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Friday, October 3, 2008

The Day After

With the dust finally settling after the debate, it is becoming more and more clear that Sarah scored a resounding victory last night. The conservative media is ecstatic, and most of the mainstream media are declaring it a draw but noting that Sarah did exactly what she needed to do. The leftists and Obambaphiles aren't impressed, but we weren't expecting them to see the light anyway. Even if we accept the idea that Sarah and Sen. Biden tied (and I will admit that the he did well), I would give the tie to Sarah for several reasons:

1) Low expectations.
2) The debate was billed as a referendum on Sarah, and hardly anyone mentioned Joe Biden in the run-up. Far more people tuned in to watch her than her opponent, so she probably got more attention from the audience.

I would also note that skeptics such as David Brooks and Peggy Noonan wasted no time in jumping back on the bandwagon (though we are still awaiting reaction from Kathleen Parker).

So, Sarah is not only back in the game but back with a vengeance. To quote Noonan, "she killed." The only question now is how much movement we will see in the polls. My guess is that McCain will get enough of a bump to take back narrow leads in Virgina, Florida, and possibly Ohio. That would leave him down slightly overall, but well within striking distance if he can score victories in his own debates (which, judging by his first performance, he can).

Lastly, I think we saw last night that the unedited Sarah is far better than the unethical, cut-and-spliced travesties that Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric presented (and no, I don't think that's putting it to harshly after reading the unedited transcripts). This should provide a lesson to the McCain campaign that LIVE interviews are a absolute necessity for Sarah. I don't have a particular affinity for the Sunday talk shows, but I'm starting to think that they are the best venue simply because they cannot be edited. I know that Brian Williams of NBC has the next private interview lined up, and while I think he may have to be more careful after watching the debate, the campaign should assume that he will be just as...ahem..."artistic" in his editing as the other two network anchors. So, now is the time to start booking "Meet the Press" if they want to avoid another hit job.

Congratulations to Gov. Palin on a great debate, and thanks to all of you for helping her get there!


huskyonspeed said...

And thank you, Adam. Hopefully, with her strong showing, and the bailout bill "behind" us, we can recharge the race and seize momentum. But we can't hide Sarah. I think we can stop worrying about Sarah, and we should be worrying about McCain frankly.

jill said...

A piece of writing that thrilled me right up the leg even more than Noonan's killer "She Killed" was a guest post by Bill Dyer at Hewitt's forum.

" ... the defining moment of the debate was when a young governor from a remote, sparsely populated state strode confidently across the national stage, stuck out her hand for a firm handshake, looked a silver-haired senator of 36 years' tenure squarely in the eye, and said: "Nice to meet you. Hey, can I call you Joe?"

At that moment, the champagne bubble of the elites popped. For millions of viewers (but almost no national pundits), the juxtaposition telegraphed a clear message: 'She's not one of them, she's one of us. But she isn't awed by him. She's not afraid.' "

Nice, isn't it?

12thMan said...

It's times like this I REALLY wish we had Romney..............

.....instead of MCCAIN

Pray for our troops with Home Depot Joe as vice CIC. BTW I DO agree with him when he says a Biden administration would be a national tragedy.

CalledOut said...

I think Sarah should only agree to unedited interviews. I am well aware of the danger of complaining about the biased media...but they ARE biased...they are already actively trying to defeat her, so I say just go ahead and publically call them on it. She should PUBLICALLY call on Couric, Gibson and most all the others to deny that they are ALL liberal democrats. They CANNOT deny it..and many Americans may not be aware of it. It would be intersting to see Couric and the others try to dance arounfd the issue when they are CALLED OUT!

SMatthewStolte said...

I am delighted to see Peggy Noonan's reaction to Sarah. (Actually, I'm delighted to see Peggy Noonan one way or another … she is lovely)

But I'm still a little disappointed. The trouble with the low expectations bit is that, although people may have a more favorable opinion of her performance, I'm not sure that she really killed the low expectations overall. People — including Palin supporters — are still on edge about how she'll do in the next interview. And that ain't the feeling we want people to have when they go to the voting booth.

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TurbineGuy said...

The next time a reporter tries to do one of those follow ups "you didn't answer my question."

Palin needs to say:

"I answered the question you should of asked, I figured I would help you out a bit."

FSUrica said...

she DID have red shoes on by the way. SWEEET!

SMatthewStolte said...

The real question, though, is whether this is going to give McCain a bounce. Do people feel better about McCain after seeing this debate?

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama,
I left an answer to a question that you asked on the prior thread.

May I please share my experience with the debate with all of you?

Being on the Left Coast, I was finishing at work when the debate started. I pulled up the video on my computer before I realised that the sound was shut off.
I remembered a line from President Reagan about the visual part of politics. People may hear and see an event, but they tend to remember the image and forget the words.
So I left the sound off as I cleaned my desk for the day and watched the debate without sound.

When I returned home, I said to my wife that Sarah had destroyed Biden. The image was minute after minute of a pretty lady with a smile and lots of body movement talking to an old looking man who looked bored and who looked tired and who did not move as much .
To my suprise, my very intelligent, beautiful, and staunch conservative wife said she thought Biden won.

The memory that people will carry into the voting booth or to the kitchen table when they sit down to fill out the ballot will be the image of a Palin victory.
I can tell all of you that Sarah won the visual side of the debate in a rout. People will remember that.
What the talking heads comment on are those words which are so quickly forgotten.

Please, do what Sarah does and stay optimistic!!!

techno said...

On September 4 the Republican convention ended. From this date the Republicans and the Democrats had 60 days to campaign to election day on November 4. From September 4 to about Sept 18 John and Sarah got a bump in the polls and took a 4 point lead but from about Sept. 19 to today, October 3 Obama has taken the lead in the 5-7 point range. Today marks the 29th day in the campaign. Realistically John and Sarah, except for the debates, have not campaigned hard for the past week due to the economic crisis, McCain's concern that the the bailout package must pass, and Sarah's preparation for the debate. That's like the opposition having the ball for the entire last half of the 2nd quarter and scoring unanswered 4 TD's and appearing to have good momentum as both teams enter the locker room at the end of the 2nd quarter (Palin-Biden debate) it appears, as the pundits, that the Obama team will presumedly come out of the football tunnel and kick butt again, add to their comfortable lead and make their victory 'inevitable' as we begin the 4th quarter. Now tomorrow October 4 marks the half way mark of the campaign. Again I repeat tomorrow marks the half way mark of the campaign. We have not started the third quarter yet and some on our side want to throw in the towel Here's a suggestion- why not wait until we complete the 3rd quarter (October 19) until we make any assessment of where the campaign stands. I may be in the minority but I don't blame John or Sarah for the lack of counterattack or lack of TV ads in the past week as the campaign's polls dropped. The economic crisis took up all the oxygen; no matter what they did in this panicky economic climate they weren't about to rebound. All they could hope and pray for is that the deficit did not get to double digits, which it apparently has not. From a positive point of view McCain raised $66m in September, an all-time record that beat the previous record by more than 20m. With Sarah's debate performace, I don't think another $66m is out of the question. (Remember that McCain has taken public financing so the money is not available to him). John and Sarah are now ready to take the field again to begin the second half. Let me give you 10 reasons why I think that we have reasons to be upbeat: 1) Sarah has not really been a campaign presence and force since her visit to the Villages 2 weeks ago where an estimated 60,000 people came to see her. From now until the end of the campaign it will be standing room only. She certainly could sell out any hockey arena (~15000) and probably could fill a football stadium of 60,000. The McCain campaign would be fools not to exploit her popularity. If they are, then the campaign deserves to lose but I don't think they're that stupid. 2)Sarah must travel to the battleground states and hold large rallies-the advantage she has is she is young; what the nitty-gritty is John you may move the nummbers there slightly on your own but Sarah is the only one that has the potential to move the numbers in a dramatic way. She must solidify Florida, NC, and Virginia and Ohio. She also must give the campaign a decent chance to win Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico. 3) For your part John you must revert back to Sept 2007 when you were in big-time trouble and hold townhall meeting after townhall meeting with a sense of urgency. but this time John you've got Sarah to back you up. That is a big plus. 4) Your campaign must make sure the a maximum GOTV effort is created to counter Obama's legions of followers. 5) John, again, you must go on the attack against Obama; you don't have to get personal but as Sarah said to Biden, you must call him out on the Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac debacle and his socialist agenda and you must not dilute the message with 'bipartisan crapola'. Look, John win the election, then worry about bipartisanship. 6) Sarah must be allowed to write her own speeches and advocate a Reagan conservative message; 7) Sarah must be allowed to go on Rush Limbaugh; John, for heaven's sakes, he's got an audience of 20m listeners. You can't allow personal grudges to warp your sense of reason. Stop being an ass and let her go on his program. 8) John, as some commentators suggest if you can't communicate a pro economic growth, low tax meesage clearly because it isn't your strength, let Sarah do it. I know this means putting your ego in your pccket John, but whatever it takes to win an election. 9) Hammer away at what Biden said about how he is going to advise Obama how to be President and what decisions to make-in other words who is going to be the real POTUS? 10) Finally John stop knocking Republicans-after all they're your own party. Give that a break. The Deomcrats are going to be attacking Republicans enough; John, your input isn't necessary.

tom paine said...

Gov. Palin did well in the debate. She did herself far more good than she did for Sen. McCain. On numerous occasions when Biden made solid points against McCain, Sarah had no comeback or it was weak. That is why you will probably see no big change in the poll numbers.

There is little question that even with Gov. Palin's dearth of experience per national and international issues, she is far more popular than McCain.

Sen. McCain is without a doubt one of the most confused people in Congress when it comes to economics. His explanation of why he voted for the bailout, and against most of his own party, and with President Bush, even tho he says he will be different from Bush, could be the basis of more SNL skits. Then toss in the fact that Sen. McCain admitted the bailout had pork type crap added to it, but he voted for it anyway, when he keeps saying is going to stop that type of thing if elected. Maybe McCain means, right after I vote for this one! It's bizarre.

I do not believe, even as unqualified to be prez as she appears to be, that Gov. Palin would do the things McCain is doing.

Also, even though the McCain handlers seemd to do a good job of prepping Sarah for the debate and she at least held her own against Biden, they screwed up again when they wrote her closing statement at the end of the debate.

I'm sure that Sarah didn't know the details or facts of the Reagan quote she was given to say: "freedom is always just one generation away from extinction."

I certainly did not. But those McCain whiz-bangs who write that stuff sure as heck should have known that Reagan was not talking about some dire crisis facing America...he was talking about the fact that care coverage for Americans 65 and older...first proposed by Harry Truman...might come to pass!

Gov. Palin very well may be the smartest one of the bunch.

Scott said...

it makes sense why they're pushing ohio so much right now with the early voting.. in the primaries obama didn't do as well at election time. He wants people to vote before they have a chance to change their minds.

Sarah said...


You are seriously brilliant.

Thanks for taking the time to put your thoughts out there for the rest of us.

Patriot1776 said...

techno, are you a political consultant? Your points are spot on and make the most sense.

I hope your message is heard at John's campaign hq!

Come on sarah, go out there and excite people...I was one of those on the edge, she has me back in the game.

tom paine said...

techno listed 10 reasons "to be upbeat" is why some of them are suspect:

1. "exploit her popularity."
Sarah's popularity has already been defined. She will change the vote of very few people.

2. "Sarah must travel to the battleground states"
In states such as Florida, NC, and Virginia and Ohio Sarah holds very little clout to "change" the numbers.
Actually, McCain is behind around 3-4 points in NC and VA and those may be lost and OH and FL are trending toward Obama.
"She (Palin) also must give the campaign a decent chance to win Pennsylvania, Colorado, Nevada and New Mexico."
Little chance of that happening. PA, NV, and NM are solidly in the Obama column and CO is quickly trending that way.

3. "John you must revert back to Sept 2007 when you were in big-time trouble and hold townhall meeting after townhall meeting"
This may work in a small vote primary but townhall meetings will change the minds of so few voters it is insignificant nationally.

4. On this you are correct and Obama/Biden does have "legions of followers."

5. "John, you must go on the attack against him out on the Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac debacle and his socialist agenda"
This may be tad difficult since McCain has been a lifelong foe of banking regulations (or any type of regulations) and two of McCain's inner circle are Fannie/Freddie veterans.
As for "socialism"...that might be a tough one also since Bush has pushed us closer to socialism than Karl Marx could ever have dreamed...and McCain voted with Bush 91% of the time.

6. "Sarah must be allowed to write her own speeches and advocate a Reagan conservative message"
Writing her own speeches might work but stay away from Reagan. Most swing voters are a bit smarter than the average GOP/Dem lemmings and they know what the Reagan administration actually did!

7. "Sarah must be allowed to go on Rush Limbaugh"
This is outright silly. Not a single person in our entire nation who listens to Limbaugh is a swing voter. It would be the biggest example of "preaching to the choir" in political history.

8. John...let Sarah...communicate a pro economic growth, low tax meesage clearly because it isn't your strength"
You must have missed Sarah's reply when Biden said to Palin about McCain and the economy: "Two weeks ago" McCain said "we've made great economic progress under George Bush's policies...Nine o'clock, the economy was strong...the fundamentals of the economy were strong. Eleven o'clock that same day, two Mondays ago, John McCain said that we have an economic crisis."

And Sarah's only reply was to parrot the lie that McCain meant "workers" when he said fundamentals. I doubt that Sarah knows the difference between a derivative and deriliction much less anything about credit fault swaps, collaterized debt obligations, or economic growth trends and tax ramifications.

9. "Hammer away at what Biden said about how he is going to advise Obama how to be President and what decisions to make"
Not sure this a great idea either since Sarah said she agreed that the "Executive Branch does not hold complete sway over the office of the vice presidency" and that is contrary to our Constitution! If Sarah truly believes this, it is a tad more off the wall than Biden simply advising the prez.

10. Finally John stop knocking Republicans"
How can he, when McCain is basically running away from his own party? If you doubt this check how many times Prez Bush and VP Cheney have hit the campaign trail for Sen. McCain. This may be the only presidential campaign in history where neither the sitting president or VP made a campaign appearance on behalf of the ticket!

Unknown said...

Her interview yesterday with Carl Cameron was excellent. Techno is right, we still have a lot of game left to go. This is not the time to give up. Off to go work the phone banks!

techno said...

10 ill-advised decisions that will bring certain defeat to John and Sarah on November 4: 1) not having a specific pro-growth,pro-investment, low-tax short-term economic plan to create jobs and stimulate the economy and a long-term plan for maintaining economic growth and stable markets post-bailout; 2) make Sarah an opening act rather than the MAIN EVENT; 3)McCain assigned the primary responsibility of taking Obama down; let's get real: Sarah has done more in her convention speech and in her debate to bring Obama down than McCain has for the last year; John just looks plain mean when he tries; Sarah does it with a smile but cuts deeper and more permanently; 4)John, remain stubborn to the bitter end about bipartisanship and you will lose; 5)dilute Sarah's message of Reagan conservatism with your speeches on global warming, amnesty, and making friends with Al Gore; 5)avoid discussing Obama's poor judgment and reckless comments and that Obama is not presidential timber 6)keep on attacking Republican lawmakers as corrupt; 7)keeping Sarah hidden from the media, including Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham for the remainder of the campaign; 8)keep sending Sarah to non-battleground states to do fund raisers; 9) avoid linking the Democrats with Fanny Mae or Freddy Mac; 10)dampen down conservative enthusiasm by making stupid comments like play footsies with Al Gore or appointing Andrew Cuomo as head of the SEC; John, you know how popular Sarah is with the conservative base: even with those stupid, asinine comments you make that should cause mass conservative defections from your cause you're still only 6 points down; you should be at least 12 points down; John, stop being an idiot and play the role of a Republican partisan for the next 30 days-no straying off the reservation-keep on message and let Sarah fire up America and in so doing dampen enthusiasm for Obama; John-there was only 1 Elvis and there is only 1 Sarah-she is your secret weapon-put the winning or losing of the game in her hands; John, if you win she, and her Reagan conservative message will be the reason and John you will be President-put your oversized ego in your back pocket. John, the third quarter is about to begin. You can keep to the same game plan out of some BS code of political ethics and be consigned to the political ash heap of historical failed campaigns or you can do the right thing and be in a position to win at the 2 minute warning. John, for the sake of America I hope you make the right decision.

techno said...

How McCain wins the election: Simple: Sarah in the face of the Obama campaign all the time 24/7 for the next month espousing Reagan conservative principles, while McCain stays on the reservation and doesn't compromise Sarah's message. Again, John put your ego in your back pocket and let your Elvis, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan win you the election.

Unknown said...

You're always spot on.
Great comments!!
Please keep it up.

Anonymous said...

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techno said...

From Red State blog: "You know Obama is a 'post turtle'...when you're driving down a country road and you come across a (rural) fence post with a turtle balanced on the top that's a 'post turtle' know he didn't get there by himself, he sure as heck doesn't belong there, he doesn't know what to do while he is up there, and you wonder what kind of an idiot (media) put him there in the first place! Independent for McCain/Palin; Sarah, here in essence is what your campaign's main theme should be in the next 30 days.

techno said...

I follow football closely. For those of you who are conservatives and not football fans I apologize. Before the last Super Bowl the NY Gaints were 2 touchdown underdogs to the NE Patriots who had not lost a game all season and had won their first 2 playoff games. For the purpose of this analogy Obama is the Patriots and Tom Brady and Sarah is the Giants and their game plan. Talking in terms of the aggressive strategy the Giants took to win the Super Bowl, what Sarah must do is blitz Obama (Brady) consistently for the next 30 days, coming at him from all different directions: his lack of judgment, his socialist worldview, his plan to undermine capitalism and freedom, his party's culpability in the sub-prime mess, Obama's lack of resolve to fight and win a war, and his fallback to the 'wisdom' of Joe Biden to steer him in the right direction. Several more variations of the blitz exist but I think you get the idea. And Sarah, even if Obama gets the occasional pass completed she must not waver in her resolve to put Obama on his back again and again. What Sarah must do is cut him up, strip him naked, spit him out, knock him down and when he tries to get up knock him down again and damage him further. She cannot show him any mercy, as she would not any wild animal that was threatening the life of her baby Trig. Sarah must be given the authority by the McCain to launch a campaign 'that will take no prisoners.' Again I repeat I have no confidence in John McCain to be able to do this; he's not eloquent enough and he looks too mean if he tries it. John, play the coach, and stay out of the way. Do your townhalls to reaffirm to the American people that you have the character and competency to be President. But above all your side cannot afford a turnover (fumble or interception.) Sarah, as yet, has not made one, so it's up to you John. Stop with the bipartisan crapola and your paean of love for Al Gore, Andrew Cuomo, and Ted Kennedy, and I plead with you, as do all Conservative Americans, stay on the conservative reservation and stop attacking Republicans and conservatives. Next, from the attitude of an all-out blitz the McCain campaign will most certainly cause Obama to fumble once and throw an interception; the McCain campaign must then capitalize on these opportunities by scoring touchdowns and not field goals.Finally, as a two-way player and your superstar quarterback Sarah must be allowed to call her own plays and audibles (the Reagan conservative message and a conservative plan for jobs, investment and sustained economic growth)to march the team down the field as Eli Manning did in the last Giants offensive thrust that won the Giants the last Super Bowl. Risks must be taken; running the ball on first down consistently to gain a few yards at a time is not acceptable. You must start throwing the ball down the field on first down once you take the field next week. John, you must revise your game plan in the locker room and make it reflect what I have just written. if you do, your campaign can still win, but remember John despite this type of bold game plan the Giants only prevailed by a field goal, but John the object lesson is that the Giants did win the Super Bowl and in ten years nobody will remember how many points they won by but only that they won the Super Bowl that the Patriots were supposedly destined to win (the inevitability of Obama).

Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

I'm surfing the web for myth/facts about McCain/Palin and just came upon this great post by Baseball Crank titled, "POLITICS: The Integrity Gap, Part I of III: Gov. Sarah Palin" ... it's a must read:

He puts to rest many of the lies perpetuated by the Obama campaign and the media and has tons of links to back up his facts.

KiwiJan said...

I am not able to vote in the US election - I am a New Zealander. Your election really matters to me, my country and the rest of the world. I cannot believe that a sizeable chunk of the population of your great country thinks that this woman who can't (not won't - literally CAN'T) answer questions in interviews and in a 'debate' is in any way a suitable candidate for such an important office. This is ultimately a terrible reflection on John McCain.

techno said...

10 questions I would like answers for: 1) How could supposed learned journalists and scholars such as David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, Charles Krauthammer and Peggy Noonan to name a few conclude that Sarah is an idiot, incompetent, not qualified to be VP and should leave the ticket based on ONE sub-par interview with Katie Couric (which by the way was heavily edited to detract from Sarah's answers). I wonder if they're that hard on Tiger Woods when he misses one cut and insist that he should quit professional golf. Folks, I hope you've learned everybody has a bad day, including Governor Sarah Palin. And the next time you're thinking about throwing somebody under the bus consider the gaffe-prone Joe Biden and ask yourself why you didn't suggest his removal as well. 2) Why is John playing footsies with Al Gore? 3)Why is there not more reporting of the Gestapo tactics used by Obama in Missouri to stop the NRA and the like from airing ads and thus preventing free speech and why isn't the McCain campaign making more of this? 4) Why hasn't Sarah made more of the facts that she shops at Wal-Mart and used the service of Blockbuster's video (from a caller to Bill Bennett's program?)5) Why hasn't it been more reported what Sarah's aunt (Colleen Jones) said in an interview on KAPP-TV that Obama's band of lawyers, operatives and high-priced thugs are in Wasilla asking a liquor store owner what type of liquor Todd and Sarah purchase and what their drinking habits are? -an idea for Sarah to use this in one of your speeches-"Senator Obama, you didn't have to spend thousands of your campaign dollars so you could send your band of merry men and women to Wasilla to find out about what we drink and Todd's and my drinking habits. Then go on to explain in a working class rally what you drink and how much you drink and make Obama look foolish and end by saying they could have saved all that money just by asking me and I would have told them. Like I said I have nothing to hide. And 'Do you want a man in the White House who would resort to such sinister, Gestapo-type tactics to destroy anybody who got in their way? 6) Why are Joe Biden's 14 lies in the debate not a factor to whether he bested Sarah? 7) Who is George Soros and why should he be the most feared man in America, next to Obama? 8)Why did the Republicans not get behind a true conservative during the primaries and thus allow John McCain to come up the middle? 9)Was there a serious movement to dump Biden? 10)How will the undecideds break and what is the extent of the Bradley effect?

jill said...

techno, my answer to one of your questions is that John McCain apparently appeals to the masses, hence he was victor in the primaries. He was not my original choice, but we are more than mid-stream, and we all know what they say about changing horses. We need to back that horse all the way, as Sarah Palin is doing for John McCain. He stands true to her also, and we stand true to her. We're die-hards, and we move on when those with less resolve (Kathleen Parker, Charles Krauthammer and any others you mentioned) fall back.

If Obama's people are checking the liquor stores in Wasilla, then the dialogue you suggested for Sarah is the one to use. Head it off at the pass and confront it frankly. It was good to read about her wanting to stay in Michigan and work for the vote rather than pack up. I hope more of her instances of telling it to the people will make their way into the news.

jill said...

We need a cartoonist to pen a post turtle.

Unknown said...

I went to work at a phone bank today. Tickets for a Sarah rally were suppposed to be available at 12:00. I got there about 1:00, and they were all gone--not just at this office but at all offices. There were tons of people and calls coming in all day requesting tickets.

jill said...

The singing kids and now this.

multipath said...

Gestapo Tactics Indeed! What a brilliant comment Techno. Makes one kinda tremble! Hope someone gets that line/concept to Sarah for her "sack the quarter back" speech!

jill said...

Good insight on this OTHER Tom Paine's blog.

Unknown said...


Compassionate Conservative said...

Please, please, please get the word to conservative commentators that they are missing the mark when replying to those who say Palin's lack of foreign policy experience disqualifies her as a VP! Would those same people limit nominees to members of the Senate?

The guy who prepped Clinton bragged about how he had to educate Bill before his debates! Sixteen Presidents served first as acting Governors, with little or no experience in that area. Well, Bill did march in an anti-American peace rally overseas, maybe they would count that as experience.

No one can possibly be an expert at everything. That is why you have competent advisors. Reagan was a good Governor and a great President!

We need people with integrity, courage, leadership skills and the desire to serve our country. I see that in the McCain/Palin team.

loki said...


Love your posts. Keep'em coming!

Bob said...


Thank you for not being able to vote in our country. I suppose you would prefer ly'n Biden. This guy lied up his butt through the whole debate. I'll take Sarah anytime. thanks again.

tom paine said...

Techno and others pontificate about how or what McCain needs to do win the election. The fact of the matter is that the economy has dictated that (barring some cataclysmic event) it is now almost impossible for McCain/Palin to win. The polls all reflect this.

Suggesting that McCain "unleash" Gov. Palin or that McCain go back to having Townhall meetings or that Sarah appear on the Rush Limbaugh show are all simplistic wishful thinking and basically an exercise in futility. But there was one thing that Sen. McCain could have done to salvage his campaign and give himself a chance to win.

Instead of his goofy idea of "suspending" his campaign to rush back to Washington to help facilitate the bailout (which made him look like just another phony Washington politican) Sen. McCain should have held a press conference and declared that after serious and careful deliberation he had come to a conclusion.

And that conclusion was that the bailout was in fact a bad idea for both our capitalistic system and the American people...and that he was unilaterally and unconditionally opposing the $700 Billion bailout!

He could have had his economic advisors give him a list the obvious reasons and then finished by telling the American people that the proposed $700 Billion would almost certainly be only the beginning.

With a huge number of Americans opposed to the Wall Street bailout McCain would have almost immediately jumped ahead of Obama. Sen. McCain also would have regained some of his lost credibility caused by his very well known record of opposing any type of regulation. And that last one of his reasons for opposing the bailout (more future costs sure to come) would right now be giving him an instant boost because the bailout has already increased to over 810 Billon as we speak.

But alas, McCain missed the boat and now we must watch as the McCain/Palin campaign goes steadily downhill until the unescapable defeat on Nov. 4.

The good news is that a 72 year old man will not have to deal with the incredeible mess that Team Obama will walk into. It will be interesting to watch as Obama comes to realize the true scope of the disaster of the past 8 years that he has inherited. Obama will quickly learn that most of his promises and ideas are empty and impossible dreams.

azaeroprof said...

Hey, techno. Here's a shot at some answers to your questions:

1) Noonan, et al hang out at the same East-Coast cocktail parties as the NYT and WaPo reporters. I guess when Peggy's not looking, they pour some kool-aid into her drink ;-)
2) All part of his "appeal to the middle" philosophy. That may seem like the way to get more votes and couples with his "maverick" image, but Reagan showed that you can get better success with an OPTIMISTIC, economic conservative message.
3) No need to even comment on why there isn't more reporting, but I'm baffled on why McCain's not pushed this story more. Maybe he'll let Sarah do that now that the debate is over and she seems to be on an "attack-a-day" mode.
4) ?? No idea.
5) Great idea! Wish she'd have done that at the debate with 70M people watching. Worth a shot now, though.
6) Doesn't fit the MSM narrative that Biden "won" the debate.
7) I think either the McCain campaign or some 527 ought to feature Soros big-time in some ad buys and play up the fact that he's the one pulling Obama's strings. They ought to also tie the fact that Soros is foreign-born to the fact that much of Obama's campaign contributions are from foreign sources, including the middle east (big-time illegal!)
8) We simply did not have an attractive conservative candidate without serious negatives (Thompson: didn't act like he wanted to win + old white guy, Romney: Mormon, maybe not real conservative, Huckabee: some not-so-conservative positions, too religious for MSM to allow him to win, Gingrich: didn't run but too much baggage). If 2008 had been 2012, we would have had potentially Palin, Jindal and others who were all too soon for 2008.
9) There was never a move to dump Biden. I think we right-wing bloggers got that rumor going, just like left-wing bloggers started the dump-Palin rumors.
10) If I knew where the undecideds would go, I could make a fortune on InTrade! My gut feel is that they will break for McCain, but I'm less confident of that than I was a month ago. I do believe that one of McCain's big narratives, probably for the last 10 days before the election, should be to paint Obama as a rubber-stamp for the Pelosi-Reid Congress. Americans have a penchant for split governance. And a lot of the supposedly large numbers support the Dems this time are folks who are pissed off at GWB-43 and who are not really supportive of extremely liberal philosophy. When they start contemplating the prospect of an unimpeded Pelosi-Reid assault on liberty, I think some will have serious reservations about supporting Obama. (Alternate scenario: There's a LOT of anger over this bailout deal. It may turn out that undecideds break big-time for Obama, but a populist revolt against Congress leaves us with a Republican upset in one or the other side of Capitol Hill. Just a thought.)
Bradley effect: who knows. Probably no more than a point.

tom paine said...

techno said..."...I follow football closely" and John McCain must start doing what the NY Giants did to win the Super Bowl "You must start throwing the ball down the field on first down..."

Well techno, I follow the NFL very closely also (and actually participate in various NFL pools that require both picking winners and beating the point spread) and your statement is not quite true.

The Giants actually ran the ball more on first down than they passed. And most of those first down passes were short passes and very few of them were thrown downfield.

So if you're going to do an analogy of McCain/Palin to the Giants offense...get it right.

However, you were correct about the Giants defensive plan and how pressure on Brady was the key. Actually, that is true of almost EVERY NFL QB and why the defensive coordinators can't figure it out is beyond me. Give the good QB's time and they WILL beat you.

Good luck this week if you are in any pools!

Unknown said...
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techno said...

In 1996 it was written that at the time most people could not conceive the impact that Tiger Woods would have on golf and that the game would never be the same afterwards. On October 4, something happened in Carson, CA. that also may prove pivotal. First Sarah was introduced and personally endorsed by the President of the LA chapter of NOW (National Organization of Women); secondly she read from a Starbuck's cup: "There's a special place in hell reserved for women who don't support other women." (spoken by Madeleine Albright)Third she called into question Obama's association with Bill Ayers. Finally she made the comment: "Just once it would be nice if Barack Obama said he wanted us to win." If John and Sarah prevail, we may look back at this day where the election turned on a dime.

techno said... has video of Sarah's rally in Carson, Ca. today.

multipath said...

Yes, as Jill said we need a post turtle cartoon. Obviously with the messiah's head on it and the q&a's at the bottom. Something that we can attach to our e-mails and have sent around the country.

Joe said...

Folks, simple strategy question:

Why is Palin spending so much time in California with so few days to go? She was there yesterday, and there again today.

Do they know something that we do not know?

Jenna said...

Sarah Palin does not need to be hidden. The media needs to quit making Obama a hero and give fair media coverage in this election. Sarah Palin is the ordinary American trying to give us ordinary middle class citizens a change to be heard in Washington. Take for instance the black and white movie Mr. Smith goes to Washington.

multipath said...

Palin in LA - A First Hand Report
from Lynette Long's blog via

A PUMA pointed me toward a ticket to a Palin rally in LA today. USC did not start until five so I went. Or rather I lolly gagged my way to the Home Depot Center - how big could this rally be??? - this is LA - ???

Bad idea. She packed the tennis stadium (10,000) and the over flow sat and watched the jumbo tron where the LA Galaxy Soccer team plays. But I got in. That little green dot in the middle of the pic is Palin.
It was fascinating. 2 immediate thoughts: 1. She was introduced by a President of a NOW chapter - wow. 2. She brought up Bill Ayres.
I have not decided who I will vote for. I did not go as a supporter of this ticket. I went to see Palin. Anyone who has every been in the same room as Bill Clinton - however big - knows what a "star" is. I wanted to see if she was a "star". I can say without question she is a "new star". The idea of her is clearly electric to her party. She owns the stage like Bill Clinton does. She has not quite mastered the relationship between herself and the crowd. 2 pods made themselves known. One she dropped the house on with a line about fighting for the first amendment. The other she handled by ignoring - which I rarely think works.

A few important take aways for me:

1. The difference between the role of women in the circa 1988 GOP and the 2008 version is something to behold. To say I was flabbergasted that former President of a NOW chapter, talking about equal pay and Geraldine Ferarro, introduced Palin at a large GOP rally is an understatement. This is not the GOP I remember - the one with shrinking, smiling wives off to the side. Think Nancy Reagan. Women were front and center. The code words were "working moms" - but what they were talking about was "robust women as equal partners." "Family Values" as a sledge hammer is out - "Women as a very valuable and equal partner in a family" is in.

2. If she wants it, Palin has a future in her party regardless of the outcome in November. They LOVE this woman - like they LOVED Reagen.

3. The crowd was younger and more racially diverse than I expected it to be. Including more than a few Black Americans.

4. A group of about 40 Obama people demonstrated outside. The chant was "Hey, hey ho, ho Sarah Palin has got to go." This is the most tired chant one can imagine. It is like hippies have taken a page from civil war re-enactors. Dress up as if it is 40 years ago and do a historical play.

5. Of the four people on the ticket, Palin is the only one who is not a member of the "elite." This is true even during her stump speech. When she talked about her father growing up in North Hollywood is feels entirely sincere and middle class. Even Clinton's talk of being from Hope, Arkansas had the sheen of being canned. It is not that "I want to have a beer" with her. It's that I would not be surprised in the least if I saw her in line at the grocery store. The closest antecedent I can conjure is Harry Truman. Still, even Truman doesn't quite work. She is a mom, not a dad. This feels entirely new in American politics.

6. Having been to Democratic rallies over the years I must say: Republicans are nicer and more respectful. At least the ones I saw today. Everyone picked up their trash. A small, but telling, fact. Plus, is was organized. People stood in line and waited their turn to get in. I know that only an old school Democrat would find this worthy of note.

7. Based on the number of Hilary stickers in the parking lot - PUMA's were represented.

All in all - it is clear to me that the GOP is not my party. But it was a compelling afternoon. Palin is a fascinating figure. Whatever McCain's motives were in choosing her - the choice changed the game. Whether she wins or loses, Palin will be around for a while.

techno said...

Here's a suggestion for Sarah: take the line that 'not one time has Barack Obama said he wants to win' by asking the folks in the audience if the coach of your favorite football team kept his primary focus on pleasing the referees rather than winning, constantly complains the conditions of the playing field don't allow his team to win, gives too much credibility to the opposing team's ability and will to compete, constantly hamstrings his team from getting the job done,incessantly criticizes his team or scolds his team when it is not called for, plays the game to satisfy how the football pundit class of ESPN thinks the game should be played you would at least question his judgement and credentials to remain coach or ask yourself why in hell was he selected coach in the first place? Ladies and gentlemen in essence this is what Barack Obama has done to undermine the American dream as envisioned by the Founding Fathers, American foreign policy and the conduct of the wars in iraq and Afghanistan. Let's not elect Barack Obama as President; unlike coaches we'd have to wait 4 years before we could fire him and unlike football where you can leave your regret and pain of loss at the stadium, with Barack Obama you would walk around every day for the next 4 years second-guessing yourself with self-recriminations about why did you vote for Barack Obama because you knew going into the voting booth that he would increase your taxes significantly, increase the size of government dramatically to the tune of 1 trillion dollars and steadily erode the independence and personal freedom that he presumptuously thinks you are no longer worthy to enjoy.

techno said...

10 winning themes that Sarah should advance over the next 30 days: 1) relate the legacy of rugged independence, unapologetic freedom and personal responsibility that has been bestowed to Americans by the Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to Obama's attempt to stop free speech in Missouri by preventing NRA ads from being aired, expanding government programs to a tune of 1 trillion dollars and a desire to redistribute income and create a socialist society. 2) use the coach's analogy as I have previously posted. 3) continue to press Obama on his previous associations and ask would you want Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko, Jeremiah Wright to attend the Inaugural Ball or be a secret confidante to Obama after he gets elected. 4) question Biden's comment that he is there to 'advise' Obama- or is he there to hold his hand. Use the post turtle analogy. 5) relate the downturn in the economy to the days of Jimmy Carter and how Reagan conservatism saved the day in the 1980's (may be difficult however because you'd have to throw Bush under the bus somewhat). 6)appeal to small-town values and contrast that to the snobbish elites: use phrases that the elites use to mock them: flyover ocuntry, trailer trash, white trash, hillbillies, yokels, hicks, Bible belt and ask small-town folks who best will represent their views in Washington-an urban elitist from Chicago and a 35 year veteran of the Senate, both with no executive experience or a man who has made decisions first as a navy pilot and then as a military commander and a woman who has been a mayor of a small town and an executive of a state who promise to take these small-town virtues to Washington. 7)Sarah, you must the adopt the Giants strategy of beating the Patriots (previous posting)and constantly harp on 3 areas: Obama's credibility-where there's smoke, there's fire; his lack of or examples of poor judgment and rash comments; and his desire to run away from American exceptionalism, innovation and enterprise. 8)keep stressing the leadership ability of McCain but avoid the bipartisan crapola. 9)continue to pound the Democrats for Fanny and Freddy and lay the blame on the Democrats for the economic meltdown. 10) focus on God and country-and make your party the party of God and country and show that the Democratic Party is the party of Narcissism and me-tooism which consistently kowtows to international compliance and conformity.

C Doyal said...

Sarah Palin does not strike me a someone who would have accepted the nomination if she was not totally convinced that John McCain was sincere in his dedication to preserving our American freedoms. She has a clear picture of what the generations before us went through to protect us from dictators and socialism. She has, correctly I might add, recognized the difficulties with which McCain has had to face in his congressional career just to keep on top of what is really an amazingly, cowardly and self-destructive direction that our modern politicians are pursuing.
Always the "maverick", he has at least been able to voice his opposition to measures he knew were counterproductive and/or dangerous policy. Unfortunately, we,the voters, have been lax in demanding that our representatives actually practice what they preach after they are voted in! Rather, we have simply assumed that they had "good reasons" for following the crowd when they voted away our freedoms, one, by one, by one...
In other words, if you think McCain didn't do enough, or "sold out" here and there, I have to say no one can expect a single person to be able to accomplish all his objectives with so little help from his colleagues. John McCain being labeled a "maverick" is the result of the other members of the party being "sheep" for their own political gain without regard or understanding of the dangerous nature of their votes.
Sarah has been trying to shore up the divide between the party base and undecideds by carefully exposing those less-than-stellar decisions of the past without naming names. Her exuberance and heartfelt renditions of mainstreet Americas trials and tribulations has been reminding those "professional politicians" why they were elected and giving them an opportunity to "clean up their act" and start paying attention to the results of their votes. They are not "stupid" people, only self-absorbed and swayed by greed, power and a free lunch here and there.
Unfortunately, the Obama camp has tapped into the agressive youth machine, while the McCain campaign had been "treading water" with the old timers who understand his message. Luckily, with Sarah Palin in the picture, I can see the bridge between the young and old closing. Our young people are beginning to see that they must carry the message of freedom in this new technological world. 'Hope its' not too late!

Unknown said...

Thank you, Jill! EVERYONE needs to take Jill's suggestion and read the TominPaine blog today and then follow the link there to the "Democrats For Principle Before Party"

These folks are our allies (though they probably will NOT be by 2012)

I especially appreciate what they have to say about Pelosi/Reid, et al.

If you haven't already, go there now!

Spread it around in your other blog posts, too.

Christina's link to baseballcrank is another good resource. Obviously, some in-depth research went into that one and I'm looking forward to Parts II & III.

techno said...

Just thought of a line Sarah could use when Obama refutes his association with Ayers and Rezko: Senator Obama you can run from your past, but the American people won't let you hide from it!

liz said...

When Sarah Palin made the remarks about Obama paling around with terrorists, I cringed and she lost my vote. There is a big difference between the truth and a clear lie. Fact is she is not different than what we've had the last eight years. George Bush used the same kind of lies and fear that got us into Iraq instead of Afghanastan where we should have stayed. Sorry Sarah, but you just lost my vote and my respect.

techno said...

On Aug 29 the political pundits made the the generic comment that there are 3 events in the VP orbit that determine the success of the VP: the maiden speech when introduced, the convention speech, the performance at the VP debate. I think even the most jaded pundit would have to admit Sarah passed these parameters with flying colors, if these are the main requirements that determine whether one is qualified to be VP. The second part of their comment is that after the debate the VP rarely is given much attention and that the VP has little bearing on the outcome of the election. This I wholeheartedly disagree with. Sarah is just beginning to hit her stride and is now on top of her game and the 3rd quarter has barely begun. Because of Sarah's charismatic presence and hopeful message, I predict the numbers in the battleground states will close in the next 14 days and by the time the Republicans enter the 4th quarter (October 19) it will be too close to call and then it will be a race to the finish. What I am about to say will be regarded as controversial, but this is how I truly feel. We will win a close election. Why? Sarah walks with God and Obama does not.

D-Dub said...


You asked why is Palin is in Carson, California. Because that's where the money is. The candidates only come to California to raise money. I actually grew up less than a mile away from where she was speaking. Though in Los Angeles County, Carson is only a few miles away from Orange County, which is referred to as Reagan Country, because of it's very conservative and reasonably wealthy. And Reagan would get one of the highest percentage of votes in than county than any place else. Though Palin's folksy bit she does may not play well in that upscale county where you find Laguna Beach and Disneyland, (as well as a few Walmarts) they have lots of money for Republican candidates. So, if you are wondering if California is in play, it's not. Just like when Obama came to California earlier for the Barbara Streisand concert with celebrities, that was all about money. Today, Sarah is in Costa Mesa (which is in Orange County), for a $1000 a plate fund raiser.

Monty Chandler said...

As a life-long Republican I've never been so embarrassed.

Sarah's performance in the VP debate was astonishingly bad. Several questions were not even acknowledged, much less answered. I don't know what my fellow republicans were watching - but I'm nobodies cheerleader!!

After this weekends display of childish behaviour and ignorance I'm left with no other choice than to vote against my party. 33 years of voting, this will be the first!

No longer on the fence or undecided.

Since your blog is moderated, I don't expect this comment will ever see the light of another monitor.

D-Dub said...


Let me try to answer a few of your 10 questions.

1)How can conservatives like Brooks, Parker, Noonan, etc., conclude that Palin is an idiot after one interview with Katie Couric?

First off, I don't think they believe she is an idiot. I think they believe she is above her head. It wasn't one interview, but her many statements that were not prepared speeches that caused them to retreat. She too often avoided the answers or showed a total lack of understanding of the issues. The more she repeats what appears to be republican talking points instead of her own analysis of the issues, they will think she doesn't understand the issues. It's one thing to repeat an answer that was remembered, it's another thing to show you actually understand the issue. The Tiger Woods analogy really doesn't fit. Woods has missed many cuts, but has too many great moments where we know the missed cuts are exceptions and not the rule. Biden has made gaffes, but Biden has been around for years and has done hundreds of interviews where he has shown that he completely understands the issues. So, when Biden makes a gaffe, we know its the exception and not the rule. Palin hasn't proved that yet.

2)John playing footsie with Al Gore?

I don't understand what you are referring to.

3)Obama's Gestapo tactics in Missouri to stop NRA ads?

Because the ads mention things that are blatant lies, such as, Obama wants to band hunting rifles. Yes, there is Freedom of Speech, but it's not absolute. There is libel and slander and laws allow you to prevent libel and slander against you in court.

4)Sarah make more mention of shopping a Wal-Mart, etc?

The "I'm folksy Jane Sixpack, not elitist like you," is all she's being doing. She already has that vote. Pundits and voters reservations have been on her knowledge and understanding of the issues.

5)More reporting of Sarah's aunt accusing Obama's people of digging up personal dirt on Sarah in Wasilla and Sarah calling Obama on the tactic in speeches.

First off, candidates asking questions and digging up dirt on candidates is not an usuals practice. It would be foolish not to dig up personal dirt on your opponent. If each side had personal dirt, the other side is less likely to use it. It's not being reported because looking for information is not news. If they were to use the information, then Sarah could do what you want her to do in her rallies, accuse the Obama campaign of petty by using personal information. But if Palin were to complaining about Obama investigating without her opponent bring up the info first, she would be seen as petty and would be revealing the very information about her family they are looking for and some may believe that the information is true.

6)Biden 14 lies in the debate a factor on if he bested Palin?

First, 14 lies is debatable. Second, the pundits and the public view debates in two different ways. Pundits score it like a sports, looking for performance and who had the best one-liners. Pundits conclude who did the best in the debate. The public is asking based on the debate, who will make the best president, that's why the polls of the public thought Biden did best. Also, the 14 Biden lies is a talkng point that McCain campaign after the debate, is all over the internet and McCain/Palin supports have been repeating without investigating. (For example: OIL TAXES: Biden falsely said Palin supported a windfall profits tax in Alaska -- she reformed the state tax and revenue system, it's not a windfall profits tax. --- Now, you can all it "reformed" the state tax and revenue system. But that "reform" was increasing taxes on the profits (i.e. windfall profits) of oil companies and giving that money to the people.)

7)Who is George Soros and why he should be feared?

The George Soros card is an obsession of the right. Most people in the middle don't care know him or care. And if Palin is looking to have Soros use his money to target if she has to run for govenor later, targeting him right now would be the best way to do it.

8) Why didn't Republicans put up a true conservative during the primary.

I think what happened to the Republicans in this election is the opposite of what happened to the Democrats in 1992 when Clinton won. Leading up to the 92 election, George Bush, Sr. was in office and very popular after a successful war with Iraq much like George W. Because his poll numbers were so high, many established Democrats that people thought would run didn't because they thought they would lose for sure to the popular incumbent and were going to wait four more years. So, the younger candidates, like Clinton and Gore ran. But suddenly, the economy went into the tank and so did push Sr. poll numbers and Clinton won in a landslide.

Cut to 2007, Bush's poll numbers were so far in the tank because of Iraq, he's dragging his own party down. Everyone thought the war in Iraq would get worst by election time. Anyone who really seriously wanted to be president thought any Republican would be defeated based on the 2006 midterm loses and Hillary strong showing in the polls. So, the only Republicans that ran were McCain,(because of age, his last shot.)Huckabee, (who saw a void a a strong conservative in the field, Gulliani (who had to run while he was still popular before 9/11 bit runs out), Rommey (being a Mormon brought doubts to the base and a lot of establish party people just don't like him) a few other long shots and later Fred Thompson, (who was drafted because people were asking like you, Techno, where are the real conservatives. But was too late and unprepared). Little did the party know is that the Democrats would chose a little known African American with less than 3 years in the Senate. A lot of conservative Republicans are really kicking themselves now. I'm not a Republican, but, as you probably can tell, a Democrat. But when the primaries started, I was wondering the same thing about the Republican. As you can see, I understand why some were reluctant to run. But I don't understand why the Republican Party didn't chose a lesser known real conservative. When Clinton was elected, he wasn't well known before he ran.

9)Serious movement to dump Biden?

Not at all. Just like McCain isn't dumping Palin, Obama had less of a reason for dumping Biden. Calls to dump Palin was based on the performance of the candidate herself. Obama would have really looked panicked if he had dumped Biden whose qualifications were never called into question. That would have just shown bad judgment on Obama's part. Because McCain picked Palin, critics were questioning McCain's judgment.

10) Undecided break and the extent of the Bradley effect.

Many analysis have beens saying that on election day, the undecided will break McCain's way, at the most 70-30. But McCain's problem is, the closer we get to election day, there are less and less undecided. He would have to close the polls now to make it count. Also, more and more states have early voting, which is why organizing on the ground to get people to the polls early while his polls numbers or up before something can change his mind. Though many on the right have mocked his community organizing, Obama has actually taken that system and applied it to his campaign. Some are saying his organizing is as good if not better than the Rove/Bush organizing except Obama's is more a 50 state strategy where Rove was more of a hold the red states and grab the needed purple state.

When it comes to the Bradley effect, it's hard to tell. In the 80's when Tom Bradley ran for governor in California, white Americans were reluctant to tell pollsters that they would not vote for an African American. Realize, these were election day exit polls, so voters were coming out of the polls saying they had voted for Bradley when they really hadn't.

Now, many people don't seem to be reluctant to tell the pollster that they aren't going to vote Obama because he black. In fact, I read a story today in the Los Angeles Times where in Virginia, white Obama campaign workers and white United Mine Workers of America members who are campaigning for him, are bringing up race to help white voters get over their reservation about voting for someone black. They feel that if Democrats who have reservations talk to other Democrats who got over their reservations, they will be more likely to vote for Obama. In the primaries, there wasn't much of a Bradley effect going on that many can tell. But also, you Obama running against a woman, some people who would never vote for a woman over a man could have even things out with the Bradley effect. McCain putting Palin on the ticket may have soften the Bradle effect. Also, when Tom Bradley ran, race was more of an issue. The only recent statewide race you can test it was with Harold Ford in the Missouri senate race. He lost, but there didn't seem to be much of a Bradley Effect. Obama and Mass Govenor Patrick had African American opponents in their earlier races, so you can measure it there. But it will be interesting to see.

I hope that answered your questions, Techno. Would love to hear what you think.

Unknown said...

Nice try Liz, but I'm sure Palin never had your vote in the first place.

I think ACORN may become Obama's "Swiftboat". Here's one recent article:

Unknown said...

You have to be very pleased that the internet trolls are out.
They would not be here if they were confident of victory.
Techno's correct. It is only half time.
We will win. They know it.
Dick Morris' essay on Sarah's debate results was very complimentary, comparing her to Ronald Reagan.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

I'm glad to see the truth about the character issues of Barack Obama coming to the forefront. I am concerned with his relationships with Ayers and Rezko.

Yet, I think it's hugely important that voters understand he claims to be a Christian - yet says there are many ways to salvation (not Jesus Christ only)... AND all the truth about him being worshipped as "the One" in the videos plus more recent videos and his own speeches need to be revealed as real character issues.

I'm glad the gloves are coming off.

I'd also like to see clear reporting on the Democratic responsibility for the mortgage meltdown and Fannie/Freddie crisis.

I'm happier with how the campaign is going. Mask off! Obama. We need to see what Obama really associates with and stands for.

The McCain/Palin campaign is doing better.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


Well, look at it this way. If a man with ties to a US terrorist made it into office without his character being clearly defined - you might lose your freedom.

We don't care if you lose some "respect" for Sarah for telling the truth. What we care about is not allowing a man a free ride into the White House with the MSM not having done it's job.

Someone has to bring the truth about Ayers into the open - because Obama has lied again and again about this association.

He's a known US terrorist. Your American nation is on the line.

techno said...

Here is my attempt at 'bipartisanship'-ten subjects I do not wish to see discussed or do not consider worthy to be discussed in the political arena: 1) the charitable donations of candidates-who are we to say that somebody should have donated more? (Joe Biden vs Sarah Palin) 2) the lifestyle or living standards of the relatives of the candidates (Obama's half-brother in Kenya); 3)the children of the candidates; 4)the PHD dissertations of candidates or their wives or writings or essays as a student unless they advocated illegal activity or sedition; 5)previous marriages of the candidates; 6)claiming that a lawyer when providing counsel agrees with the ideology, belief system or values of his client (Fred Thompson); 7)a politician stating something is a joke or jesting and then his opponent using it against him (Obama mocking McCain for the song bomb-bomb-bomb-Iran); 8)the comments of a candidate's church leader inside church (Jeremiah Wright-I may be in the minority but I agree with McCain- what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, what goes on in church should stay there); 9)impugning a candidate's political motives based on his or her wealth or former occupation unless it can be proven unequivocably
(Dick Cheney and Haliburton); 10)when choosing a female VP the accusation of pandering or playing identity politics (you know who)

Mountain Mama said...

I've been on a trip for a few days, but am catching up here:

Thanks for giving me the quote I requested, Knowitall. Yes, 80% of what people recall about a speech or sermon aren't the ideas, but the speakers' facial expression and gestures---so SARAH WON the debate!

Too true, Mongo MP (in the earlier thread): we must do away with life tenure for district courts! McCain-Palin MUST WIN, else the Supremes and the district courts will go meta-liberal. Can't bear the thought!

Techno: I worry that McCain is resenting Palin's uber-popularity; he looked upset when she made the joke re. hearing Biden's speeches since 2nd grade. Palin is also signaling her independence and ambition: in the debate, she mentioned the untapped power of the VP role (ack! Too like Cheney there, whom most people abhor, though I love him), and she publicly stated she and Todd would love to go to Michigan, which the McCain campaign had ditched.
It's WRONG to hold her back, and she might break loose from their control completely soon if they don't knock it off and LET HER SPEAK on the conservative TV/radio circuit at least, including Rush.

BLESS you, Multipath, for reminding us to keep reading Lynette Long's insightful blogs. WOW, Palin stunned her and 10,000 others in LA, of all places!

YES, CDoyle! Republicans and/or conservatives MUST reach out more to youth, and Sarah Palin helps us there! Are we registering conservative voters as vigorously as Obambi is!?

Trueredhead & GraceExpl.: you betcha! ACORN is Obama's Achilles heel, along with his "radical chic" pals in Hyde Park (where I lived for 4 years, 2 blocks south of Obambi's house). Naturally, the liberal press slices up Palin's ministers, but ignores Obambi's paranoid pastor....

*** NOW --- GET THIS!
A friend who works in economics just wrote me:

<< I found out the reason Paulson wants total control [re. the bailout]: A Congressman Sherman from CA (who is actually a Democrat blue dog) offered an amendment to the bailout, requiring only US owned bad debt to be bought by the Treasury. Apparently hundreds of billions are held by foreign entities that wanted to get in on our derivatives highly leveraged market. Bush wouldn’t allow the amendment to be brought forward; hundreds of billions of the bailout will be going to China, Dubai, etc. That’s why Paulson wants no strings attached: they need to pay off their worldwide buddies, so they can land sweet deals like Bill Clinton got, with Dubai as their advocate and advisor.

Corruption makes me want to SCREAM!!!!!!!!

Hey, Thomas Paine: you always want people to stick to the truth. How about finding out more about the truth of this economic "rescue," okay?

techno said...

If you have read my various postings you know that I am a big Rush Limbaugh fan. For those of you who don't know Rush, since 1988, he has paved the way for conservative talk radio and other talk radio hosts such as Sean Hannity, Mark Levin,Laura Ingraham and Hugh Hewitt. Also many conservatives claim he was highly instrumental in the election of the Republican house majority in 1994; Rush currently enjoys a daytime audience estimated at about 20m;he is acknowledged as the number one talk show host in the history of America. He is like the Vatican or Yankee stadium, somewhere that conservatives should want to make a pilgrimage to visit to get their message out. He takes very few callers but I know if Sarah called in, he would take her call. Rush proclaims that he is an unabashed conservative and is not wishy-washy about what he believes or espouses. He admits that he tries to be as entertaining as possible so as to not bore his audience and keep them listening, but he also passionately asserts that he firmly believes what he says. Why the Lefties and liberals hate Rush or are driven crazy by Rush is that he not only profoundly disagrees with them on ideology and governing, but he also tells them where they have gone wrong in a rational, coherent argument but also at the same time provides sound conservative alternatives to the liberal ideology and insanity. Humorously, he claims he is right 98.8% of the time in terms of assessing politics, and after listening to him for many years I can't remember the last time he was blatantly wrong about what was going to happen. He was one of the first talk show hosts to promote Sarah for VP. Rush has also offended Republicans, all the way from the current President, Lindsay Graham, liberal and moderate Republicans and John McCain. Rush vigorously opposed McCain on the comprehensive immigration bill that was put before Congress last year, that George Bush also favored, and that was eventually voted down. He also opposed McCain on McCain-Feingold Campaign finance reform and McCain's assertion that global warming is totally man-made. Their clashes go way back. If I am wrong I apologize, but I don't think John likes Rush Limbaugh; John might even detest or loathe Rush, but that is speculation. However what I do know as of October 5, 2007 Sarah Palin has not been on the Rush Limbaugh program; I do not blame Sarah; I repeat--I do not blame her. You see, Sarah is a Reagan conservative, so is Rush. Again Rush boosted her to McCain for VP; Rush has recently called John McCain John McBrilliant for his choice of Sarah. Rush has also spoken highly of John's courage as a POW and has never claimed that John doesn't have the qualifications to be CIC. But apparently that's not good enough for John McCain. (Sarah has already appeared on Hugh Hewitt and Sean Hannity.) Apparently John still remains hostile towards Rush and adamant that Sarah, the darling of the conservative movement not appear on Rush's program so she can promote the McCain campaign's viewpoint to his 20m listeners. John, it breaks my heart to say this, but if you persist on being such an idiot on this subject, and persist in your attitude of harboring grudges and bearing animosity towards Rush this is a character flaw that will probably not maximize the potential passion of your campaign as Obama's character flaw in not being proud of America, not defending America's virtues before a worldwide audience and befriendlng a terroist who would destroy the American way of life should disqualify him from the Presidency. John, prove me wrong and allow Sarah to go on Rush's show. I will then retract what I have just said, but I will not until you lift the ban. For God sakes John, when does your campaign ever get an opportunity to make its case before 20m people! Suck it up John, and do the right thing, for America. For America, John. Country first!

Scott said...

i love obama's reaction to sarah palin questioning his past associations calling it 'erratic and dishonest'. This from a man who takes great effort in hiding his past from us and is taking greater efforts to win dishonestly in various states. Did anyone see Hannity's america last night? it was an hour long special on obama's association with various groups and people.

Patriot1776 said...

I have asked this and not gotten a respone.

We heard the RNC raised $66 million last month...ok, what on EARTH are they doing with it?

I live in what WAS a swing state of Pennsylvania - now RNC ads, no 527ads. We are flooded with Obama ads and the occasion John McCain ad.

Is this a result of McCain telling the RNC NOT to run ads on his behalf?

It just seems he is doing everything he can to shoot himself in the foot or as he says to 'run an honorable campaign'.

Take the gloves off; I thought he said he wanted us to FIGHT with him??

So, can someone tell me what the RNC is doing with the $66 million from last month?

canucktothesouth said...

First, this blog is moderated so that pretty well indicates no free speech here. Secondly, Gov Palin is a huge mistake for your country. Her political record, her "maverick" record, her " I am a tax cutter" record and her general awareness of international politics speak for themselves. I do agree with one thing though. She should write her own speeches, actually I think she should do all her talking off the cuff. That way her political career will be even shorter. You think the uSA is in trouble now, wait until Gov Palin takes over as President. You might as well rename your country to Zimbabwe. She did not "win" the debate, nobody wins a debate. She only showed the world that her grasp of politics, global economics, foreign policies and international relations is as thin as her looks and charm. I don't care whether she is male, female, dog, cat or a monkey, she is about as bad a choice for VP as one can get. Good luck and vote with your head, not with your heart.

jill said...

Article about and photo of Bill Ayers 2001. Standing on the American Flag.

Patriot1776 said...

This race is looking very very bad...the polls are bulging now, McCain is down big in OHIO!? 8pts in Rassmussen who I think is pretty good- the others, not so much.

I fear this whole thing is slipping away.

What a sad state of affairs we will be for the next for years.

Why did this 'economic' crisis blow up right when McCain started to build his lead in the polls? All seems a little strange to me.. Granted, he handle this terribly however.

It may be time to start looking at 2012 and the future - Palin, Jindal?

C Doyal said...

Glad to hear we're on the same page, mountain mama. I'm not sure that the younger generation is willing to "stick their necks out" since most have not experianced a depression or shown much interest in why it happened. Life has been too good for too many. 'Hope that lack of interest changes soon. Tough lessons on the horizon.

Sarah seems to understand the disconnection between those of us "making a living" and those just reaping the benefits of others labor, i.e. most politicians! She is not afraid to expose them which makes McCain a little nervous since he has been tiptoeing around them for years just trying to stay on the inside track. It's going to take some commitment from his colleagues on both sides of the aisle to "just say no!" to destructive policies. To his credit, McCain understands the "office politics" all too well but is aged enough to be willing to give it his all to attempt to stop the insanity in Washington. 'Just counting on the American people to recognize the opportunity here and get behind the McCain/Palin ticket. Surely it will be a difficult battle but with McCain and Palin at the top we may see those Congressmen who got in for the right reasons come out from under their desks to help correct many years of obvious neglect of the principles of our democracy. The future is definitely in the hands and on the shoulders of our young folks.

Luckily they have the incentive of many years ahead of them here in this great country. Let's not despair yet! The opposition has proven that the young people have the power to get a message out. We just need to help them recognize the right message to circulate. That shouldn't be too difficult since ours has history to back it up. Do the research -- learn the facts, then speak out before it is too late! Encourage your friends to do the same and don't vote in hast without a clear understanding of the consequences. Your vote this election may be the most important one in your lifetime. It's great to hear so much sensible talk from the informed college set! Thanks Adam, from the bottom of this old heart!

Ray said...

Free speech?

If I went on DailyKos, would I have free speech?

Shouldn't the people of Missouri have free speech in their own state?

Shouldn't a person have the opportunity to support his or her own candidate?

Why should those people be shouted down, ridiculed, and told they are voting like idiots, when it is obvious their side is the one with facts to back it up?

I see it as McCain-Palin supporters have their support though blogs and other things, and Obama-Biden have theirs, including the vast majority of the world MSM.

Yet, you cry about free speech.

No, I am not a conservative.

Ray said...

Yes, this race does look pretty bad right now.

Everyone believes the hype. When the economy falters (taxes will start with the upper class, but will make its way down through the middle class), Obama will run his re-election cmapaign on "It's Bush's fault." I can guarentee it.

Taxing the upper class, middle class, and businesses are the best ways to collapse a hurting economy. We would be extremely lucky to only have a recession, if Obama were president with a Dem Congress. The blue dogs in the Democratic party have little to no control.

Unknown said...

I appreciate most that Governor Palin understands not only Jesus Christ, but the issues. I also appreciate her statement that the McCain team, as a team of mavericks, is "not gonna agree on everything." I so much appreciate that Senator McCain has given her the freedom to be who she is and neither of them are afraid of it.

The amount of anger coming from the left concerning Governor Palin is hard to explain.

For our household, Sarah Palin has become our American Princess Di.

Mountain Mama said...

Colleagues on this Blogsite!

BILLIONS of this "bailout" money will go overseas, since the Dems and Bush (AWFUL!) blocked efforts to bail out US companies only.

So, what can McCain recommend that Bush and Congress do at ONCE to help this economy?

My BRIEF, SPECIFIC recommendation is that, if the market tanks too much in one day, then they close the stock market for a few days or more, as they did with the last stock crash. This gives brokers a chance to calm down and think!

What would YOU recommend?----and please be BRIEF and SPECIFIC!

Saur♥Kraut said...

Although I'm a Palin fan, and I would dearly like to declare her the winner, I can't. I wrote about my reasons here.

However, I think she made a valiant effort and did very well. Happily, she surprised many of the liberal pundits who were thirsting for her blood.

Incidentally, she was in our town today, and was well-received.

techno said...

The 3 legged stool of conservatism is laissez-faire economics and sound fiscal discipline, national security, and social conservatism. Sarah and John, Obama has presented you with 3 opportunities that will help you to destroy him and in so doing reaffirm your commitment to the 3 legged stool. First is to blame the Dems for Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac crisis and excoriate Obama for his take on socialism, higher taxes, and redistribution of income (the first leg); next is Obama's white flag of surrender in Iraq, his pronouncement that American flyers air-raid villages and kill civilians, his refusal to fund the troops, and his inadequacy to be CIC (the second leg); and finally is his association with radicals, Obama's agenda of social engineering, his promotion of early sex education for 5 year olds, his belief in infanticide, his deliberate attempt to take away gun rights, and that simply he does not envision the America that you were born into, that you know and love. (the third leg). Hit these themes hard for the next 28 days and let the chips fall where they may. As a final note in McCain's speech ripping the Dems for causing the sub-prime mess he used the term 'big lie'. Perhaps somebody from his campaign is reading this blog after all. Several days ago I pointed out how the 'big lie' was used in Nazi Germany and was promoted in Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and put into practice after 1933 to discredit or destroy anybody who was anti-Nazi.

12thMan said...

Mountain Mama said...

"Colleagues on this Blogsite!

BILLIONS of this "bailout" money will go overseas, since the Dems and Bush (AWFUL!) blocked efforts to bail out US companies only."

You know I'm kind of surprised, disappointed, appalled, and just about everything you can think of rolled into one as to why libs just don't get why Bush has been unpopular with conservatives, libertarian conservatives, indy conservatives (I fall somewhere in between the latter two) and so on and so forth. It's because he's basically become them. Take out the war and the tax cuts and I can't think of a thing to support him on, but I noticed this happening around the same time as McCain kicked his stupid bi-partisanship into hyperdrive (BP my @$$, he's shown he'll attack Billy Cunningham before he goes after a Democratic senator), kind of a mea culpa that he frankly never needed to make.

As Ted Nugent called him on the BC show last night, "The formerly great George Bush"

"So, what can McCain recommend that Bush and Congress do at ONCE to help this economy?

My BRIEF, SPECIFIC recommendation is that, if the market tanks too much in one day, then they close the stock market for a few days or more, as they did with the last stock crash. This gives brokers a chance to calm down and think!

What would YOU recommend?----and please be BRIEF and SPECIFIC!"

Gotta cop out and take the same route, but I'll expand on it. Everybody acts like this hasn't happened before. Hello! Wouldn't the headline 'Dow plunges below 10000 for the first time in four years' imply that this has happened before? 2004? 2000? 1996 anybody? Seems like there's a bit of a pattern here.

There won't be a 1930s style depression. Unless you think we haven't advanced any in 75 years.

"The fundamentals of the economy are strong", would somebody like to tell me what is in fact wrong with that statement? Not adhering to fundamentals (i.e. giving loans out when you know damn well you ain't gettin the money back) does NOT mean a lack of strength on their part), Sarah gave a decent defense of McCain, but it doesn't touch the surface. However, in her defense, if McCain ain't gonna fight for himself why should we?

Patriot1776 said...

"It may be time to start looking at 2012 and the future - Palin, Jindal?"

You're right, I would say a shot at 2010 but given the way the GOP botched the Senate last time out and apparently they still think getting "bi-partisan" (read: liberal) Repubs is the key, I'm not holding out hope for '94 redux unless there's a major change in..........wait for it.......FUNDAMENTALS. Gubernatorially, I think there's more than a good shot to change the 30/20 split. Jindal was a good start.

C Doyal said...




jill said...

Hasn't John McCain been on record calling the Keating thing the worst mistake of his life? Although he was exonerated two decades ago, he owns up to having made a bad judgment. He admits his mistakes! He said he regrets his failed first marriage. I can't imagine Obama admitting any failing. He's fine with Ayers, saying those acts were committed when he was a child of 8,and he was fine those two decades with Wright until it was no longer in his political interest to remain faithful. The arrogance is infuriating!

techno said...

Here's a line to use regarding Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorne. "It's bad enough for Obama to socialize and work with domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorne but do you think if Obama isn't elected he wouldn't be inviting these known terrorists to the Inaugural Ball where they can dance late into the night and toast each other knowing that their cause of radical revolution finally gained mainstream, positive recognition and do you think that Obama wouldn't give them the White House tour as they pass secret service guards they vowed to harm 40 years ago, inspect the White House furniture, carpets and china with disdain, scoff at the pictures of the former Presidents hanging on the wall and prepare themselves to sleep in the Lincoln bedroom as they delight in the fact that this is the most outrageous thing they can do to mock the good, decent people of America."

D-Dub said...


You asked what happened to the 66 million dollars the RNC raised in September and why aren't their ads for McCain in Penn.

The RNC uses the money for congressional and senate races. They can use some for McCain, but the RNC has a lot of seats to protect this year, partly because there are more Republican incumbents up for reelection this year and partly because some Republican seats that were once considered safe in the congress are not. 66 million may seem like a lot, but you have to remember, they are trying to lose as few seats in the congressional houses of congress as possible.

McCain has his own funding he has to rely on. Also, if the RNC sees thinks McCain is going down anyway, they aren't going to use their resources on him and not congress. Normally, they could rely on their biggest fund raiser, Bush, to bring in extra cash, but he's not leaving the White House much lately, these days.

12thMan said...

I think it's apparent to everybody here that SP isn't going to be sworn in as our next VP unless McCain gets serious about this thing, which is as far gone as Al Davis and Commitment to Excellence being used in conjunction with each other at this point.

So that said, much as everybody wants to see SP do a Tina Fey parody herself, I DON'T wanna see Sarah have anything to do with NBC period, cause I've had it with that blithering idiot Keith Dobermann (Countdown To No Ratings)

As per an email to Michelle Malkin:

"Olbermann, who I’m pretty sure NBC hired as a football analyst for their NFL show and not a left wing hack, had to rip off a Palin joke during his recap of the Buffalo/Arizona game. Noting a hard sack on Trent Edwards and how he had to be carried off the field, Olbermann said he would return, but “….he did say that he could see Russia from there.” Happened just before 8pm EST. He is such a loser!"

Knowing NBC will never fire this clown (it IS NBC after all), why should she have to lower herself to these clowns--like Brian " broken" Williams and go through that all over again?

Dobermann (and his femmy partner Danica Patrick) made SportsCenter into a running joke with all his (their) bad attempts at stand-up comedy, he was enough of a loser to do a stupid "falling off a house" joke last year THE SAME DAY Max McGee died from doing just that, there was his Bidenesque reference to the Rockies location in regards to Denver while playing a Devin Hester clip (nevermind the guy fumbles a lot too), and I'm not surprised to see him continue his sub-mediocrity this year.

Now, we know NBC didn't bring this clown over for his football analysis (he's not even in RUSH'S ballpark). Matter of fact he fits right in with all the dead weight on that show that Costas has to carry. No wonder NBC didn't have the NFL for eight years!

I'll proudly stick with Raible and Moon for the TB game on 10/19, thanks.

But I know everybody wants to see Sarah go on this whirlwind media tour, HELL WITH IT! Let her do exactly what she does, just more of it. In fact did anyone ever stop to think that Laurel and Hardy, er Gibson and Couric are what threw her off in the first place? And as far as "Well she needs to be open to the media.............", BS! THEY need to start working for us before they deserve anything!

technogeek, aka Steve from MN said...

Guess McCain's and Sarah's handlers don't listen.

I posted the other day warning that going after Ayers was a bad call because it opens up the Keating 5 at the worst possible time.

Also, Independents will be driven away from the polls.

Now watch the M/P polls plumet to base only. Nice one Steve Smith!

Her favorability numbers are dropping and will continue as she continues on about Terrorists.

Its the Economy Stupid! Remember what sunk Bush I?

Sarah, its a good time to "spend more time with your family". Bush's advisors are giving you horrible advice.

Having to defend Georgia and Indiana? Indiana hasn't voted Dem in 40 years.

Carole Spray said...


12thMan said...

technogeek said...

"Guess McCain's and Sarah's handlers don't listen.

I posted the other day warning that going after Ayers was a bad call because it opens up the Keating 5 at the worst possible time."

Sorry techno but this is BS. This should have been done all along, and besides, any lame Keating 5 attacks will force Sarah--and let's face it she's the only one that's gonna do it--to delve into Barry's Chicago record, which is about as spotless as Al Capone.

"Now watch the M/P polls plumet to base only"

Newsflash, they're there now because of McCain's sorry gameplan to this point.

"Her favorability numbers are dropping and will continue as she continues on about Terrorists."

Anyone stop to think that her numbers dropped between the RNC and the debate because she wasn't really DOING anything? This is why getting a chance to speak at the anti-Ahmadthejackass rally would have been huge, and Hillary/Jews for Hitler knew it. I doubt there's many undecideds left. And quite frankly, after "Barry's youth brigade" last week why SHOULD this be off-limits?

"Its the Economy Stupid! Remember what sunk Bush I?"

Hey if millions of people decided that Obama's this economic genius (regardless of the fact he has about as a much of clue as Bush does) all the sudden you just can't reinvent the wheel. Again, McCain's only had a year to do this. But his answer? "I'm an economic neophyte", "Those jobs aren't coming back", what do you do?

"Sarah, its a good time to "spend more time with your family". Bush's advisors are giving you horrible advice."

At the risk of the dreaded Kathleen Parker label, what makes you so sure Sarah's simply back on the RMTP plan especially since McCain would have nothing to do with this in the last nine months? And she's not just simply reserving her own spot on the campaign trail (although she really has it already) three years from now?

It's gotta be about more than just winning the election here, we should have had more than just Rush, Sean, Levin, Cunningham bringing this up from the get-go.
Better late (before TOO late) than never.

Ray said...

Kelly O'Donnell is the only person on NBC that deserves to have her job.

I cannot think of anyone else.

techno said...

The trolls are back in force: I wonder why; perhaps it's because McCain has gained 6 points on Hotline in the last 3 days, 3 points on the Battleground poll as of yesterday, and 2 points on the Rasmussen poll as of yesterday. Zogby today shows it 47-45 for Obama and CBS and Democracy Corps came out on Monday showing only a 3 point margin in favor of Obama. My friends, I don't have a clue what is going to happen but I do believe this is now a fight to the finish. As a I wrote on another blog- who would you wager more money on: the elitist from Chicago or the moosehunter from Alaska?