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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Troopergate Press Conference Transcript

I just wanted to share this with you, as I think the information is not being reported half as widely as it should be. The following is a transcript of a statement by McCain campaign spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton at a press conference yesterday in Anchorage. A reliable source in Alaska sent me a transcript,which I have posted below. This event was reported by the media, but I think it's far better to have a full copy of Ms. Stapleton's opening remarks. This dovetails with one of this blog's new objectives, which is to get the truth out about the people running this partisan circus...oops...I mean...."independent investigation".



September 15, 2008

Good afternoon. I'm Meghan Stapleton spokesperson for the McCain Palin Campaign, alongside Spokesman Ed O'Callaghan.

We're here today to reveal compelling evidence that confirms what Governor Palin has stated all along that the reassignment of Department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan had absolutely NOTHING to do with Trooper Mike Wooten and EVERYTHING to do with Commissioner Monegan's adamant refusal to join in Governor Palin?s fiscal reforms.

After weeks of enduring Senator Hollis French's repeated, reckless statements in the press about a tainted, partisan, legislative investigation, that has been hijacked by Senator French and other Barack Obama operatives here in Alaska, the truth is finally laid bare. Today, we are here to release new information that exonerates Governor Palin, and demonstrates Commissioner Walt Monegan's egregious insubordination led to his early dismissal and nothing else.

We are not here today to rehash all the details of Trooper Wooten. We know his record: He was found guilty by a Trooper review board of tasering his 10-year old stepson; drinking while driving his patrol car; and illegally killing a moose. He also threatened to kill the Governor's father. You know the rest of the details. You know that he continues to threaten the Wasilla community with his poor judgment, and he is a constant threat to this family as the Troopers have continued to ensure that his Trooper post covers Wasilla and is within blocks of the family's homes.

But that's Trooper Wooten. Today is about Commissioner Walt Monegan. And why he was removed from his position as Commissioner of the Department of Public Safety.
Today, the Governor's attorney filed a motion before the Personnel Board and included numerous emails which prove the Governor did nothing wrong.

The facts are really quite simple. From the Fall of 2007 through mid-2008? Commissioner Monegan repeatedly tried to undermine the Governor's authority by working against her and the administration over the Department of Public Safety's budget.

As everyone knows, this Governor came into office on a reform platform and one of her principal accomplishments has been to reduce wasteful spending. Commissioner Monegan refused to abide by this fiscal reform policy. One of the governor's top Department of Public Safety priorities was to fill as many as 56 trooper vacancies, but the Commissioner re-routed dollars away from these positions and into his own chosen areas of funding.

Last fall, Commissioner Monegan proposed a 10-year strategic plan that committed state dollars and removed the governor's constitutional budget authority; he also traveled to Washington, DC to lobby Congress for federal earmarks without the Governor's knowledge; and then finished off the year by engineering a press conference that included his friend Senator Hollis French to present the department's own budget, just days ahead of the Governor's reform budget.

Monegan continued his obstructionist conduct through the first half of 2008.? Early on he publicly requested reinstatement of budget money the Governor previously vetoed. Think about that: One of the Governor's own cabinet members publicly contradicting her veto decision!? And in repeated emails among the governor's staff and the Commissioner's staff, Commissioner Monegan's brazen refusal to follow the appropriate interdepartmental channels to request more money was obvious.

The final straw came in late June and early July of this year when Commissioner Monegan arranged for yet another unauthorized trip to Washington, DC to request more financial assistance from Congress.

The bottom line is that Commissioner Monegan refused to comply with internal budget approval channels and lodged repeated requests for funding that were out of line with the other appropriation requests for every other commissioner and agency. Those are the facts leading to Walt Monegan's reassignment on July 11th. We have copied for you a set of relevant emails that were submitted to the Personnel Board today.

Make no mistake, as a political appointee, Mr. Monegan served at the pleasure of the Governor and was duty-bound to execute the Governor's policy objectives. After eight months of repeatedly ignoring the Governor's budget priorities, making public statements that directly challenged the Governor's policy agenda, and taking numerous unilateral actions in conflict with the Governor in support of his own policy agenda, his replacement in July 2008 should have come as no surprise and cannot now seriously be questioned. Absolutely no credence should be given to any Ethics Complaint against the Governor for her appropriate exercise of her executive discretion under this set of facts.

It is important to note that Commissioner Monegan and John Cyr, the head of the police union who filed a Complaint against the Governor before the Personnel Board, and who appeared with Trooper Wooten on a recent CNN interview, repeatedly changed their stories as to why Monegan was dismissed. While at first Monegan had no idea, John Cyr actually talked about budget differences.

And they stuck to those lines until Mike Wooten had another child custody battle a few days after Monegan's dismissal and threatened the Governor's sister Molly at that time, saying "You guys are going down. Get ready for the show." Molly called 911 that evening, but no one came to her aid, as Wooten actually predicted.

So the immediate assessments of Monegan and Cyr began to morph into an evolution of excuses and repeated retractions by Monegan, Wooten, and Cyr. And they enlisted blogger Andrew Halcro to launch their smear campaign against Governor Palin.

In fact, Mike Wooten met Andrew Halcro for drinks at a hotel bar for more than 3 hours, and concocted the malicious scheme to fulfill the threats made to Molly. Hours later, Andrew Halcro posted a blog that lodged the first accusation of Wooten's involvement in Monegan?s reassignment. Later that day, John Cyr held a press conference, retracting his early insistence that this was budget related and switching to the Wooten story, though it takes Commissioner Monegan at least another day to retract his initial statement and blame Wooten.

The following Tuesday, July 21, 2008: Hollis French and Walt Monegan appeared on a radio show together and talked about getting an aggressive prosecutor to prove the existence of "a complex crime". French stated that he was "angry" that his friend Walt Monegan got fired. Remember, Hollis French was the same Senator who supported the budget proposal that sought to undermine Govenor Palin, and Walt Monegan was the Palin cabinet member who publicly sided with French against the Governor on that important policy decision.

And thus the genesis of what turned into a partisan effort to take down the Governor. The bar room banter turned into a full-blown Legislative investigation spearheaded by Monegan's friend and well-known Obama supporter Hollis French, and overseen by another Obama supporter Chairman Kim Elton, who contributed $2,250 to the Obama campaign.

Time after time, a new excuse, a new statement, more stories about what happened. And it only grew once Senator John McCain asked Governor Sarah Palin to join him on August 29th as his running mate.

That day, former Commissioner Monegan actually told the Anchorage Daily News during an interview. For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten. Not the Governor. Not Todd. Not any of the other staff.

But that same day, the Democrat machine also kicked into gear. This is when Obama and his campaign inserted itself into Alaska politics, and the political circus became even worse.? Within no time, one-time supporters of the Governor who worked alongside the Governor to produce reform and accomplishments in Alaska, turned on her, alongside party lines. And Commissioner Monegan prepared to change his story yet again, saying for the first time that he was told his budget would be cut if Wooten retained his job. In early September, CNN reported that the Obama campaign reached out to John Cyr. During that time, Senator Hollis French appeared in the national media pre-judging the outcome of the investigation which had only just begun.

And as many of you heard last Friday, it was revealed that "independent" prosecutor Steven Branchflower allowed Senator French to tamper with the witness subpoena list, even though French pledged to not be involved. Branchflower now says that he will complete his "factfinding" by the end of this week and put out a report by October 10 at the latest. No serious, impartial investigator and no serious prosecutor would ever make such reckless predictions.

Having spoken to the Governor as recently as yesterday, I can personally tell you that Governor Palin is an open book and has absolutely nothing to hide.

This Governor is transparent and honest. I cannot emphasize that enough. This Governor has called for transparency and honesty, and the Democrats are on a smear campaign. The Personnel Board is the ONLY agency charged by law with addressing complaints concerning ethical issues, including hiring and firing matters involving the Governor. The legislature's investigation no longer resembles a fair inquiry and does not have proper jurisdiction. And given all that has developed, the Personnel Board is also the only place to go to ensure the facts are protected from the political circus that has come to Anchorage. And recently, even the Trooper union has acknowledged the role of the personnel board.

Governor Palin has been an open book in this case and has acted with the highest standards of ethics.

Ed O'Callaghan and I are happy to take questions now.


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Saur♥Kraut said...

Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to reprint it in my blog, as well.

Barracuda Babes said...

We're a group of Sarah Palin supporters who've started a network of pro-Palin blogs titled "Read My Lipstick Network". To see the list of blogs thus far (Go Sarah Palin, Superwoman Sarah Palin, Barracuda Babes for Sarah Palin, You Can Call Her Governor, Scared of Sarah, We Love Sarah Palin, and others), here's the blog: I don't care whether you post this, it's mainly for your info!

Ramblin' Rebel With a Clause said...

Trooper Gate. Big Deal! None of the candidates are getting it. Sarah Palin Blew a big opportunity in a "Global Warming" question. She hemmed and hawed like a Political Trooper. Being a "Christian" the answer should have been right on her tongue. Global warming is cyclical, along with Ice ages, and every scientist agrees that the world has seasons and a life span. If I didn't have faith i would be in great fear. The smoke screens abound. If they can't answer the simple questions how can we trust them with the big stuff? Any of them in the Demo-can-republi-crat party are untrustworthy at best.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Great reporting, Adam. I will be curious to see how the MSM reports this. I've never personally been able to "track" the difference between what really happens... and what the MSM reports to the American people.

But now that I have discovered blogs (through you)... I'm really seeing as Paul Harvey would say "the rest of the story".

Thank you to you and all the faithful bloggers out there who are telling "the rest of the story".

It's very true that the MSM has a "filter" of their own preconceptions that does not allow for fair, accurate, balanced reporting. It's never been so clear as it is now, to me at least.

I hope that the accountability provided by bloggers truly being the FREE PRESS the founding fathers envisioned... brings the MSM back into alignment with objectivity through accountability and a TRUE check and balance system existing via the internet and a citizen (rather than corporate and politically controlled and biased) press.

Thank you, Adam!!

caem said...

Let's not waste time on Troopergate - it is going nowhere.

I have read the transcript on this blog and the papers Sarah's lawyer filed with the Personnel Board in Anchorage. It is clear the Dems/Team Obama sensed the possiblity of Palin becoming the VP and they developed their smear machine hoping to scare Mccain from picking her. This is going to backfire on them. The biggest losers will be Mr. Obama and French.

Thanks SARAH for bring such a tough and honest servant - It is leaders like you that this country needs right now.

huskyonspeed said...

Nice work Adam. I hope we can soon put this non-story to bed and focus on the issues facing this country and how John McCain and Sarah Palin have the right answers!

dale said...

people still don't get it I've been watching many different news channels. they all seem to find someone who is against her to talk. and anytime someone speaks for her they cut them off a lot. i hope this crap clears up quickly so we can move on to the rest of this campaign

caem said...

Guy! Check out the link below to see how Obama wants to win - by editing his opponents statements and then mispresenting them as ads/campaign material!! What a nasty Candidate!!

This guy needs to be stopped.

Carley Fiorina is doing an excellent job explaining Mccain's economic policy.

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this and for directing this blog to investigating, sorting out, and disseminating the truth about the principals in this election. I wholeheartedly support that purpose and in doing so call attention to the following:


As loud and as relentless as was their negative reporting of the Iraq war, and as vociferous as they were in exerting their collective influence to get a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, when their media darling, Obama, is found to have attempted to extend the time-table for troop withdrawals from Iraq, the liberal media outrage is nowhere to be seen or heard.

Obama's interference with U.S. diplomatic efforts by duly elected American government officials, President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, Ambassadors, and the Multi-Coalition forces Commanders and the diplomats of their corresponding countries by asking Iraq Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari to delay a decision for troop withdrawals until AFTER the U.S. elections smacks of a U.S. senator crossing the line of jurisdiction that marks the separation of powers between the legislative and judicial branches of the government.

An account of this incident is reported in the New York Post on September 15, which article you can read here: x

Where, then, are the calls for an investigation of this matter by the press? Why has he not been called on the carpet by the media, let alone by the designated branches of Congress and their committees?

If he did not know that he had violated the established Constitutional parameters, why is the media not trumpetting this error on his part. Why are they not holding this example of his lack of experience as ignorance of U.S. and International Law?

And even worse, what if he DOES know and knowingly violated legal protocol for his own political advantage?

Why is this not being investigated?

While we may know that the answer to this might be that it is because of political expedience, we are not justified in not taking action to urge those whose responsibility it is to challenge and correct such an error, whether those agents are in the Legislative or the Executive Branch, and to effect at the very least the censure of the violator accordingly, and we should be strong and insistent that this occur.

Vanguard of Freedom

Ted said...

So the REAL scandal, as we've long since thought, are misdeeds by Team Obama and the Democrats in Alaska led by State Senator Hollis French and the Police Union Head John Cyr.

This is beyond contemptable. The real scandal is NOT "troopergate"; it IS "smeargate"!

Dean said...

I always believed that the troopergate investigation was started by those well connected to Obama.

Obama knows that he cannot win based solely on his credentials. This was the case in Chicago where he intimidated his opponents with threats and investigations. In one of his campaigns no one even ran against him. How do you like that for a campaign strategy?

Hopefully the worst of the Troopergate is behind us and we can move on to refuting new lies and slander. Obama is becoming much more desperate now and I suspect the lies will become worse.

Unknown said...

Have you considered adding a Yahoo Buzz button to your posts?

tom paine said...

"I welcome the investigation" Gov. Palin said a few weeks ago. So why now is she fighting it?

An Alaskan bi-partison committee consisting of 14 members voted in favor of the investigation. Actually the vote was 14-0 in favor.

So why all the crying from the Palin backers about the investigation?

She said she wanted it and all 14 members of the Alaskan Government committee wanted it.

So let's do it and run it's course and get on with some real issues.

Erin said...

Greta reported tonight that Alaska's AG has said the subpoena'd individuals will not honour the the subpoenas unless there is a unanimous vote in the Alaskan congress to make them do so. This issue appears to be getting uglier by the minute for the dems.

goldbear said...

Alaska Attorney General speakes:

'He also says the employees will not appear before the investigator unless either the full state Senate or the entire Alaska Legislature votes to compel their testimony.'

Anyone know the make-up of the Senate and/or Legislature?

Valerie said...

How can I get a Palin/McCain stamp for my blog?

jill said...

Check that link.

I agree that Troopergate is probably going nowhere, and that Smeargate is more apt, but reading what I did at the link above gave me a little peek at some of what has had to be endured. Like "Eat an f-ing bullet?" Wow.

jill said...


"Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, will endorse John McCain for president on Wednesday, her spokesman tells CNN."

Erin said...

BREAKING NEWS--Just when we thought the news coverage couldn't stoop any lower, IT CAN!!! Apparently, Sarah Palin owes her success to a Kenyan witch hunter. Who knew?

*continues searching for the basement; borrows a flashlight from mama

Erin said...

P.S. I guess this really explains that whole negative press thing.

"Clearly Palin has been far and away a net positive for the McCain ticket. Also, just as clearly, her opponents among the media and the Obama campaign (and the lefty bloggers) were right to start attacking right away. The objective was to halt the stratospheric rise, staunch the bleeding and perhaps prepare the way for a turnaround."

Full article here--

eilandkind/islandchild said...

Thank you for this.
I am basically an 'outsider', I can't vote, because I'm not an American (yet :)
but my husband is one.
He opened my eyes to what is happening in the media and the total bias that's happening.
I have been fighting with people on blogs for Sarah P, since she was nominated.
I've been worried though, that there really IS something in this 'troopergate' thing, but my husband who is always level headed, told me that there is nothing there, they are just using it for political gain.
I am feeling so much better after reading this.
I wish Americans would open their eyes and see what is real.
I totally loved Obama while living in Europe, but changed my mind after coming to live here.
Can you believe that people in SOUTH AFRICA, hate Sarah P, because she 'tried to ban books in a library' or because she doesn't believe in 'climate change/global warming'!!
How ignorant can people BE, that they believe EVERYTHING that they read in the press.
Keep up the good work on this blog!

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


There are so many levels of wrong in Obama trying to maniuplate troop withdrawals.

His actions prove he cares only about Obama himself. He does not put country first. He does not put the safety of our men and women in armed forces first. He does not put our national security and safety from terrorists first. He does not put the goals of an active war first - in which so many lives are "on the line".

He puts Obama first... in his own lust for power.

Chase said...

Just saying but... since when has it been legal to deny a subpoena? Sounds a lot like Karl Rove to me.

caem said...



McCain’s attempt to fix Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in 2005; Update: Obama can’t get AIG rightposted at 11:45 am on September 17, 2008 by Ed Morrissey

Send to a Friend | printer-friendly

With the financial sector in turmoil today, the media and the politicians have started throwing around blame with the same recklessness as lenders threw around credit to create the problem. Politically, the pertinent question is this: Which candidate foresaw the credit crisis and tried to do something about it?

As it turns out, John McCain did — and partnered with three other Senate Republicans to reform the government’s involvement in lending three years ago, after an attempt by the Bush administration died in Congress two years earlier.

McCain spoke forcefully on May 25, 2006, on behalf of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005 (via Beltway Snark):

Mr. President, this week Fannie Mae’s regulator reported that the company’s quarterly reports of profit growth over the past few years were “illusions deliberately and systematically created” by the company’s senior management, which resulted in a $10.6 billion accounting scandal.

The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight’s report goes on to say that Fannie Mae employees deliberately and intentionally manipulated financial reports to hit earnings targets in order to trigger bonuses for senior executives. In the case of Franklin Raines, Fannie Mae’s former chief executive officer, OFHEO’s report shows that over half of Mr. Raines’ compensation for the 6 years through 2003 was directly tied to meeting earnings targets.

The report of financial misconduct at Fannie Mae echoes the deeply troubling $5 billion profit restatement at Freddie Mac.
The OFHEO report also states that Fannie Mae used its political power to lobby Congress in an effort to interfere with the regulator’s examination of the company’s accounting problems.

This report comes some weeks after Freddie Mac paid a record $3.8 million fine in a settlement with the Federal Election Commission and restated lobbying disclosure reports from 2004 to 2005. These are entities that have demonstrated over and over again that they are deeply in need of reform.

For years I have been concerned about the regulatory structure that governs Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac–known as Government-sponsored entities or GSEs–and the sheer magnitude of these companies and the role they play in the housing market. OFHEO’s report this week does nothing to ease these concerns. In fact, the report does quite the contrary. OFHEO’s report solidifies my view that the GSEs need to be reformed without delay.

I join as a cosponsor of the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, S. 190, to underscore my support for quick passage of GSE regulatory reform legislation. If Congress does not act, American taxpayers will continue to be exposed to the enormous risk that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac pose to the housing market, the overall financial system, and the economy as a whole.

I urge my colleagues to support swift action on this GSE reform legislation.

In this speech, McCain managed to predict the entire collapse that has forced the government to eat Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, along with Bear Stearns and AIG. He hammers the falsification of financial records to benefit executives, including Franklin Raines and Jim Johnson, both of whom have worked as advisers to Barack Obama this year. McCain also noted the power of their lobbying efforts to forestall oversight over their business practices. He finishes with the warning that proved all too prescient over the past few days and weeks.

What was this bill? The act would have done the following:

(1) in lieu of the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), an independent Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Agency which shall have authority over the Federal Home Loan Bank Finance Corporation, the Federal Home Loan Banks, the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae), and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac); and

(2) the Federal Housing Enterprise Board Sets forth operating, administrative, and regulatory provisions of the Agency, including provisions respecting:
(1) assessment authority; (2) authority to limit nonmission-related assets; (3) minimum and critical capital levels; (4) risk-based capital test; (5) capital classifications and undercapitalized enterprises; (6) enforcement actions and penalties; (7) golden parachutes; and (8) reporting.

It never made it out of committee. Chris Dodd, then the ranking member of the Banking Committee and now its chair, was in the middle of receiving preferential loan treatment from Countrywide Mortgage, one of the companies gaming the system in the credit crisis.

Meanwhile, Barack Obama took hundreds of thousands of dollars from the lobbyists McCain mentions in this speech, making him the #2 recipient of Fannie/Freddie money:

HEATHER NAUERT: Barack Obama attacking John McCain once again on the economy and the market turmoil today. Our John Gibson has new information on the Democratic presidential nominee and the mortgage mess for us now. What have you got John?

JOHN GIBSON: Alright Heather. Lehman Brothers’ collapse is traced back to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two big mortgage banks that got a federal bailout a few weeks ago. Freddie and Fannie used huge lobbying budgets and political contributions to keep regulators off their backs. A group called the center for responsive politics keeps track of which politicians get Fannie and Freddie political contributions.

The top three U.S. Senators getting big Fannie and Freddie political bucks were democrats and number two is Senator Barack Obama.
Now, remember, he has only been in the Senate four years but still managed to grab the number two spot ahead of John Kerry, decades in the senate, and Chris Dodd who is chairman of the senate banking committee. Fannie and Freddie have been creations of the congressional democrats and the Clinton white house, designed to make mortgages available to more people, and as it turned out, some people who couldn’t afford them. Fannie and Freddie have also been places for big Washington democrats to go to work in the semi-private sector and pocket millions.

The Clinton administration’s white house budget director Franklin Raines ran Fannie and collected 50 million dollars. Jamie Gurilli, Clinton Justice Apartment Official, worked for Fannie and took home 26 million dollars. Big Democrat Jim Johnson, recently on Obama’s VP search committee has hauled in millions from his Fannie Mae C.E.O. job.

Now remember, Obama’s ads and stump speeches attack McCain and republican policies for the current financial turmoil. It is demonstrably not Republican policy and worse, it appears the man attacking McCain, Senator Obama, was at the head of the line when the piggy’s lined up at the Fannie and Freddie trough for campaign bucks. Senator Barack Obama, number two on the Fannie/Freddie list of favored politicians after just four short years in the senate. Next time you see that ad, you might notice he fails to mention that part of the Fannie and Freddie problem. Heather.
NAUERT: Wow, that’s quite a report, begs the question — where is John McCain on this?
GIBSON: John McCain is a measly $20,000 after over 20 years so he really doesn’t even come close in the political contribution department.

Open Secrets has the list of Congressmen who have benefited from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac largesse since 1989 (inclusive). Remarkably, after only serving less than four of those 20 years, Barack Obama has vaulted to the #2 position on Capitol Hill. Only Dodd outstripped him. He took more than six times the amount that McCain received in a 20-year period.

The record shows that McCain saw the problem coming and tried to get Congress to act. In 2005, both McCain and Obama served together in the Senate. Did Obama attempt to pass this reform, sign on as a co-sponsor, or even speak out in its favor? The record is tellingly blank.

Update: Below is a screen shot of Barack Obama’s statement on the American International Group (AIG) bailout: [= IS ON HOTAIR]

Paris Arrow said...

The media like a pack of wolves are mauling Sarah Palin - here is an article that explains why and a cartoon that depicts them

Paris Arrow said...

The Bristish defend Sarah Palin point-by-point -- see

tcs said...

Wouldn't it be helpful to dig up a transcript of the Q&A that followed the opening statement of this press conference? The proof of the pudding is in seeing how well one's carefully crafted statement holds up to scrutiny.

tom paine said...

ramblin' rebel,

You make waaaay more sense than many of the lemmings here.

It's refreshing to see someone who can think for themself and make honest determinations not based on any political party.


Whidbeyben said...

So the Governor uses her legal authority to fire a public safety commissioner who fails to take appropriate disciplinary action against a sociopath who beats women, tazer's children, and threatens to kill the father of a high government official. This is a real scandal. She should have used that state trooper to hire male prostitutes to satisfy her sex cravings in the Governor's mansion. That would be a scandal.

It's perfectly fine with the Obama campaign for one of their stooges to hack into the Governor's personal and private e-mail accounts just in case he might have dug up some dirt? That's just like the paranoia that got Nixon to hire those "Plumbers" at the Watergate hotel. Too bad all they found was that Governor Palin loves her family, and is as honest and human as she paints herself to be.

Next, we'll be hearing stories of how she put itching powder into the bra of one of the Miss Alaska contestants to unfairly advance to second place!

It is amazing and depressing to see what lengths the desperate Obama camp will do to destroy Governor Palin as quickly as possible.