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Monday, September 22, 2008


Hello everyone. Just wanted to let you all know that I am, in fact, working on the blog. I am working on a column entitled "Sarah, Teddy, Bill, and Woody", which is partially finished and should be up by the end of the day. In the meantime, Sarah is drawing bigger and bigger crowds. Yesterday's rally in Florida drew 60,000 people! "The Palin Effect" is taking hold, just as we planned!


Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

Really interesting stuff all over the blogs today about where the smears against Sarah Palin really originated... check it out:

Wonder if the MSM will make either this or the news about the hacker front page news - they sure would if the tables were turned.

tom paine said...


Are you sure that Gov. Palin's crowd was 60,000 people...or was that another of those "estimated" crowds?

Gov. Palin's first venture out no her own (finally) allowed by the McCaign could not have been a softer political stop for a Republican. She went to "The Villages" a relatively affluent retirement community that is reported to be almost entirely GOP supporters. Gov. Palin once again repeated the stock lines that she has been taught to say. The only new thing that she even attempted to say was the difference in golf between AK and Florida. It makes me wonder if she is even aware of the current watershead events of last week that will change the economics of our nation as never before.

Even at such a soft venue, Gov. Palin would not take questions from reporters or the crowd.

McCain ran ads that complained of Obama's "celebrity" status, but only a confirmed celebrity can pretend they are campaigning while refusing to even allow supporters to ask questions.

When will this farce end?

Unknown said...

Wow, Christina. Thanks for the link. These folks did an incredible job of research. What an amazing amount of evidence - which even if "merely" circumstantial should lead to an investigation.

techno said...

Check out at the NY Sun the speech that Sarah would have given at the Jewish rally against the Iranian leader if she had not been disinvited. It appears to me regarding foreign affairs that she is a 'quick study'.

Anonymous said...

I just ran across your glad I did.. I'll be back..

Erin said...

I'm almost to exhausted by media bias to even mention this, but the whole Todd Palin--incest skit was just...just...well, I don't really know. Unbelievable. If they had done such a thing regarding BO and his children, SNL would be off the air, and the creators would be in jail.

And that bit you posted, Christina, is revealing. Of course the news won't go anywhere, but it's certainly not a surprise.

Andrea said...

Gov. Palin also campaigned by herself in Alaska and Carson City, NV so this is not the first time.

She has answered plenty of questions from supporters. Last week, she and McCain held a bunch of townhall meetings together.

Sapwolf said...


When are you gonna start talking about your man Obama?

*chirping crickets*

I love how the Dems are in a meltdown and keep attacking Palin. It just underscores what a complete zero Obama is.


The Hollow Man.

Sarah could waste him 7 ways before he hit the ground.

tom paine said...

I truly believe that many if not most of the people who support Gov. Palin do not even have a perfunctory knowledge of her background or her qualificiations.

The following article is by Michael Carey who seems to be a very unbiased, non-partison reporter.

"Anchorage, Alaska - The Minneapolis cab driver loved Sarah Palin.

"She's so solid," he said of the Republican vice presidential candidate from Alaska. "She proves you don't have to have a fancy education from back East or someplace to lead a country."

How did the 60-something cab driver know that?

He saw Sarah Palin on television--once.

The cab driver was not a delegate to the Republican National Convention, but he knew as much about Palin as most of the delegates, who--until midway through the convention--had never seen her in person.

So, who is Sarah Palin?

I moderated three debates in which she participated while she was running for governor in 2006. I have interviewed her on radio, attended her speeches, even watched her in action in the state capital, Juneau.

In public, Sarah Palin, 44, is focused, disciplined and stays on message. She ran as one of the social conservatives but frustrated that camp after she was elected, displaying little enthusiasm for its pro-life agenda or the demands of those who want creation science taught in the schools. Palin talks like a fiscal hawk, and while she has vetoed millions from legislative appropriations, she has not reduced the size of government. She's taken both sides of the issue when it comes to special Congressional funds called earmarks, seeking them as the mayor of Wasilla and denouncing them as governor. She seems to have little interest in the details of governing, which is a frequent complaint of legislators of both parties.

It's true: She had the courage to fight the chairman of the Republican Party of Alaska when he used his state job for party purposes. But she had nothing to do with current investigations of Sen. Ted Stevens, Congressman Don Young and various corrupt legislators and businessmen. The Justice Department and the FBI are responsible for cleaning up Alaska.

Since becoming governor, Palin has had a limited but important agenda. She focused on three big things and achieved them. She wanted legislation that would lead to the construction of a many-billion-dollar natural gas pipeline from the North Slope to Chicago. She got it. She wanted revision of the state's oil taxes--upward. She got it. She wanted ethics legislation that would produce cleaner government. She got it, although Democrats deserve much of the credit for the measure that passed.

Her immense popularity in Alaskan opinion polls can be attributed to her engaging manner, mastery of television, image as a reformer and the contrasts she's emphasized between herself and her adversaries.

During the 2006 Republican primary, she was a breath of fresh air compared to bumbling, arrogant incumbent Frank Murkowski. In the 2006 general election, she cast herself as the candidate for tomorrow while Democrat Tony Knowles, a former two-term governor, was the candidate from yesterday. During the FBI corruption probe, she was the self-proclaimed champion of reform while the corrupters were crude good-ole boys.

Palin's speech in St. Paul--her big moment on the national stage--was written by handlers from Washington and does not reflect the voice familiar to Alaskans.

Her jabs at Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were greeted with wild applause. But to those at home, they seemed unnatural. Palin has never been a partisan and gets along well with Democrats in the state legislature. Her dismissive comment about "community organizers" rang equally false. The contempt for Obama in the line, "My fellow citizens, the American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of 'personal discovery,'" is alien to her.

As governor, Palin has been unable to separate her personal life from her professional life. Her attempt to have her former brother-in-law Trooper Wooten fired is now the subject of an investigation. On Tuesday, the Washington Post published a story with yet another example of her failure to establish boundaries between personal and professional matters. She insisted on using her home in Wasilla, not the governor's mansion in Juneau, as her primary residence and, as a result, billed the state for the cost of more than 300 nights at home. She also had the state pay for her family's travel.

The story suggests something else, something that has gone unstated but is disturbing nonetheless. Sarah Palin, apparently, did not sit down with bureaucrats or lawyers to determine the proper way to handle expenses for the time she was living at home and the time her family spends traveling.

Is Sarah Palin smart enough to be president? The Constitution does not mandate an IQ test. Nor does it prescribe how much experience in international affairs and domestic policy a candidate must have. Critics have been quick to demand: "What does she know about the world?" But an equally important question is: "What does she know about her own country?"

For most of Sarah Palin's adult life, she has been what she says she is: a suburban mom. Now she is a candidate for vice president of the United States."

Okay boys and girls, now explain to us why Carey is probably such a biased, terrible person for speaking a few truths about the Gov. Palin that he knew...a whole lot better than ANYONE here.

Normal American said...

Here's a few comments from Michael Carey(

Television talk show host Michael Carey says Palin has distinguished herself with a non-partisan approach to governance and a good relationship with the news media.

"It's a phenomenon that continues from the campaign. She has a great presence, she is such an alternative to so many of her opponents -- not just the people she ran against, Frank Murkowski, Tony Knowles -- but the people in the Legislature," said Carey, host of KAKM-TV's Anchorage Edition. "She still maintains herself as the fresh, engaging face of somebody who wants to change Alaska and change it in a positive direction."

"I also think that the oil companies and her critics really underestimated the effect of corruption on public opinion," Carey said. "She's the antithesis. She's Ms. Clean, and everybody knows it."

When asked whether she's made any mistakes thus far, Palin somewhat grudgingly concedes that she could have communicated better with legislators on the public works budget, from which she vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars of projects.

"Maybe in a sense I need to spend more effort trying to figure out the dynamics of the politics in the Legislature and that would help with the communication," she said.

"It was a very poor process. The Legislature tried to work on a responsible capital budget, and asked for, in fact almost begged for, guidance and rules and parameters and sideboards for the size of the capital budget," Sen. Ellis said.

The other flash point for Gov. Palin this year was her decision to postpone closure of the Matanuska Maid Dairy, which has been racking up larger and larger losses.

She sticks by her decision to replace the creamery board, saying she has no regrets about Mat Maid.

"If that's all you can come up with in one year to say this governor is not doing her job, then I think you've got a pretty weak agenda for saying negative things about her," Carey said.

Unknown said...

Well, I've been reading these blogs, but I've never participated in one before. But I did a quick google search and Michael Carey writes editorials, and as such his writings reflect his opinions. I found an interview with him also ( about Gov. Palin, and it certainly has a different tone. He also says she stopped the Bridge to Nowhere, btw. It sounds to me like she did what she said she'd do in her campaign (the 3 things she campaigned for), and has not pushed her personal beliefs into laws. Even the editorial you quoted says she doesn't vote along party lines and gets along with both sides of the aisle. He still only states half-truths, though--mentioning her billing the state for nights at home but not mentioning that she reduced spending by 80%. If you count adult life as starting at 20, she's spent half her adult life in office. I wouldn't, since I wouldn't count time in college. So if adult life starts at 22, she's spent over half her adult life in office--while being a successful suburban mom at the same time (which he also talks about in the interview linked above)--which is different than saying she's spent most of her life as a suburban mom--and nothing wrong with that if she had.

For some reason it is really hard for some people to recognize an ethical person. They really do exist, you know. Even her friends who said they wouldn't vote for her becasue they don't agree with her views said she's totally honest.

I don't ever remember learning that a good interview meant you had to try to tear the person being interviewed to pieces. You can be polite and still ask tough questions. Unbiased, impartial, and reporting all the facts are things I do seem to remember.

I honestly don't follow politics in depth. I've been more involved the past 5 years for specific reasons, but I do not have the politcal knowledge that most of you do. I'm just an average, working, middle-class woman.

Even if I didn't believe in Gov. Palin, there's no contest between McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden. I do believe, and will support this ticket. They are our only hope--Gov. Palin in particular. I believe enough that I'm posting a blog for the first time in my life. Go Sarah!

Unknown said...

Welcome Jan, and thank you for adding your perspective to this discussion. I think you'll find that most of us are "average, middle-class" types and proud of it.

I guess I'd have to say (forgive me) "We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For!" ;-)

So don't be a stranger. And don't let the resident trolls get to you. Most of us have learned to scroll past their long diatribes and refuse to let them bait us further.

tom paine said...


Gov. Might have campaigned in a lot of places when she was the big fish in a small pond such as Wasilla or AK.

But since being named John MccCain's VP running mate Gov. Palin has most certainly NOT campaigned alone in either Alaska or Nevada.

The Florida appearance was Palin's first appearance on the presidential campaign trail alone...and she did not take questions from reporters...or even from anyone in the totally friendly GOP crowd.

tom paine said...


You may be a novice as you say, but you have mastered the art of obfuscation quite well. Judging by your analysis of Carey's article, you pick and choose and take out of context with the best of them!

You claim Carey uses "half-truths" because he mentioned Palin billing the state for nights she was at own home (which she did) and Carey didn't mention Palin "reduced spending" in some other area. That's an absurd comparison because the two are not related.

It would be similar to Palin's former pal AK Sen. Ted Stevens saying that it's unfair to mention all the criminal charges that he has been indicted for, because he once cut some costs in Congress.

Carey's article seemed fair. But you pick out only the few positive things about Gov. Palin and ignore the rest. Or did you miss the parts about:
Palin changing virtually her entire personna since being named McCain's VP choice.
Her inability to seperate her personal life from her professional life.
Palin's flip-flops on earmarks.
Carey's assertion that she had virtually nothing to do with taking on the "old boy network" in Washington as she continues to repeat.
How Palin often governed from the hip without getting the proper info and advice.
That eveything Palin has said so far are GOP talking points given to her by the lobbyists running McCain's campaign and certainly nothing like her normal own words.
And finally that Palin should not be faulted for not knowing world affairs because she often seems not to even understand her own country!

However, if the Palin described by Carey is the type of person you want next in line for the presidency...that is certainly your right. But don't pretend that Palin is some sort of highly qualified person who could transition seamlessly into possibly running the most powerful nation on earth and be the leader of the entire free world.

Dean said...

Don't be fooled, Mr. Paine is an Obama supporter. You are being worked by his rhetoric. He wants you to spin your wheels and waste time rebuffing his rhetoric.

Mr. Paine your candidate Obama tried to negotiate with Iraq officials to keep the troops longer. Obama should be tried for treason.

Erin said...

dean said: "Obama tried to negotiate with Iraq officials to keep the troops longer. Obama should be tried for treason."

Yes, he should. As much as I respected Reagan, the Iran Contra affair tainted his reputation somewhat for me.

It disgusts me that BO has used the war as a political platform. If nothing else, he should have learned from the wild swings of public opinion that the American people really can't be pinned down on this--and certainly not based on their political affiliations.

Unknown said...

Mr. Paine,

The "article" you provided was an editorial. I did not respond to most of his comments because they are opinions, not facts. Even the MSM has stated that the charges she made when staying at home are allowed by Alaskan law. Both the other editorial by the same man, and the interview with him, present a different view of Gov. Palin than the editorial you provided. Now why do you think his opinion changed so much in the past few weeks? He did not support his opinions with facts, and he doesn't have to in an editorial. That doesn't make them facts. He is entitled to his differing views of Gov. Palin, and I am entitled to mine.

henry said...

Really interesting stuff all over the blogs today about where the smears against Sarah Palin really originated... check it out:

Wonder if the MSM will make either this or the news about the hacker front page news - they sure would if the tables were turned.