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Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Here are a few of the photos I've been able to take during the convention. I will be doing my best to liveblog during the primetime speeches, but will NOT be posting during Gov. Palin's speech, as I will be down on the convention floor rather than in a press box perched high above the stands.

Fred Thompson's speech last night...from blogger's row atop the stadium

Blogger's row (including Townhall's Matt Bower, Amanda Carpenter, and Chuck DeFeo)

Sen. Joe Lieberman

My press pass (Wow, I is O-FFICIAL!)

Lot's o' balloons (ready to drop on Thursday night)

Blogger brunch this morning with Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Chairman of the convention's Platform Committee. He was great!

Blogger Brunch: Surprise appearance by pollster Frank Luntz.
HotAir's "Captain" Ed Morrissey hosts a lunch for bloggers.
Ed Morrissey being interviewed by Pajamas Media's "PJTV" at the blogger luncheon.
The Morrissey luncheon was at Babani's, a FANTASTIC Iraqi Kurdish restaurant here in St. Paul. If you are ever up here, you have GOT to find this place and have a meal. Kurdish food is great!


Unknown said...

Great pictures, Adam! I am glad that you are able to be at the convention! Thanks for the updates!

Can't wait for Sarah's speech! It's gonna be incredible! OH YEAH!!!!!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!!!! SARAH!!!!


Robert Birch said...

I wish I was there... :)More blogging please!

Mountain Mama said...

WOW! Thanks for posting these photos, Adam! Glad you'll move to the FLOOR for Sarah's speech, though. Try to get some great photos of her, okay? THANKS!

DaveF said...

Adam - We are jealous. :-)

Bill said...

Looking forward to Sarah's speech tonight, so glad you could be there!

Hey everyone, if you get a chance stop by my blog to see pics of my 7 year old and 3 year old dressed up as McCain Palin! It's too cute!

Brandi said...

What a great experience!

I think this is great for you and you deserve it. . what a cool thing!

Can't wait for your thoughts on Sarah's speech!


jk said...

Frank Luntz is so hot, y'all!

red said...

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not_more_of_the_same said...
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not_more_of_the_same said...

Palin's views are right back there with her hair-do -- in the 1960's

Mark said...

Were there really that many empty seats for the Thompson and Lieberman speeches? Things are even worse for the Republicans this year than I had thought.