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Monday, September 29, 2008

Sarah Liberated!

Well, it looks like the McCain campaign is listening to the people. According to Bill Kristol, top McCain aides Rick Davis and Steve Schmidt are personally taking control of what I am calling "Operation Liberation". Apparently, Sen. McCain is as displeased with the rest of us with the way Sarah is being handled by the Bush staffers he hired to do the job. I've also read that Todd and an Alaskan Palin staffer (a group that is sorely underrepresented on the current Palin staff), will be on hand for Sarah's debate prep retreat in Sedona.

If today was any indication, it appears that the liberation is already underway. I personally am watching two indicators from Palin: one-liners and (believe it or not) wardrobe choices. Here's why I think both are relevant:

On the one-liners: Palin is best when speaking off-the-cuff. She's "in the zone" when she's allowed to joke and make lots of flippant remarks. If her speech at today's rally was any indication, it looks like they've already fixed that problem to some degree.Yes, it was still a speech, but it was definitely more of a vintage Palin speech than we've been seeing.

On the wardrobe: Like it or not, the way female politicians dress will always be analyzed more than the threads of their male counterparts. Both Sarah and the McCain campaign have been VERY cognizant of this fact. For Sarah's part, she practically trademarked her hairdo, glasses, and red powersuits in Alaska (and the first two nationally...I'll come back to the third). It was definitely a great look, but it was also done relatively cheaply (personal frugality is also a Palin trademak). On the other hand, the campaign people have put her through something of a makeover, encouraging her to buy expensive designer clothes (usually leather jackets of the sort often worn of Cindy McCain). I have nothing against these as occasional campaign expenses (especially for the convention), but they undermine the down-to-earth Palin persona and frankly they are just not Sarah. While I am actually a big fan of Cindy McCain's fashion sense, I think I'm going to hurl if that look continues to be applied to Sarah.

Why does this even matter? Because my guess is that the clothes will likely be the first thing to go if Sarah is to reinvent herself on her own terms (a reverse-makeover, if you will). Not that Sarah has to start shopping at Wal-Mart, but I think that "Revenge of the Red Powersuit" (also apparently on display today) is a quick and easy way signaling the public that Sarah is back in the driver's seat. It it really relevant, no; but symbolism is a big part of getting your message across.

Now, to those in the comments section who have said that my analyses lately have not contained any policy recommendations: you are absolutely correct. Obviously, there are things that Sarah has to do and say regarding policy in order for the public to be truly comfortable with her, and they are being hashed out on every cable news channel. That said, those of us who have watched Sarah for over a year know, down to the finest detail, all of the things she did that made her message more powerful. Hence, with Sarah receiving some criticism for looking uncomfortable in her own skin, I think it is totally prudent to include such "superfluous" details in strategy discussions. Whether we like it or not, these little details are the sort of things that people subconsciously pay attention to, and they simply cannot be ignored.


huskyonspeed said...

Good news. I can't wait for the debate! It seems like Bill Kristol knows everything about Palin. I saw him on FNS yesterday and he was spot on in his analysis of her handlers.

Bill said...

This is great news! I had not seen the video of her speech in Ohio today until I followed your link! I got to see the pitbull with lipstick in Media, PA last week, and I have to say that she looks more confident and her witty remarks are back! If that Sarah Palin shows up on Thursday night, Joe Biden is going te be in big trouble! If that Sarah shows up at the debate, the questions about her ability will be gone. We already know what she can do and what she has done, it's time for the rest of the country to see what we've seen!


techno said...

Just saw Sarah and John on CBS with Couric. She was her normal self: high-energy, intelligent, and assertive but not angry or sarcastic; you could tell she wasn't going to take any s**t from Katie today. She defended herself very well when accused by Couric of supporting crossborder raids which went against McCain's position. She even mentioned 'the gotcha mentality' that takes one line out of context (refer to my previous posting) and blows it up to drive a wedge between the candidates. This was a complete reversal. I may have been right-perhaps she was at a low energy level in the last interview and of course we know she has been 'handled' too much. 3 days in the desert should help her even more.

Mountain Mama said...

Wow, Techno!
When I wrote (earlier thread), "Don't hold back!"
---you didn't!

* Ruffles dictionary pages for definition of, "sarcasm....." *

Seriously, don't forget to EAT, buddy! (But I'm glad you're working hard on Palin's behalf!)


ABC Trio said...

Fabulous. Can't wait to view the debates!
Big Palin fan, and recently discovered your blog! Hate the left wing media and could live on FoxNews alone.....
Keep up the great work. Love to read your perspectives.

Night Owl said...

You know, as much as I complain about the analysis of female politicians clothes and fashion, I am soooooo guilty of this.

For example, WHAT was up with Hillary's pantsuit at the convention? Knowing how these things get analyzed, that was a huge don't. ;)

12thMan said...

New blogger here,

My girl's back!!!!!!! Told ya we got nothin to worry about

My biggest worry remains McCain, do we get the one from the primaries or do we get the one from Saddleback that picked our goddess? If it's the former, good lord. But if it's the latter, we gotta go all the way, no half@$$ing it here (RNC, debate)

As for last week, hey it happens. Even Ronald Reagan had his dogs. She probably was counting too much on tearing into Ahmajack@$$ (before Hillary/Jews for Hitler took it away) and it threw her off a bit.

I'm sick and tired of reading 'Sarah Palin sets women back' from all these blogtards. They oughta come up and watch my worthless governor Chris Gregoire and all her canned responses ("GEORGE BUSH", a minute of what she would do followed by a minute of "my opponent on the other hand........") if they really wanna see that in action.

And Katie Couric is a d@mn fluff, I first saw her doing a typical media hit piece (no facts) on Dateline about Beavis and Butthead back in early 1993. She's barely impressed me any since then. I still wouldn't have held it against Sarah if she just stood there flipping her off for 45 minutes.

GO SP GO!!!!!!

PALINATOR!!!! said...

Great Points as usual Adam! I have heard from tv watchers that she did so well today, the most important thing for her to do is to relax, be sincere, represent the country she loves, make her family and friends proud and she will be great. As for the suits, I think she should either wear a suit she already owns and is confident in, or let her parents (or close friends) be her stylist(s), they know her best . Everyone needs their inner circle to tell you the truth amidst the sea of yes people that have clearly latched on, and she should avoid watching television, seek God pray lots and lots, and read her Bible: all the things that have worked in her favor to date, and continue to read Psalm 27 Sarah!

Jan said...

YES! This is what we've been waiting for. Good job!

CalledOut said...

Things are looking up...and it is great that her "preppers" have been replaced...her old ones did a miserable job. I predict she will step up and come through in the debate, and ultimately prove she can be counted on when the chips are down.

purplecrayon said...

You are sounding more and more like a cross between an image consultant and a middle-schooler with his first big crush.

Sarah Palin "looks' just fine to me. It's only when she opens her mouth that she has a problem and no wardrobe adjustments can fix that.

As for her "one-liners," Sarah Palin is not auditioning for a comedy club. Our country, in case you haven't noticed, is in the midst of a financial crisis and I doubt that many voters want to yuck it up. I think they want to know that our leaders can actually grasp our country's problems.

Yes, I'm being harsh but I wandered onto this site hoping to be informed. John McCain pledged that he would select "the best qualified candidate" as his running mate. There certainly has been a lot of discussion about the "real Sarah" and I know that you love her but so far I still feel like I could go to my local PTA meeting and just randomly pick any Mom and she would be more qualified than Sarah Palin.

Jill said...

Palin will paint us proud! I have every confidence in her success on Thursday.

I know McCain's numbers are free-falling in the polls we're looking at, and honestly, I don't have any sort of feel for what this country is going to do on November 4, but I will always believe McCain's choice was right. Right is not always acknowledged or rewarded, but it's still right.

Sarah, we're all at that podium with you, standing strong!

PALINATOR!!!! said...

I posted this comment elsewhere, (I think it bears a repost)
I would also urge her campaign crew to include personable qualities moving forward, such as the fact that she is the youngest: woman, nursing mother, AND soon to be Grandmother nominated as a VP, those three issues alone, will endear many women and pro family voters because many of us can identify with the pressures, joys and experience, that just one of of those accomplishments brings. (everyone knows grandmom's rule) One other comment they should remember moving forward is that this debate and campaign is not about maintaining the loyals it is about reaching out to the undecided EV'ers and the states they represent.

C Doyal said...

I totally agree; Sarah needs to be in control of her own wardrobe and write her own speeches! She is perfectly capable of getting her point across if the professional politicians would just let her.

Bob said...

Someone make me feel good about this election. Polls, and I do believe in polls, indicate BO running away with it with almost 30days to go. State polls dont look good. McCain is having to defend states he should have locked up. Palin didnt help like I thought she would. So, Ted where are you. Got any ideas about this. And where is Drew. Any inside info? Help!!

tamara said...

I never lost confidence in her for even a second. I don't even consider what the main stream media says about's a bunch of garbage.

She's awesome and McCain couldn't have picked a better VP.

Jason said...

It looks as if Sarah Palin is slipping further in her popularity with the American people. Look at the public polling of recent days and the joint interview that she did with Katie Couric this evening. It is becoming increasingly clear that Palin was a poor choice for the Republican ticket. You folks can continue your naive rhetoric in defense of Palin, but you too in the coming weeks will see that Palin will be one the major factors in John McCain losing the presidency.

techno said...

Larry King is obsessed in destroying Sarah. Tonight in total isolation to the rest of his program (dedicated to the analysis of the bailout)Larry shows a one minute clip of the most recent SNL skit to ridicule and mock Sarah-a total gratutious shot--he's still mad that John McCain cancelled an interview with him after Campbell Brown's antics with Tucker Bounds.Since McCain selected Sarah CNN has become MSNBC II. It started with John Robert's sexist question about how could Sarah take care of a special needs child and still be VP. It has continued to now and will continue as long as Sarah present of national political scene. Larry, I'm really disappointed in you. You've been around long enough to know that vicious, unwarranted attacks and smears launched by the Nazis against the Jews led to the Holocaust. To savagely attack and smear a mother of 5 who has a special needs child is frankly the equivalent of Nazi persecution and a reflection of how soon you have forgotten the lesson of the Holocaust and how low you have sunk in the pursuit of ratings in your support of the Messiah.

TVFan said...

I was watching Sarah's speech live on Fox News today and thinking that she seemed more "vintage Sarah." LOVED the quips and the jabs she took at Sen. Biden. I really hope we see this Sarah Thursday night at the debate. Thanks for the update. I'm glad those in positions to change this finally got the message.

Richard said...

I thought that McCain -- unnecessarily and rudely -- interrupted Sarah when she was going to answer Couric's question about Pakistan.

Night Owl said...

I was so encouraged to see the video of her speech, with the Biden comment. I know I shouldn't but I just get so personally angry when people badmouth her. Grrr.

techno said...

Some more MSM definitions: 1) religious freedom: Islamic terrorism 2) hypocrite: a Christian 3)negative ads: a Republican smear 4) rule of law: judicial activism 5) lawsuit: legal vengeance 6) pursuit of happiness: narcissism 7) sex: an irresistable impulse 8) political campaign: scorched-earth policy 9) taxing the rich: Democratic payback 10) flyover country: trailer trash

Cheryl said...

Adam, can you perhaps do a post with this link to this video in it somewhere? I was literally stunned when I watched it (it's about the Democrats and their part in the Community Reinvestment Act). This video got me fired up again and reaffirmed my decision to vote McCain/Palin!

Please, everyone forward this link to everyone that you know!

Ted said...

Watched the latest Couric/Palin/McCain interview.

Not only is our Sarah back, I think she can now be better than ever (even for her) -- in a position to call out the media for all the BS they've been feeding -- she's a "fighter with poise" and can now be stronger than ever (yet with charm and poise).


p.s. -- Sarah, and definitely keep your hair up in a bun (like you did in the Glenn Beck interview. Apparently the Bush crew even messed up your hair-do).

huskyonspeed said...

Hey 12thman, nice to see another evergreen stater on here! Yeah, Gregoire is annoying, i can't wait 'til we can vote her out in November, and Go Seahawks!

UNDERDOG said...

Yes, wow, fantastic! Letting her go and be herself is the best thing they could do. Her speech at the convention and now this! "GO Sarah GO"

techno said...

In a previous posting I commented on Geraldine Ferraro in a Fox interview who suggested that Sarah would have to memorize every vote and position that McCain took in his 26 years in Congress to win the debate over Biden. At the time I asked the fans of this blog whether this was necessary or not. On second thought Geraldine--you're an idiot--it's no wonder you and Mondale only carried one state in 1984. As Bill O'Reilly stated, "Did Al Gore have to memorize every decision or position that Bill Clinton took as governor of Arkansas?"

techno said...

Before you can begin to catch up in the polls you have to stop the bleeding. I believe that is what Sarah's debate performance is all about.

tom paine said...

The debate should finally allow American voters see exactly what Gov. Palin can do minus a tele-prompter and a script written by Rick Davis and the other Team McCain speech writers.

Gwen Ifill has impeccable credentials and has never been accused of partiality or unfairness.

It should be revealing to see Gov. Palin expound on a few issues using her own words and comparing the expertise of Gov. Palin and Sen. Biden in the various areas that are truly important to our nation.

(hopefully, wardrobe will not be given any air time!)

knowitall said...

As techno has said, some people writing on this site may be showing unreasonable pessimism.
Purplecrayon suggested that Sarah should not use many humerous lines because we are in a time of crisis.

Dr. Martin Seligman did an analysis of all the presidential campaigns going back to about 1920. He and his team found that the candidate with the optimistic message always won.

Knowing this, I have listened to Sen. Obama for his optimism, but I find very little. Senators McCain and Biden are barely better.
Sarah radiates an optimism and a faith in America's future that will carry all of us to victory. She is the only candidate with a sincere optimism. In a time of crisis, people look to their leaders for the optimism that she has.
Techno is right, please stay optimistic and keep you sense of humor.

knowitall said...

One scene of Gwen Ifill that I will never forget is the night in 1992 when Gov. Clinton defeated Geo HW Bush. When Clinton's victory was announced, Madame Ifill was smiling from ear to ear and laughing in a manner which was inappropriate for a journalist.

I have always thought of her as having partiality and unfairness.

FredHeadBill said...

Adam, I've had the pleasure of lurking here since 3 weeks before Gov. Palin was picked. I loved the excitement and the discovery of the jet flight plan being discovered.
My perspective may be a little different than some here. I am Pentecostal and I have been Baptized in the Holy Ghost, I have spoke in Tongues, but more than anything the Holy Ghost provides POWER...I hope so much that Gov. Palin is Baptized in the Holy Ghost because that means she running on the Power that Jesus said we will need. Now if you have some prejudice against Holy Rollers don’t read anymore and put me in your nutcase file. America needs someone who needs God. AMERICA NEEDS SOMEONE WHO NEEDS GOD. I believe Gov. Palin realizes that she is dependant on God. That is where all of us need to be, the other candidates are so short of what this country needs. I felt that Fred Thompson was so right on every issue; he lacked excitement unless you were deep into the issues that our country has drifted so far from where we started. I felt Fred could talk us into doing what is right by reason. But I now realize he was not the right person at this time. People do not reply to position on issues, that’s why Obama has excelled. America needs excitement. Gov. Palin has excited the social conservatives, Palin Power is Holy Ghost Power, she is going to astonish America when she debates Biden.
Below here are some thoughts for Gov. Palin, but she will follow the leading of the Spirit. You can tell now that she is again walking in the Spirit. Our Church is Praying for Palin.
The only way Biden has a chance of not blowing this debate Thursday is not showing up! The networks will be filled with sound bite after sound bite of Palin’s photogenic face ripping Obama, Biden and Washington's failure after failure.
The MSM pundits are going to say it's about her lack of experience. But she is going to get in Biden's face about him being a part of the Washington corrupt politics that have forgot about the people....she is going to push Biden's and Obama's buttons so bad that all we'll hear for the next week is how bad Biden did and they need Hillary now. She will make it so evident that knowing every detail about foreign policy might be of value to someone that doesn't have to make decisions, but where the rubber meets the road Obama/Biden are going to stick America in a socialist economic down turn that will not know what to do when their polices invite another terrorist attack. Obama's tax breaks should be called the largest welfare plan ever; making the great society look like a drop in the bucket.
If facts mattered Obama would not have risen, it about emotions.
Sarah Palin connects to hometown and Main Street. Most people will not check democrat facts.
The MSM has made fun of the preacher praying for Palin, Palin's camp should allow media attend pre-debate prayer meeting.
Think PTA to City Council to Mayor to Governor to VP candidate of the oldest President Candidate. They need to be playing 'God is in Control' by Twila Paris
They are going to take Sarah off the leash.
OH MY! Look out Washington her she comes

The liberal media will be posting content advisories before showing Palin gutting Biden and Obama’s socialist agenda!
Joey you and Barry have never save the people a 1/2 billion dollars like I did in Alaska. Cause you've been to busy taking money from Wall St and everyone else, You all have prostituted the people's trust.
So Joey I saved the people of Alaska more money in 20 months than you have in 36 years!
Joey we know the people know you are a fake. You know you were lying when you repeated over and over again it's unpatriotic for not wanting to pay more taxes. Joey baby you need to go home!


techno said...

For those of you who are still down on Sarah based on her three interviews with Gibson, Hannity and Couric, I would invite you to go to my previous posting under the heading 'Please Let Sarah be Sarah' I have detailed 14 consistencies where Sarah's views line up with McCain's, debunked some of the so-called gaffes and tried to be objective about her overall performance. In essence she wasn't as bad as some make her out to be and better than most people realize.

Ted said...

Bottom line is this, McCain's election possibilities are now on Palin's shoulders (and on Thursday's debate). If anyone can do it, Palin can. The question is, can even a Palin counteract the brilliant, devious and powerful October surprise (the sub-prime mortgage generated financial crisis) which the Democrats have perfectly timed.

I fear for our country, or more specifically, I fear for the Democratic take-over and rule which awaits (for at least the next 20 years) -- Presidency, Congress, Supreme Court. Sarah Palin, Thursday night, is the nation's only chance.

God, please be with Sarah on Thursday night.

Matthew said...

Adam, I see this as a positive turn of events, but I worry that it's coming too late. The angle from the media seems to be that the McCain campaign is very, very worried that Sarah will mess this thing up & they're taking her to debate camp to try to give her a crash course. That's what they said on the Today show. That's a spin that works badly against Sarah in the debates. Even if she does well, they'll say, "well, it looks like she crammed well enough last night. The McCain camp must be sighing relief." Any mistakes will be attributed to her being green and not too smart, whereas any of Biden's mistakes will be attributed to his being Biden.


When McCain and Palin take over in January, we all hope and pray it happens; there will be a lot of changes. What has hurt the Republicans have been those who have been in power as well as those who are behind the scenes, trying to act their ideas and interests are what the country should all rally behind..

Besides the Bush staffers you mention, the best examples are what Tom Delay and Phil Graham did to this country. Delay is responsible for a lot of the spending on the Republican side years ago and Graham attitude that this country is a bunch of whiners did not help our cause as well. Plus Graham really retired earlier because his wife received a nice million something dollar bonus from being on the Enron board. So glad McCain and Palin are not like those two.

McCain and Palin are good for the Republican Party and most of all; they are good for this country. We have placed McCain as our main candidate because we are tired of the Delays and Grahams. Plus we are tired of the Clintons, the Kerrys and soon, the Pelosis.

I had respect for the Speaker of the House until yesterday when she placed party politics above the interest of the nation. Several Republicans were ready to vote for the bill until she insulted the Republicans to the point which changed so many of their minds. This is why we are tired of the politics in Washington. Pelosi needs to get focus on the country and stop with the agenda of making the Democrats look good during this time of crisis. This is going to hurt her as well as her party plus the country in the long run. Now is not the time to find opportunities to get ahead in the polls. American people of tired of it. That is why on both sides of the aisle, we have candidates for change.

McCain and Palin will bring forth the best kind of change for this country and at the same time, they will not make us weak in the process. So like I always say, God bless John McCain and God bless Sarah Palin.


tom paine said...

knowitall said...

"One scene of Gwen Ifill that I will never forget is the night in 1992 when Gov. Clinton defeated Geo HW Bush. When Clinton's victory was announced, Madame Ifill was smiling from ear to ear and laughing in a manner which was inappropriate for a journalist."

It's very...interesting...that knowitall can recall the exact look on "Madame Ifill" that historic night but gets the year wrong!

The election was held on Nov. 5, 1991.

techno said...

Laura Ingraham just mentioned that Ed Rollins is prepping Sarah for her debate. Well, I heard him on CNN recently talking about 150 questions Sarah should have be prepped for and have answers at her disposal and that he was disappointed how she was being handled. Does anybody have any opinion of how able Ed currently is or is he just a windbag past his prime?

Matthew said...

tom paine, I don't get it. Are you making a joke?

Mountain Mama said...

I once was a reporter, and then became a syndicated columnist for over 12 years. While it's allowable for commentators to take political positions publicly, highly-professional reporters are NEVER supposed to reveal their private views while reporting, which is precisely why Tim Russert was so treasured.
(I still miss him SO much; he was SO enjoying this quirky election! I suppose he's enjoying it even more in heaven...)

Anyway, MANY liberal reporters make a slip rather constantly as they speak on television, by saying, "we," when they are supposed to be reporting "objectively" on the Democrat party:
"WE are going up in the polls," or "WE gotta get out the vote," etc.

These biased reporters sometimes don't even NOTICE that they are thus verbally aligning themselves with the Dems., while other reporters don't even TRY to appear "objective."

Now, I have never heard Gwen Ifill make a verbal slip to reveal bias----but I, too, have seen her body language change utterly when she's reporting: she'll display a negative or skeptical look about conservatives, then show a visibly positive, smiling, and even delighted look about liberals.

One last point:
The presidential elections occur every fourth year, on even years: 1980, 1984, 1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, and now, 2008.
The elected candidates are inaugurated as President the next January, in odd years: 1981, 1985, 1989, 1993, etc.
So Clinton defeated GW Bush in Nov., 1992, and Clinton took office in Jan., 1993.

And, knowing that Gwen Ifill consistently reveals her political preferences through her body language signals, I believe that Knowitall DID see her smiling and gesturing with joy when Clinton won----which is, yes, very inappropriate behavior for an "objective reporter."

Ted said...

To Sarah Palin:--


but Sarah, you MUST GET IT SAID! (because apparently McCain is unable or incapable of doing it)

laurence said...

Go Sally go. We know you can wup anyone. With or without lipstick.

tom paine said...

matthew said...
"tom paine, I don't get it. Are you making a joke?"

No problem matt, tell me exactly what you do not "get" and I will be glad to elucidate for you?

Anonymous said...

Well, Tom Paine you aren't as smart as you think you are. The election was held in Nov. '92. Socialism has never worked in any nation, it especially won't work in the USA!!
McCain/Palin is our only hope for any crisis we are facing.
God bless them both.

techno said...

From Michael Calderone at the Politico: Gwen Ifill (moderator at debate Thursday) breaks her leg yesterday by falling down the stairs. She still plans to attend the debate. In addition Rush Limbaugh is unjustly accused of slamming the House Republicans which he denies on his program. Go over to Instapundit and read the e-mail from someone tied into the media that the media is actually in the tank for Obama. The bailout doesn't pass Monday. The three national polls today (Rasmussen, Gallup,and Hotline) all have McCain back 6 points. Obama and his legal allies in Missouri are threatening the news media who carry NRA ads. Sarah is criticized in the Washington Times for being middle class (at least she's not trailer trash). Is it just me that thinks that the last 3 days seem like a bad episode of the Twilight Zone.

technogeek said...

The Dems October suprise? Did I miss something? When did GW become a Dem?

McCain was picked to run in 2008 because Rove and his buddies knew that this was coming and wanted the pariah of the party to take the fall.

The only problem with their plan was they didn't count on McCain picking Palin.

Sarah needs to keep being positive. If she goes negative on Biden she loses the middle of the road voters.

Personally I think she should have passed on this ticket to be in a better position in 2012.

techno said...

Just read that the McCain campaign has banned Maureen Dowd, the harridan over at the NY Times and a leader in Palin Derangement Syndrome, from both campaign planes. Nicole Wallace, a McCain aide, was said to be smiling. Hardball!

techno said...

Sarah will on CBS tonight with Katie Couric at 6:30 PM in a solo interview.

techno said...

Sarah is on Hugh Hewitt's program today. If you miss it go to KRLA 870 and you get it on playback or podcast. Sarah sounds really upbeat and raring to go.Hugh says the transcript is on his website Hugh

techno said...

Sarah, even after more gotcha questions from Couric regarding abortion, the morning after pill, homosexuality, global warming, and ANWR was again energetic and pointed as she was in yesterday's interview. She seems to be more aware of gotcha questions. For example Katie asked her what magazines and literature she has read to get her ready for foreign affairs. No more stupid answer in relation to Russia; she makes a joke and says look "Alaska is also a part of America. We are a microcosm of America. I read a variety of magazines just like every American. This was not her best answer but at least it wasn't as bad as was her answer on a question about McCain's record that she gave last week. I think her best answer was when she adddressed the homosexuality issue and that she is not judgmental.

CalledOut said...

" Ed Rollins is prepping Sarah for her debate."

omg!! I suggested Ed Rollins be brought in in my prior post! I am elated!! He is a BRILLIANT strategist and is in no way a windbag past his prime....his recent remarks on how Palin has been mishandled were spot on! OUTSTANDING CHOICE!! He is going to turn her loose while at the same time bring her up tp speed on various issues.....SHE WILL HAND JOE BIDEN HIS @SS AT THE DEBATE....JUST WAIT!!!!

12thMan said...

"Hey 12thman, nice to see another evergreen stater on here! Yeah, Gregoire is annoying, i can't wait 'til we can vote her out in November, and Go Seahawks!"

Glad to be here.

SP keeps me from flat giving up this election--never been fond of McCain, all the libs loved him for a reason. I'm REALLY glad to see her get her groove back just in time for the big showdown with Frank Drebin ("I WANNA LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE I CAN GO TO A 7-11 WITHOUT AN INTERPRETER!") Thursday night.

This might be enough to turn the tables (let's hope), might not. But it's important to remember we got someone to keep an eye on the next few years as our next hero(ine).

The events of my birth year are unfortunately repeating themselves 32 years later and if McCain doesn't pick it up we're indeed going to be looking at Carter's second term.

But win or lose, SP's going to be making PLENTY of people happy over the next few years. RR didn't win the first time around either.

Mountain Mama said...

I want to share with bloggers here something I find VERY pertinent to this coming election:
President George Washington, as quoted in yesterday's "Patriot Post: Founders' Quote Daily," wrote:

"Our own Country's Honor, all call upon us for a vigorous
and manly exertion, and if we now shamefully fail, we shall become infamous to the whole world. Let us therefore rely upon the goodness of the Cause, and the aid of the supreme Being, in whose hands Victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble Actions - The Eyes of all our Countrymen are now upon us, and we shall have their blessings, and praises, if happily we are the instruments of saving them from the Tyranny mediated against them. Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and shew the whole world, that a Freeman contending for Liberty on his own ground is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth."

-- George Washington (General Orders, 2 July 1776)

Reference: Washington, General Orders, July 2, 1776.

If you would like to receive Founders Quote Daily, and this highly acclaimed Digest of news, policy and opinion delivered FREE by e-mail to your inbox, link to: http://PatriotPost.US/subscribe/

Dean said...

Very interesting today. A radio talk show in my area discussed the way the McCain camp is handling Sarah Palin. Many of the callers have the same consensus as the posts on this blog. They feel that the McCain camp have tried to shelter Sarah too much and have not allowed Sarah to be herself. Also, they accused her handlers of not properly preparing Sarah.

Many people are not as concerned about her experience and like Sarah for who she is and what she represents.

On a different note here is some video of kids dressed in Obama T-shirts and singing about Obama. Does this resemble communism or what?

Joe said...

Governor Palin,

Terrific job in tonight's interview on CBS. Your loyal supporters are thrilled to hear you speak from the heart about such a wide range of important issues. I think this was a breakthrough interview, and it couldn't have come at a more important time in this election.

We've been intensely worried about you and the campaign in general, but I think that the ship is turning around again, after a tough couple of weeks.

Be yourself, as you were tonight. Be true to your principles. Be conservative, and be compassionate.

Carry your convictions, and your compass, with you on Thursday night. It will be historic for this election season, and for this nation.

Palin is back. Let's go, folks.

tom paine said...

mountain mama was allowed to post a touching but totally irrelevant quote by George Washington. Not sure what connection it might have to the former mayor of Wasilla or the election.

But here is another quote:

"A person can be sincere and still be stupid."

tom paine said...

It's virtually impossible for Gov. Palin not to be viewed as being successful at the debate on Thursday night.

The bar has been set so low that if Gov. Palin manages to make complete sentences it will be a vast improvement.

Anything Gov. Palin has trouble with will be said to be "unfair" or "gotcha" questions. This will include identical questions asked of both Palin and Biden.

Gwen Ifill's ever evil "body language" will be blamed if Gov. Palin makes a huge mistake.

Or, the seating arrangement (too high...too low...too even) will be blamed.

And finally, even if all of the above cannot be used as an excuse for a poor performance, then the McCain "handlers" of Gov. Palin will be blamed.

Gosh, this is a win, win, win situation for the Gov.!!

Mountain Mama said...

Translation of the George Washington quote re. this election, cum Techno:

1. "Our own Country's Honor, all call upon us for a vigorous
and manly exertion..."
- ie., we are called to work hard to win this election for McCain-Palin....

2. "and if we now shamefully fail, we shall become infamous to the whole world."
- ie., if we lose the election to Obama-Biden, we Republicans or conservatives (they are not identical) will be even more reviled by those who mock us presently....

3. "Let us therefore rely upon the goodness of the Cause, and the aid of the supreme Being, in whose hands Victory is, to animate and encourage us to great and noble Actions...."
-ie., we don't claim God's favor as solely our own, but we nevertheless pray that God will help us behave righteously in whatever we do or say while we work to help the election....

4."The Eyes of all our Countrymen are now upon us, and we shall have their blessings, and praises, if happily we are the instruments of saving them from the Tyranny mediated against them."
ie., those who oppose us have yet to learn just how dangerous to our nation's survival economically, internationally, and spiritually are the views and plans of Obama-Biden----but if McCain-Palin succeed and then everyone learns about the truth regarding the other ticket, they will certainly be grateful, and.....

5. "Let us therefore animate and encourage each other, and shew the whole world, that a Freeman contending for Liberty on his own ground is superior to any slavish mercenary on earth."
ie., we here, on this blogsite and elsewhere as we help the McCain-Palin ticket win, are encouraging one another----and showing the world that we are willing to take extremely negative, unjust criticism in order to work for the success of our moral principles (securing a decent and caring nation), rather than sacrifice our morals for money, prestige, or power.

As to whether this nation's original patriots, or current patriots of any political persuasion are "stupid," including Sarah Palin: we shall see.

At any rate, this grand experiment is holding out against ferocious forces yet.

multipath said...

Say there Tom P. I just hope that they don't ask Sarah what year the 1992 elections were held. That question has been known to stump some real smart people.

huskyonspeed said...

techno, thanks for posting about the Hewitt interview. She displayed all of the qualities that I like most about her.

12thMan said...

"Say there Tom P. I just hope that they don't ask Sarah what year the 1992 elections were held. That question has been known to stump some real smart people."

Oh come on, multi. Everyone knows they were actually held in 19*3*2 after an unpopular FDR was run out of the White House on a rail after failing to deliver on his promises in the wake of the crash of '29!:)

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Some thoughts on the upcoming debate:

First, everyone needs to read Michelle Malkin's op-ed on Gwen Ifill and her upcoming book on "The Age of Obama" for some idea of how stacked the deck will be Thursday. It will not surprise me if Ifill and the Obama campaign are in contact concerning what questions to ask the candidates. That's how badly the MSM is in the tank for the One this year.

Second, after listening to Governor Palin on Hugh Hewitt and CBS this evening, I find myself cautiously optimistic that we're about to see the gloves come off. Expect to hear about Senator Obama's vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, if Ifill asks the same type of question Couric did about incestuous rapes. Also, given the new ad from the McCain campaign, expect to hear a great deal about McCain's attempts in 2005 to reign in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac while Senator Obama was taking thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from those two GSEs. Expect also to hear the names Jim Johnson and Franklin Raines. I imagine Senator McCain declined to name names last Friday in a forelorn hope that his bipartisan omission would help get the bailout/rescue bill through both houses. Speaker Pelosi pretty much assured that bipartisanship is a dead letter the remainder of the way.

Third, I am not one to think that Senator Biden will perform poorly. In fact, he regularly scored well among those scoring the primary debates, but ultimately could not translate his debate success into electoral success. Expect him to be gentlemanly until she unleashes the first cut to the One, then he will increasingly become uncomfortable to the point of retaliating to defend Senator Obama. That's when the fun will begin.

Fourth, Governor Palin should constantly compare and contrast Senator McCain's experience with the experience of the One. And always in such a manner as to remind people what a posuer he is. While Senator McCain came to Washington to help get the bill through, it took an invitation from President Bush to get the One into town, then he didn't even lift the receiver once to get his close allies, including Jesse Jr. and the Chicago gang and the Black Congressional Caucus on board. If the McCain campaign is smart they will pick up the talking point from Karl Rove about how many Democrat committee chairs voted no, etc. Senator McCain says that he will name names on earmarks, so name names on this largest of earmarks.

Fifth, speaking of naming names, expect to hear about Bill Ayers, the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, ACORN, etc. This is what running mates are for.

Sixth, Governor Palin still needs to get out of her defensive crouch. She was much more relaxed with Hugh than with Katie, which is perfectly understandable, but it impacts the impression she leaves in terms of confidence in what she says.

Finally, if Rollins is in the pit with her, she will get the best possible training in how to use the knife in close, and that's what she needs to do this time. No more pattycake. She guts and cleans them this time.

I am heartened.

wiglaf said...

I sure hope she tells the world about the Russians' military flights over Alaska for the past year.

Hardly anyone in the lower 48 is aware of this.

12thMan said...

Hey everybody did you see that Joe Biden's going to be in American Carol opening on Friday?

Wait, that's Leslie Nielsen, nevermind...............

Mountain Mama said...

Mondo-licious Comment, Mere Pawn----as usual! I'm guessing that Gov. Palin will behave as a lady, though, even while debating passionately.

Wiglaf! (Just knew it was Norse!----but Hwhy Hno "Wisdom of the Norse" blogs!?---Note the extra W's and H's! *hwink*)

Anyway, GREAT INFO.! Here's some links re. the RUSSIAN JETS OVER ALASKA lately (yipes!):

Anchorage Daily News; March 11, 2008
Russian bombers over Alaska

Anchorage Daily News; Aug. 19,2008: Russian bombers off Alaska
Condoleezza Rice: Russian bomber patrols off Alaska a “dangerous game.”

The Russians are actually quite proud of it — From the Big Bear itself, Pravda!
Russian bombers fly over Alaska again

tom paine said...

The Russian flights are worrysome, but who is really at fault?

"In 1992, Russia unilaterally ended flights by its strategic aircraft to distant military patrol areas. Unfortunately, our example was not followed by everyone," Mr Putin said, in an apparent reference to the US.

"Flights by other countries' strategic aircraft continue and this creates certain problems for ensuring the security of the Russian Federation," he said.

Also, we have Naval Battle Groups in the Gulf and other sensitive areas.

And the current genius in the White House wants to install missle systems basically on the Russian border in Poland. This would be similar to Russia installing them in Canada. Small wonder that Russia feels the need to react.

So the Russian flyovers are not quite as simple as Russia deciding to be a bad guy once again.

techno said...

With Gwen Ifill in the tank for Obama at the debate, the MSM all doing Obama's bidding, the economic crisis facing America apparently helping Obama in the polls,Acorn vote fraud, and 8 years of Bush Derangement Syndrome, if McCain and Sarah win this election is will be a miracle.

Matthew said...

RE: "are you making a joke?"

tom, I was referring to your comment that we had a Presidential election in 1991 (an odd-numbered year).

Matthew said...

"So the Russian flyovers are not quite as simple as Russia deciding to be a bad guy once again."

True, but then neither was the Soviet Union quite as simple as Russia deciding to become the bad guy. These things are never simple, but let's be sure to see the forest with the trees.

knowitall said...

Did you see Drudge?

Gwen Ifill is writing a book about Obama. And she is going to moderate the debate!!!

OOOOOO!!!! I am getting a tingle up my leg!!!

"Gwen Ifill has impeccable credentials and has never been accused of partiality or unfairness." opined Tom Paine

Yeah, my gluteus maximus!!!

Matthew said...

Oh, and another thing …
(heh … sorry) …

There was a Presidential candidate this year who blamed America for Russia's aggressive behavior. That candidate was none other than …
wait for it …
Ralph Nader. The same week as the GOP convention, the state owned media in Russia reported that Americans were saying things like this: "it's a sad state of the country [the US] when you have to be away from the police to feel safe," & "this is obviously a police state." Russia Today then backed up this image with Nader decrying the US actions vis a vis Russia. They the called Nader "a force to be reckoned with" but the US Police State was basically locking him out of the election. If you believe the state owned Russian media, it would seem about like the US is on the verge of invading their country. And they're making use of irresponsible statements from US citizens to back up their propaganda.

A word of comfort to left-wing political protesters & Ralph Nader: yes, you are still relevant; yes, someone takes you seriously.

I do take your point that Russia would be rightly troubled by the expansion of NATO. I agree with so many others that we really need them to be a partner in the fight against Islamicists who stand in solidarity with al Qaeda.

But sometimes, the log is in our neighbor's eye & the spec is in our own.

knowitall said...






azaeroprof said...

C'mon guys, let's not raise a big stink about Gwen Ifill moderating the VP debate. A more appropriate strategy would be to ask the debate commission to even the playing field and replace Tom Brokaw as moderator of the next Presidential debate with, say, Sean Hannity. Sounds like about an even trade! (note slight, but only slight, sarcasm here!)

Seriously, though, this OBVIOUS conflict of interest should cast a serious pall not just over her role as VP debate moderator, but as a reporter at PBS.

Regardless of how this election turns out, I believe it will be a transformational election in terms of how the media is viewed. For good or bad, it is now obvious that there are very few remaining "impartial" media outlets or individuals. I think it's time to shine the light of truth on the media and name names (both sides!). Freedom of the press is a right, but it is also a responsibility and too many have been hiding behind that right while pushing their own agendas. I don't have a problem with members of the media doing that as long as they are open & honest about it, rather than putting forth a false veneer of objectivity.

Michael said...

One thing that is really eye-opening, but not surprising given Couric/CBS, is comparing the 9-minute video available online to the unedited transcript also available online. Most of her answers that either hit Obama hard or made her look intelligent were edited out of the video. At least they won't be able to edit her debate answers in real time!

See for yourself. Watch the video first:

Then read the transcript to see what you missed:


USA Working in the UK said...

The issue goes beyond Palin’s inability to comprehend basic economic principles or to speak coherently during an interview. It speaks to the blatant disregard of the principle of “Country First”.
To the world’s dismay, the “bar” for our leadership standards has been lowered. If Palin maintains a single sentence without fumbling during the debate, “Victory” will be proclaimed.
We have all seen enough. We simply cannot afford to continue on the same path.

technogeek said...

Bill Ayers would be the wrong way to go. Biden will be looking for a perfect opening for bringing up the Keating 5.

The last thing McCain needs is having the Savings and Loan failure being brought up while the banking system is failing again.

Remember that Independents will decide this election. If you watched the CNN Meter, Independents plummeted each time the candidates went negative. Sarah will fair better than McCain did because of her up beat speaking style.

I know many of you can only stand watching FNS, but to understand the other side, you have to watch CNN from time to time.

Red meat was great for the RNC, but that was to bring the Right together. If SP needs to keep the Right interested in the ticket, she might as well "spend more time with her family" to get ready for 2012.

Jack Stevison said...

Just read it. I think her handlers are screwing her up. She needs to be herself. Please, where is the real Sarah Palin?


techno said...

from an entry by Chakra Hammer in Hot Air: "The Big Lie is a propoganda technique. It was defined by Adolf Hitler in his 1925 autobiography Mein Kampf as a lie so 'colossal' that no one would believe that someone' could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously". Described by the OSS in describing Hitler's psychological profile his primary rules were: 1) never allow the public to cool off; 2) never admit a fault or wrong; 3) never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; 4) never leave room for alternatives; 5) never accept blame; 5) concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong. People will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it. From Laura in Maryland on Hot Air: "The first rule of dem communication is 'getting out there' whether it is true or not. The second ruile is the more you repeat a lie, the better it sounds. The third rule is: the louder you shout it, the truer it becomes. I know many of you thought I was over the top comparing Obama's smear campaign of Sarah to Hitler's campaign against the Jews--well here it is laid out for you; make no mistake if not for the American constitution the loony left would arrest Sarah, put her in a concentration camp and best her up and then tear her eyeballs out and then crucify her. if you don't believe that then you deserve to lose the election. You see folks, America will never be the same again if Obama is elected. And remember Hitler did not gain power through a coup d'etat. He was elected first. I only hope that the McCain campaign reads this or is fully aware of this technique already because over the next 30 days if they aren't God help us all! (In addition doesn't Obama's intention to knock the NRA ads off the air waves in Missouri remind one of Nazi stormtroopers.)

Mountain Mama said...




About Gwen Ifill's book!

WHY is she being allowed to act as an "objective" moderator,


if Obama's side (ie. Biden) wins this debate she's "moderating!???"

My outrage has NOTHING to do with Sarah:

This information about Gwen's book just MUST be shared with ALL the media!

EMAIL your local newspaper to inform them and complain about this TODAY, so they can publish it TOMORROW, the day of the VP debate!

EMAIL other blogsites!

Email everyone you know!

What a travesty........

Grace Explosion said...

Ya Know, people are trying to say that Governor Palin made this great big huge "mistake" saying that she would do whatever is necessary to protect the US in relation to Pakistan. That's Governor Palin. That's where she stands. You know what?? Biden doesn't always totally agree with Obama and says things a little different than them. Well!! I'm seeing how tough Governor Palin is. They try to pretend she's just stupid. No, she's not. She's tough. She's very strong and tough minded. I'd elect her. She is not going to bend from her position that she will do whatever it takes to protect the United States from terrorists.

What's wrong with that?? Nothing.

Katie Couric did another "gotcha" question. So what?? Governor Palin presented herself not in Washington DC "double talk". She wasn't threatening specifically. She stated we would do what is necessary.

What more do we expect?? She tells it like it is. She's down to earth. She said nothing "wrong". In fact, what she said was "right". She isn't threatening any other nation. She's speaking of protecting America.

Bottom-line, their "gotcha" journalism didn't even "get her" in my way of looking at it. So what??!!

They are so grasping at straws to try and making mountains out of molehills.

She's extremely intelligent, she's driven and will learn in very short order.

The MSM is clouding the issues with their whole effort to try to smear her. We need to get past the smokescreen and get to know Sarah for the bigger picture.

I hope she does great in the debate.

Have a great day.

techno said...

There are 2 points I would like to make. Michael, you are right on. To anybody who reads Michael's posting if you do anything today compare the video and the transcript of Sarah's 'conversation' with Katie Couric. And you will discover the sinister nature of the Obama campaign and the MSM demonstrated in full bloom. I hate to say this folks but objectively I think the McCain campaign screwed up big time: first by putting Sarah in front of sharks like Gibson and Couric to be excoriated and held up to ridicule and then secondly not insisting that the interviews be shown in their entirety. Instead they should have put her on right-wing talk radio first. Perhaps the McCain campaign felt she would develop sympathy along the way from women who supported Hillary who felt that Sarah was demonized as Hillary was. We'll see. But refer back to my posting on the 'big lie' and perhaps the latter may trump sympathy or unfairness. I hope not. We'll see on election day.

Mountain Mama said...

MSNBC is discussing Gwen Ifill's book, and of course saying that she's STILL going to manage being "objective."

Yeah, ri-ight......

So WHY IS IT that they won't even mention her book's title:

"The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama"

NOTICE Ifill's title:
1. It doesn't exactly assume that Obama is going to win this election, BUT
2. The title DOES obviously present Obama as a PARADIGM SHIFT par excellence!

Good Lord: "The Age of Aquarius" becomes "The Age of OBAMA!?"

Yeah, she's going to be a really objective moderator, all right....


knowitall said...

Mountain Mama,
The advantage of being on the left coast--- I was working late when Drudge posted this story.
I developed repeated tingles going up my legs.
I called 911 and was transported to the DNC local office for treatment. They packed me in Obama posters to cool me off and put an Obama button under my tongue.
Thank to Mr. Obama, I am alive today!!!
After your livid feelings wear off, I hope you have a good laugh.

By the way, when I left the DNC ER, Tom Paine was being wheeled into their ICU. No word yet on his condition.

Only God could write this story.

techno said...

John: You are war hero, a man of honor and qualified to be President. I want you to be President and Sarah to be VP. Some fans of this blog could call me a fanatic. So what I have to say to you I say out of concern, not out of spiteful criticism. John, for years Rush Limbaugh has said that when Republicans espouse conservative principles they win elections and when they don't or water the message down they normally lose. The idea is why choose a moderate Republican when we can get the real deal in a Democrat. Now John it is not your fault, I repeat it is not your fault or Sarah's fault, in my estimation, that you on October 1, are about 5-6 points back in the national polls with the economic crisis front and center; you should be at least 12 points back and way behind in the battleground states (notwithstanding the idiot Quinnipac polls released today)-I believe Sarah is the main reason you aren't. John after the bailout package is finalized you and Sarah will get your final shot to win the game starting about the middle of the third quarter ( about 4 weeks)-you will probably be a touchdown behind (Palin's debate performance); what I recommend you do is please, please get off the bipartisan tack and take on a conservative approach, especially in relation to economic growth, to solving problems and please unleash Sarah to enunciate these principles in the most dramatic way possible without restricting her, which she can do much better than you can John. I'm not saying you will win but I will say you will galvanize the conservative base and with Sarah's appeal to Joe 6-pack you will have a decent chance to win in the battleground states and win in a close contest. John, stay on the bipartisan approach and you and Sarah will go down to the an ignoble defeat and America, for many years to come will regret your decision as Obama socialism becomes rooted in America's consciousness and unfortunately this loss may become your unintended legacy to the American people which many will never forgive you for. John, I know this is strong and may be considered inflammatory, but I'd rather be upfront with you and in your face now than to watch from the sidelines while America as envisioned by Founding Fathers is destroyed and the greatest nation in the history of the world becomes barely a better version of a Central American banana republic or the 21st century version of Marxism as conceived by Karl, Stalin, Mao, and Fidel.

Ted said...

Techno is dead on when he says:

"You see folks, America will never be the same again if Obama is elected."

If there is a God, please God be with Sarah Palin on Thursday night.

In all my, now many, years of life, this is the first time that I've found myself driven to tears on the possible loss of this great nation and the freedoms and opportunities we have known -- if the Chavez-Democrats under Obama take over in its media allied, "sub prime crisis" driven October surprise resulting in the Obama coup d'etat.

Please God, be with America!

techno said...

I may be naive, but why is plagiarism (PM Harper in Canada and Joe Biden) treated like it was like discovering the dead from the Holocaust or that Clinton had sex in the Oval Office. Could anyone out there please let me know?

wiglaf said...

The point about the Russian flyovers over Alaska story isn't just that the Russians are flexing their muscles again.

It's that Gov. Palin is being lampooned by the NY-based mainstream media for her "nonanswer" to Katie Couric.

And, this is becoming a caricature amongst regular Americans that don't know about the Russian flyovers of Alaska, either.

She just needs to come out and say

-- the Russians are doing this

-- she's very much aware of how this affects the residents of Alaska

-- what she's done in response (if non-classified)

-- the MSM isn't reporting it

techno said...

Sarah is one Sean hannity's program right now. Go to his web site

multipath said...

There's Still Time, John McCain
A Commentary By Dick Morris

Wednesday, October 01,

Trailing six points in Rasmussen’s poll, having fallen four points since he suspended his campaign last week, the question for John McCain is: Haven’t you learned anything?

His failure to do much of anything in Washington, after teasing the whole country and riveting its attention on him by suspending his campaign, has let the voters down — and they are turning away from McCain.

But there is still time for him to make his move. The House Republicans bought McCain another shot by turning down the $700 billion bailout package on Monday. With no House vote scheduled until Thursday, McCain still has time to do the right thing.

He should publicly announce his support for the House Republican alternative package of insurance, loans and tax changes to deal with the financial crisis. He should attack Barack Obama and the Democrats for supporting the use of tax money for a massive bailout when the same purpose can be accomplished by other, cheaper means. McCain should draw a line in the sand and take a firm position.

The Democrats are not prepared to pass their bailout proposal by themselves. If they were, they would have done so on Monday. Instead, they withheld the votes of their most vulnerable congressmen and let the package fail. If the Republican Party poses a united front in the House, with McCain’s leadership, the Democrats will have to fall in line. They cannot not do anything. By taking a firm line, McCain can turn the whole process around to his — and his country’s — advantage.

Who would have imagined that John McCain would lose the election because he had a failure of courage at the last minute? Who would have guessed that he would fail to stand on principle for fear of being criticized and would fail as a result? If John McCain is to lose this election, let it at least be fighting for principle, as he has done throughout his storied career.

By backing an alternative, McCain forces Obama to defend the Democratic/Bush package. He can tie Obama to Bush and to the Washington insider/Wall Street crowd. He can give his populism a programmatic reality and a topical relevance. Obama would have to spend the rest of the election defending the $700 billion turkey the length and breadth of the country.

America detests the bailout package. Polls show better than 2-to-1 opposition. Were McCain and the Republicans able to project that there is another alternative that works, the opposition would swell to even greater proportions.

Obama and the Democrats could cite the views of Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and Wall Street executives that the Republican relief package would be too little, too late. But voters can be pardoned for skepticism. Paulson, a few years removed from Wall Street, and Democrats, in hock to the street for campaign contributions, are naturally eager to get their hands on $700 billion. If Obama lends himself to that cause, it could cost him the election.

McCain needs to have the courage to free himself from the web of Washington deals and take a principled stand for the right side and stay there. Then the inevitable dynamics of the process will bring the country around to him. Otherwise, his campaign will have missed the opportunity to draw the kind of clear issue that would have gotten him elected president.

It is admirable to see a candidate of principle and conviction lose an election by standing on his beliefs. It is sickening to see one lose by abandoning them.

techno said...

Here's a line that Sarah could use when she starts the debate: "Congratulations, Gwen, I understand your book on Barack Obama is coming out on January 20, the day that John McCain and I will be inaugurated; we're both look forward to reading it after we're sworn in."

You Tubed said...

Hello! I saw your blog in passing before the RNC and am back for a visit. We share many of the same thoughts about Sarah Palin. I promise this is not a shameless plug for my blog and twitter account, but please come see the many ideas that we agree on. Btw,I was a life-long Democrat before Sarah! I have posted at the NY Times, the UK Times and some other places. You can see all at and at

I'm hoping Sarah will be running for President in 2012! Love your blog!

technogeek said...

Techno, scary points, but sometimes a different view is needed. Those closest to the 3rd Reich could not see AH come to power...

1) never allow the public to cool off;

GW has kept us in an never ending "war on terror" and once it cooled down, came up with an economic crisis.

2) never admit a fault or wrong;

When asked GW could never come up with one, including going to Iraq when we still didn't have Osama and the Taliban finished.

3) never concede that there may be some good in your enemy;

(Can't come up with a good point here.. lol)

4) never leave room for alternatives;

GW: With us or against us.

5) never accept blame;

Have you ever heard GW say I'm sorry I was wrong about not listening to his Generals when they said they needed more troops on the ground? Didn't listen till he hired one that said what he wanted to hear.

6) concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong.

9/11 was one of the countries worst tragedies, but it wasn't Iraq that did it. Yet many in this country think 9/11 was an Iraqi plot because they tried to tie it to them. It was Saudi's, the Taliban, and Osama Bin Laden.

I know this is off topic, but seeing posts tie BO to Hitler just sullies the message. Especially since GW (worst President ever) is closer to him than any in history.

McCain and SP need to be liberated from this President fast if they want to be elected.

And enough of the Russians. A President and VP doesn't need Foreign Policy experience. Our Constitution only requires that you be born in the United States and that you are over the age of 35. They did this so average Americans could run for office. This country doesn't need Political Elites running the country. This is what SP should say to the questions about Foreign Policy.

That claptrap of "close to Russia" was a joke by Cindy McCain. Why the heck anyone gives it any credence is news to me. Air space is monitored by NORAD, not by the Alaskan Air National Guard.

And the next time John interrupts her in answering a question, SP should smack him upside his head!

techno said...

Sarah on Sean Hannity program: 1) Where is her mind on the bailout? Inaction is not acceptable; I'm concerned about the moms and pops and the small business; Americans have to take more personal responsibility; Americans have been taken advantage of and enticed by Wall Street and have to been realize it is not wise to go into debt and live beyond their means; John Mccain put his campaign aside. Sean: JOhn McCain predicted this in 2005: vs Obama: if you need to call me: Obama was phoning it in--was irresponsible; only a first step to recovery; SEan: 1 trillion in new spending for Obama: tax increases: 85% of small businesses will be impacted by Obama's taxes; Sean: oil and energy: proponents of offshore drilling want to rape the offshore: Joe doesn't understand what the American people want; Sean: Obama would cut billions of dollars in defense spending, Americans raped villages: reckless, irresponsible; I want accountability of the press; I want to call fouls on the press when they are wrong. Sean: about Gwen Ifill: John McCain has been in an underdog position and I join him there. With this in mind we know we have to work harder. In summary, again she was fantastic and in a very upbeat mood, nothing like last week; really on top of her game; if she sounds like that tomorrow and can communicate in like manner tomorrow this will be in sports vernacular 'a whole new ball game' Sarah has indeed been liberated.

techno said...

Just saw Hugh Hewitt on CNN. Boy did he put John Roberts in his place. He slammmed the MSM including CNN. In answering the question why Sarah has not talked more to the media he said: "it's like the Charge of the Light Brigade." There are a 1000 reporters out there ready to ambush Sarah; he ended the conversation with Roberts by asking him If Sarah Palin had made the gaffe that FDR was president in 1929 and went on TV do you really think it wouldn't have been a front page story worldwide over a 3 day period? Then the screen went blank and Roberts went to commercial. I don't think Hugh will be invited back.

laurence said...

Grace Explosion - what if Cuba decided that they needed to attack anti-Cuban-government freedom fighters living in Fla and sent bombers to take them out because they viewed them as a threat. Would that be OK with you. They have a right to defend their country don't they - or do they?

Hillarysmygirl08 said...

This is my first visit to this blog. I like it and I admire Governor Palin.
I am a Hillary supporter and yes I know that Hillary and Sarah are two different women when it comes to the issues but I am proud of Sarah if not a little freaked out because she is my age now I feel old. I am very proud of Sarah and her being my age is way to cool.
This Hillary supporter is now a Sarah supporter.

LT said...

I just heard O'Reilly discuss Sarah's interview performances using clips from the latest Couric interview and Hewett's interview. When under pressure, she rambles and without succinctness doesn't appear as much in command. Hopefully she can overcome this in the debate, because I know she has the capability. Crossing my fingers...

CalledOut said...

I do not think it's too late for Sarah to step up and show what she is made of by any means. She has,however, been poorly managed right from the get-go. This debate"boot-camp" she is going to should have happened long ago. Ideally, it should have taken place right when Mccain made his decision to pick her..but BEFORE it was officially announced..IE he could have made his choice on a Friday...they should have prepped her for several days in secret on the issues, THEN announced her to media as his running mate. Then she could have hit the ground running. Just my 02 worth.

techno said...

Mark Taylor, who is filling in for Dennis Prager, just called Sarah a 'money player.' I wish I had thought of that.

Pat said...

I've been excited about Sarah Palin ever since her name was announced. People at work were excited. I say let Sarah be Sarah and if she's being mismanaged then change the guard....and also let Biden be himself and what a night it will be!
November 4 is around the corner but in the same breath it is weeks away. Anything can happen, October surprises do happen and I'm hoping there is one or more that we can look forward to from the McCain camp.
Best of luck, Sarah!

techno said...

Just saw the last episode of Couric interview (was done last week when Sarah was at her lowest); she could not answer what Supreme Court decisions she disagreed with, but did talk about through history there were descisions that were left better to the states. Now I'd like everybody's opinion. Was this a terrible answer? Will this hurt her? Can she get by this with a good performance tomorrow?

12thMan said...

Looks like there's a LOT of unnecessary panic about Sarah from the right. I've learned to dismiss the libs' constant bashing, it's essentially the same non-stop BS since 8/29--just replace a few phrases to stay current, but conservatives should know better (and I don't include Kathleen Parker--after all, what conservative would actually support a gun ban?--or David Brooks among them).

See, I know libs forget that they're human and their constant drool over the Lord and Messiah Most Merciful Barack (tm Rush) exacerbates their desire for someone "better than them", but as for the REAL people, Sarah's doing exactly what anyone of us would do, she has a rough couple of days, needs to recharge the batteries, go back and get in her element, and there you go. It happens to everybody: Reagan, Clinton, and so on and so forth.

Is SP being used properly? Probably not the way she should, unless McCain wants to go back to the Senate in January. Then again, why overdo her (um, that don't sound right) and risk not only a Joe Biden moment (or, oh about 300) but burn her out? It's about quality here folks, as opposed to quantity like the libs love. Besides, SP's for THE PEOPLE--as was Reagan, Truman, and so forth-- not the media (I can still hear HST calling our joke "newspaper" the S-R the second worst paper in America next to the Chicom, er, Chicago Tribune. And that happened 25 years before I was born!)

I think the "let Sarah be Sarah" should stop. Even libs (like the Seattle P-U for starters) are parroting this line. Chances are she was (as best as could) and she was just suffering a quick burnout, as I said, it happens. I've got no reason to think she'll be anything but tomorrow night. We've seen Biden being Biden, it ain't pretty. Anyone want four years of this dolt as veep? Besides, he won't get to do his usual Sunday hobby: hobknobbing with Meet the Depressed and telling everybody how smart he is!

Worried as I am about McCain (as are Rush, Sean, Levin, Billy Cunningham, etc), all the Obamanations and their MSM (More Stalinist-Marxists) pals are celebrating like it's a done deal. I've seen too many surefire Hawk wins over the years become sudden defeat, and Barack's a Bears fan, he oughta know all about that!

Sarah will be just fine. The worst thing she can have done with her is be made to think this whole election rides on her shoulders
(again it's quite obviously McCain, and if he's to win, he needs to show as much) starting with tomorrow night.

"If we lose, it ain't end of the world"--Manny Ramirez after the Red Sox fell down 3-1 to the Indians in last year's ALCS. Funny, everyone was ticked at him for saying that, but it must have worked, the Red Sox didn't lose again. Same thing here, if McCain/Sarah lose, it ain't the end of the world (although Barry will positively try for it). She's already out there. We'll be watching her and be inspired for her possible return to save us in 2012. Some of us will probably even make the pilgrimage up north while Barry destroys the lower 48 with his USSA plan.

The "can't lose either way" mindset is the proper one here and instills confidence--the same confidence we even saw as late as the Hannity interview. OTOH, going in playing "not to lose" almost ALWAYS results in failure.

She'll be fine, don't worry. And hey, make it about personalities. Reagan isn't remembered cause he was great at policy, neither was Truman, JFK, and Clinton wasn't either. But they all inspired confidence and lived it, and people responded to them for it--how else do you explain HST, who had lower approval ratings than Bush when he left in '53, being remembered as one of the greatest presidents in history 55 years later? Any president who campaigns on policy is basically campaigning for more government (see Nixon, Carter, Bush father and son). Hell with policy, get Congress' @$$es in gear and make them do their jobs!

Maybe I, actually make that a bunch of us, should be her campaign strategist. Actually I'm unofficially trying to be on Jim Mora's staff next year:)

laurence said...

when people say that Ms Palin is not ready to be VP or P what they mean is she has no understanding of US or World History - no understanding or knowledge of Supreme Court rulings over the last 5 decades (her lifetime more-or-less), no interest in American cultural history, no interest in our urban population and the unique problems that they face and seemingly no interest in learning about these things. She has little to no education in this area. I like my doctors to have a good education. I like my government leaders to also be educated. Is that too much to ask? Being a religious hockey mom is not a qualification for anything other than being just that. A religious hockey mom. Debate that.

Chris said...

Palin needs to be loaded for bear-which she obviously is quite often-Biden WILL attack her over the Bork confirmation hearings-

Governor Palin, if you had been a member of the US Senate back in the 1980's how would you have voted on the confirmation of Robert Bork to the US Supreme Court and why?

Palin's possible comeback:

Judge Bork stood behind the rights of the citizens of Pennsylvania clinging to their guns and religion and unlike you senator, I would have stood behind Judge Bork.

Biden: So you don't support a woman's right to privacy governor?

Palin: Of course I support anyone's right to privacy so long as it is not defined by murdering living breathing infants born alive after botched abortions like Senator Obama did four times in the Illinois legislature....

Scott said...

i think o'reilly had some good advice tonight for her in the debate..

i was hoping there would be an entry on here to comment on this issue of the debate moderator having a vested interest in obama winning the election... if he wins she has a bestselling book and makes a minimum 350k.. if he loses she sells 4 copies...

tom paine said...


"...libs forget that they're human and their constant drool over the Lord and Messiah Most Merciful Barack...the Obamanations...their MSM (More Stalinist-Marxists) pals.." so maybe 12thman is taking techno's place in the moderator's ranking???

P.S. As for 12thman "helping Jim Mora"...he may be able to do that. Mora has lost about 19 games since 2005 and will probably lose another Sunday to the injury riddled Packers!

LT said...

Techno, thanks for saying Palin's interview about SCOTUS was recorded last week. That tells me alot. No, that was not an acceptable answer. I didn't see the video, but when I have to reread her answer two or three times to get her point, that's the "bad" Sarah. I was only hoping this was recorded before the "liberation" and apparently it was *whew*.

What I have learned is that she is intelligent, but has not been able to be succinct and in command with her answers when in a tense environment. Has that been her history in Alaska? Well, hopefully the liberation will loosen her up, and we will certainly know in the debate.

techno said...

The reason I knew the part dealing with the Supreme Court was recorded last week was because of the color of her dress and the setting.

Seth said...

Here is a pro-Palin video. Please share it by posting it up as a main blog or sharing it with your friends and other Palin supporters:

Mountain Mama said...

Thank you, Seth, for posting that wonderful video about Governor Palin.

I commented sometime during the summer on this blogsite that I imagined that the McCain campaign WOULD select Sarah Palin----but they were keeping it a surprise, to give her one last summer of relative relaxation and freedom in Alaska with her new little baby and her immediate and extended family there. Turned out, that's probably what the campaign did......

Many wounded Americans believe that the Palins should NOT have brought baby Trig to life on earth----that the couple instead should have aborted Trig, to "free up" Sarah, so she could devote herself entirely to persuing her political career; she could have better used her time studying foreign policy, Supreme Court rulings, or other politically significant FACTS all summer.

I disagree. Actually, now that we've all witnessed the horrific, cruel, and barbaric attacks that she and her family have endured since her nomination was announced, I am certain that the McCain campaign made the moral choice: to give her and her family that time together.

Since then, NO one has ever charged her with wasting time. She's poured her heart and energy into the campaign, and done her best.

I'm not sure whether Sarah Palin is going to WOW the debate audience tomorrow night with her "performance." Maybe she won't remember some facts: MOST people would blank out under the pressure of being watched by 60-90 million people! Perhaps she won't feel relaxed enough to "be herself" and, with perfect timing, tell some terrific jokes or memorable one-liners.

I don't care. Sarah Palin should be Vice-President, and, if the worst imaginable occurs, President, because even in the face of very evil corruption and danger, she has clearly and over a period of YEARS demonstrated GOODNESS, COURAGE, ENERGY, and SAVVY.

And that's all I need to know to support her. I also have every confidence that in time she will learn all she needs to know and more.... I am sure of it, without a doubt.

Dick Morris said tonight that even super-intelligent Bill Clinton had to LEARN A LOT when he was debating before the election, and also when he took office: even BC didn't know everything!

God loves Joe Biden, even when JB fibs or makes stupid gaffes. And God loves Sarah Palin, even when she can't recall facts or speak coherently for a few sentences here and there.

God be with them both, and help them both do their best.

I'm not God; I hope Sarah wins the debate! But if she doesn't, I'm still behind her if she tries again in four years.

Did you notice that, after Sarah had finished her acceptance speech, she took little Trig in her arms and said, "That's my baby!" You can see it, plain as day, in the videotapes.

Yes, Trig IS her baby----and I give thanks to God that Sarah and Todd rejoice about Trig and helped to give him LIFE! And I hope that Sarah and John McCain win this election, so they can help others see the value of each human being.

Love you, Sarah Palin; praying for you all the way.

knowitall said...

Mountain Mama,
What a beautiful note.
That was perfectly said.
You have a rare gift.

May we all pray for Sarah tonight.
May we all have a love for her.
May God be with her.

techno said...

I just listened to Sarah's convention speech again on Northern Alliance radio and the comments from the conservative pundits including Ed Morrissey. They were raving over her performance; said she hit it out of the park; sounded like Reagan talking to the masses bypassing the media, that she is not Dan Quayle and raved about her her ability to raise money for the party and stated that Obama should be worried. Hugh Hewitt at the time says: "I don't think they dare mock this mother." They also dismissed the Eagleton option. They also thought that Minnesota could turn red. One month later Sarah is perceived in the same light as she was on September 3, the day of the convention speech. The McCain campaign is behind.There is little talk of the Mccain campaign taking Minnesota. If you remember between Aug. 29 and Sept. 3 she was the subject of most relentless and vicious attacks by the loony left which later were reinforced by the MSM. There was talk of dumping Sarah for her lack of experience or ability. On Sept. 3 she performed brilliantly. But that didn't stop the MSM. They redoubled their efforts and one month later it's deja vu and back to the beginning. People are still talking about the Eagleton option and how inexperienced Sarah is. The name Dan Quayle comes out every day. She is still subject to daily relentless attacks and smears; the MSM has attempted to destroy her credibility and claim that she is a moron, picking up on any perceived error and magnifying it to make her the subject of ridicule and mockery. The MSM is claiming she's losing support for McCain; now there are conservative commentators who want her ousted. There is no doubt that Sarah has to perform tomorrow. Now the McCain campaign has been severely criticized for mishandling Sarah, myself included and for not exposing her to more media during the past 3 weeks. Again Hugh Hewitt in his interview today with CNN claimed it would be like The Charge of the Light Brigade with 1000 reporters ready to ambush her. Now under those circumstances I'm willing to give the McCain campaign the benefit of the doubt, except they should have put her of right wing radio more to get her used to the ambiance of interviews in friendly comforable circumstances. To expose her to predatory sharks like Gibson and Couric with their plethora of gotcha questions before she was prepared to handle them was an unwise move. But to try to make her a policy wonk-that was a huge mistake borne out of Beltway small c conservatism. Sarah must be free to speak her mind in the folksy way she normally talks. At this time a month ago the pundits were claiming that Biden didn't stand much of a chance in a debate against Sarah. A month later it's Sarah that is supposed to be on the ropes against Joe Biden. The expectations for her have been severely lowered. Now let's be realistic to what we can expect tomorrow from Sarah: it takes 21 days to form a new habit and based on her answers that she has provided on foreign affairs in the past 3 weeks there has been a marked improvement in her delivery, tone and conviction. The MSM, all they're focused on is the supposed gaffes on the Bush Doctrine, Alaska vs Russia and her supposed inconsistency over Pakistan (which it wasn't). What they are missing or choose to cover up is that she is definitely more conversant with foreign affairs. I think she will be fine here unless they ask her an obscure question about an obscure country about an obscure problem (eg. what should the United States do to aid the government of Angola in time of drought?). I think if she has a problem it may be on domestic issues especially the economy, social security, medicare or healthcare, or drug prescriptions in relation to imports from Canada. I hope she has boned up on the various existing federal govt programs and laws because she does have to show competence here and how things they work. And she also has to know about the proposed bailout package. She doesn't have to know all 500 pages but she does have to have a general idea on the highlights of the package. Fortunately for her I think Biden will avoid attacking her and go for McCain and she will go directly against Obama so they will be like passing ships in the night which I think will favor Sarah. As I see it the main problem will be how she handles a gotcha question--because Gwen will definitely try to throw her off stride: she must not freeze and she must not appear like a deer in headlights; she's got to get by it as a boxer avoids punches by bobbing and weaving. Let us all pray for Sarah and leave it in God's hands to inspire her with divine guidance. We all love you Sarah, regardless of what happens tomorrow.

Scott said...

this article was pretty good

Along with the rest of America, I turned on my TV to get a first glimpse of Sarah Palin in action during the GOP convention. I had been aware of Palin before John McCain selected her, but only vaguely, and this would be my first chance to see her in action.

The day before her debut, I watched as she made the customary rounds that all speakers do, walking around the podium, checking out the TelePrompter and surveying the hall. She looked nervous. If looks could speak, she was saying, "Oh dear, what in the world have I gotten myself into? I am way out of my league."

Uh, oh, another Dan Quayle, I thought.

But what I saw the next night was not Quayle in New Orleans, but a tough, powerful, political figure, cool and confident, tossing off jokes and mocking her opponents. The fact that, nationally speaking, she was a political neophyte and yet was speaking so forcefully and powerfully on a national stage brought to mind Ronald Reagan and his powerful debut that has come to be known simply as "The Speech."

The fact that Palin was attacking her political enemies with such charm and with a twinkle in her eye reminded me of another legendary speech by Texas Governor Ann Richards in 1988, when she famously chirped that George H.W. Bush had been born with a silver foot in his mouth.

But Palin was like Reagan in ways beyond speaking style or delivery, because she had managed to capture, as few had, his spirit, the spirit that had turned working class Democrats who hadn't voted for a Republican in a generation into Reagan Democrats, voters who had suspended their dislike for Republicans in order to vote for Reagan.

The Obama campaign appeared to be flummoxed by McCain's choice of a running mate for a few days, as though they had been preparing for the usual suspects: Romney, Pawlenty, etc., but hadn't given a thought to the possibility of having to face Palin.

But then something happened to Sarah Palin. Handlers began to take her into back rooms and tell her how little she knew and how she'd have to quickly learn the names of presidents of small countries and bills in the Senate and how many missiles were in various nuclear arsenals around the world. And that process seemed to kill her confidence, shut down her natural political instincts and kill what made Palin such an interesting political animal.

The cocky, scrappy Sarah Palin who looked like Tina Fey and sounded like Ann Richards was replaced by the deer-in-the-headlights look that Americans have seen before in politicians ... a candidate who was unsteady, unsure of herself, trying too hard to be something she wasn't — and trying to make the ridiculous argument that a handler had obviously given her: that being close to Alaska somehow gave her insight into foreign policy with Russia.

The Palin story is steeped in religion. Her supporters believe she is a modern day version of the biblical Queen Esther, sent by God to save the nation from peril "for such a time as this," and prophetic e-mails proclaiming that Palin is going to win are being forwarded around cyberspace as we speak.

But there may be another story that fits Palin's dilemma: In the story of David and Goliath, the young, future king decides that he will take on the 9-foot giant and goes to King Saul and tells him of his plan. Saul is bemused by the teenager who has no chance against the giant, but he consents and immediately gives him the appropriate gear, a heavy protective outfit worn to battle, known as a "coat of mail," along with the king's sword.

David, Scriptures imply, was physically overwhelmed by the get-up and barely able to move. Telling the king thanks but no thanks, the young shepherd boy threw off the gear and proceeded to gather stones found by a brook in his slingshot, which he used to fell the giant.

Not unlike the young shepherd boy, the best thing Sarah Palin can do in the remainig hours before she faces her own Goliath in the form of a tough, smart senator with three decades of experience, and the best thing the McCain campaign can do for her, is to let her rid herself of her coat of mail — the overzealous handlers — and let Palin run wild and be the natural, untamed politician she is.

David spent his youth battling bears and lions, but he knew nothing about battle. His victory came when he was freed of the then-modern tools of battle and allowed to bring his native skills, cultivated in the wild, to a battle for which he was by all accounts not trained for.

Palin's political skills are the equivalent of David's battle skills, honed in the Alaskan wilderness where she operated as her nickname "Barracuda" suggests, ruthlessly defeating opponents who crossed her (including her own mother-in-law, who ran for mayor after Palin) and political mentors who she thought had become corrupt (Gov. Frank Murkowski).

If that Palin shows up at Thursday night's debate, it will because she dismisses the advisers, trusts her instincts, regains her confidence and remembers where her success came from.

techno said...

Scott: great article: very inspirational.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, Knowitall; means a lot, coming from a brainiac like you.

Hey, Scott----who wrote that neat article, and in what magazine or at which URL did you find it?

What a great comparison, between Sarah Palin and King David!

knowitall said...

I agree scott.
your article and the one by techno were both superb.
good job. rich

Scott said...

i forgot to quote the article i posted.. it was written by someone named Mark Joseph and appeared on Fox News,2933,431286,00.html

Oct. 1

A Bible Lesson for Sarah Palin: King David and the Coat of Mail

CAE said...

While I agree with you that it is currently the case that female politicians/businesswomen/professionals have their attire more closely scrutinized by the media, I think it is a little misogynistic to suggest that this will always be the case. I have been following your blog and supporting Palin since late spring, and I am glad for all that you have done. Please be conscious, however, of borderline offensive comments like this one. Let's work toward the goal of equal treatment of women and men in positions of power.

Grace Explosion said...

mountain momma,

I saw the same thing. The age of aquarias is now the age of Obama - "the one". This is sick. It's really sad if Christians think he is a Christian. He said there are many ways to God - and he doesn't believe the scripture where Jesus says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man come to the Father except through me."

It's really sad if Christians don't realize he's new age and receiving worship as a messiah.

He's new age as new age gets, imo, and is all for Oprah's "guru".

These people are crazy. But if they won't worship God - they'll worship themselves and a false messiah who arises from them telling them they themselves are gods.

They don't realize how sick they are. However, this truth of what Obama really is should be "out" to all Christian community. They should know that he's come as Satan comes - as a messenger of light... and is a false Christian biblically because he denies Jesus Christis the only Way of Salvation.

I'm glad you "picked up on" the age of aquarias theme on the age of Obama. I did too. It's really strange in their religion when they don't have a personal relationship with Jesus how swept away they are by strong delusion. But the Bible tells us that would happen.

There's a very large difference between those of us who believe in Jesus Christ as Christians and those who do not. It's one thing to confess those differences as a candidate.

It's another thing for Obama to be new age and state he's a Christian to deceive the American Christian voters.

I think he has a right to freedom of religion in the US.

I just don't think he has a right to lie to deceive people then have Missouri prosecutors, police, and others in his "Truth Squad" threaten us when we say, "He's not a Christian!! He's new age." I think he should be more open and honest. Those of us who are biblical Christians have every right to say, by our faith in the Bible, that he is new age and a humanist and whatever else religion he may secretly embrace - but he is NOT a biblical born-again Christian.

He denies Jesus Christ is the only Way of Salvation. He's not a Christian by the biblical standards of a conversion experience in which someone comes to know by the Spirit, "Jesus is Lord".

OK, well, you see my point?? I think it's really important that a person not deceive the American people that he's a Christian when he's not and try to intimidate people from getting the truth out about his scriptural positions and where his apostacy is revealed.

He's apostate. (As a Calvinist, that means to me he NEVER HAD a real true spiritual conversion or salvation.)

He's an apostate - he's new age - but he's not biblically a Christian by faith in which he can truly state believing in his heart "Jesus is Lord"... cause that always means biblically that Jesus is the ONLY way of salvation and the ONLY name under Heaven whereby men can be saved.

Obama doesn't hold to fundamental doctrine... he's NOT a biblical Christian!!

OK, well, to me that's really, really important for the Christian public to know about him as they decide whether to vote for him as if he really is a Christian.

Mountain Mama said...

I don't share many features of your theology, Grace Explosion----but I do agree that "The Obama Age" is creepy for its blatantly religious overtones.
Otherwise-intelligent people actually believe the DUMB idea that Obama is their Savior: "The One." (shiver)
And "Obama Kids Sing" REALLY creeps me out! They behave exactly as those kids on the propaganda films from North Korea or China, singing pat slogans with religious zeal: yipes!

techno said...

Now folks, Sarah has been blamed for many things, but what John McCain did today was frankly idiotic. Yesterday, he appears to agree that it's no big deal that
Gwen Ifill is writing a book glorifying Barack Obama and that she will do a 'professional' job', but on Fox & Friends Today questions her position as an objective moderator. If Sarah had done this it would be spread all over the internet for the next week; even John is given a break. Again John, you have to finish the campaign as a conservative and allow Sarah to espouse conservative positions in a vigourous way-no more bipartisan overtures; John, do what you need to do. Look John, if America becomes a socialist country and you did not do enough to prevent it that will become your legacy and whatever you did before, including your POW record and choosing Sarah will be ignored as Americans strike out at who caused their freedoms to be eroded.

azaeroprof said...

mountain mama said:
And "Obama Kids Sing" REALLY creeps me out! They behave exactly as those kids on the propaganda films from North Korea or China, singing pat slogans with religious zeal: yipes!

I couldn't agree with you more! I kept trying to figure out which kid was likely to be the one lip-synching as the replacement to the buck-toothed one that they had to remove from the room, lol.

But the thing that I found the creepiest, even more than the kids' singing, was the reaction of the teacher and adults at the end. (You could almost see the kool-aid stains in the corners of their mouths.)

Jan said...

On The Early Show on CBS this morning, Fred Thompson said that most politicians who are not lawyers could not name Supreme Court decisions. That makes sense to me. And yes, it was obviously from her first interview with Couric. Even if it was a bad answer, if that's the worst she ever does, I would for sure not hold that against her. Every candidate has had bad answers, and we don't know what was edited out of her response--and we definitely know ABC and CRS edited her responses. If we eliminated every candidate for one or two bad answers, they'd all be eliminated.

I think what she does from here forward is what matters, and I know she'll do great tonight. I don't think any of the interviews have been bad, and as she's getting back to being herself out there I think she'll do even better.

Go Palin Power '08! said...

Thank Goodness for this post! I haven't heard anyone report on this before, but I am thrilled to hear that McCain and the GOP have seen the writing on the wall and are ready, as Glenn Beck (and others) have said, to "Unleash Sarah Palin!" Thanks, too, for keeping the faith and not giving up on our girl!

Thrill, Baby, Thrill!

Dan Rust said...

For one person's perspective on how you can make a decision to support Obama AND vote for John McCain, see the YouTube video below:

Feel free to forward this to any "undecided" voters you know of. This will be a VERY close election and we need every single vote we can get. Demonizing Obama will get us a few votes (and also lose us at least a few votes) but I hope that a rational, positive thought process will persuade a few people who are still on the fence.

Regards, Dan