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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Some Good Links

I’m trying to get back to regularly scheduled programming, so I’m going to post a few things that I’ve been neglecting. Then, hopefully, I can go back to analysis and maybe so the column on Palin, Clinton, and Wilson that I’ve been promising.

So, first off, please check out Palin Fights Corruption. This was put together by some very knowledgeable people in Alaska to both illuminate Sarah’s record and put the smackdown on the Troopergate circus investigation. They’ve done a fantastic job on both counts and I think that their site should be mandatory reading. It does a much better job with this issue than I can here.

Secondly, our friend Paul of has put up a great petition supporting Sarah and denouncing the media’s treatment of her. He’s trying to get to 1000 signatures; let’s make sure he gets there.


tom paine said...


You mention "denouncing the media treatment" of Gov. Palin when the facts indicate that she has had more of a free ride over the past few weeks than any candidate for VP has ever experienced.

I made a short list of questions about Gov. Palin and no one (including you) even attempted to reply. And I have quite a few more. If a novice like myself can compile such a list imagine what the major media should be doing.

Why does Gov. Palin never appear without the entire McCain entourage in tow?

Gov. Palin tosses around half-truths, innuendo, and outright lies as if they are off limits to scrutiny. That's not how it is supposed to work!

Gov. Palin wants a job that is a heartbeat away from being the leader of both our nation and the free world and we should expect no less than a total examination of how she might perform. Repeating soundbites over and over and over "I said thanks...but no that bridge to nowhere" (as if it's a recording, even after it has been proven to not be entirely true and honest) in various political meetings full of GOP supporters can only go on for so long. Sooner or later the tough questions will need to be answered.

And a simplistic Sean Hannity interview sure as heck is NEVER going to provide the American people with any worthwhile insight to what we have a right to know.

Let's hope the debate with Biden is fairly and honestly conducted just as previous presidential/VP debates have been done.

Unknown said...

Mr. Paine,

Your question is:
"Name one thing that Israel has ever done for the USA?

How about bombing the nuclear facilities in Iraq about 25 years ago and then last year in Syria? They also neutralized the chemical weapons that Iran transported to Syria, according to Jane's. (remember WMDs? We have proven that Iran has them.)
Their bombing of the North Korean plant in Syria last year also tested some of America's best anti-radar equipment. That equipment apparently allows the American forces to hack into the enemy's anti-aircraft sites and take them over. As my favorate American philosopher, Gomer Pyle said, "Suprise, Suprise, Suprise"

If that isn't enough to support Israel, how about the word "Dachau"? Our support of the Jewish State is called moral leadership.

And as for you wayward comment "more of a free ride over the past few weeks than ANY candidate for VP has EVER experienced." Do you mean that the great Schuyler Colfax was more heavily investigated than Sarah Palin? Really? Can you prove that?

loki said...


So you're not upset with BO's lies, and innuendo? Remember BO constantly talking about how "they say I don't look like all the other presidents"? Using flip flop ad nauseum (when BO flip flopped all over the place). There are plenty more. Do youpost on BO's sites about your outrage when BO does this? or is it just Palin?

Sapwolf said...

Tommy Paine,

From another Tom who has been studying this campaign a lot longer than you.

Palin has had NO such free ride. Every person I've talked to believes that what is happening to her regarding the lies and behavior of the MSM proves they are trying to do to her what the Dems did to Clarence Thomas.

Even the Dems I know admit it.

The reason why Palin appears more with McCain is that she draws bigger crowds than McCain at this time.

Palin has yet to mention even one lie. Believe me, I'm watching her and O-man. The bridge was defeated by her administration and she has CUT the number and total $ amount of earmarks for Alaska down to $197mm from the $300mm+ range. How much has Obama fought to lower earmarks? None. Yes, the plane WAS put on e-Bay. It sold later for around $2.1 million later.

EVERY accusation I have investigated on Palin that the MSM+HateMedia (HuffPost, DU, and D-KOS) turned out to be false. That's EVERY single one.

Nothing even close has been done to investigate Obama over NINETEEN MONTHS. The hypocrisy and partisanship of the MSM for Obama is eye-popping.

She has answered tough questions and will continue through the vice-presidential debates and beyond.

Palin has had one tough interview with Charlie Gibson and another lighter one with Sean Hannity. Her next one is with Katie Couric, a person who is openly for Obama and she touts herself as a "journalist".

Check out Obama's tough interview questions he received from the leftist hacks on "The View". Other than Bill O'Reilly's show on Fox, Obama has had nothing but light interviews for months. This is due to the MSM being in the tank for him.

Yes, let's hope the debate is fair and honest. I wouldn't count on it though given the MSM's open hostility to Palin. The moderators will not be able to hide their biases. Some of that is gonna show. You can count on it.

The one thing I know for sure. Palin is not intimidated and thin-skinned like Obama. This is one reason why Palin is so popular with men. All this just bounces off of her, but when the fragile child Obama gets ANY criticism he betrays his utter insecurity.

Sapwolf said...

Oh, let's also not forget about how the Hollow Man plays the race card whenever he imagines it.

He is such a child. Pouty, weak, a crybaby. He is such a Momma's boy.

Sorry ladies on this site, but he exibits all the behavior of an insecure person who had no father. My own father went through it also and it really shows.

This is not the man for POTUS.

Palin has more guts and experience than the Dems top of the ticket.

Unknown said...

The REAL Thomas Paine wrote:

"These are the times that try men's souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.

Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives every thing its value."

The pseudo-Pain(e) who posts here makes a mockery of "Common Sense" with his/her poseur.

If the definition of "free ride" is chaining someone to a bumper, dragging them through the swamp and over rocky roads, we can't argue what "the facts indicate".

In answer to the questions Tom Pseudo poses here, I suggest going back to the first paragraph above for the answers.

tom paine said...


You are correct about some of the more obscure VP candidates. I should have said that Gov. Palin has had less scrutiny "than any recent" candidate for VP of our nation. Let's say...over the past 50 years. Okay?

As for Israel, you may be making the same mistake that I made over 40 years ago. I had a very good Jewish friend and we often played poker together. He often went back to Israel on both business and personal trips. Once during a game I made an offhand comment about being happy to see Israel crush another of the Arab uprisings.

Later when we were alone he asked me why I felt that way and I replied that I was just going by what I heard on radio (it was popular back then) and TV. He said "Let me give you some advice. What my people are doing to the Palestinians is mostly illegal and certainly immoral and it will have terrible long range consequences. There will never be a lasting peace in Palestine until Israel stops treating the Palestinians like the Nazi's treated the Jews in Germany. Do not follow what our government tells you nor what most of the media says. Pay attention only to events and actions and then make your own conclusions."

I was totally startled by what he said. He was a bit older than myself but I did manage to tell him how prescient he had been before he passed away. But I would give you the same advice that he gave me.

As for the examples you gave of how Israel has "helped" the USA:
it is highly likely that bombing and attacking other nations in the area does the USA much good. In fact, most experts agree that it creates the sort of climate that produces the nut cases who do things like the 9/11 attacks.

Israel has been an albatross around the neck of the USA for decades. It is simply incredible how such a tiny nation can exert the extreme pressure and influence over our nation that Israel has managed to do. What do you attribute that to?

Mountain Mama said...

Good morning, everyone!
My Dad just sent me this note, so QUICKLY click on the link to vote!


Let's turn this around!!!
PBS has a short video on Sarah Palin on their website. Also included is a poll that asks: Is Sarah Palin qualified to be VP?
I logged on a few minutes ago and 41% percent had voted YES, 53% NO.
Let's turn this around..... You don't have to give your name or email address in order to vote. It's very simple.
Here's the link:

HURRY! Thanks!

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Thanks Adam for the support!


Andrea said...

Palin has gotten a free ride over the past few weeks from the media??? I don't know what media you are seeing but I have never in my life seen someone savaged by the media as much as Governor Palin. This is not "vetting" or "scrutiny" it is dirty, poor journalism. The poll results about the media are showing that the American people see this.

I guess people are running out of things to criticize. First it was, she hasn't sat down for an interview. Done. Next it was, she always has the same speech at her rallies (never mind that every candidate does this). Then it was, she hasn't done a really tough interview with (fill in the name). She doesn't do press conferences (neither campaign is really doing this anymore in effort to control their message). Then it was, she doesn't appear without McCain by her side (she has campaigned separately without him), the list goes on.

McCain and Palin DO have town hall meetings to answer questions directly from voters, unlike Obama.

Sapwolf said...

Tommy Paine,

Palin has been investigated more than ANY other VP in history. I'm not even gonna waste time with that since it is obvious.

Regarding your friends comparison of Israel to Nazi Germany, I don't see 6 million Palestinians going to the gas chambers so you better get your facts straight.

Many Americans are for a Palestinian State, just not at the expense of Israel. They have a right to exist.

America supports Israel because they are the only republic in the Middle East (excepting Iraq), there are many Jewish Americans, many Christians in American that support Israel, and the arab countries want to wipe jews off the face of the planet.

You can argue the new settlements issue and other sub-issues, but don't ever compare what is happening in Israel to Nazi Germany. If you keep it up, you can change your name to David Duke, one of the pals of Ahmedinejad who believes the Holocaust didn't happen.


Do believe the Holocaust didn't happen? Also, do you believe Israel has murdered 6 million people?

Dawn said...

I really admire Sarah Palin and hope that her and McCain win this election. She is a strong woman with great morals. I don't understand why so many want to talk badly about her without getting to know who she truly is. I guess there are some that are intimidated by her.

techno said...

Now the CNN and the MSM are trying to claim that Todd Palin is the power behind the throne and the 21st century version of Rasputin.Next they will probably compare him to Frank Nitti (the Enforcer), Heinrich Himmler (head of the SS) or Svengali. They're fishing, boy are they fishing!

Edcaro said...

" [Sarah Palin]has had the courage to put the people and put integrity above party, and so she stood up to the Republican Party and the corruption therein, and in Alaska, and that in my mind was very courageous.”

We all need to stop this petty crap and focus on the crisis at hand. We are at an unparalleled crossroad...if these Wall Street bailouts proceed, and are put in place, this country will fall and go through a depression. If our true Leaders stand up together against it, and we find better and more legal solutions, then this country will not only survive but flourish. We need leaders like McCain & Palin, who are not afraid to stand for what is true and right, even if it means they lose an election. Can Obama say they same? I think not! He won't even get into the frey concerning the bailouts, except to stroke his liberal pals. We should ALL think about that!

Erin said...

techno, I saw that, and it made me laugh! Even if it IS true, didn't Hillary throw the book out when it comes to First Spouse duties? :D I still get a chuckle about her beaning Bill with a lamp. Ah, the good old days!

multipath said...

I'm surprised that the moderator allows ant-semetic demagogues to post on this blog - Sigh

techno said...

For a few days, during the news of the financial meltdown Sarah was out of the news and the Democrats, the loony left and the MSM were virtually ignoring her. This happened to correspond to Obama beating McCain in the polls. But now today Charlie Rangel calls Sarah 'disabled', Sandra Bernard says that 'blacks would gang-rape her' and Michelle Obama calls her 'cute'. Funny this occurs right after Sarah's remarkable interview with Fox news and Sean Hannity. Could better polls for McCain-Palin be on the horizon? Or are current state polls more ominous for the Obama campaign and Democratic Congressional candidates than is currently being reported?

loki said...

Tom P,

I'm still curious as to where your outrage is with the lies and innuedo of BO? And the constant talking points he gives out?

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, Multipath:

Because of your constructive criticism, I'm sure the moderator doesn't accidentally post anti-Semitism here again.

Good thing the McCain-Palin team is at least making an effort to address this national financial crisis. As usual, though, Obama maligns their decisive natures----all because HE prefers to prevaricate and contemplate. GREAT indicator of the lousy way BO would "govern."

Every government official is busy blaming every other one for this national financial mess----but I believe the buck stops with the American public, not the officials. We keep electing people who will give us what we want: help to live beyond our means. Now our children and grandchildren will be paying our bills.

What I like about both Senator McCain and Governor Palin is how they are willing to face reality, even when it's painful short-term, to gain benefits long-term. They serve us as good models of this quality.

Praying hard......

techno said...

I made a comment about a week ago that of the 4 legitimate candidates for the White House, it was the 'new kid on the block' Sarah Palin who has not made a major gaffe. A week later she still remarkably remains gaffe-free, notwithstanding the nefarious intention of the MSM and liberal left to ignore Charles Krauthammer's defense of Sarah's answer regarding the Bush doctrine. Boy, is she politically skilled and qualified. In addition despite the Democrats and their proxies to imply that McCain is losing big time and that Sarah is the primary cause of his so-called steep decline, Sarah and John in front of capacity crowds are realistically moving forward in a neck-to-neck contest and are competing nose to nose in many battleground states including many states that Republicans have not taken for years. Finally remember how much criticism and contempt of Sarah was levelled after the Gibson interview-by the lack of or avoidance of postings over the Internet after the Hannity interview you would think that the interview on Fox never happened. I think it went very well and the Dems are now even more terrified of her authenticity and competency. If John and Sarah win, next to her fantastic convention speech, her revealing interview with Hannity may be regarded by historians as the turning point in this election and not the financial meltdown that CV wants to exploit in Obama's favor.

tom paine said...

mountain mama and multipath are classic examples of people who realize they have some incorrect postions that they are unable to defend.

So what's the next best thing to do...well heck...let's get rid of others who might be right!

Their motto might be what Senaca said about 2,000 years ago:

"When I think over what I have said, I envy dumb people."

caem said...

Fact Check: Did McCain oppose helping women get equal pay?
Posted: 04:55 PM ET

Did McCain oppose equal pay for woman?

The Statement: At a campaign rally Friday, September 19, in Coral Gables, Florida, Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama said, "It's not that Sen. McCain doesn't care about what's going on in the lives of women in this country. I like to think it's just that he doesn't know. Because, why else would he oppose legislation to help women get equal pay … ?"

The Facts: The legislation Obama apparently referenced is the Lilly Ledbetter Act of 2007 — which would have effectively expanded the length of time during which someone could sue an employer for pay discrimination. Ledbetter, a former Goodyear Tire employee, sued for years of unequal pay, but the U.S. Supreme Court ruled she should have filed suit within 180 days of the first unfair paycheck.

The Obama campaign has repeatedly mentioned the legislation during the campaign. Lilly Ledbetter herself spoke at the Democratic National Convention. As Obama notes in the careful wording of his statement, it was not a yes-or-no vote on equal pay for women, but a vote on a specific change to the law that would have impacted both male and female workers. It passed the House, but on April 23, it failed to get the 60 votes needed to end a Republican-led filibuster.

McCain was campaigning in New Orleans and was not present for the vote. On the campaign trail, McCain said he was against the resolution. "I am all in favor of pay equity for women, but this kind of legislation, as is typical of what's being proposed by my friends on the other side of the aisle, opens us up to lawsuits for all kinds of problems," he told The Associated Press.

Both Obama and his running mate, Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, voted in favor of the motion — which failed with 56 votes in favor, 42 votes against and two senators not voting.

Verdict: True, but incomplete. McCain said he opposed it, did not actually
vote against it. And the legislation is more complicated than Obama's comments may suggest.

Unknown said...

very, very impressive notes. please keep it up.

Unknown said...

Even I had to laugh a little at this one.

caem said...

« CBS renews 'Flashpoint' | Main | Your Emmy night plans ... »

September 19, 2008
Murdoch: Obama's economic policies are 'naive'

News Corp. chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch said he doesn't regret the New York Post endorsing John McCain, even as some say the Republican ticket is the weaker choice for voters concerned about the economy.

"I am very worried," Murdoch said during an interview Friday with Fox Business Network. "I like Sen. Obama very much. I have met him. He is a very intelligent man. But his policy of anti-globalization, protectionism, is going to be -- and card checks -- are going to do two or three things. It's going to give us a lot of inflation. They're going to ruin our relationships with the rest of the world. And they are going to slow down the rest of the world, too. And they're going to make people frightened to add to employment. You are going to find companies leaving this country if it's -- if you put a protectionist wall around it. You're going to get -- his policy is really very, very naive, old-fashioned, 1960s."


Also, Murdoch on the credit crisis: "One has got to go back on this and say, look, this started 15 years ago, with Barney Frank and people pushing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to make a lot of bad loans, until they finally had $11 billion -- or nearly $11 billion out there. I don't say all bad, but it became a racket.

On whether government bailouts send to wrong message to the financial community: "I don't think so. I think the people who have done it will have lost a lot of money and their jobs. You know, some of them may even lose their freedom, from what I hear."

On Sarah Palin's call for regulation: “I think they have been sending out different signals, but I think what she says is right. Clearly, there has to be some more regulation, but we have to be careful what that is. It could make things a lot worse. The more you get the politicians in that don't know the first thing about banking, even less than me, and God knows what might come out of it.”

On Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson’s handling of the credit crisis: “I think Secretary Paulson has done a fantastically good job. Now we have got to get it through the Congress, and that is going to be the nightmare.”

UPDATE: Here's a video clip of Murdoch talking about Obama:

This is the link with video clips from the interview:

Robert Birch said...

To everybody...that is arguing on the blog.

click on the link below...

Erin said...

The link below details the fact that Obama could lose a tight race based on racism. As much as I would hate to see that be the reason he loses, I could certainly see it being a possibility.

We went out to dinner last night with some friends--friends who happen to be so far left they'd vote Green if Nader actually had a shot.

It was interesting to compare notes with them about the election and discuss our thoughts on the perceived weaknesses of each other's candidates. Over the course of that discussion, I mentioned that I felt MLK would be disappointed that the cause he gave his life to has so far still to go. I fault both sides for that. Despite our immense differences, we agreed on that. And again, it would be a shame for race to determine the outcome.

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, Robert Birch!
Yes, indeed, a variety of beings exist in the world.

Thanks, Caem, for the Murdoch reference. It's unnerving that most of economics experts admit that NO one really knows what to expect, with this much leveraged debt in the world.

What's necessary, though, as Murdoch appreciates, is an authentic take-charge, face-reality, and DEAL-with-it attitude, which, thankfully, both McCain and Palin have!----and President Bush, too; he's doing a great job of managing this as best he can, given that Congress has had responsibility for specific oversight (and blew it......).

tom paine said...

mountain mama,

Exactly what has Sen. McCain ever "taken charge" of? Even way back during the "Keating Five" fiasco he seemed to use his lack of awareness as his defense. And I truly don't believe McCain was guilty of any major wrong doing during the Savings & Loan scandal during the Reagan adminstration...McCain was simply a tad inept then. The only difference now is that John is much older and his wit and thought process seems to have slipped a bit.

It's borderline humorous to watch GOP backers try to deflect the blame for the current financial meltdown to the Dems. It's like Barry Bonds attacking some minor league player for abusing steroids!

Sen. McCain now say that he will "fix" the current mess...and that has to done per government regulations.

But Sen. McCain refuses (as do most of his supporters) to admit that McCain's 25 year record of OPPOSING regulations on almost any level was wrong.

Why is that?

Nathan said...

Thanks for recommending our site! We keep updating it each day with new information so hope your readers continue visiting.

caem said...

This is a great article about Sarah. It is worth reading.

Fabio said...

I am conservative and I believe that we NEVER should have bailed out Chrysler. It prevented innovation in the marketplace. I can’t believe these bailouts that are happening now. I have a question I would like to pose. Why the HECK can’t the government BAIL ME OUT OF MY STUDENT LOANS! I was forced to file Chapter 7 BK last November to at least get relief from my consumer debt. Yet my massive student loan bill still exists. It will follow me to my grave, yet, I cannot find a job that will pay me enough to pay the loans and still enjoy a decent lifestyle. WHY THE HECK can the government bail out everyone but me? What did I do wrong except try to improve my standard of living by going to school?

Fabio said...

TO TOM PAINE! Get over it...Thge ONLY qualification Barack has is that he has been running longer than Palin. I am more qualified to be president than Barack. I've own businesses and created jobs...not many, but more than Barack. I, like Barack have thought college courses. I am in the same age range as Barack. I have a PhD, Barack has a JD. I too can give an EXCELLENT speech off of a teleprompter.

The difference between Palin and Barack is Palin will have time to gain experience in the White House since she will be NUMBER 2. So, if, God forbid, something happens to McCain in say year 2 of his presidency, that would give Palin 2 years of experience Barack does not have! With Barack, we would have a HIGHLY unqualified person at the number 1 spot on day 1. Yes, even more unqualified than George Bush...and look at how he turned out? So, the solution to those that hate W so much is to put someone in charge with even less experience and that somehow will be better? Liberals are off their rocker!

Fabio said...

Let's hope that in the debate between Biden and Palin someone brings up the fact that on all of the major foreign policy positions...BIDEN HAS BEEN WRONG! Partition Iraq into 4 parts? WHAT AN UTTER JOKE! This is what people on the left think...ridiculous!

Sapwolf said...


People are not going to vote against Obama because of his race.

People will vote against him because he is naive and a socialist.

Liberals will try to convince us it is race because he happens to be black, when in fact, they are scared of foolish entitlement government destroying the country.

That's how you answer that question with your friends.

If Obama studied under Milton Friedman at Univ. of Chicago and had a legislative record of reform and pushing the market over government interference, he'd have my vote and he'd be a shoo-in to win.

Sapwolf said...

Tommy Paine,

I see you are at it again.

Your implication that McCain had less experience WAY back during the Savings & Loan crisis is correct. However, Obama has even less experience with financial matters than even McCain back THEN.

McCain is older and wiser, and will be more attractive in the voter's booth when the voter realized that the country needs an experienced hand at the helm.

McCain was part of the effort in 2005/2006 to try to reign in the corrupt reporting at the Fannie/Freddie, but that was stopped by Congress. Obama wasn't involved.

The current financial woes are primarily the fault of the Democrats in Congress who pushed to force mortgage companies to lend money to people who NEVER should have been loaned money with such low amounts up front, low rates, ARM's, and payments that were too high a % of their income, not to mention the inflated assessment values of the properties involved. The DEMS pushed this for political reasons thinking they were helping people but they were not. They were setting them up for failure due to the ridiculous loans they were getting when they never should have had them.

Government interference created this mess. The bad thing is that the taxpayer will have to bail this out because the house of cards is too big to let these companies fail without it bringing US liquidity to a halt and affecting the entire world economy.

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Sapwolf said...

Tommy Paine,

Every posting we recieve from you on this blog is riddled with lies and half-truths.

You are not doing your homework before posting.

Step it up a notch or move on.

Another fact: Obama pays the top female advisors on his campaign less for the same responsibilities the men do. McCain pays them more, and HE HAS MORE WOMEN on his campaign at the top level.

At least McCain walks the walks on equal pay for equal responsibilities.

Do your homework Tommy.

multipath said...

Lynette Long the "Republican Feminist" has a some great stuff at her personal web site in case you haven't been there.

pHaT_aL said...

The Democratic Party may be Barack Obama's own undoing.

techno said...

With Gallup showing an impressive Obama 6 nationwide point lead on Sept 20 I would like everyone to look beyond the aggregate and concentrate on certain variables that will determine whether McCain or Obama will LOSE rather than win. For McCain here are 7 variables: 1) he is losing by any margin in any state of the Deep South excluding Florida and Virginia; 2) he is DOWN more than 5 points in Florida or Virginia; 3) he down in Kentucky or W Virginia; 4) he is down in MONT, ND, SD, NEB, WY, IDaho, or UTAH, KANSAS, OK,ARIZ or TEXAS; 4) he is more than 5 points down in Missouri; 5) he is more than 3 points down in Indiana; 6) he is behind by 5 points in Nevada, New Mexico AND Colorado; 7) he is more than 5 points back in Ohio. For Obama: 1) he is losing in 2 of 3 of NM, NV and CO; 2) he is not within 5 points in Florida; 3) he is down by more than 10 points in Virginia; 4) he is down more than 5 points in Ohio; 5) he is down in NH; 6) he is down in Wash or Oreg; 7) he is tied or losing in any one of these battleground states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. As I see it McCain's base is more solid than Obama's. Even if McCain loses Iowa and either NM or Colorado, but can hold all the Red States that Bush took in 2004 that would give McCain 270 or 274 electoral votes and a victory, regardless of what the popular vote is. For McCain I believe he is a lot better shape than Obama except if he loses Florida. Even if McCain lost Virginia, based on the current state polls and Palinmania he has more than a decent chance to prevail in Pennsylvania, Michigan or Wisconsin to make up for the loss. For Obama if he loses just one state with 10+ electoral votes that Kerry carried in 2004 and McCain maintains his base Obama will lose. Thus Obama's political possibilities are more daunting and precarious. He has no room for error in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota. As I see it the key state to watch for McCain the bellewether state is Ohio; for Obama it's Pennsylvania. The one who loses his bellwether state will lose the election.

purplecrayon said...

health freak,

Why do you think that partitioning Iraq along ethnic lines (three not four) with a central government in Baghdad is such "an utter joke"? This idea has been supported by many foreign policy experts, including Peter Galbraith an expert on Iraq who served on the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee from 1979 to 1993. I would hope that our government would consider any number of diplomatic solutions to the problem that is Iraq.
You think it's a joke.

You may think that Palin is qualified to be VP despite the fact that she has NO foreign policy credentials but don't pad her resume. Do you really believe that Sarah Palin has foreign policy credentials because Alaska is close to Russia?

Mountain Mama said...

Dear PurpleCrayon:

Um...... try the blue instead.

The easiest problem with partitioning Iraq is that, although the three main ethnic groups----Sunnis, Shiites, and Kurds----predominate in three separate areas of the country, many of each group live in all three areas.

But it isn't a simple matter of moving to the "correct" area: what about couples who have intermarried?

Not to mention that the nation's oil is concentrated primarily in one area. How can that key resource be fairly divided?

I like Biden; he's a nice guy. But this idea was ill-conceived.

republicanfeminist said...

PBS poll: Is Palin qualified to be VP?

Vote, the Bots have been all over this.


Erin said...

techno, I agree that as of last state polling, McCain is in better shape. However, I'm interested to see how these swing states are holding up for him after this past week--a bad one for him. I know the candidates can't (and shouldn't) make hay of this bombing, but it's McCain's stronger area, much as the economic issues last week were BO's. I look forward to the debates, because I think they'll give the country a better idea of the candidates, and I also believe that McCain will have an advantage in them.

Erin said...

P.S. After reading the article linked below, I'm beginning to think this is turning into "2008: The Musical." Yes, the man can sing, but twice in one day? Maybe he thinks it will boost his resume...

Kevin L. Hoover said...


I don't see how you can like this candidate. She's superstitious, not very well informed and keeps saying things we all know aren't true.

Just saying.

Anyway, I'm sure things will work out for the best.



Sapwolf said...

By the way, those of you that are looking at the polls, there is only one poll that really matters, and that is Rasmussen:

Stick it in your Browser Favorites. It shows Obama with a 1% point lead. For McCain to be this close this late, with the economic scares and liquidity bailout is a great accomplishment.

Obama must pick up 17 more electoral votes than Kerry did last election. If McCain holds Florida, Virginia, Ohio and the mountain states, and loses only Iowa, then he wins. If he picks off PA, he wins. If he picks up WI or MN, he probably wins.

The situation is a lot better than we could have wished for. This should be an absolute blowout, but the Sarah rallying the base with higher turnout, McCain beating Obama on experience, my money is on Mac. Also, don't forget the possibility of a Bradley Effect.

My guess is McCain ends up 1-2% higher than the polls show going into election day.

We are in a war this election. You've seen all the lies and viciousness of the left and their 4th arm of the government, the MSM. You have to fight this one hard with time, money, and hitting the pavement and phones.

Imagine what will happen if such a strong socialist like Obama is unleashed on the country with the Dems controlling Congress? That's horrifying.

You think the bad mortgage loans pushed by the government is a bad scandal, wait til the government gets control of healthcare and all the spending and pie-in-the-sky mandates start firing out of Washington. Think recession or even depression. And, no additional domestic sources of energy to bridge our dependence on petroleum as we try to get energy from other sources.

Electing Obama with a Dem Congress could be the offical end of life as we know it the USA. Think European Socialism, but with HIGH immigration and little or no job production.

Let the riots begin.

Normal American said...

Would one of you Obama supporters list out Obama's foreign policy credentials? Don't list his recent visit where he tried to have the troop withdrawal delayed.

WisconsinVacations said...

I listen to Gov Palin on Hannity, She should better understand what has happened on Wall Street.

I am voting for her, but she better understand what happened.

1st. Its not that "Wall Street" has caused the problems.
2nd. She should learn why and who got ride of the UP TICK RULE for shorting Stocks. And then learn how Hedge Funds - Can short stocks and hit them down, by being allowed to sell short at the Bid, verse selling at the Ask. There is a big difference and she should learn that the Deregulation called this.

3rd. She should understand about the Mark to Market rule that went in effect last year. That by making banks and Investment banks, have to mark down Real Estate, Private Investments, every Quarter. This rule went into effect last year, and is a big reason for problems that really would not be problems.

tom paine said...

normal american asked "Would one of you Obama supporters list out Obama's foreign policy credentials?"

First of all, I am not an Obama supporter...for a variety of reasons. Second, your question is probably a tough one for any Obama supporter. They would probably list that Obama has built up his expertise on Russia and other parts of the dangerous world.

Helping Obama is a foreign policy elder statesman that is quite surprising. A Republican who himself once tried for his party's presidential nomination, Sen. Richard Lugar of Indiana.

Obama and Lugar have formed a political joint venture and mutual admiration society: the white-haired chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, who has served in the Senate since 1977, and the man 30 years younger than he, Barak Obama.

Obama and Lugar reported on their trip to Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan to inspect weapons dumps and sites where nerve gas, as well as smallpox, plague and other deadly pathogens are kept, under not very secure guard in some cases.

Obama was a speaker at an occasion for his ceremonial investiture into a bipartisan foreign policy group of foreign policy guru's of past presidential administrations.

Included were former Deputy Secretary of State from the Clinton administration Strobe Talbott, former Reagan national security advisor Bud McFarlane, and nuclear weapons expert Spurgeon Keeny of the National Academy of Sciences were among the experts in attendance.

"It was very impressive," said Talbott, now president of the Brookings Institution, of Obama's performance. "This was an issue that a lot of people in that room had worked on and followed for a long time. He has clearly mastered both the technology and the strategic context."

Also in the audience and impressed by the Obama-Lugar talk was Jay Parker, vice president of the Center for the Study of the Presidency, a Washington think tank.

A retired Army colonel and former professor of international affairs at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Parker said after seeing Obama and Lugar, "What was particularly encouraging was the fact that the effort was bipartisan and the dialogue was civil" in sharp contrast to usual bi-partisan efforts.

Parker added that Obama did "intense work" on foreign policy and national security issues.

"He's making a serious effort and he has quickly grasped a lot of important points," added Parker. "He's doing it for the right reasons" -- among them: Obama's hometown is Chicago, a city that might be the target of an al Qaida attack."

That's what Obama supporters might quickly come up with.

Myself, I would say that if Obama went to the top of the Sears Tower, he might be able to see Russia...and that's sufficient foreign policy credentials for some folks. :)

Come'on's funny!!

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, y'all!

My best friend in high school just sent me this. Her Dad, John (my HS science teacher) was a pilot in WWII, who several times saved the life of his co-pilot, Larry, who now lives in CA-----and Larry’s old buddy is this writer (got all that?):

And from a Alaska man who is a very serious cynic about all things political, here is my take on Sarah:

I met and spoke with Sarah Palin about two years ago at our downtown Park Strip. It is a place for walking, carnivals, political outdoor things and such. She was cooking hotdogs at a fund raiser and introducing herself to the public as a Governor hopeful.
She came by and said the usual "Hi, I'm Sarah Palin and I am running for Governor"...and I expected her to keep on to the next person but she asked me who I was and what I did in Alaska and we ended up talking for 15 minutes about me, Air America (she was all agog!) and my career in the Army and AAM. She is a pilot (Super Cub) I'm told, although all she told me about that was that she loved flying.

As I watched her over the next six months as she successfully ran for Governor I was really impressed. I was impressed greatly even before that after she resigned a good position (Alaska Gas and Oil Regulatory Commission) because a fellow Commission member (Chair of the Alaska Republican Party) misused their office and position. He was using the FAX, computers, printing room and all to promote the Republican endeavors while in a State job. That is a huge no-no in any government employment position.

She resigned and made her point and within weeks Randy Ruderich (the above bad guy) found his ass out on the street and a subsequent investigation found him guilty and he was fined $12,000. Small change, actually, but a giant point was made.

Next she went after our most horrible Governor ever, Governor Murkowski, and damned if she didn't beat him! All of us here in Alaska , except the Democrats, are sick of our State's corruption. That fact was shouted to the heavens after she was elected with an overwhelming point spread.

After she got into office she started after corrupt legislators and with the FBI's help we've put four of them in prison, indicted six more and the "Corrupt B******'s Club" as they arrogantly called themselves (even had hats made with CBC on the front!) suddenly found it no fun anymore. Club membership is now in the toilet!!

The current flap which has cost her a ten point loss of popularity (she's still 82%!) was over firing a popular Commissioner of Public Safety who is responsible for our Alaska State Troopers. She fired him for no STATED reason which was her prerogative as the Gov. He served entirely at her option.
She and her whole family had a bad, bad experience with a rogue Trooper who was married to Sarah's sister. His name is Trooper Wooten. This dimwit Trooper had threatened Sarah's father (death threat!), threatened Sarah ("I'll get you too"), tasered his 12 year old stepson, drove drunk in his AST cruiser, got a pass by a fellow Trooper who stopped him for erratic driving a second time while in civvies and just a host of other things not yet released to the public. He got away with it and got another pass by the Commissioner's appointed AST Trooper Internal Affairs investigator with a tiny slap on the wrist. Five days off without pay to be exact!!

This maverick Trooper is still on the payroll but only just. The Union intervening saved his malcontent ***. He'll yet get his, I'm sure. Incredible heat is being heaped on the Troopers. Public heat, not the Governor's office.

The Democrats had the audacity to appoint a obviously biased investigator, Rep. "Gunny" French (so called because he lied about being in the USMC while running for the Legislature) is a staunch liberal and under the orders of Senate President Lyda Green who hates Sara. She hates Sarah because after being elected Governor Sarah told the whole Legislature in one of her first meetings with them that, quote; "All of you here need some Adult Supervision!!!". Sarah was seriously upset and not afraid of anyone there.That played wonderfully well with Alaskan's after all of our corruption and after all of her successful battles against a seriously entrenched corrupt government here in Alaska . It angered the whole Legislature though! They have stayed mad, but also afraid of her because of her popularity.

She reminds me personally of our Alaska wolverine which will fight anything in it's path if it see's fit to do so. No respect at all for size or position. Wife Cindy is in this category too. Unfortunately.

In closing I must tell you that she is the best, most moral and most focused leader I've seen since President Reagan. I feel, really strongly, that like Alaska the rest of our country will love her within a few weeks. Put simply, she represents middle America like NO leader we've ever had. I think McCain made a totally brilliant move in choosing her. She's a maverick who is probably tougher and more focused than McCain himself....and she won't be a total "Yes Man" or, more appropriately, woman. McCain will love her.
In 2012 she will be President.

My best to all of you in the hurricane belt. I hope you are all OK. We just had another mini Air America reunion here in beautiful Soldotna , Alaska along the Kenai river. We'll be doing this every year now I guess. Like our Flying Tiger pal's before us there are not that many Air America guys left. I'm 71 myself this September 16. Where the **** did the years go so fast?

My best to you old buddy
Semper Fi,
George W. Murray

tom paine said...

tom c.,

Your final comment was astounding. It's a classic example of not only twisting the facts but distorting them to fit a particular agenda. I can't recall the page number in "GOP Politics for Dummies" but I'm pretty sure it's in there.

Anyhow, you said "Electing Obama with a Dem Congress could be the offical end of life as we know it the USA. Think European Socialism, but with HIGH immigration and little or no job production."

Now the Dems are not blameless on this but let's do a recap on all three items you mention.

1. HIGH immigration: Since President Bush took office (and I'm assuming you do still claim him as a Republican) the estimates of illegal immigrants who entered our nation range from a low of 9 million to as high as 20 million! No one on the planet could do worse than that unless we elected Felipe Calderon or Bush's good pal Vincente Fox.

2. Job production: On this one Team Bush plays games. They will mention "jobs created" and smile but fail to mention jobs lost. A truer measure is the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It shows a 1,634,000 net decline in jobs from 2001 to 2004. And the final BLS figures from 2004 are certain to be even worse. Now let's remind ourselves once again who controlled Congress and the White House during the years quoted above.

3. Socialism: This is another of the "GOP for Dummies" usual talking points. But a few pesky events over the past few days totally slay the dumb-headed opinion that only the Dems want socialism. our nation's history has any administration taken our nation closer to socialism than the bailouts and giveaways and special interest tax breaks of the current GOP administration. Just today it has been stated that the total cost of the current Bush freebies might reach $800,000,000,000.00 American taxpayer dollars! (gosh but that's lot of zeros) Now if that is not socialism at it's worst then it's difficult to say what it is.

So tom c., if you want to find the real culprits on all three of the things you mentioned, you need to get a group photo of President Bush, the Wall Street boys who all support the GOP, and Bush's GOP supporters. Then hold it up and stand in front of a mirror.

How does it feel to shoot yourself in the foot?

tom paine said...

health freak,

Actually there is nothing that I need to "get over" per Obama. I fully realize Obama's obvious shortcomings and the potential of an elected Obama's deeds matching his obviously skilled rhetoric.

Whatever, can you please list anything that I have ever posted that shows undue support of Obama by me? If not, I accept your apology.

One thing though, since you say you are "more qualified" to be president than Barak because of your background and because you have "thought college courses" just like Barak.

That may be true, but I had a couple of kids who "thought" some of their college courses and they got really bad grades!! :)

But good luck in the future.

Again Adam, post this since it IS funny and should not hurt h/freak's feelings since he is so well conditioned!

tom paine said...


Very glad to see you quote Thomas Paine, one of our truly great Founding Fathers. Actually, one of his "Age of Reason" quotes is much more famous than the one you listed. Here it is:

" I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.

I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy.

I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.

All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.

Each of those churches show certain books, which they call revelation, or the word of God. The Jews say, that their word of God was given by God to Moses, face to face; the Christians say, that their word of God came by divine inspiration: and the Turks say, that their word of God (the Koran) was brought by an angel from Heaven. Each of those churches accuse the other of unbelief; and for my own part, I disbelieve them all."

Now, were truer words ever spoken?

One part of your post seemed to indicate a loss of reality. Please list some examples of "...chaining someone to a bumper, dragging them through the swamp and over rocky roads..." if you can? Thx.

Also, "Common Sense" is one of my favorite works. Please tell me how you think that I "mock" it. No generalities...specifics are much better...don't you agree?

Normal American said...

Thanks Tom P. for the information. So basically he tagged along to Russia with another senator(that he had befriended). If you want to read details, go to Obama's website. He admits he only went as an rookie observer. His new friend, Sen Lugar, did the work. The rest of your statements confirm what we already know about Obama. He can read from a teleprompter. See what happens when he doesn't have a teleprompter or script.

Unknown said...

there are 55 posts in this area and 9 belong to Tom Paine.
Why am I starting to feel like William Shatner in the famous Twilight Zone episode of
"Nightmare at 20000 Feet"?

tom paine said...


Please disregard my first reply to knowitall and I would like to submit this one instead:

knowitall, you may looking at the numerical breakdown of the posts on this thread in the wrong way. Consider that instead of 9 posts by me out of 55 there were 46 posts of mostly the same viewpoint and train of thought and 9 posts of a more balanced view!

See how much better that sounds?

techno said...

For those of you new to this blog I am a strong supporter of Sarah and was one of those privileged to stay up during the wee hours of Aug 29 to literally delight in and witness on this blog the announcement of Sarah's VP selection several hours before the MSM or Drudge got wind of it. Frankly, there is too much bitterness and rancor. Objectivity is the casualty. The lack of objectivity poisons and does not uplift or clarify. With this in mind I want to assume an objective posture so as to better understand what is going on in the Presidential campaign. There are 10areas I want to deal with: 1) quite frankly I have not paid as much attention to McCain as I should have over the past 8 years but I now have a better understanding of his strengths and weaknesses. His main strengths are stubborn resolve, strength of character including mental toughness and the ability to enact controversial legislation despite intense criticism from both political parties, right wing talk show hosts and the MSM-he knows how to get things done. But as I see it he has major flaws as a Presidential candidate: a) he is at best a fair-to-middling speaker and communicator when he is programmed-folks I know his war wounds have diminished his capabilities-but except for military and foreign isssues he's just not that inspiring or convincing; I don't feel he connects with the voting public on complicated or RATIONAL issues such as the state of the economy, economic growth and tax reduction, health care, social security etc in formal speeches; b) at times he comes across as angry and 'spoiling for a fight' and thus not endearing; c) he screws up and tends to makes gaffes on subjects he is not as conversant with. If McCain loses this election this will be one of the main reasons. My suggestion for McCain would be to have 3 town hall meetings a week without Sarah so he can free-wheel and be himself and go back to his roots a year ago when he was counted out-he does best when he is fighting for his survival and not when it is perceived that he surviving just to fight. 2) The choice of Sarah and her unveiling was BRILLIANT. She has not made a major gaffe. A week ago I recommended that John travel with her as a team which you chose to do and I believe it is paying dividends and will continue to do so. But for the good of the campaign John,and based on Sarah's debut at the town hall in Grand Rapids, I honestly don't think that's her forte. Everybody has a weakness John and I think Sarah's is that she doesn't perform as well in unscripted situations. She is a charismatic, polished performer when she knows her lines. I would send her out solo to at least 3 rallies a week to battle ground states so that she could give speeches more than 20 minutes long. I would make her the sole spokesman for energy independence, women's issues, social issues,the Constitution and I would give her the role as the 'attack dog' as she did at the convention of laying Obama out with incisive charm, grace and wit. Unfortunately John if you try to do it it comes across as bullying and obstreperous--with Sarah she does it with panache and quite honestly she can get away with it because she is a woman. 3)You know John your worst enemies aren't the loony left, MSM, and the Democrats--it's members of your own party like Karl Rove, Chuck Hagel, Condi Rice, Carly Fiorina, KBH, Peggy Noonan, Mike Murphy etc who imply Sarah isn't qualified to be VP-John just tell them to all keep their mouths shut if they haven't got anything good to say. 4) John, you have to find a way to meet this potential vote fraud by the Democrats head on unless you can be assured that you will win in a landslide. 5) You must stop using words like sexist and stop producing ads that imply Sarah is a victim. Stop crying wolf. Treat any personal criticism of Sarah as water off a duck's back. 6) John, you must not stray off the reservation too much especially in the area of immigration, global warming or stem cell research. Don't assume that the choice of Sarah as VP alone will guarantee a maximum turnout of the base. You still have work to do to convince them of your sincerity.7) I firmly believe that you should forge a palpable bond with the Republican Congressional candidates that you could use to promote a team approach to governing and government-the no man is an island approach. 8) I would send Sarah out to appear before various women's groups, especially Puma's/ex-Hillary supporters; 9) Obama will win the election John is you allow circumstances to dictate your schedule and agenda. Your war room must be vigilant 24/7 and must be prepared to respond quickly to changing circumstances and sudden attacks and criticism. 10)Finally John I think you should send Sarah out to speak to the Heritage Foundation, the Claremont Institute, the UN, Rush Limbaugh, other right wing radio hosts, Charlie Rose and any group or individual that can enhance her credentials and gravitas in foreign affairs. An endorsement Condi Rice or Colin Powell would be noteworthy.

Passive Guy said...

Before I start, I want to point out that I am not xenophobic toward America or Americans. I rather enjoy California and its people and have visited many times. I write the following only as an observation on how the current US political debate is more of a distraction than of any practical use.

As an outside party, I have been watching the Amercian political dialog with interest. Yet another presidential election is on the horizon, and I watch with baited breath to see who will triumph. I have no particular favourite, but it is indeed interesting to read commentary from both sides of the debate. The events of the last week have been particularly interesting to me. As someone with an economic background, I have some knowledge of the inner workings of money and government. I'm taking great care to point out that I have no affiliation with either candidate, but I do find it interesting that so many side with the candidacy of John McCain. While I don't particularly have any faith in his opposition, or the Democratic Party in general, I find it odd that so many of you would stick to the 'side of the aisle' that birthed many of your current disasterous policies, with regard to fiscal matters above all else. Okay, I must admit that I find it very strange that you would remain faithful to the Republicans who have wrought much destruction to your bruised Constitution. You now have the pleasure of being spied on, imprisoned, and possibly tortured, with no recourse to legal representation. I have no doubt that if that were the case in my country there would be riots on the streets and much bloodshed. Having said that, would Obama repeal any of these measures within days of being in Office? I don't believe he would.

So, the events of the last week, as I stated, are what drive my current interest. I find it incredible that nobody has talked about what is really at the heart of this issue. For two decades the United States has ignored the 'man on the street' in favour of the interests of what I like to call Greedy Business. To be fair, it is the job of business to be greedy in order to be competitive, so it can benefit the humble workers. Your businesses have never had any such interest. Labour rights in the US are at an all time low. Neither party has much time for the rights of the worker. A case in point: when was the minimum wage last raised to the level of inflation? Add to this bundle of joy, the fact that deregulation means something entirely unique in the US. In Europe, deregulation was the selling of nationalised industry, at the cost of minor governmental oversight. This meant that businesses could compete at a new level, with a framework in place that would guard against corruption. Note that there have been no Enrons in Europe of late. So, business in the US has enjoyed very little in the way of brick wall counter measures, other than the recent enactment of Sarbanes Oxley, which is on a par with ISO 9000, which is to say not very useful.

The Bush-Cheney administration has pursued a policy of slashing taxes for these businesses for the last 8 years, alongside running a pointless campaign in the Middle East, and ignoring the cries of drowning, and now homeless, citizens in Louisiana among other disasters. The 'man in the street' (no sexism is intended) has seen soaring costs and a weakened dollar. Businesses throughout the world are now turning to the euro as a more dependable and stronger currency. These facts amount to an atrocity in my mind. Simple fiscal rules have not been applied. The very basis of Capitalism has been thrown under a bus. You cannot take measures to fatten up businesses without any regulation whatsoever. For some reason that I don't yet understand, Greedy Business in the US has all but forgotten that it depends on the consumer for its profit. The consumer has been left out of the equation by both business and the government. As a consequence, you now have millions of individuals with loans that they were either talked into, or could once afford but now find themselves with less liquid capital at the end of the month. The banks encouraged (by way of commission) their employees to bend or break (quite easily it seems) their own simple rules in order to get these loans approved. The consumer village as whole now has less spending power and more unemployment. They turn on their television and are reminded daily how grim the situation is. The businesses thought they had won the lottery, but now realize that it was merely leased to them for a short period of time. Note that the current emphasis is on the financial industries, but this generalisation applies to the whole of US industry. Your country no longer manufactures anything that is desired overseas, so exports are down. The Japanese and Germans snuck in back in the 1960's (and more recently the Koreans) and now your automobile industry can not maintain itself. In Science and Engineering you are falling to the bottom of the international ladder because companies no longer fund research and development. Even software design is increasingly farmed out to Asian workers, at home and abroad. Technologically, the US is far behind the rest of the world. You are only now discovering digital radio, your HD availability is poor, and your broadband Internet is a fraction of speeds found elsewhere (5Mbs compared with Japan's ubiquitous 100Mbps!) Even your cable and cell phone operators still have you tied up in contracts, a practice mostly extinct in Europe, Asia and Australia.

So, I gawk in wonder when I see whole diatribes discussing the merits of Sarah Palin's experience, or whether Obama is really a citizen. Or even some of the ridiculous insults thrown about on blogs such as this. The fault is with both sides, don't get me wrong. When I pick up a US newspaper I wonder who is reading the policy platforms of either candidate. Thus far, in this election I have seen no policy promises whatsoever, other than simple rhetoric. There are never any details.

To be honest, if I had to make a choice between either candidate I wouldn't know which way to turn. And what's with all that religion in politics?

Erin said...

knowitall said: "there are 55 posts in this area and 9 belong to Tom Paine."

LOL It takes a while to skip over them, doesn't it? To borrow from Oscar Wilde, "The only thing worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about."

Had a chat with some friends yesterday, and the subject of Hillary vs. BO came up. I said I'd rather have had her than him because "the devil you know is better than the devil you don't." They disagreed, saying that Hillary is pretty good at what she does, and looking BO's track record (I know; what exactly?), she's much more likely to get things done that I wouldn't want to see pushed through.

In other news, I'm excited to see McCain even with Obama here in Michigan. Of course we have the usual sheep who will vote however the UAW (union) tells them to, but people who are actually thinking about their situation are realizing that our state's economic policies are a little too close to BO's plan for comfort. We have a wildly unpopular governor who's raised taxes in spite of the auto industry's meltdown around here. So add that to the horrendous grasp of the union mentality, and why on earth would businesses want to move here?

Michigan is ready for a change, and whether McCain carries the state or not, it should be close.

BTW, our governor (Jennifer Granholm) has offered to "play Sarah" in debate preps for Joe Biden. Apart from being somewhat attractive, she shares no common traits. This should be interesting.

Unknown said...

the best thing tom paine has done for me is that i went to youtube and watched the classic episode from Twilight Zone "nightmare at 20000 feet". Television used to be so good. Boy, did I laugh.
I am a geriatric physician. I work with Tom Paines all day long. They are either the most wonderful people on Earth or a complete pain in the kister. I spend my whole day giving support to older wives. I love my work.

Techno, I am going to start a fan club for you. What do you do for a living? That is a great analysis. I have been thunderstruck watching the air go out of the McCain Campaign. You can see it here on this site. We are completely on the defensive. I agree with everything you said. (unlike Tom Paine and his unforgiveable anti-semitic opinions - that did it for me).
How do we get this going again? Where's Sarah???

Unknown said...

Anon sez: "So, I gawk in wonder when I see whole diatribes... "

And I gawk in wonder that you would believe anyone here gives much credence to your supercilious anti-American rant.

Mountain Mama said...

Dear Anon:

You wrote, "And what's with all that religion in politics?"

News flash: YOU have a religion, too, although you might not realize it.

Adopting a religion doesn't necessarily require belief in one or more divine beings. Instead, many people have a religion of another kind: they have adopted a code of ethics to reflect their worldview. That code constitutes their religion (and yes, it IS in the dictionary, as Definition #2 for "religion").

You will note that many people currently have a religion concerning environmentalism. Others are more concerned about social justice issues.

My overarching point is that ALL people bring with them to the field of politics their worldview----their religion----even you!

But one thing is certain: the universe exists apart from any particular "view" of it. That is, whatever is factually true about the universe IS true, whether or not any being in the universe apprehends that truth.

Finite human beings cannot possibly fathom the full scope of fact or truth about the universe. That's why those who believe in God usually believe in divine revelation: that God sends messages or reveals truth to human beings, who otherwise couldn't possibly see, understand, or appreciate that truth.

Anyway----our task in the world community is to respect the religion or beliefs of others, even if we thoroughly disagree with them, but only to the extent that their beliefs aren't destructive to the community. Hence we reject radical Islamism for its suicidal and homicidal components.

Paris Arrow said...

There are 2 additional articles, the best so far about Sarah Palin entitled:


2) NY Rabbi extols Sarah Palin

see Benedict XVI-God's Rottweiler

The 2 articles are found here and other good aricles

Unknown said...

Here's a "short list of questions" for T.P relating to the first post on this thread:

1. Can T.P define his/her definition of "free ride"?
2. Why does T.P. imply something sinister in the fact that the McCain campaign has elected not to split their winning ticket with separate appearances?
3. What "half-truths and innuendo" have not been "scrutinized" - and what has Palin done to prevent such "scrutiny"?
4. What "outright lie" has Palin told?
5. How is "it" supposed to work?
6. What "tough questions" have not been answered?
7. In what way was the Hannity interview "simplistic"?
8. What "worthwhile insight" has yet to be provided to the American people?

MY common sense tells me:

1. Opinion stated as fact is deceitful demagoguery.
2. Opinion disguised as an open question is a tactic of the intellectually dishonest.
3. The pretense of independent thinking used for ridicule does nothing to enlighten

caem said...


Albright and Powell: 'We May Go to War With Russia!'

Five former secretaries of state took the stage on CNN last night to discuss the challenges facing the next president. So nuanced were their pronouncements and noncomittal their advice that I'm now anxiously awaiting the day they form the wacky cast of a cornpone sketch-comedy show about world conflicts, tentatively titled "Hem Haw."

Minnie Pearl Madeleine Albright was asked about letting Georgia and Ukraine into NATO, and the possibility that doing so would mean the U.S. would have to respond to Russian aggression in those regions:

AMANPOUR: Now you've got Russia invading Georgia. Is the advice to the next president of the United States therefore, you have to go to war against Russia in order to protect your NATO allies?

ALBRIGHT: ...I also think that countries have the right to choose whatever alliance they want to be in. And the main thing, while I fully agree that we can't go back to the Cold War and have a really very bad adversarial relationship with Russia, Russia cannot think that independent countries on its border are a threat to them.

So I think -- I personally believe that we need to go forward with the Membership Action Plan for Georgia and for Ukraine, and keep explaining that it is not a threat.

Amanpour then tossed the question to Colin Powell, saying, "if Russia is (the aggressor) and you have to, you know, keep your NATO allies' security, aren't you then committed?"

POWELL: Under Article 5 of the Washington Treaty, which is the NATO Treaty, when one member of the alliance is attacked from abroad -- meaning outside the NATO geographic limits -- then all members of NATO treat that as an attack...

We cannot say to the Russians, "We are not going to allow the Georgians or Ukrainians or anyone else to start down the path toward NATO membership." It's not for the Russians to decide that.

Oddly enough, I can find no blaring headlines this morning claiming Albright and Powell want to "go to war with Russia." Nothing along the lines of what we saw after Charlie Gibson's interview with Sarah Palin produced essentially the same answer from the vice presidential candidate.

You'll see "Hem Haw" hit primetime before you see anyone in the media point this out.

Posted by Mary Katharine Ham on September 21, 2008 11:04 AM | Permalink

caem said...

Orthodox Rabbi Extols Gov. PalinBy Kathleen Gilbert


"This phenomenal woman, pro-life, pro-normal marriage ... a woman's woman... a reflection of the Jewish midwives in the book of Exodus,they kept the babies alive." NEW YORK, NY (LifesiteNews) - In response to recent claims that Gov. Sarah Palin's strong religious views may be "a cause of concern" for the Jewish community, noted Rabbi Yehuda Levin has issued high praise for Palin, saying that anti-Semitic claims could not be farther from the truth for "this phenomenal woman," whom he calls "a gift from God" to America.

"Sarah Palin's caring about the security of the residents of Israel is certainly important to Jews," said Levin, "but to American citizens, Jews and non-Jews, her domestic policy of morality, decency, family values, fairness in education where parents have a choice of how and where to educate their children, all of this is great." Rabbi Levin, who usually represents the Union of Orthodox Rabbis and the Rabbinical Alliance of America, says he has issued his video response simply as a Jewish U.S. citizen.

Levin blames liberal Jewish news media for stoking irrelevant fears about Palin. For example, Levin cites the words of former New York City mayor and pro-homosexual Ed Koch, who said "Governor Palin scares the hell out of him." If by "hell" Koch is referring to his zealous homosexual activism, which Levin says is "from a Torah Biblical perspective a hellish agenda," then, Levin concludes, "It's a good thing to scare that hell out of Koch."

Levin goes on to blast the recent media claim that Gov. Palin's pastor had "anti-Semitic" fidelities, which claim has been invoked by some to suggest that Palin's own fidelity to her Christian beliefs poses a threat to the Jewish community. Palin's pastor Larry Kroon had invited David Brickner, the executive director of Jews for Jesus, to speak at Palin's parish. Many Jews consider Jews for Jesus a threat to the integrity of the Jewish community because of their proselytizing efforts.

But Levin, who is himself hotly opposed to Jews for Jesus, nonetheless criticized those who consider Palin's association comparable to the relationship of Sen. Obama to the extremism espoused by his notoriously radical pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

In a separate video, Levin states, "We don't expect Sarah Palin sitting in an audience where her pastor brought on David Brickner - that she has to know our Jewish theology and she has to get out, or stomp out, or make some sort of protest. To compare that to Obama sitting by Pastor Wright for twenty years, and all the things he said, is really ridiculous, and it's just a sign of how desperate the liberals are because of the amazing success of the Palin phenomenon."

In reality, says Levin, the addition of Sarah Palin to the presidential ticket is good news for the pious Jewish community, saying that Sen. McCain's choice of a running mate "was certainly a gift from God," and comparing Palin's courageous stand for life to that of the holy women in the Bible."This phenomenal woman, pro-life, pro-normal marriage ... a woman's woman, somewhat of a reflection of the Jewish midwives in the book of Exodus, who stood up to the evil Pharaoh, and despite his anti-baby decree, they kept the babies alive.

"You go, Governor Palin! Keep championing a Godly agenda of a return to millennia-old standards of decency."

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Sapwolf said...

For those that missed the way cool Palin assault rifle video, here is the link (scrool down some):

Note what the soldier says after Sarah let's loose with a magazine.


Sapwolf said...

What if after being elected, McCain sends his Sec. of State with Sarah to meet the female Prime Minister of the Ukraine?

Wow, media bonanza.

Sapwolf said...

The BEST explanation of this whole economic mess I have heard is from Mark Levin's show from Friday. You will not find a better explanation anywhere including all the TV networks. It is a little bit long, but listen and understand WHAT caused this.






PASS this link on so Americans get a true understanding of why we are having to spend $700 billion+ to buy these crap loans and save other banks.

Get educated.

And remember, Obama wants to do the same by guaranteeing 100% health care despite the fact he is scaring old ladies on Social Security right now.

tom paine said...


Even tho you refused to even try to answer the questions I posed to you...I will not not hide as you did and I will respond. So here you go:

1. A "free ride" is when Palin is allowed to not answer whenasked if living close to Russia is foreign policy expertise...or why she believes in "choice" for her own daughter but not for other women...or why she incorrectly said that AK provides 20% of USA energy needs.

2. Nothing "sinister" about not allowing Palin to campaign alone. It's simply fear I would guess.

3. Some of the
half-truths and innuendo are listed above. To the "20% of the energy" statement, add the Bridge that she did NOT stop, her claims about earmarks, her statement that she "welcomed" the AK investigation and why Palin then flip-flopped and now fights it and Palin's hiring of a lobbyist...for starters.

4. See above.

5. The way "it" is supposed to work is that NO reasonable questions should be off limits when a candidate decides to run for national office.

6. See above for the "tough" questions...or lose your own reticence and answer the questions I listed!!!

7. When you ask about the "Hannity" interview I'm not sure if you are being coy or truly uninformed. Palin could have been handed a script and it could not have been a softer interview. Similar to Biden doing an "interview" with Keith Olbermann.

8. It is impossible to point to any "worthwhile insight" into Gov. Palin since so far since she has mostly repeated the stock lines that the McCain campaign has provided to her...and she does seem to be a good reader! When folks like you go into nonsense like "moose mom" etc etc or go into defense mode over things like the "pig" commment that Sen. McCain himself has used numerous times that is exactly what precludes any "worthwhile insight" into the important things about Gov. Palin. If she has great qualities...fine...let's find out and don't obscure them with nonsense. But don't use superficial stuff and then cry about how she is being treated.

You are totally correct about "opinions" and in fact I would add one more description: "Just like (insert body part here) everyone has one and they mostly stink." That's why I stick with events, facts, and actions to determine my positions.

You will know whenever I state my own personal opinion since I will indicate that fact.

BTW, if ypou want some examples of true "opinion" that has been listed on this board by Palin supporters I will be more than happy to list them. Please advise.

As for the "ridicule" that you mention, that must be your own conclusion since I did not direct any at you. So I apologize for you thinking in that manner.

Believe me, if Adam allowed true "ridicule" I could very easily provide a bunch of that also since a biased forum that has an agenda is just about the easiest thing in the world to ridicule!

Now, maybe you could take a stab at say....half of my questions to you????

Passive Guy said...

Mountain Mama:

You said: "Anyway----our task in the world community is to respect the religion or beliefs of others, even if we thoroughly disagree with them..."

I couldn't agree more with that statement. I believe that everyone has the right to think and believe exactly what they want to. But I also believe that 'pure' religiosity, i.e. the religions concerning faith, etc. are intended to be somewhat private. In my country, nobody cares about the religious beliefs of the candidates. That, to me, raises that spectre of being marginalized for irrelevant personal beliefs. The issues are what matter. Atheist, Christian, Bhuddist, or even Muslim. If a candidate intends to do good then that is all I need to be reassured.


You said: "...supercilious anti-American rant..."

I'm sorry that you don't like the facts but there you are. I, for one, am fully aware that the US is not an island. What happens there affects the whole world. I care, because you do. Yes, there are people in this world, and some I know, that are anti-American in their words. My words were aimed fairly and squarely at business and government. Unfortunately, I didn't have time or space to go into the many good things that have been borne of the USA.

Ultimately, my worry is that the every-day, average individuals -- the ordinary people -- of your country, are the ones being ripped off and left out to dry. And so I don't understand your belief in the Republican party, who historically have categorically undermined the Middle Class and below. There are white-collar, blue-collar, and even no-collar workers in the US, but the Republicans still aren't aware of them. When they speak of tax cuts, they most certainly don't mean people like you or I, unless you happen to be a CEO or business owner, or independently wealthy in some other way.

I don't believe I ever wrote anything about Americans all being "stupid, obese idiots without a brain."

I'm sorry that you missed the point of my essay. I merely hoped for a logical answer to my query.

techno said...

Now the lefties and the MSM are going after Todd Palin--making him out to be the most evil,vile, sinister commerical fisherman in the history of the world. Remember a while back I predicted a couple of weeks ago that Sarah would be labelled as the anti-Christ. That day will soon be upon us. Friends, I put this to you: with all those Obama researchers in Alaska scouring the public records, you would think they could come up with something more substantial than this. What I am now waiting for next is for a high profile Democrat to call Sarah a bimbo or slut. Rangel already called her disabled. Every time they do this the Obama campaign will lose women voters. Democrats, continue to self-destruct with my blessing.

Shikeb Ali said...

This is Shikeb Ali from Pakistan. I'm a McCain Supporter, and personally I like Gov. Sarah Palin,long before she was nominated for VP by McCain ...

So, I'm with the Gov. Sarah Palin, and Insha'Allah(i.e. If Allah privileged), I'll be in her front line supporters.

Sapwolf said...

Tommy Paine,

We are not going to convince you about Sarah Palin.

If you don't like McCain and Palin or what you believe their policies are, then either don't vote for them or vote for Obama.

Attacking Sarah does not make the top of the Dem ticket any better.

Obama should be running away with this election, but he isn't because he is the most liberal member of the Senate and is extreme, and he has NO experience. This is FAR more frightening that he could be CinC when compared to a slim possibility that Palin could be CinC some day.

By the way, the CNN program with all the ex-secretaries of state basically confirmed what Palin said to Charlie Gibson: If a NATO country is attacked, the USA is obligated to come to their aid.

Obama has figured out that he should stop attacking Palin cause it is backfiring. With the financial problems this past week he is switching to fight McCain. Smart move.

Sapwolf said...


Actually, MOST of what you said was a rant. Especially about how business people in the US are all GREEDY.

Dude, I work in business OK. Believe me the best people are in business, NOT in government, and NOT in unions. There are exceptions, but as a general rule, an entitlement mentality is part of much of the thinking of anybody in government or in unions, or in other agencies where they are not accountable such as FanFred.

Listen to the link I provided from Levin's radio show. It explains what happened. It happened due to government regulation forcing mortgage companies to loan money to people they knew were credit risks. It's not like this happened yesterday. It's been going on for years.

Also, pay attention to your news sources. You are what you read/watch.


People STILL want to come to the USA in overwhelming numbers. The USA is still the BEST game in town.

pHaT_aL said...

Long, but informative. You will know why the government is forced to provide loans to people who cannot afford it nor pay them back.

Unknown said...

You wrote: "And so I don't understand your belief in the Republican party, who historically have categorically undermined the Middle Class and below. There are white-collar, blue-collar, and even no-collar workers in the US, but the Republicans still aren't aware of them."

Please understand that I am no longer playing defense. I am on the offense now.
I will not tolerate lies any more than I tolerate bigots like T.P.

anon, the election of 2006 was a momentous one. That was the completion of the reversal in party roles. The Dems are now the party of the rich and the republicans are now the party of the middle class and below.
Just look at the two candidates from the Dem party. They are fobs.

do you want proof? i have it right here...
donald lambro 11/29/2007 on "the new party of the rich".
Peter Schweizer 10/30/2006 in National review online. "party of the rich"

the Dems make fun of the southern voters as rednecks. People in the midwest have never seen a city. Sarah Palin is a hick from the sticks. When Obama is in Beverly Hills, he says we cling to our religion and our guns.
And then miserable people like you come here and lie and try to tell us that we are the party of the rich.
No, Anon, Repeat after me... The Democrats are the party of the rich.
We are here because we support the people in America who work hard, follow the rules and fight for our country. (yes, I am a veteran). We are here because we believe that people should keep the money they earn, that everyone has to pull the wagon and that politicans are not in a class above the people they represent.

Anon, you have no clue what you are saying.
Please leave.

Erin said...

Sarah breaks more milestones, as documented in the article below. Even though that area heavily favours the GOP, that crowd size (even the conservative estimate) is incredible for the bottom of the ticket. This exposure can only help the cause!

tom paine said...

tom c.,

If you truly believe that the current financial crisis and mortgage loan meltdown was the result of "government regulation forcing mortgage companies to loan money to people they knew were credit risks." then you are the most naive person in America.

The number of risky loans that banks were "forced" to give to unqualified buyers is such a small percentage of the total problem that it is absurd to pretend that caused the problem.

Most of the problem was the clever "bundling" and "packaging" and "resale" and "forwarding" and "swaps" of ALL loans that the white shirt criminals got away with because of the lack of regulation. You know...that type of regulation that Sen. McCain opposed for the past 27 years.

You say that you are "in business" so I hope that you are not among those useless and mostly non-producing "white shirts" that I mentioned. But if you with it.

tom paine said...


You are factually incorrect. The "government" per se does not issue loans. You may have meant something else, but that's not what you said.

Sapwolf said...

Hey, it is definitely true that the Democratic Party is the party of the rich. That used to not be the case, but now you are seeing more of the rich identifying as Dems, especially in places like where I'm from in Silicon Valley, CA. It's a very big Dem/elitist place now. It used to not be like then when I was a kid.

Hey, if anybody wants to know the truth about charity and who REALLY is charitable get a copy of:

"Who Really Cares?" by Arthur Brookes.

Dynamite read. Pass it on after you're done to others.

Sapwolf said...


Welcome to the effort. I have a lot of respect for Muslims, not the ones bombing people, but as people of God/Allah.

I'm a practicing Catholic, and I have a feeling Christians and Muslims will end up uniting on some issues years from now as we fight the secular forces that are doing their damnest to push our religions in the closet.

God be with you and your family.

Unknown said...

I'd like to know whether potential VP Palin agrees with current VP Cheney that the Vice President is not part of the executive branch of government.

jill said...

McCain is actually gathering a group, and the list looks like some people with some good financial heads on their shoulders. I read it at Fox Sunday night, but others will be picking it up soon. Meanwhile, the Obama campaign is striking out at the number of cars the McCains have now. You know, going after the important stuff.

"During a town hall meeting in Scranton, Pa., McCain will announce a proposed bipartisan group that includes former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, billionaire investor Warren Buffet and New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg, among others, to make sure the financial bailout of companies that invested in failed mortgage securities is not just a stopgap.

'I believe we need a high level of oversight and an oversight board to impose real criteria for those who need help and those who do not and that we have a careful steward of the taxpayer’s dollars,' McCain said late Sunday."

jill said...

Have you seen this one yet? It makes me smile.

techno said...

After Sarah's appearance at the Villages, Florida today in which the fire marshal estimated that 60,000 people were in attendance in sweltering 90 degree heat I would like to offer some observations: 1) For those (Republican) idiots or savants out there who think that Sarah was not McCain's best choice to attract voters or view her as a drag on the ticket because of a lack of 'experience' please 'get a life' (going solo before the convention McCain, as CNN gleefully reports, he was lucky to get 1000 people to come out to what many observers called lacklustre events) 2) Sarah may give approximately the same speech and use a teleprompter at each rally but the folks attending her rallies apparently don't care about 'inside baseball'--they're more concerned about her authenticity and her message; incidentally before an Ohio fundraiser Sarah recounted how the teleprompter at the convention malfunctioned while the media insists it did not. Who has more credibility in your eyes? If she is lying why doesn't the media call her out on it every day to the end of the campaign? 3)yesterday at a forum in with 5 former Secretaries of State discussed foreign policy both Albright and Powell said that if Georgia or Ukraine was a part of NATO and were attacked by Russia then the USA 'may have to go to war with Russia'. Now isn't that what Sarah was ridiculed for saying in the Gibson interview? 4) Within the last 3-5 days there have been countless articles about the 'peaking of Palinmania' as if Palin devotees suddenly have awakened to the folly of their choice and now regard Obama as their savior. Go to Drudge: he has a story of California Dems freaking out over Palinmania. To the lefties as Churchill once uttered this romance with Sarah may be 'the end of the beginning' but like all true romances that evolve over years I predict that this will be the the start of a beautiful friendship and devotion that will grow even stronger as the days, months and years pass by. You in the media will never get it! 5)Again I repeat Sarah is THE MAIN EVENT-a columnist recently wrote this may be the most consequential VP pick since Theodore Roosevelt in 1900, who happens to be a hero of John McCain's. Folks, you might not realize it but TR is on Mount Rushmore along with Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. The next pundit that utters the old saw 'VP picks don't matter' or people only vote for the top of the ticket' I'm going to mentally send him or her to Al Gore's lockbox to sit alone in a straitjacket. 6) For the younger readers of this blog, the idiots in the media, or the phony celebrities of today you might want to rent the DVD Mr. Smith Goes To Washington or It's a Wonderful Life to understand the impact of 'small-town values', idealism, authenticity, and rarefied empathy can have on belief or attracting an audience and why Sarah is as beloved as she is by millions. She is the epitome of a folksy, authentic Jimmy Stewart that throws a political punch like Reagan and has the box-office appeal of Doris Day. 7) John McCain had a bad week from circumstances he had no control over but realistically did you really think by the end of the week (Rasmussen) that he'd be only 1 point down nationally and still be mounting a significant challenge in the Democratic strongholds of Pennsylvania,Michigan and Wisconsin? 8) Again I repeat: for the last 3 weeks Sarah, of the 4 contenders for the White House, is the only one who has NOT made a gaffe yet (the Bush doctrine was not a gaffe)-so much for the conventional wisdom of not picking rookies as running mates because they are prone to screwing up and instead picking the person with the most perceived experience with political language of Washington and who 'mingles with the right people socially'; folks Sarah is Tiger Woods with lipstick; talent always beats experience. Logic makes sense but emotion makes 'dollars and cents'. 9)Sarah is the most vilified political candidate in the history of modern American politics and perhaps of all time. 'They' have tried to 'strip her bare', 'draw blood by impaling her', beat her 'to a pulp' and 'stone her to death'. 'They' have sought to destroy her body and will and 'the rabble' will continue to seek to crucify her. Yes, we must all pray for Sarah and her family but we must do more: to the devotees of Sarah we must circle the wagons around her-we must personally vow never to allow Sarah's detractors to diminish our loyalty and devotion to her. We owe her that much. We must treat Sarah as one of our children, our spouse or a parent. We must all commit in our mind to sacrifice our life for Sarah during the campaign if need be. Only through this type of fervency, urgency and commitment can tens of thousands make the phone calls without stop to sway voters, walk and drive the hundreds of miles day after day to hand out literature, buttons and yard signs and passionately convince fence-sitters of the wisdom of voting for the McCain-Palin ticket. 10)As I have mentioned previously John and Sarah should do 3-4 joint appearances a week but John should do at least 2 town halls solo ( that is his best format and where the John McCain really shines- when he fights to survive rather than surviving to fight) and Sarah should do at least 3 solo rallies a week where she can be spotlighted, give longer and more consequential speeches and where her message can be gradually tailored to attract more women voters, including ex-Hillary supporters. And unveil the huge canister of lipstick at each rally that she received at the Villages. Make that the symbol of her belief in the power of women to crack the glass ceiling. By the way, if I have any criticism of the campaign so far it is that the campaign strategists have not made a more deliberate attempt to use Sarah to attract more female voters by either through the thrust of a speech devoted to women's issues or having Sarah appear before mainly female audiences to target and ask for their support. And introduce Sarah to the Helen Reddy song I am Woman. That will drive the Dems and Hillary Clinton crazy. In closing I think that Sarah's speeches should contain trenchant lines and quotes from Lincoln, TR, Churchill and Reagan and that pays tribute and shows her depth of knowledge regarding the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. This will allow her to show the world that she has a grand VISION for America, and is not some run-of-the-mill party hack only seeking votes to further his or her political career.

techno said...

Go to Ace of Spades or Jawa Report regarding a story on 'Axelrod astroturfing'. I think you will find it interesting and illuminating.

Koyomi Mizuhara said...

For any of you who wanted near confirmed reports that the Obama Campaign is engaging in shady practices, in an attempt to make sure Palin gets smeared, here are your links.

Let's just say that there are potential FEC violations that could be in the works here. Adam, if you are still around, please get this to the McCain-Palin head honchos. This could be useful to them.

Unknown said...

One last response to "Tom Paine"

T.P. , you posture: " That's why I stick with events, facts, and actions to determine my positions."

You began your post by stating your opinion as if it were fact: "the facts indicate that she has had more of a free ride over the past few weeks than any candidate for VP has ever experienced."

You rant: " Now, maybe you could take a stab at say....half of my questions to you????"
" or lose your own reticence and answer the questions I listed!!!"

You proposed precisely ONE question in your original post.

To wit: " Why does Gov. Palin never appear without the entire McCain entourage in tow?"

That one question appears to have been answered by others here several times.

My particular answer is: It's the strategy chosen by the campaign and my theory is that it's to enhance the team image that has been a proven winner thus far. (And BTW, as I write this McCain is speaking - alone - in PA, while Palin spoke -alone- yesterday in Florida.) Your coy speculation is (again) YOUR opinion, which seems to be that she can't handle herself and must be propped up by an entourage. "It's simply fear I would guess."

You continue expressing your OPINION: "Gov. Palin tosses around half-truths… blah, blah, blah." " Gov. Palin wants a job that is a heartbeat away …yada, yada,yada"

You fret that the "tough questions" won't be answered and whine that the "American people will NEVER gain any "worthwhile insight into what we have a right to know".

Those are but a few examples of the ways in which you mock common sense. By pretending to take my reference to one of Paine's works literally, you again demonstrate intellectual dishonesty.

The "tough questions", the "half truths and innuendo", the BTN, the earmarks, the investigation, the 20% of the energy statement, and more have all been asked and answered. Dig up some of that "free ride" press coverage from the past couple of weeks and see for yourself.

Read the FULL transcript - as opposed to ABC's edited version - of Gibson's interview to learn what Palin herself said about Russia as Alaska's neighbor and how she differentiates her personal beliefs from her policy statements re abortion, homosexuality, stem cells etc.

Go to Hannity's "simplistic" interview for the shocking revelation that she has high regard for science - in some measure due to the fact her mother was a science teacher.
Even her political enemies and detractors in Alaska have reluctantly conceded that she never advocated teaching creationism at the expense of evolution.

Though you may not like her answers, she has answered those questions - numerous times. Why should I - or any of the other posters to this blog - presume to do it for her?
Those of us who support her - and indeed at least half of the "American people" - find her answers acceptable. You obviously do not, and you are certainly entitled to your OPINION; but continuing to ask the same questions repeatedly - even as you look down your nose with condescension - does not serve to advance your argument.

I see no other questions - at least none directed specifically at me. Oh, I could list a several dozen examples of "swamp dragging" and the "rocky roads" the media has traversed the past couple of weeks - and that doesn't even include the so-called pundits and commentators, nor the outrageous slime from the likes of huffpo, Daily Kos and D.U. - but you would no doubt claim all of it as part of the "free ride".

Correction, there is one more (rhetorical) question: You also ask regarding your quote from "The Age of Reason" whether "truer words" were ever spoken. That's a matter of opinion also. Yep, those words are certainly "famous", or infamous as the case may be. At the time they were published, they served to discredit much of Paine's prior high regard among his peers and the general public.

Your obvious admiration of his disdain for all manifestations of religion speaks volumes toward explaining your obsession with Thomas Paine. It also serves to highlight your underlying hostility toward conservative values and anyone who represents them.

So, spare us your pretensions. Your time would be better spent pouring your thousands of words of anti-Israel, anti-Republican, anti-religion sentiment into your own blog where YOU can choose who is "allowed" to make what comments.

Unknown said...

I remember that you said that you are a fellow Washingtonian.
So, as someone from the east side of the cascade curtain, i can say, "you done good!!!"

tom paine said...


Rather than acccuse you of mendacity, I will assume that you did not notice the list of questions I posed on an earlier thread. Not you or anyone else attempted to reply. Now you pretend that I asked only one question. So to refresh your memory I will repeat those questions:

1. Does Gov. Palin still believe that living close to Russia equates to or indicates foreign policy expertise?

2. Did Gov. Palin ever want and support the infamous Bridge to Nowhere?

3. Does Gov. Palin still believe that she actually "stopped" the infamous Bridge to Nowhere beofre it was stopped in Congress?

4. Did Gov. Palin ever support earmarks?

5. Did Gov. Palin ever request earmarks?

6. Did Gov. Palin ever hire a lobbyist to go to Washington to request earmarks?

7. Does Gov. Palin know that when she got "free" Washington money for Alaska came from the rest of us American citizens?

8. Does Gov. Palin think that it is appropriate that Alaska citizens receive 10-20 times as much in federal handouts as the rest of America?

9. Does Gov. Palin believe that the $42 million already spent on the Knit Arm inlet earmark is a wise use of American tax dollars?

10. Does Gov. Palin still support the bridge and highway link from Alaska's largest city to her home town of Wasilla with a population of about 9K and does she know the reported cost of that project?

11. What does Gov. Palin think of John McCain's comment that he "wants no part of this...legislation..." since she is reported to continue to support the item mentioned above?

12. Does Gov. Palin stand by her comment that AK produces 20% of our nation's energy?

Those are rather clear...I think.

I eagely await your reply.

Unknown said...

Knowitall: "The cascade curtain", I like it! ;-) And let's hope west meets east in a bid to make Gregoire a single term guv... by an indisputable landslide this time.

loki said...

IMO...we're spending WAY too much time responding to the likes of tom paine. We're not going to convince him and those who belief like him. He seems to be one-sded in his comments (he still has not asnwered where his outrage is over BO's lies and innuedo...only towards Sarah Palin). feels like tom paine et al are only trying to get us riled up and it seems to be working. When we get riled up we lose the message.

I remember before Sarah was nominated as VP...we were discussing the troppergate issue quite a bit, in fact too much. What served us better was when we stuck to the issues and discussed the positive and how we could help Sarah get the nomination...which is what I think we should focus on again.

tom paine said...


You don't seem to follow along very well. If anyone says anything stupid or untrue while supporting Obama or flase claims about his qualifications I have no issue with pointing it out. What part of that do you not understand?

As the old saying goes "Don't shoot me, I'm only the messenger!" Instead of pretending that I'm the problem, why don't attmept to answer the questions in my post about Gov. Palin?

And then be honest about it and take the facts into consideration when making your determinations?

The worst thing in our political system are the fools who will blindly support a candidate based on party loyalty or superficial personal feelings. In fact, it's the reason for much of the gridlock in Washington and the current mess we have in Congress and in the White House.

I doubt Team Obama will do anything to fix it and it's almost a certainty that a McCain/Palin presidency will not.

So give me the replies to my questions and let's see what we might learn? Good luck.

pHaT_aL said...

Oh, my bad, Tom.

Government "enforced."

Again, if you heard the audio snippet I provided for you--you will know that it was the government (starting during the Carter era) that enforced the bad loans, that allowed the risky loans, that forced the banks and insurance to hand out corrupt loans to people who could not afford it, nor pay them back.

CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) is a Federal Law that requires banks and thrifts to offer credit throughout the entire market area, and it prohibits them from [I]not[/I] giving loans to poorer area within their community. If you violate this law, it is called Red-lining. And the purpose of this act is to provide credit, including home ownership opportunities, to under-served populations and commercial loans to small businesses. The law was passed in 1977 under Carter, as a result of national grass root pressure from groups like AKORN for affordable housing to the poor. It was opposed significantly and vehemently by the banking community, but they had no choice. It was enacted into law 31 years ago. The law mandates that each banking institution be evaluted, to be determined, if it has given enough loans to people who can't afford it. So this s**t has been going on for a long time, until it crashed and burned and became evident to the American public just now.

The laws enforced by the federal government allowed this fiasco to occur in the first place, and yet the same government is supposedly "bailing" them out? The same corrupt officials they nurtured and groomed?

The idiocy of the liberal policies enforced by the American government makes me laugh.

UndecidedTexan said...

Sarah better be careful about making claims that Obama pals around with terrorists. Voters right now are more concerned about the economy, not terrorism. The Keating affair will do more damage when the GOP keeps provoking the Dems and they bring that up. Savings and loan scandals will overpower war issues especially when you compare how McCain actually was "palling around" with Keating with their families vacationing together. Obama barely know Ayers so no comaprison here! Watch out Sarah, you are opening a Pandora'a Box by provoking the Dems