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Thursday, September 4, 2008

84% Approval: New to US Magazine

Julie here...thought I'd give you something to enjoy until Adam gets off the TV and back on the computer.

I love irony...and Justice. But both at the same time...gotta love it.

For those who haven't seen it, the cover of US Magazine this week shows a picture of Sarah with Trig boasting Sarah Palin: Babies, Lies & Scandal . (Hmm, wonder which side they're on.).

But, according to their very own Water Cooler Poll (of 233,896 voters), 84% think Sarah's going to make a good Vice President! In another one of their polls 92% say Bristol's preganancy has no effect on their vote . And you should read the comments! Not too many people impressed with the magazine's smear reporting, but they sure are impressed with the Governor!

Sweet Justice!


RailBaron said...

I'm not sure if folks caught it, because it may have only really been noticable on CSPAN (so a replay should be available from their website in the future), but did anyone catch the song they played after Sarah had been officially nominated and confirmed? Heart's Barracuda, of course. With even this admittedly small touch, my faith in the fact that the GOP "gets it" is being renewed.

My apologies to my neighbors for cranking up the sound there for a bit.

DaveF said...

I sent a letter to the corporate office of Walmart, Target and our local food store asking them to remove US Weekly from their stores. Let's hit them where it hurts. Their conduct is unprofessional and not welcome.

RailBaron said...

Two for two on the music front - right now, it's "Danger Zone" from Top Gun.

Michelle Malkin has excellent commentary on the "US" magazine front - including the cover they should have had.

Robert David STEELE Vivas said...

I started a new blog with a lot of substance on it, postpartisandemocracy. The Washington Post has been really terrible, first with an editorial and then with the Sally Quinn story. I have told them I will not be renewing my subscription, and my letter to the editor that will not be published is at the new blog along with a pretty cool "Lose the Lipstick" flyer that some of you might like.

Bob K. said...

Thomas Sowell Nails It Here as seen in Jewish World Review.

usernamealwaystaken said...

The Left, today as expected, have flooded the Internet with: Palin's Church May Have Shaped Controversial Worldview:
"Speaking before the Pentecostal church, Palin painted the current war in Iraq as a messianic affair in which the United States could act out the will of the Lord":writes the Huffington Post, just for one, to use as an example. The Left are running scared!
Reference is being made to Obama's Rev. Wright scenario. This was sent to me today by an Obama supporter, then have watched it grow legs across "Googleland" at a "frantic" pace. God has become the enemy?

However, Michael Reagan today wrote that he has always read and listened to people attempting to compare popular candidates to his dad; but last night after Palin's awesome speech; Michael said, he saw the return of his dad.."in a skirt".

This is the first time in this Presidential race for '08, as a conservative, I have wanted to offer my support financially and not just let the called ID fill up with solicitations from the Repubs! I will now put my money where my mouth is..with no regret!!!

The Polls are biased cosidering they are controlled by the Left Liberal Media, Reuters (overseas press a given Left bias), Fox likes to play it safe to be "fair and balanced", Rasmussen Poll
usually is the closest on target.

If there is a "fat lady singing" then she must be hoarse right now, from the pouring in of money and support to the McCain/Palin ticket which most clearly shows the enthusiasm of this "breath of fresh air" entering into the Republican Party. All Thanks to Gov. Palin!! Stand up and fight for Palin as the best thing that has happened to the Republicans in years!

wk4christ said...

Re: Stand up and fight for Palin as the best thing that has happened to the Republicans in years!

AMEN!!!!! I will do the same! Sarah Palin is truly a blessing!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!


techno said...

Somebody wrote that because of Sarah's fantastic speech last night that gave McCain more room to appeal to the independents and bi-parisanship. Although Rush recommended that McCain stay partisan, it may still work. I agree with David Gergen the middle of the speech wasn't that good but give him credit for the wonderful patriotic ending. Deep down, I think most rational people would have to admit that he would not have any chance to win this election without Sarah. He just doesn't possess enough pizzazz, but fortunately for him he brought a rock-star on board. McCain definitely matches up with Biden.It should be enough, unless something unforeseen happens.

Erin said...

Great job, Senator! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, in person, in Michigan!

More polls from AOL to watch. The last one listed asks "who will you vote for?" McCain is leading with 70%, but there's a very small sampling compared to what it will be tomorrow. Again, not scientific, but interesting.

Rasmussen has a poll out tomorrow morning at 7:30. It's his first that takes Wed. night's speech into account. Can't wait!

Erin said...

Ha! Forgot the link! Techno, it was a little dry in the middle. One CNN pundit (forgot the name) is saying it was the worst speech since Carter's in '80. I didn't think it was that bad. I liked the end quite a bit.

jimmy said...

US Magazine is not a very credible source for statistics.

Jason said...

Please explain this:

wk4christ said...

Re: Now that Palin clearly appears as the least experienced and uneducated runningmate,


With all due respect, if you are an Obama-Biden supporter, why are you on this blog? Why do you and others come here, ridicule Sarah and try to provoke arguments?

Do you see us coming to the pro-Obama sites, trying to start debates and criticizing your candidates? I would never do such a thing. It is true that I can't stand Obama, but I would never go to his supporters' sites and try to pick a fight...

If you really don't like John McCain & Sarah Palin, then why do you and others waste your time coming to this site? You know that the majority of us here support Sarah wholeheartedly and we will not be changing our minds. It is therefore futile to try to convince us otherwise.

Despite what the your opponents say, WE LOVE YOU, SARAH!!!!!! Keep fighting the good fight!

SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!! SARAH!!!!


Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Just saw you on Colbert! You must be pinching yourself. Meanwhile, I'll stick around my little circle of rabid mommy bloggers who are still back on the question as to whether or not her election will be Biblical...

T_M said...

Wow, a poll... so very convincing.

Who reads US Weekly?

That was a rhetorical question.

To the OP, believe me we all do it so don't take this the wrong way, but I think you may need to do a little apostrophe-correction; there isn't normally one in "get's"

Mountain Mama said...

Lord, you liberals are snarky.
Why don't you go grouse on a pro-Obama site, like ADULTS!?

Meanwhile, concerning a far more positive subject:


You were absolutely terrific on Colbert!!!!!!!!! I was just amazed at your concise pro-Palin comments, and how quickly you got information out there, despite Colbert's signature silliness.

GREAT JOB! Plus, it was hilarious when you mentioned you blogged formerly from your Mom's house! What a SCREAM! Even Colbert laughed----in a, "Wow! Very Funny Remark, Buddy!" way....... and from then on, he was positive toward you.

I was very impressed and happy that you did a good job and MADE US PROUD!!!!

Plus, Colbert's absolutely right: your blogsite WAS prescient, and DID help shape American history! Without YOU, Adam, McCain might never have noticed Palin's GREAT potential!

YOU helped the world find The Next Reagan!!!!!

Now: Governor Palin, how about hiring Adam as a Senior Staffer!?

Again, great job, Adam. I'll keep praying that ALL of your interviews will go this well.

republicanfeminist said...

The Obama supporters are here because they are scared. Axelrod is begging Clinton to campaign for them to diminish the Palin effect. While I was at the RNC I had a man tell me "You know, if Obama had picked Hillary this would all be over."

This was said to me on the morning of Gov. Palin's speech.

The RNC is jumping for joy.
The DNC dissed women (and the Obama supporters treated the best candidate the DNC had like dirt - because she was female.
Now they are using the same tactics on Palin.

SDB said...

Recently discovered democratic party memo...


Democratic Troll instructions:

If you see a negative comment from someone else about McCain, immediately copy it and paste it with your name too.

As you spread your lies, um, message of hope, whenever possible, state that you WERE a McCain supporter, but now you will vote for High Lord Obama because you are disappointed with (pick at least one: McCain himself; the VP, the VP’s cute children, ah heck, just make stuff up, that’s what we pay you to do).

If you think you wrote something clever, change the wording and post it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again.

Even if you don’t write something clever, post it again, and again, and again, and again, and again...Infinity.

Try to choose clever Troll names like: Obamafan, Obamaphan, Obamarules, Obamafanrules, Obamafansrule, Obamaizsmart, (note, the name MUST have Obama in it).

When peddling, um distributing our message, be sure to make a vague reference to an obscure source and then paraphrase whatever crap you want but make it sound like you are quoting someone or something important. Note: your material does not have to be remotely like the truth.

If you hear me make a public announcement, like saying I don’t approve of picking on children, ignore it and continue crucifying the children, um, your good work.

Remember, when we say we democrats believe in tolerance for all lifestyles and beliefs, we ONLY mean LIBERAL lifestyles and beliefs. I repeat: we do not tolerate moderates or conservatives.

I am High Lord Obama and I have approved, blessed, sanctified these Troll Instructions.


Okay, stop laughing and let's get back to work to elect McCain/Palin 2008 and maybe (Palin/McCain 2012?)

trav said...

Are you guys serious about all this stuff? From outside America (Europe), it appears to us that you have fudged the difference between reality and soap-opera. This Palin saga is managed just like Big Brother or "I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here". Why didn't McCain choose Britney Spears as his running-mate? Instead you now have "Barbie and McKen". Believe you me, this is really making America look stupid in the rest of the world.

klavon said...

I agree that Governor Palin has certainly charged up the campaign and also believe she will pull the party together as time marches on to the election. She will experience a learning curve but I feel she will be prepared for the position by November. She has the media in a frenzy and the general public is going crazy for merchandise. I got my first election shirt for Sarah Palin at www. lostw​orlds​hirts​.​ com and my wife as well, and I never buy anything online. Keep up the good word-and Go SARAH Go!

Robert David STEELE Vivas said...

Totally agree on Democrats being scared. Hillary has, in my opinion, being playing for Senate Majority Leaders, and Biden's very low-key non-negativity resembles what Joe Lieberman did in not attacking Cheney. It would not surprise me at all to see Biden drop out and the Dems try someone else, probably not Hillary, but perhaps. Praising her as a woman of substance who can and should be Senate Majority Leader for the next sixteen years or longer is in my view a good idea.

Robert David STEELE Vivas said...

Can we get URL for Colbert with Adam? It conflicted in DC with redskins-giants followed by McCains.

Zack said...

Probably not worth getting upset of US Weekly. The cover has one purpose only, to get people to buy the magazine. Neither fairness nor intentional bias hold any sway over this primary objective.

The article is a bit inaccurate and unfair, but really looks more amateurish and rushed, rather than calculated to attack.

Save your powder for the much more skillful and vicious attacks that will surely be coming.

Stephanie said...

gotta love it right! Obviously US got it wrong and the people got it right. I love when people make the difference and not MSM.
Thanks for your blog, love it!

Caroline said...

Do you guys realized how afraid the other camp has become? They are definitely afraid of Sarah and the power of the evangelical movement. They know the power this category of people hold. Let's continue to pray God's will be done.

I don't know why they feel that Sarah was chosen to lure Hilary's voters. That's their number 1 mistake. I guess Hilary is quietly saying "Obama you get it hot."

Let God's will be done in this matter.
Helping You Help Yourself

Jenna said...

Obama doesn't know what to do with himself. He can't attack. He can't defend. He is completely flumoxed by this woman. I love it. It is one of the rare moments where you will see Barack Obama without words. Sarah has so completely turned over this election that I don't think anything will ever be the same. I wouldn't be surprised if US magazine doesn't do a superficial puff piece on her know to capitalize on the rising interest.


Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

Dash over to Oprah's website and send an e-mail asking her to invite Sarah onto the show. According to Drudge, she's balking at having her, and I believe this is because she IS a good host, and she has to be fair with Sarah. She doesn't want to be, knowing it will boost Sarah's chances against her man. GO! Sarah needs exposure like this! As great as her speeches are, her one-on-one interviews are SO much better!

Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Erin said...

I submitted the following e-mail to Oprah at the link included at the bottom of this post:


After the past couple of weeks, the excitement in this country for the upcoming election is feverish. Governor Sarah Palin is the first woman in 24 years to win a major party nomination, and I would love to know more about her. I believe you could ask the types of questions we all want to ask and allow us to see a side of her that is unknown.

Please consider having this remarkable woman on your show sometime in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you,
Erin *******

Mark said...

Here's another poll for you to digest:

Rasmussen on his daily tracking uses a three day rolling average for numbers.

Yesterday, which included numbers from before the speech, Obama was +5.

Today, which includes 1/3 of people who were polled after the Palin speech, Obama is +2.

wk4christ said...

Re: Obama doesn't know what to do with himself

I know! Isn't it great??? Putting Sarah on the ticket has really shaken up the election campaign! I am soooooo excited!

Sounds like Obama is getting desperate, because I just saw on Yahoo news that he is planning to dispatch Clinton, Sebelius and Napolitano to campaign for him.

It doesn't matter! I have faith and confidence that we're gonna win! I know we are! We've got the winning ticket!

Despite the relentless assault by the liberals, stand strong in the Lord and in faith, Sarah!! We stand with you!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!


William said...

Do really know what is interesting is the Obama has now decided to go on fox news channel. In the beginning of the campaign he would not attend a fox news debate, but now he needs the support of the people who watch it.

I also find it funny that in the beginning of the democratic primary, all of the candidates attend a Koz fest( this is the website that spread those lies about Sarah) and skip on attending a more conservative democratic convention, which I think was in Fl. I also find it funny how Obama did not call out the Koz blog out.

Obama is a left-wing liberal who wishes to head this country toward socialism. Read his books. Also, notice how he has switched his opinion to be more centrist? He supports limited drilling before he didn't. He supports gun rights (albeit limited) before he didn't. He was going to accept public financing before he didn't.

I am not naive to believe that John McCain or Sarah Palin are perfect. I also think there are many people who would be willing to get back at them, especially Sarah.

However, when I hear John McCain and Sarah Palin speak I trust them. I think they are genunine, where I do not get that same feeling from Obama or Biden.

knowitall said...


Regarding the Rasmussen poll. Sarah's favorables were better than Obama's and Biden's (yes, and McCain's too).

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, Erin! I've always loved your posts, but this time, I'm concerned.

My cousin works for Oprah, is on her show regularly, and writes for her mag.

Nope, Oprah is NOT AT ALL "fair and balanced;" when she has guests on, whom evidently her staff has insisted are popular in the public sphere (thus deserving a slot on Oprah's show), but with whom Oprah disagrees.

For example, when Dr. Laura Schlesinger was brought on Oprah's show years ago----well, it was manifestly obvious that Oprah detested her. True, Dr. Laura can be abrasive, and no doubt Oprah, who has lived with Studmuffin (or whatever his name is; Steffin? Whatever......) for ages, disagrees with Dr. Laura's highly negative views about "shacking up," etc.

Anyway, it was HORRIBLE how Oprah treated Dr. Laura----on the show! Oprah barely looked at Dr. L. while talking a long time, then Oprah actually sat BETWEEN Dr. L. and the audience, turning her back to Dr. Laura, while continuing to talk to the audience and completely ignoring Dr. L.!

Being human, Dr. Laura actually began to tear up! This otherwise very tough woman was amazed and shocked at such blatantly rude behavior by a host! Why the H did they even bother having Dr. L. on the show, if they were going to stiff her like that!?

Eventually, Oprah turned slightly back toward Dr. L. and let her respond to someone in the audience, at which point Dr. L. tried to explain away her tears as being empathy for the poor couple who was asking a question-----but it was completely obvious that Dr. L. KNEW she was being thoroughly dissed by Oprah.

Frankly, I haven't watched Oprah since then, except a few times when my cousin was on (and I wasn't all that impressed with O. any more).

So I'm not all that hyped about subjecting Sarah Palin to being potentially dissed in that awful way, either. I mean, Oprah REALLY is in the tank for Obama.

Now, I do trust Gov. Palin to be able to handle Oprah with finesse and compassion----but with all the VICIOUSNESS that Gov. Palin is having to manage right now, I'd say whatever benefit she might (might) derive from going on that show wouldn't be worth the stress Oprah could very pointedly administer.

Same deal for "The View." With only one conservative there usually, it's just not worth the crap Joy and even sometimes Whoopi can shell out to guests they skewer.

Meanwhile, Palinistas, keep praying and blogging and writing, because these attacks on Gov. Palin and her family will only intensify as we near the election. Be prepared for some ghastly October Surprise (although no doubt the Republican campaign staff has a few up their sleeves about the Dems' ticket, too).

Robert David STEELE Vivas said...

Governor Palin brought me back to the party. I am NOT an evangelical, more of a non-denominational Christian who started as a Catholic and married a Southern Baptist. I am certainly an estranged Republican who is aghast at what Dick Cheney has wrought. HOWEVER, I am TOTALLY committed to Sarah Palin, and here's my two sense:

THEME ONE: Any good-hearted American can and should be able to serve as President or Vice President, if we get the lies and corruption out of BOTH parties, and restore participatory democracy for ALL Americans. I was moved by John McCain's slamming BOTH parties last night. See my review of RUNNING ON EMPTY which does this in book form.

THEME TWO: Now that the evangelicals are on board, as they should be, this is a great team, the time has come to reach out to the Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Reforms and drop-outs as well as the rising new young voters. Mis-statements and creationism will NOT help here. For example, John McCain said Obama would raise taxes, that is not quite true--he has said that he would raise taxes on those making $250K a year (that includes me) and DROP them for all others. We cannot fudge the truth OUTSIDE the Convention and the base. Second, everyone is looking for substance. That means addressing all ten threats to the Republic, not just terrorism, and it means harmonizing the twelve policies and it means showing an outline for a balanced budget w ithin which promises are promises not platitudes.

My two sense. I'm ready to give the rest of my life to Sarah Palin, I think she can and should be President one day, but if these misstatements and avoidance of substance (it's not policy until its in the budget and its not real until the budget has been obligated) then Obama could still capture enough of the swing vote to win.

I nearly cried when she spoke. This is a huge moment for everyone, but we MUST make sure that EVERYONE feels it and it not put off by statements like "man did not cause global warming."

With hope,
Robert Steele

s.b. said...

“What's the difference between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama?”

“One is a well turned-out, good-looking, and let's be honest, a pretty sexy piece of eye-candy.

“The other kills her own food.”

Robert David STEELE Vivas said...

Mountain Mama offers an important perspective on Oprah. I agree that Governor Palin could handle herself beautifully IF (VITAL IF) she first does her homework on the substance at the national level, and has a grip on budgetary implications. David Walker, former Comptroller General for the USA, who told Congress in July 2007 that US was insolvent, is now running a foundation, the Peterson Foundation, with the job of educating all Americans on the budget problems. He has NOT done a good job. If Governor Palin invited him to sit down and go over the budget with her, and someone took good notes and then put that into a one page (I certainly would be honored to serve as secretary), THEN she will have an objective grip.

ALSO: I am reading that the COLBERT report and the other comic are very strong among Independents and those who despise the mainstream media for its bias and its blatant focus on advertising instead of information. Governor Palin would be, I believe, hysterically funny and human there, and so would First Dude.

brook said...

92% of people should let that pregnancy affect their vote. If Republicans weren't in favor of teaching abstinence only education, perhaps Sarah Palin's daughter wouldn't have become pregnant in the first place.

If it can happen to her daughter, why not yours?
Where were her family values when her daughter was having unprotected sex out of wedlock?

Erin said...

Mama and Robert,

I rarely watch Oprah, and it's been a while. So if that sort of thing is going on, this could certainly be a dilemma. However, if, knowing this (as I'm sure SOMEONE in the McCain camp does), Sarah agrees to be on the show, we'll find out exactly how to field dress a talk show host.

cathcatz said...

you do know that heart has issued a cease and desist order against the mccain campaign asking them to refrain form using that song, don't you?

captain nobody said...

well, railbaron, you might be interested to know that Heart has issued a cease and desist order on the GOP for the use of that song. Seems like Heart doesn't wish to be associated with the right, and I don't blame them.

vesti said...

Given the latest story from the Enquirer, looks like Sarah might have listened to the lyrics from "Crazy On You" moreso than "Barracuda."

nan said...

what's hilarious to me is that mccain's controllers seem to really beleive they can snatch away hillary supporters w/ this nomination.

no woman who supports hillary would EVER vote for mccain or for someone as inexpereinced and as anti-choice as sarah palin. you guys can at least acknowledge that, right?

if McPalin wins, she will be one fatal heart attack away from being the president of the united states - with just 2 years of expereince as the govenor of the 47th largest state in the country. it's bone chilling....

i loved john mccain when he was a senator and deeply appreciate the service he has provided to our country. he is not the same man now.

GoGoGOSarah said...

Is this country really serious or missing the point.How many times must a story be repeated for it to be accepted. John McCain has a long proven records of having used and applied the principle "Country First" ad nauseam, and this view was applied when he went out to choose Sarah Palin.
Yes maybe it took the introduction of Sarah Palin to the ticket to get the attention of Americans, to get to their heart, this Country so Vital and Important for the existence of the whole world (imagine for a split second the world without USA...) I cannot and I will share I am not a USA citizen,I am a legal resident,I love this country, and this political campaign has fired up hearts of all human beings because it is so crucial.

Mark said...

knowitall, Gallup just posted it's daily tracking poll. Same rolling three day average (where 1/3 were polled after the speech) . . . same 3 point move (Obama +7 to Obama +4). One poll may be dismissed as an outlier. Two polls makes for the start of a trend.

wk4christ said...

Re: someone as inexpereinced and as anti-choice as sarah palin


I know a bunch of people are attacking Palin for being anti-choice, but I think many people don't understand the intensity of what she is opposing.

Abortion is not a simple "choice" and it is not a "right." Abortion is an excuse to get rid of a so-called "inconvenience." Abortion is murder. Abortion is homicide.

No one should have the right to commit murder. That goes against everything this country stands for. Everyone has the right to life, including the unborn! It doesn't matter how the baby was conceived; they still have the right to life!

I am so sick and tired of people criticizing Sarah for being anti-abortion. I commend her for being anti-abortion. In my view, she is fighting for true women's rights.....the right NOT to murder a baby, the right not to cause pain and suffering and the right to bring one of God's precious children into the world.

I really think that people are unaware of the graphic nature of abortion. I think that the liberals don't want America to know what it really involves.

Abortion is a disgusting, heartbreaking and barbaric procedure that shouldn't be taking place in our country.

I know I've been ranting, but I have seen so many people over the past several blogs and others criticize Palin for being anti-abortion, but I don't think they realize what they are advocating when they say that they are "pro-choice."

The ignorance ends NOW! I urge everyone on this blog (pro-life and pro-choice) to please watch this video:

I commend Sarah Palin for standing for life, no matter what the costs. God bless you, Sarah!!!!

SARAH!!!!!! SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!


GoGoGOSarah said...

Why I do not get why in all my life no pollster has called our household....anyways it is very clear that the message is getting to be more clear,McCain Palin ticket is for the people,that is what is really important.

Brother Whodat said...

Adam Dearest,

I admire you so for trying to get a Republican (Christian) in the White House, that is just so honorable. Unfortunately you are misguided here. I am as open minded as the next Baptist Pastor, and I have no problem with a gal having a job, as long as she is single, you know because she is homely or fat or something. But once a gal becomes a wife, her duties are to be the proper helpmeet for her lord and master, to stay home, care for the children and keep an eye on the domestics. Mrs Todd Palin should know this.

I do understand that since all of the flyers, pins, posters have already been made for McCain/Palin '08, redoing them would be difficult and costly, but I think I have a perfect solution. Just have Todd Palin be the candidate instead I am sure he is equally as qualified, then Mrs Todd Palin can stay home with her children, yet still be able to get all gussied up and go to those fancy D.C. parties that the gals like.

It is so nice that if we all work together we can solve even the trickiest problems.

McCain/Todd Palin '08

God Bless Adam!


peoplecallmebryner said...

I'm an Obama supporter, but I'm not here to flame Palin. I'm an Alaskan who has been pretty impressed with the Governor on several issues, and think that she deserves much of the praise and favorable ratings she's receiving.

However, the Sarah Palin I know is not the one I've seen of late. Her partisan attacks are a huge turn-off to me, and are inconsistent with her "above the fray" reputation. As Governor, I got the sense that she acts out of principle, but I question her willingness to play the game of mudslinging and character assassination.

It seems that just as the country is getting to know the fair-minded, principled governor of Alaska, she's choosing to become something less in the name of politics. The very thing that makes her popular here, she appears to be abandoning at the national level.

I'm not a political strategist, so perhaps this morphing is good politics, but it leaves me - and I bet other Alaskans - wanting more.

peoplecallmebryner said...

I'm an Obama supporter, but I'm not here to flame Palin. I'm an Alaskan who has been pretty impressed with the Governor on several issues, and think that she deserves much of the praise and favorable ratings she's receiving.

However, the Sarah Palin I know is not the one I've seen of late. Her partisan attacks are a huge turn-off to me, and are inconsistent with her "above the fray" reputation. As Governor, I got the sense that she acts out of principle, but I question her willingness to play the game of mudslinging and character assassination.

It seems that just as the country is getting to know the fair-minded, principled governor of Alaska, she's choosing to become something less in the name of politics. The very thing that makes her popular here, she appears to be abandoning at the national level.

I'm not a political strategist, so perhaps this morphing is good politics, but it leaves me - and I bet other Alaskans - wanting more.

Gina said... can not seriously think that TWO is the start of a trend. I don't mean to interject in your little poll quarrel because at the end of the day polls can not be so heavily relied on but I must clarify the definition of a trend:
"the general movement over time of a statistically detectable change" key pharse being "over time". A three day span is by no means a long enough period of time for people to digest, intellectuallize and/or comprehend.

Perhaps Obama followers (because support would mean there is some level of understanding) should invest some time thinking more about their own canidate's platform and a little less time focusing on the flaws of his opponents.
Tell me why you support Obama and then you are leveling the playing field.
I will also pose a question for all: Why are we comparing Sarah Palin who is running as a Vice Presidential canidate to Obama who is running to be president? Please explain that dynamic because it makes no logical sense.

caem said...


SARAH SHOULD NOOOT appear on Oprah!!

It is a bad idea to do that at this time.

Oprah is an Obama supporter and is not likely to be fair with her - no matter what you think! She may also be laballed a celebrity - which is not good at this time.

I would prefer that she appears on oprah after January 20, 2009.

She can appear on fox but not oprah.

MSNBC is now palying up the investigation thing! That seems to be their best hope now!

Compassionate Conservative said...

I can understand why some are frustrated at the ground swell of support for McCain/Palin. They are feeling threatened.

What amazes me is the endless supply of angry bloggers searching for conservative sites and lobbing word bombs. How do they find the time, without neglecting their jobs and families?

Doesn't this prove why we would be better off with leaders in the White House that have a record of reaching across party lines to bring true change? The red state/blue state party line division only feeds into the anger.

I pray for those who have let an election harden their hearts to their fellow human beings. May we all find peace, regardless of the outcome in November.

Sheri said...


You are an idiot!

ChristianZ said...

That'd be awesome if Sarah went on Oprah. Now that she got some digs in at Obama I do think she needs to attack less from now on and have more of a purpose and less of an anti-purpose . . . which I basically believe is already the case; she just needs to convey such even better than she already has. She's already done a good job presenting herself as a VP for all of America, not just one party, but she just needs to keep running with that theme: the Republican working for everyone.

Brother Whodat said...


Why I am shocked! That is no way for a good Christian (Republican Baptist) lady to behave. Using language like that is no way to find a husband.

God Bless.

Sheri said...

You do not want a governor with only two years experience to be that close to the presidency, but you would support Obama with his lack of experience?

And the abortion issue...wk4christ is right. We are not "anti-choice" we are "anti-kill a baby"

No matter what fancy words you use for abortion (choice, reproductive freedom) it still comes down to the fact that you think it is OK to kill an unborn baby. Some of us think it is wrong.

Have you read how abortions are performed? If not...look that up. Next question...are you against torturing terrorist? Read how an abortion is performed, then ask yourself...would you want that done to a terrorist in guantanamo...somehow, I think that you would say it would be wrong to pull off the terrorist's legs, then their arms, then crush their skull. But, you want to fight for the right for a mom to do that to her unborn child...a tiny baby! me crazy...I just think that a mother's womb should be the safest place for her child...not a death room.

That is why I am Pro-Life (not anti-choice) ;)

Sheri said...

brother who dat:

Goodness looks like me already has a husband...mutch betta than yo culd eva be. how bouts u go ova to a obama blog and play wit those kinda girlz. u might find it mo fun.

Sandra said...

I was really appalled at the US Magazine cover. Slam her if you don't like her but, with a photo of her holding her baby - really disgusting. What also gets me are the Dems at my office. We work not only for a federal contractor but a DoD contractor and yet they are opposed to the war, Bush, McCain, etc. Yet, they don't quit and go elsewhere. I assume they're hypocrites but they could just be UTTERLY clueless.

ChristianZ said...

RDSV: I've tried to find a way to e-mail this to you privately but can't. You keep saying, "My two sense," when the phrase is really, "My two cents."

blogmaster said...

Go sarah! The media is angry, they want nothing less then the destruction of the American family. Sarah P is that, the American mom and family. They wanna puke when they see her. There is a culturral war in this country ignored by many, but now the lines have been drawn.

ChristianZ said...

As far as abortion goes I am pro-choice in that I believe in a woman's right to choose whether or not to have sex. If they don't know that having sex could lead to a pregnancy then they are not mature enough to have sex. Once you have sex you have made your choice (I'm not talking about rape cases here).

brook said...

Re: wk4christ's comment

What gives the anyone the right to decide what I do with my body? If I chose to abort a baby it is my choice and has nothing to do with you, or our government.
It is my choice and it is my right to chose given to me by the declaration that because I was born in America I am guaranteed certain inalienable rights.
Because the Supreme Court deemed abortion legal, it is my choice.

You cannot determine the point at which cells dividing become a "living human being". If you want to call me a murderer if I remove cells from my body than you have to call me murderer for having a mole removed or for picking a scab off of my skin as well.

How does being anti-abortion mean she is fighting for women's true rights? Taking power away from women to chose lessens the amount of rights a woman has. In case you haven't noticed, women are still treated as lower class citizens than men are in our country.

I think everyone can agree abortion is not a pretty procedure but as a woman, it is my right to decide if I want one or not.

Let us all remember that this argument, along with many other issues like marriage, should be regarded as a fight between the governing powers and the rightss of the citizens. The more we let the government tell us what we can or can't do, the less free we truly are. No matter where you stand on these issues, remember that.

OBAMA '08!

William said...

Did the Obama supporters actually listen to the speakers at the DNC? I heard many attacks and jabs against McCain and the Republicans. Much of Obama's speech was attacking John McCain and the Republicans. So, for the Obama supporter from Alaska who was disappointed with Sarah because she made some comments about Obama, tell me what about the comments made by Obama about Palin the day after she was selected? I thought Obama was supposed to above this, according to him. Sarah was responding to most of the digs Obama has made against Sarah or people from small towns.

I still do not understand why Obama supporters would come on this site. I think all of us supporters should just ignore these people. I am. This is just one of the Obamamanics tactics. I have no interest in going to a pro-Obama site and talk about his flip-flops, his unrealistic plans. For those of you who think that he is only going to raise taxes on families making over $250,000 a year, I have some swamp land for you. Remember President Clinton, promised he would raise the taxes on the rich when he was campaigning. He changed his tune once he got in office. Remember his BTU tax, imputing rental income? This all was introduced AFTER he was elected, and led to the Republican take over of congress. Also, Obama will never be able to pay for all of his spending requirements by just increasing taxes on families making $250,000 of more. My family does not make $250,000 more. Sorry for the long post.

ChristianZ said...

"If you want to call me a murderer if I remove cells from my body than you have to call me murderer for having a mole removed or for picking a scab off of my skin as well."

But you know a fertilized egg cell is going to become a human if allowed to continue in its natural course and you know a mole or a scab is not going to become a human. If you don't know these things then you shouldn't be having sex. The point at which life enters the body is entirely irrelevant.

Brother Whodat said...

Sheri Dear,

I am very happy to hear that you have a husband to care for. That is very important for a gal to have a purpose.

Sadly, you seem frustrated, which might account for your rather strange spelling and syntax. Life can be difficult at times, and heavens knows you gals get mighty fiesty during your filthy time. But cheer up, it will pass, and if not I hope you take some time and visit with your minister to help counsel you and ease your pain.

Bless you lamb. I will pray for you.

blogmaster said...

Re: Now that Palin clearly appears as the least experienced and uneducated runningmate,
I am from Chicago, I know the Obama "legacy" if you wanna call it that better than most. First off he has done nothing for or in this city to improve it, at all. His mere presence was not enough. The crime in the streets here is un-real and Obama has some blood on his hands. In the state senate he voted against giving the police in this state what they needed and asked for several times. he is pro-bad guy. Now we will lead the free world in homicides and shootings by the ned of the year. Thanks Barack.
Second he hung around with the most openly racist men around, Pfleger anti-police anti-white, Jesse Sr., Rev. Wrong. Chicago is a dump and they should focus more on that than anything else. Highest taxes in the country all dummycrats here fighting each other over the scraps.
Sarah Palin is such a breathe of fresh air for me and all the fellow people , not on any social programs in Chicago. Go McCain!

Sheri said...


You are comparing an unborn child to a mole or a scab? You have got to be kidding me! Have you ever been pregnant? Did you have an ultrasound early in your pregnancy? I have...and I can tell you, what was growing in my body was not a mole or a scab. It was a child.

I would never tell you what to do with your body, but I do think it is wrong to murder. And when you are ending a pregnancy, you are ending that life inside of you. You are removing a mole or a scab.

If you ever have a friend that miscarries, and she is hurting and crying...tell her, "Hey girl...cheer did not lose a just lost a scab or a mole! Cheer up ole girl!"

Mountain Mama said...

Obama, as usual, is the guy who is lying about taxes.
True, he's only planning to raise INCOME taxes for families with over $250,000/year income----but that doesn't factor in all the OTHER sorts of taxes that Obama favors enacting OR were "cuts"-with-a-time-limit that Obama will allow to expire, thus return!

You cannot BELIEVE how many taxes the Dems are planning to add to our budget----and a lot of it is to pay for all those "free" programs, not to mention the help for the no-longer-gonna-be-illegal aliens.......

Research, people! You libs need to quit running on your emotions and READ!

ChristianZ said...

"You are comparing an unborn child to a mole or a scab?"

That's the problem with some of these people, Sheri. A human life is no more important to them than a scab.

William said...


You are 100% right. It is pointless to try and respond to these people. They are trying to just piss you off. Why else would they come to this site? They purposely searched the web for pro-Palin websites and to write pro-Obama crap. It is just stunning.

Obama is not just pro-abortion but he believes in late term abortions and not to provide medical care to babies born because of any abortion gone wrong. Remember Obama said that he does not want his girls to be "stuck" with a baby if they should get pregnant at any early age. This quite reveling about the man.

Sheri said...


I have to tell you...I just just about fell out of my chair when I read that part of her post. How can you ever get people to realize how precious life is, when they think that a woman is growing a scab or a mole in her body and not a child. It is very sad.

wk4christ said...


First of all, please answer this question: If you can't say when human life begins, then why is the murderer of a pregnant woman charged with double homicide?

Do you know why the Supreme Court legalized abortion? It had nothing to do with granting women "additional rights." Abortion is the result of racist eugenicists, whose goal was to "eliminate the undesirables."

What I am about to say will be very hard to hear, but....

Why do you think the black population has been on the decline for many years? Statistically, which ethnic group has the most abortions?

It is the black population. And why do they do it? Not necessarily because they want to, but because they are encouraged to by the liberals. Why do you think Planned Parenthood sets up shop in black neighborhoods?

A major reason that the black population has been declining is because of abortion. And abortion has its roots in racist eugenics; the people wanted to eliminate those whom they deemed "undesirable."

Why do liberals condemn war, but they don't condemn abortion? Why do they condemn capital punishment, but they don't condemn abortion? It seems contradictory, to me.

Life does begin at conception and it is no one's right to take it. All human beings deserve the right to life. Saying that it is not a human being is just an excuse to justify the slaughter.

Last time I checked, murder was illegal in this country. Abortion qualifies as murder and should be treated as such.

Sarah Palin realizes this and that is something I really admire about her! GO SARAH!!!!!!!!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!!


Tyler said...
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Robert David STEELE Vivas said...
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Tyler said...

William said...


I do agree, but the anti-Sarah people that are posting here are not swing voters they are 100% staunch Obama people. They do not want "reach across the party aisle". McCain went out of his way MANY times to say congrats to Obama, and to say how historic it is that he won the nomination? He even took out an television ad during the DNC to state this. He stated that he wants to work with Dems, Indep., etc to put America first. I do not recall this being done during the DNC. Obama to his credit, was saying this in the beginning. I have not heard it in a long long time.

Hamilton Roberts said...

Here is the video of Adam on the colbert report last night.

Sheri said...


I do not want to alienate swing voters. And even though I am strongly pro-life..I know that it will be nearly impossible to make abortion illegal.

I do think that there should be some laws put into place about abortion.

I do think that late term abortions should be illegal. If we can save a pre-term baby at 20 weeks gestation, then it should be wrong to abort that child. Even if the life of the mother was in danger, you could do a c-section, remove that baby, try to save the baby's life, and try to save the mother's life.

I also think that parents should know if their daughter is going to get an abortion. This is a medical procedure. The female bleeds heavily afterward for days. The parents should know that their daughter had an abortion in case something goes wrong with her afterwards.

If you really think about it...most middle of the road people believe the same thing. Most people think that abortion should be a last option. It is the very liberal left that do not want any rules on abortion. And really...aren't there laws on almost everything?

Got to be 16 to drive. 18 to vote. 19 to smoke. 21 to drink.

I think for most pro-lifers if there were some laws on abortion and it was used in rare cases, we would be a lot happier. That stance should not alienate moderate voters.

Enigmadonna said...

Thank goodness for Gov. Palin, who bravely exposed the hypocrisy of fake presidential seals, stadium speeches and styrofoam columns. Her clear, direct speaking manner makes those long-winded "it's above my paygrade" polititians look juvenile. She's the real deal.

art said...

I, for one, am ecstatic because you Republicans are finally getting it! Just a few months ago a conservative news show host condemned the parents of parent teens as bad and pinheads. He specifically said that it was only the girl's parents fault as if the boys who impregnate children are blameless. I am SO happy that we won't be hearing any more of that tripe anymore. Good going folks! It took you decades, but you finally got it! Now, there will be no more of that, will there! Good!

wk4christ said...

Re: She's the real deal.

AMEN, she is!!!! Sarah is really gonna shake up DC and I am so thrilled that she is on the ticket! We're gonna win this one! OH YES!!!!

SARAH!!!!! SARAH!!!! SARAH!!!!!!!


Alan said...


Check It Out Here

Robert David STEELE Vivas said...

Moderation needed. This subscription is being destroyed by both holier than thous and incoming morons from the left. Cease and desist, indeed. Let's all focus on one thing and one thing only: getting McCain-Palin elected.

loki said...


my aunt, a hillary suppoter, IS voting for McCain/Palin...only because of Sarah Palin.

I consider myself a Reagan republican and not much of a fan of McCain. But Sarah Palin has solidified my support for the republican ticket.

RailBaron said...

I've been a reader of Bill Whittle's work for several years now, when I first read about him on Michelle Malkin's site. Today, Bill made the big time with an article published on National Review Online that (expectedly) is very complementary of Sarah. Looks like he will be a recurring contributor. He's had several good essays on conservatism before, which can be found at his site here. Just be prepared to spend some time if you dive into his essays.

I just visited the Wikipedia entry for Margaret Sanger, and they had an unchallenged citation here that may be of interest to those that care.

Sheri said...


I did hear the TV host saying that. But not all conservatives felt that way. I can say that I was consistent. I have five children and they would watch Zoey (Jamie Spears) We talked about it because they were upset that she was pregnant. They thought she was too young.

This is what I told them. I said that it was sad that she was pregnant. But, I was so very proud of her for keeping the baby. She could have aborted the child and no one would have known. But, she chose to keep the baby, jeopardizing her career, and being in the spot light for being a teen mom. My sons agreed. I think that is how most pro-lifers felt about Jamie Lynn's pregnancy.

See most of us pro-lifers are not on a high horse or are holier than thou. We are sadden when a teen gets pregnant, but we are proud of them when they stand up to the heat and they keep their babies.

brook said...

I'm not comparing a baby to a mole or scab, I'm comparing cells to cells. But I know the difference - I went to a private Catholic high school.
Which also means I was in no danger of not knowing what form of birth control to use. Too bad the same can't be said for the rest of the nations public high school students.

I would never tell someone who has just miscarried something so casual. But I don't understand why you bring that up. We're not talking about most of what your retort pertains to.

Christianz, what is more important, quality of life or life at all? I would rather a baby be aborted than live a life not worth living. Most babies that would be aborted end up living those types of lives. But again, that isn't really the issue we're discussing.

Why don't you two help me understand why abortion doctors are killed if life is so important to the anti-abortion activists who kill them? It makes no sense.

Planned Parenthoods are set up in neighborhoods where they are needed, in low socioeconomic status areas, which normally means non-white.

We condemn war because of the many social, political, economical, and WORLD repercussion that come along with it. Not because of death. We don't condemn abortion because we respect women's rights. We condemn capital punishment because the government should not have the right to take a person's life.

Prove to me that human life begins at conception. You can't.

Did you guys know Obama has more experience than Regan did? Doesn't that just stink?
I hate to break it to you but the GOP hasn't got a chance in hell of winning this election. The winds of change are blowing...

Poolie727 said...

I have to admit, John McCain was not my pick in the primary election. I don't dislike him, just didn't think he had what it would take to overcome the left-wing media blitz that would come with either Clinton or Obama so I've been a bit in the dumps regarding the upcoming election. Until... that is, the brilliant selection of Gov Palin as the VP choice.

My wife's family has been in Alaska since her great grandfather migrated there during the gold rush in the 1890's. Even though we live in Georgia my wife and I spend as much time as we can in Anchorage... and occasionally Wasilla where several of her cousins live. The name Sarah Palin is no stranger to us. When I heard McCain had selected her as the VP choice I almost ran off the road in excitement. YOU GO GIRL!!!

I don't agree with her on everything. Heck I don't agree with ANYONE on everything, but we're in the same ballpark on most things that are important to me and that's good enough. She's a fast study and I think is up for any challenge to be thrown her way.

Suddenly I don't dread Nov 4th so much.

ChristianZ said...

"Christianz, what is more important, quality of life or life at all? I would rather a baby be aborted than live a life not worth living.

Why don't you two help me understand why abortion doctors are killed if life is so important to the anti-abortion activists who kill them? It makes no sense."

I don't believe in killing abortion doctors . . . at all. I do believe that people should not have sex . . . at all . . . at least until they are mature enough to understand the consequences . . . such as the fact that you might get pregnant when you have sex. All these people clamoring for abortion rights seem to be surprised when a pregnancy occurs. You make the choice to get pregnant (assuming you are female . . . generally) when you have sex. If you are not ready to get pregnant then you shouldn't be having sex. It really is that simple. As stated earlier I am pro-choice in that I believe in a female's right to choose to have sex as long as they understand the potential consequences. I have such a high view of females that I believe in their capability to choose to engage in sexual relations only when they understand all that it means. If you're the type that might get surprised that you got pregnant then wisdom dictates you shouldn't be having sex. Again, I'm not talking about rape cases here . . .

Regardless of what the law may or may not be when people act maturely then the occurrence of abortion drops down to almost nil. If we have such a belittled view of humanity that we feel everyone must immediately act on every (sexual) impulse we have then we are no better than animals. As Sheri stated, this is not about being on a high horse. It's about knowing there are moral realities that are in place for our own good. I am human and make mistakes just like everyone else so it's not about pointing the finger. If an unwanted pregnancy occurs the best option is adoption not abortion.

ChristianZ said...

"I don't agree with her on everything. Heck I don't agree with ANYONE on everything, but we're in the same ballpark on most things that are important to me and that's good enough. She's a fast study and I think is up for any challenge to be thrown her way."

Well said.

RailBaron said...


As someone who moved to California in Reagan's 8th year as Governor of the nation's most populous state, I'd really like to hear how that experience is trumped by 143 working days in the US Senate, plus other state-level experience by Senator Obama. If you are just adding up years of elective office, I'm not sure I would agree with your premise, but I promise I will consider your response seriously, because your comments have been thoughtful and not mere rants. And if I am wrong in my views, I'd rather be convinced sooner than later.

Babies,GunsandJesus said...

Sarah Palin is the perfect pick for VP and President in 2012. She is smart, articulate, knowledgeable, funny, beautiful, and has the fortitude to do a great job in the White House. She is a warm and caring person, one we can all relate to. She is proud of her family and not afraid to show it. Fabulous choice, Sen McCain. Glad to see you are already planning for the future with Sarah Palin.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

As one of the original Palinites still visiting this blog, I thought I would present a brief retrospective on her selection as Senator McCain's running mate.

First, I am not a big John McCain fan. While I respect his military service and personal sacrifice, I didn't vote for him in the primary, and I had plenty of reasons to doubt his election to the Presidency will be an altogether good thing for Republicans or conservatives generally, i.e., McCain-Feingold, Gang of 14, etc.

That being said, I must confess a new found respect for the Senator based upon his selection of Governor Palin. It was all well and good for us to urge her selection upon him -- Original Ted, are you still out there? -- but her selection was always a bit of a Hail Mary from the perspective of a politician with his many years of experience. Governors Pawlenty, Romney and Huckabee would have made good running mates as well, and were much safer picks.

By choosing Governor Palin, Senator McCain demonstrated that he understands that this election is truly about the future of this country and, of necessity, the future of the Republican party. He paid attention to people like us, rushing from blog to blog to register our support for someone we felt truly represented the future of our party. That is not a small thing, especially given the disconnect between Senator McCain and conservative constituencies in the party. He deserves a great deal of credit from us, not just because he chose the running mate we wanted, but for his open-mindedness, foresight and judgment in choosing against the grain.

Second, no matter how fervently I advocated Governor Palin to the McCain campaign through my posts here, I never dreamed she would have this type of impact:

I knew the base would love her and the opposition hate her. That was a given. But the intensity of the love and hate has been something to behold. This campaign is now no longer about the choice between the top of the tickets, but about the choice between Senator Obama and Governor Palin, and it appears that it will remain so through election day.

Why do I think this? Because all elections are about the future, and as much as I respect Senator McCain, it is simply a hard sell to make a septegenarian the harbinger of the future. By selecting Governor Palin as his running mate, Senator McCain offers Americans a choice between the competing visions of the two parties moving forward. I'm not sure this is what he intended, but I think the choice is starkly clear at this point in time.

Third, and finally, just as Senator Obama's candidacy challenges racial stereotypes, Governor Palin's challenges sexual stereotypes. How Americans deal with these challenges in the voting booth is critically important to our future well-being as a cohesive society.

As Americans, not just Republicans and Democrats, we need to challenge ourselves to make sure we're not voting for or against a candidate because of their race or sex. I suspect that most Democrats will vote for Senator Obama, not because of his race, but because he is a Democrat espousing a worldview and policies consistent with those of his party.

Similarly, I suspect that most Republicans will vote for Senator McCain and Governor Palin, not because of his age or her sex, but because they are Republicans espousing a worldview and policies consistent with those of their party. And that's as it should be.

Governor Palin is a breath of fresh air to this aging Reaganite. I urged her selection because she best represents me, both personally and politically. I'm ecstatic that I now have a voice in the debate over the future of this country, and the intensity of the attacks on her by the other side demonstrate like nothing else their complete commitment to avoiding any such debate.

We make the same mistake they have if we deify Governor Palin in our enthusiasm. We need to stick to the issues, meet their personal attacks with the poise demonstrated by Governor Palin, i.e., with smiles and humor, and fight the good fight with the enthusiasm of happy warriors confident in their vision of the future.

I'm really looking forward to this campaign. Time to start working some of my butt off.

Sheri said...


You were the one that did compare a fetus (you called just cells) to a scab or a mole (cells) Are you aware that at the 5th week of pregnancy the child has a heart beat. That means that the fetus has a heart. And incase you do not know how they calculate 5 weeks...that is from the starting date of your last period. So, when you are one week late for your period you are 5 weeks pregnant.

By the end of the 8th week, all of the main organ systems are in place and the fetus is 2 inches long. 8 weeks is 4 weeks after your missed period. What does that sound like to you? A bunch of cells or a 2 inch human? Look at these photos Baby devolvement These are pictures of a baby from 7 to 20 weeks gestation (these are not abortion pictures) And remember 7 weeks is 3 weeks past your missed period. I look at these photos and I see nothing but a baby growing.

Secondly, you are right about killing abortion doctors...that is wrong. But if you compare how many abortion doctors are killed to how many abortions are performed each year...a little lopsided. I looked it up. The last one was in 1998. There were five from 1993-1998 (3 doctors, 2 clinic workers, 1 security guard.) Again, most pro-lifers are against the killing of doctors. So, that argument is very weak since 99.9% of pro-lifers are against the murdering of abortion doctors.

Also, I am surprised that you learned about birth control in a private catholic school...most Catholics do not believe in birth control. Saying that, I do not believe sex should be taught in schools. We are so far behind in our reading skills and math skills, maybe our education should focus more on education and not social issues. Leave that to the parents. You can teach your kids what you want to teach them and I can teach my kids what I want to teach them.

I respect women...I respect them so much that I think women should be in control of their bodies. I do not women to be used for sex (many teenage girls are used just for sex) I do not want teens to get pregnant, I do not want women's bodies destroyed by a STD. I do not want girls reputations destroyed because she is having sex. You need to understand that pro-lifers are not against women...we just expect women to be in more control of their bodies.

And you said what is more important, quality of life or life at all? I would rather a baby be aborted than live a life not worth living. Most babies that would be aborted end up living those types of lives. But again, that isn't really the issue we're discussing. we are going to start deciding whose life is worth living and whose life is not? What if a wealthy CEO that makes 40 million a year looks at your life and deems your life worthless. What do you think about that? Do people not come out of poverty doing wonderful things (Oprah) My mom was 17 when she had was tough. Maybe I should have been aborted. My mom chose the difficult route and I am now married to a university professor and we have 5 beautiful children. If my mom had aborted me, I would not be here and neither would my 5 sons. Abortion does not kill just one life, it kills generations of lives. It is wrong to judge people's lives worthless. Your life is what you make of it.

Also...wasn't Reagan governor for 8 years? How does that compare to a community leader. Just curios.

I would not be so cocky about Obama could come around and bite you right in the hiney.

Sheri said...


You are so right. McCain was not my first pick either. But, I do think he will be a very good president.

I love that he chose Palin. As a woman, I am so excited about her. There are so few female politicians that believe the same as I do. Most female politicians are Democrats....and I disagree with their party's stances on the issues.

I hope with Palin, there will be a new brew of conservative female politicians. That way our young women will have examples of conservative women.

It is the start of a new era. :)

ChristianZ said...

While I was basically (not rabidly) for Romney while he was an option and thought McCain might pick him to be his running mate I also thought it'd just look like the old white men huddling together. I have to say that was a very interesting choice on McCain's part to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate. It's certainly creating more buzz than Obama picking Biden. Looking through the Cafe Press items linked to earlier I found some funny slogans, such as:

"I'm not voting for McCain; I'm voting for Palin.


"I'm voting for Sarah . . . and that guy she's running with."

I bet there's a lot of people who feel that way.

Sheri said...


That cafe press has a sticker that says

I'm not voting for McCain I'm voting for Palin.

That is funny!

Suzie said...

OK, first of all, most teen mothers who keep their babies depend on society to support them, and go out and do it again. Second, how can you say Palin is a great choice, when nothing is known of her. I know she is a little dim, took quite a while for her to find a university that would give her a diploma (and with McCain's outstanding college career, we have a couple of rocket scientists}. And lastly, Heart has warned McCain/Palin against using "Barracuda" in the future!

GoGoGOSarah said...

Two straight shooters.Two people that acknowledge there is much to do.Two people that acknowledge the failed responsibilities of their own party.A man that reaches across the isle wanting to work together on issues,the list is long.Very long.When looking at what current congress has done to address the very issues that the Dem want to argue about,well there are a lot of questions that they should answer,one thing I have learned is that they are very good at dodging them question.

Suzie said...

Women, don't vote for a uterus, vote for a brain!!!!

Sheri said...


So if you are on government assistance, we should abort all of those babies? Would you be for forced birth control for females on government assistance or would you just prefer these women to abort their babies once the get pregnant?

Heart was foolish to not let the McCain camp use her song. I had heard that tons of people were buying that song...then she doesn't allow the McCain/Palin camp to use it. I mean how many people 35 and younger even know who Heart is? I would have thought that they would have been thrilled that one of their old songs was being resurrected. It seems quite petty to me and not very business savvy either.

GoGoGOSarah said...

Anyone,what is the truth with Oprah? Should she not give equal time to Sarah?

ChristianZ said...

She certainly should. Is Oprah going to be true to the black part of herself but not the woman part of herself? Time will tell. I can tell you if Sarah was on Oprah it'd be a huge ratings thing.

Sheri said...

Did Oprah ever have Hillary on?

Maybe Palin should be on Ellen. McCain was on Ellen and I think that went alright.

GoGoGOSarah said...

Yes Oprah should invite Sarah, I have been hearing some disturbing stories that she would not have her on her show...So here we have a situation where she uses "her" show to promote a political candidate, where is the balance in this?

wk4christ said...

Re: where is the balance in this?

That's the thing with a lot of liberals: there is no balance. They claim to be tolerant and yes, they are tolerant---as long as you agree with them!

In order to be fair and balanced, Oprah should have Sarah on the show and her audience hear Sarah's side of the story.

Mountain Mama said...

Oprah announced today that she has already made it clear that she would NOT be using her TV show to feature any politician from any party.

The fact is, though, that she had Obama on her show TWICE, but both times occurred before she announced her support for Obama.

SO WHAT? She isn't giving equal time to McCain unless and until she has McCain on her show twice, too. It's not as though anyone is going to think that his appearance there is ANY type of endorsement by her! We all know already that she's completely in the tank for Obama.

But she won't have McCain on, and she sure as heaven will not have Palin on her show, either (although she said she'd have them on after Jan. 20, if they win the election).

I think this nation had better brace itself for widespread rioting if McCain / Palin win. MANY people of color will feel absolutely livid, and probably (as usual, ad infinitum) believe that the election was bought, rigged, or stolen. (sigh..........)

GoGoGOSarah said...

Oprah, I feel discriminated against, very simply said you are out of line and should have not invited Obama on if you felt ( and someone in your staff should have known,just in the case that you were too much enthralled with the Obama fit to realize it at the time )that you would have no desire to invite a nominee from the other party/ticket. Oprah your country first...wait a second who said that..yes country first and your actions here do not support this very important reminder.

GoGoGOSarah said...

Oprah: I feel discriminated against.Very simply said you are out of line and should have not invited Obama on if you felt ( and someone in your staff should have known,just in the case that you were too much enthralled with the Obama fit, to realize it at the time )that you would have no desire to invite a nominee from the other party/ticket. Oprah your country first...wait a second who said that..yes country first and your actions here do not support this very important reminder.

Melissa81 said...

MountainMama, I agree with all you said except the part about people of color being livid if McCain/Palin are elected. I'm Black and I'm not on the Obama/Biden express. In fact, I switched support from Hillary Clinton to John McCain and Sarah Palin. I'm not sold on Barack Obama and if you really get to the nitty gritty of it all, you'd find that some if not most blacks aren't sold on his policies either. I was curious to see why other blacks were voting for him and if I had a dime for everytime someone said, "because he's black", I'd be rich! That reason is not enough for me. I want to see action, not talk about taking action. I think McCain/Palin can do that. Of course, when I speak like this, no one on my race wants to hear it and of course I'm labelled as an Uncle Tom, which I'm not.

This is what I wish for the Republican Party to do. Don't just assume all the black voters out there are going to vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. There are plenty of black voters like me who will vote on a McCain/Palin ticet and then there are a good many out there who are still undecided. These are the people McCain/Palin should appeal to because if not, these voters will just not vote on Election Day and I would hate to know that these lost votes may have had an impact on who gets in office.

ChristianZ said...

I do personally know one black girl who has said she feels Obama's too socialist. The way she said it indicated she's not voting for him.

Anonymous said...

How did they get every Republican to take part in the same poll? ;)

eric miller said...

I have long liked John McCain (BIG supporter of his in 2000) but I sadly cannot vote for him due to his choice of Sarah Palin; Palin seems to be too much of a far-far-far right hyper social conservative for my tastes. Someone needs to ask McCain what it feels like to "sell out" to the far right. Anyway, while mayor, Palin expressed a keen interest in having certain books removed/censored from the cannot be serious Sarah! Holy smokes. That's so far right, it's bordering on the Nazi Germany book burning thing.

And as far as Bristol Palin's pregnancy is concerned, I say that's of no consequence to this election; however, it's ironic that this occurred despite Sarah's strong advocacy of sex abstinence. As comedian Chris Rock says, "It makes no sense to hate anyone because whoever you hate will wind up in your family. You hate gays, you're son is going to be gay."

Palin scares me so much that voting for that ticket is out of the question and I suggest people look more closely into her views & policies before casting a vote in her direction.

GoGoGOSarah said...

My wife and I work as volunteers for several organizations, we donate what we can,we give back to the greater good and we feel good about it.Yes we are concerned that with what the Democrats are planning to do this is going to change,we will have to make changes that will affect the way we operate and balance our time. In a country where the far large majority of people have been so blessed and hard working,it is so very sad to see political rethoric get down to a level that do no good to the political debate.

GoGoGOSarah said...

What a perfect example of discrimination here: JUST IMAGINE if the parts were reversed, just IMAGINE if instead of SARAH PALIN being DENIED, it was Obama to be said no YOU cannot come to my show….JUST IMAGINE>>>How many more times, and how much more DISCRIMINATION must we be witnessing on behalf of Sarah Palin?

Zach said...

Fine, stop buying US weekely. The fact is, Sarah Palin has babies. She made that clear when she paraded her brood repeatedly on television while simultaneously pleading that the media respect their privacy. She has told lies. To wit, our local paper, certainly not a liberal news outlet, reported her claims about the "Bridge to Nowhere", selling the jet on Ebay, and leaving her town with a "balanced budget" are all flat out not true. Small lies, but lies non-the-less. As far as scandals are concerned, no one in the media balked at calling the John Edwards affair a scandal, even before it was proven true. A scandal is a scandal is a scandal, whether it is true or not. What is unfair about headlinging a story about a mother who is a proven liar and is involved in several scandals "babies lies and scandals". It seems perfectly appropriate to me, and you would be having no complaints if it was Michelle Obama on that cover instead.

Walk the walk. Know the facts. Right wing controls about 70% of media outlets, but constantly complains about "liberal bias". in the media.

Caroline said...

After Sarah's speech, democrats campaign is proud to say they brought in $10million dollars. Do you know why? Signs of panick has hit the camp.

You can feel the impact of Sarah's presence in the campaign trail. This is awesome to watch. Sarah is indeed a breath of freshair.

Do all you can to get Sarah elected. Get your friends to commit to voting. That is what will make the difference.

Bianca said...

God Bless the McCain/Palin ticket!!!

US Weekly joins the Non-Objective Totally agenda based press that has been promoted by Howard Dean, the DNC and the totally worthless and tasteless journalism of CNN in forcing Obamanation on us - I used to watch CNN and will not even consider them or their sponsors - It's Fox News for us with objectivity - Shame on the press, the DNC and Howard Dean for your dreadful treatment of Hillary - Obama won by default as you trashed Hillary every day in hte press.
As a lifelong Democrat, I will be voting straight Republican this fall due to the digusting antics of the DNC - Wake up guys - It's like watching Robert Redford in "The Candidate"

Maprik said...

I am an independent voter and I can honestly say that while Sarah Palin is certainly exciting I wonder about what she'd be like as President. President's are not CEOs. They are not executives. They should be consensus builders not dividers. I see McCain this way yet somehow I see Palin as being the opposite - a divider. All this stuff about her wanting to test people's loyalty and firing people she didn't feel were loyal or "team players". That just rings too much of George Bush to me and I am a Bush HATER. SO - while McCain is still interesting to me as President, I don't think that Sarah Palin makes me feel more likely to vote for McCain. In fact, I feel LESS likely to vote for McCain because I'm afraid of what would happen if she became President.

Maprik said...

Barack Obama was a "Community Organizer". I know - a ridiculous pointless endeavor. He helped set up a regional job network to help people find jobs. Sarah Palin on the other hand was trying to fire people who didn't agree with her. Hmmmm....

sooz said...

I will NEVER AGAIN buy a US WEEKLY magazine due to its SENSATIONAL and IRRESPONSIBLE reporting. Their cover is very MISLEADING, and TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT, making the public think that Sarah Palin is embroiled in a SCANDAL and is a LIAR. If someone sees the cover, but does not bother to open the magazine and read the contents, they immediately have a negative opinion of her. It is just as bad as some other rag magazine that leads in on their cover with the line, "(Name of Celebrity) is DYING...." and once you open the magazine, you find out that the line continues: "So and So is DYING to win an Oscar". The person who only reads the front page is already gossiping to their friends that the celebrity is about to die. They do it solely to promote magazine sales. I hope others will boycott the magazine also...

sooz said...

I find it ironic how many Democrat liberals AND LIBERAL LATE NIGHT TALK SHOW HOSTS are passing around the GOSSIP about Bristol's pregnancy, and criticizing her for being pregnant out of wedlock. HELLO???? Barack OBAMA's mother was 18 when she had him and SHE NEVER MARRIED HIS DEADBEAT FATHER, who disappeared out of his life when he was 2. He only saw him once after that, when he was 10. But his Dad went on to have OTHER ILLEGITAMATE BABIES with other women. So who is calling the kettle black? At least BRISTOL's boyfriend is "making an honest woman out of her" by marrying her and standing by his paternal responsibilities.

sooz said...

My comment to MAPRIK, who is leaning towards Obama, and commented about Palin being a CEO EXEC but a divider who fires people that don't agree with her. BETTER SOMEONE LIKE THAT, than a RENAGADE who travels in circles with people like WILLIAM AYERS who was in the FAR LEFT UNDERGROUND, bombed the US Capital in the 70's, and killed people, and REV. WRIGHT, a racist rabble-rouser. Obama is a liar who is NOW trying to distance himself from the questionable types that he once called his close friends. I DON'T TRUST HIM and I also think that he is NOT EXPERIENCED ENOUGH to be PRESIDENT. Yeah, he's a smart talker and smooth speech maker, but don't be misled by his captivating image. I give excellent speeches also, I am hired to write them and give them... BUT DOES THAT QUALIFY me to be PRESIDENT? His ELITIST attitude turns me off. He is SO NARCISSISTIC it makes me sick. He JUST CAME ONTO THE SCENE in the past few years, no one even heard of him before 2004. Sarah Palin was already a MAYOR by then, and has been a GOVERNOR governing our largest and one of our wealthiest states with the LOWEST TAXES! She is ETHICAL and will cut wasteful spending and help in the DRILLING FOR OIL in her homestate of ALASKA. We need a LEADER, and she, and McCain (A HERO) are both PROVEN leaders. Obama and Biden are ALL TALK.

Ashley said...

US Magazine.... do the math.