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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CNN for Sarah, New Yorker for Me.

If you didn't see it yesterday, Gov. Palin turned in a fine performance in a one-on-one interview with CNN's Drew Griffin. I guess they only publicize these things when they think they use them to damage the governor. Oh, well.

On a more personal note, the current issue of The New Yorker has an article on the rise of Sarah Palin...and yes, I'm part of it. It was a real pleasure to be interviewed by Jane Mayer, and I think that the final article came out very well.


Mountain Mama said...

The article was fine, and your part in it was very important, Adam! Without your blogsite, who knows if Gov. Palin would have been noticed, much less selected! Thank you so much!

However, Jane MISSED one truly-historic fact: the McCain campaign CHOSE to begin leaking the Palin pick news to , here at this blogsite, instead of making the usual leaks to MSM reporters! It's amazing that McCain honored this blogsite that way!

One thing bothered me about the article: it ended on a very negative note, that McCain is angry somehow about Sarah Palin. He doesn't look the LEAST bit conflicted about having selected Gov. Palin, and in fact he always looks JOYFUL whenever he mentions her. The fact is, she has been the BEST thing to help enliven the Republican campaign!

So I think McCain most likely is VERY angry about all the things that are working against his election:
- the hatred of Bush
- the failing economy
- the two wars, in Afghan. & Iraq
- the voter registration cheating
- the MSM's support for Obama

We might soon have to add:
- Obama's being kicked off the ticket for birth certificate fraud,
and THEN
- the Dems' bringing HILLARY onto the ticket! (She's the only one who could hope to stop the ensuing riots from the mess re. Obama!)

Do YOU think McCain-Palin could beat Hillary-Biden!?

Mountain Mama said...

OOPS! I missed typing a word:
"the McCain campaign CHOSE to begin leaking the Palin pick news to US, here at this blogsite."

manajordan said...

I actually read the article a couple of days ago and was pleased to see you mentioned Adam.

Sarah did great in the interview. She is handling herself so well, even with the onslought from the MSM.

I have noticed that they must think she has gotten too much positive coverage so they brought up more garbabe. The money spent on her wardrobe and such, with little mention of the fact they are planning to auction it off for charity. They have also brought up her bringing the costs incurred from Sarah traveling sometimes with her daughters with little mention of the fact that there is nothing illegal or unethical about it according to Alaska laws and regulations.

I might have to sue the MSM for making me sick.

Unknown said...

Some GOOD news!

About the media:

On the polls:

techno said...

As we sit now on October 22, 2008, 12 days from the end of the campaign let me summarize where the McCain campaign apparently stands at this very moment based on the favorable national and state polls (rejecting completely the MSM and Zogby poll showing Obama ahead by double digits): nationally Rasmussen has Obama by 6; Hotline at 5; Gallup also at 5, IBD/TIPP has it at 3.7% with 13% undecided; Battleground has it at 2% and the AP just released a poll showing it as a 1 point race; yesterday ARG had it as a 4 point race and Franklin and Marshall hat it as a 5 point race; but even more importantly the state polls are trending towards McCain: Rasmussen and Mason-Dixon has McCain 1 up in Florida, Mason-Dixon has McCain only 2 back in Virginia, Survey USA has NC tied and Insider Advantage has McCain behind by 1 point; Rasmussen has McCain ahead by 2 points in Ohio, Missouri is virtually tied: Suffolk has it 1 point for McCain while Rasmussen has it 5 points for Obama; 3 recent polls in Colorado have McCain down by 5 and Insider Advantage has Nevada at a 47-47 tie; Now IBD/TIPP is showing a 2.3% increase over yesterday strongly attibutable to McCain picking up 3 points in the west, and support among married women and suburban types. Guess where Sarah was on Monday and Tuesday-in the West. Yesterday Sarah gave a speech in Henderson, Nevada about how shabbily Obama had treated Hillary to attract more PUMA's. Folks, this is a whole new ball game. Thank you Adam. Sarah has been the catalyst for the success of the McCain campaign; on this web site we all know it; without Sarah I suspect that Obama would have a double-digit lead and coasting right now. Instead he and his campaign are sh***ing themselves. God bless America and Sarah.

Tbone said...

Sarah was great in the interview. MSM and the left are afraid of Sarah. They know that she is starting a movement. The fact that she is a conservative women is something that the MSM and the left really hate.The MSM is really bad and in the tank for Obama. MSNBC is the worst of them all.

Zack said...

Here's one of the best summaries of this election I have seen.
I think socialism is great, I have always wanted to take money from more successful people so that I can use it. Why do they deserve to have that money, it's not like they worked harder for it. Throughout history, socialism has shown to work, look at all the countries that implement it, they have a much higher GDP, lower unemployment, higher standard of living, etc, etc. Also, I think everyone should have to right to abort babies, even after they are born. I think there should be a long window of time that you can decide to abort a baby, say a couple of years, if not more. I also think this should apply to the elderly or anyone else that the legal guardian of that person believes to be a waste that will drag them down. Also, I think socialized healthcare is great, look at Canada and the UK, anytime I need an operation I go there. It is not like people from outside this country are coming to the US to have major operations. Gobama!!!

- Mr. Justin

momprayn said...

Adam - CONGRATS! Great! You're famous! Enjoyed - thanks.

manajordan- Can I join you about suing the MSM?? Ha! Good.

mountain mama - Yeah, I noticed that last statement about McCain's anger. At first I thought the same but then I'm thinking it was written poorly and meant he was angry at what people are saying about her plus all the other nonsense going on - not Sarah.
Re polls showing she was a liability - that's a bunch of hogwash! Ignore that one.

Two interesting reports I got:
* An e-mail from a MI policeman, Jason Kern reporting while involved with the Secret Service/security for Obama that before he got off his bus, he told them that the police officers in uniform had to go stand behind the bus so he wouldn't be seen with them when he got off! He was highly upset......
* RE Obama's humongous, unbelievable funds he's received: Maureen Dowd (NY Times believe it or not), published in June '08, reported deep concern/requesting investigation made into his internet fund raising. Seems they traced credit card accounts/electronic bank transfers to ISPs in Saudi Arabia, Mid-East, China.
Rush just announced Rasmussen (I think) reflects 49-47 MC CAIN LEAD!!!! Yes - we'll win OH!!!!!
Hang on, hang on, hang on and yes...........PRAY!!!!

momprayn said...

patriot or whoever was asking about Peggy Noonan, Chris Buckley, etc. --- check out Rush today - he talks about that....end of second hour. I think he said they are "embarrassed" by Sarah's speech, non-elitism, etc. Chris has tried to distance himself from his famous father for a long time. Forget him....and he also doesn't like Sarah.

momprayn said...

Adam - re the article - your comment about how you felt God was behind this deal with Sarah....YES! Confirms what I've felt from the first time I saw/heard her!!! I truly think He has "raised her up" for such a time as this and all of us also who have helped with it in any way. As I mentioned before, I heard from the man who helped disciple her when she was young and said she has had an "Esther" anointing on her since then. God bless ya!!!

Unknown said...

Is anyone able to tell me why Sarah is going to Iowa at this point in the campaign?

Ted said...

OK, here it October Surprise for Barack Obama, News Conference 2:30PM Hawaii Time:

huskyonspeed said...

Good article and great interview. I liked getting to know more about you too, Adam!
This has been a long election cycle, but 13 days is still a long time, let's keep up hope and continue to pray.

Unknown said...

Good article, Adam!

I haven't thought any of her interviews were bad, but wow, she just keeps getting better. I sat in the car for lunch to listen to the Focus on the Family interview (no radio in the office). She's pretty amazing. And don't you just know God has very special plans for Trig? For all of them, really, but to bring Trig into their lives at just this time...

manajordan said...

I have been touched to see the many people here and all over the country who are making this election a matter of prayer.
I confess I have felt quite anxious during this whole process thanks quite a bit to the MSM and others who have so vehemently attacked this good moral person, Sarah Palin.
However, I find myself today at peace. I find myself trusting that peace. No matter what happens, we are going to be okay.
I do believe we are in God's hands. I believe that along with the marvelous gift of life that God has given us, He also gave us the power to direct that life. We are free to choose.
If it turns out that Sen. Obama does win this election, if that is the choice of the majority, we know it is going to be a rough ride particularly for the conservative and religious movement. But, even through tough times those who turn to God and trust in Him, make it through okay. In fact trusting in God means He can and will sanctify our trials for our benefit. I like to say that my trials have not made me a better person, my trials have brought me to my knees and to God and He makes me a better person.
I think Sarah Palin has been a great example of this. I've been so impressed with her strength. The woman has a spine of steel. That kind of strength comes from trusting God. No matter what happens, she is going to be okay.
I truly hope and believe that John and Sarah can pull this off. The country will be so much better off. But, no matter what, praise God, we can be better no matter what the outcome.
Sorry for the long post. But, I just wanted to share. Thanks Adam and thanks to all the commenters here. You inspire me.
Keep praying, I certainly am.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Congrats Adam.

Unknown said...

I just ran across this quote and think it fits this election:

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

jill said...

Do you all promise to be here on election night? We got through the night before the Veep announcement together. There are more of us now, and I don't want to be at the mercy of the broadcast and cable pundits.

multipath said...

Thanks Jan, I just listened to Dobson's great interview with Sarah via the internet at:

Think I'll contribute some more to Dobson's political action group.

momprayn said...

Check out, Special Report/"Election Coverage"/Hot Topics/Trail '08 Blog Posts. A couple of good ones from Sarah. She says the election is "all in God's hands". In another, says "I'm a Redneck Woman" - hey, do you think that guarantees we win PA?!
Ted - thanks for the news re HI deal. Can't wait!?????

jill said...

A disgusting video. A vice-presidential candidate depicted in this way?

From the site:

What you can do:

1) Let Reebok know that we expect a public statement disavowing their relationship to Lester Speight, and that you will boycott their products until they tell Speight to cease and desist (contact Daniel Sarro, Reebok Public Relations, at 781-401-5000 or email him at;

2) Start an email chain: Circulate these videos to your list of contacts and ask them to take these actions, too;

3) Contact Senator Biden’s office and ask Senator Biden to denounce this violent anti-Palin ad. With his background in domestic violence legislation, Senator Biden ought to be eager to speak out against this deplorable video. Senator Biden’s contact information - (202) 224-5042, or email him from his website:

Unknown said...

momprayn - I've thought of Sarah as our Esther as well - wrote it in a blog spot a week or so ago.

Also, I am very interested in what you've said here..."* RE Obama's humongous, unbelievable funds he's received: Maureen Dowd (NY Times believe it or not), published in June '08, reported deep concern/requesting investigation made into his internet fund raising. Seems they traced credit card accounts/electronic bank transfers to ISPs in Saudi Arabia, Mid-East, China."

I do believe that Obama has found ways to get around the law in respect to donations. As long as a donation is under a certain amount, they don't have to report the donor information.

Dan K said...

Great job. In 13 days the win for McCain-Palin ticket will be realised. I think you should start being creative in ways that can have more debate. For example use blogs like: Why does the constitution say the Vice President shall be "The President" of senate?

Take for example Article 1 section 7 that gives the House the sole power for a revenue bill. Assume that the senate is controlled by the other party. What would be the role of the V.P such that a revenue bill is not delayed for say a week or two and thereby affecting the country?

Could this be argued as the reason the founders made the V.P was made the President of the senate?

techno said...

Sarah just appeared on Univision TV (spanish TV) and told the interviewer that ahe agrees with McCain's views on immigration. So the cat's now out of the bag. Will the Tom Tancredo types now vote for Bob Barr and propel Obama into the presidency? I sure hope not. As Rush says we have to get McCain elected; then we'll deal with him later on immigration.

momprayn said...

manajordan - that was so sweet....thank you and amen. I noticed, unknown to me you had written your blog before mine which says how Sarah said the election is in "God's hands". Hmmm.......... yes, indeed. God is trying to get that point across!

lisa - yes, unfortunately Obama's funds have probably been done in ways as not to be considered "illegal". I got it as an e-mail today. So....sneaky.

Scott said...

ok i'm still quite new to this and have maybe an obvious question... i don't understand why McCain can't have the same amount of money that the obama camp has.. i know he took govt. money and obama didn't? so what does that mean? where do the donations to McCain go that i keep getting requests for in my emails?

huskyonspeed said...

Techno- thanks for sharing that. That's the first opinion I've heard from Sarah on immigration. My guess is that she is playing the good soldier and going along with the top of the ticket. I hope it doesn't discourage any conservatives. Immigration is an important issue, but I doubt Obama would be any better.

Scott said...

techno you forgot to take into account my yardsign poll which has McCain on top 91% - 9%


momprayn said...

mountain mama - no, haven't forgotten your question: could McCain/Palin beat Hillary/Biden ticket? I was trying to make that thought go away (wasn't successful). I think we cross that bridge IF (God forbid) that should happen! Where's my Aleve??...........

Dan K said...

10 reasons why McCain and Palin will win.

1. McCain is a war hero. The only other way to learn defense of a country is to have part of a loved one in the Military. Palin has her heart there.

2. If the need came to defend the country McCain could fly the jet and Sarah could join him with her rifle. Just joking but in reality isn’t this the reason Joe Biden says Obama will be tested. I know. Talk is easy Walk is what counts.

3. One would be insane to test McCain or Palin. As Cindy says the two families represent the Army, the Marines and the Navy. Testing McCain and Palin would be like testing the whole U.S military. There is nothing a soldier respects more than a commander in chief with their own fresh and blood in the military. It is the U.S. Military who fight wars and not a civilian Commander in Chief.

4. McCain and Palin hate government growth and see government as the problem in its expasion. Without the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac government involvement the housing industry would not have all the problems it does.

5. McCain and Palin both are fighters and are not greed. Campaign finance reform on the part of McCain and Palin $ 500 billion spending veto

6. McCain and Palin are both self-made leaders. McCain from a Prisoner of War POW to the Senate. Palin from a Parent Teacher Association (PTA) mum to the Governors office. They do not owe any Godfathers their success.

7. McCain and Palin are not afraid of fighting corruption.

8. McCain and Palin have the independent minds that are needed to make change happen. When elected they will not owe anyone favors for they used public financing.

9. McCain and Palin will inspire a new love for country. McCain will inspire young men to serve. Sarah will inspire young girls to family values.

10. McCain and Palin are good decent people who love the U.S. and the people. They both did not attack Joe the Plumber for asking a question.

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

mountain mama and momprayn: FYI Ballots were printed nearly three weeks ago, and voting started a week ago in many states as has absentee voting in all states, there are no changes that will be made to this election, I doubt any charges would stick to dethrone the democratic nominee, and with a democratic senate and congress lurking, impeachment would be fantasy...though these facts surface they are not "new" news to the machines behind the puppets on parade, it is all in honor of giving citizens food for thought (aka snake oil to feed on and distract from what is really new/important information) like the book review from the 90s that prove a relationship between obama and ayers and of course the acorn(s) that keep falling from the msm trees. I do agree with you both (and congrats Adam) about God's throne being the final authority (great post manajordan) and I am certain that increased prayer (and open discussion about prayer and God's plan for this country) have been the best and lasting outcome, He always gets Glory it's refreshing to also to hear about Palin on CBN

i too have a peace about it all and even humor at the sky is falling attitude that is happening on both sides, seems we forget the hanging chad supreme court selection and all of the behind the machines compromising that gridlocked the US. Q: is this in some ways healthier/closer to what democracy looks like: eg Adam's blog being catalytic to an entire upset of msm culture, the ability of two people who probably no one outside of their states knew 4 years ago, making it to the final dance?? who knows, someone on this blog could be well on their way to attaining new levels in 4 years! gotta Love the way God has blesses America, and trust that HE does see the end before the beginning began, and HIS side always wins!

abbysdaddy1984 said...

I did my part. Early voting started in Texas last week. I completed my ballot for McCain/Palin yesterday. I believe early voting in Texas goes threw november 1. Get out there and fill up that ballot box.

Mountain Mama said...

I'll be here election night, Jill! I wish DREW would show up again----or even by tomorrow!

Knowitall, good question re. why was Palin in Iowa! My guess: their internal polling shows they have a chance to hold it! PRAY, brother! (grin)

Techno, I don't trust the polls. We just don't know how many PUMAs, racists, guilt-ridden liberals, and other Americans are planning to vote, or avoid voting, or purposely deceiving the pollsters: too many options to WORRY about for me.

Ted, what amazing news was revealed at the 3 supposedly earth-shattering "press conferences" today in Hawaii? Contrarian sounds.... well, contrary. Is that why Drudge didn't report anything about this mess (I know < I > wrote him about it, and I'm sure others did, too!)?

Anyway, Manajordan, YE-ES! We have to leave it all to the Lord and NOT worry about this election. Sigh.... easier said than done.

Per Karl Rove, McCain's proposed illegal alien/immigration package is VERY thorough and tough. He went through it in detail during an interview I heard, and then I felt better about it (Tancredo was my FIRST choice before then). SO it's okay by me that Palin agrees with him.

Finally, is ANYONE planning to tail Obama when he's in Hawaii, to see if B.O. shows up at the County Seat to tamper with- I mean, VIEW his own "birth certificate" there? WHO IS HELPING HIM out there!?

12thMan said...

Voted over the weekend. Though I've essentially been done with the GOP for almost two years, I voted for every one on the ballot with the exception of Sam Reed, who I hold just as responsible for the debacle up here four years ago as the King County ACORN chapter.

And personally, I think I actually love SP more for doing things I wasn't too high on in the first place (parroting McCain, going on SNL, Charlie/Katie, etc). Appeals more to my libertarian side, I don't believe in "all or nothing" candidates. Anyone that I SUSPECT (not you guys, LR, etc) of doing this I'm done with just as quickly.

Unknown said...

here is a different link to get to the news conference in Hawaii today:



I will do it in three parts so it stays on the page. hook them together to make the link

Dean said...

Adam, congratulations on the article in the New Yorker. I have not had time to read yet, but look forward to reading.

I watched the CNN interview with Sarah and thought it was great. Surprised that CNN did a fair interview. Maybe some of these networks are getting worried about Biden's remarks and want to hear the other side.

I am going to take a deep breath more often and have faith that we are going to win.

Ted said...

OK, we now have the info on the Barack Obama birth certificate mystery. At first I dismissed this story as ludicrous, but actually it is now the only one which makes sense and does bring together all the pieces of the Barack puzzle. To sum it up, Barack Obama was NOT born in Kenya, he WAS born in Hawaii after all (thus he is a qualifying natural born citizen) BUT, the Kenyan Barack Obama Senior was not his real dad; his real dad was his mentor, his grandparents' family friend and early civil rights leader, Frank Marshall Davis who had an affair with Barack's "kind of swinging" mother. (Barack's infirmed garndmother is the last living person who possesses this 'secret'). Don't dismiss what I'm saying. Read below (and think about how it all makes sense). Ths Hawaiian Birth Certificate WAS 'doctored up' but not because Obama was born in Kenya but because the dad listed was not his real dad. It was done by agreement among Barack's mother, then swinger-Frank Marshall Davis who was already married to a white woman and had a child, and Barack Obama Senior (which explains why he had no problem leaving Barack who barely saw him after that).

Ted said...

Needless to say (I think) this should topple Obama's presidential run, not because Obama was born in Kenya rather than as he alleges he was in Hawaii (since Obama WAS born in Hawaii after all) BUT because he perpetuated the massive lie throughout his adult life that his father was Barack Obama Senior rather than someone else, that being Frank Marshall Davis.

If this were a movie, it would be a fascinating a complicated tale. As I believe will come out, however, this story IS true.

Since this blogsite was at the cutting edge of the Palin VP introduction (before widely known to the MSM), it seems appropriate perhaps that this blogsite is at the cutting edge of this stupendous birth certificate/true father of Barack introduction to America.

Ted said...

This also explains the great ambivilance Barack felt toward his mother and grandmother, who deprived Barack of his real roots and familial connection to the more well known Frank Marshall Thomas

And it explains why it was understandable for Barack to return to Hawaii from Indonesia, without his mother, to live with his maternal garndparents and be close to who, in fact, WAS his real father, Frank Marshall Thomas (who remained a close family friend of Barack’s maternal grandparents living in Hawaii).

Unknown said...

McCain will be in Iowa this weekend.
They have to know something's up from their polling.
The Big Ten polls come out on 10/23. Iowa is included. We will have to see if that shows tightening in Iowa.

On one hand, I am facinated by the Hawaiian story. On the other, this claim that Obama has a different father than we thought is a bit loopy.
That nonsense won't win an election.
But, if it is true, then Obama's books are quite delusional.

Ted said...

correction "Frank Marshall Davis" not "Thomas"

Ted said...

Once this Frank Marshall Davis (true) story gets out, McCain/Palin polls should go up, way up.

Mountain Mama said...

Actually, I'd be relieved if Obama IS a natural-born citizen, so we don't have Hillary as the pitch-hitter for him, since he'd be yanked off to prison for campaign fraud.

But yikes, guys----that blogsite sounds delusional; too much self-adulation there.... ick! So I don't know if I believe the story there, that Obama's actual Dad was Frank Davis.

Lord, but if it is TRUE, then there's been lots of fraud perpetrated. How much and when did Obama know about this situation? It's a mess......

The main issue would be that Obama clearly wrote that a "Frank" had a huge influence on BO during his teens, as a mentor and (gulp) father figure----yet Frank was an open COMMUNIST! Also this Frank was supposedly a pedophile, although I can find no details about that (but how old was Obama's Mom when she became p.g.? 17?)---and he was very good friends with BILL AYERS (and with Barak's supposed father, Barak Sr.).

You know, the links do just go 'round and 'round with Obama....

Lord, please reveal the truth THIS WEEK, so people will learn about it and THINK before voting in (ACK!) 13 days!

Palin_Lover said...

The Truth, the TRUTH fer crying out loud! Sarah's got a handle on it, unlike the rest. She keeps proving it to them through the MEDIA but where she really shines is in the FLESH at her rallies. Anyway, There will be some TRUTH-BOMBS dropped soon, and the faithful who do NOT give up on our only hope Sarah Palin will be rewarded.

With all this Fraud, its good to know that a PURE LIGHT is still shining in this campaign. Lets all stay on the side of goodness and righteousness, no matter what.

Scott said...

here's a ton of info on it

techno said...

From The BigOldDog and ITookTheRedPill at Michelle Malkin's web site: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. Santayana; (comparing Hitler and Nazism to Obama) 1) speeches in stadiums filled with mesmerized, adoring audiences; 2) an uninspiring background before meteoric rise; 3) creates his own symbols of power; 4) associates with racists, hatemongers and violent radicals; 5) a propaganda machine willing to show him only in the best light; 6) Uses 'glorious leader' style Agitprop posters common in totalitarian nations; 7) wants secret police force; 8) somebody powerful people think they can control; 9) often dismissed as a light-weight by opponents; 10) seeks to replace God with the State; 11)people adopting his name as their own; 12) inspires adoration art; 13) appropriates symbols of past German glory; 14) never plans on giving up power; 15) a narcissistic meglamaniac; 16) brazenly takes credit for other people's accomplishments; 17) wants to build 'youth' movement through Universal National State service; 18) acts as if in power before he is; 19) some followers believe him to be divine; 20) worshipped and aided greatly by the media; 21)has his own salute; 22) has thuggish supporters intimidating political opponents; 23) using the power of the State to silence critics; 24)followers teach children to sing songs of praise to him.25) from me: publishing an autobiography NB: I know I seem like I am irrationally fixed on Hitler and the Nazi regime but the reason I talk about it so much is that the Nazis themselves compiled a clear, documented record of the big lie, repression and their atrocities during the 12 years of the Third Reich that was by the way presaged in Mein Kampf, Hitler's autobiography. Just like elitist snobs like Brooks, Will, Parker, Noonan, Frum, Powell and other RINO's who would rather attack Sarah Palin than deal with the stark reality of Obama there were cultural and business elites in Germany in 1933 who said to the effect I know what Hitler said in Mein Kampf but once he gets in office he'll see the light or learn about the practicalities of governing or be forced to compromise and do the people's will-and we can always vote him out if he doesn't govern well-folks how did that line of reasoning work out for Germany and the world? Storm troopers, the Gestapo, concentration and death camps, eugenics, killing the physically and mentally disabled, a return to savagery, a culture of death. Americans will have only one chance to defeat this brazen tyranny of the soul-that is on November 4, 2008; As Sarah said, this election is in God's hands. And speaking of Sarah, many people have commented that Sarah was sent from the wilderness to save the soul of America for future generations. I believe it and I hope you all believe that God does answer prayer. Patriotic Americans, if you want to save your country you must vote for John and Sarah, despite McCain's views on immigration, climate change, stem-cell research, campaign financing etc. These issues pale in comparison to a future Ayres-like radical brainwashing, the emasculation of American freedoms and unbridled tyranny and violence that will be unleashed and perpetrated on America if Obama and his thugs are ever elected. God help us all if we fail in our task. Thank God for the 2nd amendment. As Rush Limbaugh once said: "The second amendment was passed to protect the first." In closing did you hear that a Code Pink lady accosted Karl Rove yesterday at a conference intending on dragging him off as a war criminal. Fellow Americans do you really want to give Obama the power to arrest George Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove for war crimes and have them sent to The Hague to be tried and sentenced for war crimes against humanity and perhaps eventually sent to prison or be executed? Has Bush Derangement Syndrome replaced common sense as the norm for proper American conduct?

techno said...

Folks, I know you will find this hard to believe but the Big 10 battleground poll for Ohio has McCain 12 points down and 10 points down in Indiana; Quinnipac has McCain 14 points down in Ohio. Friends, do you still believe in fairy tales? I know two people that do: the head pollsters for these two organizations who have deliberately decided to aid and abet Obama in perpetrating the big lie of inevitability and invincibility. Kind of scary if you ask me.

Patriot1776 said...

Once again, polling showing Obama building HUGE leads - up 10% in Indiana???? This from the Big 10 Poll....

UGH, the ups and down each day are killer...

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama,
How are you today?

It is worth reading the bio of Frank Marshall Davis on Wikipedia, especially before it is altered too much.
There are comments there that Mr. Davis wrote porn and was a pedophile.
He was investigated during the McCarthy days as a communist and was a friend of Paul Robeson.

I happen to think that both Obama and McCain are, as my beautiful and intelligent wife says, "not quite right".
Obama lives in a fantasy world with books about his absent father, phony columns, and delusions of grandeur.
McCain was scarred by his five years of torture. At least he came by his problems the old fashion way- he earned it. Throw in Joe "three letter word, jobs" Biden and the only sane one here is Sarah. (Except of course you and I, Mountain Mama... I don't know about these other bloggers)

This story makes sense. That's why his Obama half brother lives in a shack and Barry does not help him, etc.

Have you ever read the Wikipedia bio of Obama? Barry' mother came of age not in Kansas (another fantasy) but in liberal Seattle in one of the most liberal schools, Mercer Island High School. Many of her teachers were socialists or maxists. It makes sense that she would be infatuated with one.
And, if this Mr. Davis impregnated her at age 17, it is very close to pedophelia. Could Barry have been a victim, too?
News conference #2 is today.

C Doyal said...

I know that this is a little off the subject for Adams posting but I still feel that McCain needs to address those who entered into those "bad" mortgages that managed to MAKE their payments by getting a second job or just cutting back. You know! -- the AMERICAN way! When those who have lapsed into foreclosure get "bailed out" it is agreed that it is unfair to the others. In order to solve this I suggest that banks be required to apply the interest (over the reasonable rate that the bailed out folks are allowed to refinance with) back to the Principal on their notes and reschedule their notes at the new rate too. This would not alienate those who worked hard to make their payments and would also free up more capital to be loaned out again, as principal had been paid, so it would not adversly affect the banks balance sheet. ANY COMMENT?

Zack said...

I really can't buy this. I hope he has some REALLY good proof before going public with this, otherwise it tarnishes legitimate attacks on Obama by association. Even if true, I don't think it would make much difference.

Look at the following pictures.

He sure looks like Obama Sr.'s son.

Patriot1776 said...

I agree techno, but listening to Rush, he says they will bulge now and then close because in the end the pollsters want to be at LEAST somewhat relevant/accurate in the end.

Maybe there is some concern, why would McCain have a rally planned in IN??

I hope everyone is doing there part. I TRY to remain positive, but it seems everytime there is a glimer of good news (AP Poll) there seems to be an avalanche of BAD - Rasmussen (who I believe is trying to be accurate) etc.

momprayn said...

Re the latest scandal re Barack - After I took my Aleve, this is my take: I think I believe it BUT unfortunately, I don't think it'll make much difference. The Obamaites will still vote for Obama. They don't care - and in fact, they'll probably feel sorry for him!!! They're irrational. And the question is WHEN did he find this out???? It's possible he didn't find out until recently or something --- or they could SAY that in defense. Like I saw on the news today about why people vote - their interviews show that the Obamaites, in general, just very SIMPLY (& foolishly) think he will bring "change" and we need change/Dem....emotional & non-thinking. The McCainites give more think-through, moral, common sense reasons(like the ones Point stated). The question is HOW MANY
do we have for each side that will vote. And like we've stated before, it'll be a nail biter to the end. Sad but probably true. This country is in horrendous shape. Again, the answer is pray that this is God's will and He will have mercy on us. If they win, there will be no doubt in my mind that it was because of God's intervention. The good news is I know there are millions of people world wide that are praying/fasting about this plus we know that Sarah & family,church, etc. are praying probably even harder! If we lose, I'll still hang on to the knowledge God is still in control & is happening for reasons we may not understand right now & wait to see what He has in store for Sarah next - which HAS to be good. I learned a long time ago that we are not "God" & don't understand most things. He sees the Big Picture & everything is more complicated than we think & have to be done at certain times which usually don't agree with our thinking. God bless all of you!

momprayn said...

Well, I did my part for the day. I sent in the info about Barack's real dad to Rush (I'm a member) & the Fox News people. We'll see......

techno said...

patriot1776 here's some good news for you: Battleground tracking today has it today Obama 48 McCain 45 Nader 2 Barr 1; and via Winthrop University for Virginia: Obama 44.6 McCain 43.6; for NC: Obama 44.6 McCain 44.2.

Mountain Mama said...

Look, isn't this contrarian guy leaping to a conclusion? He clearly has no evidence: he admits that he has never seen Obama's actual birth certificate!
(It is weird, though, that the Wikipedia article re. FM Davis has evidently just been scrubbed, because there are NO references there now to his having supposedly been a pedophile. That charge, btw, stems primarily from his having written about his wife and he having "tutored" sexually a very young girl----but Davis might have insisted that it was just a fantasy or novel, not a confession of actual activity.)

I'm more concerned about the Berg lawsuit. Why didn't Obama and the DNC respond to the LONG list of assertions in it, especially since NOT responding constitutes legally ADMITTING that those assertions are correct?! Is Obama in Hawaii specifically in order TO respond to them, albeit past the deadline?

Seriously: is anyone tailing Obama in Hawaii today, to notice where he goes? It would be VERY interesting if he does go to where the vault is located that contains the original copies of birth certificates, because why would he go there, if he's ONLY out in Hawaii to see his grandmother?

Also, has anyone found a current photo of Barak with his grandmother in Hawaii? Of Obama's wife and daughters with this grandmother? Why aren't they joining him in Hawaii to see her, if she's that sick? Don't they want to say Goodbye to her, too? You know, this whole scene is creepy----but that does NOT mean Obama, Sr. wasn't his father.

Yes, Momprayn, we gotta pray HARD. Obama has 'WAY too many leftist views and ODD associations to trust him, not to mention his two self-hugging novels are creepy, considering he's someone who's never accomplished ONE brave political act.
(Knowitall: now, now, MANY sane bloggers write here! smile)

Mountain Mama said...

Oops! I accidentally posted this at an earlier thread:

I just read this at The Nation regarding the contrarian:
A quick word about Andy Martin. During a 1983 bankruptcy case he referred to a federal judge as a "crooked, slimy Jew, who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race." Martin, who in the past was known as Anthony Martin-Trigona, is one of the most notorious litigants in the history of the United States. He's filed hundreds, possibly thousands, of lawsuits, often directed at judges who have ruled against him, or media outlets that cover him unfavorably. A 1993 opinion by the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, in Atlanta, described these lawsuits as "a cruel and effective weapon against his enemies," and called Martin a "notoriously vexatious and vindictive litigator who has long abused the American legal system." He once even attempted to intervene in the divorce proceedings of a judge who'd ruled against him, petitioning the state court to be appointed as the guardian of the judge's children. >>
I'm VERY sure I want more evidence about all his "research!"

Unknown said...

Mountain mama,
I agree with you 100%

Scott said...

The committee’s report on the Honolulu Record states the following about Davis:

Mr. Davis' column defends Communists and attacks capitalism with the same vigor as columns appearing regularly in the Daily Worker and other frankly Communist publications. Typical of Mr. Davis' remarks are the following:

“Democracy today lies weak and slowly dying from the poison administered by the divident doctors in Washington and Wall Street who have fooled a trusting public into believing that they are the specialists who would save us from the dread diseases of socialism and communism. . . . They hope to hand us fascism disguised as the healed democracy.” (Honolulu Record, July 28, 1949, p. 8).

Mr. Davis constantly defended the 11 top United States Communist officials recently convicted in New York on charges of conspiracy to advocate the overthrow of the Government by force and violence. One of Mr. Davis' comments on the case was as follows :

“I feel strong sympathy for the Communist minority who are being oppressed for their political beliefs.” (Honolulu Record, October 20, 1949, p. 6).

Davis also authored a hard-core pornographic novel, which was published in 1968 under a pseudonym. The book, titled Sex Rebel: Black (Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet), was written under the pseudonym “Bob Greene,”[11] and was published by William Hamling's Greenleaf Publishing Company.

momprayn said...

mountain mama - thanks - yeah, doesn't sound too good does it??? Oh well....I'm sure Fox & Rush, etc. will check it out more. If it's true & reported, I hope I am wrong & it will help us more. Who knows. We should see shortly.
Scott - have wanted to tell you "yes, we LOVE your yard sign poll!" Thanks. Just hoping it's like that in all the "needed" states!!!!

techno said...

1776patriot: more good news for you. Gallup tracking (traditional) now has McCain only 4 points down, a gain of 1 point over yesterday; better still IBD/TIPP now has McCain down only by 1.1%, a gain of 4.9 % in 2 days of polling; in contrast Zogby had McCain losing 4% over the last 2 days. Who do you believe?

Scott said...

it's not the hardcore obamaphiles that have to be worried about changing their minds... it's the independents who vote on the issues and character.. in an election so close, a small shift from them is all that is needed. You'll never change the obama base... once they get used to believing so many lies, it's easy to let this one last one in.

Tbone said...

Here are some daily tracking polls.
Rasmussen 52-45 Obama
Gallup 50-43 Obama
Zogby 52-40 Obama
IBD/TIPP 45-44 Obama

I think that Zogby is overpolling Obama. Here is my thinking on the state of the race now with TIPP narrowing daily soon the other polls will follow. If TIPP is right than McCain will win Virginia,Ohio, North Carolina,Florida and Missouri. The reason being they are states that tend to vote Republican. Which means Obama will have to win by 4 or more nationally for them to flip. In this scenerio the election would come down to Nevada and Colorado on November 4th.
We got to get out and vote. We can't afford a Pelosi/Reid and Obama trifecta with a possible Senate fillibuster proof majority.
McCain and Sarah can still win this election. The MSM and the polls are making polls look bad to get us to stay home.

momprayn said...

Scott - yep, it gets back to how the Independents vote & hopefully the stuff about Obamas dad, IF (big IF) true, will make the difference. I have a hard time figuring the "undecideds" out - can't relate to them. You have to wonder about the ones who, at this stage are still undecided.

Mountain Mama said...

We can't worry too much about pandering to/"getting" the independents, because if they haven't made up their minds by now, they're too wishy-washy!

No, we must try to GET OUT THE BASE! Fortunately, Sarah Palin is helping with MOST of the base. Sadly, the others still judge her by her first two interviews, with Gibson and Couric (when Palin was still learning how to grant tough interviews); they haven't paid attention to----and the media hasn't publicized----the most recent interviews, such as with CNN, which went well!

Did you read that Obama is SELLING slots for the media at his Nov. 4th election party? Well, the RNC, McCain, and Palin need to do some cool sales now, too!

For one, the McCain campaign could hold a charity sale of Palin's clothes NOW---maybe do it online (as Dr. Laura does her jewelry)! That would IMMEDIATELY put to rest the concerns about all the cost of Palin's clothes!----and we need the money NOW, too!

(But we can't do much to make people feel better about the cost of her kids' clothes OR of doing her hair and makeup. WHY they allowed such HUGE expenses in this tricky election is BEYOND ME!)

Also, Palin should grant TONS of interviews, getting agreements beforehand that they'll be highly publicized and featured on radio or television.

Finally, Palin should go on "The View," "Huckabee," and "The Tonight Show." They all make agreements, so it could be restricted to NO "gotcha" questions (like, "Who is the President of Thailand?" or other picky facts.)

Again, worry not about anything, especially the fickle poll results. Pray!

Patriot1776 said...

I hope you and they are right techno...I really do.

Scott said...

O'reilly was pretty good on the view.
Whoopi was conveniently out sick that day...

this is why i would hesitate sending palin on the view.. they really don't like her.

wow i'm glad this wasn't one of my long posts since the blogger just went down

for those picking on sarah's clothing cost (which when you do the math over the course of 2 months time.. hiring a stylist etc.. it isn't that much), did anyone see the story of Michelle Obama ordering 2 lobsters, caviar and champagne for lunch at the Waldorf while Barack was out?

jill said...

This Frank Marshall Davis discussion makes us look bad. We can't be lending any credence to this. It is WAY out there! Enough said.

jill said...

The McCain campaign needs to run ads telling people that the polls do not decide elections, and that voters must not be led to believe that their vote is for nothing.

Discouragement, fed by the Obama campaign and his cheerleaders in the media, can lose this election at this crucial point for McCain/Palin. There are many reasons for hoping and forging ahead.

Make an ad, McCain! Obama's people don't care about Ayers, Wright, or Spreading the Wealth, so make the ads for the people still listening, and get their votes, and quell their hopelessness!

Unknown said...

I agree entirely.
spectulation is fun, but that nonsense does not win elections.
I am not wearing my tinfoil hat.

the ibd poll is interesting. and some what unbelieveable.
they say that the young people have swung to McCain/palin. That has to be Sarah's magic. Could it be how well she treated Bristol? Do they wish their parents were like that?

Scott said...

the detroit news endorsed john mccain today

"McCain Best Choice For Uncertain Times"
Detroit News
October 23, 2008

The 21st century is not even a decade old and yet already the hope for an era of peace and prosperity that greeted its dawning has been squandered. It is a challenge and opportunity for the man who succeeds President Bush.

Financial markets that rose to incredible heights without an ethical foundation have brought the economy to the brink of collapse. Tyrants emboldened by the often heavy-handed and inept foreign policy of the Bush administration have established rogue regimes in every corner of the world to threaten U.S. interests and security.

During these perilous times, the nation needs an experienced, proven leader in the White House. Sen. John McCain is best equipped for the job.

The Republican presidential candidate has the character, pragmatism and independence necessary to lead a united America past our poisonous partisan divisions and into a more civil and productive future.

We readily acknowledge that McCain has run a distressingly ineffective presidential campaign. He has failed to find his voice on the campaign trail, rarely revealing the appealing personal characteristics and refreshing political views that caused us to endorse him in Michigan's Republican primary in January.

His selection of Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin as his running-mate also gives us pause. Palin is a promising governor and has excited the Republican base, but she is clearly not prepared for the role she was chosen to play and is costing McCain support he might have expected from undecided voters who harbor doubts about the seasoning of Democrat Barack Obama.

But America's knowledge of John McCain goes well beyond the presidential candidate. We've known the Arizona senator for 26 years of stellar service in Congress, and before that as a war hero who endured with courage the unspeakable horrors of a North Vietnamese prison camp.

He is both tested and tempered by his extensive political and military experience. But more than anything else, McCain stands out for being his own man, driven by principle and not afraid to challenge the status quo.

He has been among the Senate's most independent members, repeatedly eschewing ideology to work across the aisle for bipartisan agreements. He has been willing to buck his own party, as he did in leading the push for campaign finance reform, and to rise above political gamesmanship, as he did in negotiating a compromise that broke the judicial nominee logjam. He is nearly alone in the Senate in refusing to thrust his hands into the earmark pork barrel.

And he has been right on the most pressing issues of the day, from climate change to immigration.

Had Congress listened to McCain's warning in 2005 about the dangers of the exploding sub-prime mortgage market, the financial crisis choking the nation today might be less severe. Had the Bush administration heeded McCain's plea for a troop surge earlier in the Iraq War, more of America's soldiers might now be home.

In choosing McCain, we do not ignore the profound significance of Sen. Obama's candidacy. His place atop the Democratic ticket represents a dramatic leap forward for diversity in the national leadership. He has brought an inspiring message of change and hope to American politics and has been unflappable on the campaign trail.

He is a man of tremendous ability who will surely continue to play a vital national role.

But if he wins this election, he will enter the White House as the most inexperienced president since Herbert Hoover in 1928. His proposals reflect the Democratic Party's big-spending orthodoxy. Conservative estimates place the price tag for his new programs at nearly $350 billion a year, and yet he vows even more middle class tax cuts.

Obama would raise taxes on investors and costs for job creators at a time when America needs more investment and jobs.

By contrast, McCain vows to freeze spending while he scours the budget for areas where it can be cut. Though his opponents deride a spending freeze as a simplistic response, we must take a breather from the Bush-era spending spree that has increased the size of government by 50 percent during the past eight years.

McCain has a well-earned reputation as a spending hawk. Although he now supports making them permanent, he opposed the Bush tax cuts in 2001 because they were not matched by off-setting spending cuts. Again, had McCain prevailed, the nation would have had the economic growth the tax cuts helped produce without the appalling deficits the spending generated. If elected, we hope he hews to his original stance that tax cuts and spending cuts should go hand-in-hand.

Though economic concerns are understandably dominating the nation's attention, it can't be forgotten that the world remains a very dangerous place. Within the next year, the new president will have to make difficult decisions about how to answer Iran's push toward nuclear capability. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez continues to agitate in South America, Vladimir Putin appears determined to remove Russia from the league of democratic nations and North Korea is ever volatile.

The next president will be charged with stabilizing Iraq so American troops can leave that country in good conscience. He will also have to find an answer for Afghanistan that doesn't bog down America in another long conflict or provoke Pakistan, a tenuous and nuclear armed ally.

McCain may lack the inspirational qualities of his opponent, but if this were a blind audition judged solely on the resumes of the two candidates, he would win decisively.

John McCain has what it takes to lead America in these very uncertain times.

Scott said...

also as for questioning sarah palin using 150k (for 2 months' expenses), who questions obama spending 2 million for obamapalooza victory party in a chicago park for a race he hasn't even won yet. I guess Michelle Obama was actually supporting Massachusetts lobstermen by feasting on 2 lobsters, caviar (gotta throw the french a bone) and champagne at the waldorf astoria for lunch.

Did i already use that line? i forgot

Mountain Mama said...

It's the Republican N. Com. which bought Gov. Palin's clothes, spending money donated for the campaign. Did Michelle O. spent her own money on lunch at the Waldorf? If not, then BOTH women might consider respecting the hard-earned money of donors.

momprayn said...

well, you know this was coming from me - "GOD BLESS THE DETROIT NEWS!!" Maybe they saw my blog here about the MI policeman/bus incident. Ha! While I'm at it, GOD BLESS ALL THE NEWSPAPERS that endorse this ticket. (Although I disagree with what was said about Sarah)

Rose said...

"Why the media elites hate Sarah Palin and Why we love Sarah Palin"

"Kenya: Barrack Obama's Other Change"


Rose said...

JOIN McCain Super Saturday October 25th, 2008

"I am Joe...and why that matters"

Scott said...

i hadn't noticed what they said about sarah before i posted it.. i can't understand how people can judge her that way.. obama may have slick words (like an angel whispering in your ear) but he can't change the fact he's less qualified than Sarah Palin to have that office.

momprayn said...

fyi - re Sarah/SNL --- both Alec Baldwin & that other guy who is the producer(?)gave Sarah much praise & said how gracious she was and connected to the people (see..they can't help but like her)
Tonight Hannity interviews her.....

Unknown said...

This should cheer everyone up about the polls. AND encourage us to make sure we do everything we can to GET OUT THE VOTE!!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, Rose, re. "Barack's Other Change," which concerns how he violated US law by propagandizing/stumping for his cousin in Kenya (and how when the cousin didn't win the election, his supporters went on killing sprees!). THOSE are FACTS, folks..... See the comments of the Kenyan government!

Unknown said...

Hey folks, quit worrying about Sarah's wardrobe expenditures. Even some of her critics disagree with all the brouhaha.

As one woman said, "What do you expect her to wear, turtle necks and flannel shirts from L.L. Bean?"

Rose said...

An Albuquerque Republican chairwoman calls Obama a "Muslim socialist" --added to "Kenya: Obama's Other Change"

(Mountain Mama,thanks, Rose)

Mountain Mama said...

On-sale women's suits $50-$196
Regular women's suits $98-$340

Neiman Marcus:
Women's Suits $185-$798

I'm just sayin' (and most Joe-the-Plumbers would agree)....

loki said...

an article on the Free Republic re: Hillary Clinton campaign talking about “voter suppression, intimidation and harassment systematically engaged in by the Obama campaign.”

Also, I love the McCain ad..."I am Joe the Plumber"

Mountain Mama said...

Can't recall the name of the woman pundit on O'Reilly just now (not Hoover; the other one), but she appears often (maybe permanently now?) on "The McGlaughlin Group."
She just reported that Gov. Palin doesn't shop for the clothes she wears during the campaign; instead, they just hand her the clothes she's supposed to wear!
GOOD!! That means it's not HER fault what the clothes cost! Atta girl, Gov. Palin! Spread the word!

techno said...

Sarah just held a rally in Beaver, PA the home of legendary quarterback Joe Namath, who personally guaranteed that the NY Jets would win the Super Bowl over the Baltimore Colts in 1969. Guess what our gal did next. You betcha. She guaranteed that the McCain campaign would win Pennsylvania. No guts, no glory.

Dog Gone said...

If anyone from the McCain camp is viewing this then please NAME YOUR CABINET NOW!!! Its your last besy hope

Bob said...

mountain mama,

who cares about her clothes except people who hate her. why dont you drop it. if she bought over the counter retail, they'd call her white trash. nothing going on here, move along...

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

regardless of what she spends on clothes, every supporter will turn out to purchase them for well more than the retail value and it will support the party-if in fact the rnc underwrote those expenses-the campaign money, perhaps should go to cover the expenses of what the candidates wear, particularly because wardrobe and Sarah's signature style was initially a cool part of her draw within the party, last time i checked, each party and pop culture people in general have publicists and stylists, most of the time, the designers give the gifts in exchange for bragging/advertisement rights. I recall reading somewhere on this blog that Sarah insisted that her clothes be purchased (something generally agreed to be "noble" as long as cindy mccain's style was not considered) joe's and mrs joes, will gladly own said wardrobe, for the chance to connect with such a dynamic person. aren't there other topics worth noting during such an important time and given the large amount of attention given to this blog??

Mountain Mama said...

Bob, don't be testy. I disagree still with the high cost, and yet I don't hate Gov. Palin----especially since she said on Hannity's show that she doesn't buy or own those clothes, and hopes they're sold to help charities.
Context is everything, so here's mine: the RNC sends our family at least THREE Snail-Mails daily, begging for more dough. Why, when they overspend like that? It seems hypocritical EVEN TO THRIFTY REPUBLICANS to chum up with regular Joe-Plumbers, make expensive purchases, then keep begging for more money!

Worry not, Bob-the-Testy. I will deal with the RNC elsewhere. Let's see if YOU can move on----and try not slamming your COLLEAGUES next time.....

Mountain Mama said...

Excellent News!
Karl Rove said tonight that McCain's staff has made a VERY wise move by focussing on showing just one of their ads----the one about Joe the Plumber----and that it should start positively impacting the polls by Sunday or Monday! This is key, because that timing will hopefully create that "Wave" the pundits regularly mention, the one upon which the candidates hope to ride to victory!
Lord, please help them WIN!

Scott said...

God works in mysterious ways.. me personally being a Catholic Christian and in the middle of a novena of prayer asking the intercession of St. Joseph (patron of workers).. it's funny out of nowhere we have "Joe the plumber" making a huge dent in things. This is how God works, we just have to notice the signs. God chose to use that guy named Joe at that very moment.

jill said...

Arnold's full comments about Sarah's experience and her will, presented by Campbell Brown.

Sarah has the will, yes she does!

techno said...

It is totally ironic that Biden's comment about Obama 'being tested in the first 6 months of his administration'is being used the most effectively by Sarah to highlight Obama's inexperience-which the MSM tried to pin to Sarah from the get-go. Sweet revenge. NB: I still find it hard to believe that Sarah beat the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and a 35 yr resident of that chamber in a foreign affairs debate.

Unknown said...

Scott - your post gave me goosebumps. Sometimes we forget about those "signs" and how effective it can be to just be still and listen for God to talk to us.

"Be Still and Know that I am God" Psalm 46:10

Scott said...

i can't understand how kali-fornia can elect a republican governor to 2 terms but they can't elect a republican president

also i just read the senator from new mexico just hinted in a radio interview that he wants to bring back the "fair"ness doctrine

Tbone said...

It is being reported that Obama already thinks he has won this election. Where he is talking about the transition phase and what he would do on foreign policy. Has anyone else heard that? Lets hope it comes back to haunt him.

The other thing I get tired of hearing about is how Sarah is not qualified to be President. Especially on MSNBC or CNN. Lets compare her to Obama. Sarah has actually ran a state. What has OBama ever ran. Obama has not one big accomplishment in the U.S. Senate. Sarah has been a great governor. Obama has been a mediocre Senator. Sarah also balanced Alaska's budget. She is qualified to be president. Also more qualified to be President than Obama.

techno said...

Some more good news from Strategic Vision on 4 state polls (the last state poll was taken October 10-2 weeks ago): Florida: McCain by 2 points (it was Obama by 8-so a monumental shift of 10 points); Ohio: McCain by 3 points (Obama by 2 points-a shift of 5 points); 3)Pennsylvania: Obama by 7 points (Obama by 14-cut in half); Georgia: McCain by 6 points (McCain by 7-loss of 1 point)

Mountain Mama said...

Jill: on this blogsite, whenever part of a website's address runs over the margin, it gets cut off and isn't fully published. Want to try again, dividing your URL onto two lines? Thanks, dear one!

Secular readers, just skip the following if you prefer (no offense intended to you):

Adam won't post comments that contain swear words, but I have been SO frustrated with the rotten, devious MSM lately (especially their purposely misquoting a Nat'l Review article to make Gov. Palin feel badly: how EVIL!), that I am sometimes thinking of swearwords. Ack!

Thankfully, you-all help remind me to be at peace. One of my many hats is that I'm ordained (making the above confession embarrassing; sorry, Lord!), so God inspired me to share this text for my upcoming sermon:
[Jesus said:]
"I have said [all] this to you so that in Me you may find peace. In the world you find suffering, but have courage: I have conquered the world." John 16:33
Isn't that encouraging!?
What's neat is that the Greek word for "suffering" here ("thlipsis") is the same word in John 16:21 concerning a woman who suffers in labor, then feels joyful upon her child's birth!
So, as commentator Raymond Brown notes, this word links the text with many other scriptures about suffering/joy----and is an allegory for how God can transform the suffering of ALL trials, persecution, or even The Tribulation into the JOY of healing, salvation, and its gift of eternal peace.

Believers can rest about this election, knowing that God can work the outcome for the good.
Isn't God wonderful?

CalledOut said...

I thought Sarah did great. I don't understand why she and the campaign to not bring up the fact that Obama was endorsed by and was associated with in his state Senate race by a SOCIALIST party known as the "New" party. Read all about it here.

Scott said...

and anyone who has read any part of the Old or New Testaments can notice that God often acts at the last moment in order to allow the hearts of people to be revealed.. He wants perseverance. The virtues must be practiced.. Faith, Hope, Charity (by prayer), Perseverance, Courage/Fortitude, Patience... etc..

loki said...

Um...i forgot to post the website re: Hillary accusing obama of voter fraud.


Mountain Mama said...

WHOO! I just saw a new ad, put out by the "Our Country Deserves Better PAC," which is just terrific. It features Sarah Palin in several key speeches, and the narrator mentions that she's been a real reformer and maverick! Fantastic!

azaeroprof said...

Here's a great Sarah joke from Redstate:

So, Sarah Palin's advisors decide that it is time for her to meet a bunch of serious world leaders. They head to Europe, where, first up, she has an appointment with the Pope. The Pope and some of his Cardinals invite her for a boat ride on the Tiber. As they are sitting in the gondola talking, a wind starts up and blows the Pope's hat into the water. Palin looks around and realizes that no one is going to do anything about it, so she calmy rises, takes off her her high heels, and steps off the side of the boat. Instead of diving into the water, however, she walks across it, to the hat, picks it up and walks back across the water to the boat. She climbs in, hands the Pope his hat and continues discussing whatever it was they had been talking about. The Cardinals are open mouthed in astonishment at what they have just seen. The news media, in nearby boats are busy discussing among themselves how to report it. Headlines the next day at the New York Times, The Washington Post and the networks all blare: New Revelation: Sarah Palin Can't Swim.

Unknown said...

Yes, God is good.

This morning the local CBS station (very liberal and biased) in NC has Obama at 44.6, McCain at 44.2, and 7 undecided but most of those leaning towards McCain.

Sarah, it's about 25 degrees cooler here now than it was last week, it should be much more comfortable for your rally Sunday. Wish I could be there for that one, too!

Unknown said...

AZAEROPROF - that is funny! I had to log on to tell you that I've already sent it on to several people.

It sure does illustrate the way we feel about the situation, doesn't it.

techno said...

Rasmussen now has North Carolina as McCain ahead by 2 points (50-48). Wow.

momprayn said...

After reading recent posts from mountain mama/scott re "religion" I felt urged to share these now to those interested (mentions Alaska/elections/"woman in the WH", etc.) I've been "sitting on them" because there's no "proof" they're true because they're "prophecies" & therefore very controversial. This man, Kim Clement has a record of being correct many, many times (but sometimes he's wrong - what can I say?)Personally, I beleive God "talks" to us today through others (& diverse ways)....You can check him out at his website, (WH=White House):
9/5/08 "For I will place in the WH one that will call just by one word of prayer & I shall come shall be said "can a WOMAN bring to the nation the Spirit of God from a political house of prayer? Watch Me! says the Lord...ALASKA, you have offered unto Me something that I will use & breathe upon & bring a blessing of fire into that cold place...When I place in the WH those who know how to pray...those are the ones that shall bring to the marketplace..outpouring..I've planned beyond the 4 walls of religion & that which they call the church...The WH shall become the prayer house...I'm raising up a whole generation of Davids, Esthers...My presence, My glory, My divine habitation has been in the backyard for too long...I'll use this to shake reality in the church that is full of schisms."
9/26/08 "Your WH shall be filled with My presence...have a change...shall be filled with prayers & praise...yes, they've invited Me to where I truly belong, to where your forefathers put Me, where your forefathers placed Me. That's where I belong & I'm coming back with you really believe that I cannot deal with finances of this nation? Do you really believe that I cannot deal with the politics of this nation? Who am I?....there is a dynamic amongst this demonic force that has come against will find out that those who are with you are far greater than those that are against you...a great adversary that has stood at your door has now been put under your feet; therefore, run through the door, run through the door, run through that door," says the Spirit of God.
These are just excerpts - read the rest at his website. Lots more there but I've noticed these say about the same kind of things we here have said and feel. There's another (last year?) that mentions He had raised up an "Esther" shifting our nation in a key point in history.......& that there will be a VP "second to none"...????
See 6/15/08 one re "spirit of prognosis (election)

Scott said...

jan are you in florida? i know sarah has rallies here in tampa and one in kissimmee on sunday... but my point is, where are you getting this great cooler weather from?! it's kindof nasty out right now where i am.. humid.

Unknown said...

Hi Scott--no, I'm in NC. It's been in the 60's here all week. Sarah's doing a rally in Asheville Sunday. It was about 87 and humid when she was in Elon last week--I did get to go to that one.

Sean McLeod said...

I read the article and have concluded that the only reason David Brooks is not happy with the Palin pick is that he wasn't welcome on the American Spectator cruise. He might then have fallen under the thrall of Ms. Palin just like Kristol and all the rest. The article certainly showed that Palin is no political novice. One doesn't get named vice president out of the blue, though the mainstream media certainly chooses to see things that way!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin represents working Americans. The media have exploited Joe the Plumber and dontcha know this has backfire for the liberals who just go on and on so desperately, with media help.
The race is gettin so very close.
No Obama needs capitalism dontcha know it, after all.
He just wants to exploit it.
We all need capitalism and jobs.
Do need legislation so Staple CEOs don't go away with the true owners of the busines, for it is their money invested and not his.
We do appear to need regulations of some sort for liberal and conservative greed mongers.
I don't see any average American making $150,000 a year that the libs try to shove down our throats and Palin sure looks good and ready to not just wear acceptable Wash big shot clothes, but she is yet able to carry the ammo and punch and that is what truly bothers the ugly liberals.
NOW would love to wear her lipstick and if only they could make her their victim!
None of either party's platforms will be instilled in toto.
Other stuff that takes precedence and always will.
A proud Independent who is gonna vote for McCain-Palin.
And, it's more than about her lipstick or glasses or his being a hero. It's platform my friends and fellow prisoners ~ tear down that masked wall of socialism.