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Monday, September 8, 2008

"The Palin Effect"

Well, it looks like my life is becoming a little less of a media circus, so it's time to get back to hard-core analysis of the VP race. If you haven't heard yet, the numerous polls show the McCain-Palin ticket dramatically stealing the lead from Obama-Biden. A USA Today/Gallup poll even shows a 10% McCain-Palin lead among likely voters.

So, the Palin nomination (coupled with a fantastic convention) has definitely invigorated the McCain campaign. But before we issue a premature declaration of victory, we have to answer one critical question: is this merely a short-term bounce out of the convention or a total realignment of public opinion? Personally, I say that the answer to both questions is "yes". The GOP ticket is certainly flying height coming out of the convention, and the polls have yet to stabilize. However, there is good reason to believe that the dynamics of this election have changed. By nominating Palin, the McCain campaign has recaptured the "maverick" label and ripped the "change" argument out from under Barack Obama. Meanwhile, strategist Steve Schmidt has overhauled the McCain campaign, molding it into a lean, mean electoral machine. And finally, Barack Obama has thrown his campaign totally off message by nominating uber-insider Joe Biden as his VP. With all of those factors working in McCain's favor, it is not a stretch to think that the Gentleman from Arizona will still be in the lead once the polls stabilize.

It also does not appear that "Sarahmania" will peter out any time soon. The McCain campaign is wisely choosing to keep her in the news rather than allowing her to disappear until the debates. This will allow Palin's star power to continue to lift the McCain campaign and build anticipation for the debates. Sarah should do well against Biden (who has been largely de-fanged by her nomination), launching a second round of Palin-buzz akin to what we saw after her convention speech. McCain himself will also get buzz out of the debates, as he shines brightest in Q&A sessions. Obama, on the other hand, is best when he delivers uninterrupted speeches.

In short, my view of the future is this: The current bounce from Palin will likely continue until the debates, when the McCain ticket will another shot in the arm. After that, he just has to hold the lead until election day. I'm not necessarily saying that this is going to happen, but I think that it is a very plausible scenario. So, while I wouldn't start the party just yet, it may be time to start pricing champagne.


Unknown said...

Great analysis, Adam! Yes, this is really exciting! I am very happy with the leap in the polls and I hope and pray that the McCain/Palin lead is maintained!

Sarah also has an opportunity with the upcoming ABC interview, where she will be able to share her views and positions on the issues more in depth. ABC, although liberal, is a well-watched network and this interview will likely attract many viewers.

The Palin-Biden debate is going to be very interesting! I know Sarah is going to do well and that Biden will have a hard time keeping himself from saying the wrong things. I really think Sarah will win that debate!

Let's keep praying that Sarah will remain strong! I know she will do well! SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!! PRAISE GOD FOR SARAH PALIN!!!!!!

I'm looking forward to victory in November and the inauguration of President John McCain and Vice-President Sarah Palin in January!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

SARAH!!!! SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!!!


Erin said...

Adam, I don't drink (one of those religious right wing wackos here! :D), but the price of Biltmore sparkling grape juice (the gold standard for such things in my mind) is a paltry $5.25, and I'm all about getting some instead of the usual Welsh's Grape!

I agree with you that we've turned a corner with the movement. My father (a recent convert) thinks BO has hit his "high water mark" and will decline from here. I believe that to be true, and I can't wait for the fall campaigning to really take off!

Patriot1776 said...

I am not as optomistic as you Adam and others here. I THINK they can pull this off, they have the right message and candidates. But 50+ days is a LONG way to go. It is still so close.

Also, for me, the key is the polls in the swing states - that is what really matters. Overall national polls aren't that meaningful other than showing trends. The state by state polls in PA, OH, MI, VA, CO, NV etc will be the ones to watch.

I remain excited and will work hard for this ticket, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. There is MUCH yet to be done.

But, at this point, you have to say WELL DONE! Now, let's finish the work ahead of us! We need Sarah in Washington - Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington.

Also, when will the ABC interview air on tv?

Sheri said...

I never put much belief into the polls. Here is my conspiracy theory. If the Republicans are low, I always think the media is doing that to to discourage us so we don't vote. If we are high in the polls, then I think the media is making us think, Wow we can't lose...then a bunch stay home on election day because we are thinking we got this in the bag. Sorry...I just do not trust the press. Saying all of that, it is still exciting to see that the McCain/Palin ticket is doing so well.

On Rush today, a man called in. He said that his wife said that Palin woke up a sleeping giant. That sleeping giant is women like myself. As a woman we are always put into the category with Palosi and liberal women like that. If you are a woman, you must be a democrat and pro-abortion. It is awesome to see a woman that is like myself. I think that is how a lot of women are feeling. We have never had a candidate that is just like us...and so, we (conservative women) are energized.

And I should add, I am not supporting Palin because she is a woman. I am supporting her because she is a conservative...the fact that she is a woman is just icing on the cake.

Health And Fitness Geek said...




If you have ANY feedback, feel free to let me know.

techno said...

Bob Beckel over at Fox news in an interview with Bill Hemmer (see it on video at Hot Air) just compared Sarah to a pig.

goldbear said...

Anyone from the state of Washington? I am wondering if Sarah is helping turn Washington because of the ties with Alaska.

Unknown said...

golden bear,
I wrote a comment on washington with two other comments last evening (i guess sarahmania has a grip on me).
I think it is winable here after the dems stole the governor's race in 2004. this is a rematch.

Unknown said...

I'm really worried about Sarah being VP. I mean, she's anti-abortion even in cases of rape and incest. That's scary. I hope a single woman isn't raped in the whole nation if she wins.

I'm wondering why media sexism is such a concern since the media has been all over Hillary for a long time.

As an American, I can't respect Palin since she enjoys banning books and runs scared from the press.

I vote present. said...

Obama in an interview has proclaimed that he once thought of hjoing the military. In 1978 he was going to join, but then the war was over and he didnt feel the need or cause to sign up. Funny thing , he never wrote this in any of his two memoirs nor did he ever tell anyone this. Why the blatant lies to pick up a vote? What a pimp.
Face it Barack you just hate anything red white and blue, and its a turn off to many that love this land.

I vote present. said...

Washington is over the top liberal , I doubt it will sway anyone

Mountain Mama said...

You're right, of course, Adam, that the McPalin ticket's short-term bump in the polls might last because of the debates.

We need to pray that Sarah performs extremely well during those debates, never making a mistake or a gaffe (ie., nothing like McCain's flippant remark, "$5,000,000 is the level when someone is rich," which the Ob. campaign has used to whack McCain since then). Help Sarah Palin, dear Lord!

I'm looking forward to reading those national and state poll results, coming in just under an hour. Wouldn't it be terrific if they were sailing VERY high?!

Pray for me, everyone, as I try to contact someone high up in the McCain campaign. There IS a way to help him gain SO much attention and votes----not to mention help all Americans! Help me, Lord!

Unknown said...

IDK if any of you have seen this but all I can say is OMG. I don't think this lady is going to catch a break. I think we should pass this along and boycott the post!

robin in alabama said...

There are many things they are saying about Sarah's time in office as Gov. in AK. The Bridge to no where. They are saying she supported it and then flipped flopped on the the matter. Can you help me understand what they are saying or what really happened since you have been watching her this last year.

I am very glad to have a women who believes in Life and keeping our country safe. My husband is military and it is nice to know that she and McCain will understand our struggles and needs. It is wonderful to see a real person with a real life as my VP. I pray for her and her family.
It was good to see a great turn out today in MO. lets keep the polls going up.

La Liz said...

Please, let's not think of pricing champagne or feel overly-confident. The Obama smear campaign is ruthless. (I should know; I'm a Democrat. Look what they did to Hillary Clinton in the primaries.) Every vote counts, no matter what the polls say. Each time I read a venomous blog post about Palin or McCain, I pick up the phone and shore up a McCain vote to cancel out the hatemonger's vote. And any McCain supporter who doesn't vote is throwing support to Obama. Let's not waste one precious vote! Vote for McCain/Palin in 2008!

bigdogtoddo said...

Ok folks! You really need to get serious here. This is a election for who is going to be running the country. The most frequent comment I have heard is how great she did at the RNC.

That means she really did a good job of reading a speech that was writen by a speech writer. And you know where she got that skill? Running for Miss Alaska.

We will see if Sarah self distructs in the next month or so.

SMatthewStolte said...

Way back before Palin got the nomination, I wondered out loud on this blog whether she could be an effective attack dog. I just didn't know. Now that this question has been cleared up, I'm wondering whether the polls are going to underestimate the number of folks voting for Obama.

Every four years, the question comes up: will young folks vote this time? Older voters are always the most reliable, but hasn't this or that candidate done a good job of mobilizing America's youth?

Could Obama be the one who successfully mobilizes young liberals and gets them voting (you know 'cause he's on the right side of history or has history's endorsement or something)?

It seems like this is something we should take seriously. And the matter of race as well: I hope we'll see some chatter making the case for the McCain Palin plan for education.

Amanda said...

Techno, I saw that! I can not BELIEVE he compared her to a pig. Sickening. I think resentment from women is going to continue to build though, if they keep treating her like this.

Unknown said...

Yes goldbear, I'm in Washington state. I'd LOVE to see it "go red"!!
And wouldn't it be something if the Palin pick energizes the Republican base here too and helps Rossi beat Gregoire?

If the full story about Wooten ever reaches the press, I believe people here would be quite sympathetic after what happened in Tacoma a few years ago, don't you?

Carl said...

I was thinking the exact same thing, Adam. If Mccain can hold on and win the debate we may be looking at one of the biggest upsets in electoral history. Who would have thought 4 months ago that this was all possible? It's surreal.

As for the champagne, I'm not popping any until Mccain wraps up 270 electoral votes. I'm paranoid like that.


techno said...

Michelle Obama just implied that Sarah is stupid, not intelligent or a yokel: : "What you learn about Barack about his choice (for VP) is he's not afraid of SMART people."

jill said...

Even if you're not one to put faith in polls, the new Real Clear is eye-popping.

It's the first time I've seen McCain up or tied in every poll they listed!

Also, if any of you have time to correct some rumors, ABC news online has a story up called "Obama, McCain Camps Fight for Women Voters" and the comments following it are so full of it, it'll curl your hair.

jill said...

Adam, I love reading your comments and going away with more hope. Thanks for that! I was also thinking that another mistake the Obama campaign seems to make is that Obama himself is spending too much time talking about Sarah. It's making him look worried, and anyway, isn't that his VP's job? Look at this link that shows Biden interrupting Obama, and Obama's smiling face changing to a kind of embarrassed and concerned look. It's from Leno and is near the end of the clip.

DaveF said...

I have the pleasure of seeing John and SARAH in Lancaster, Pa tomorrow. Townhall Forum, it'll rock. I will do my best to report how it went. Adam, I will be taking photos. How can I post them here?

Beckel is one to call someone else a pig. There is a reason he's posted on HOTAIR! Wonder what that could be?

As can now be seen by the mobilization of the Democratic women, Obama now needs the women he shunned and pushed aside to help him win. Hillary wasn't good enough to take their party to the Oval Office, but it is her responsibility to get "ME" there. Because after all it is about "ME"!
"ME" needs them, ( you know women ), to win. Which brings up the point "DUH"!

meddian said...

What I found out is "The media is owned and backed by Arabs-Islamics". I've been reading all day and following the footprint of BOs life & associations (I chk for myself). His Harvard Law school was paid for by King Al-Monsour; he runs the same platform as his cousin; his parents we're not both US citizens; he has a Indonesia passport; he went to a radical racist church; he has ties with Arab-islamic leaders; his staff is full of NOIs. Please see this: constant Kenya slaughtering by his Islamic cousin (Obdinga)killing Christians. His words were also "Change" same as his cousin BO.


As a woman veteran, I am really scared for all Americans. Socialism, Communism? Open the doors for all Islamic Immigrants?Who is backing this man?

From the ratings it looks like the blacks are voting for another crack pipe Mayor Barry-they want a champion... as LONG as he is BLACK they don't care;they don't care if he will become a new Hitler; full term baby killer; open the doors for all illegal aliens; raise their social security taxes;and,fill the Whitehouse full of Islamic Farakhan, Ayer, radicals and NOT defend us against the hate filled Islamics--he wants to sit down and talk. How can they call themselves Christians? His cosuin is killing their own people BLACK AFRICAN CHRISTIANS. He is wolf in sheep clothing. Even Pastor Manning can see thru him. When BO has all radical ties with the NOI? They hate the WEST, we are the devil. When he removed the flag from his plane and didn't fly it Germany, that reminded me of what's going on in England--they can't fly the British flag because it offends the Muslims. How has he gotten this far? We're next.

Unknown said...

Sarah's ancestory has been completed and is now posted on the internet.
Sarah and John McCain are 12th cousins.
She is English and descended from the Mayflower.
She is related to the Bushes and is a cousin of Mr Obama and Mr Romney.
She is not trailer trash. She has championship lines.

Trueredhead and goldbear:

I think the washington election could be very interesting. The last governatorial election in 2004was the closest ever in the good old USA. The Dems won on the second recount. You and I know that the turn out for Rossi(R) will be huge (even though I don't care for his ads). Sarah will help since WA and Alaska are "BFF". The Palin Famiily was from Seattle. The new polls today have Obama's lead cut to 4%!!!
Here in Yakima county, there should be a strong christian turn out. There is a very large number of Mormans here (yes, they are Christians, i am just reminding readers that we are near Utah and Idaho). There is a tremendous Latino Catholic vote. There is a strong military presence. I think McC and Palin could pull off an upset in WA. If they win in WA, the national race is probably over. Wouldn't that be a sweet revenge against the Dems for stealing the 2004 election?

My comments on bigotry against the native americans are based on my time working with the Yakamas, Lummis and Warm Springs People. Bigotry upsets me.

jill said...

I was talking to some co-workers earlier today about the flags that were taken from the trash area of the DNC and sort of rescued by the RNC, and I was giving the benefit of the doubt, thinking that those flags could have just been gathered up and put in the garbage bags for storage. I've stored things in trash bags, so why jump to conclusions? I got these links in my e-mail and now it does look pretty bad.

Upside down near Biden's feet:

Tanya said...

Palin woke the sleeping giant!!! Indeed she did...I don't think conservative women have ever felt like they have had someone representing them to the extent Palin is. And it isn't just because she is a woman (although that is a main part of it) I think we all have been wanting to see someone with our beliefs who will put themselves out there and do what is right, for no other reason than because it IS the right thing to do! INTEGRITY - doing what you say you will do!! That pretty much describes her.

GoGoGOSarah said...

We can be happy for the good news we heard today,however,I need to point out that the Health Care issue is being carefully avoided.I have written both to Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity without any reply.Nationalized Health Care where provided is not what they want to make you all believe, it is in fact 1) the biggest black whole-no limits spending society ever saw and with corruptions at all levels.2)the quality of services:get ready for the longest lines you ever saw and when you get there....they will be poor. I have asked on all my interventions that this be researched so that voters can have a true picture in front of them, I have experienced it on my own skin, my parents still do...I am yes in favor of seeing a reform-not to jump into a Nationalised system thou.

Ted said...

Adam, you continue to impress! Your writing, analysis, and now tv appearances are formidable.

I'm trusting that your and Senator McCain's paths will soon cross. If not, they certainly should.

Charlotte said...

How is she a "maverick" she kept the money for the "Bridge to No Where" a "maverick" would have given it back. And overturning Roe v. Wade is not a change....Bush and the Republicans have been pushing for that.

Anyone that Rush endorses is not a "maverick" or a change for America. Creating "Loyalty Day" Thats just promoting the Patriot Act, and making America become more and more like 1984. "Thought Police" anyone?

All McCain did is get the people that don't think he is conservative enough. And once the convention hub-bub dies down, people will see she isn't a "maverick" or a breathe of fresh air.

But you are already enacting the "Thought Police' by having comment moderation. "all comments must be approved by the blog author" So I'm guessing you aren't much of a maverick...and open for views that might not be that of Republicans. Like McCain who voted with Bush 90% of the time. Please explain how that is being change?

Erin said...

After having a night to sleep on the ABC news interview, I woke up to a startling realization. Sarah has a chance to drive a stake through Obama's heart in the next two days. Second realization. If she screws up, she can do the same to McCain. I don't think it will happen, and here's why I think she'll torpedo BO.

1. Intimate one-on-one settings are her forte. As good as she is in speeches, she is SO personable that she has the ability to win people over one at a time. That's what this interview will be like.

2. We will get to see what she does as governor. BO can't exactly take us into his life as a senator and have the viewers come away impressed. From what fellow senators are saying of his record, he'd have to introduce himself to half the people in the Senate chamber.

3. She has effectively ended all complaints that she won't appear on camera. Two days? Unlimited access? No questions off limits? Neutral-to-liberal media (i.e. NOT Fox)?

If this goes well, how will BO counter it? As an article I quoted yesterday pointed out, he wins nothing by attacking her since politicians are supposed to attack their level or above. Biden is nearly invisible in this race, so he can't do it. Sarah has a chance to win this for McCain. Mama and wk4christ, PRAY! :)

Flavius Aetius said...

There are reasons to be optimistic, but equally cautious given the uphill electoral college struggle. I wrote about this as well at my site yesterday.

Erin said...

I encourage all of you to read the article concerning BO's fundraising efforts.

Too early to say, but I think BO's struggles at the moment may be the wheels starting to come off his wagon. How can you get your message out without money to do so?

By comparison, Kerry raised $121 million more than Bush four years ago. And we all know how THAT turned out for the left.

Unknown said...


Many of us requested that Adam moderate the comments because Sarah's opponents were coming onto this blog and making nasty, rude and sexist comments about her. We were sick and tired of hearing that garbage, so that is a reason why Adam is now moderating the comments.

And McCain & Palin will bring change to Washington. They are reformers. They won't put up with pork barrel projects and other unnecessary spending. They will lead us to energy independence and self sufficiency. Is that not change?

And, overturning Roe v. Wade is change; in fact, it is a necessary one. Roe v. Wade was one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in history. Without getting into another debate on abortion, let me just say that America has killed over 50 million babies since 1973; that's 50 million too many!


I agree with you, 100%! Sarah has a golden opportunity with the upcoming ABC interview. I can't wait to see it! I know she will do well!

I am so glad that Sarah isn't fading into the background, as VP candidates have done in the past. More of America is going to come to love her, just as much as so many of us here do!!!!

I (and I'm sure I can speak for others---mountain mama, etc) will certainly be praying! She needs all the prayer she can get!

God, I pray for Sarah Palin right now! I ask that You will guide her through this campaign. Bless her abundantly and anoint her as she prepares for the ABC interview. Let what she says be anointed by the Holy Spirit and let people see that McCain & Palin is the right ticket for America. I know it is, Lord! Protect her and her family from the ruthless and savage attacks by the liberals. Comfort and bless the Palin family and be with them always, in Jesus' Name, I pray, Amen!

God bless you, Sarah Palin! We're praying for you! We love you and we support you! Keep fighting the good fight!!! GO SARAH!!!!!!!

Ain't No Failin' With McCain & Palin!!!!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!!!


techno said...

Deomocrats, to a man or woman, vehemently argued that Sarah would have no or little effect on Hillary's women supporters. Well, the latest ABC-Washington Post poll says that there has been a '20 point shift' in the preferences of white women in the last week from Obama to McCain. I think the Dems were slightly off in their assessment of Sarah's ability to capture new voters. Does anybody really think that if McCain had put a boring white guy on the ticket that this would have happened? Plus McCain is now ahead 15 points with 'independent voters.' Adam, as I said 10 days ago, nothing that Sarah or her supporters can do for you with ever be enough.

GoGoGOSarah said...

What is going on with Oprah?

Mountain Mama said...

Yes, Adeo!---McCain is trailing in the electoral college. Funny how that isn't bothering the Dems, who threw fits about Bush's winning the electoral college and not the primary vote in 2000.

I've had the SAME thoughts, Erin, about the next two days: we could win big in this two-day "interview" with ABC's Gibson if Palin performs well----ie. if she shows her winning ways, foreign policy knowledge (help her, Lord!) and high E.Q.----OR we Republicans could be depressed and freaking out soon, if Palin makes gaffes or shows any ignorance.

You BET we will pray! But I have immense confidence iin Palin.

For one thing, Geraldine Ferraro has been there----and SHE says that Palin can do fine with learning foreign policy quickly. I trust Ferraro's first-hand knowledge.

Also, I trust Palin's brilliance. She didn't get as far as she has, this quickly, without having terrific instincts and a superb ability to study mass quantities of material and master its intricacies quickly.

I wish Tim Russert were still around; he tried to teach other journalists NOT to play "GOTCHA journalism." Yet he still managed politely to discover the limits of others' political knowledge.

So yes----pray hard, as always! Let's hope the Republican convention bump still continues to rise.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin scares me like no other politician in recent memory. She got up in front of the crowd at the RNC and gave a speech that was completely void of any content or policy and the crowd and the right wing media went absolutely nuts.

I am from a small town. We had about 30,000 in the town where I grew up. Sarah Palin is in the minority in small town America. It is the ultra right wing media that is currently propping up the Palin campaign.

I am one that generally does not vote. I find our government to be hopelessly corrupt and beyond repair. McCain's pick of Palin has me, and many like me, rushing to the polls.

She represent the downfall of American culture and values

Andrea said...

Your comment got through so obviously Adam is not being the "thought police." We welcome discussion here - just not childish name-calling and spammers.

msbs05 said...

Just passing on my experience this week on vacation involving Sarah. I went to Niagra, Canada side. Everyday, three or four times a day, a conversation would start on the elevator or in the tourist lines about Sarah. Everyone was excited. I would ask what state everyone was from and it was a true mix. I'm from TN - others from NC, TX, FL, MI. I was even surprised how excited people were from NY and OR. The talk was always about Sarah. I'm really starting to believe she has turned things around for the ticket and can bring a victory. Everyone was really upset about the treatment the press was giving her and being so defensive. I loved that. I think Adam is right that the more they hammer the more people come to Sarah's side. I'm still on clouds about the selection.

PS - Great job on Colbert. Had to catch it on my TIVO, since I was in Canada when it ran. I'm just getting back up to speed on Sarah and laundry!!!

tom paine said...

Just curious, but in light of Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain saying that Palin stopped and fought against the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere" exactly how much of the federal money that Alaska received for that earlmark has Alaka reutrned to the taxpayers of America?

tom paine said...


How can you possibly allow posts like the drivel "meddian" spewed and still expect yourself to be taken seriously?

Did you actually read the content of that post before giving it a free pass?

Wake up.

Lynne said...

I know you people don't like the truth because it's so painful for you, but the flags weren't in the trash and were left there by a group at the DNC and were TAKEN by the Republicans without permission. I'm so sick of you people thinking you have the market cornered on patriotism!

kmh said...

How can any woman support Sarah Palin? She wants to take away a woman's control over her own body. I would not have an abortion personally, but I believe that women should be able to make their own choices. Most women who have abortions only do so because they feel they have no other choice. Most don't have support and don't know how they will take care of the child or how they will keep their jobs while pregnant or on maternity leave. Will the people who are taking away their choices support their children after they are born? People talk about outlawing abortions, but when a woman needs public assistance, no one wants to help. Also, who will make dead-beat fathers contribute to their children? It is difficult and time-consuming to get child support owed by working with state agencies (I know from experience). The other option is to hire a lawyer and go through the courts yourself, which not everyone can afford. I am a single parent myself and even though I make a good salary, it is not easy having all the day to day responsibility of raising children, working, and paying all the bills. Not everyone is as fortunate as I am financially and there is not enough help for women and children who need it. How will McCain and Palin deal with issues like this?

tom paine said...


Is it "appropriate" to post Gov. Palin's own words?

According to the local Alaska newspaper, Ketchikan Daily News, the bridge issue came up on Sept. 20, 2006, during an appearance the gubernatorial candidates made in Ketchikan.

"The money that's been appropriated for the project, it should remain available for a link, an access process as we continue to evaluate the scope and just how best to just get this done," Palin is quoted as saying in the paper's edition on Sept. 21, 2006. "This link is a commitment to help Ketchikan expand its access, to help this community prosper."

The newspaper quotes Palin as saying, "I think we're going to make a good team as we progress that bridge project."

I'm guessing that was prior to what she now says about "stopping" the infamous and useless bridge. Do you agree?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you see a bright future for Ms Palin. Why not be bolder: Sarah For Prez ?

Sheri said...


From what you are saying, if a woman gets pregnant and can not afford to take care of the child, she should kill the child before it is born? How is that fair to the baby? If the father is going to be a dead beat, then why did she have sex with him to begin with?
Maybe if women were just a little more protective about their bodies before they have sex, we would not have the epidemic of abortions that we have now.
Also, these unwanted children that the pro-abortion folks want to abort, could easily be adopted. Are you aware how many couples go out side of the U.S. to adopt babies. We do not have enough babies here because we abort so many of them.
I say that if a woman has sex (her choice) does not use birth control (her choice), uses birth control but it fails (this can happen)...if this woman gets pregnant, instead of killing her "mistake" why not make a sacrifice and give that child life and give a couple a chance to be parents.
I do not see any reason for killing my child, especially while that child is suppose to be protected inside of my body!

Sheri said...


One more thing. You asked how could any woman support Palin because she wants to take away a woman's right to choose. My question is...why would any woman want to kill her precious child growing inside of her body. I am just sooooo shocked at how women are willing to fight for the right to kill their babies in utero!

liz said...

Adam, you were fantastic on Colbert--like an old pro!!
The hypocritical media does nothing but harm with such inept reporting.Following rumors and ignoring reality. Smears for Sarah and silence for Obama.
Had their investigative journalism been genuine from the beginning, those early caucuses and primaries would have gone to Hillary. We would have heard from the Rev Wright, William Ayers and Michelle Obama.Since that info became news,Obama lost 10 ? primaries, limping to victory.
The media reluctance(bias) allowed 18 months for Obama to hone his interviewing and debating skills, and only now is he more open to questions from the press. His campaign knows all about sheltering their candidate.
Every minute detail of Sarah Palins' life is now delved into, yet we've not yet heard about Obama's running the Chicago Annenburg Challenge!
Sarah has huge challenges ahead but she's proving herself up to the task--and I thank the media for helping to inspire her, and the voters.

Andrea said...

Many of Palin's supporters are already pro-life so obviously her views on abortion would not be extreme to them.

Discussion of the "Bridge to Nowhere" is funny to me. Yes, she was for it at some point, and then when it became expensive and a joke to the nation, she cancelled it - I don't see what the controversy is. But it is interesting that all these Obama supporters want to nitpick all of these decisions she made as mayor and governor. I have yet to hear ANY SINGLE DECISION that Obama has made that helped anyone or signified CHANGE as he likes to say. All he does is talk about change.

Zack said...

McCain/Palin look to have a slight lead in the popular vote but are still struggling in the electoral vote.

Latest poll I saw show the four critical swing states to be VA, CO, NV, and NM. McCain MUST win VA and two out of the other three to carry the election. If Obama wins only CO of these, he will be one electoral vote short. This could turn the electoral college from a formality to a real nail biter.

If Obama wins NM and NV only, then it will be an electoral tie. Obama should win in the house, but it would take only one or two democratic congressmen (and there will be quite a number whose districts went for McCain) to decide Biden would be a better president and deadlock the house. The Senate would then select Biden for VP who would then be come president.

Although, if the old rather than the new senate selects the VP, and Liberman votes for Palin, and Cheney breaks the tie, Sarah could be president.

Conservative Guy said...

How is your job?

What is your home worth today?

1.2 Million homes in foreclosure last month

Unemployment 6.1 percent

Banks Failing (Indymac, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and many more to come!)

Alan Greenspan says it is worst economy in 100 years!!

Gas too expensive to fill your tank!

Are you better off now then 8 years ago?

Bush and Republicans have run this country into the ground,
forget about Church this rate the Churches will
all go bankrupt!

If you want 4 more years of this just vote Republican!

Conservative Guy said...

How is your job?

What is your home worth today?

1.2 Million homes in foreclosure last month

Unemployment 6.1 percent

Banks Failing (Indymac, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and many more to come!)

Alan Greenspan says it is worst economy in 100 years!!

Gas too expensive to fill your tank!

Are you better off now then 8 years ago?

Bush and Republicans have run this country into the ground,
forget about Church this rate the Churches will
all go bankrupt!

If you want 4 more years of this just vote Republican!

Chus said...

Funny!: Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator

Anonymous said...

When will Mrs. Palin aswer questions from the press? Doesn't she want people to hear her positions, policies, strategies, and visions for foreign policy, and especially now, the economy? It's really unusual, not to mention scary, not to hear from someone who could be commander in chief on these very important issues. Every other VP candidate for the past umpteen years has faced the press and answered in-depth questions.