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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AK Dems Defend Palin!

This AP article is a MUST READ. You know the media is not doing their job when even Palin's in-state rivals feel compelled to defend her.

Also, I taped a segment with CNN International this morning. They put me opposite liberal blogger Zennie Abraham, and I have to say that it was an enjoyable discussion. I will let you know as soon as they tell me when they are airing it, and I will be sure to post video here.


Scott said...

if anyone wants to call the la times to ask that they release that video of obama


jill said...

We'll all be looking forward to your discussion on CNN.

Thanks for the article from AK, and it really is nice to know they can cross party lines to bring a little fairness into play.

"I don't believe Gov. Palin should become vice president, but I don't think this story was fair and accurate," she said.

Wielechowski called it a "hit piece" on Palin's record on the gas pipeline.

Scott said...

great speech by sarah on energy this morning

video link

loki said...

Palin's rally in Jeffersonville IN

loki said...

Forgot to mention that Palin's rally is going on live right now.

Scott said...

well it's almost time for the obama network here on the east coast... even though it's cold for florida i think i'll go outside and try to block out the collective swoons and sighs sure to resonate across our country.....

i'm predicting a lot of due dates for july 29th 2009......

Unknown said...

from hillbuzz... the site techno showed us

Something is definitely up: Palin is setting the stage for SOMETHING today
Posted by hillbuzz

Sarah Palin was just in Toledo, Ohio this morning and talked about the LA Times protecting Obama by refusing to release the tape it’s holding of him enjoying himself while anti-Semitic comments were made at a dinner honoring Palestinian Rashid Khalidi in 2003.

It feels to us like the pump is being primed for something to break on this tomorrow.

It also seems like FOX anchors know more about what’s on that tape than humanly possible without actually seeing it.

We personally believe tomorrow morning that tape will indeed be released, to steal the thunder of whatever Obama’s doing tonight on his big TV special. The exact same way McCain stole Obama’s thunder from the last night of the Democrats’ convention by announcing Sarah Palin as his VP the next morning.

Nobody talked about Obama’s speech the next day, because they were all talking about Palin.

Our hunch is nobody’s going to be talking about the Barack Obama Variety Half Hour TV Extravaganza tomorrow morning because they are going to be talking about the Khalidi tape instead — and quite possibly showing Obama nodding, laughing, and maybe even cheering as anti-Israeli remarks are made by Palestinians at this dinner.

Palin’s remarks today were very well crafted, and expertly delivered. Her choice of words was careful, deliberate, and somewhat out of normal syntax for her. We can usually spot the lines in a speech a candidate’s been given by campaign writers — and those the candidate incorporates from her or his own personal style. Everything to do with the Khalidi tape and the LA Times was straight Steve Schmidt. The rest of the speech was Palin being herself.

So, something is up with that. The speech in Toledo was on energy needs, which is not a natural point of departure for Palin to go off the reservation and start talking about Khalidi on her own. Plus, she’s too good of a politician to do that anyway, and we’ve seen her in person a handful of times (as well as watching her speeches on TV), and she’s never veered off script before. She’ll toss in little jokes to the crowd that are spontaneous and of the moment that she’s in, but she’d never just start talking about Khalidi because she suddenly felt like it.

So, we expect FOX to start airing the tape tomorrow. But, in the public’s mind, the tape’s 100% associated with the LA Times. There’s also been offers of rewards for the tape circulating the last day or two, with the price tag on that up to over $125,000 from what we last saw.

To us, that looks like great cover for someone to bring that tape forward without it smelling like an “October Surprise”, when that’s exactly what the Khalidi tape is.

Admin said...

That was an excellent speech today! Thanks for the link.

momprayn said...

knowitall - well, I (we) will be waiting anxiously to see what happens tomorrow!! Hopefully, more answered prayer!!! plus....more good news?......
in case no one heard, O'Reilly had encouraging news. Said the "fear factor" is now shifting in favor of McCain and Rasmussen will show tomorrow that trust re the economy is shifting now to McCain. ?????

Unknown said...

this is from drudge.
it fits my last posting on obama's antisemitism



please put thes three links together.
maybe the english newspapers would help us and call ohio, too

please stay optimistic!!!!

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Can't wait to see that interview. Hurry!

huskyonspeed said...

Obama's campaign delaying the Word Series is reason enough to vote against him! Not that it would have mattered with such a short game.

Tbone said...

It is being reported on CBS News and MSNBC that there is a new ethics complaint against Sarah Palin for misuse of offical position. He alleges that she charged the state for her family travel. It is being issued by Frank Gwartney of Anchorage, Alaska. He by the way is an Obama supporter. Alaska law does allow Governor's to charge the state for their family's travel if they conduct state business. So I don't think she did anything wrong.

Admin said...

Sign a Petition for L.A. Times to Release Alleged Khalidi Tape

Window4U (IL) said...

There is a new ethics complaint filed today against Gov. Palin by Frank Gwartney a retired electrical power lineman from Anchorage.

A little investigation brought me to this picture. It is none other than Obama point man Sen. Hollis French with Mr. Gwartney. How interesting that the man who was the head of the Troopergate scandal and who promised an "October Surprise" on behalf of Obama is in this picture with this "ordinary citizen" who is bringing this new ethics complaint 6 days before the election.
I see a huge scandal here and hopefully someone will bring this to the attention of the news media and the Mccain Campaign.

Unknown said...

Techno is right again.
Boy, am I glad that he is on our side.
The Hillbuzz website he pointed out has amazing article.

some time ago I asked why M/P were in Iowa. There is an answer from Techno's Hillbuzz

""We were told tonight that no one is yet picking up on the fact that Democrats in states that held caucuses, and who saw firsthand the fraud, voter intimidation, and other vile tricks Obama pulled in caucus states have NOT forgotten about any of this. These people are still LIVID that a Democrat dared to use Chicago fraud and intimidation to game the caucus system. The Clinton delegates from caucus states have been coordinating efforts amongst themselves for payback against Obama on November 4th, since no state will vote in a caucus then.

We’re told this is the reason that Iowa is so much closer than we ever dreamed it would be. Remember, we have insisted McCain would lose Iowa because of his opposition to ethanol subsidies. So, we’ve been baffled by McCain and Palin’s appearances throughout Iowa, or the fact internals we see show the state incredibly close. We never could figure out why — and it was so obvious this whole time. THE CAUCUS FRAUD Obama committed back in January is coming back to bite him in a HUGE way. Because of the ethanol opposition, McCain should be losing Iowa by large numbers — but the people we spoke to this evening says he’ll end up winning the state, largely because of Democrats who are so disgusted by the behavior of Obama’s followers during the caucuses.""

The whole article on the state of the election is worth reading.

All the credit for this goes to Techno.

Scott said...

Great Merciful Zeus! PUMAs are winning Florida for John McCain!

Things have been unraveling for Obama since early voting began — just like in the primaries, Obama’s alleged advantage amongst his “youth army”, blacks, and yuppies is not turning up in the early vote “tidal wave” he was supposed to have. Obama spent TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars trying to drive early votes to him, but it’s not happening. Practically every Democrat we know has early voted — and all of them have voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin. One of our friends today did just that, a hip gay guy in Chicago who adores Hillary Clinton and never thought he’d vote Republican, but he just couldn’t vote for Obama — not after what Obama’s followers personally did to all of us on Team Hillary throughout the primaries. For examples of how nasty these people are, just look at the comments they still leave on this site. In a week, when Obama loses, all of you Obama followers who were so nasty to Hillary Clinton and her supporters have only yourselves to blame. Your nastiness and hatred towards us drove millions of votes to John McCain.

This analysis indicates Democrats voting early in Florida are voting for John McCain in huge numbers — we think this is a reaction not only to the treatment received from Obama followers, but also Obama’s refusal to count Florida’s primary votes during the contested nomination process (remember, in the end, after the party crowned him as the new standard bearer, Obama ultimately relented and allowed all Florida votes to be counted…when it would do Clinton no good. And don’t think Floridians don’t remember how Obama treated them).

Looks like payback for Obama’s treatment of Florida and his followers’ treatment of Clinton supporters is going to be a disaster for the Democrats next week:

""Huge Democrat Turn Out In Florida Turns Into Huge McCain-Palin Gains

Published by AJStrata at 12:00 am under 2008 Elections, All General Discussions

If early voting in Florida is any indication what will happen across this country come next Tuesday (and there is little reason to assume it will be some crazy outlier well outside the norm) then Obama and the Dems are going to be getting a lesson from the American voters. They are the lead incumbent party in a country where 90% think the country is off track. And how America feels about them and Obama is showing in some early polling of early voters:

Democrats are beaming that their party is outperforming the Republicans in early voting, releasing numbers Wednesday that show registrants of their party ahead 54 percent to 30 percent among the 1.4 million voters who have gone to the polls early.

“We’re thrilled at the record turnout so far,” said Democratic Party of Florida spokesman Eric Jotkoff. “It’s a clear indication that Democrats want to elect Barack Obama and Democrats up and down the ballot so that we can start creating good jobs, rebuilding our economy and getting our nation back on track.”

But party breakdowns for turnout aren’t the same as final tallies, and at least one poll offered a different view for the campaign of Republican John McCain.

A Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll gave McCain a 49-45 lead over Democrat Barack Obama among Floridians who have already voted.

And Republicans continued to show a traditional strength, leading 50 percent to the Democrats’ 30 percent in the 1.2 million absentee ballots already returned.

Democrats have an almost 2 to 1 advantage in numbers, yet McCain leads in the vote totals. RCP has Obama up 3.5% in Florida - totally opposite this massive wave of early voting. According to a GMU site monitoring early polling Florida is already seeing almost 34% of the total 2004 vote for Florida - stunning. And the advantage for Dems on this site is 45.4% to 39% (including absentee). So with a really high 6.4% advantage in turnout Obama is losing by 4%. That is some massive defection numbers away from Obama. And it would seem a large turnout is not a bad thing at all for McCain-Palin, since it will swamp the Obama strengths in certain demographics.

If this is an indication of things to come, the liberals are in for a rough week.

Scott said...

i'm sorry if this has already been posted.. i've read so much and forgotten what i've already covered.

Team Hillary believes McCain will win New Hampshire, Iowa, and MAINE

Tonight’s been a busy night, in that we’ve talked to a half dozen people on three times as many subjects - including Team Hillary members in New Hampshire and Maine, who we know well from the primaries.

Here’s the kicker: these people aren’t McCain supporters. Several are working for Obama now in both states, because they have political jobs and thus must tow the party line. Others are voting Green and no longer campaigning for anyone, but are tuned into things in their states.

We know nothing about New Hampshire or Maine and have never pretended to. We won’t start now. All we’ll tell you is what these people told us tonight, and it’s that they truly do expect John McCain to win both New Hampshire and Maine next week, for the reasons they gave below:

(1) In both states, they have never seen an enthusiasm deficit for Democrats like this. Hillary Democrats there say there are more “closet McCain supporters” than anyone can count. Despite what the media says, people are not enthused and fired up to go out and vote for Obama — quite the contrary: people are scare of Obama’s policies and will be voting McCain. The enthusiasm deficit in both New Hampshire and Maine is “as clear as day” according to those we spoke to tonight. They say they do not see anywhere near the level of Obama signs, stickers, buttons, etc. out this year, as they did Kerry, Gore, Clinton, and even Dukakis gear in years past. They say this is actually shocking, because it should be everywhere, but no one cares enough to put those signs out. No one can use the excuse that there’s not enough money for signs and stickers: Obama’s campaign is supposedly rolling in dough, so why aren’t New Hampshire and Maine blanketed in Obama signs? Because people don’t want them in their yards and won’t be voting for him.

(2) We asked why people in these states are not voting for Obama and were told that in Maine, especially, a lot of it has to do with Joe the Plumber and redistributing the wealth. Much of Maine makes its living off the sea: fishermen pull in $200,000 or more a year in family businesses. Joe Biden’s slip that Obama really intends to define “wealthy” as $150,000 a year or above sent terror through Maine’s fishing community and other small business industries. We were told tonight that Maine and New Hampshire have more small family businesses that would be affected by Obama’s redistribution of wealth than we could imagine. Joe the Plumber resonated with these people — especially the fishermen. Todd Palin was recently dispatched to Maine in what the media claimed was an attempt to score one electoral college vote for Maine: tonight we were told it looks like McCain will win the whole state, not just that one congessional district.

(3) Sarah Palin was the smartest move John McCain could ever have made — she is playing incredibly well in Maine and New Hampshire, two states made up of mostly small towns, all of whom are outdoorsy and have traditions of female mayors, council members, and other high elected officials. Maine has two female United States Senators. That honestly never occured to us until now, but it does make a lot of sense. We knew Hillary Clinton would never win Iowa in the primaries because Iowa’s never elected a woman to high office — Maine has. Many, many times. People relate to Palin and trust John McCain. They like these candidates — while Obama in an unknown whose relationships and judgment make people uneasy. Add the socialism business to the top of this, and we’re told it moves New Hampshire and Maine into the red column.

Like we said at the start of this, we don’t know what to add here because these are two states we didn’t work for Hillary Clinton and that we know little about. The above was reported to us, and passed onto you, but the sources are solid people we know well, and whom we respect.

The other interesting tidbit that came out of the conversation tonight was that of the Hillary Clinton convention delegates who are openly supporting John McCain, the largest number of these people come from states that held caucuses.

We were told tonight that no one is yet picking up on the fact that Democrats in states that held caucuses, and who saw firsthand the fraud, voter intimidation, and other vile tricks Obama pulled in caucus states have NOT forgotten about any of this. These people are still LIVID that a Democrat dared to use Chicago fraud and intimidation to game the caucus system. The Clinton delegates from caucus states have been coordinating efforts amongst themselves for payback against Obama on November 4th, since no state will vote in a caucus then.

We’re told this is the reason that Iowa is so much closer than we ever dreamed it would be. Remember, we have insisted McCain would lose Iowa because of his opposition to ethanol subsidies. So, we’ve been baffled by McCain and Palin’s appearances throughout Iowa, or the fact internals we see show the state incredibly close. We never could figure out why — and it was so obvious this whole time. THE CAUCUS FRAUD Obama committed back in January is coming back to bite him in a HUGE way. Because of the ethanol opposition, McCain should be losing Iowa by large numbers — but the people we spoke to this evening says he’ll end up winning the state, largely because of Democrats who are so disgusted by the behavior of Obama’s followers during the caucuses.

This isn’t just Hillary Democrats either. It’s a large swath of Democrats who feel violated by the tactics Obama employed in their state — bringing thugs from Chicago across the Illinois border to vote in Iowa’s caucuses. People there remember the truth, and will have that in mind on November 4th.

We aren’t prepated to say whether we agree with any of this in terms of New Hampshire, Maine, or Iowa. We still believe Obama will take Iowa because of ethanol, but the people we spoke to were very convincing to the contrary. The ones in Maine and New Hampshire insisted over and over again that they’ve been at this for years and Obama is just not going to win either state.

They have never seen enthusiasm for a Democratic candidate so low — or fear of small-business-killing socialism so high. These people know in their guts McCain will win these states.

It’s how we feel about Ohio, the state we know best and report on frequently here. McCain will win Ohio, with no doubt in our mind. And others feel the same about New Hampshire, Maine, and Iowa.

And all of us agree that on election night, the media will be spinning and sputtering and trying to explain things that those of us on the ground have seen coming for months now.

Scott said...

Obama’s campaign manager offers 3 million dollars to API in connection with Michelle Obama tape to be aired by Fox News Network

Six hours after the release of information by API on the planned broadcast by Fox News Network of the Michelle Obama tape, in accordance with an agreement that has been reached between API and Fox News Network, API was contacted by Obama’s Campaign Manager.

Those who are close to the democratic presidential candidate must be desperate to win the elections no matter what, otherwise they would not have taken such bold step to contact API with an offer of a bribe in order to stop the airing of the tape.

Obama’s campaign manager contacted API by telephone and email offering 3 million US dollars followed with a request to API to cancel the deal with Fox News Network.

Ten days ago API received the first request to accept 2 million US dollars by Mr Ed Hale, President of Plains Radio, Texas - USA, in an effort to suppress the information from reaching the public before the coming US Presidential elections.

API has now taken a decision to contact the American Embassy in Oslo, Norway as soon as possible in order to report the matter and hand over the evidence for investigative purposes.

API’s Canadian lawyer is expected to fly to Oslo shortly in order to assist in the legal matters that arise from the bribery attempt.

API’s Chief editor is expected to travel to New York, together with the Canadian lawyer, where he will appear live in one of the shows that will air the Michelle Obama tape.

techno said...

If Scott is right about the PUMA support for McCain in Florida, this may be a microcosm of what may happens in the rest of the country and that the PUMA request for PUMA's to lie to pollsters and say they are strong supporters of Obama has been followed by thousands of PUMA's who have been polled over the last couple of months. The value of this one web site to the future of America cannot be underestimated. Scott, I pray your info is accurate.

techno said...

knowitall: all the credit for whatever I do or contribute first goes to Adam, for without him Sarah I don't think would have been 'discovered' and for Sarah for rallying millions of disaffected Republicans and aggrieved PUMA's to the McCain-Palin campaign by demonstrating good cheer and by executing political speeches in an impeccable, charismatic manner.

techno said...

One subject that I have avoided talking about is my feelings about Obama, the man. Yes, I have often commented on to why his ideology is dangerous to America, but I have mostly stayed away from psychoanalysis. Well, here is my attempt at it and 10 ideas on Obama's character and personality: 1) As has been suggested earlier by several PUMA's if Obama has an Achilles' heel it may be how he treats white older women or mature women in general. I would be very interested in finding out in a survey the main reason that young women fawn over Obama; is it as simple as his magnetic sex appeal, is it his promise of political, economic and social tranformation, or is it caused by a spiritual connection to him as the Messiah? 2)What motivated Obama to first foster and then continue his relationships with Ayres, Rezko, and Khalidi? Did he use them to advance his career and his status in a cynical and sinister way to only help himself or did he see these people as 'soulmates' who could act as frequent sounding boards for his ideas and future plans? If the former is closer to the truth, this may be the reason he cannot come clean-he would come across as an egomaniacal go-getter and social climber, although not illegal, still very hard to explain that he used them to get ahead. 3)If Obama favors spreading the wealth, why is he so disinclined to help out his relatives more? 4)Is Obama an elitist in the sense he feels he is superior to other people or is he an elitist because he doesn't understand the nature of how the average person lives or conducts his or her life? 5)Why have the adjectives 'ruthless' and 'cold-blooded' not been attached to Obama very often? 6)What type of leader is he-one who makes the final decision or one who lets his advisors make the final decision for him? From what I know about him, I think the latter is true; 7)Who are Obama's heroes and who are his favorite philosophers? 8)If Obama supports intimidation tactics and thuggery, what does this say about his desire to stamp out all opposition to his ideas and plans? Does it stem from insecurity or a meglamanical desire to retain power and carry out an agenda that is not obstructed or diluted? 9) Why do I not find Obama charasmatic? Is it his socialist message or his attitude towards and disdain of others? 10)Does Obama have a Hitler-like personality where he would be liable to destroy others first before self-destructing himself or am I exaggerating his ability or capability to impact the life of others and thus fail to notice that Obama would tend to self-destruct first because of his inadequacy and incompetency (Peter principle) than doing permanent harm to others? In conclusion I still believe that Obama is very dangerous, but how dangerous he becomes, if elected President, will be based on how zealous he is to implement his ideas and agenda and to what degree of cutthroat ruthlessness he and his henchmen decide to follow in getting their way.

Patriot1776 said...

techno - any other rumblings on the ground you are hearing?

I wonder how this obamamercial will play with people.

For me, I tried to be impartial watching it...and I found it over the tops, arrogant, and down right weird.

But I could see if you are out of touch with what is going on, that this guy would seem appealing.

Time will tell.

Scott said...

'Twas the night before elections
And all through the town
Tempers were flaring
Emotions all up and down!

I, in my bathrobe
With a cat in my lap
Had cut off the TV
Tired of political crap.

When all of a sudden
There arose such a noise
I peered out of my window
Saw Obama and his boys

They had come for my wallet
They wanted my pay
To give to the others
Who had not worked a day!

He snatched up my money
And quick as a wink
Jumped back on his bandwagon
As I gagged from the stink

He then rallied his henchmen
Who were pulling his cart
I could tell they were out
To tear my country apart!

" On Fannie, on Freddie,
On Biden and Ayers!
On Acorn, On Pelosi"
He screamed at the pairs!

They took off for his cause
And as he flew out of sight
I heard him laugh at the nation
Who wouldn't stand up and fight!

So I leave you to think
On this one final note-

Scott said...

Barock Obama: No Accomplishments

interesting video showing various supporters unable to name any accomplishments by obama.. the most shocking to me was chris matthews.

Scott said...

quote by techno
""I would be very interested in finding out in a survey the main reason that young women fawn over Obama; is it as simple as his magnetic sex appeal, is it his promise of political, economic and social tranformation, or is it caused by a spiritual connection to him as the Messiah?""

i posted a video above on how people were asked about obama's accomplishments and part of it was the polling audience that rated the debates.. he went around the room asking them about obama's accomplishments and half of them could only point out his personality qualities.. no one could mention a thing about what he's done.

Unknown said...

fox has denied that they have a Michelle obama tape and say the story is a hoax.

I am a firm believer in Ronald Reagan's philosophy. There is no end to what you can accomplish if you give someone else the credit.

Mountain Mama said...

I just watched the video you posted, Scott, and it's SCARY how many Americans are voting for someone whom they ADMIT has done ZILCH! Obama is the classic empty suit!

As always, thank you for the excellent research and posts, Techno, Knowitall, and Momprayn. This election isn't over yet.... We must keep praying and get out the vote!


Have you ever contributed to Adam's costs for running this blogsite? If not, please consider making a generous contribution.

Here's the thing: Adam's laptop was STOLEN last week, and insurance won't cover much of the cost of a replacement.

So please contribute! He's just a young man, and yet he's done SO much to help Sarah Palin.

Scott said...

i figured that might be the case about the michelle tape.. i just noticed the story was from back in april or may.. we'd have seen it by now.

momprayn said...

Scott - loved your poem!!!! Such talent!!!! Really. Assume you don't mind if I forward it on!!!??
Also appreciate all that great info (that I pray is true)....techno too of course.

As for Obama's "charisma", Rush was talking about an interesting subject called "hypnotic speech" the other day that he may have - "doctors" have said it is indeed a "real phenomenon" and some people are more susceptible than others to it, just as it is with hypnosis & everyone is different in how they react. I think he said it could be "taught" - don't know if this has happened with Obama or he just comes by it "naturally" - but if it's "natural", I think it has something to do with the "supernatural" if you know what I mean. We may be seeing right before our eyes the same kind of "magnetic qualities" that the end of the age "antichrist" will have. Yes, creepy and scary as it should be......I wish more people would recognize these things! Thankfully, it seems that people who once thought he was "great" are finally having some doubts and getting scared.
This is all very encouraging to me.
Spiritually speaking, there has been much talk out there about how God is going to be doing a lot of "suddenlies". Maybe, hopefully this will be one big one!!!

"No poll or pundit can guess the outcome when God breaks in suddenly with answers to the prayers and fasting of His people."

momprayn said...

oops - actually, I guess I don't know if you wrote that poem, Scott or just posted it (by someone else) but thanks either way!!! I forwarded it on.......

azaeroprof said...

The daily tracking polls are slightly worse today than yesterday. That may signal a slowdown in McCain's momentum or just a bad day of polling. After the IBD/TIPP comes out this afternoon, I'll update the chart at:

GOOD NEWS, though! FOX News weekly poll was just released. After trailing 49-40 last week, McCain has cut the lead to just 47-44 this week!

Keep praying!

Patriot1776 said...

Fox News headline - "I'm Not Going Anywhere"

I LOVE it.... to HECK with these elites on the left and more importantly on the RIGHT!?

This party needs a new direction. I heard Governor Ridge make a statement that if HE was on the ticket, things would be different. I liked Governor Ridge, he was good governor for PA...but with ALL due respect, he is about as exciting and innovative as pile of poo.

Sarah Palin has run the media, left, and other scared. On our own side, the moderate lefties are scared of her. If they do not win, SHE is the new face of the party, the defacto leader. And they can't take it. The country clubbers are running scared. Their control of the party will be over.

Sarah Palin, Jindal, Mike Pence, John Kaisch, Michael Steele (who should become RNC Chair), DeMint, and Coburn. THAT is the where the party should look to for leadership. No more neocon Bushies..

Let's go out and WIN! We need this victory more than you can imagine. DOn't assume a loss this Nov will lead to a 'guaranteed' return in 2010 or 2012. Too much damage can be done in that time.

I am FIRED up...Techno, Jill, Scott, Tbone, ADAM....let's go out, VOTE and WIN this for Sarah and our nations future!

Unknown said...

Sarah's energy speech was most excellent.

I sure have learned alot from all of you.

Can't wait to vote Tuesday. Speaking of which, alot of people I've talked to here are not voting early because they're afraid something will happen to their votes.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Patroit and Sarah!

Yes, we have HOPE!

Tbone said...

I watched Sarah's rally today from Missouri. It was awesome. It looked like tons of people were there. I am extremely excited to vote for Sarah on Tuesday. We can't afford to have Obama win on Tuesday. He will take this country to far to the left.

Tbone said...

Obama is ahead in the polls. Could there still Hillary supporters who say they will vote for Obama in the polls and vote McCain on Nov.4. I know at one time they were unhappy with Obama. The good news is that Obama is 47-50% in most polls. Which means he is very beatable on election day. Go Sarah.

Scott said...

""""Scott - loved your poem!!!! Such talent!!!! Really. Assume you don't mind if I forward it on!!!??"""""

yeah i can copy and paste with the best of them :p

i should have posted where i got it.. my cousin sent it in an email so feel free to pass it on

Tbone said...

The IBD/TIPP daily tracking poll had Obama up today 47.7-43.6. Obama at +4.1. Which means he gained today.

Scott said...

""""I am FIRED up...Techno, Jill, Scott, Tbone, ADAM....let's go out, VOTE and WIN this for Sarah and our nations future!""""""

i voted last week.. but maybe a certain organization can help me vote again? :p jk

they have a section on the voting site here in florida that lets you check the status of your absentee ballot. I'm not sure what happens to it once it's there but it's there along with 3 others.

purplecrayon said...


I'm an Obama/Biden supporter. I visit this site hoping to gain some understanding into why this is such a close race and why people think the way they do. My family is all over the place politically and I guess I'm used to political disagreements but at the end of the day we're all still family.

I won't even try to answer most of your questions but if you really want to "reach across the aisle" I'm game. First, I'm one of those "mature women" and I think that Obama treats all women with respect. Maybe you've been talking to too many Pumas who seem to think that all women should vote for women and if they don't it's disrespectful. I don't think that way and neither do most women.

You asked about Obama's appeal to young women. If my daughter and daughter-in-law are at all representative, Obama's appeal has absolutely nothing to do with "magnetic sex appeal " or "a spiritual connection to him as the Messiah." Those are your ideas. I have never ever heard them speak in those terms. They are both well-informed on the issues and they are both very enthusiastic about Obama.

Obama represents the promise of the future to them and his message is one of hope and inclusivenesss. John McCain's message is rooted in fear and division. You can scoff at that but I admire their optimism.

Scott said...

Obama accepted a bribe as a state senator when he arranged a grant for Yesse Yehudah so he could take a $10,000 cut

NOTE: The article below is from last year. It’s a story that was never picked up by the media (since when have they ever picked up anything about Obama?) and the Clinton campaign did not know what to do with this — people we’ve spoken to said that, in retrospect, they realize what a mistake this was because what Obama did here is actually a prosecutable crime. We were told, specifically, that the bribe Obama took as a state senator is the thing David Axelrod has lived in terror of this whole campaign — he has been praying this does not get out. ...... what Obama did here with this grant is illegal, and it’s the kind of things politicians in Illinois go to jail for all the time — including our last governor George Ryan, and most likely our current governor Rod Blagojevich too.

Bribes like this are what people mean when they refer to “dirty Chicago politics”.

read the article here

Scott said...

someone tell me if i'm posting too many articles..

NBC/Mason Dixon Poll: Pennsylvania BO 47, McCain 43, Undecided 9%, Statistical TIE 10/30/08

NBC is as credible a source as two cats with tin cans tied together with string, sitting on the radiator, eating cheeseburgers.

They’ve consistently thrown polls to Obama throughout the primaries, and overestimated his support against Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania by wide margins.

NBC was one of the polls that had “Dear Leader” winning Pennsylvania by 8 points against Clinton — a favorite poll to cite by Eeyores who wanted to cry into their oatmeal every morning, moaning, “Doomed! Doomed! We’re all DOOOOOOOOOOOOMED!”.

Big babies.

Clinton won Pennsylvania by 10 points.

We believe John McCain will win the state by 5…the first Republican to do so in a generation.

NBC is using an incorrect party ID breakdown that overpolls Democrats; this means the new poll they released showing a statistical tie in Pennsylvania is probably polling 45% Dem, 25% Republican and 30% Independent — when the actual numbers should be 39% Dem, 35% Republican, and 26% Independent.

That means John McCain is probably ahead in Pennsylvania right now — hence Obama’s sudden and bewildered return to a state the media claimed he sewed up ages ago. Hence Gov. Rendell’s sweating bullets. Hence the wonderful development of Rep. Murtha very likely losing his seat (we will never support any politician who speaks ill of the United States Marines. We don’t care who you are: you badmouth boots on the ground and you’re no longer someone we can ever support. God Bless our Marines. We wish the polar opposite on Murtha).

When McCain field offices in the Pittsburgh area are being staffed by DEMOCRATS working nonstop to elect a Republican, well, you better believe Obama’s going to lose the Keystone State.

Unknown said...

a bit of fun to lighten the day


the link is separated into two parts

Ted said...

Don't worry about the polls; they're largely not accounting for Puma's (Dem-Hillary Voters) going for McCain/Palin.

The early vote results in FL and NV show McCain/Palin ahead. THEY tell what's coming!

momprayn said...

Good interview on Cavuto (Fox) today with a lady who is a Hillary supporter, worked on the DNC Platform Committee now voting for McCain - voicing the same kind of things we see on this blogsite from them. Said the Obama ads are sexist and offensive & brought up the hanging effigy - & that closeup picture of Sarah on that magazine (forget the name) stating something like she's like one of us and THAT was the problem. She was coming back with WHY is that a problem ??!!! - that's what we want!!!! YES!!!!!!
Bless all those Hillary supporters!!! and yes, the Dems that are too!!!!! And good riddance to the so-called "Republicans" who jumped ship. Yes, we get of the "rats" and.......... "clean house"!!!!!!

Scott said...

bill clinton, a cooler joe biden

obama has to be kicking himself

Barack Obama cultivated the image of a cool and collected leader during the height of the economic crisis last month, when lawmakers on Capitol Hill scrambled to draft a workable bailout package after a meltdown on Wall Street.

And when John McCain suspended his campaign to dive head first into the fray, Obama's campaign accused the Republican of being "unsteady."

But to hear Bill Clinton tell it, the Democratic nominee didn't quite have a handle on the situation himself.

"I haven't cleared this with him and he may even be mad at me for saying this so close to the election, but I know what else he said to his economic advisers (during the crisis)," Clinton told the crowd at a Wednesday night rally with Obama in Florida. "He said, 'Tell me what the right thing to do is. What's the right thing for America? Don't tell me what's popular. You tell me what's right -- I'll figure out how to sell it.'"

Clinton said when the crisis broke, Obama called his own advisers as well as those of the former two-term president, Hillary Clinton, Warren Buffet and others.

"He called those people. You know why? Because he knew it was complicated and before he said anything he wanted to understand," Clinton said. "That's what a president does in a crisis."

The seeming praise may come off as a backhanded compliment, especially since Obama repeatedly accuses McCain of admitting he doesn't know much about the economy. McCain's campaign said Clinton's remark shows Obama was uncertain when Wall Street seemed to be on the verge of crumbling.

"Barack Obama had no idea what the right thing to do is or at least that's Bill Clinton's impression," McCain spokesman Michael Goldfarb said.

"It's disturbing that ... Barack Obama's response to this is 'Tell me what to do and I will sell it,'" Goldfarb added. "That's been Barack Obama's entire campaign -- is one big sales job."

jill said...

Yesterday in Florida. From Bill Clinton's mouth about what Obama said during the financial crisis, when the news of the bailout was hitting.

"I haven't cleared this with him and he may even be mad at me for saying this so close to the election, but I know what else he said to his economic advisers. He said, 'Tell me what the right thing to do is. What's the right thing for America? Don't tell me what's popular. You tell me what's right. I'll figure out how to sell it.'"

What do you think about that? "I'll sell it."

See it. It's near the end.

Scott said...

from the free republic concerning what is on this unreleasable tape

link 1
link 2

Saw a clip from the tape. Reason we can’t release it is because statements Obama said to rile audience up during toast. He congratulates Khalidi for his work saying “Israel has no God-given right to occupy Palestine” plus there’s been “genocide against the Palestinian people by Israelis.”

It would be really controversial if it got out. Tha’s why they will not even let a transcript get out.

This fits with what we heard Obama did at that dinner. It’s consistent with what Obama bundlers here in Chicago said was on that tape from the Khalidi dinner. This was the second big punch these bundlers said would hit Obama — after the socialist punch. That leaves one punch left to go in what these bundlers were afraid of.

Seems to us the LA Times should really release the tape they are holding to disprove the claims on FreeRepublic that Obama said these vile, antisemitic things about Israel.

jill said...

This is a photo of McCain that I really like. I like the Defiance sign (Defiance, OH) behind him, symbolic of his defiance of the polls, and fighting all the way.



12thMan said...

"Patriot1776 said..."

Just to let you know this is exactly what I've been saying, with a few exceptions.

"This party needs a new direction. I heard Governor Ridge make a statement that if HE was on the ticket, things would be different. I liked Governor Ridge, he was good governor for PA...but with ALL due respect, he is about as exciting and innovative as pile of poo."

I wouldn't know much about Ridge as gov so I'll defer to you but I do know that this election would have been over for me at about 12:01 PM EDT on Aug 29th if Ridge had been the pick

"Sarah Palin, Jindal, Mike Pence, John Kaisch, Michael Steele (who should become RNC Chair), DeMint, and Coburn. THAT is the where the party should look to for leadership. No more neocon Bushies.."

Throw in a few more great members of Congress, like my very own Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (VERY Palin-esque too), and Eric Cantor, and Gov Matt Blunt and the future is very bright. Anyone can be a liberal, it takes guts though to stand on principles.

I still thought Bush was a decent president, after all one of the VERY FEW black marks on Reagan is that he let the Senate (very much including Mr. We Drove Hezbollah out/KOS Biden) run him out of Lebanon, making it look like they effectively did so to us while Bush in effect declared 'Never AGAIN!' and took the fight to these b@st@rds. Where he lost me was the way he went running scared after the Pelosi/Reid coup, but you would have to admit that the same man who helped cause the downfall of his presidency is the same one we're depending on now and I still can't play that game in good conscience. That and I'm still not entirely sure what a 'neocon' is or that it even applies. For example, I'm not sure Donald Rumsfeld's personal politics--I would lean conservative, but I definitely know Powell and Rice to be fairly liberal, so you can't really throw them all under the same umbrella if that's the case. Would Bill Clinton be described as a "neolib"? If neocon is defined as a part-time (or less) conservative I go back to the senator that we're depending on.

"DOn't assume a loss this Nov will lead to a 'guaranteed' return in 2010 or 2012. Too much damage can be done in that time."

True, but then again I heard the midterms called "The American Revolution" in many of my classes at the time and it's been anything but, which lends credence to chaos theory but we've seen this dog-and-pony show from the Dims before, and I can't honestly believe Obama is that much of empty suit (when even has libs up here in the joke S-R scared to death) to be coerced into Reid/Pelousy's puppetboy. Either way, why wouldn't a new movement be back for 2010/Sarah wouldn't be back for 2012? That's like saying '76 was the last straw for Reagan.

"I am FIRED up...Techno, Jill, Scott, Tbone, ADAM....let's go out, VOTE and WIN this for Sarah and our nations future!"

My vote will mean nothing being trapped in true-blue WA (especially in a city which will be code blue in five years), but it was McP, Dino Rossi, and a few solid candidates for state and local offices for me.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Where's the video buddy?

Mountain Mama said...

Remember how Tim Russert just LOVED this election for its surprises and twists?

I bet even TIM (were he still alive, God rest his soul) would be T-I-R-E-D of this election by now....

No doubt the candidates are especially glad the election is drawing near.

Did you know that Sarah Palin released a Prayer Request? She requested that other believers pray for her, reading Psalm 27. VERY apropos, don't you agree!?

God bless all of you. Your posts are ALL excellent and helpful----even yours, Purplecrayon! I hope you'll listen more to Senator McCain's messages before Tuesday: he is VERY, VERY inspiring and optimistic!

(When McCain tells people about Obama's positions and the consequences of B.O.'s inexperience, that's meant as information, not "negativity." McCain is VERY optimistic about the future, IF the USA is led with wisdom, experience, and fiscal accountability----which it WILL be, if McCain-Palin WIN!)

12thMan said...

McCain and Obama are going to make one last push on MNF (Steelers/Redskins). Sure, the interviews won't say anything and remember this is the same ESPN that launched the career of uber-left wing dweeb Keith Dobermann (Countdown To No Ratings, and also has little leftist scumbag Rick Reilly on their payroll), but that's not what's important.

There used to be a streak where the Redskins last home game went parallel to who won the lection, that ended in 2004 (Packers/GWB won). But the Redskins have also only hosted the Mon night game before election day once, in 84 (Redskins beat Falcons/RWR was re-elected). So, in the name of starting a new streak, GO SKINS!!!!!!

Unknown said...

mm, I've been praying that psalm 3 times a day. It's perfect. I'm not giving up. If people here are waiting until Tuesday to vote because they're afraid of their votes being trashed somehow, I bet it's true in other places. We're so close. Keep praying!

Patriot1776 said...

Never give up hope, even in a blue state. heck Pennsylvania has been blue for the past few presidential elections...but it did turn red with Santorum.

You can have an effect on the local level - start supporting conservative local candidates with a future. In PA the Senate is still R and the House went 2 seats to the Dems in 2006. I am hoping we can turn that around.

Ridge was a good governor, he really was. He is a good man too, but his comment is just flat wrong. He is of the typical Northeast Republican who believes in getting along and being a moderate. Being a moderate doesn't win you elections - John McCain has finally caught on thanks to Sarah Palin.

Thanks for the other names - I did know of Cantor etc, and I am sure there are others.

When I say we can't wait until 2010 or 2012, if Obama gets in with the majorities in both houses, they can put a hurt on the conservative movement through legislation like the Fairness Doctrine to silence out voices. They will want to act quickly to move their agenda.

That is why we must stop them NOW. Sarah will keep McCain grounded in his moderate tendencies..and honestly, I think McCain has realized - even HE won't be able to reach out Reid and Pelosi.

momprayn said...

Yo Ted!!! Glad to see you back. I was getting worried about you! (Can't help it, again - I'm a mom)
thanks for the info.

Scott/Jill - Funny, add me to the list of who noticed that stuff that Bill Clinton said re Obama's apparent lack of not knowing what to do, etc. ha!!! Can't believe he said that!!! Is he another Biden or did he do it on purpose???? (Slick Willy you know)

Well, still no video. What does that site (hillbuzz) say?? Bernie Rosenberg said on Fox that he really didn't think it would make much of a difference at this point. That most of the undecideds are interested in the economy. I still can't understand how you could still be an "undecided" right now! For the ones that it would, maybe just hearing the info will be enough. You just have to wonder, how much does it TAKE to make these people see the obvious?!
I just can't relate. Well...waiting on your reports guys.

momprayn said...

Don't know how much we can count on Dick Morris, but he just said on Hannity (Fox) that he thought McCain would win over most (if not all) of the undecideds......(said right now they are tied) ????

momprayn said...

Tito the Builder on Hannity tonight - I LOVE IT!!! Try to catch it/watch it on the website. He's great!!!

Scott said...

from hillbuz

On the tape the LA Times won’t release, Obama’s seen laughing and cheering as various pro-Palestinians bash Israel and make other anti-Semitic remarks. Obama has a fantastic time at the event, and makes remarks himself to the effect that Israel has no right to exist and that Israelis are responsible for genocide of Palestinians.

According to all sources that have described it, this is apparently the most disgusting thing anyone has ever seen: a presidential candidate laughing and cheering as people talk about destroying Israel, America’s greatest ally in the Middle East, and the only democracy in a region strategic to US interests.

That’s why the LA Times is refusing to release the tape — because seeing Obama cheer on the destruction of Israel would, obviously, damage his campaign.

And the LA Times does not want to do that. So, protect Obama they continue.

jill said...

Obama, headfirst into the sexism pool

The ad implies that Governor Palin is nothing more than a flirtatious and inconsequential woman.




techno said...

Today on Rush Limbaugh's show a fellow named Steven phoned in to voice his frustration with McCain and the gang of 14 and generally not being conservative enough. But after Rush asked him who he was going to vote for he said McCain, but really he was voting for Palin. IBD/TIPP today has McCain getting 90% of the GOP vote. Without Sarah on the ticket McCain would have been lucky to get 75% of the vote; many Republicans I believe would have defected to Barr or sat out the election entirely. If anybody had bet me on August 28, the day before Sarah was selected, that McCain would be able to get 90% of the GOP vote, I would have sold my house and bet all the proceeds that he wouldn't even get to 80%. I know we talk up the exotic votes a lot: PUMA's, Reagan Democrats, Wal-Mart moms, but if McCain goes on to win this election one of the primary reasons would be that Sarah's selection for VP guaranteed that the entire center-right base of the party would turn out in record numbers. I firmly believe there are many Steven's out there who are only voting McCain because of Sarah.

Mountain Mama said...

WHA-AT?!! Obama is LAUGHING on that tape about the destruction of ISRAEL!???

O PLEASE, DEAR GOD! PRESERVE US from this NUT! NO! We just can NOT have him for President! Lord, have MERCY!

How do we get our hands on that tape!? WHO ELSE WANTS TO CONTRIBUTE to a REWARD to the person who gets a copy out to the public!? COUNT ME IN FOR $50!
(Wish it could be more!)

Mountain Mama said...

Oh, it only gets worse.....
Hannity showed ON TV, VISIBLY, a foreward Bill Ayers wrote for a book Ayers wrote ("Prairie Fire"), and one of the people Ayers DEDICATED THE BOOK TO is Sirhan Sirhan!!!!!!!

YOU know: the guy who MURDERED Democrat Robert F. Kennedy!!!!

And Ayers dedicated his most recent book to a whole list of COP KILLERS!

GOOD LORD! What decent Democrat would vote for a man (Obama) who hangs with a guy like this, who dedicates his book to such SICKOS!?

Scott said...

i've already seen talk of a reward for that tape at around $125k.. but that's pocket change compared to the huge bag of cash the other side has. I'm not sure if the Dems would pay to keep that tape hidden though.. they're already admitting guilt by not releasing it. The scandal of them paying to suppress it would do more damage than the tape itself.

as for tito the builder (now why couldn't his name have been bob? imagine the marketing on that one..)
tito the builder on hannity and colmes

Unknown said...

You people have been so good lately that it has left me speechless.

Mountain Mama, your last two entries are a tough act to follow.

I looked at the calendar for the days leading up to 11/04/2008. Where is Sarah on the last day? Iowa, again (?!?)
The Pumas on Hillbuzz were very wrong about the LA Times tape release.
I certainly have lost some confidence in them. But they say Iowa is in play. And Sarah's going there on 11/03 would seem to confirm that.
It would certainly help M/P if they could win Iowa.

Mountain Mama,
I agree with you in everything you say about those books. I am afraid that this is another horrible disclosure that will not stick to Barry Obama. In the end it will be turn out and the basic beliefs of the conservatives that decide this election, after all.
My personal theory is that Madame Pelosi wants to be the queen. Should Obama be elected, she will then try to cut him down to size, That is when we will hear about these horrible associations in Barry's life.
Fortunately we will not have to face that. McCain and Palin will triumph.

Would you like one valium or two?

Scott said...

charlie gibson interview

did anyone see the charlie gibson interview with obama on wednesday where he claims he'll choose a bipartisan cabinet?

Unknown said...

another good laugh.
Gentlemen,File this under the category of "no one knows like like our wives"


jill said...

Five seconds of truth. Michelle's lightning fast assessment of her husband's readiness.


Mountain Mama said...

Yowza! Sarah's going to IOWAY! Then it's IN PLAY! YIPPEE!
Good heavens, I wonder if Dick Morris is on to something by thinking the Indies are turning to McCain!

I just can't believe how LITTLE Obambi's supporters know about him! And when confronted by the facts, they distort facts----just like CULTS do! (Yipes!)

For example, Alan Colmes was called upon tonight to face that Obama has had a long, close relationship with Bill Ayers, who dedicated his first book to a murderer (Sirhan twice) of a KENNEDY for God's sake (Robby).

What was Colmes' reply to this FACTUAL charge? He AVOIDED addressing it, but instead brought up how McCain had been in a group that gave money to that Khalidi wretch (who excuses Palestinians who attack Jews)!

No-oo, McCain merely served on a board of an organization (the International Republican Institute), which donated money to a DECENT group (Palestine Research and Studies), that Khalidi started.
Moral here = not everything bad people do is bad.

I don't think ANYONE knows what's going to happen; the polls might be horribly wrong about Obama's lead. I pray that's so!

Unknown said...

Purplecrayon -
Thanks for your note. It helps to hear your side as well.

I am also a grandmother. (don't know if I want to say I'm mature.)
For me, it also has to do with the issues. Sarah Palin represents the views of the women on our family. I recognize that McCain is on the defense, but I appreciate knowing all about who Senator Obama really is.

I do fear a man that is comfortable around people that are comfortable with murder. I do fear a man that talks about changing America and changing the world, although half of American doesn't believe the way he does on the issues. How will he change the half of American that opposes him? How will he change the minds and behavior of me, my family and our friends?

Either "change" in America is an empty campaign promise, or he intends to hurt me. Not sure what form that hurt will take or if it will take more than one form. But that's the way I perceive it.

But thanks for speaking up. It's good if we can talk.

techno said...

10 questions that should have been asked during the campaign but rarely or never were: 1) Is Joe Biden such a gaffe-prone liability that he may weakened Obama's standing with the public and have lost Obama the election? 2)Why has Obama not come after Sarah more vigorously with his ad campaign to undermine her? 3)Why does Obama associate with radical types and what did he hope to peronally gain from these associations? 4)Does Obama favor the rewriting of any parts of the Constitution or amendments being added to give government new powers? 5)What is Obama's strategy for securing the support of disaffected PUMA's? Does he need a strategy? 6)Why is Bernadine Dohrn not brought into the conversation as much as Bill Ayres? 7)Why does Sarah not play up the woman and 'glass ceiling' angle more in her speeches? 8)Why are 20% of conservatives according to IBD/TIPP supporting Obama? 9)Are critics of Sarah more disgusted by her as a person or what she represents? Is hatred of Sarah motivated more by ideology or by disdain? 10) Why does Barack Obama want to become President of the United States?

techno said...

10 puzzling comments or ideas: 1) Last night on Larry King, a celebrity conservative Ben Stein, castigated McCain for focusing so much of his political energy on the economy and seemed to imply if McCain had focused more on his character and foreign affairs he'd have a better chance to beat Obama. Is he joking? With the worst financial meltdown in 70 years, the worry of imploding family portfolios, and the opportunity given to him by Joe the Plumber and Obama's 'spreading the wealth' comment McCain would have been committing political hara-kiri if he had not seized upon Obama's gaffe and run with it. I used to respect Stein for his considered comments but I frankly think what he said is just plain stupid and illogical. 2)Bill Kristol, yesterday, stating on Dennis Prager's program that McCain had run a sloppy campaign, implying that he deserved to lose because of it. Bill, what was so sloppy about McCain's campaign? The financial meltdown and McCain's reaction to it? Well Bill I don't consider that part of the campaign. McCain's strategy of pounding Pennsylvania into submission? Bill, are you really being sucked in by the MSM polls showing Obama with a consistent double-digit lead there? If McCain wins Pennsylvania he'll probably be the next POTUS. The mishandling of Sarah early on with regards to media availability. She hasn't seemed to suffer permanent damage or lost votes from it. Your own network Fox has McCain within 3 points of Obama yesterday. Her appearance on SNL went well and she has hit her stride on the camapaign trail since her debate with Joe Biden. Bill I think you should assess the campaign after the votes are counted, not before. 3) Ed Rollins on CNN last week as McCain was beginning his surge in the polls with IBD/TIPP and Battleground telling the world that McCain with 2 weeks left to go in the campaign had no chance whatsoever; yes I accused him in a previous post of being a shill but truly how can a respected politcal operative with 40 years of experience in politics who witnessed the Reagan surge in 1980 with just a couple of days left to go in the campaign be so convinced that McCain is going to lose and then expect Americans to really believe it? Does he think that Americans are that stupid? 4) Gloria Borger on CNN yesterday claiming that Sarah may not be even one of the frontrunners in 2012 if McCain loses the election. This is a complete denial of reality. Sarah is a superstar and unless she suffers a physical or mental debility, the base of the Republican party will embrace her wholeheartedly again because of being simpatico with its beliefs and that she has the ability to fire up the electorate. Gloria, no matter how much you go into denial about Sarah Palin, she has arrived and will not be going away anytime soon. 5)John King of CNN claiming that McCain was pulling out of Colorado the day early voting was beginning and the same day Sarah was holding 3 rallies there; can we say 'non sequitur'? 6)Kathleen Parker on Mike Gallagher's program claiming that Sarah Palin 'cannot even string two sentences together'. I assume Kathleen is educated: how does one become first the head of the oil and gas regulatory commission of Alaska and then governor of a state and retain a 80% approval rating if she is totally clueless? How does one possibly gain consideration for the VP job if one is a bumbling idiot with no record of accomplishment? How does one give one of the best convention speeches since the Reagan speech of 1980 if one is totally incoherent, befuffled and ineloquent? People just don't go to being competent and intelligent to being incapable and stupid overnight! Kathleen, if you don't know that, then you're the imbecile. 7)Drew Griffin of CNN misquoting Byron York of National Review in a question to Sarah Palin attempting to drive a wedge between her and the right wing community or subtly implying that since a right winger had written the virulent. mocking commentary about Sarah that it must be true; 8)Sarah saying to Elizabeth Vargas that "I'm not in this for nought" who then extrapolates that Sarah is talking about her ambitions for 2012, while Sarah was commenting on the fact that because of the BS she has taken from the MSM over the last 2 months she wanted her contribution to the McCain to be worthwhile and that she was totally committed to winning on November 4th. 9)Ed Henry of CNN yesterday focusing on a so-called gaffe of John McCain asking Joe the Plumber to be recognized while he was not actually in the house-making it appear it was a more important story than the LA Times not releasing the Khalidi tape or Joe the Plumber's life being illegally taken apart by the Obama goon squad; 10)Obama still defending his 'spreading the wealth' statement in a TV interview and the media not then asserting that it was a legitimate issue for the McCain campaign to bring up to whether Obama is a socialist. What I would like to know is what the MSM's definition of a socialist is?

loki said...

what about the electoral count? Am I being too pessimistic? Will McCain have enough electoral votes?

loki said...

You can chalk me up as one of those people voting only because Sarah is on the ticket. I'm not a McCain fan and would not have voted in this election if not for Gov. Palin.

Scott said...

mm, i was going to make a post about colmes too.. i've noticed lately that he won't answer the charges but simply comes back with something the other side has done.

Patriot1776 said...

Mike Dytka spoke before introducing Sarah Palin...he was like the coach rallying his team!! He was great.

Hmm wouldn't it have been interesting if he ran against Obama in 2004? Ah well, water under the bridge.

But we have to win this, it is vital!

Patriot1776 said...

will people be on here during election night?

I want to be able share thoughts with...

perhaps we could set up a Sarah Palin chat room?

So much work to do before Tuesday, but keep that in mind!

Unknown said...

i agree with other comments about Purplecrayon. Everyone with opposing views should be so civil. Those comments were well made.

Local news from The Great Pacific Northwest: The city that I live near sent out 100,000 mail in ballots. 45% have been returned. The final voting percentage is expected to be about 80%. The county auditor said that the State of Washigton should see a voting rate of about 85%, which is about 10% above average years.
I can not tell you exactly what that means. But my gut tells me that it is good news since Washington and Alaska are "BFF" and Sarah's family was from Richland, Wa, before moving to Alaska. They are very like-minded and would tend to like Sarah.

I write on the website of a new england newspaper to gain balance with this site. the obama people are playing defense there. Even in Massachusetts there are a few (not very conservative) republicans left. They are speaking out against the left. God bless them.
And God bless all of you today, too.

Mountain Mama said...

I'll be here election night. But I don't think much will be determined that very evening: if Obama wins, McCain might sue about various voting problems (uh.....Ohio!), and if McCain wins, OH LORD! Obama supporters might be rioting, and lawyers will be celebrating the multitude of lawsuits in many states....

Pray for the safety of the larynx of every candidate. They are raising their voices too much every day lately, which can cause nodules to develop (not just brief hoarseness). Sarah sounded a tidge hoarse already this a.m.

momprayn said...

Boy howdy! a lot of stuff here today.
Mountain mama - now you sound like the "mom" worrying about their larynx - ha! Don't worry, God will protect them. Re the books - yes, I saw it too. You beat me to it again. Add it to the pile. Maybe one day SOON it will finally be enough to sway the votes of the undecideds?? But who knows, I can't relate to them. Re your remark about "cults" - yes siree bob! That's what they are, dear!!!
Re Colmes not answering questions, I believe that's one of the big strategies you use in debates. You "ignore" to the best of your ability the ones you "can't"/don't want to answer & ask another, hoping then that people will forget about it or whatever. Unfortunately, it works, just like all of their underhanded/deceitful things.

Re that LA tape - since they didn't have it, at least Greta (Fox)did what she could and had a piece last night on that man, Khalidi and "who" he is. I think Hannity showed how they found him & tried to get some answers and of course he tried to "run". Well, "you can run, but you can't hide".
Lisa - re Purplecrayon, well said.
Scott - re Obama's "bipartisan" cabinet. I think Rush said yeah, that's the non "Rep." people like Colin Powell.
Re trashing Sarah about running for 2012, etc. --- yes, they are scared to death of her and know she will probably run & they are ALREADY doing their "thing" NOW in order to destroy her early if they can. That was obvious to me & to be expected.
Pray specifically for the states that we HAVE to win and.....JUSTICE!!!! I keep "hearing" the word, Justice. (And I do believe, that means "change" but NOT the kind Obama wants.....)

Scott said...

patriot mentioned a chat room... here's one that i created in just a few seconds.. unless someone has another option


you can alter the height and width numbers so it's the size you want.

Tbone said...

Rasmussen daily tracking had it at 51-47 today. If McCain loses I would think Sarah would have a great chance in 2012. They want no part of a more experienced Sarah. The liberals do not want to see a conservative women. Sarah already has the ability to identify with voters. Sarah is already telling everyone that she will be back even if they lose. We will get Sarah elected President. Go Sarah Go.

Admin said...

I was also an undecided voter before Sarah. When she was announced as the VP pick, I had never heard of her in my life. I was like 'Sarah who?' After her amazing speech at the convention, I knew I was watching someone who could one day be a great president. It was obvious. Everything I've seen of her since on the campaign trail convinced me that she's the real deal. So my vote is for her, but I also respect McCain's service to his country and think he'd be a WAY better president than Obama for many reasons. I don't want to have to wait until 2012 to have Sarah in Washington.

Tbone said...

The polls look good for Obama. Does that reflect PUMA voters who are said to dislike Obama. Since we can't afford 4 years or Obama and his liberal friends inflicting European and Socialist style Government. Here are some questions before election day.

1.How many Hillary supporters are there who are anti-Obama and voting for McCain?
2. Are they telling pollsters they will vote Obama and than vote McCain? Thus skewing Obama's lead in the polls.
3. Will all of the Obama young voters show up to vote? They are normally the most undependable voting block.
4. What state or states will McCain surprise and win that no one expects to? If any. I believe he has to pull a couple from Obama to win this election.
5. Can he defend all of the normal Republican states like Virginia,Florida,North Carolina,Indiana and Missouri? Which one is Obama most likely to steal?
I think this election will prove to be one of the most unpredictable general elections ever. I think Obama is the favorite but I think McCain/Sarah will make this election alot closer and maybe pull of an upset on election night. It might come down to Colorado and Nevada. We got to stand up to Obama on election day. Vote for Sarah. Obama is going to inflict his style of change even though half of the people don't want it.

Unknown said...

Knowitall, wouldn't it be great if our state actually turned out to be more purple than blue. Dare we actually hope for red? What a shocker that would be, huh? Here's hoping those who are motivated to get rid of our (ACORN aided in '04?) Dem guv will also do the right - pardon the pun - thing at the top of the ballot as well!

Unknown said...

Scott said... If anyone wants to call the la times to ask that they release that video of obama


I called and left a message. I told them that I have heard that Obama advocates the destruction of Israel on this tape. I have heard that was one of the statements he had made when toasting this other man. I told the LA Times then that unless I see the tape of hear a transcript, I will assume that what I had heard is true.

momprayn said...

Lisa - Bravo girl! ha! thanks.

Well, may be some more encouraging news folks (per Rush). He said his "gut" FINALLY kicked in last night and he's starting to feel like McCain may really win!!! Have you guys seen another report from an anonymous Obama worker that has defected....??? He said there's one out now like the one "Sarah" sent that was on our blogsite. Apparently Rush had it on his show yesterday & apparently it has opened peoples eyes & are now going to vote McCain after hearing it!! Now there's another different one that is similar. Saying that their campaign is really, really worried especially about the "Bradley effect" (saying they'll vote for Obama but really aren't because of race). They figure if they're not up by 10 pts. they are in trouble. Also how more and more jumping ship because of the terrible way they have handled Sarah/Joe the Plumber, etc.
Also - what you don't hear - that 80% of those polled refuse to respond!

Of course huge factor is TURNOUT. So pray for that specifically also.

I was lamenting that I don't hear conservatives standing up and saying (in respect of course) that there is NOTHING WRONG with stating facts about your opponent to help make an intelligent judgement, especially if they just happen to be black!! to be called racist every time you dare to say anything! That's another "sinister plot" I call keep you quiet about things that need to be said. In fact, you would be derilect if you didn't!!! too many are letting themselves be intimidated, etc. ENOUGH!!! Well, finally, I heard our Sarah do that just recently!!! YES!!!!! We love Sarah, yes we do..........

Scott said...

today rush said that at this point don't pay attention to the polls.. just get out there and vote. This election is about voter turnout... and the media will do everything to prevent it.

Scott said...

that's another thing to consider... i've read so much i forgot where i saw it but they were talking about how the surge of african american voting this time around shouldn't be any more than the last election. In 2004, that group especially was revved up (by jackson among others) because they thought the 2000 election was stolen from them. So there was a push to get as many to the polls against bush as possible... and look at the outcome. Plus the african american vote is largely DEM anyhow... So their thinking is that at best it'll have the same effect. Of course there's the race factor this time around and many will go just for that.. but i still think that may be offset by the amount who will go to the polls against obama for that reason..

*it was the hillbuz website.. they also talked about the youth vote and how they claim every election that it's going to win it for them.. but most never turn out for voting. But this time we have early voting to it's hard to tell. They did have a story though of 6 guys who were going to vote for obama but missed out on the early voting.. they doubt they'll vote at all now because of school and work on tuesday for them.

But it's interesting to think of all the factors involved in the election.

Mountain Mama said...

Some pollster was just saying that a high voter turn-out in (I believe it was) Virginia would work AGAINST McCain's chances of winning it.... Hmm.... Probably every state has different outcomes about this.

Because it expresses idealism and good citizenship, I think high voter turn-out is wonderful----
IF the "voters" are real people from those actual districts, not people who've been brought in to RUIN a fair election process there.

Obama's staffers are referring to "The Bradley Effect" often lately in order to PROVOKE LIBERAL GUILT, so white folk will vote for Obama (even if they don't agree with his principles or policies).

DON'T DO IT, people! DON'T feel intimidated by this crap!

It's the same as whenever A.C.O.R.N. is caught committing CRIMES of voter registration fraud----and they right away yell, "WANH! You're trying to suppress votes!" YEAH, WE ARE TRYING----to suppress FAKED ILLEGAL voter registrations, that is! What lying creeps....

I'm glad many Democrats are waking up to what a HORRIFIC administration we'd have with Obama: "You don't like my proposed budget? YOU RACISTS!"

And yet, it's No Big Deal if over 90% of People of Color are voting Obama! THEY don't consider such voting to be "racist!"

But if white voters stupidly suggested a similar preference for McCain? They'd be called, "RACIST!" for sure----and that would be TRUE, too, because voting this way IS IN FACT RACIST!

I wish everyone could wait for someone authentic and decent like Michael Steele or Bobby Jindahl to run for President----NOT this socialist Obama, who suffers from a scary Messiah complex.

Amanda said...

Scott, I couldn't agree more. PLEASE just vote. Ignore polls, ignore the weather (whatever it is), ignore the typical direction your state goes and just VOTE. :)

Mountain Mama said...

Ooops! I forgot to ask:

Is anyone where all y'all live bussing kids from schools or churches, to facilities where the 18+ year olds can register to vote, or even vote? I saw a segment on some station about this last night. WOW, this really COULD pull out the youth vote! And that's a good thing----we want our youth to participate----so long as their every card/ballot checks out with their identification, etc.

Here, they ARE taking kids from school to register, and will take them Tuesday to vote (thankfully, our sons have already voted: they can't be "persuaded" toward The One accidentally!). EVERY teacher seems to be for Obama, btw. The few who aren't WHISPER to me about it....... SAD! Those liberal teachers' unions!!! BRRRRRR!

What's happening where you live?

AbiSomeone said...

Thought you might find this post interesting:

There are many posts at Kruse Knonicle that are very helpful in sorting out the type from the truth.

Thanks, Adam, for all your work -- and for the encouragement of the "regulars" here.

Mountain Mama said...

Kruse Kronicle IS interesting.
In his top article about the election, he quote someone else, when comments on it---
and in that comment, he mentions "Hauerwasian" ideas.
I long ago regularly babysat for Dr. Stanley and Anne Hauerwas----back in my liberal days....

Mountain Mama said...

sigh..... I meant:
"He quotes someone, then comments on it." Bad arthritis day....

PhaT aL said...

The one video that will cause Obama to lose the election--if he does:

Mountain Mama said...

Received from my Navy friend:
In case you missed this week's issue of "The Army Times," here are the results of the Army Times' poll of Military personnel re. the election (in percent):

For McCain - For Obama

68 23

68 23

69 24

Air Force
67 24

75 18

72 20

White Non-Hispanic
76 17

63 27

12 79

67 24

70 22

Remember what I just wrote about RACISM?!

PhaT aL said...

"Assuming the number is actually $250k, which today it's evidently down to $120k, here's an easy math problem.
If a man making $249k has to pay 25% in taxes, his take-home pay = $186,750.
If a man making only $1k more than that ($250k) has to pay 35% in taxes, his take-home pay = $162,500.
So for earning just $1,000 more per year, he has to live off $24,250 LESS than the first man.
That's $24,250 that he could have donated to the charity of his choice.
Shame on Barack Obama for his ridiculous plans."

Scott said...

hear the story about the obama camp, in order "to make room" on their plane, dumped 3 newspapers from their crew? which 3 papers? the ones who just happened to endorse McCain.

Unknown said...

Looking at the schedule for the next few days of campaigning, it's the usual florida, virginia, ohio, penna. But now McCain has added New Hampshire on 11/02, with Curt Schilling of the Red Sox.
That is encouraging.
The senator from Illinois was back in Iowa today. That state has to be in play by the dems numbers, too, or Obama would not be covering his kister, as Ronald Reagan would say.

No trips listed to Missouri, North Carolina, Colorado, or Nevada

12thMan said...

Patriot1776 said...

"Mike Dytka spoke before introducing Sarah Palin...he was like the coach rallying his team!! He was great.

Hmm wouldn't it have been interesting if he ran against Obama in 2004? Ah well, water under the bridge."

Oh, even better. Lovie Smith (who doesn't exactly make most Bear fans forget Ditka) endorses Obama, to which I found on a Bears blog, "Oh great, somebody ELSE who knows how to blow leads in the 4th quarter!". Hilarious.

Maybe God makes the Bears pay on Sunday by making them become the first team to lose to the Lions. OK maybe that's going a little too far.....................

12thMan said...

If memory serves right wasn't the LA Times (the paper that gave us Barack The Magic Negro) the leading outlet calling for Sen. Jack Ryan to release his divorce records--opposed by both Jack and Jeri?

Gee, I wonder what happened with Senator Ryan's seat anyway!

Dean said...

I was listening to Sean Hannity yesterday and he spoke with two people off the street in NY. Both people were for Obama. The only thing they could say was that Obama is for change and that we need change. One of them was impressed with Obama's community organizing in Chicago. He said that Obama organized the Heck out of them.

They both agreed that the government should help provide a house, car, and clothing if you can't afford those items. I could not believe I was hearing this in America.

Can you imagine they want to be organized and then provided with all their basic needs.

I hope that these nut cases are in the minority.

techno said...

There are 10 undeniable truths in this election: 1)White voters will decide this election; blacks only make up 12% of the popn no matter how vocal they are; 2)many stories have been written about how the MSM pollsters, including Zogby want to suppress the Republican vote by oversampling Democrats and overstating Obama support; ignore them and just go out and vote; 3)despite overwhelming odds McCain is within striking distance of Obama; 4) the PUMA vote will be the pivotal factor in deciding whether McCain becomes President; 5) As asserts this election is not between Obama vs McCain but Obama vs Palin; 6)Pennsylvania is in play despite what the pundits have been saying for weeks; if McCain wins PA he has a great chance to become President; 7)Battleground state polling has it Obama 47 McCain 46 today in the battleground toss-up states (including Florida, NC, Virginia, Ohio, Colorado etc)8)this will be largest Republican turnout in history due mainly to Sarah Palin; 9)As Yogi said, "It's not over till it's over." 10)If McCain wins all you will hear for the remainder of the week from the MSM is the 'Bradley effect' or that Republicans stole the election.

12thMan said...

Rush with another killer observation today: All these papers that have endorsed Barry are also losing money left and right.

Now I know why the joke S-R endorsed McCain (they just had to lay off 30 people here a couple weeks ago too).

12thMan said...

My Hawks have a pretty good record when it comes to election day, having won their last three on the eve of the big day and in elections I was, actively or in retrospect, really keen on, they're 2-1 (although the one loss came in 1980, 27-20 to the eventual NFC champion Eagles at the Kingdome before RWR was elected two days later, so if the Eagles go on to win Sunday and win the NFC it's all good, long as we don't end up with Barry that's the main thing)

momprayn said...

12thman - don't know much about sports, but I did take note of your references to Sundays "wins"/prediction for a "Sarah" win ?
Since God is really "keen" on symbolism & sometimes (I think) has things happen that are signs as to what He's up to --- those are. Eagles (Good America/nobility, etc.) and Lions (Jesus, Lion of Judah). Hey! Let us know if that happens & I'll get a "kick" out of it!!! Go God!!!! (Of course, if we don't, forget I said anything......... I do make mistakes occasionally)

12thMan said...

Well since the Hawks apparently have no players left all things point to an Eagles win Sunday, which means the three-game streak is over. Don't bet on a Lions win, however.

But yes there is (or was) a symbolic thing going with the election and the Washington Redskins. From 1940-2000 the election went with whatever the Redskins did in their last home game before election day. A Redskins win was concurrent with the party in the WH remaining so, a win by the opposition meant the opposition took over the WH as well. This ended on October 31, 2004 when the Packers beat the Redskins at FedEx Field in Landover,MD (which would have meant the next JFK: John Fonda Kerry) yet GWB still won the election anyway.

Yet if a new streak is to happen, the Redskins host the Steelers on Monday night, couple this with the fact that Barry recently was presented a Steeler jersey, which hilariously had Rush (Steeler fan) in pain for an entire segment.

Yes, I'm on the lookout!

Scott said...

techno you commented about zogby suppressing the vote.. i just read this on the drudge report in huge type


ZOGBY SATURDAY: Republican John McCain has pulled back within the margin of error... McCain outpolled Obama 48% to 47% in Friday, one day, polling. He is beginning to cut into Obama's lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping Obama among NASCAR voters. Joe the Plumber may get his license after all...

i couldn't find a link to a story on this