraging abortion.

He is Canandian, I left him a message/comment on the site calling his personal valor into question and directly challenging him but his acolytes on the site said I had "no sense of humor", that I needed to "calm down" and in Canada they joke in this manner????

The FBI/Secret Service/RMCP needs to bring those responsible to justice, IMMEDIATELY, and sanction Gawker for peddling this trash...

I have a feeling that somehow Yahoo is also to blame, probably in cahoots with Chicago financed/Daily Kos bloggers....

BTW, just saw Palin in her first town hall, NO TELEPROMPTER, like Mr. Ugh, she did greattttttt, I was really impressed!!!!

She was cogent and articulate, off the cuff.

God bless John McCain and Sarah Palin!!!

DaveF said...

Okay, I have spent the last couple of days researching from articles I have read on Drudge, Townhall & the like. I think Obama's heart is in the right place, but it seems he just can never quite grasp how to get to the solution he's seeking. In regards to how his campaign is operated, whether directly or by design, my snooping has uncovered some interesting articles. They may bring clarification to the events that began after Sarah was nominated. As we know, they are continuously getting more aggressive and bold.
I will paste them here, and let you decide for yourself.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Obama’s Assault on Free Speech: The Sequel [Guy Benson]
A few weeks ago, I offered an account of the effort by the Obama campaign to shut down an interview with Stanley Kurtz on Chicago’s WGN radio.
Well, here we go again.
Last night, WGN’s studio lines were bombarded with irate calls from Obama supporters in response to yet another interview on “Extension 720,” hosted by the venerable Milt Rosenberg. This time the offending “card-carrying member of the right-wing smear machine” was National Review’s own David Freddoso, author of The Case Against Barack Obama.
What, pray tell, are Freddoso’s transgressions? According to the Obama Action Wire email, he peddles “baseless lies,” engages in “dishonest, extreme hate mongering,” and has made a career out of “vicious partisan attacks.” The email urges supporters to call in and “confront” Freddoso before “this goes any further.” They’re also encouraged to report back the details of their phone calls through a special dedicated page on Obama’s website.
The email even boasts about the success of a previous blitz on free speech:
A couple weeks ago, we asked you to call into Rosenberg's radio show when he hosted unapologetic smear artist Stanley Kurtz' incoherent rantings about Barack and William Ayers.
And you responded. Rosenberg's producer said the flood of calls and emails the show received was the biggest response ever for something like this.

How true! Never before had Rosenberg’s show been inundated with hysterical telephone calls and threatening emails aimed at not at debate but at disrupting a legitimate interview. The Obama campaign’s characterization of the Kurtz conversation as “the incoherent rantings” of an “unapologetic smear artist” is particularly absurd.
During the August fiasco, outraged pro-Obama callers fumed that WGN had offered Kurtz an unchallenged forum, despite the fact that Team Obama had declined an invitation to appear alongside Kurtz for the duration of the program. This time, however, Freddoso was actually paired up with an Obama-supporting counterpart. This wasn’t good enough for the Obama thought police, who blasted out marching orders to shut down the discussion. Once again, the phones melted down. The Obama campaign should be proud.
Interestingly, the call-to-action email devotes a great deal of space to trying to discredit Freddoso himself — citing allegedly offensive articles he authored as far back as 2003. Apparently shooting the messenger is a major element of what the email calls “fighting the good fight.”
Other elements of the Obama “fact check” are just laughable. Consider, for instance, this item:
“Freddoso asks Barack, "How many unrepentant Communist terrorists do you have as friends?" [p. 126] This question is so ridiculous it refutes itself. Barack might as well ask Freddoso how many leprechauns he's friends with.”

A “ridiculous” question? At last count, Obama is friends with at least two unrepentant terrorists. Despite attending Notre Dame, I don’t think Freddoso has ever known any actual leprechauns.
09/16 08:29 AM

What Did Obama Do As A Community Organizer?
And is it really a qualification to be president?

By Byron York

Chicago — Barack Obama often cites his time as a community organizer here in Chicago as one of the experiences that qualify him to hold the nation’s highest office. “I can bring this country together,” he said in a debate last February. “I have a track record, starting from the days I moved to Chicago as a community organizer.”

Audiences understand when he mentions his years as an Illinois state legislator, or his brief tenure in the U.S. Senate. But a community organizer? What’s that?

I counted myself among those who didn’t have a good idea of what a community organizer does. So I came here to learn more about Obama’s time in the job, from 1985 to 1988. What did he do? What did he accomplish? And what in his experience here stands as a qualification to be president of the United States?

Perhaps the simplest way to describe community organizing is to say it is the practice of identifying a specific aggrieved population, say unemployed steelworkers, or itinerant fruit-pickers, or residents of a particularly bad neighborhood, and agitating them until they become so upset about their condition that they take collective action to put pressure on local, state, or federal officials to fix the problem, often by giving the affected group money. Organizers like to call that “direct action.”

Community organizing is most identified with the left-wing Chicago activist Saul Alinsky (1909-72), who pretty much defined the profession. In his classic book, Rules for Radicals, Alinsky wrote that a successful organizer should be “an abrasive agent to rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; to fan latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expressions.” Once such hostilities were “whipped up to a fighting pitch,” Alinsky continued, the organizer steered his group toward confrontation, in the form of picketing, demonstrating, and general hell-raising. At first, the organizer tackled small stuff, like demanding the repair of streetlights in a city park; later, when the group gained confidence, the organizer could take on bigger targets. But at all times, the organizer’s goal was not to lead his people anywhere, but to encourage them to take action on their own behalf.

But on the other hand, Obama seemed to realize that it was very, very hard to get anything done. “He didn’t see organizing making any significant changes in things,” Jerry Kellman recalled.

The solution, Obama felt, was to find a way to political power of his own.

“He was constantly thinking about his path to significance and power,” Mike Kruglik told me. “He said, ‘I need to go there [Harvard Law School] to find out more about power. How do powerful people think? What kind of networks do they have? How do they connect to each other?’”

Community organizing is just as essential in understanding Obama. But what does it say about him?

The first thing is that he has a talent for, well, organizing. Everyone who worked with Obama says he was good at the job. And he has used the techniques he learned in Chicago to organize his own presidential campaign, going so far as to enlist Mike Kruglik to help start a “Camp Obama” program to instill organizing principles into Obama supporters. The result is a campaign that even Obama’s opponents admit is a very impressive operation.

Has any of that brought about the change Obama spoke of back in 1985? Not in any large sense. But if Obama doesn’t have much to show for his years as an organizer, it’s fair to say that many of the people he touched revere him deeply. Remember what Loretta Augustine-Herron said: Obama had such a powerful presence that he made her believe he could do the job, even though there was little in his résumé to suggest he could. Does that sound familiar to anyone who has watched the Obama campaign? When hope is the product, Obama can sell it with the best of them.

When he left for law school, Obama wondered what he had accomplished as an organizer. He certainly had some achievements, but he did not — perhaps could not — concede that there might be something wrong with his approach to Chicago’s problems. Instead of questioning his own premises, he concluded that he simply needed more power to get the job done. So he made plans to run for political office. And in each successive office, he has concluded that he did not have enough power to get the job done, so now he is running for the most powerful office in the land.

And what if he gets it? He’ll be the biggest, strongest organizer in the world. He’ll dazzle the country with his message of hope and possibility. But we shouldn’t expect much to actually get done.

Obama’s Acorn
By NancyA Author: NancyA Name: Nancy A
About: See Authors Posts (63) on July 5, 2008 at 1:29 AM in Acorn, Barack Obama, Chicago, Chicago politics, George Soros, Joyce Foundation, Voter Fraud, Woods Fund
Obama’s ACORN: A Leftist Social Reform Group
Obama’s most questionable tie is to a leftist organization called ACORN. His connection to this group begins with a woman named Madeleine Talbot. She embraced Obama and taught him the ropes. He remained a part of this group’s training cadre. Obama taught leadership conferences for the group while working for Miner, Barnhill & Galland. His connections don’t end there. Obama actively sought and received the endorsement by ACORN for his local campaigns. He has now done the same in his bid for the USA presidency.
According to its web site ACORN (an acronym for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now), is the nation’s largest community organization of low- and moderate-income families, working together for social justice and stronger communities. At first glance, this organization seems to be benign. This is not true since it uses very aggressive tactics to get its work done.
Some recent reports about their activities include the following things. They have disrupted and blocked activities within the Chicago City Council during living wage discussions. In Baltimore, MD, they burst into the scene of a private law dinner. They bussed four loads of protesters to the site of a mayor’s house, where they spewed profanities at the mayor and his family. And these are just the ones we know about. Their thuggery is over the line by far.
These are not their only questionable actions. In the past they have been tied to illegal voter registration in at least three states. These three states are Washington, Missouri, and North Carolina.
In Missouri, the voter fraud case was tied to at least one campaign, the senate campaign of Claire McCaskill.
In 2004, the Washington state Secretary of State described ACORN’s illegal activity as the “largest case of voter fraud in the state’s history”.
They were fined $25,000 and promised to instruct their paid canvassers on the state election requirements. In 2005, according to the complaint filed with Mecklenberg County, North Carolina, the voter fraud involved the registration of homeless people. ACORN agrees they break the law but said “no one told us”. In 2006, in Kansas City, MO, five low-level operatives were charged with voter fraud. Four pleaded guilty, with the fifth person released because it came out that an ACORN worker had stolen her identity.
This is just the first layer of radicalism. According to Sol Stern’s 2003 City Journal article, “ACORN’s Nutty Regime for Cities,” this group is the key modern successor of the 1960 ’s “New Left” with a 1960’s-bred agenda of anti-capitalism to match. While ACORN still uses the old tactics of the National Welfare Reform Organization to get things done, the targets and strategy have changed. They prefer to fly under the radar, taken their tactics to liberal urban areas like Chicago and now here in Kansas. Their national goals are municipal “living” wage laws, targeting big companies like Costco, rolling back welfare reform, and regulating banks.
ACORN drives companies like Costco from urban areas that actually need jobs. Their opposition to welfare reform tends to keep the people in poverty in these areas, while causing family breakdown. The worst of their tactics is the regulation of banks. They protest “predatory lending,” putting pressure on banks to make large donations to them to finance their “non-partisan motor voter drives.” Stern says that these tactics tend to be “undisguised authoritarian socialism.”
Don’t let its tactics fool you though. According to Kurtz, “ACORN is a savvy and exceedingly effective player.” They prefer to take over the system from within rather than overthrowing the system from without. Stern calls this a political version of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In Chicago, where the largest organization exists, an ACORN member won a seat on the Board of Alderman as candidate of the leftist New Party.
Obama in his pre-law days was a community organizer. He was supposed to teach the residents to press for improvements in places like their parks which were eyesores back in his day. Part of Obama’s employment was to organize demonstrations, much in the same way groups like ACORN do. Some of Obama’s claims, in his book Dreams from My Father, about his actions to remove asbestos are false. It was actually a woman named Hazel Johnson who discovered the asbestos problem and who led the removal efforts.
Once again, Madeleine Talbot, Obama’s ACORN mentor, reappears on our radar screens. It turns out Talbot was in some sense responsible for the attempted unsuccessful coup of the Chicago City Council meeting on the living wage issue in 1997. Two hundred ACORN supporters were present. While the actions did disrupt the meeting, six members were arrested that night, charged with “mob action and disorderly conduct.” Among those six was Talbot, Obama’s ACORN mentor.
Does it mean Obama used these tactics? I highly doubt it since he would have been above those tactics in order to protect his political future. He wouldn’t have wanted to break the law with such aggressive behavior. I do believe by this time Obama was well aware of their tactics and understood them, maybe even teaching them in his leadership conferences.
It seems that in reality that Obama is ACORN’s way to overthrow the system from the inside. This jives with his words such as “I am for hope and change, I am for a new Washington, D.C.” While Axelrod coined the term “Hope and Change,” ACORN is fully behind Obama’s opportunity to overthrow our government, if you will, from the inside. They are not alone in their quest for this because it seems that the Service Employee’s International Union is one of ACORN’s strange bedfellows.
The extent of his ties is often dismissed. They are however covered in another article found in the journal Social Policy entitled “Case Study: Chicago - The Barack Obama Campaign” by Tom Foulkes. In this article, Foulkes claims that ACORN specifically sought out Obama’s representation in the “motor voter case,” remembering him from his pre-law days and his work with Talbot. He also trained many of the new volunteers and employees in Leadership Training Conferences even as he was working as a law professional.
This is only the beginning of his continued use and cooperation on the part of ACORN. Obama used them as volunteer “thugs” for his first bid for the Illinois state senate in 1996 and again in his failed 2000 bid for Congress. Obama doesn’t forget his old friends, many of his newly trained volunteers, and used them again in his 2004 successful bid for the United States Senate. By this time ACORN and Obama were like old friends.
ACORN as well as other groups were the recipients of foundation money from both the Woods Fund and Joyce Foundation. Why is this important? Obama sat on both boards. Through his board positions, he was able to assist in the funneling of many millions of dollars in grant money to various ultra-liberal organizations like Chicago’s ACORN. It may not be illegal but it gives me pause.
It would be illegal for Obama to funnel money to his main “get out the vote” volunteers in his position on those boards. So it would seem, at least on the exterior, that ACORN probably did observe the “rule of law” in its non-partisan efforts. It claims that its get-out-the-vote drives are segregated from its political arm. I am certain that much grant money has been received from these two foundations. And I am left with a nagging question. Where does ACORN get the money for its never-empty war chest? Could it be they receive funding from someone like George Soros, who has poured millions into presidential campaigns like Obama and even Howard Dean, according to a blog piece at No Quarter, “Hitler and the New Democratic Party.”
According to Kurtz in his NRO article, while these questions about funding and partisanship are important, what is more troubling are Obama’s ties to ACORN, “arguably the most politically, radical, large-scale activist group in this country.” ACORN sneaked its first political insider on the Board of Alderman in Chicago as a “New Party” candidate elected to that board. As ACORN has managed to sneak its operatives within the system legally through elections, one would think that Obama is able to do the same. Why do we know this? Because Obama has trained many of their current leaders.
The LA Times returned to that same Chicago neighborhood where Obama worked as a community organizer to take a look at the same neighborhood. What they found was a real disappointment. They found one of those parks that Obama “helped” restore to its natural beauty is now overrun by drug dealers and thugs again. It seems nothing changed for very long in the old Obama stomping grounds.
The best finish to this article is Stanley Kurtz’s own words. “The community organizer may generate feel-good moments and best selling books, but I suspect that a Costco as the seed bed of a larger shopping complex would have done far more to save the neighborhood where Obama worked to organize in the progressive fashion.” Unfortunately, Chicago ACORN is blocking that effort.
National Review
Seattle Times
No Quarter

Vern said...

After a moment of utter rage and contempt for the left, I pulled back a bit. The point, as I think will be said in tonight's interview, is to trust in the goodness of America. Show support for Sarah Palin, and the idea that the decent will not be cowed.

Eric F. said...

Ditto! However, I think I see a silver lining in all of this: If the Socialist's (please everyone, STOP CALLING THEM LIBERAL'S--THEY ARE SOCIALIST'S) win this coming November perhaps their first move will be to have just one source and outlet for news--kind of like THE TASS NEWS AGENCY--at least then there would be less outlets for the propaganda.

Bob said...

I never thought it would be like this. I thought like a lot of us that the people of this country would enjoy watching this woman come onto the scene. Yet, the vial that has come out and most of it from women and the men in the media who do their bidding for them have launched an assault I never imagined. That she could not be admired for what she has become is unreal. Even if you disagree with her, how can they partake of this. It has lessened my opinion of many more people in this world. Needless to say, this election will not be the cakewalk we thought it would be when we hoped for her. In fact, the polls indicate that many women have decided to join the smear against Palin and entrench themselves with Obama. Only the conservative women seem to appreciate her. Sad that in order to be a proper woman in this country you must be liberal.

tom paine said...


You truly live in dream world. I wonder what color the sky might be in that strange little world that you seem to occupy?

Blaming Obama for the current economic mess is like Sen. Larry Craig saying that Dems cause guys to seek sex in airport restrooms.

Are you even aware of John McCain's repeated (and taped and quoted) assertations that he is and always has been against any type of government regulations? In fact, McCain reiterated that very position at least four different times this very year.

But now he is going to somehow magically (since he against government regulation) make those nasty Wall Street guys be nice!!! How, by asking them nicely and then hugging them like he did President Bush? Bush tried that hugging routine to beg for more oil from the creeps who run Saudi Arabia and look how that turned out. :)

Are you also unaware that McCain was the head of the Commerce Committee. In fact McCain told CNBC’s Squawk Box “I understand the economy. I was chairman of the Commerce Committee that oversights every part of our economy,”

Do little details such as these often escape that little world in which you seem to reside?

tom paine said...

There is no doubt that hacking into anyone's private email is a crime.

But let's be real here. The main reason it so upsets many Palin supporters is because (in the finest tradition of Bush and Cheney) she has refused to release hundreds of emails that were possibly related to "Troopergate" and not to government policy matters.

The release of the emails was supported by many Republicans including Andree Mcleod who filed an ethics complaint against Gov. Palin and others who have filed FOI (freedom of information) requests per the Palin emails relating to Palin exerting political pressure because of personal reasons.

So save the "outrage" for the truly serious grevious offenses in our society.

Erin said...

So here are a couple of thoughts on this.

Gloria Allred (I know!) voiced her concern on Greta tonight that Sarah might have been using these accounts to avoid subpoenas. It's possible; however, that's not been her style. Apart from being totally bugged by Gloria's "guilty until proven innocent" attitude toward this, she got me thinking of some possible reactions.

1. They could release the contents to a bipartisan group for evaluation. This group would determine possible instances of intent to conceal.

2. They could let it go and hope everyone else does as well.

It really depends on the contents. I have a big concern, though. If she DID abuse this, we could be seeing the dreaded "October surprise" coming out soon. If these hackers were low enough to dig like this, they'd be low enough to hold out the goods.

Here's what I suspect would be found in those accounts. Sarah has probably let business sneak into e-mails from time to time. I don't think there's anything there that she was trying to cover, but since so many of these people on the e-mail list were in government, she probably crossed over some.

If it's pretty minor crossover, I'd be able to relate. I do the same, although I'm not the governor of a state or a VP candidate. Most people will understand that it happens, as long as it doesn't appear that she was trying to hide anything.

McCain's camp says they're not going to comment further, but if there are damning e-mails, I'm really not sure what their next step should be.

Erin said...

Sorry for the double post...

oh. wow. Watching the town hall. She is BLOWING the doors off! This should be required viewing, most especially for Barack "Uuuuuhhhhh" Obama.

Unknown said...

Tom Paine,
I was driving to work today thinking about you. I am glad you are back. Looking at your blogger profile, there is nothing there.
Would you please tell me a little about yourself? how old are you? what do you do? what kind of family do you have? What state and/or city do you live in? How did you come to be so interested in politics? you are obviously intelligent and well read. You fascinate me. Please tell me a bit about who you are.

Erin said...

AOL has posted a good article on this. Their points make sense on why she needs a yahoo account and has government officials on it. I'll quote sections and post a link at the bottom as well.

"the two example emails...involve political material not permissible for use with a government email address.

Anonymous may be unaware, but elected officials not only may use private email addresses to correspond with other public officials, they actually must if it is material deemed not appropriate. For example, if Nancy Pelosi wanted to send the latest Michael Moore video to Howard Dean, she'd have to use her yahoo email address to do it, not her house email. So a bunch of addresses of people like Arnold Schwarzenegger showing on the list is evidence of nil."

I'd like to see confirmation of this fact, but if true it's interesting and yet another "white knight" aspect to admire in Sarah.

Dean said...

There is just an endless pursuit to find dirt on Sarah. The people that responded on gawker were so disappointed that there was nothing incriminating.

It is just amazing how the media puts a spin on even the smallest detail. They just want Sarah to be doing something illegal so bad. There is so many of the reporters that are just carrying out their personal agendas through the media.

Infidel753 said...

Absolutely disgusting. The people who did this not only have no honor or decency, they don't seem to realize that anyone else does either.

Their actions will boomerang back on them. There can't be a single person in America, no matter how innocent, who would be comfortable at the thought of his or her own e-mails being hacked and made public like this.

Will people tar the broader Obama cult with the actions of these few turds? Yes! And rightly so, when pro-Obama commenters trot out their slimy rationalizations to support and justify such actions (as seen in a few comments even here), and mainstream magazines and blogs like Mother Jones and Taylor Marsh similarly rummage through the stolen e-mails as if hacking were a perfectly legitimate form of investigative journalism.


Thank you. Hey, I'm a liberal (Clinton supporter ---> PUMA McCain/Palin supporter), and Obama's pod-people personality cult does not represent sane liberals. These people are simply trying to destroy everything in their path, like army ants.

One consolation: When Palin accepted the post of McCain's running mate, she probably knew what she was getting into. She'd seen how the Obama cult trashed Clinton and her supporters, and she must have known there was no depth to which these people would not sink in attacking her.

She knew that (a) she was going up against an enemy that fights dirtier than dirty, and (b) she and McCain would beat them.

On a lighter note, this is very on-target.

redsonya59 said...

Well, the onslaught continues...the rabid Left won't stop until they dig up something that will destroy Sarah Palin...but these circling wolves will activate the defensive mode of all of us "Honorary Muskoxen", who will put Sarah in the middle of our herd, and we'll all form a circle around her, with our sharp hooves and horns facing out...and we'll stomp those snarling, slavering wolves into smithereens come Nov. 4th!
They will find that they are messing with the wrong herd this time...Go, Sarah!

Scott said...

i don't know if anyone has considered this but the bad thing about a screenshot is the fact it can be edited in photoshop to say anything the person wants it to say... can you imagine if they actually thought to do that?

i hope the feds show up at the guy's house and take him away in handcuffs

SMatthewStolte said...

In the AP story they mention that they have refused to turn over the documents to the Secret Service. I wonder if they think they've found something damaging in the e-mails and want to release the information on their own timeline, so that the Palin team won't have a chance to respond before the election.

God, if I had read someone suggesting that paragraph 6 months ago, I would have thought he was nuts. But this political season seems to have driven some folks into a land where decency and logic simply don't apply.

Adam, I'm sure you heard about the English teacher at Metro (in Denver) who was going to require the class to write an essay undermining Sarah Palin. Interesting times.

tom paine said...


Thanks for the interest but you probably would not believe my profile/bio. I have had, to say the least.

As you can probably tell, I have lots of free time on my hands because I'm retired. We had 6 kids, and they are all reasonably sane and some very successful as defined by America. Unlike me, most of them graduated from college with degrees in everything from Computer Graphics/Communication to Business Marketing to Art History. However, the one with probably the most secure job right now was much like me and got a GED (after he settled down) and is now a Supervisor with an Electric Company and has almost 20 years seniority. Surprisingly, the Art History grad does not work in that field. :)

I barely made it out of high school and went to work in a factory at 17 and stayed with that company for over 44 years. I was in the machine upkeep area of a 24/7 manufacturing company. An old smokestack style business. Through a combination of fortunate events, good timing, and good luck (along with some effort on my part) I got into management and fell into some very good situations per the technology of my business and opportunities. I happened to be in the right place at the right time with a manufacturing company that had many world wide affiliates that we either owned or to whom we provided technical assistance agreements.

I actually took an early retirement package at 55 but had a good relationship with my company and did many consulting jobs for them (and a few other companies) after retiring. Both before but mostly after retiring I had foreign assignments in Germany, Budapest, Bogota, Medellin, Sydney, Melbourne, Madrid, England, and at many of our domestic plants. Many were 3 or 4 week assignments that were much like a vacation trip and I enjoyed them immensely (away from the day to day grind of production) and I learned a lot during those trips. I would often really get to know the locals quite well and they would then open up and be honest about their nation and about how they viewed America.

All this really worked out well until the stock market tanked in 2001. Not a good thing after taking a lump sum payout. Plus, what's the easiest way for a company to cut expenses? Quit hiring the retired guys! And there went my consulting jobs along with the market fiasco.

However, I have never missed a meal and now I mostly play golf for a living (pay is terrible but the fringe benefits are terrific) and agitate foolish people who think that either political party is far superior to the other one.

We travel a bit but mostly enjoy and sometimes help out with the many grand kids.

My views probably match very few on the planet. I am not really that well read (that's where my Art History grad trumps me) but I have learned to pay attention to actions and events and disregard the rhetoric. That helps to better understand most things that do not have a short shelf life.

I have strong opinions on everything ranging from the total confusion of most economists, the mistake called Israel, the excessive amount of lawyers in the USA, the fraud of free trade, deregulation, globalization, our dumbheaded foreign policy, our immigration fiasco, our flawed political system, etc etc etc. You probably get the idea!

Sorry this got so long. See what happens, you ask for a drink of water and some goober turns the hose on you!!

Take care.

livingforjesus2 said...

All I can say is they (the liberal camp) wouldn't be doing any of this kind of nonsense if they weren't scared spitless! Sarah is obliviously a threat to them and for good reason!

Jannie Funster said...

Fear not, my friends.

The deeper The Left digs into Sarah Palin, the deeper they dig their graves for Nov. 4th.

I'm not saying this e-mail crime was a deliberate Left invasion but they might as well have for all they exploit it.

McCain / Palin '08 !!!!!

pHaT_aL said...

You guys got to see this


It's comedy at its finest.

pHaT_aL said...

Here are some unbiased fact checking of the liberal ads.

Unknown said...

Tom Paine,

Well, my suspicions about your intellect appear to be true. You sounds like a man with a lot of life experiences. The old school of hard knocks.

At least we know you appreciate Gov. Palin for raising a family of five.
My mother had a down's syndrome child at age 43. The short story is that both she and the baby died. We all have ways that we feel a connection to people, be they friends or adversaries.

Your writing style is explained by your age. You write very well. It is a compact style and uses very few words that you pay more than 25cents for. I admire you for that.

What part of the county do you live in now?
Are you more libertarian than liberal?

I think that most people here like you. I am impressed that they read what you say and are ususally civil in their responses to you.

techno said...

Let's see if I can get this straight. There are sinister, insidious forces that have made a conscious, deliberate decision to call upon all the resources and propaganda they can muster to prevent the McCain-Palin ticket from prevailing on November 4 and thus elect Barack Obama. They now include the AP, the MSM including ABC, NBC, CBS and cable networks including CNN, MSNBC, CNNBC, major newspapers including the NY Times, Washington Post, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, left-wing talk radio, Move ON. org, the Daily Kos,out-of-control computer hackers and thousands of malevolent left wing bloggers who will stop at nothing to destroy Sarah Palin and therefore John McCain. I have not even mentioned the Democratic Party who is orchestrating all of this mischief. For the McCain campaign, you have to declare war on all this evil and toxic venom as you have on radical Islam. You must be prepared to fight to the death. The mistake that the McCain campaign has made all along is to assume that these evil purveyors of hate also love America. John and Sarah, let me give you a bit of news: they do not love America as it is presently constituted. They loathe all that Sarah stands for. If they could line her up against a wall and stone her to death they would. They will stop at nothing and I mean that literally. Here are their goals: 1) to turn America into an European style country that kowtows to the UN, the concept of world government and the voluntary reduction of the military and the principle of pacifism; 2) to turn America into a 'socialist paradise' and as Sarah said 'give you more orders from Washington; 3) to thwart economic development and investment as much as possible by undermining the capitalist system, imposing Draconian restrictions, and to leave resources untapped forever so as to placate the environmental wackos; 4) to control the school system from kindergarten to college so as to brainwash the American callow youth and implement their secular humanist agenda with their ultimate goal to undermine and destroy the Judeo-Christian religion and their adherents and according to them send it to the scrap heap of history; 5) to impose taxation so high that freedom of choice is curtailed and government solutions thought to be the only remedy; 6) to increase the number of state-funded abortions and to promote euthanasia on demand; 7) to allow all kinds of sex or pornography to be freely and legally available on demand regardless of age, gender, or purpose; 8) to control the flow of media through imposing the Fairness Doctrine to knock the right wing radio hosts and alternative media off the air; 9) to arrest George Bush and Dick Cheney and send them off to the Hague so that they can be prosecuted and executed as war criminals; 10)and to destroy anybody by any means that gets in their way of achieving their ultimate goals. Republicans, your greatest enemy does not reside in iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan. Instead it lies at your own doorstep and around the corner. Evangelicals, social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, entrepreneurs and freedom-loving people wake up-do you want your great country to go the way of Rome and Britain by acquiescing and succumbing to the totalitarian tactics and intimidation of overzealous thugs? Is there any difference, besides the scope, between the 2008 hatred and vilification of Sarah Palin and Hitler's constant campaign to destroy the Jews? Those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat it.

tom paine said...

Some of the comments here are absurd. One might think that Obama and the ever evil Dems had somehow concocted Sarah Palin and then devised the Peyton Place like events leading up to the current "Troopegate" mess.

In typical political fashion, Palin and now the McCain campaign have turned what was probably a non-issue into a problem by not simply stating the truth and the facts and letting any investigation run it's course.

Palin "welcomed" the investigation initially but suddenly changed course. She waffled.

Then the Obama team picked on a possible crack in the Palin myth and jumped on it. They dispatched a group of muckrakers to AK to see what might be there that Palin seemed to want to hide.

Now the team of lobbyists who run the McCain campaign have dispatched a team of lawyers and political operatives to AK to try to fend off the Obama squad. They must believe it's serious since the guy they hired to lead the effort was previously a higher-up in our nation's anti-terrorism unit!

Palin and the McCain campaign have managed to turn it into a big deal instead of letting the AK locals handle it. (unless she really did do something illegal) It's as if these supposedly intelligent people have never heard of how Watergate was basically a cover-up or how all of Bush and Cheney's trying to keep their actions secret have turned out. They often end up making the cover-up of their actions much, much worse than any of the deeds they are trying to hide.

And these are the people we might have leading our nation in the very near future!!!

jill said...

As a respite from this, you may want to have a look at Obama's gala night speech at the Streisand event.

robin in alabama said...

Good will come from this. I think what they have done is wrong and against the law. I believe that good will prevail. If Palin is of good character this attack will only show the good. If she is not of good character then we need to know. I think she is a good choice for VP an of Good Character. I know that GOD is in control. He knew this would happen and He can use it for His plan. I trust that He is a good God and His plans are good.

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

Psalms 27 is the prayer we can pray everyday until the election on behalf of VP candidate Palin and of course the McCain-Palin Campaign, all is well and it will be alright. The success thus far is a great testament and we should be positive and take courage to stand strong and sure.

Lex said...

I'm also really angry about this whole thing. I can't believe they took screencaps and even posted her contact list!!! It's one thing to post public e-mail addresses, but to post personal ones (of her kids?!) is unacceptable.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

I am... LIVID!! More about what I am addressing on this than ANYTHING ELSE!! And no amount of cold water will "chill me out".

Christians, please do NOT believe that this man is any "friend" to the worship of Jesus Christ in America!! The video clip below is WORSE, imo, than Obama attending a church where Reverend Wright said, "God Damn America". On another issue, his "PR people" have compared Obama to Jesus Christ and spread this saying to his "followers"!!: "Jesus Christ was a community organizer. Pilate was a Governor." He is not only comparing himself to God by having his PR people spread that "message", comparing Obama to Jesus Christ, he is being WORSHIPPED in PLACE of JESUS CHRIST!!!

See this worship song. This is evil to Christians and an abomination for a man to receive the worship of people!!!

They sing worship to Obama and say he is a "revival to the soul" as a man!! They say they are the ones because he is the the one!! The whole video is WORSHIP of Barack Hussein Obama!!

It's so new age and anti-christ it is an obamination to biblical Christians. He does not deserve, imo, the VOTE of any Christian believer who believes man is not a god and is not to be worshipped in the place of Jesus Christ!!

It's an obamination!!

Stop new age worship of a man!! Stop Obama!!

Erin said...

Something just occurred to me as I replied to an e-mail from a regular here (hi!). Rush is predicting a strong win for McCain, and I've had some doubts about that. However, I go back to the Democratic primary, and I remember how badly Obama finished. He had a huge lead, so it didn't matter. However, we vote on ONE day for president, so if he finishes as badly in the presidential race, Rush could be calling it correctly.

Obama said we have 57 states. If we did, Hillary and McCain would be duking it out right now.

Andrea said...

There is no excuse for hacking into someone's personal email, whether you suspect there might be secret Troopergate emails or whatever else. And now that everyone has seen some of those screencaps, there was nothing in there except innocuous emails of her receiving congratulations, picture of family, etc.

There is not anywhere near enough outrage about this. Please, Obama-supporters, be objective about this and don't try to tell me there wouldn't be an enormous media firestorm/tantrum if this had happened to Obama.

Mark said...

I'm not going to comment on the whole hacking thing, but I am going to comment on the Fannie & Freddie issue. John McCain completely dropped the ball here (although he finally tried to pick it up in Iowa).

People are steamed about Fannie and Freddie. They want to blame someone. And, McCain/Palin should hang it right around Obama's neck, where it belongs. They should make a multi-million dollar buy right now and blitz the airwaves with a simple commercial that goes something like this:

"The collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has caused today's problems on Wall Street. Three years ago, John McCain sounded the alarm. Barack Obama - He was #2 in campaign contributions from Fannie and Freddie in the last 20 years, even though he's only been a Senator for 3 years. The top people at Fannie and Freddie got their golden parachutes, and two of them now are top Obama advisers. Barack Obama and his friend at Fannie and Freddie - They got rich. The rest of us - we got stuck with a 200 billion dollar bill."


They can not find dirt on her so they make stuff up on her. Please read the article below.

September 15, 2008
Into the Obama Tank for the Final Push
By Jennifer Rubin

John McCain believes he is in an existential war. America is engaged in a death struggle against Islamic terrorists.

But he is also fighting for his life: against a media establishment dedicated to his political destruction.

Any pretense of fairness by the mainstream media is gone. The MSNBC duo of anchor buffoons have been downgraded but not fired. The Washington Post runs dueling front page articles -- one a recycled tabloid-like piece (apologies to our tabloid friends who generally don't recycle old material) about Cindy McCain's past drug problems and one, made up out of whole cloth, that Sarah Palin's allegedly believes and told departing troops that Iraq was behind 9-11. Caught concocting the latter story, the Post tried a hasty edit on the piece (in the middle of the night, no less) -- a maneuver which bloggers quickly spotted. We saw the oozing condescension of normally mild-mannered Charlie Gibson in his Palin interview. Assuring Palin he was using a direct quote (he was not) to accuse her of believing her son was on "task form God" and laying a gotcha trap on the Bush Doctrine (which has no single meaning), Gibson seemed himself to have a "task" -- to trip up a figure held in contempt by most of his colleagues. And of course we are treated to lengthy "investigative" pieces on Palin -- which lack any factual support for their scandal-suggestive headlines. But still there is nary an investigative piece in any major newspaper on Barack Obama's ties to the Chicago machine of Bill Daley, the mismanaged Annenberg Challenge, his relationship with Bill Ayers or the problematic donations from the Woods Fund.

All of this follows the litany of personal attacks on Sarah Palin -- for everything from running for office while having kids to allegedly supporting Pat Buchanan (she didn't) to advocating creationism in the schools (she hasn't).

Why the two-week spree of fury?

Howard Kurtz declares that the media is "mad" -- mad at McCain for "manipulating them." Others bemoan that McCain has hijacked the storyline and "forced" them to talk about Obama's gaffes. Meanwhile, juicy stories that would be headlines if a Republican were involved -- the meager charitable donations by Joe Biden and a bizarrely inaccurate Obama ad asserting McCain doesn't use a computer (he does but can't type due to war injuries) -- are utterly ignored by the MSM. Rather the storyline continues unabated: those mean Republicans are lying again. But really, what's up? As a longtime prominent conservative editor says the media bias is "the worst I've ever seen." Well, the answer: it's what's down. Barack Obama's numbers -- both national polls and electoral vote tallies -- are taking a nose dive. The media is now, as is the rest of the Democratic establishment, in a frenzied meltdown. Their guy could well lose and they've staked their reputations, such as they are, on his victory. It is not hard to see why they have gone into overdrive to protect and bolster The One.

This is not merely a matter of personal political preference. These journalists have a real problem: what if all those pundits and reporters actually have to cover (for four or eight years) the team they have trashed for the last year? What if the McCain people won't talk to them, if they are frozen out of the in-the-know circle of media elites? This is a real problem.

But the increased venom and hyper-partisanship won't likely solve this problem. The lesson is only two weeks old but they have forgotten it already. Did vilifying Sarah Palin work? Of course not. It made her more popular and helped recruit a massive audience for her homerun speech. In the meantime it helped galvanize the GOP base which rallied to their VP nominee under siege. In the process, the media revealed themselves to be so heavily biased that even normally trusting readers and viewers have come to discount and flat-out ignore their spin.

So what is everyone to do? The McCain camp likely will keep doing precisely what they are doing: run right over the media to the American people, afford Palin the opportunity to be seen and interact with as many people as possible and provide better access to her for whichever outlets can still manage to accurately convey what she says and does. Ditto for McCain.

The MSM has a choice: double down and risk extinction, ridicule and potential ostracism from the McCain team or try to play it straight. The debates will be telling in this regard. You never know: they might become savvier about covering their tracks via late night alterations: the blogosphere is always watching. As for readers and viewers, they have the power of the purse and the clicker which they are increasingly exercising. Some 69% of voters think the media is rooting for a candidate - one presumes that they are already discounting the sycophantic coverage of Obama.

But that still leaves Barack Obama trailing in the polls. You see, the MSM's act (i.e. ridiculous hit pieces on McCain coupled with glowing, defenses of Obama and non-reputing of stories adverse to Obama) is played out on its own stage. Ultimately he is on his own. No amount of Chris Matthews's commentary is likely to convince Americans that Sarah Palin is a rube. No matter how many "Cindy McCain took drugs" stories above the fold, Americans still are inclined to evaluate the character and record of John McCain on its merits.

In the end the voters, and not the media, will elect a Presidential ticket. If they fail in their mission to revive the candidacy of their favorite son, the major newspapers and television networks will have to justify their own conduct, repair reputations and mend fences and convince news consumers they still matter. Good luck with that.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

More reason to sign this petition if you have not yet


Mountain Mama said...

I don't lie, and you're a horrid person for slamming others when you are wrong.

I wouldn't anyway, but even if I wanted to, I can't quote what you wrote, because swear words are disallowed here. And you wrote one of the worst ones. FOR SHAME!

You got away with it once, but it was an accident. You won't get away with it again.

Now, show respect, or blog elsewhere.

Stop being

Mountain Mama said...

T.P. cont......

Stop being so negative.
Start posing respectfully.

If it's information you want, we'll try to provide it.

If it's being mean that you need, go elsewhere: to a counselor.

tom paine said...

mountain mama,

First you need to answer the questions I posed to you on the "troopergate" thread. Please don't hide.

On this thread, you generously offer to supply info, and I accept your offer. Please tell me:

1. Does Gov. Palin still believe that living close to Russia equates to or indicates foreign policy expertise?

2. Did Gov. Palin ever want and support the infamous Bridge to Nowhere?

3. Does Gov. Palin still believe that she actually "stopped" the infamous Bridge to Nowhere?

4. Did Gov. Palin ever support earmarks?

5. Did Gov. Palin ever request earmarks?

6. Did Gov. Palin ever hire a lobbyist to go to Washington to request earmarks?

7. Does Gov. Palin know that when she got "free" Washington money for Alaska came from the rest of us American citizens?

8. Does Gov. Palin think that it is appropriate that Alaska citizens receive 10-20 times as much in federal handouts as the rest of America?

9. Does Gov. Palin believe that the $42 million already spent on the Knit Arm inlet earmark is a wise use of American tax dollars?

10. Does Gov. Palin still support the bridge and highway link from Alaska's largest city to her home town of Wasilla with a population of about 9K? Does she know the reported cost of that project?

11. What does Gov. Palin think of John McCain's comment that he "wants no part of this...legislation..." since she is reported to continue to support the item mentioned above?

Actually mountain mama, I have 13 other questions but I will cease since this is getting a tad long so please provide the answers to the 11 above, as you promised to do.

Thanx much.

noah tahl said...

I sincerely thank all the fine men and women who fight the brave fight of words and ideas here at home where it is most needed.As a young republican I realize that here at my computer is where the true battles are taking place and not in the mountains of afganistan or desert of Iraq.Once again thank you.

Mountain Mama said...

Dear Noahtnot:
Very funny. Yes, that's what the Democrats are known for, all right: being courageous soldiers.
And why make fun of the name of "Know-it-all?" He/she seems extremely wise, fair, and kind. You might consider learning from his positive model of being genuinely inquisitive about life.

Mr. TP:
As you know, since you are truly an intelligent person, I never made you a "promise," and I also wrote that WE (meaning all the pro-Palin bloggers and not just ONE person -me) would respond to questions about Gov. Palin.

Maybe other people will address your questions, but once again, you've (purposely?) missed my point:

I meant that I will try to find information for a sincere person who truly wants to understand Gov. Palin.

However, I am not wasting my time writing to you any further.

Rather than learn, you seem most interested in humiliating those of us who support Palin.

It must be sad to have such an active, yet destructive mind. But guess what? You can CHOOSE to be constructive, kind, and honest. Try it!----and may God richly bless you.

Erin said...

Okay, is it just me, or has anyone else felt like McCain has pretty much blown this week? Just now he gets an attack ad out, and there's no mention of Obama not responding to AIG, much less knowing its name? The polls have taken a serious hit, and the bleeding isn't over, in my opinion. We're in for a couple of rough days of polling, and hopefully the race will even out again.

Obama has left himself wildly vulnerable, and I don't believe McCain's team has done what it could have to rightfully call BO's decision-making skills into question.

And this business with the Rush Limbaugh quotes is disgusting. Combine that with this attack on Sarah, and the campaign should have plenty of bullets. Now if they could just find their gun...

Erin said...

P.S. This is a bit of good news, but of course it will be completely overlooked by the MSM. Paulson is interested in using McCain's RTC plan, and after announcing it, the DOW went up 400 points today. Whether the two are related or this is just a rebound remains to be seen.

techno said...

Folks, please do not fall for the liberal ploy of accusing Sarah of being the primary cause of McCain's perceived fall in the polls. Straight talk-the economic news has been awful-it's more surprising that McCain isn't 10 points back. Secondly, Rasmussen has McCain and Obama tied at 48% and several state polls in Virginia, Ohio and Florida are beginning to break his way. Third because Sarah has helped John to firm up the Bible belt and western states like Montana, ND,and SD John is now free to focus his entire attention on the battleground states. Folks, this is huge, huge, huge. I firmly believe without Sarah he would still be looking in his rear view mirror. Finally, I've crunched the numbers--believe it or not, even if John and Sarah lose Iowa but they carry the same states as Bush did in 2004, they will only be 1 state short of victory with 265 EV. Remember that Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are in play. Win one of these John and Sarah don't even have to win Colorado or New Mexico.

caem said...



Shocking new revelations in the Palin email hacking case are currently breaking. The lone guman angle looks to be panning out. As best as I can sift the information currently, a single user has been identified as the target of the investigation: the son of a Democratic member of the Tennessee House, Rep. Mike Kernell!

Putting the events together, it seems the suspect allegedly posted the information to the Anonymous groups at website 4chan, then backed away from his involvement at some point. It is not clear if he was the person who forwarded the information to website Wikileaks, which was offline from late last night until afternoon today. It seems the user may have claimed the hack on behalf of Anonymous. Whether this was to cover his tracks or not is also unclear. I'm trying to update as available. The current buzz is essentially that the suspicion of political motivation is back up high, and the suspicion of the group Anonymous as being "behind it" is at the lowest since the story broke. More to come, I'm sure.

Mountain Mama said...

Obama was whining earlier this week that he's determined to win, because after all, he spent the last 19 months dragging himself from motel to dumpy cafe, and no way was he going to lose after THAT horrible ordeal!

(Oh, boo hoo! As if he's suffered! You'd think he'd be grateful for all the praise and applause HIS supporters give him every day----but NO-oooo! He's gotta feel sorry for himself....)

My point: Obama seems willing now to do practically ANYTHING to win. Yep, it's going to get exceedingly ugly this next month......

And you are SO RIGHT, Erin, that McCain has missed some opportunities to make several important points about Obama this week.

You know what Americans CRAVE!?

1) People who are enthusiastically positive about life and work: ENERGY!

2) REAL PEOPLE who will lead them with openness and honesty about themselves, their values, and their proposed programs: TRANSPARENCY!

3) Leaders who aren't busy seeking money, power, or prestige for themselves: SERVANT HUMILITY!

4) Heroes who aren't afraid to express their deep, real faith in God: DEVOTION!

Oh my goodness, guess who has those leadership qualities?

John McCain and Sarah Palin!

So keep praying, everyone! Pray that voters will be drawn to learn about and choose McCain-Palin!

Erin said...

techno, I haven't seen blame being placed on Sarah over the decline, but then again, I don't generally read, listen to, or watch much of the MSM.

caem, have they linked it to the guy's son? Drudge is still saying they're questioning him.

Sarah was fantastic again tonight.

I'm a supreme patriot I guess.

Michelle Obama is as much a suit as her husband.


Dean said...

After thinking more about the email hack today I still believe there is some connection to Obama.
With the new reports that coming through, it really smells.

Obama is applying his Chicago thug style politics to mainstream America. Obama operates like a mob boss. He keeps many layers of people between him and the events.

Anyone who is willing to send 30 attorneys to Alaska to do a witch hunt will do just about anything corrupt.

Obama is the dirtiest politician that we have seen in a long time. It is hard to imagine how corrupt Washington will become if Obama is elected.

Unknown said...

this is one of the best pages of comments that i have ever seen. you people should be very proud of yourselves.
Mountain Mama, Your notes are great.

Techno... regarding the polling. There was an interesting footnote inside the Siena poll of New York State. Siena is apparently the only poll that splits out the Jewish vote.
From about the 4th of July until now there has been a 35% shift in the Jewish vote to McCain/Palin(!). This is one of the largest shifts of any kind ever seen.

One could guess that it is related to the desire Sen Obama has to both lose the war in Iraq and not confront Iran.
Also, this came after Barry Obama's "I Am The King Of The World Tour" which included his stop in Israel. I have a feeling that the visit did not go as well as he had hoped. Just what does he stand for? Who is that masked man?

I was impressed by Gov. Palin's comments on the right of Israel to defend itself. I gave her an A+ on that.

The enormous shift of the Jewish vote, if it is true and holds up, would be very important on election day in multiple states along the East Coast.
And the support of Sen Lieberman certainly helps here. I went to the largest Jewish university in the USA, even though I am a Christian. I look at Sen Leiberman's actions over the last two years as actions to support Israel as much as turning away from the "Nutmeg State" Dems.

The last week has been a difficult time to campaign, between the Hurricane and the Banking Crisis. I think most everyone that I talk to is confused by all this. McCain may have been correct to lay low for a while

Lastly, a historical note... The only President of the 20th Century who was elected without ever holding a prior elected office was Ike Eisenhower. See, Sarah beats Ike on that score.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, Know-It-All! As usual, your comments are so insightful!

I am Christian, too, but one of my very close friends is a Jewish conservative. So, I receive the Republican Jewish Coalition's e-materials----including press releases like THIS one, received today:

RJC: Obama and Partisan Democrats
Hand Win to Ahmadenijad

Washington, D.C. (September 18, 2008) --

Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) Executive Director Matt Brooks issued the following statement today:

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad has been quite clear of his intentions to acquire nuclear weapons; his anti-Semitic rants and desire to annihilate Israel are well-known. Today Senators Obama and Biden and their supporters have handed Ahmadenijad a big win. What should have been a strong effort by the Jewish community to stand up and show the world that we are united in our fight against this madman has instead been hijacked by those with a political agenda. This is a very sad day for the Jewish community. We are extremely disappointed that in response to political pressure from partisan organizations, Governor Palin has been disinvited to the "Stop Iran" rally. In addition, we are disappointed that neither Senator Obama nor Senator Biden chose to participate in this important event. Yet again they have missed an opportunity to stand up to Iran and have their voices heard. This is but another example of why Senator Obama continues to have a problem in the Jewish community," said Brooks. "In the more than 20 years I have worked in the Jewish community, this is one of the biggest black marks on our community that I can remember. That we can't put partisan differences aside to come together on something as important as this is absolutely outrageous. It is sad and disappointing."

Bless their hearts!---> Jewish conservatives are really pushing hard for McCain-Palin! WONDERFUL!

Did you know that Sarah Palin has draped an Israeli flag on one of the walls of her office in Alaska!? Pretty neat!

Finally, I forgot to commend you, Techno, for your brilliant note, posted early this morning! Your insights are on-target about the goals of liberals. ACK! We cannot let them win and ruin this country.

Oh, Adam has posted a new article!
Movin' on to that thread.....

tom paine said...

The comments about Israel beg a reply. Honesty and truth when it comes to Israel is as rare as it is to our politicians. But here are a few truisms:

Our support of Israel has been one of the great mistakes of the 20th century.

Our almost unquestioning support of Israel is one of the two main reasons for much of the hatred of the USA in the Arab/Muslim world. I will let you try to figure out what is the other one.

We have given Israel almost $100 BILLION of our tax dollars since the creation of Israel. Along with a bunch of our latest and neatest weapons to combat the nut case Arab rock throwers.

Name one thing that Israel has ever done for the USA?

Have you ever heard any member of the US Senate...ever...say anything even remotely critical of Israel? Even after the USS Liberty debacle (look it up) our government looked the other way.

And finally, until we treat ALL nations in the Middle East equally and fairly there is no hope of ever reaching a solution to the mess in that area.

Now what's the chances of this getting posted??? :)


Tom Paine asked one thing that Israel has ever done for the United States.

The first thing that comes to mind is what was reveal in the movie Charlie Wilson's war where the Israelis swallowed some pride to help the Afghanistan resistance against the Soviet Union. And if you come back and say this is what caused the Taliban, I will point out the fact this issue came up in the court case of Joanna Herring King when people made this accusation and it was proven false. Neither what she did, Charlie Wilson or even the Israeli government had anything to do with the creation of the Taliban.

Thing about the Israelis is they do things and they do not stick around and ask credit or laurels for what they have done. They are very humble. Any attacks against them in this manner, I consider racist. People should stop attacking them. This just breeds more hate monger actions.

Now if you want to talk about the individuals, several have one Nobel Prizes this century. Prof. Robert J. Aumann is the first currently affiliated faculty member of the University to receive a Nobel Prize. Prof. Daniel Kahneman, formerly a faculty member of the Hebrew University and now at Princeton University, also won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2002. Prof. Kahneman is still a member of the Hebrew University’s Center for Rationality. Three others, who are graduates of the Hebrew University, won Nobel Prizes last year: Prof. Avram Hershko and Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, winners of the prize in chemistry, and David J. Gross, winner of the prize in physics. (source: ).

Now getting back to what this blog is all about and that is Sarah Palin. I posted earlier how leftist bloggists are making up stories about her. The media is not doing fact checking and they are assuming what they read on the leftist blogs are to be the truth. Sounds like Nazi Big Lie Theory to me where one person creates a lie and another builds up on the lie and so forth until people believe the Big Lie to be the truth. People are being turned off by this and hopefully in the end, we will see a McCain and Palin in the White House.

Any requests of replies because of this post, I will not be able to do until Monday.