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Friday, September 26, 2008

Please Let Sarah Be Sarah!

I know I'm not talking about FDR, and I promise I'll eventually eventually get back to that series, but there is bigger news to deal with. Everybody seems to be up in arms over Gov. Palin's supposedly bad performance in a recent interview with Katie Couric. Personally, I thought she did far better than people think, particularly in the second installment. I also thought that some of Katie Couric's questions on the first night were completely out of line (expecting Sarah Palin to have memorized every vote John McCain ever cast is totally unfair). However, I think that the Couric interview (and the general media narrative that Sarah is being "hidden") do show a problem. Not with Sarah...there is NOTHING wrong with Sarah...but with the campaign staff who are handling her.

I say this with the highest respect to the McCain camp and their strategists, but they don't seem to understand how to use Gov. Palin, and they are paying for it. The reason that we have always loved Sarah here is that she is real. She normally does not sound rehearsed, and most of her best lines have always been the UNSCRIPTED ones, including her most memorable line in the entire campaign ("pit bull in lipstick."). Unfortunately, the campaign seems to think that they need to keep Palin tightly scripted in her public appearances and only allowing her to talk in closed interviews with hostile journalists asking endless "gotcha" questions. This not only hides her strengths, it allows the media to choose the questions and define Sarah based on her perceived weaknesses.

If I were running the campaign, Sarah would be talking with the press at every single campaign stop, making off-the-cuff jokes, and flashing that legendary smile for as many cameras as humanly possible. That's the Sarah Palin that we fell in love with last year, and that's the Sarah Palin who needs to be out on the trail. While I don't think Sarah is doing badly with the tasks she's given, those of us who have watched her know that she is capable of so much more.

For whatever it's worth, my advice is to fire the speech coaches, tear up script, wind Sarah up, and let her loose on America. I think that the American's who fell for the "pit bull in lipstick" are puzzled by the tightly-controlled, suddenly-serious individual that has showed up for the last few interviews.

The GOP has been quick to compare Sarah to Teddy Roosevelt, but I don't think they realize just how appropriate that analogy is. TR was a loose cannon who often infuriated the Washington elite. The DC cocktail set (including the Republicans) shuddered at the thought of such a brash, independent-minded individual gaining as spot on William McKinley's ticket in the year 1900. One high-ranking Republican was so incensed by the selection that, when McKinley was assassinated, his first response was, "Now look what you've done! You've gone and made that d*** cowboy President!". Of course, in hindsight, that "d*** cowboy" became one of the most iconic presidents in history. If they want Palin to be Teddy Roosevelt, they need to start letting her be the type of take-no-prisoners leader that TR personified.

So, can we please mothball the "new Sarah" and bring back the old one? That would be just "bully" in my book.


knowitall said...


Rightwing said...

I think you will recall the story of how Reagan bombed in the first debate in 1984. So for the second one, they got rid of the handlers and let "Reagan be Reagan." The rest is history.

The McCain camp is so paranoid about a gaffe or misstatement that they have her completely wound up with talking points. They don't realize that this is worse than having to bat away the occasional misstep (like with Biden). If they have her wound up like this for the debate, ugh?

I have actually watched her prior debates and interviews (as have you), and she was great. Authentic and crisp and to the point. She either has some serious stage fright (unlikely) or she is just being way way way over handled.

azaeroprof said...

A-flipping-men! Gosh, does anyone have Steve Schmidt's cell # or email or something?!?!? Someone's gotta get through to these morons and get them this message. They've clearly been making some horrible decisions in the last few weeks, and ruining Sarah is the worst of them (even worse than the "suspend the campaign" debacle).

I agree with you, Adam. What impressed me so much when you brought her to my attention last Jan and I started watching her debates and interviews was her ability to think on her feet, give clear, honest answers (without Obama's patented "uh"s). Now she seems to have been turned into a Stepford VP.

Campbell Brown on CNN is a total partisan hack, but I truly agree with her article title the other day: "Free Sarah!".

(Please, is there anyone listening in the GOP hierarchy? Please? Pretty Please?)

Tom C. said...


I've been thinking the same thing for about one and a half weeks.

Totally inept and no clue what a political plus they have in Sarah.

Let her mingle and stop the stupid gotcha interviews with people that hate her guts.

Prepared speeches
Quick post speech questions for a few
Press conf. to announce something for McCain with a couple of questions
Then have her show up at the beginning of hunting season in the midwest.

God, there are so many ways to get her tons of media minutes in ways that show her in all her political splendor.

Rick Davis has no clue.

Right now, I'd have her do a short briefing on the bailout plan and how it should protect taxpayers and prevent the credit crunch from happening again and then mention how reprehensible it is for Dems to tack on ACORN stuff to the bill.

The good possibilities are endless.

Always try to play to your strengths.

Let her spread her wings for crying out loud.

TCO said...

I really like and admire Palin, but her dreadful performance in the interview is inexcusable. I am no fan of Couric, but for the most part thought her questions were fair. Whoever was hired to prep Sarah for this interview should be fired immediately....they did a HORRIBLE job. I say bring in a proven talent like Ed Rollins to prep her....I believe he would properly prepare her without making her appear over-scripted..his recent comments about her and what is going wrong are all spot on.

Jan said...

Absolutely. I think she's done a good job in the interviews, especially considering the questions and attitudes of Gibson and Couric. When she's herself, though, is when people really relate to her and what she wants to do and has done. She's more than capable. Let her just go get 'em.

Mountain Mama said...

BOTH McCain and Palin do their best when they take it slow and use an unbeat, humorous tone.

If they do JUST THAT during the debates, my hope is that neither of them will be "tripped up" about facts, because they'll respond in a relaxed way----knowing that the public DOES realize and thinks it's okay that NO president knows everything about every subject (even wonkish Bill Clinton and micro-manager----ugh!----Jimmy Carter couldn't pull it off, try as they did).

That's why God made expert counselors: to help Presidents make decisions, but free up their time so they can connect with the PEOPLE in a close way, as good presidents do.

Mountain Mama said...

I meant,"take it slowly and use an upbeat tone." Sorry....

TCO said...

I agree Sarah needs to basically "be herself", but she is going to have to have some basic prepping on the most important least enough fundamental knowledge to allow her to answer questions with self-confidence...otherwise Biden is going to clean her clock in the debate. Ed Rollins hit it squarly on the head..there are about 150 or so questions that she should have good answers for. Her handlers have done a miserable job...most of the questions Couric asked could have been anticipated...they were basic,fair questions, even though Couric is clearly biased. The fact that Sarah was so poorly prepared is a direct reflection of those hired to prepare her ...they should be fired for incompetence immediately.....bring in someone with a proven track record to help her...and do it NOW. My vote is for Rollins.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Look y'all, I think Governor Palin should be allowed to be herself, but I also don't want to second guess a campaign that had the gonads to select her in the first place. We have absolutely no idea how much she really knows about national issues other than drilling and the social issues. As a posted the other night, the MSM will not pitch into her wheelhouse, so she's going to have to learn how to hit more selectively, and that means sticking more to general principles and instincts.

She knows she blew the foreign policy question with Gibson by simply referring to Russia as Alaska's next door neighbor. But even Couric had to try to help her answer the follow up by reminding her of trade missions, etc. Why a Governor of Alaska would not have some basic knowledge of maritime and trade issues with Russia and Canada is beyond me. She has to know that stuff, at least even to say that she met with a trade mission from Russia on such and such date, but she didn't do that for some reason.

Part of it is editing on the part of ABC and CBS. There is no excuse for that kind of misbehavior. But her answers still should be better than what she's come up with so far.

If you're worried about getting the Dan Quayle treatment, you don't give answers that make you sound like a ditz. We know she's not a ditz because of her previous performance, but that is the impression that is quickly solidifying, to the point that she needs to hit a homerun in the debate to dispell the image.

She can do it, but she's got to be allowed to answer questions more specifically, but as to general principles.

An example, if asked about the shooting war that is breaking out with Pakistan, the general principle is that our soldiers get to defend themselves and they are there to defend this country, so although I'm not privy to the administration's information on that matter, I trust that any shots fired were necessary for the protection of our soldiers and our country.

Second, Pakistan is our ally, but there are factions within the government and in the country, particularly in Waziristan, that are our enemies. A very difficult situation. We need to maintain a policy that helps our friends in the government and depresses the influence of our enemies, and I can't get into specifics because to do so would be to influence ongoing diplomacy. I am hopeful that the new government will continue to act as an ally.

Third, if they do not, then we will have to revisit because of the nuclear issue, but that is something that is best not discussed in terms of what we will or won't do.

There, very specific regarding principles, but she will not have said a blasted thing about what she thinks specifically.

And you can do that with regard to virtually every foreign policy issue. Help our friends. Hurt our enemies. Protect our soldiers. Improve our economies. Etc.

She can do this and she can do this if they just let her.

If we are all mistaken and she can't, then this campaign will be over the day of the debate.

I, for one, think Joe Biden is no more imposing than Frank Murkowski, so let's get it on.

The Dunns said...

Nicely written. I totally agree. I have not seen "our Sarah" in the last few weeks and I've been pretty puzzled by that. Hope they come to their senses!

Joe said...

Thank God we are talking about the elephant in the room.

Palin supporters, do me a favor. Take a half hour of your time, and review the Couric interview. Then go back and watch Palin on CNBC, with Kudlow. And with Bartoromo. Watch her debates against the Republicans in the governor's primary race. Palin is awesome, but something has temporarily gone off course.

Palin had terrific passion and convictions in her first speech, when anounced officially by McCain. The same convicions that she has shown previously, when she focused more specifically on energy. And, of course, she had this passion at the convention. But she now seems more timid, and quite frankly lost. Adam, with all due respect, we need to address this openly.

All great American heroes have their difficult moments. Reagan had it in one of his Mondale debates, I remember being devastated when he seemed off track and lost at one point. I remember having the same pit in my stomach that I felt recently during Palin's last interview.

Palin is young, intelligent, with strong convictions and a great gift. We have seen it. She will come back, if her handlers, if McCain, and if Sarah herself allows herself to do so.

If Sarah again displays the skills that she has shown just a few short weeks ago, she WILL make history.

All great historic figures, whether in sports, business, politics, or elsewhere, have bumps in the road. And learn from their mistakes.

Sarah, right your ship, get back on the horse, and show us what you are made of! Forget your handlers, if this is the issue. Speak your mind. Our country needs you.

Friend08 said...

First, well said, Adam!

Governor Palin is more than capable of expressing the views of the campaign AND speaking her mind in her own words - as was evident in her recent interview with Sean Hannity.

Governor Palin stepped up and said 'yes' to this daunting task because, as she has said, she loves and believes in her country. I would hope that the campaign, similarly, believes in her.

That said, I agree with "mongo" that Governor Palin most certainly needs to have enough knowledge of the issues to speak confidently and fluidly in response to questions. She need not be an expert, but evidently thoughtful.

Nonetheless, it is my humble opinion that it would be the ultimate example of 'politics as usual' if Governor Palin's proven, if unconventional, gifts are left to fall by the wayside.

Jill said...

You got it, Adam. It has been bothering me that all these other candidates and public figures "prep" for debates and Sarah is "tutored." That demeaning language. Katie Couric's facial expressions were so deadly serious, and she did indulge in some gotcha, and how I wish Sarah didn't come off with that eager to please air. It is part of her innate friendliness and goodness, but we all know she has that rough and tumble in her that DOES need to be let loose. Go Sarah! I also hope that if it comes up during her VP debate with Biden that (as was pointed out here by the blogger with husky in the name) she would bring up that one point about Biden being chosen to balance the would-be-President Obama's lack of foreign policy, and if McCain ends before his term does, that she could do as Obama did and choose someone to balance HER foreign policy requirements. That was a great point and needs to be brought up everywhere. Did anyone read that MSNBC ran an ad several times before pulling it that was ragging on McCain's cancer? Wow.

TKD Momma said...

Adn while they're at it...put her glasses back on and her hair back up. For one: it's the Sarah we all know and love and pushed so hard for. Two: She looks more intelligent and confident the old way. I want Sarah for VP, not Barbie!

Erin said...

Preach it, brother! Can we get a petition going?!

In other news, it appears to be going well for McCain so far. *fingers crossed

Erin said...

tkd momma said: " I want Sarah for VP, not Barbie!"

Oh, I don't know. Think of the wonderful accessories! I want mine in North Face gear and a bazooka!! And binoculars for spotting Russia!!!

In seriousness, I agree about the look. I guess they're thinking she was unfamiliar enough to people that they could get away with the change, but I daresay even these basic changes are affecting her performance. Let her be herself in ALL ways, and it could be a psychological boost as well.

Mountain Mama said...

Watching the debate: McCain is doing a terrific job!!!! Obama is trying to goad him (and Lehrer's in collusion, I swear, with his repeated urging to "Go at it, you two!"), but McCain is remaining calm. THANK YOU, Lord!

* Ack!
Ate a bag of popcorn; must find more to munch.....

Justine said...

Amen and amen and amen again! Sarah Palin is a great example of the uncommonality of real common sense -- they need to unleash her on America, because she exemplifies America. Honest-to-goodness, quirky, down-to-earth, salt-of-the-earth, faith, family, freedom America!

As you said: Let Sarah Be Sarah!

Mountain Mama said...

What did you think of the debate?

I thought McCain did a superb job. Several times, Obama would shoot really angry looks at McCain, who never once took the debate by "losing" it. GREAT!

Mountain Mama said...

Good Lord, I meant that McCain "never once took the BAIT by 'losing' it."
Sorry again.......

tom paine said...


There have been numerous comments on this board that Obama "always" had to rely on a tele-prompter and that he was "incapable" of speaking without one.

I hope that all the people who are watching the debate tonight, expecially the ones making those comments above, will take note that neither McCain nor Obama are allowed to use a tele-prompter.

I would like to hear a response from the people who made those unfounded, untrue, simply say it honestly...rather stupid comments. It's fine to oppose Obama for whatever reasons a person feels in their heart, but it is almost unmitigated ignorance to imply that he cannot make speeches or conduct an interview without using a tele-prompter.

However, if any of the folks who made these charges can indicate or prove that the debate was rigged and Obama was using a secret and hidden tele-prompter...I will apologize.

Barracuda Babes said...

Amen. I agree 100% that the handlers need to let Sarah be Sarah. We love her for the real person she is and we don't want her to be "Washinton-ed" up. Don't try to change her.

DaveF said...

New headline on Drudge. Missouri Obama Truth Squad...AKA Stormtroopers!

Now a Whole state is taking sides.

azaeroprof said...

I was EXTREMELY impressed with McCain's performance tonight. I've never seen him so sharp, jovial, and biting in his criticisms (largely unrefuted) of Obama. And he at least held Obama to a draw on the economic part at the beginning.

That said, Obama didn't have any major stumbles, didn't have many "uh"s, and didn't embarrass himself.

Overall, McCain did much better than I expected (or feared!) and Obama did about as well as I expected, maybe a little worse. So it's a win for McCain, but probably not enough to make a large dent in the poll numbers. But probably well enough to erase the narrative about the economic "rescue" plan that has hurt him so much this week.

Now it's Sarah's turn!

tom paine said...

azaeroprof said...

"Now it's Sarah's turn!"

There is an old saying that might apply here:

"Be careful what you wish for...because it might come true."

Clarke German said...

I'm not sure if this will be deleted or not, however i thought i would throw my two-cents out in the public ring.

All these comments seem to focus on the political aspects of Mrs. Palin's value. The problem is that she is not running for the vice president of a young and healthy president, rather of a 72 year old, 3 (or is it 4) time survivor of cancer. A man who has not, as of yet, released all of his medical records (?)

I know that her personal story is dramatic and powerful. She seems like a very nice lady and has some strong instincts towards republican positions, I see how that is valuable, however her political value is not the point. She enters the race with a high percentage of someday accepting the mantel of president. It is very likely that she be the president of the United States of America.

8 out of the 43 presidents have come to the office after the death of a president. That is about 20%.

Here is what i am thinking.

America is on the verge of an economic collapse very similar to that experienced during the 1930's. That ended up being a global collapse that fostered the growth of global fascism as a political movement. The death of 20 million people and the rise of a Communist Super-Power.

America is in the middle of two wars, and has been rattling sabers with Iran and Pakistan. The results of these gambits have not even begun to play themselves out yet.

Added to this a newly empowered proto-fascist Russia which has already invaded Georgia. Russia's displeasure with America stems with desiring Georgia to join NATO, which it is on track to do. Russia invaded to show the world that America was powerless to stop it. If Russia decided to invade again to exert it's regional power, America will be in a hot war with a revitalized nuclear Russia, vis-a-vis it's obligations under NATO.

Sarah Palin seems nice, but is she really qualified, or have the ability to deal with this? Sure you can say that she will get some advisers, but Washington seems like a shark-pit and how can an newly installed, self-proclaimed Washington outsider faithfully navigate the dangers of this town? We have just suffered through eight years of a president who trusted advisers who have led America into the troubles it now faces.

She is a great political choice, and a great person, but is she truly ready to navigate these treacherous waters? While people might wish she is, or hope she is, nothing she has done has shown she is. She might be good for a political party, however is she good for America? Just wondering.


huskyonspeed said...

Well Tom Paine, i have to agree with you (in part), i thought Obama did well in the debate. I thought McCain did well, too. (to be honest i thought the debate was kinda boring) I don't think a whole lot of people changed their minds over this, so Obama will probably still have a small lead.
As for Palin, I don't think these sit down interviews are her strong point. I can't wait to see her debate with Sen. Biden, i think we might get to see a little more of her improvization and humor.

huskyonspeed said...

Clarke German, thanks for your thoughtful questions, I'll try to answer them.
Yes, it is true that 8 presidents have died in office, but i don't think McCain's age or health would make him any more or less likely to cause problems. That said Sarah should still be ready. To be honest, I am a little worried about he lack of foreign experience, but I don't think any of McCain's other options (Jindal, Romney, Crist, Pawlenty) had much of that either. If Sarah does happen to become pres., she could also appoint an experienced VP (like Obama has done) to help her make foreign policy decisions. I also think that if you look at some of the problems facing this country domestically, a lot of those problems come from or are at least related to the Washington DC politicians. I think Sarah has some fresh, good ideas on things like energy and spending that could really help our country.
I hope this answered you questions, and thanks for stopping by.

knowitall said...

Dear Mr. German,
since my last answer on this thread had 4 letters, I would like to use a few more words and answer your email, if only for the sake of other people who read this site.
I think my fellow Eastern Washington State native did very good job answering your question.

The medical information I used for this reply comes from the following article: On the Campaign Trail, Few Mentions of McCain’s Bout With Melanoma
By LAWRENCE K. ALTMAN, M.D, found in the New York Times. Since I am a physician and since two members of my immediate family have had melanomas, the subject is of interest to me.
I think your comments are deceitful in three ways. First of all you did not tell us at you're apparently not an American and that you live in Canada. Secondly, you are deceitful in saying that Mr. McCain has had 4 cancers. He has had 4 different occurrences of one cancer. There is a great difference. I will mention your third element of deceit at the end.

As a historical note, of the 40-odd men that have been President, only one died of cancer. That was Ulysses S. Grant who self-induced his cancer by smoking and drinking. Apparently the best way to avoid dying of cancer is to be elected president of the United States.

The article that I referrenced for you above will give you an excellent overview of Mr. McCain's illness and prognosis. It is written by a physician who reviewed the 1500 pages that have been released on Mr. McCain's health.
Mr. McCain has a very slim chance of dying from the cancers that he has already had. Since his mother is still alive in her 90s, his chance of living for another 10 to 15 years is excellent. In addition, when his total health is reviewed, his health is equivalent to the health of someone who is about 10 years younger than his stated age. Your argument that Mr. McCain is on the knife-edge between life and death is, if I may say nicely, total hog wash.

You are using this bogus information to smear Governor Palin. I resent it.

May I close by noting that you are also deceitful by ignoring the health of Senator Obama? He is an African-American SMOKER who has a terrible risk for significant disease.
As a physician, if I were to bet on who will live longer, Mr Obama, or Mr. McCain, I would bet on Mr. McCain.
Although your statements were described as "thoughtful", no one can describe them as accurate.

OK mountain mama, proof read that

techno said...

Again, on a different posting I commented in a span of week no one with charisma and talent goes from being fluent, cogent, and confident (Hannity interview) to being stupid, unconvincing, and nervous and frankly a blithering idiot (Couric interview). Kathleen Parker's column over at Townhall calling for Sarah to quit for the good of the party after one interview is like saying that Tiger Woods missed the cut in 1 tournament so he should quit playing professional golf. To the people who doubt Sarah--are you really serious? Her convention speech was compared to Reagan; she drew 60,000 people in Florida without McCain being present, and she has a history of being the underdog and toppling political giants while climbing in the political world. Yes, she could be a victim of the Peter Principle, but deep down i don't think so. I've known a lot of talented people. They usually rise to the occasion when called upon. I believe that Sarah will be no different.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, Knowitall, for posting a portion of that insightful article regarding Senator McCain's health. Good point, too, that Obama, who smokes, is also a person of color, which reportedly increases the cancer risk.

And, um, I proof read and edit only my own comments----sometimes (groan) BEFORE submitting them for monitor review....


techno said...

With Henry Kissinger coming out and supporting McCain's position re; no preconditional meeting of heads of states between the USA and Iran, Kissinger also provides support for Sarah's answer to Katie Couric's question on McCain meeting with Mahmoud which the MSM slammed her for (Sarah said to Katie: "I don't believe Kissinger said that.") Just like the Bush doctrine, Sarah was right and the MSM was wrong.

lisamc said...

Please let us know where we can e-mail the campaign about this. We love Sarah and they are not letting her be herself. She will do very well at the debate if she can be herself, but if they over rehearse her and try to only let her speak to the sound bite message points, we're doomed. Where can we contact these folks?? Thanks - we love this blog!

techno said...

Some observations from the debate in relation to Sarah: 1) Obama's comment that Kissinger advocated meeting on a presidential level without precondition, while McCain and Sarah (Couric interview) said it wasn't so; after the debate Kissinger sided with John and Sarah; Sarah was slammed big time for this comment. 2) Obama's final comment that children from outside America no longer hold American in high regard as his father did in the 1960's; as Sarah said in her convention speech (CS) 'small town people through thick or thin are always proud to be an American; 3) Sarah's comment about Georgia and the Ukraine as perhaps future members of NATO echoed by McCain and Obama; 4)Sarah saying that victory in Iraq is closer; McCain echoed that in saying 'we are winning'; 5)I would be greatly surprised if Sarah once mentioned that Biden 'was right' as Obama did on 8 separate occasions when referring to John McCain; 6)McCain echoes what Sarah said in the Hannity interview in defending John's use of 'the fundamentals of the economy are strong' by saying 'I have a fundamental belief...of the American worker...the most innovative..." 7)McCain uses the phrase in referring to victory in Iraq: 'and that withdrawl (American troops coming home) is the result nof every COUNTERINSURGENCY that succeeds; Sarah used this phrase as well in her interview with Couric; 8)McCain uses the term re: securing districts in Iraq: 'the people of the country then become allied with you. They inform on the BAD GUYS'; Sarah used the same phrase when to Iran and Mahmoud and she was slammed by the MSM for it; 9)McCain says we cannot have a second holocaust and suggests sanctions against Iran; Sarah said the same things with Couric. 10) Obama echoes Sarah: "we cannot return to the cold war posture with respect to Russia." Can we now admit that Sarah during her 3interviews previewed some of what McCain would say in his debate and perhaps she knows a little more of what is going on that the MSM and Republican critics think she does.

techno said...

more MSM definitions: 1) objectivity: saying that Obama won the debate by saying John McCain was right 8 times; 2) post-debate analysis: John McCain did not throw a knockout punch; 3) pathetic: Jack Cafferty's description of Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric, while ignoring Joe Biden's daily gaffes; 4)hubris: not Sarah Palin's decision to accept the offer of VP but Barack Obama's assertion: "but I reserve the right, as president of the United States to meet with anybody at a time and place of my choosing if I think it's going to keep America safe." 5) familiarity: calling someone by his first name during a debate; 6)one-upmanship: Obama saying he has a bracelet too; 7)expectations: the surge in Iraq failing; 8)disaffection: the children of the world outside America do not see America as a beacon; 9)hatchet: spending freeze; 10) scalpel: an excuse to increase spending

multipath said...

Lynette Long spoke in Troy, Michigan on behalf of the McCain Palin campaign. Other speakers were Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Renee Amoore. The content of Lynette's speech may be found at:

loki said...

The ads on the debate are already hitting youtube:

Mountain Mama said...

From AOL news, "Political Machine:"
"In Close Debate,
McCain Wins on Points, Style"
By Mark Impomeni
Sep 27th 2008 2:30AM

The first presidential debate was held as scheduled at the University of Mississippi tonight and it was a very close contest. The debate was to focus on foreign policy, but due to the national news this week, the first thirty-five minutes dealt with the economy and specifically the Wall Street bailout currently being crafted in Washington.
Sen. Obama is more comfortable talking about the economy, and it showed in this portion of the debate. Sen. McCain did not make any major mistakes, and managed to score some good points on Obama's earmark requests and out of control government spending. But a fair assessment of the first portion of the debate has to lean toward Obama.

From there, however, the debate turned to the promised subject of foreign policy, and the tide of the evening clearly turned to McCain.
McCain repeatedly sounded his theme that Obama "doesn't understand," the implications of his positions while Obama tried to counter that McCain was a clone of President George W. Bush.
But Obama's barbs did not stick to McCain, who has a long history of opposing his party on any number of issues. One particularly effective way McCain demonstrated this was when he rattled off a list of U.S. military actions and explained why he either supported them or opposed them. Another tactic McCain used effectively was to point out that he has traveled to many of the world's hot spots, like Georgia, Pakistan's frontier, Afghanistan, and Iraq, and has seen first hand the security challenges each poses to the United States. McCain demonstrated a depth of knowledge of world affairs that Obama, however well studied and prepped he may be, cannot possibly match.

McCain also succeeded in getting under Obama's skin with his criticism of Obama's understanding of world affairs. That led to Obama interrupting, protesting, and attempting to correct the record while McCain was speaking. Stylistic mistakes like this often overshadow substance, as Vice-President Al Gore learned in 2000 when he beat George W. Bush in the first presidential debate, yet was viewed as the loser because of his persistent sighing throughout the debate. Obama's interruptions are a tell for when he feels that he has been hurt by something McCain has said. McCain, on the other hand, was cool and calm throughout, except for one time when, appearing exasperated, he cut into an Obama answer on meeting with Iranian President Ahmadinejad. But even that was an effective moment for McCain, as he made the point that Obama's desire to talk to the Iranians is naive and showed some emotion in doing so.

This debate will change few minds. There were few zingers for television news casts to replay, and neither candidate made any serious blunders. McCain gets points for his vastly greater knowledge and experience in dealing with foreign policy issues and for taking Obama off his game and making him play defense. Stylistically, McCain wins again for frustrating Obama into losing his poise a little. Overall, the debate will probably move the race back to even nationally.

McCain has the edge headed into the next debate, which is a town hall format, his forte. With seven weeks until the general election, it is still anybody's race.

knowitall said...

I wanted to read your comments before giving my opinion about what's wrong with Sarah (Adam's post)
In trying to guess if bloggers here are male or famale and trying to summarize their comments, it goes back to "men are from Mars and women are from Venus". The men think you need to fix things and a male is just the one to do it (Mr. Rove).
The women think that she can do better by working with what she has and being herself. As usual, the ladies are right... isn't that right fellas?
I think we all agree that her current team needs to go.
The trouble is that the current team are males trying to deal with a lady from Alaska who is a cowgirl.
My personal belief is that they don't understand her.

I think that she needs a team of female handlers (yes, and gay males). Who will work with her and not against her. And they need to go "outside the box" with perhaps a female comedic acting coach and a lady fashion coach who understands style in different areas of the country.
When ladies shop, they want to touch the fabric. Let them touch Sarah and make up their own minds.

One of the wisest pieces of advice that I ever received was from a waitress who was telling me how she waits on couples at her tables.
She said that she always makes sure that the lady goes home happy. If the male is disgruntled, the lady with tell him to shut up. If the lady is not happy, she will egg the man on to keep complaining. We need to start waiting on the ladies and make sure they are happy with Sarah. They will tell the men to shut up.

My problem with this is that I doubt that people in the McCain camp listen to advice. But, as someone said, let's hope that they at least read this.

I am sorry if any of this sounds sexist. I do not mean it that way. I think ladies are smarter than men.

Mountain Mama said...

Knowitall, what gives?! Adam ain't no female (smile), and HE wants to "let Sarah be Sarah."

And while I agree somewhat----in this thread, anyway----in the earlier thread, I lobbied hard (though I AM a woman) that Sarah needs to STUDY the MATERIAL!

Plus, she-should-know Geraldine Ferraro just said this a.m. on Fox News that SHE thought Sarah needed to take several days off from campaigning and STUDY!

So it's complex... I think Sarah needs to do BOTH: be herself, but study the material. No, she can't learn everything by Thursday, but she'll at least be able to hold her own WITH HUMOR and slowing down the pace of her speaking a bit........


knowitall said...

Mountain Mama
First of all, thank you for picking up on my little line about your proofreading at the end of my email on the dude from Canada. It looks like you accepted it with the smile that I hoped it would give to you.

I skipped over your comment about learning. I agree with you 100%. There is no substitue for being able to go toe to toe with any one on the facts.

My comments were about the presentation that she is allowed to show. The reason that I said an acting coach should know comedy is exactly what you said, so she shows humor.
She is not a lady trying to be a transvestite. She needs to run as a lady.
I will be interested in what other ladies have to say... not just about my comments but about Sarah's problems in the campaign.

Scott said...

without reading the replies because i'm already familiar with the attacks on her...

i don't vote for someone based on their ability to memorize material. True intelligence is admitting your faults, that you're like the rest of us, and that you can get the info you don't know and can get the job done. I vote for the character of the person. It's why i really don't like debates very much, because people seem to judge on the performance rather than the issues. If i wanted to elect someone based on their ability to feed me rehearsed lines in a debate, i'm sure we could find numerous people qualified for the job, hollywood is full of them. (and i'm sure most of them feel entitled to the job anyway, with all the experience they have playing these people) But this speaks nothing of the character of a person. Character is in the heart and it can't be rehearsed, and it can't be faked. Sarah Palin's character speaks volume's to so many people and it reminds me of an old quote by St. Francis of Assisi when he and one of his brothers went into town to preach.. they walked through town and left without saying a word. The brother asked him why they hadn't stopped to talk.. Francis reminded him of how much they had said even in saying nothing... "preach often, and sometimes use words". What she stands for alone speaks to many people that are like her. Her witness to life speaks to people when she holds her special needs child that so many would not have brought to birth because it wasn't perfect. That a child is still a child even if rejected early term. Her large family shows that as a woman, she can be a mother and still be successful in her career... something feminists should embrace rather than hate her for.. though they scathingly hate her. Her calm way of taking all of this and seemingly allowing it to just roll off shows how life can go on without giving in to the attacks of the world. She's appealing for who she is, not for what she can feed us by memorizing it.. there isn't a single ounce in her answers that tells me she's calculating how to bs me the way typical politicians do.. what she says is who she is, and she believes it. I think they should just turn her loose and let her be herself, people relate more to that.. if she makes mistakes, well so does anyone reading this... joe biden will tell you the true ability to lead is not based on the fact she knows who was president in 1929 and that there was no tv at the time...(i guarantee you if roles were reversed this would be in their daily ads) You obviously have to know the issue and stance of your running-mate, but if all you want is someone to stand there like a wind-up doll feeding your emotions with rehearsed lines, give me a few months, i'm a much slower learner but i'm sure i could do it just as well......

Scott said...

i didn't read your post before i made my first reply adam.. but what you said is exactly how i feel.. you need to find a way to get that message to those "in charge" of her. If she's let loose as you say, it doesn't matter if she makes mistakes, we all do.. it won't matter how much of a mockery the media makes of every misspelled word, that's the media.. the people will relate to her, and that's what matters

Mountain Mama said...

Knowing key facts is essential.

Just one example:
All other enemies have prized their lives and property, but radical Islamic terrorists are unlike any other adversary in history. No one can appease or negotiate with them in the usual ways, because they don't mind sacrificing their own or even their families' lives. Their only goal is to take over the world and institute Shari'a Law everywhere.

The Ottoman Empire's two+ month seige of Vienna was broken on Sept. 11, 1683 (horrific battle began the next day). Knowing that, we understand that Osama bin Laden chose 9-11 as to attack the USA, in order to convey: "We're BA-ACK!"

Here's one reason why I still trust that Sarah Palin has the intelligence needed to serve as President: Doris Kearns Goodwin had a long discussion with SP once, and afterward DKG said that Sarah was very well-read (GOT THAT?) and quite aware that she resembled one of her favorite presidents, Teddy Roosevelt.

I think that's one terrific recommendation. STUDY and RELAX, and you can DO it, Sarah!

Rael64 said...

Yes, Sarah needs to be allowed to speak her mind. Only then will she be seen for who she is, what she represents, and where she hopes to guide this country.

And then, most likely, we'll all elect Obama and Biden, and Palin will go back to Alaska for good.

Jill said...

Sarah went to a pub in Philly and her supporters inside outnumbered her opponents outside, but those 300 protesters were more than rude. Mean and nasty.

LT said...

Hey all, long time reader, first time poster here. I agree with Adam's analysis. Sarah's obviously got the drive and fortitude to tackle adversity. She also had unwavering convictions. With those qualities, I would like to appeal to Sarah herself. She should approach McCain and the management and demand they let her be herself - or she's out. She has proven she won't stick around in a position to be something she is not - should this be any different.

TKD Momma said...

She looks like she's uncomfortable in her own skin these days. Well, that might be because she's in Cindy McCain designer jackets. Don't get me wrong, they're great on Cindy, but they aren't Sarah. She needs her black power suit. Look at her on the day of the announcement and by the convention the transormation had begun (gold Cindy jacket and hair down). By the Couric interview they have her as a totally, clueless, bimbo. Maybe we should start a petition to leave her image alone -- WE the voters like it!

Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

TKD Momma said...

One more thought....
Remember Princess Di...She was the People's princess. She stopped and talked with people and was herself. The people loved her but the Queen hated her. And Di refused to conform. She did things her own way and always had that smile. Sarah has all the same contageous qualities and she needs to stop listening to the DC Royals. After all, she became the most popular Governor in the USA without any help from the fashion world.

TSC said...

100% Agree

Let Sarah be Sarah!

They should let her do 10 to 15 interviews a day and get comfortable. Biden makes a lot of gaffes but he does so many interviews no on really cares.

McCain is hurting the campaign by not letting her do interviews.

onetrueuber said...

Thank you. I couldn't agree more.

The worst possible thing is to hide her and over prep her. We don't love her because she's a walking encyclopedia. We love her because she's smart, savvy and connects with citizens all over the country on their level.

Let her loose...let Sarah be SARAH!

Tracy said...

I hope she will be brief and specific against Biden.
Specific! Barack Obama was rambling last night without saying much.

tamara said...

Change of topic here but have you guys seen this???

It's a video breakdown of the timeline and all that have been involved in the entire mortgage crisis...check it out!

blogger said...
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techno said...

I'm sorry to belabor the point but I am compelled to provide evidence to the contrary proving that Sarah Palin is worthy of her position as John McCain's running mate and not the incompetent fool that she has recently made out to be, causing some fair-weather idiots on the right and bloodthirsty lefties to question her credentials and even calling for her to quit the campaign. I am boiling mad that such nonsense can be spread by our side with only 5 weeks left to go to election day. The lefties we have no control over. When the movement should unite around the ticket, dissident hens and roosters are chirping and backstabbing to undermine the campaign thus making it easier for Obama to win. Because of the first debate I can now provide evidence that Sarah knows what she is talking about, where the interviewer was untruthful or biased, when Sarah gave outstanding comments and finally I want to explore in detail what her so-called gaffes are supposed to be and why they are not gaffes but answers that have been edited or situations that she has been put in by the campaign and thus no fault of her own. First the list of where her utterances line up with McCain: 1)in the debate McCain claimed that Russia invaded Georgia-Sarah during the Gibson interview; 2) McCain asserting there will be no cold war--Sarah in Gibson interview ; 3) favors admission of Georgia and Ukraine into NATO-McCain debate and Sarah in Gibson interview; 4) perhaps going to war with Russia if Georgia is in NATO and Russia attacks- Sarah in Gibson interview and Sec'y of State forum where Albright and Powell also concur; 5)the danger of Iran becoming nuclear is terrorists getting the bomb--McCain in the debate and Sarah in Gibson interview; 6)not making cross-border attacks into Pakistan from Afghanistan--McCain in debate and Sarah although she dodges the question never takes Obama's position; 7)the workforce and American ingenuity is the foundation of the economy--Sarah in Hannity interview defending McCain from unfounded attack on 'the fundasmentals of the economy is strong' and McCain in debate; 8) the central front on the war on terror as purported by AQ and General Petraeus is Iraq--McCain in debate and Sarah in Hannity and Couric interview; 9)'inaction is not an option (bailout)--Sarah in Couric interview and McCain by suspending his campaign and other utterances; 10)solution must incorporate part of McCain's plan for bailout--Paulson plan is unacceptable--Sarah in Couric interview and reports that McCain is listening to the House Republicans; 11)surge in Afghanistan--Sarah in Couric interview and McCain in debate; 12) Kissinger not favoring leader to leader sit-down with Iran without preconditions--Sarah in Couric debate (see later) and McCain in debate; 13) the mention of a second holocaust if Iran turns nuclear- Sarah in Couric interview and McCain in debate; 14)the use of the term 'bad guys'--Mccain in debate referring to AQ in Iraq and Sarah in Couric interview referring to Akmidinijead and Iran wanting to destroy Israel Now to the interviewer untruths, biased or unfair questions or plain badgering: 1) Gibson claiming that Sarah must have 'hubris' to accept McCain's offer; if she says yes then she is admitting she isn't qualified; if she says no Gibson is implying she is naive and out of her league (no-win situation)especially when he mentions in the follow-up question that 'this is a dangerous world' and condescends to her (he's thinking you must be kidding--he is the one with hubris); 2) Gibson badgering Sarah 3 times on Israel taking out Iranian nuclear facilities and not second-guessing Israel (lawyers would claim asked and answered)3)Gibson misidentifying or misrepresenting the Bush doctrine that spurns the worldwide claim that Sarah is an idiot who has never heard of the Bush doctrine (see article by Charles Krauthammer who originated the term who says Gibson is wrong and Sarah is right in her explanation; 4) Gibson again badgering her 3 times on cross-border attacks from Afghanistan to Pakistan--still she would not support the Obama position; Gibson is cheeky--'I got lost in a blizzard of words'; 5)Gibson misquotes what she said in church regarding protecting Americans in harms way-offensive and unfair question asking if the Iraq War is a holy war--would never ask the Christian Obama this question--tries to make her out as a religious nutjob--deliberate agenda; 6)introduction to 2nd part of Gibson interview 'to shed light on the woman who says she is ready to run the country' (an exaggerated statement to promote fear in the voting public or to indicate that Sarah is arrogant at the same time unfairly not acknowledging that Sarah is running for VP not President (I would be willing to bet there is not one person in the MSM who introduced Biden as the man who is ready to run the country); 7)Gibson in the tank for Obama by saying 'it is clear that Obama intends tax cuts'-why are you distorting his position--that also is hubris; 8)Couric asking Palin examples of other oversight proposals that McCain has made while in the Senate for 26 years years while does not ask a similar question to Obama regarding Biden's 36 year record in the Senate; folks Sarah cannot be expected to know every piece of legislation that McCain has voted on or what proposals he made along the way; that's like saying to a new football player-you should know the playbook by heart after 3 weeks because you are now hanging around the coach; is the MSM going to start asking her about the keating 5 or McCain's position on Iran-contra? 9) Couric misstating Kissinger position regarding precondition that eventually indicated that Sarah did not know what she was talking about. Here are some tremendous comments that reveals her intellectual capacity and profound depth of understanding: 1) Gibson interview: 'energy is the foundation of national security'; 2)Gibson interview: "We are thankful, under Reagan, we won the cold war, without a shot being fired..." 3)Gibson interview: "If there is legitimate and enough intelligence that tells us that a strike is imminent against the American people we have every right to defend our country. In fact the President has that obligation, the duty to defend." 4) quoting Lincoln that 'let us not pray that God is on our side in a war or at any time but let us pray that we are on God's side'(Gibson) 5) Gibson: "War is hell and I hate war." 6) Hannity-'all political power is inherent in the people; we cannot underestimate the wisdom of the people of America; they're seeing through the rhetoric' 7) Hannity: "Retreat is not an option; retreat is defeat in Iraq..." 8) Hannity:(as to her political motivation)"I love my country-a soldier walks through an airport-my heart does a little doubletake; pledge of allegiance--a lump in my throat." 9) Couric: "Inaction is not an option" (regarding the bailout) Now to the perceived gaffes: from the Gibson interview: 1) her answer to why being the governor of Alaska, being the head of the national guard and Alaska's proximity to Russia qualifies her to be VP or President: in actuality the McCain campaign put her in this position by claiming this was the extent of her experience in foreign affairs; the campaign apparently allowed her to flounder allowing her to give vacuous answers that made her look like a nincompoop; 2)not being aware of the Bush doctrine (already discussed); a remark Sarah made (i can't remember when or where that 'it was disappointing that taxpayers would have to bail out Freddy mac and Fasnnie Mae implying she did not know that they were not a part of govt; in fact they as she mentioned in the Hannit interview are quaqsi-govt organizations that govt has to bail out; 4) that she claimed while addressing her son's deployment group on Sept 11 that Iraq was responsible for 9/11--what she was doing was referring to AQ in Iraq who definitely have ties to those who perpetrated 9/11; 5)her answer on Rick Davis and his involvement in lobbying--this is an inside baseball question--the campaign had released a statement earlier in the morning denouncing the NYT story--they should have told Sarah-i think she was unaware of this release and thus was put on the spot; she tried her best to answer the question; 6)that she couldn't come up with one other instance that John McCain is his 26 years in Congress recommended oversight protection. Now you people that have the knives out for Sarah if you feel like that she deserves to be let go or should quit because of the 'Alaska answer', the Rick Davis inside baseball question that the media is fishing around and treating like another Watergate and in which while preparing for her debate should not be concerned about and that she can't recall any evidence in McCain's 26 year record that he may have proposed oversight legislation (wives do you know everything your husband did before you married him--give me a break) then you deserve Obama and you can all go to hell. Stop it! Just stop it! Play the hand you've been dealt and stop being petulant and immature. Republicans and supporters of the McCain-Palin ticket should be made of stronger backbone than that.

Ted said...

It occurred to me -- maybe, just maybe, Sarah Palin and Team McCain have been sandbagging with Palin. Will soon find out (Thursday Nite)!

Blackbeltmama said...

These comments are great. I never thought about the smoking thing with Obama. Good point! And I agree completely with letting Sarah be Sarah. Nice blog. I'll be stopping back.

kendall said...

Let's be honest, Sarah's biggest strengths are her looks & being self-made --aka her own ambition rising up through the ranks of Frontier-land AK.

America really loves a pretty face, & she needs to be infront of the cameras more.

She's no mental giant, but neither is GWB. Their IQs are probably similar. Advisors run the White House's executive branch primarily, as they always have.

If McCain were to die in office, his aides would run the ship, Sarah as the token masthead. No chance of her making big decisions solo, ever. said...

I agree, Adam - would be hilarious - more so!

TrueRedHead said...

Hey Ted - Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Sarah just might be the "October Surprise"!!

s.b. said...

Go to this website to hear the father of Ryan Jopek say he asked Obama not to use his son's name and Ryan's mother asked Obama not to wear the bracelet before the debate.

Ryan's father also supports the surge!

If Sarah had forgotten a soldiers name on a bracelet, she was wearing, which she never would, how do you think the press would be treating her?

Spread the word!!! Make the MSM pay attention to this gaffe and this soldiers family!

azaeroprof said...

Did anyone see the SNL sketch on the Palin/Couric interview last night? I enjoyed the previous Palin/Hillary sketch, but this one just seemed to me to be mean-spirited ridicule.

Good satire either caricatures someone or takes their characteristics in a different direction. Tina Fey merely re-created Palin's words but in a way that was even "worse" than it sounded when Sarah said it. Looked like just making fun of Sarah, not satirizing her.

The only parts of the sketch that I enjoyed were the "lifeline" part (now THAT was satire) and Amy Poehler's "blinking stares", which were satire because they caricatured Katie Couric.

I've been watching virtually every episode of SNL since 1975's 1st episode (even during the lousy years!). They've become so one-sided, unfair, and now downright mean that I will never watch it again.

I'd love to hear comments from you guys on this. If you agree with me, send you sentiments to:
Lorne Michaels, Exec Prod
30 Rockefeller Plaza
NY,NY 10112

Dean said...

I agree that they have to let Sarah out of the box. Any time that you are with the media there is a chance of making an error. However, by staying away from media Sarah is not getting the experience. Also, the people start to make all kinds of assumptions.

If the McCain camp did not want Sarah in front of major media the past couple of weeks. They could have used selected morning radio talk shows. Many of these shows would be more than happy to have Palin as a guest. The interviews are short and not intense. This would have kept Sarah engaged in the campaign.

Over the next four weeks the McCain camp has to get Sarah making the kind of speeches she made at the convention. Sarah can connect with the people with energy and enthusiasm. Obama and Biden are like a couple of corpses compared to Palin.

I am amazed that with the energy crises being such a problem that they don't have Sarah driving this issue home everyday.

TrueRedHead said...

I really like this statement from an article in Variety re the expected ratings for the V.P. debate:

"Louden says there also will be different audiences for this debate, a point the mainstream media haven't really understood so far, he adds. 'Palin doesn't have to know much, not when the campaign has been trying to portray Washington media as elitist. She just has to meet a threshold of sincerity more than of knowledge, because if she can make the tough questions sound like they're elitist, everyone west of the Mississippi gets it.'"

Find the full article here:

Ted said...

As as old timer regular commenter on this site (going back to the days well before many outside Alaska heard of Sarah), the SNL Palin/Couric skit did not bother me one bit. I actually liked it. Why you ask? Just wait for this Thursday's debate with Biden and you'll see why!!!

CD-Host said...

I agree with the editorial. She is a great candidate and she needs to be able to run for office.

That being said, in reading the comments below... I think the media is being rather generous with Sarah. One of the duties of the vice presidential candidate is to act as a media spokesperson for the candidate. Sarah has not done so.
One of the duties of a newly nominated public official is to articulate their positions on the issues. Sarah has not done so.
One of the duties of a public official is to clarify and defend those areas of their record that are controversial, Sarah has not done so.

Sarah is being given softball interviews and screwing them up. Look I adore her, but her performance is seen as dreadful because it has been. The centerpiece of the McCain/Palin ticket is structural reform of washington. She should be able to name 20 major reforms, and discuss them in detail if she wants to run on that slogan. The WallStreet reform was a softball question Palin had made claims that they would clean up WallStreet. I don't think "how" is an unreasonable question, and I don't think "well why has John McCain been opposed to most Wall Street regulation in his past" to be unreasonable question either.
So I agree with the editorial completely, but not the comments.

techno said...

Some observations about Sarah's experiences over the last 2 weeks and a preview of the debate on October 2: 1) Just heard Geraldine Ferraro with Neil Cavuto saying that Sarah has to memorize every bill proposal and vote that McCain has had over the last 26 years in Congress if she is going to survive the debate with Biden. Is she kidding? Does the survival of civilization come down to whether Sarah knows what McCain's position in 1982 was regarding farm subsidies, in 1986 regarding whether John supported giving foreign aid to Angola, in 1990 whether John favored more funding for PBS or not, in 1994 whether John favored an expansion in National Parks or not and in 1998 whether John supported the head of the SEC at that time. Could anyone out there tell me whether Geraldine is right and I am completely wrong. 2) Bill Kristol just hinted on Neil Cavuto that McCain's handlers are the main problem in the way Sarah has been portrayed in the last 2 weeks by insisting that she not be exposed to the media to any great extent and monitoring closely what she can say so she does not commit any outrageous gaffes. I trust Bill. He was an early backer of Sarah and his son apparently works for the McCain campaign. If this is true I believe that John has to step in and overrule his close advisors (as he did when he chose Sarah) and say no more ultra-control over Sarah-free Sarah and let the chips fall where they may; 3) having said that refer to my previous posting and you will see that Sarah has not been as bad as the MSM makes her out to be: objectively based on personality and substance I would rate her interview with Gibson as good (especially after it was asserted by Krauthammer that Gibson was wrong and Sarah was right on the Bush doctrine), her interview with Hannity was great (again note that there is little reference to this interview on the MSM or Fox (surprising) although by any objective standard was more probing and revealing than any other interview regarding Sarah's views on the media frenzy and the controversies surrounding her and her personal viewpoints on life; and her interview with Couric as disappointing regarding her energy level and her convoluted comments on the bailout. Everyone has a bad day. Didn't I hear that Ronald Reagan had an awful debate performance in 1984 in his first debate? I don't think anybody was calling for him to be dropped from the ticket. 4)Again let me repeat: if you are talented in any profession, except for a sudden physical or mental debility, you do not lose this ability and become a dunce overnight. 5)Realistically, even if Sarah had been 100% perfect in the last 2 weeks, with the terrible economic news over that time, would McCain be sitting any better in the polls with somebody else on the ticket. If you can honestly say yes then you are in the tank for Obama (ulterior motive) or you should join Obama (elite conservative); 6) Sarah as VP and without John McCain present attracted 60,000 folks in Florida; if attracting more voters and pumping up the electorate is a primary reason for choosing a VP I think she passed that test with flying colors; 7) If Barack Obama won the debate why is there little talk by the MSM about why Obama won the debate or reference to any noteworthy lines he uttered, but instead a focus on John McCain not looking at Obama while speaking, John McCain sounding angry, and the narrative that John 'did not throw the knockout punch' that he needed; 8)I was going to give Sarah advice on how she could take Biden but I will not because I know there are Obama spies monitoring this web site as I write, but I will say the future of the Republican Party was placed in Sarah's hands on August 29 and September 2 and October 2 will be no different in pressure or delivery. 9) John McCain won the debate-to the degree he won the debate can be questioned but not that he prevailed. He connected with so many punches in the last 45 minutes of that debate that I lost count. If just surviving for 90 minutes is the new standard for success then we are into a Brave New World; 10)Yes, Sarah Palin or John McCain had made the 'bracelet flub' as Barack Obama did it would be in the headlines for the remainder of the election. Why can't Republican supporters and conservatives get it through their thick heads that the loony left, the Democrats, and their allies in the MSM are dishonest, deceitful, Machaevellian and will stop at nothing to destroy Sarah with their ultimate goal is to destroy the Republican Party. Frankly, none of us should even view what they say with a grain of salt. The salt has been contaminated already. If there is one thing that the forces of evil want to do is to dampen our enthusiasm for Sarah by casting doubts about her. It is our mission on this web site to remain eternally devoted to Sarah and to provide reasons why our faith and confidence in Sarah is not misplaced.

Zack said...

They've [SNL] become so one-sided, unfair, and now downright mean that I will never watch it again.


I think Lorne Michaels, the producer, is actually supporting McCain, and has contributed the max to his campaign. Not that he would let that get in the way of getting a laugh at anyone's expense.

A mean spirited as the show can sometimes be, I think their record is one of bipartisan meanness, with plenty of shots at both parties.

Tom C. said...

I've been studying this bailout plan and how we got there in the first place:

With the MSM shilling for the Dems who got us in this mess in the first place, the bailout NOT addressing CRA, the plan putting the burden on the taxpayer and EXPANDING the federal government, I sincerely believe Sarah needs to leave this ticket AFTER the debate assuming McCain is FOR the bailout.

Although they are both mavs, Sarah is not for big government as much as McCain, and she really needs to differentiate herself and her beliefs fromt he others that got us into this mess and who want to enlarge the federal government further to 'fix' this problem.

By not agreeing to hoist the bailout on the American taxpayers with NO reforms to discourage bad lending, she sets herself up for any national future political ambitions.

The US Dollar will now continue its gradual slide and MORE deficit spending in put in place and the trade deficit continues and we still are dependent on foreign oil.

This is Sarah's supreme moment to BE SARAH and distance herself from the mess in Washington, and position herself for a later run for the Senate in 2010 or another term as governor.

McCain cannot win this thing now because the economy is not his strong point, and people vote for the other party in tough times.

Finish the debate, but then leave the ticket because of this bailout (and ANWR)and go back to the Alaska that is your heart and home.

Don't taint yourself with this latest huge scandal.

I mean it. Sarah's future is toast nationally if she is on the ticket that signs this bailout plan. She would then be just part of the problem.

Tom C. said...


Don't get me wrong. I'm excited to get to see Sarah in the debate vs. Biden.

But now it's different. Her going along with this poor bailout plan makes her just ONE OF THE BOYS.

It would be everything she is against.

If McCain were to win, NOW she is part of the problem and the financial crisis will continue due to the enlargement of the government and a further slide towards socialism and a gradually weakening currency and economy.

She NEEDS TO BE SARAH! And Sarah would not be part of the same corruption that got us here in the first place.

She's a reformer.

techno said...

Let's face a few facts: 1) no matter if McCain had picked up on every opportunity to attack Obama when Obama stumbled and if McCain was more eloquent and had a perfect debate the MSM would still be in the tank for Obama and would find other reasons to justify why McCain lost; 2) the devastating economic news is the primary reason for McCain's drop in the polls: you can go all the way back 2 weeks ago and trace the steady decline; it has virtually nothing to do with the personalities on the Republican ticket; it's like volleyball where the side that serves has the only opportunity to score; in this case it's been the Democrats because it's a Republican administration running the White House 3) Once the bailout is passed at least John and Sarah will have a better chance to get their message out; 4) despite the bad economic news McCain according to Survey USA is now behind only 10 points in California and still competitive in the battleground states of Ohio, Pennsplvania, Michigan, and Colorado; 5) if the sentiment is so widespread, as expressed by a young female voter in Frank Luntz's focus group after the debate, that Americans don't care about McCain's war record and how it shaped his character or his leadership ability based on his military service then I don't care how fabulous Sarah is: the voters hate George Bush and Dick Cheney so much that they're willing to hand the country over to a socialist neophyte and at the same time rid themselves of the 'white guilt' as written about by Shelby Steele; 6) If McCain wins I think it may be another result where the Democrats gain the popular vote but lose the election; 7) fortunately for McCain-there is 1 VP debate to go and 2 Presidential debates to go-he still has time to recover; 8) I really think that Sarah has to be spotlighted more and given longer and more important policy speeches to affirm the campaign's policy positions--the old sport's analogy-you win when your best players are on the field performing; 9)I know this may be heretical to the McCain campaign but please stop the emphasis on bipartisanship (not eliminate it completely) and more emphasis on American exceptionalism, the abundant possiblities of economic growth that lie ahead for America despite the recent economic challenges, and the unwavering confidence that a Commander-in-Chief needs to make the right decision at the right time to defend America; 10) the thing very few people are talking about now is that younger voters from the history when poll taking has begun have tended not to vote in numbers suggestive of what the polls predict they would, while voters over 50 have continued to vote in numbers predicted beforehand. Perhaps this will be the greatest lesson of this campaign year if Obama loses.

Edward said...

No more bailouts. McCain needs to make a stand against this $700 billion bailout. This bill might be advertised as a bi-partisan thing but it is UN-AMERICAN. It is not needed.

CD-Host said...

Techno --

That was a good response and list. No one on "Draft Sarah Palin for Vice President" is likely to not be a supporter of this woman. But your defense is exactly the problem, she needs to show some depth. For example you give a list of comments "that reveals her intellectual capacity and profound depth of understanding". I didn't see anything other than sound bites on that list.

Take the first one, where her expertise is being talked about, "energy is the foundation of national security"

1) What changes to America's energy policy would Sarah Palin advocate? She seems to speak of energy nationalism, does she actually mean pulling out of the global energy system?
2) What does she see as likely distribution of our energy in 2020 under her plan as contrasted with say the Gore plan or the Obama plan?
3) How would she contrasts the costs of the various plans?
4) How would she advocate balancing environmental interest and energy interests?
5) What price per barrell should we be using for our 20 year estimates on energy needs?

Those are the sorts of questions she needs to be able to answer of expertise. In her area I shouldn't be hearing slogans we should be hearing loads of specifics

We are thankful, under Reagan, we won the cold war, without a shot being fired..."

I don't see how this shows any depth. The cold war strategy was formed by Kennan based on containment and international cooperation. Reagan was an advocate of the Kennan doctrine, and broke with Nixon/Carter detante policy. On Iraq McCain/Bush broke with the Kennan doctrine and went with a strategy of premptive war.

1) Why isn't the Kennan doctrine applicable to Iran?
2) Why wasn't it applicable to Iraq?
3) What about Pakistan?

I could keep going but you get the point. The woman is getting trashed because she won't answer a question with anything more than a campaign slogan.

onetrueuber said...

I have written 2 emails now to the McCain camp begging them to let Sarah go and be herself.

Here's what I wrote:


Let her go on Rush Limbaugh and Hannity and Mark Levin.

Keeping her down is going to hurt her...and in fact it already is.

Unless this is a super secret tactic to lower expectations for the debate, the court of public opinion is shaping the wrong way right now.

Don't over prep her. Let her be Sarah and let her get out there and get her sea legs.

Otherwise you are sabotaging her.


Let's all do that. Let's all write the McCain team and urge them to please let her be free.

She needs to be free to get her national sea legs under her. Having her do so few interviews invites disaster because expectations and pressure is so high.

Please let her be free to develop her own presence!

Like an exotic flower, too much attention can stifle her. Let Sarah be Sarah!!!

techno said...

Based on when the conventions ended it's only the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Arizona was down to the Jets 34-0 at the end of the first half. It's now 34-21 at the end of the 3rd quarter. I don't think anybody, even the most avid Obama supporter could suggest that McCain is now down to Obama 34-0. Let's see what kind of half-time adjustments the crafty John McCain comes up with before we write him and Sarha off.

azaeroprof said...

I think Lorne Michaels, the producer, is actually supporting McCain, and has contributed the max to his campaign. Not that he would let that get in the way of getting a laugh at anyone's expense.

A mean spirited as the show can sometimes be, I think their record is one of bipartisan meanness, with plenty of shots at both parties.


I agree that their RECORD is one of bipartisan jabs (though I think last night's skit was just plain mean, not satiric), just believe that this season has started out extremely one-sided. If I hear that they correct this lean on future episodes, I MIGHT give them another chance.

According to the FEC, Lorne Michaels gave the maximum ($2300) to McCain during the PRIMARY season, actually in 2007. I'm suspicious that he only did so because he thought McCain would be the easiest competition. I suspect that because he gave $4600 to the Obama Victory fund during the primary season, and ANOTHER $4600 to the Obama Victory fund immediately after Obama's nomination.

techno said...

Again is there anybody out there who agrees with Geraldine Ferraro that Sarah has to know or memorize everyone of McCain's positions that he took during his 26 years in Congress in order to win the debate on Thursday? I would really like to know.

Mountain Mama said...

Okay, Techno----I'll bite:

I don't agree with Ferraro that Gov. Palin needs to memorize all the positions Sen. McCain took during his 26 years in office.

But she really ought to learn (and my bet is, she's learning them just fine) as much as she can about the positions McCain holds NOW---- and it would help to learn the very basic points about how McCain was exonerated re. the Keating Five mess, too----just enough to rebut any snide swipe at McCain about that.

In addition, as others have posted here, it absolutely should not be difficult (ie. if she slows down and thinks, then gives a few specifics quickly and STOPS) for Gov. Palin to mention some specific ways McCain wants to implement his programs (the details for which are partly what Katie C. kept asking).

I think, since Gov. Palin is an athlete, she might be a kinetic learner. Nothing wrong with that, but hopefully McCain's people are using a VERY skilled teaching crew who can ascertain her learning needs (we all have differing ones), and thus better utilize her time and increase her learning. If she's a kinetic learner, she'll learn best by WRITING and MOVING as she's learning material (not sitting, listening, or watching).

People who keep harping against Palin's needing to be taught are simply naive: EVERY President has had to be sat down and taught MANY details necessary to execute the trickier functions of the office of president; not one could possibly have been fully prepared----even if they'd been the VP.

SO chin up, Gov. Palin! You're going to do just fine! STUDY, and relax; slow down, and smile. If Reagan could blow his first debate, then knock everyone's socks off from thenceforth---SO CAN YOU!

And we're praying for your success.

Jan said...

I agree with Techno. Even O'Reilly said Couric's question about McCain's voting record was a gotcha question, and that other presidents/vice-presidents couldn't give the voting records of their running mates. It's just time to see the real Sarah again, because that's how she's most effective and how she connects with people.

Christina said...

I just read that Palin is doing *more* interviews with Couric tomorrow... what the heck? Why is the McCain campaign submitting her to more of that when they could be putting Sarah on talk radio or even just letting her get out and do impromptu press conferences, as Adam suggested?
If anyone from the McCain campaign is reading, please catch a clue and stop playing the MSM's game!!

JohnnyHorton said...

Free Sarah Palin from the McCain bumblers. We want our funny,feisty Sarah back. The one we see on the hustings. Whoever is briefing her should be fired or at least charged admission. She should sit back at night and read maybe David Halberstams The Best and the Brightest or any of Teddy White books on the Making of the President that would give her a sense of of the game. Get her to stick to Energy, Reform and communicating with people. You cannot make her a mini-Kissinger overnight. Johnson, Nixon and the like hired these guys they knew what they didn't know. I would give her a quick course myself but I am busy. Somebody send her a good reading. How can we e-mail the camp directly.

GoGoGOSarah said...

More news on the hard work that Obama is not wanting to talk about..and why is he not asked about?

FistyJudy said...

Go Girl!! Our Rep. Team left you without the tools you needed! I trust the Rep.Campaign have given you more to work with now....

You Can do it! WE BELIEVE IN YOU

techno said...

Now here's a good reason why Sarah was kept in a bubble for the past 2 weeks and why you're damned if you and damned if you don't and to what extent the MSM will go to to destroy Sarah's credibility. From a ABC blog site-Political Radar the headline: Palin Supports Cross-Border Pakistan Raids (no equivocation); then they suggest strongly that Sarah supports Obama's position, but if you go much further down in the report ABC slips in a paragraph "Obama's position on cross-border raids sounds similar to the one stated by Palin last night, ALTHOUGH PALIN DID NOT EXPLICITLY SAY WHETHER SHE WOULD SUPPORT RAIDS WITHOUT THE PAKISTANI GOVERNMENT'S PERMISSION. Then the blog goes on to state that in the Gibson interview Sarah did not state anytime that she favored unilateral cross-border raids. Thus McCain's and Sarah's positions are compatible.Now to be fair, Jake Tapper in a separate story from ABC asks in a headline Did Sarah Contradict McCain's policy? But how much do you want to bet that the ABC blog story gains more attention that Tapper's story who I think is regarded as a responsible journalist.And when ABC puts its name to a blog isn't that the same, in the public's eye, as saying what you're printing is true and accurate unless you expressly say it's an editorial or an op-ed piece. However I love Michelle Malkin's blog I know its her opinion on the political scene, with ABC I assume proper research and accurate facts. Perhaps that's my problem. ASSume and you make an ass of yourself.

Dennis said...

I live in Anchorage Alaska. I have watched Sarah Palin for about two years. I voted for her in our last governors race. My opinion is she took Alaska by storm. A great breath of fresh air! Our fear was that the McCain handlers would smother her real self in place of a puppet, thus styming her true skills and charismatice personality.
I second this notion of allowing Sarah to be herself. I truly believe she could shine if only given the chance. Yes, make sure she is aware of national issues, but allow her to think for herself. She didn't rise to governor by being a toady for others.

If there is any GOP operatives or McCain insiders that monitor these comments I pray they take heed to this idea. If not I fear that the initial appeal will fade in the light of rhetoric, political sound bites, and rote election speak.

Teri said...

I am so glad I found this website. I am so depressed with Obama leading in the polls and the way the media has been slamming McCain and Palin. Thank you Adam for having this blog. I am glad to see that things are not distorted here. I think that McCain and Palin are the better candidates for this country.

Babirye said...

Its clear that you are forgeting that Sarah Palin is runnig for the VP position. This is a public job interview which she is clearly failing at. She needs to do her homework and get her facts straight or get off the block.

Night Owl said...

I haven't been around for a little while, but I have to say I'm also concerned about the way Sarah has been performing. NOT that I have any doubts over her qualifications or abilities. I just object to the manner in which she is being used. I hope the VP debate goes smooth.

I just don't want this to taint her. We need to get some momentum back.

CD-Host said...

Techno --

Palin Supports Cross-Border Pakistan Raids (no equivocation); then they suggest strongly that Sarah supports Obama's position,

First off this is a problem with McCain waffling on this issue not Palin. It is unclear where McCain stands. But Palin so far has seemed clear that the president should attack terrorists regardless of international law. Heck she seemed to be contemptuous of domestic law, "Barak Obama wants to read them their rights".

If Sarah Palin disagrees all she has to do is offer specifics regarding her views on international territorial integrity and terrorism. She can kill this with a position paper.

Stop trying to defend the indefensible. Her position is confused because his position is confused and McCain's position is a mess because he is trying to score cheap political points rather than deal with the substantive argument of why (in McCain's view) Iraq/Iran is more central to the war on terror than Afghanistan/Pakistan.

Through Kari's Eyes said...

I think you're right on the $$! Let her be her -- motivated people who want to do good are the best when they aren't confined. Mavericks don't thrive in cages...

P.S. (unrelated) Isn't she reading lots of briefings and spending her time absorbing masses amounts of information?

Scott said...

of course she's studying...i can't help but think of that movie dave and how the handlers were always around him.

(dave was the movie where the president had a stroke and a presidential double stepped in to play him)

techno said...

Just got word that Sarah is going to 'debate school' at McCain's ranch in Sedona, Arizona on Monday prior to the debate. This got me thinking. I know McCain's handlers have to assume much of the blame for Sarah's performances recently (although as posted previously overall I thought she did OK and appeared competent in foreign policy in the 3 interviews.) But I think there is a chance that although Sarah is athletic and a high energy person that she might be fatigued from the daily grind of the campaign trail. This is not a criticism of Sarah but it is a fact of life that your body can only take so much. And once your body breaks down it affects the mind as well as one's thinking process and one's speech. Secondly, it may be a culture shock to Sarah to live out of a suitcase in an urban setting that she is not familiar with and third even though she didn't show it with her convention speech she may finally have become affected and impacted by the daily criticism, character assassination, nitpicking, distortions, and the sheer animus that have assailed her and her family from day one. Remember McCain in his convention speech admitted that he finally broke down after several years of torture. I'm not saying Sarah has become a nervous wreck; far from it (check out at Hot Air the video at the Irish pub the night of the debate)but I think the time she has spent in Philadelphia has done wonders for her psyche and I strongly believe that her reunion with Mother Nature at the ranch--trees, water, flowers, wild animals, bare land etc will rejuvenate her and that there is a good chance that you will see the Sarah that brought down the house on August 29 in Dayton and September 2 in St. Paul at St. Louis on October 4.

Mountain Mama said...

Biden has been involved in practice debates for days already, so let's hope the McCain campaign started practicing with Sarah Palin long ago, too.

The pressure on Gov. Palin is UN-REAL right now. Literally, quite literally, the entire nature of what it means to be an American is riding on how she does in the VP debate---for if she clutches or gets rattled, and ends up looking really dumb (even if she in fact is smart), it could blow the election for the Rep. ticket.

I don't even want to IMAGINE what the USA will look like for years and years under Obama and his ilk....

Meanwhile, Gwen Ifill (as with Gibson and Couric before her) will be posing tough questions to Gov. Palin NOT JUST to trip up Palin, but to impress the OTHER reporters and TV producers who are watching.

Their main goal? To take Tim Russert's place on "Meet the Press" (when the election is over, Tom Brokaw leaves). The reporters' self-serving competitiveness is sickening.... (Thankfully, it seems certain that neither Chris Matthews nor Keith Olbermann will be hired to fill that post, which under Russert was mostly balanced.)

Just pray. We know Gov. Palin can do a great job. Pray that she opens her mind to receive all the information she needs, in ways she'll easily remember it. Pray that God will help her communicate easily and cogently what she knows. Pray that she does well at the debate, and shows the world how to rebound from a setback.

You can do this, Gov. Palin!

knowitall said...

Techno- I appreciate your insight.

Night Owl- I thought you were still sleeping from your 8/28 all-nighter.

Mountain Mama, You have great wisdom and great spirituality. I agree with what you say. I will pray also.

The notes this weekend were excellent. I read them all. Then I went back and reread Adam's original post. We seemed to have echoed his thoughts. You are a wise man, Adam.

Mountain Mama said...

You're the wise one, Techno.

Sweet dreams, everyone----and especially YOU, dear Governor Palin. We will pray for you as we rest.

Mountain Mama said...

....And I'm the sleepy one.....(sigh)

What I MEANT to type was:

"YOU'RE the wise one, Knowitall."

But Techno IS wise, actually----and so are many other neat people who blog here.
G'night all......

techno said...

Ten questions I would really like to find the answer to: 1) If you are voting for the Obama-Biden ticket what do you consider the major factor in arriving at this decision: a) hatred of George Bush and Dick Cheney, including the Iraq War and Republican foreign policy; b)belief in the passion and policies of Barack Obama; c)the economic crisis or belief that the Democrats will do better than the Republicans with the economy; d)it's time for an African-American to be President; e) Sarah Palin and/or her pro-life position ; 2) Why would you vote for McCain?: a) leadership ability; foreign affairs experience; b) fixing the economy; c) Sarah Palin; d)to reject Obama's liberal-socialist agenda e)because you would never vote for a black man; 3)What do see as the main cultural or social problem in America: a) abortion; b) divorce and latchkey kids; c) religion having too much influence on daily life; d)substance, physical or psychological abuse; e) Narcissism or secular humanism ; 4) Who is your hero (male or female)? a) a parent or spouse; b) a celebrity or athlete; c) a successful person; d)someone from history; e) Jesus Christ; 5) Why would you vote for a candidate? a) it's my civic duty; b) I want my candidate to win; c)to stop someone from winning or hatred of one party; d) so change can take place; e) out of habit; 6) which kind of politician do you prefer: a) handsome and charming; b) gravitas and political experience c) visionary and charismatic speaker; d) gregarious and folksy; e) achiever and one with leadership ability; 7) Of the Presidents who were restricted to two terms in office who would you vote for again if he were alive and could run again: a) George Bush; b) Bill Clinton; c) Ronald Reagan; d) Dwight Eisenhower; e) Richard Nixon; 8) If you are a Democrat why has the party only won 2 of the last 7 Presidential contests? a) the Reagan factor and social conservatism, including the evangelical vote: b) the Republicans stole the elections or performed dirty tricks; c) poor quality or too liberal-leaning Democratic candidates; d) money; e)not being able to compete in Red States, especially the Deep South and the Rocky Mountain states; 9) If you are a Republican what do see as a winning Republican formula in future Presidential contests: a) turning out the conservative, right-wing, evangelical base in huge numbers; b) the base + Reagan democrats; c) the base + Reagan Democrats + independents; d)putting a woman on the ticket to attract female and/ or independent voters + turning out the base; e) it changes in every election; therefore there is no set formula; 10) if you are a Republican and McCain and Palin lose the election why do think it will happen? a) time for a change; b) economic issues; c) Bush-Cheney hatred and Iraq war; d)the MSM and its powerful allies on the left including the Daily Kos and the left wing bloggers; e) Barack Obama was a better candidate or had a superior message; 11) if Barack Obama loses the election what do you believe will be the deciding factor? a) racism and the Bradley factor; b) his liberal-socialist agenda; c) the election was stolen; d) the right wing of the Republican Party and the evangelical vote; e) Sarah Palin; f) McCain's policies or his leadership skills

Evil Bert said...

McCain staff are idiots. Let Sarah run things her way.

THe thing makes me ill is that it was the McCain spin doctors that started the notion that Sarah knows foreign relations becuase she is next to Russia, and she played along.

She knows foriegn relations becuase she is next to Canada, and more importnatly, her State gets a lot of money from Canada, and spends it in Canada too.

The big Alaskan pipleine project which was aproved on her watch is being built by a Calgary based company. $500 mil in state money to a Canada company to a pipleline that will go through Canada before ending in the US. In addition most of the tourism that goes to Alaska flows through British Coulmbia.

She needs to get out on her own and remind people that foreign relationships is not about hunting bad guys. It is about working with foreign governments and companies to help America. She needs to remidn people that Canada is the biggest trading partner to the United States and assume Alaska's biggest foriegn trading partner.

techno said...

Just read a post over at that John McCain is pissed at the Bushies for the way they've handled Sarah over the last little while. I think the thoughts of this blog and from commentators like Bill Kristol to 'free up' Sarah has been communicated to the campaign and that since John picked Sarah I think we have to assume he will now do what is in her best interest because quite frankly it is also in his best interest.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Yes! Amen! I am not from Alaska and so I have never seen Sarah Palin speak. But from all that I've learned about her this past month, I LIKE HER. She's done just fine without handlers this far in her career. Leave her alone! Let me get to know the real Sarah!

techno said...

Twenty suggestions for 'letting Sarah be Sarah': 1) let her write her own speeches in her own folksy language, injecting humor and stop pre-approving them; 2) let her affirm or introduce the campaign's position on one or two other topics other than energy (eg. economy, healthcare reform, social security reform, the bailout) 3) have her appear on right wing talk radio so she return to a communication comfort zone among people of her own kind (I believe that is one of the main reasons that Sarah appeared too sober and slightly unsure or hesitant in the interview with Gibson and Couric; she is constantly on guard for the traps that the MSM could lay for her with that being brought to her attention by her handlers consistently; instead of responding naturally to questions she is thinking what could go wrong with the answer.)4) Send Sarah only to battleground states; I know this is harsh and this strategy doesn't benefit California or the Deep South but there are only 30 days left to campaign after Sarah's debate; you have to maximize the use of her time; you can't afford to waste her on fundraisers; 5) start showing ads by former Clinton female supporters talking to Sarah in an informal setting while they reveal how Obama treated Hillary Clinton and why they're voting McCain-Palin; 6) let Sarah be front and centre in an ad: "I might not know every proposal, position and vote that John McCain has had in his 26 years in Congress and I might not have the foreign affairs experience of Henry Kissinger and Condi Rice but I do know that John McCain will protect my son and I will help him fix what ails America. I also have just as much foreign affairs experience as Barack Obama but I'm running for VP and he's running for Commander-in-Chief. So is John McCain. Ask yourself: Who can you trust with your lives? 7) have Sarah give the speeches that cuts Obama down to size while John reassures the voters of his leadership ability and ability to fix things; 8) have Sarah do more meet and greets in small towns like she did in Philadelphia-the word will soon get around that she's friendly and approachable; 9) have Sarah give a Ronald Reagan type speech where she goes over the history of America, its founding documents, America's core values and American exceptionalism and tie that into the future; 10) make Sarah and John symbols of change and reform by affixing a label: Sarah is fire and passion while John is faith and guts. 11) Have Sarah do Leno but not Letterman; 12) have Sarah promote self-defense for women and link that to the NRA and abuse; 13)develop policies for women that Sarah can expound upon in her speeches and have Sarah include in her speeches a tribute to the farm women and small-town pioneer women who have built the country and link that to the modern woman; 14)During the last week of the campaign have Sarah take a whistle-stop type tour through a state with high EV that is mostly likely to flip from Obama to McCain (Pennsylvania or Michigan) or to protect (Virginia or Ohio); 15)run ads with Sarah visiting farmhouses or small communities listening to their concerns over the economy; 16)run an ad contrasting Sarah visiting the troops in Kuwait vs Obama not visiting the troops in Iraq and have Sarah give her pledge not to leave Iraq until we win; 17) Sarah should have a repertoire of several speeches that she can draw on so she can tailor them to the audience that she is talking to; 18) show the clout that Sarah has as energy czar; have McCain flip on ANWR; 19)have Sarah give a speech in Pittsburgh at the Igloo; 20) after the debate on Thursday have her appear with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

Mosby2 said...

It might all be too late. McCain now down 8 pts in the Gallup tracking...down 6 in Rassmussen...I am afraid, the bungling of how McCain has handled Sarah, and this economic mess has cost McCain the election.

I know there is a month left, but historically, if you are down this much in less than a month, you probably are not going to win.

I am so down right now...I wonder what this will do for Sarah's political future if they go down in an electoral sweep as it is looking like now?

Night Owl said...

Haha knowitall - in one sense I have been... law school has been consuming ALL of my time. But I do read the comments here, even if I can't always reply. :)

And of all the allnighters in my academic career, that one was my favorite. :)

I think all Sarah supporters who are experiencing doubt should remember the excitement of that night, and the announcement in Dayton the following day. What a thrill!

Ted said...

OK, the future course of the Republic is now placed on the shoulders of Sarah Palin (including the next 3 or more Supreme Court Justices).

If anyone can do it, Sarah can. Just sit back -- and what will be will be.

Hey Adam, did you ever think your little project of finding a GOP Veep possibility (nearly 2 yrs ago) would end in this -- having a central impact on the direction of Western Civilization?

Jan said...

I definitely don't think Sarah is in over her head. I have a feeling she's going to do just fine in the debate. She knows how to connect with people, and she can do this. She and her family are in my prayers constantly. Go Sarah!

dave said...
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dave said...
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Bill said...

Sarah Palin does need to be freed! With all the idiocy that Biden is spewing out there, there should be no fear of Palin. She needs to get her confident sass back for the debate. She can't start talking like a politician because that takes away the very thing we have all loved about her. She can turn this around dramatically by re-appearing as the "pitbull in lipstick" on Thurs night!

I covered some of Biden's most recent idiocy in my latest blog:

techno said...

So Obama's aides are telling the MSM that Obama will win in a landslide. Again we are beginning the 3rd quarter of the game. McCain, in volleyball terms, has not had a serve for 2 weeks. Today Rasmussen has Obama by 5. We still have the VP debate and 2 Presidential debates to go. From what I saw on Friday McCain beat Obama decisively. And again McCain has a sizeable projected RCP avg support (now 237 EV-losing Virginia and NC); but even that being so McCain is still only 34 EV from victory; again as of today only 34 EV short; that is not a landslide victory; if Virginia and NC tip back which I expect they will then Mccain will be only 5 EV from victory. Obama, I think you are in a precarious situation. By your aides issuing a landslide prediction, they are emboldening our side to make sure it doesn't happen and it may depress the vote on your side who think it's in the bag. Dumb, just dumb! And we haven't fully unleashed Sarah yet. And finally if it is in the bag why is your side still seeking to destroy Sarah?

Mountain Mama said...

Senator McCain does best when he's the underdog, so I'm hopeful still that he'll win.

He must rise above many powerfully negative circumstances (a costly war, an unpopular president, an economy in crisis, etc.), and manage to win the election.


Two ways will help him succeed:

(1) Senator McCain must demonstrate sterling character and judgment, and

(2) He must inform Americans THOROUGHLY and HONESTLY about how they MUST NOT TRUST Obama.

#1 is a done deal now (McCain admits his ethical issues of decades past). Nevertheless, McCain should inform people briefly and coherently about the POSITIVE programs he'd support. When McCain speaks softly, his voice isn't strained and thin----and his voice is very effective: calming and persuasive.

So, how to accomplish #2? Well, supposedly negative ads "work" to drive the population to vote against a candidate.

But I think the McCain camp could SOAR to a great win IF they just stick with The Truth! Americans LOVE a hero; they CRAVE decency, honesty, and a call to goodness and authenticity.

So McCain should REJECT using negative ads----but still tell people in a matter-of-fact way (using no sarcasm) what's WRONG with Obama's views and actions!

McCain must MAKE SURE that every one of his ads has NO hint of dishonesty. There must be NO skewing, NO twisting of an Obama vote or position. Tell it EXACTLY as it is, and frankly that will be QUITE ENOUGH to make people CORRECTLY worry about voting for Obama!

These decent McCain ads could calmly, sadly inform people (with no snotty tones by the narrator) about how Obama's CLOSE associates are suspect, briefly giving the facts that PROVE that:

- Obama was VERY close to, and AGREES with the radical views of his former boss, Bill Ayers----the unrepentant (!) terrorist who bombed the Pentagon,

- Obama sat in the pews for over 2 decades in a church where the pastor rails viciously against America, not to mention believes whacko things ("the US gov't created AIDS to commit genocide against blacks:" hunh?!),

- Other highly-suspicious, even criminal associates, such as Rezko or people in the Chicago political machine,

- The suspicious donations from overseas to BO,

- BO's extremely liberal voting record, etc.

Americans can be thoroughly persuaded just by coming to learn the FACTS about BO.

They will be angry if the facts continue to be skewed unfairly.

SO keep it STRAIGHT out there, Senator McCain! Tell the pointed, absolute, clear truth, and you will WIN!

Rise above all of these negative circumstances, and SHINE as a real person who is honest and has superb judgment.

(Btw, you did just that when you cancelled your campaign briefly, to help Republicans get involved with creating a workable economic deal. We applaud your good sense here, and thank you for doing your job as a Senator!)

techno said...

Let me see if I can sum up what has happened in the last month: 1) the Conventions have gone down and both campaigns have come out of their conventions excited but looming over Obama is a poll done by Yahoo that 42% of Clinton supporters during the primaries will not vote for Obama (even if it has gone down to let say 25% it is still a huge amount); 2) McCain has solidified the conservative Republican base by his choice of Sarah Palin causing McCain to remain competitive in the electoral college; 3) the economy has gone in the tank for the last 2 weeks but as of today Rasmussen still has Obama only 5 points behind; 4) many forget but for about 10 days after the Republican convention McCain was ahead in the polls; 5) spawned by the left and some on the right the idea that Sarah Palin has suddenly gone from being a talented communicator and politician to being a person who couldn't talk her way out of a paper bag and to a total dunce; let me put it another way-when Tiger Woods returns to action next year and assuming his left knee is at least 95% of its capability is there anybody out there who really believes that Tiger at 33 is suddenly going become a journeyman golfer who will have a hard time winning another golf tournament and will never win another major; if you really believe that I've got some swamp land to sell you in Florida; sure she wasn't her best with Couric but I thought she communicated well with Hannity and despite the Bush Doctrine question (again go to Krauthammer's article to see how bogus Gibson's assertion was and how right Sarah's answer was)with Gibson if you analyze her answers minus the Alaska-Russian neighbor question she did OK, especially in the 2nd half of that interview; (see my previous posting why Sarah may not have been on top of her game with Couric); 6) at this moment it appears the bailout package will be approved-it will never leave the public consciousness during the remainder of the campaign but at least McCain will able to get back on serve. Let me be clear. In volleyball only the server can amass points. McCain has not had a serve for 2 weeks. Obama should be up by 15 points at a minimum. Apparently he is not. Starting today McCain will begin to serve; yes Obama will still get his serves but what it comes down to is whether Obama can return McCain's serve adequately and enough and thus neutralize McCain's attempt to close the gap in the polls. Republican supporters are betting that he will not--in other words there is more fur to fly regarding Obama and again we're only starting the 3rd quarter; 7) the Republicans and their supporters fully release now that the MSM is FULLY in the tank for Obama; 8) Folks remember games are not won in the first half but can be lost there; mistakes happen in campaigns but apparently John and Sarah have not made the fatal mistake that has yet destroyed their campaign; I have not heard this discussed anywhere but has Joe Biden with his daily gaffes contributed significantly to keeping this a close race; 9) there is still talk of the Bradley effect (white voters who say they're undecided but are really McCain supporters); also there is a poll done recently among blue-collar Democrats that 1/3 would be hesitant to vote for a black man; funny how this poll hasn't gotten more coverage; 10) John McCain contributed significantly, according to House Republicans, to improving the 'rescue' package; I believe Sarah will be hammering this theme for the next month. I guess if you could sum up the last month it's trending downward for the McCain campaign but it's not over until it's over and 'the comeback kid' is what epitomizes the campaign of John McCain. If there is a comeback it will begin with the VP debate on October 4.

Mountain Mama said...

More evidence about collusion of the liberal reporters with Obama:

The debate managers KNEW that many Americans would watch ONLY the first half of the recent presidential debate, so they placed discussing the economy first----which topic of course works for Obama (because Americans wrongly believe it's the Bush administration's fault).

Then, hoping to get McCain to lose his temper, Jim Lehrer kept prodding them to "get it on!" and mix it up, ie. fight and lose tempers! Then, they hoped McCain would look unpresidential and hotheaded, whereas Obama would reign supreme as The Cool Dude.

(Ralph! I cannot Tolerate.... Metrosexual..... Wienies.......!)

And finally, the entire first debate was SUPPOSED to concern foreign policy----which is McCain's area of expertise. So will they fairly replace later on, in the next debate, the lost hour of debate on foreign policy?

Don't hold your breath... Those media jerks......

Zack said...

I hope Sarah is aware of some facts that are becoming increasingly obvious.

1. McCain's poll numbers are in free fall, and her chance of becoming VP in 2009 is now slim.

2. If she does well in the debate, she will be a dominant force in conservative American politics for the rest of her life. If she does badly, she may be done with national politics.

3. The McCain campaign does NOT have her best interest at heart. I don't claim they should, but I hope she is well aware of this and has at least a few people around here whose loyalty is to her and not McCain.

Mosby2 said...

Look, if McCain doesn't unleash Sarah, get back out there with a reform message, it will be over. The polls are trending away. He is down FIVE pts in VA today, that is horrendous.

I live in PA and Obama is running an ad of just him talking about his plan to fix the I KNOW it is all BS, but it works, it is personal - one-on-one.

McCain needs to get back in the game, tell the people straight up - we are facing a tremendous financial crisis that will take YEARS to fix...who do you trust to work on this? Someone who has worked on bringing sides together? Someone who will work with Dodd and Franks who caused this mess?

He needs to call out the Bush administration for failing to get on top of this mess sooner.

Heard a great quote from Teddy Roosevelt today - in the field of battle, you take your opponent on "through, under, or over, but NEVER around"....

John and Sarah need to go RIGHT at these left wing socialists.

If they get in and we are trying to deal with the worst financial crisis since the 1920s...can you imaging how much worse it will be?

tom paine said...

scott said..."True intelligence is admitting your faults, that you're like the rest of us, and that you can get the info you don't know and can get the job done."

That is categorically incorrect!

Intelligence is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge.

I know that these pesky little detail's might not match the agenda and bias of some folks...but they simply will NEVER go away.

Teri said...

I am so upset that Obama is coming out on top with this economic crisis when it was the Democrats who caused it starting with Jimmy Carter in 1977 and the passage of the Community Reinvestment Act. This gave mortgages to people who could not afford it and when the Republicans tried to add supervisory authority in 2005 it was Barney Frank who opposed it. See the following link

techno said...

Let me preview what the MSM will be saying about Sarah's debate performance: 1) she showed her inexperience-out of her league, not ready; 2) Biden showed his experience or gravitas; 3) Sarah was angry or sarcastic; 4) Biden was respectful; 5)Sarah was just spouting talking points-not knowing what she was talking about; 6)Sarah lied or was unfair; 7) Biden couldn't attack her because she is a woman; 8) Sarah is out of the mainstream or extreme; 9) Sarah lost the election for McCain; 10) Sarah is a bumbling idiot. Now folks let's watch the debate from this perspective and not get angry when the MSM and its pundits spout off. What we as conservatives and Republicans must constantly remind ourselves is that Sarah is one of us and no matter how exceptional she is on Thursday night she will be royally vilified and again we must be prepared to rally to support her.

TVFan said...

AMEN!! Before Gov. Palin became John McCain's running mate, I had never heard of her. I did my research and was floored by the sweeping reforms that she had made in Alaska. I was impressed by her gumption and strength to stand up to her own party. I respected her as a leader, woman and mother. Then, she made that fantastic Convention speech and I was totally on board. Lately, though, I haven't seen that dynamite personality that attracted me to her in the first place and I miss it sorely. I think the advisers need to take a step back and let Sarah Palin do what she does best. Free Sarah!

techno said...

Now let's see if I get this straight. Dump Sarah, JOHN! The reason: a perception that she had a bad interview with Katie Couric; some want her dropped immediately, some after the debate--she is an utter embarrassment to the party-she is dragging down the ticket; she's an idiot-John you robbed her from the cradle--she isn't ready. Never mind that McCain is only 5 points down according to Rasmussen and is up 2 points according to the Battleground poll. Now even Democrats do not deny that the right-wing conservative base of the party has coalesced around Sarah; the base is working harder than ever. So let's dump Sarah-and bring in Tom Ridge, Joe Lieberman, Rudy or Mitt. And the right wing is going to continue to work as hard. To the righties who attack Sarah--get a life. We have enough trouble in America without you idiots stirring the pot. You play the hand you're dealt. it's too late in the game to change horses and besides that honestly ask yourself the question--would John McCain still have a chance to win the election without his choice of Sarah Palin? If you answer that another selection would give him the same or better opportunity then go vote for Obama-he deserves and attracts voters like you.

techno said...

Boy, if I didn't know better, I would think that Fareed Zakaria is a paid shill of the Obama campaign claiming that Sarah is so stupid that she doesn't understand the questions that are asked her and thus that is why her answers don't make sense. He also claims that she is not an effective governor but a beneficiary of oil revenues allowing for any idiot Alaskan could run the govt and do a good job. McCain has to drop her for the good of the country. Of course he doesn't comment on what that would do for the McCain campaign and how that would help the Obama campaign. He acts like that McCain has betrayed his country by choosing Sarah. By the way he not only sounds like a shill for Obama--he is a shill for Obama. If Palin was not keeping the campaign close why would this idiot get on TV to spout off. Here's a hunch. The polls in the battleground states are not breaking as dramatically for Obama as he would like.

techno said...

Now I see one of Obama's primary strategies: in volleyball terms to never to relinquish the serve again before the election.

technogeek said...

Terri, here's the real reason we are in the fine mess we are now...

The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, also known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act, Pub.L. 106-102, 113 Stat. 1338, enacted 1999-11-12, is an Act of the United States Congress which repealed part of the Glass-Steagall Act, opening up competition among banks, securities companies and insurance companies. The Glass-Steagall Act prohibited a bank from offering investment, commercial banking, and insurance services.

Many of the fund managers got millions of dollars selling these mortgages.

To be more on topic, I also agree, "Please do let Sarah be Sarah". John cannot dump Sarah, because she is his only real draw to most social conservatives.

techno said...

Here is the main reason that Obama has been relentless in destroying Sarah: from Rasmussen state polls: a) Colo: Obama 49; McCain 48; b) Fla: tie at 47; c) Ohio: McCain 48 Obama 47; d) Virginia: Obama 50 McCain 47; and this with the economic crisis being front and centre in the news for the past 2 weeks and the MSM also relentless in trying to destroy Sarah: note that if McCain keeps all the states that Bush took but Iowa and New Mexico he would still win the election with 274 EV. McCain is now down in NC, Virginia and Colorado but all within the margin of error.

techno said...

Just saw Sarah and John on CBS with Couric. She was high-energy, intelligent and combative but not angry or sarcastic. Maybe I was right--may she was at a low energy level in the last interview and perhaps she was 'handled' too much. Give her 3 more days it can only get better when gets back to nature!

Mountain Mama said...

C'mon, Techno----don't hold back!

Grace Explosion said...

Turn Sarah loose. We love her. She's not going to "fail" in our eyes by being feisty, spunky, and taking it to them.

We love her for who she is. She's not being herself lately. She's allowing the media to corner her.

Well, don't corner a pitbull. The pitbill will come out of the corner - and all the kings horses and all the kings men won't but the MSM back together again!!


Go Sarah!! We love you!! You can't fail in our eyes. We don't care that they don't like you. (We love you - and we don't like them, anyway. You could have eaten Katie Couric for lunch - and we know it. ;) )

See ya soon! ;)

Zack said...

Here is the main reason that Obama has been relentless in destroying Sarah: from Rasmussen state polls: a) Colo: Obama 49; McCain 48; b) Fla: tie at 47; c) Ohio: McCain 48 Obama 47; d) Virginia: Obama 50 McCain 47;


Wow! This is really good news. McCain is down nationally, but he has actually made up ground in Virginia and Colorado. I really think if he can win these two states, he is the favorite. If he loses either, he is toast.

Richard said...

I was surprised to hear Gov. Palin refer to herself as "Joe Six-Pack." Does the Governor drink? I am surprised given her devoutness on other issues.