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Friday, October 10, 2008

Half-Baked Alaska with A.C.O.R.N. Glaze

Well, we’re still waiting for the release (or lack thereof) of the Branchflower report on the Troopergate circus. I don’t really want to go into too much detail until we know more but I do want to offer some thoughts:
I personally doubt this will happen, but let’s say we end up with a “worst-case” scenario where most of the “allegations” against Palin are deemed to be true. Even in that case, I have difficulty discerning a crime. Legally, you can’t say that Commissioner Monegan was wrongly fired. First, he wasn’t dismissed. He was offered a reassignment, which he refused. Second, a Commissioner can be legally dismissed for any reason or even no reason. If I recall, they’re no longer even investigating that angle.
So, if it’s not about Monegan, maybe it’s about Todd Palin’s undue influence on his wife’s administration. Again, there’s no crime there. The governor can choose whoever she wants as an advisor, and numerous first spouses have had as much, if not more, influence than Todd Palin. Nancy Murkowski, Todd’s predecessor, admittedly had a VERY large role in her husband’s administration.
So, if it’s not about Todd, maybe it’s about the idea that Sarah used her power to pressure the department of Public Safety to fire Trooper Mike Wooten. I’m guessing that this is the actual focus of the “investigation”, but there are a lot of pitfalls there as well. I don’t have a link ready, but I remember reading somewhere that the legislators running this show originally said that pressuring for the dismissal of Wooten would be within the governor’s rights if she believed that he genuinely was a bad trooper. So, in order for the kangaroo court to find any wrongdoing, they would have to prove that Sarah not only applied direct pressure to fire Wooten (an accusation which already seems to have been debunked), but also that she disbelieved her own assertion that Mike Wooten was a bad trooper and a threat to public safety. First off, that’s a rather extraordinary burden of proof for the investigator; and second, I think it’s painfully clear that Trooper Wooten is no saint (I would point to his numerous official reprimands). Now, I’m no lawyer, but from what little I know, there objectively should be no case. The only thing they could potentially do is accuse somebody of trying to cover up a crime that…well…was never a crime to begin with.

Now, let’s compare this farce to some of the recent events involving the Obama campaign. Obviously, there’s the Willaim Ayers issue, on which Obama has shifted his position (he now says he knew of Ayers’ terrorist activities but believed that he had be ‘rehabilitated’). That’s worse than Troopergate to begin with in my mind, but most of those associations do go back a little farther than Palin’s issues with Mike Wooten, so let’s deal with something a little more current: A.C.O.R.N. If you’ve been reading the news, you should know that A.C.O.R.N, a community organizing network, is in a lot of hot water for voter fraud. Not only has Barack Obama associated with them in the past, his campaign paid $800,000 to an A.C.O.R.N. -affiliated organization back in the primaries. Now, as it comes to light that A.C.O.R.N is responsible for thousands of false voter registrations in numerous states, Sen. Obama is trying to backpedal. The conservative media and the Republican Party are getting mad, but the “mainstream” people don’t even seem to think that A.C.O.R.N. is even relevant. We’re talking about an organization that is actively trying to rig votes for Obama, which is a much bigger deal than trying to get a bad trooper fired, but I don’t hear anyone in the press screaming for an investigation. Maybe they’re just too busy camping out in the Alaska State Capitol.


Mountain Mama said...

You got THAT right, Adam!
The MSM is NEVER going to treat Sarah Palin fairly, contrasted with how they treat Obama!
They want him to win, not her!
Talk about abuse of power......

huskyonspeed said...

Kind of an interesting report. Palin "abused power", even though she didn't benefit financially or in any direct way. I don't think it is wrong for a governor or anyone else in a position of power to try to get a bad guy fired from his job.

techno said...

definition of chutzpah: an Acorn rep coming on TV just after a report by Drew Griffin of CNN that 40% of 5000 voter registrations submitted in Atlanta (so far) are fraudulent and the rep claiming that ACORN has done nothing wrong, that they are non-partisan and also register those who want to want Republican.

12thMan said...

Heh, "abuse of power" even though what they actually were trying to get her for they couldn't, so they had to make something up. Again, we're supposed to believe that Sarah hired this bozo just so she could have bozo #2 legally fired (bozo #2 and Sarah's sis had only been divorced for over a year, but who's counting?), and kept him on for 18 months after he was unwilling the first time. OK.............

I don't blame my fellow 12thMen/Hawkers North who voted for any of these morons if they're having a serious feeling of self-doubt right now.

Larry Jackson said...

I really don't see that Governor Paling did anything wrong. Is it a crime to be concerned about someone such as Trooper Mike Wooten? If it is, then it shouldn't be.

Here is My Take!

Scott said...

it was funny and yet frustrating to see how much alan colmes was trying to make a big deal out of this tonight on hannity and colmes.. (and he hadn't even had time to read it) i can just imagine kieth olbermann, he's probably sleeping with the thing.....

keslia said...

So Palin legally fired Monegan. Duh. It was an at-will firing from her cabinet.

The irony: Branchflower found an "abuse of power" because of the actions of Gov. Palin's spouse that were based on an alleged grudge against Wooten.

BUT, Branchflower's WIFE worked for Monegan just a few years ago and publicly praised Monegan.

Therefore, based on Branchflower's own "reasoning," I hereby declare that Branchflower abused his authority to satisfy his grudge against Palin for firing his wife's friend.

techno said...

Just re-read all the postings from Aug 29 and September 3 (evening). They reveal how excited we all were when we learned of Sarah's selection and so blessed to hear her make a great speech. It is now 23 days to election day. For those of you who support Sarah wholeheartedly, I propose we rededicate ourselves to muster up the passion that we had for her just 43 days ago and do whatever we can to get her and John elected. We must keep telling ourselves, whatever the polls may indicate, that it is not over. We must become blog warriors, in our way advancing their cause and getting the word out to why this ticket must be elected. Finally have faith in Sarah that she can take Obama down. On Sept 3 she did it in an hour. Now she has 3 weeks to do it and she's got a lot more ammunition in her gun: Ayres, Dohrn, the Annenberg project, Khalidi, Rezko, ACORN, Franklin Raines/Jim Johnson, Odinga (Kenya) and perhaps the Iraq situation where Obama tried to undermine George Bush in regards to keeping the troops in Iraq. If Rezko talks or ACORN gets indicted and either one takes Obama with them it will be a whole new ball game.

Valley Girl said...

FYI: The Legislative Council didn't meet at the State Capitol in Juneau. They met at the legislative office building in downtown Anchorage.

Everyone knew Palin was under investigation for abuse of power when McCain chose her. This was a chance he took.

CalledOut said...

I just saw a picture of some of those on the panel that was doing the investigation....and among them I see the huge, cinder block -shaped head of none other than Lyda Green...a long time apponent of Palin. This whole thing stinks to high heaven.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Troopergate is minor compared to the Acorn issue. Manipulating the elections if far more frightening then firing a commissioner whom you have a right to fire.

Toni Foulkes, a member of Acorn’s National Association Board, confirmed that Obama’s post-law school "Project VOTE" was undertaken in direct partnership with Acorn. Obama was also a key figure in Acorn’s annual leadership-training seminars. Obama was also always supportive of Acorn’s signature issues in the Illinois State Senate and introduced Acorn-friendly legislation on living wage and banking practices. These banking practices included FORCING BANKERS to give loans to people that couldn't afford them.

Palin's errors in judgement pale next to Obama's. So do McCain's.
1. The Palin ethics inquiry concluded that Palin was 'proper and lawful' in firing a state commissioner - but failed to keep her husband from meddling in the trooper's discipline.
2. McCain was also cleared of impropriety but criticized for poor judgment.
3. Four of the Keating five were Democrats.

In fact, so distressed was McCain about the Keating affair that he went on to introduce legislation to try to prevent that type of thing from happening again.

I used to say that what was great about America is that we all get one vote. Apparently that isn't so anymore. Several in America have already had more than their share of votes this month. This is what's really frightening. Troopergate is nothing compared to that.

manajordan said...

I think that Sarah could actually use this whole mess to her advantage. She should hold a press conference and say that she is going to something that Sen. Obama has been unwilling to do and that is directly address the conflict. She should then read from the report that she released on Thursday. The only thing the media reported about that was that she cleared herself, they did not report what it actually said. She should answer every question that is thrown at her about it, and even encourage questions about it.

Matthew said...

The AP story in this morning's paper seems to contradict itself over whether Palin violated the law:

Investigator Stephen Branchflower, in a report to a bipartisan panel that looked into the matter, found Palin in violation of a state ethics law that prohibits public officials from using their office for personal gain.

Monegan's firing was lawful, the report found, but Palin let the family grudge influence her decision-making — even if it was not the sole reason Monegan was dismissed.

And the rest of the story repeats the claim that she violated the ethics law.

It says Palin supporters wanted them to hold off on the investigation until after the election to avoid embarrassment. Wasn't our wish, rather, that they wouldn't accelerate the process and bias the results in order to produce an October surprise?

momprayn said...

Adam, love your "title" on this one - you're very creative! also didnt know you were Jewish - blessings!(I'm very pro Israel like Sarah) I don't think this Troopergate thing will amount to anything. What I think may is the Acorn mess (not to mention all the others). Even giving Obama the benefit of the doubt, what does this say about his lack of good judgement, wisdom, naivete. Dangerous! Hope they keep pushing that loud and clear, plus showing how he/Dems attributed to this market crash. But unfortunately, don't think there are that many in this country who are wise enough and/or "conservative" enough - too many going around like non-thinking zombies - don't think things through and don't WANT to; uninformed. Too many. Even Republicans voting for Obama! It's crazy. But, don't give up - things can change quickly sometimes! (Techno - ditto and Lisa - right!)

Jan said...

The local newscaster last night said Sarah "unlawfully abused her power." They did go on to read the statement that she did not do anything unlawful, but they led with that statement. I have to write them this morning.

I don't think either Sarah or Todd did anything wrong. Sure, Todd tried to get Wooten fired, but I haven't heard anybody deny that he's a bad cop. And really, how many men wouldn't try to protect their family? Every good man I know would do everything they could think of to make sure their family was safe.

The CBS Early Show this morning had both a democrat and republican rep on there to talk about this. Both agreed this would be discussed over the weekend and be a dead issue by Monday. The republican said even this morning that the show led with the economy and not troopergate, so the economy still seems to be the key issue.

I saw Hannity and Colmes last night also, and I do think that McCain needs to disassociate himself with Bush. Just say "I'm not Bush" and explain how he's different. On O'Reilly they were also talking about commercials and Obama has one saying McCain will have lobbyists running his cabinet (or something to that effect--I was on the phone in another room). So who would Obama have on his cabinet? His buddy from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac? Since neither one has named their cabinet, it's silly, but apparently the Obama one is effective. Since the economy is the huge issue, though, I'd sure be reminding people of that connection--ALOT.

Mountain Mama said...

KESLIA! WOW! This is important information, that the wife of Branchflower (investigator of Troopergate) formerly worked for Monegan (Gov. Palin's accuser in Troopergate)! Gee, I wonder why the MSM hasn't mentioned this KEY fact!? (Wait---I forgot: they're Jerks in the tank for Obambi!)

What's key also is that Monegan constantly undercut Gov. Palin's authority. He even took several trips to Wash., DC on his own to wheedle Congress for funds that Gov. Palin had pointedly told him to cut (just as she'd had others cut the fat from their depts.).

What gov't official could take THAT kind of bucking authority for long? Monegan is lucky Gov. Palin even offered him another job!

You're SO right, as always, Adam: we need to read this report carefully. I'm skeptical: Branchflower believes the Palins' weren't truly concerned about Trooper Wooten's threats vs. their family: HOW DOES BRANCHFLOWER KNOW this? Pretty presumptuous of him; MOST people are scared of "mean drunks" who make threats!

Techno, I agree: it ain't over! McCain-Palin can still win, and we need to keep praying!

McCain needs to BE PASSIONATE, not to attack, but to encourage Americans; make specific suggestions, such as "EVERYONE: buy a piece of stock on Monday! Many sell for just a few bucks! Buy one, so we ALL have a share and an interest in the market."

What other positive measures should McCain suggest?

And why was Gov. Palin crying yesterday (or the day before), when she was wearing a grey suit? Anyone know? PRAY for them all!

techno said...

There's some talk on the internet that some Obama supporters are beginning to question Obama's ties with ACORN and may defect. Apparently it's all right for Obama to pal around with Rezko and Ayres and Khalidi, favor radical education brainwashing in public schools, favor quasi-infanticide, and to go to Kenya and help his cousin who favors ethnic cleansing get elected but it is not all right for Obama to countenance and abet voter fraud. Perhaps for Obama this may prove to be a bridge too far that may lead Obama to travel to a bridge from nowhere. Tells me a lot about the morals and values of Democrats.

12thMan said...

I'll summarize this whole thing from a post read on FreeRepublic last night:

They spent $100,000 to possibly fine Sarah $5,000? LAME

While it's obvious that McCain still wants to win about as much as my school (EWU) wants to beat Montana today, Barry's nowhere close to being out of the woods yet, what with Tony Rezko still hanging over him. That and he still isn't polling the majority. Some messiah..................

CalledOut said...

Here is the website, of REPUBLICAN Lyda Green, who has been so instrumental in tarnishing Govonor Palin. It has her contact info, including email, just in case anybody cares to drop her a note to "thank" her for all she has done.

alyssa said...

It's SO obvious that Lyda Green person is very jealous of Gov. Palin. This whole investigation was politically motivated. I hope voters spend more time looking into serious issues like ACORN and all the voter registration fraud going on. I live in Ohio and hear people calling in on the local radio shows almost daily about ACORN reps bribing them with beer, cigarettes and food in exchange for multiple voter registrations.

techno said...

Folks, before they remove it from You Tube you all have to see this video: "Obama caught saying ACORN and friends will shape his presidency." in which Obama is asked a question what he would do in his first 100 days as President. Instead Obama says: "Before I get inaugurated, during the transition, we're going to be calling on all of you to help us shape the agenda; we're going to be having meetings all across the country with community organizations so you will have input in the agenda of the next Presidency of the United States." December 1/2007 at a meeting of ACORN.

Friend08 said...

Once again, I appreciate the posts on this blog!

I, too, believe that the 'Troopergate' issue is of relatively little concern in comparison to Senator Obama's questionable tendency to, in the least, disregard the unsavory acts and words of the people he associates with - however casually...

Having said that, I'm going to turn away from these items and change the subject to policies. I firmly believe that the more voters can come to understand these policy differences, the better things will bode for McCain/Palin!

In the interest of informing the public, below are links to a couple of substantive (if right-leaning) articles in the Weekly Standard regarding the Economic and Health Care plans of the candidates - written in simple, straight-forward language:



multipath said...

Techno -- Can't the u tube stuff be preserved by downloading it?

CalledOut said...

alyssa said...
It's SO obvious that Lyda Green person is very jealous of Gov. Palin. This whole investigation was politically motivated.

Lyda Green has been trying to discredit Govornor Palin for years. Google her.

techno said...

Just read a story on Times of London and Hot Air that there is major dissension in the McCain camp first between the strategists and also between McCain and Sarah on Sarah being too rough on Barack while she is stirring the pot, but the gist of the story is that Mark Salter, long-time friend and advisor to McCain, wants his boss 'to lose with honor' rather than resort to dirty tactics. Isn't it interesting that a story like this is written the same day a poll in Ohio shows McCain 2 points ahead and a poll in NC also shows McCain 2 points ahead and Zogby shows McCain only 4 points down. I thought that Obama was already preparing his inaugural address and that his victory was inevitable. Why should reporters then care about the state of the McCain campaign and attempt to drive a wedge between John and Sarah? I thought Sarah wasn't having any effect on the poll numbers, that she was just a pretty bimbo. Folks, as I have said earlier this contest is going to come down to a one-on-one contest between Sarah and Barack. Biden and John are virutally non-factors in moving the numbers appreciably. As I see it, the only way that Sarah doesn't have a chance to beat Barack is that the story is true and John does hamstring her efforts to bring the heat to Obama. John, if you do that then you are a bigger fool that I think you are and the Republicans all across the country will never forgive you for such an act. So John I'm going to assume you still want to win and you will allow Sarah to do her thing. God help America if you don't.

Scott said...

i just hope obama's people have enough class (dare i say it) not to use McCain's defense of obama at that rally against him.

Scott said...

"""Techno -- Can't the u tube stuff be preserved by downloading it?""

yeah google "youtube download" and you'll find a bunch of sites where you enter the youtube link and it will allow you to download it.. i just downloaded it and sent it to every media contact on my list attached in an email so it's not going away.

knowitall said...

Well, you are too late. Senator Obama used it against John McCain.

McCain/Palin were compared to the racist George Wallace (who, by the way for you trivia fans, won the Massachusetts primary in 1972, the year MA voted for McGovern ... you can look it up).
Sen McCain asked for an apology from Sen Obama who took the opportunity to say this:

"Senator Obama does not believe that John McCain or his policy criticism is in any way comparable to George Wallace or his segregationist policies. But John Lewis was right to condemn some of the hateful rhetoric that John McCain himself personally rebuked just last night, as well as the baseless and profoundly irresponsible charges from his own running mate that the Democratic nominee for President of the United States 'pals around with terrorists.' As Barack Obama has said himself, the last thing we need from either party is the kind of angry, divisive rhetoric that tears us apart at a time of crisis when we desperately need to come together. That is the kind of campaign Senator Obama will continue to run in the weeks ahead."

Mr. McCain, you asked for it.
Does anybody have an aleve? I have a terrible headache

Mountain Mama said...

Senator McCain:
Please ignore your staffers who think that giving negative information in unbiased ways is still "dirty tactics!" Fire those nuts!
All people want is PURE INFORMATION, honest and unbiased.
Please give clear facts in commercials, without using a terrified- or snotty-voiced narrator!
Just TELL THE TRUTH clearly about Obama's whacky-left beliefs: educating kids more about rebelling against authority than learning math or history, etc. (ie. the Saul Alinksky method) + how Obama meted out the MILLIONS of $$$ Ayers got for A.C.O.R.N.!

Americans will DETEST that stuff!

Don't say a WORD in commercials; let OBAMA or his associates speak about their relationships and beliefs! They'll ruin themselves!

Have them tell about their friendships (Louis Farrakhan and Fr. Phleger), shady deals (Rezko), and socialist/anti-American beliefs (Rev. Wright).

And TELL FACTS to save Sarah Palin's reputation! The Palins were worried about their ex-bro-in-law for YEARS before she became governor! He was censured at work several times: tell why! (drunk, etc.)

Stick up for those who are innocent, like Sarah Palin.
THEN WE WILL WIN the election, because Americans don't WANT a leftist like Obama!

knowitall said...

that's the truth, mountain mama

Hazel-rah said...

Mountain Mama, the McCain campaign have pulled back on the smear against Obama because if they don't the campaign is finished. Over.
They have an army of people polling constantly. They've done the math.
This campaign cannot be won on innuendo. It's not what Americans want. It might be what you want, but a lot of people do care about the issues.
With an eye to his legacy, McCain too does not want his honor tainted by either winning or losing on a wave of ignorant hate. He's a better man than that.
America is a better country than that.

techno said...

Two significant events that happened this week were that the NRA endorsed McCain and James Dobson went on his radio program and endorsed McCain. The MSM have given these endorsements short shrift but in the scheme of things this is huge.

techno said...

10 disappointments regarding the McCain campaign since Sarah was selected Aug, 29: 1) the narrative given Sarah that she is conversant with foreign affairs because she is President of the National Guard of Alaska, Alaska's proximity to Russia and that she has a son going to Iraq, consigning Sarah to the mockery of SNL and late-night comics; 2)the natural, charismatic Sarah being stifled by the people in the McCain campaign until the 'free Sarah campaign was launched; 3) the McCain campaign not allowing Sarah to go on right-wing talk radio first to get her feet wet, but instead throwing her into the lion's den of Gibson and Kouric; 4)the Republican house members voting down the first bailout package-could have given McCain more credibility as a leader; 5)John McCain's 2nd debate in not taking it to Obama; 6)Sarah's first interview (spread over 5 days) with Couric--I still maintain she was at a low point in her energy level and worn down and thus not on her mental game that day (look at her smile-very little charisma); 7)John McCain not naming names in the sub-prime scandal; 8)Carly Fiorina and Tucker Bounds: too many mistakes or not convincing; 9)Fox News behaving like AP running with the 'abuse of power' angle where it was also written that Sarah violated no law and she was within her right to reassign Monaghan; 10)John schedule not being updated in a more speedy fashion when the info is already on the internet elsewhere. Having said all this fortunately nothing has, I believe, proven to be fatal: John McCain still has time to develop a backbone and take it to Obama and Sarah has the opportunity to still take Obama down in the next 22 days. We're now approaching the middle of the 3rd quarter-let's finish the 3rd quarter only a touchdown (3 points) behind.

Mountain Mama said...

Mr. Hazel-Rah:

Please READ what is clearly printed here. I specifically wrote that Senator McCain should tell the truth, clearly, without bias or hiring narrators for commercials who use snotty or threatening tones of voice.

How do you manage to twist my encouraging truth and clarity into supporting, as you erroneously state:
- a "smear against Obama,"
- "innuendo,"
- not caring about "the issues,"
- not caring if McCain has "tainted" his "honor,"
- or spreading "ignorant hate."

YOU don't like it, so you yourself SMEAR what I clearly wrote.

The TRUTH is that for many years Obama has befriended a bunch of FAR leftwing folk! His pastor of 20+ years believes a socialistic liberation theology, and SCREAMS insults against America and white folk FROM THE PULPIT! He said that America created the AIDS virus to commit genocide against people of color!? GET REAL!
How could Obama allow his children to hear that bunk year after year!?

Obama doled out $50,000,000 to teach kids radical anti-American "teaching" when Obama was the direct EMPLOYEE of Wm. Ayers, an unrepentant terrorist who OPENLY STATES that he wishes he'd have committed MORE terrorist acts against America! And I haven't even mentioned most of the other horrible associates of Obama.......

Why don't YOU face reality, Mr. Hazel-Ray? READ about Obama----and then comment fairly about what you read on blogs.....

12thMan said...

I gotta disagree bigtime with some of these,

"1) the narrative given Sarah that she is conversant with foreign affairs because she is President of the National Guard of Alaska, Alaska's proximity to Russia and that she has a son going to Iraq, consigning Sarah to the mockery of SNL and late-night comics;"

Being a strong opponent of Ahmedthejackass already puts her one up on some of our more experienced "foreign statesmen", like Joe Biden (no gaffes there right?) and his president/VP running mate.

"2)the natural, charismatic Sarah being stifled by the people in the McCain campaign until the 'free Sarah campaign was launched; "

Ah, the "free Sarah" myth, which was echoed by many libs, Tom Paine, and so-called conservatives like Kathleen Parker. You know this is directly contradicted by your "low energy Sarah" contention (which was mine as well).

"3) the McCain campaign not allowing Sarah to go on right-wing talk radio first to get her feet wet, but instead throwing her into the lion's den of Gibson and Kouric;"

Agreed there since McCain's always been a huge lover of the lefties (and obviously isn't a friend of Rush, Sean, Levin, Bill Cunningham, or whomever else has called him out for the far-less-than-conservative that he is), but you knew this going in.

"4)the Republican house members voting down the first bailout package-could have given McCain more credibility as a leader;"

Um, come again? Sorry, CMR (Cathy McMorris-Rodgers) earned my vote because she voted this crap down both times. Besides, why did the 'Rats need the House conservatives' vote if they thought this bill was such an easy sell?

"5)John McCain's 2nd debate in not taking it to Obama;"

Again, you knew this going in. Mr. Straight Talk will savage Rudy, Romney, or anyone else with an -R next to their name before ever even thinking about going after someone he thinks would make a great president (Barry, Hillary)

"6)Sarah's first interview (spread over 5 days) with Couric--I still maintain she was at a low point in her energy level and worn down and thus not on her mental game that day (look at her smile-very little charisma);"

See #2, which is why she needed to do what we all do when it just ain't workin, go out to the ranch for a couple days and chill. Problem solved. Was I the ONLY one who saw this and didn't think it was a big deal? Hell, who other than some media-worshipping troll even cares about the Couric interview at this point? Now (much like SNL will be if they don't have Sarah to leech off of) CBS is back to their usual audience of no one watching the news.

"7)John McCain not naming names in the sub-prime scandal;"

See #3 and #5

"8)Carly Fiorina and Tucker Bounds: too many mistakes or not convincing;"

Does that matter? Are Barry's supporters there because everyone fawns all over David Axeldork?

"9)Fox News behaving like AP running with the 'abuse of power' angle where it was also written that Sarah violated no law and she was within her right to reassign Monaghan;"

See this is why I always laugh when your typical lib complains about Fox being "right-wing", 1)why yes that COMPLETELY is an affront while we should just ignore the other eight outlets that are so far left-leaning they could win a NASCAR race and not even have to enter a car, 2)I never considered Fox to the right anyway, they're still ratings-mongers just like the rest, and they still have too many braindead libs (Beckel, Juan Williams) to be considered right-wing anyway

"10)John schedule not being updated in a more speedy fashion when the info is already on the internet elsewhere."


Just tell me YOU'RE not gonna start running scared too, k?

Hazel-rah said...

Please calm down. I was not twisting anything. I was making an observation:

The fact is that "smear" is how it looks to many people... and that could lose McCain the election. That was the point I was making.

McCain sees that, hence the back-off. He doesn't say Obama is a "decent person" just to be honest... he's in damage control.

Of course... what if we considered the possibility that McCain means what he says, and he actually thinks Obama is really a decent person with whom he disagrees with in a civil political fashion? hmm...

Hope you're having a great day.

12thMan said...

"the McCain campaign have pulled back on the smear against Obama because if they don't the campaign is finished. Over."

The truth is not a smear.

Of course 20 years later we're supposed to accept that the detailing of Loser, The's (aka Michael Dukakis) weekend furlough program that resulted in a rape and an assault was nothing more than a racist smear.

"but a lot of people do care about the issues."

Yes, that's why 1/2 the same people are voting for Barry, cause he CLEARLY knows the issues (or at least he's put a lot of thought into them). Yep, innuendo isn't important............

"With an eye to his legacy, McCain too does not want his honor tainted by either winning or losing on a wave of ignorant hate."

What legacy? Right now, his legacy's McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy (failure thank god), Gang of 14, McCain/(insert numbskull dem) instead of the Reagan foot soldier he's claimed to be. War hero or not.

"America is a better country than that."

Remember this November 4th when we have to endure the possibility of a man whose ENTIRE LEGACY was built up in the home of a Pentagon bomber being in charge of our Armed Forces.

multipath said...

Thanks Scott for that YouTube download information. I'm now ready to distribute it.
Also James Dobson has a multi-million USA audience who are family values committed and were strongly leaning away from McCain ever since Dobson said he would never vote for McCain last summer-pretty dumb I thought considering the alternative. Now since he chose Palin and his recent McCain endorsement this, as techno said, should be huge. His political action group (to which I contribute) is also sending out a hard copy of his endorsement statement to millions of voters in the swing states I believe.

Scott said...

does anyone here live in colorado springs, or colorado in general? and can email jan martin on the city counsil who is planning to vote obama rather than usual republican because of the economy..

i think james dobson also lives in that area..

Scott said...


i was trying to find out why dobson originally said he wouldn't support McCain and couldn't find anything aside from a small quote saying "he doesn't support traditional marriage".. is that what it was back in FEB.?

techno said...

With 22 days to go I think it's time to get down to brass tacks of the reality of political campaigns and outcomes. Now what I am about to say is based on the assumption that McCain still wants to be President. 1) By any measure McCain is down at least 5 points nationally in the polls but this may not be reflected in the electoral vote count. The reason is that the huge black vote in the densely populated urban North-East and California will earn Obama higher margins of victory but the fact is it does NOT change the electoral count per state won here,Yes we could have another Gore-Bush situation but let's cross that bridge when we come to it; 2)McCain has remained competitive in the red states Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Colorado and Nevada and is competing in the blue states of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Maine with NH an outside possibility. To turn these 'Bush 2004 red states' is a chore but not impossible. 3) traditionally voters under 25 (a strong Obama base) have not turned out to vote as the numbers would suggest and in every election pundits say 'this is the election that will change that perception'; 4) traditionally the US Presidential election is lucky to get a 50% turnout; in Canada for example it's close to 65-70%; 5)after 3 weeks of Sarah attacking Obama, will his soft voters still go to the polls and conversely because of their love for Sarah will everybody in the pro-life, evangelical community, Reagan conservative community vote? 6)the Bradley effect among Democrats: a poll taken about a month ago suggests that 1/3 of working-class Democrats might not vote for Obama; 7) PUMAS telling their supporters to lie to pollsters; 8)the bulk of the undecided vote, if Sarah has anything to say about it, will not go to Obama; 9)the impact of ACORN vote fraud and its ties to the sub-prime mortgage crisis or Fitzgerald bringing indictments on ACORN or Obama; also the disqualification of Acorn registrations in the battleground states may lead to lesser vote fraud and a fairer contest. 10)the decency of Americans asking themselves this question: Do you really want to vote for somebody who has ties to an organization that perpetrates voting fraud and caused the sub-prime mess, who sympathizes in left-wing educational and transformational philosophy with a former domestic terrorist, who is a close friend with someone who is vehemently anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian, who in a political campaign overseas supports a man who is aligned with radical Islam and favors ethnic cleansing, and who has close, questionable ties to a convicted slumlord now in prison?

Mountain Mama said...

Knowitall, Techno, and Trueredhead, you make my day.

I would also appreciate hearing from bloggers whose insights I appreciated when Sarah was first selected:

yomi mizuhara

What say you about the election currently? How is the McCain-Palin ticket doing in your area?

I'm concerned that McCain might be giving up----but I know Sarah wants to win! I wish they would unleash her. Do you think they are waiting to do so, to create that last-few-weeks' wave to ride into success? If so, are they waiting too long?

Larry Jackson said...

I believe the truth needs to be put out about Obama, but the negative campaigning is turning off some voters, I am afraid. McCain clearly isn't comfortable doing it, but I suppose he has been told by his campaign staff that it is the only way he is going to win. I really wouldn't know what to tell him to do.

Ray said...

McCain cannot go too hard on Obama, or it will create an unhealthy wrath among a minority of McCain supporters (every group has its jerks). Such a thing can lead to physical violence. It will also let the media display McCain as a hater and abusively negative.

People will not vote for Obama, if they knew and acknowledged the truth. However, the idea of McCain and Palin being evil through attacks is very real, in many people's minds.

On the Mid-Atlantic: Here in NJ, MCain is only having trouble, because he is having trouble nationally. He is down about 8-9 points, but he is down about 5-6 nationally. It's similar in PA. He has to bring up the national numbers to have a shot in either. NY, DE, MD, and DC are not going to happen, even if McCain wins by 5 points nationally.

Locally, (Burlington and Camden counnties, which are near Philly)there is not a lot of enthusiasm, from what I have seen for either candidate. People are much more invested in local and other federal elections. Camden County is Democratic. Burlington County is generally slightly Republican on local elections and Democratic on presidential elections.

Scott said...

obviously since McCain's comments Chris Dodd has become quite the ardent supporter of Obama....

just like O'Reilly said, everyone else is guilty, but not them...

Jill said...

The outdoor sign in front of a local church today reads "God specializes in last minute surprises."

Obama as President would not be a surprise. We know what the expectations are.

I love surprises. I'm praying for one.

Jill said...

Of Financial Crisis, Barack Obama, and Political Football

This is a short ad scheduled to be played in Pittsburgh next week, and then in other battlegrounds. It's by Democrats for Principles Before Party.

Mountain Mama said...

The human spirit longs to hear the truth.
So wise politicians don't hide their beliefs or slant their opponents' positions, but give truthful information about both sides.

The human spirit loves to be invited to a group actively promoting the truth.
So wise politicians make sure to involve people in their activities, keeping everything open, positive, and interdependent.

The human spirit longs to be free as individuals, but within limits that safeguard freedom fairly for the group.
So wise politicians aren't interested in keeping secrets that further their careers, to the detriment of freedom for other individuals in the group.

Now ask yourselves:
which politicians have shown, by their words AND by their deeds, that they care to transmit the truth without secrecy or bias, involve everyone in their open campaign activities, and preserve individual and corporate freedom?

Obviously it's McCain-Palin!

How on earth could anyone suggest it's the Democrats' ticket? Obama won't reveal his health history, his relationships with colleagues or friends, or his unproductive legistlative record!

Mountain Mama said...

Um, I meant "legislative."
(Time for that nap!)

Jill said...

How a PUMA sees the Troopergate findings.

"Sarah Palin has not been found guilty of abusing power, has not been reprimanded for abusing power, has not been convicted, indicted or censured for abusing power. All that happened is an investigator hired by a partisan committee chair has reported his findings."

momprayn said...

Scott - re your question about Dobson ---- found out it was his objection to McCain's stand on funding embryonic stem cell destruction issue. More info at - do search for "McCain". His October newsletter is very informative also. Yes, his support will be really helpful!!!

knowitall said...

Wait a second....
The fine print of the gallup poll is very interesting.
Two days ago, they had Obama up by ten per cent.
Today, they start a second daily tracking poll.
Why two? (you ask intelligently).
Well it turns out the tracking poll they were using was for registered voters
Now they are going to poll the people likely to vote.
Yes, that's what matters -- who actually shows up to vote.
On the new tracking poll, Obama is up nationally by only 4%.
Quite a change in two days.

Please give me another aleve, my headache is getting worse.

Mountain Mama said...

Everyone, remain calm!
(Knowitall, you're a cutie.)

This election really could go either way, so just PRAY that whatever occurs, God will work it out for the best.
Naturally, I believe that can occur far easier with the McCain-Palin ticket! (smile)

momprayn said...

Mountain Mama -- re what the human spirit longs for....don't we wish!!!! Unfortunately, it's been my experience over many years that there are many, many (as I said before, TOO many) people who do not really want to hear the truth. That's one of the big problems. You are stating how you think (& the rest of most of us on this blog) and that's another reason we love Sarah! BUT, other people don't think that way. Plus there are the others that don't recognize a lie when they hear one and are "foolish" people, who are irrational (ask Rush - he agrees) & all the ones that just don't care period. And I don't agree with the statements of the politicians that say the American people are smart and they can figure out what's true/right!! I...don't...think so!!!! Personally, I think that is why God is allowing all this craziness - hopefully to "wake us up" and force us to see what a terrible state the majority of this country is in and it is very serious business and hopefully will bring "change that we can believe in" alright --- and it's NOT the kind Obama has in mind...........

knowitall said...

I think someone mentioned tomorrow's (10/13/2008) event on this site, but I want to point it out to all of you again.

Sarah speaks in Richmond, VA, tomorrow. The rally was to be held in an indoor facility which, I believe seats about 10,000.

The ticket demand was so high that they moved to to the outdoor Richmond Raceway, which seats 100,000 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!).

This is without McCain.
This could be an outstanding display of Palin Power.
Please keep your eye on this and make sure your local media reports it or lets a letter from you about their omission.
Pray that the people of Virginia support this.

momprayn said...

Mountain Mama -- Well, God bless you!!! Yes, amen to "God is in control"! I have more on that later.......

John D said...

Hey folks...In order to vote, a person must have valid identification and be present to actually cast a vote. All of this talk about 'manipulating an election' is absolute garbage. Even if the ACORN organization registers "Mr. Jive Turkey", it will be to no avail. There is no voter manipulation here.

It is obvious that certain individuals within ACORN committed fraudulent acts and should be punished accordingly. The overall goal of ACORN is admirable. It is in the executive of their mission which is deplorable.

Ray said...

That's incorrect. Voting does not need to take place in person. The objective is to use absentee ballots.

Scott said...

what bothers me in ohio is that they were turning away people that went to the polling places to observe the process, to make sure nothing shady went on... now why would they turn them away? the ohio secretary of state even told them they didn't have to admit anyone for that purpose. (this was during the few days prior to the ohio registration deadline, when they were allowed to register and vote the same day.. so who's to say they didn't cast a few extra ballots? it's not like we sign them) I know there was a youtube video of one of the guys being turned away but i forgot the title.

Scott said...

John McCain: My Focus Will Be on Fixing a Broken Washington

As American families bear the brunt of an economic crisis caused by the corruption and greed of Washington and Wall Street, it is clear that the next president of the United States will need to restore the confidence of our citizens in the economy and their government. In a matter of weeks, the American people will make a choice on where they want this country to go and who they trust to lead us in a time of war and economic crisis. America needs forward-looking bipartisan leadership that will fix a broken Washington and return the nation to the path of a more secure, prosperous and just society. That goal, if I should be elected this country's next president, will be one on which I fix my gaze.

- John McCain In The Kansas City Star

knowitall said...

Mountain Mama,
I sincerely appreciate your question from earlier today about what people are seeing around the country.
My response was delayed because I wanted to see more of the news today and see what else people had to say here.
Since I live in a somewhat remote area of the West, it is hard for me to tell you much. Washington state is very predictable. The King County/Seattle area votes in a liberal manner, as most major cities do. The rest of the state is Republican. I live in the Republican area so my contacts are slanted. This is also the area where Sarah Palin's grandfather and mother lived. There is a natural bias here toward Sarah. Wa and Alaska are BFF because of geography.

I have been writing to the Seattle newspapers as well as a newspaper in New England, near where I grew up. Again, the problem is corresponding with liberals. They have a marvelous ability to deny the obvious. Nonetheless, I try to keep them on her toes and make them at least work to make their points.
I appreciate very much the information I gain from this blogsite and people like yourself.
What I see in Seattle and in New England is what you would expect, they hate Bush, Republicans are stupid, and a rich caused all the problems in the world.

I do gain a lot from the polls. I love numbers. A distressing number I found today was that 35% of the born-again Christians are planning to vote democratic. It seems to me that this is an area where Sarah could focus in the weeks ahead. But I cannot figure out what the Republicans strategy is.

I looked into the socialist affiliation of Senator Obama and the New Party. The sweet young lady from Michigan who wrote here about that is completely correct. I noticed that the story has gone to David Limbaugh and was in an article he wrote today. I would imagine that means that Rush Limbaugh will pick it up soon, if not tomorrow. At a certain point, the main stream median can no longer ignore that.
MM, I appreciate the support you give me. It is impossible to lose your optimism when you're involved with the wonderful people that write here.
We are very blessed.

12thMan said...

"Since I live in a somewhat remote area of the West, it is hard for me to tell you much. Washington state is very predictable. The King County/Seattle area votes in a liberal manner, as most major cities do. The rest of the state is Republican. I live in the Republican area so my contacts are slanted."

I dunno about being entirely dead red KIA, the S-R is a joke. The whole Jim West debacle (though I was never a fan of West on any level, garbage is garbage) proved that. If you see a spinning cloud in the sky around Spokane, it's really William Cowles wondering what the hell happened to his newspaper. Steve Smith is one of the few people on earth I would NOT feel sorry for if he lost half his pension in the market. The S-R is essentially just a sad wannabe P-U.

That and Chris Gregoire got WAY too many votes here in the primary.

Even worse, my school (EWU) has been TOTALLY taken over by leftist professors--we even had Ward Churchill in 2005--and stupid kids (most of which come from the west side and a lot of NoCals) who don't know better all too willing to follow.

"This is also the area where Sarah Palin's grandfather and mother lived. There is a natural bias here toward Sarah. Wa and Alaska are BFF because of geography."

Not to mention Sarah herself was born a couple hours NE of here in Sandpoint, went to NIC for a bit, and graduated from UI. She's got a true NW profile (and inland at that, much more CMR than the three witches--Gregoire, Patty bin Murray, and Maria Cantdoanythingwell--that rule the state), which scores her HUGE points with me.

Scott said...

If I Were John McCain
by Burt Prelutsky

If I were John McCain, I would skip the next debate. After those first two snooze festivals, nobody except maybe Bob Schieffer’s mother will be tuning in anyway. Instead, I would buy up an hour on all three networks. I would walk on stage and announce, “I’ve fired all my handlers. Anyone who needs to be told what to say and how to say it by a bunch of high-priced media wonks doesn’t deserve to be president of the United States.”

Next, I would say that Sarah Palin is my choice for vice-president not because she’s a woman, but because she’s the best person for the job, because of her values, her character and her brains. “But,” I would go on, “the voters deserve to know as much as possible about the judgment of a man who wants to be their leader. So, although your president doesn’t and shouldn’t have handlers, he does have advisors. These would be mine…Secretary of State Newt Gingrich, Secretary of the Treasury Mitt Romney, Attorney General Rudy Giuliani…” As I read off the names of my entire cabinet, I would have each of them join me on stage, and after introducing Secretary of Defense Joe Lieberman, I would say, “This is my team, America.”

Then, I would go on to announce that during my first week in the Oval Office, I would instruct Attorney General Giuliani to investigate and, wherever possible, indict anyone who played a role in the sub-prime scandal. I would go on to say that I was instructing the Justice Department to bring RICO charges against ACORN for engaging in an ongoing criminal conspiracy to suborn the election process in America.


Scott said...

"We're going to spend a lot of time and after I whip his you-know-what in this debate, we're going to be going out 24/7," McCain said.

time to open up a new deck of race cards......

Grace Explosion said...

There's no logic involved in this. #1... she fired Moneghan for budget issues (and offered him another position). #2... they cannot say Governor Palin "abused her power" relative to anything Todd Palin said or did because he repeatedly asked for consideration of the matter. #3... Abuse of power in asking for something to be considered that has legitimacy is not an "abuse of power" because it isn't a "personal interest". It wasn't a "personal gain". And nothing resulted to her gain or interest. #4... To state that an "abuse of power" existed is completely separate of the firing... which was legitimized. No "abuse of power" can be stated to have occurred by Governor Palin. She basically did nothing and only Todd Palin's behavior is being challenged. So bring Todd Palin up on charges, already!! Oh, yeah, that's right - as a citizen he has every right to ask repeatedly that his concern be addressed. It's called the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances as a citizen, and it's a constitutional right.

There's nothing here.

But we knew that.

Have a great day.

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Mainstream media is foaming at the mouth over the report. It fits their agenda perfectly. Too bad ACORN doesn't.

Patriot1776 said...

Sal Palontino from ESPN interviewed Sarah after she dropped the puck at the Flyers Rangers game in Philadelphia.

He was gushing about how great she was. She was supposed to give him 8 minutes, but he spent over 20 minutes with her - he noted that the McCain handlers were pacing like caged beasts at the end.

His interview with her will be on Outside the Lines either this SUnday or next.

He stated she was one of his top 3 interviews of all TIME for him. Frank Rizzo (he is from Philadelphia) Tom Brady, and SARAH PALIN. She is as he says "a guy's girl".

Nice to hear someone who had no axe to grind and went into the interview without any bias, and came out impressed.

Nothing we don't already know, but thought I would pass it along.

knowitall said...

Although today's numbers show narrowing in the polls, they also show what the problems are for Mr. McCain.

One third of born again Christians are planning to vote for Obama.
20% of Conservatives are planning to vote for Obama.
McCain leads among men but only 5%.

It is amazing, at this stage the race, that Mr. McCain is still not locked up his base.

techno said...

First of all, I admire the writings Bill Kristol of the Weekly Standard and for Bill's having the guts to support Sarah in the early summer before Palinmania. With this in mind, I have to take issue with Kristol's coiumn today in which he promoted the idea that McCain fire his campaign team. First if John did that, the MSM would spin it that John was in panic mode and his campaign was on its last legs and second I contend it is not the campaign team's fault that John is behind because quite simply 'it's the economy stupid' is the primary reason for John still trailing in the polls. But as of the today Zogby has it at 4 point deficit, Rasmussen 5 points and Hotline 6 points all trending towards McCain in the last 48 hours. As of yesterday Gallup had it at a 4 point deficit of likely voters. To say that John would be in a better position if he had a different campaign team or if Sarah hadn't been stifled, I don't think in this political, economically unstable environment anyone with half a brain could make that argument. John should be at least 15 points behind in this environment-the main reason he isn't is because of Sarah and even if Sarah was freed up during the heart of the bailout, I don't really think it would have made any difference--the focus between Sept 19-October 1 was on the economic future of America and not Sarah, Ayres or ACORN. Sarah is in her glory now-she has been freed up-remember if John and Sarah win it's going to be a close election-so please get over the inside baseball aspects of politics and the McCain campaign and realize this: Sarah is going to win or lose this campaign for John and John has $160m to spend over the next 3weeks and the NRA had $40m to spend as well. The conservative base is beyond excited with Sarah-you won't have to worry that they won't vote. So again for those who read this blog, if John wins it's going to ba a nail-biter; accept it regardless of who is running McCain's campaign or giving him advice. It all comes down to Sarah; I know it, you know it, and America knows it Pray for God to give her endurance as she works tirelessly over the next 21 days to save America from the forces of evil and despair.

Grace Explosion said...

Just like I interjected into a different thread a "HOT" truth I wanted people to know (that Obama was a member, signed a contract, with the NP Socialist party in the US)... this is "HOT". The MSM, to me, never "put Reverend Wright and Trinity Church" in a context I could understand to know where they were coming from.

I feel like we are being "kept in the dark" about many things regarding Barack Obama and he's kind of an "empty suit" who we have not been able to "define" to know "who he is". His background and associations have been hushed or sidestepped, etc. This was "HOT" to me when I did my own research and learned some basic facts because it placed the larger issues of Trinity Church and his 20 year membership there in a context I could easily understand and was no longer a "puzzling" behavior to me on the part of Reverend Wright.

Lemme see if I can say as little as possible and let James Cone speak for himself. Please see this video:

In this video James Cone states that he created a "new Jesus" to replace the Jesus Martin Luther King Jr. worshipped. James Cone created a "new Jesus" for Muslim Malcolm X so he could worship a Muslim Malcolm X Jesus.

Reverend Wright's theology and the theology of Trinity Church "comes under" and is derived from this new Cone theology, and preaches this new Jesus. Reverend Wright sought to be ordained in the Baptist Church. No Baptist Church would ordain him. Reverend Wright then went to the Trinity in the UCC denomination. The UCC denomination allows each church to function independently and develop it's own doctrines and theology. The UCC welcomes any theology and the preaching of any Jesus - is not a denomination in any traditional sense that requires any uniformity of theology.

As you play the video tape, you will hear James Cone at the very beginning discuss his creation of a "new Jesus". It was created for people who would like to worship a Muslim Malcolm X Jesus. That's James Cone speaking for himself and me repeating the facts of the matter.

Please view the beginning of the clip. Most of us can understand, even if we're not religious, that Malcolm X was viewed as a man who advocated racism and violence to some but was also revered by others as a Muslim minister and civil rights activist.

Just as Malcolm X was viewed in 2 different ways, so too can Trinity, Reverend Wright, the religion and the Jesus Cones created for Malcolm X be viewed 2 different ways.

I think it is possible, then, to view Barack Obama's conversion to this Jesus as well as his membership in Trinity Church for 20 years - calling Reverend Wright his spiritual father - for 20 years in 2 different ways.

We've only been presented one way from the MSM. I think it's "HOT" to be able to see the greater context, have more facts, and decide for ourselves how to view these matters in relation to a candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

So let's just see the context and begin to "see the picture" and look at however we choose.

(For any who do not know the history of Malcolm X... the link to Wikipedia and a short informational statement explain.)

"Malcolm X" means something to each of us based on how we view the history. Please remember that in the 9/11 speech that was so hotly protested, Reverend Wright quoted Malcolm X. I thought that was perhaps an "anamoly". I didn't realize, myself, that the entire theological system of Reverend Wright, as well as his Jesus, was derived from the theology of the Muslim Malcolm X.

To me, that's a "revelation" that causes me to see the reality of Trinity and Reverend Wright and James Cone and understand where they were coming from.

To me, that was withheld from me by the MSM not doing clear background and association explanation... and so now having studied it for myself it's "HOT" off the presses. I want others to have the same benefit of seeing what I see now factually as a context of this whole matter - that I never saw or understood when this whole matter came out.

It matters as much as the NP party membership - fits together - and starts putting Ayers - the NP membership - and everything about Obama in a greater context that I can understand.

He's no longer an "empty suit". I can see more and more. Others deserve to see the truth and know the facts about his associations and what they mean, imo. I hope this gets "passed along".

Here's the description of Malcolm X from Wikipedia to put this in context:

Malcolm X (born Malcolm Little; May 19, 1925 – February 21, 1965), also known as El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz,[1] was an African American Muslim minister, public speaker, and human rights activist. To his admirers, he was a courageous advocate for the rights of African Americans, a man who indicted white America in the harshest terms for its crimes against black Americans.[2] His detractors accused him of preaching racism and violence.[3][4][5] He has been described as one of the most influential African Americans of the 20th century.[6][7]

12thMan said...

"Sarah is going to win or lose this campaign for John"

You're half-right, she'll win this, but McCain (you know the same one that thought Hillary would make a good president and says you have nothing to fear from an Obama administration) will lose it.

My god, the freaking ARIZONA CARDINALS are in first place yet McCain can't pull it together.

12thMan said...

"He stated she was one of his top 3 interviews of all TIME for him. Frank Rizzo (he is from Philadelphia) Tom Brady, and SARAH PALIN. She is as he says "a guy's girl"."

Wow, a maverick Dem (my favorite kind), a braindead NoCal lib, and of course Sarah.

Sal Paolantonio is more balanced than the MSM! Now if he could just take back that article where he bashed Brett Favre he'd be perfect!

TrueRedHead said...

Hey there fellow Washingtonians. I live in that liberal bastion of King County, myself. I see a lot of Obama bumper stickers when I'm out and about, but there are also a LOT of McCain/Palin yard signs right next to the ones for Dino Rossi. So, out here in the 'burbs, there are a lot more smart folks than up there in the big city.

The last few evenings,I've also noticed Obama ads during the local newscasts and coupled with Gregoire ads during the few prime-time programs I watch on the regular networks. Maybe there's a bit of concern that this state is not as solidly blue as it usually appears?

And at the risk of repeating myself... No matter the findings of the investigation, and the way they've been slanted by the media, I still have to believe that people in this area must empathize with the Palins' situation with "Troopergate" since it relates so closely to the tragedy in Tacoma when the police chief gunned down his wife and killed himself.

momprayn said...

Techno - re Bill Kristol, yes, the lady who is McCains spokesperson said today she used to work for him and sometimes he's "brilliant" and other times "not" --- and this was one of those "not's". Agree this will be a "nail biter". Encouraging though that their rally in Va. today was better -- he was going the "we must fight" course (like he was at the end of the conventrion that people liked). Missed Sarah's speech. Sobering news: Rush saying that there is about 40% that want to go "socialist", 40% that don't, and 20% that "don't know"!!!! Haven't heard anything yet about the Obama/Socialist party thing....but like I've lamented before, it may not matter that much since there's 40% who like that idea!!!! and there are the others that don't even know what that means. Very scary..........

Ferny for McCain at Stanford said...

Today I woke up and read the following from the respected Times of London,

"Germany and France put mountains of cash on the table today as they led
continental Europe in an offensive to rebuild trust in banks with state
guarantees worth over one trillion euros"

That's right my friends, with the current Euro/Dollar exchange rate, that's almost twice the value of the package passed by the US Congress which seems to be responsible for Obama's leading in the polls.
For the last eight years, the governments of the leading EU countries have been socialist or socialist leaning: Labor in the UK, Schroeder up to 2005 in Germany, Chirac up to 2007 (Chirac didn't do anything to counter the policies of the socialist party in France such as the 35 hours working week).... Yet Obama keeps saying the ultimate responsible for the the current financial crisis are the policies of Bush during the past 8 years. He keeps saying it, and the media lets him get away with such nonsense. We all knew that the MSM exhibit a huge liberal bias, but this big, with this magnitude? Are the MSM nuts or they are just part of the greatest swindle in American's Media history in order to help elect Obama?

Jan said...

I was thinking about the American Dream this weekend, and then read this article this morning, where The Journal is quoted:

The American Dream will be dead if Obama is elected. People will be rewarded for not working hard instead of people working hard to accomplish their dreams.

Every person in the election has created their own history. Their history was not created by their opponents. If a person is proud of the history they have created, they should be proud to have that history revealed--they should be revealing it themselves. Sarah is proud of the history she has made--the choices and decisions she has made. All those investigators in Alaska have not come up with anything on Sarah because there's nothing there. When a person doesn't want to have his or her history--the history that he's made over his lifetime--revealed, it makes you wonder why. There's nothing racist about it--he created his own history by the choices and decisions he's made. Is he proud of what he's done or not? Histories and facts have been part of elections forever, when only white men were running for office. Facts are not racist. I agree about the respect issue, but that doesn't mean that choices people have made are not relevant. Our choices define us.

Forty percent of Americans want socialism? That is truly sad and scary.