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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Live, From New York, It's Sarah Palin!

Last night was Gov. Palin’s SNL debut, and personally, I thought it she was hilarious. I think I read that that the show drew a record audience, which could have an ever-so-slight impact on the polls. I think it said a lot that Sarah was willing to participate in what I think were comparatively wild sketches (as opposed to those that have featured either the real John McCain or the real Barack Obama, which were rather tame). Great job, Governor!
I could probably analyze these sketches more, but then you wouldn’t have time to watch them (assuming that you haven’t already done so)

Gov. Palin Steals Tina Fey’s Thunder!

The Sarah Palin Rap (Pure Hilarity!)

Hope your enjoyed the weekend fun, and see you tomorrow as we get back into campaign mode.


Unknown said...

Wasn't she just awesome?! I haven't watched that show in years, but watched last night. The rest of the show was really stupid, but Sarah was just great.

Unknown said...

first of all, a sarah palin shout out to a person who, I believe, is a new blogger here, Ray.
You have made some good points, Ray, and I hope you will stay with us until our victory.
You said you are a liberterian. I think many of us lean to that philosphy and are attracted to Sarah for that reason.

You are 100% correct not to trust Zogby. The has a good reputation for a survey with a bad track record

I love the IBD/TIPP poll for it's detail. Anyone should look at it.
For instance, the two groups that say they have the highest % of people who have made up their minds are the Jewish voters and people from about 18 to 24 (?!?).

And yet the Jewish voters have shifted 5% back toward McCain in the last few days.
The young voters? They are voting for McCain/Palin by a fairly good margin with an enormous shift in the last week. I had heard that the young girls like Sarah. Maybe so.
Please don't give up on the future of the GOP.

IBD/TIPP has about 15 to 20% of the voters as not being firmly set on their decision. That is good and bad news. I think this election will be won in the last few days.

I was talking to a lady this afternoon who is 70 who said she made her decision when the ballot was in front of her. She voted for Sarah (!!!) and Sarah is what caused her to make up her mind.

I noticed that the (liberal) MSM is reporting that the early voters are for Obama. I am not sure if it quite applies, but my state, Washington, has had vote by mail for 15 to 20 years, The voters by mail tend to be Republican by a large percentage. The early voting may tend to be the democrat voters who usually go to the polling places. We will have to see

The bottom line, unfortunately, is that we are behind. The good news is the energy I see in all of you.
Don't lose your optimism!!!
We are going to win one for the Gripper. You all know that Reagan would have loved Sarah.

Rose said...

Sarah Palin is a woman for all seasons...she's ready to be vice-president and meet all kinds of world leaders and all kinds of folks.

I wish she would holler about Obama as socialist and this breaking news:
---Ghadafi in YouTube announcing Obama IS a Muslim
World Net Daily See Breaking News in

Full articles here

manajordan said...

I think she did awesome. You could tell she had fun with it. I'm gonna have lines from the rap playing in my head for a while. "All the mavericks in the house put your hands up!"
She is a really good sport to go on there.
It was the most watched episode in 14 years.

Ray said...

I have been here before Palin was selected. I remember Adam trying to get her vetted for a long while. I just didn't say a lot. I think I was the 2000th person to sign that petition. Hi, though. *waves*

I liked the two skits. Notice McCain and Palin could laugh at themselves on SNL?
Obama did not do anything memorable on there. What a difference!

IBD/TIPP is certainly one to watch, too.

The Obama supporters in NJ are waking up slowly, but the McCain supporters are wide awake and aware of the situation of NJ, PA, and the US as a whole. The state (of NJ) is a long shot, and unfortunately we can't make any mistakes. We get ads though Philly, but I have not seen any lately... Only tons of Obama ads. People will start getting annoyed by those. It's almost a guarantee. North NJ hasn't been getting any ads. Using ground level information, PA could end up with more support for Obama than NJ (at least in comparison to our guy). I know how silly that sounds, but it is a possibility. The two states are moving independently. Usually, NJ is fixed a few points more to the left.

jill said...

"I am so sick and tired of being, of us being banged around that they are going to have to beat me with a stick before we are going to break down," he said."

Biden was speaking in San Francisco on Saturday and was complaining about ill treatment at the hands of the Republicans, and it occurred to me this is something that John McCain wouldn't say, because he's still standing after being beaten with many sticks as a POW.

Thanks for the SNL Sarah sketches. I didn't care to sit through the whole broadcast, so didn't see it live. Her good nature and love of fun came through. If she perseveres even though she's taken the hits she's taken, she will win people over, and they may even come to love her almost as much as we do. Some will not be won over because their ill will gets fed by Sarah sniping, and if that's what makes them feel alive, so be it.

A Mom for McCain said...

I watched and I thought she was GREAT! What a good sport to go on this show especially after being just lambasted in all media outlets. Sarah has great personality appeal and I really do think that some of the liberal women hate her so much because they are actually jealous. She is bright, accomplished, experienced, pretty, has a devoted husband, beautiful family and a great personality. Best of all she's going to be a great VP because she has not only experience but common sense, which is something lacking in a lot of Washington politicians these days.
God bless-
A Mom for McCain

see pics of Sarah at the Noblesville, IN rally last Friday here:

Scott said...

it was snl's highest ratings in 14 years... that says a lot considering those were the chris farley and adam sandler years.

Tbone said...

Sarah was awesome on SNL. She was the best thing about the show. Sarah is funny with a great sense of humor. She by far has the best personality of the four canidates. Sarah is a special person with a chance of being a great president in the future.

Rose said...

In an exclusive interview tonight, a senior Hamas official heaped praise on Sen. Joe Biden.....Hamas' official charter calls for the destruction of Israel and murder of Jews.

Lord, deliver us from Obama-Biden !

Lord, have mercy on America and Israel!

Patriot1776 said...

I fear for where we will be going as a nation.

With the current economic crisis, determined enemies abroad and possibly within, we turn LEFT? We turn to someone who wants to sit down without preconditions with those who want to destroy us?

I would think in this rough time we find ourselves in, we would turn to someone with leadership and experience.

Palin brings the wind of change that those are looking for. She is a fresh face and a person of character.

Yet McCain is not doing enough to WIN this election. This is a battle, it is a war - of ideas. Go out there and FIGHT as he says. You use everything in your arsenal if you believe in the importance of the election. I feel he is not up to that task.

It is up to us, go tell you friends, neighbors, spread the word about what we face as a nation.

I pray for Sarah Palin. She has taken a beating from all sides, even those in her own party. I liked Peggy Noonan, but if she can't tell what Palin is about, she lost any realm of knowledge. Peggy has been in the DC beltway WAY too long.

Time will, I get this feeling of a dark cloud looming and nothing Sarah can do will stop it.

How do we remain positive in the atmosphere we find the current campaign?

Mountain Mama said...

The SNL rap song UPSET Sarah Palin; watch her grimace toward the end. I admire her bravery, but I'm angry about all the garbage being slung upon McCain-Palin, and the CRIMES that are potentially being committed re. voter fraud.

Re. ACORN at :
"ACORN.... is currently under investigation in thirteen states for election fraud and is also under investigation by the FBI.....
"Obama: 'I've been fighting alongside ACORN on issues you care about my entire career. Even before I was an elected official, when I ran Project Vote voter registration drive in Illinois, ACORN was smack dab in the middle of it, and we appreciate your work.' (Barack Obama 2008 Website, Accessed 10/8/08)
"'Obama worked as executive director of ACORN's voter-registration arm, Project Vote, in 1992. Joined by two other community organizers on Chicago's South Side, Obama conducted the voter-registration drive that helped elect Carol Moseley-Braun to the Senate that year.' (Editorial, 'Is ACORN Stealing The Election?' Investor's Business Daily, 10/8/08)
"ACORN'S Website Lists Project Vote As An Allied Organization. (ACORN Website, Accessed 10/14/08)"

SNL was cute, but snotty. ACORN's activities are NOT funny....
Why don't liberals realize it's pathetic if they have to CHEAT to win?

Ray said...

Obots are in complete denial of ACORN's activities. They are accusing Republicans of voter fraud, because the Republicans want to make sure registrations are real (and legally challenged them).

This has nothing to do with how Obots think they can help the republic. This has to do with how they think they can win an election and hold power. The republic comes second or somewhere else down the line.

Patriot1776 said...

Is Biden that much a fool? He explained my arguement better than I could this weekend?

Saying in the first 6 months we will be hit in a major crisis ie - terrorist/Russia etc and that he 'needs us' to stick with them in it next year.

Basically, he is saying Obama will be faced with someting huge (not economic) if he is elected...

So, who do you TRUST to meet an internationl crisis? Obama or McCain???

I think the answer isn't more clear.

Thanks Joe.

If you get a chance read the spooky!

Also, for the first time ever, the campaigns are being briefed on security issues BEFORE being elected. Does Joe know something we don't???? Be VERY afraid...

momprayn said...

Ray - "This has to do w/how they think they can win an election & hold power. The republic comes second or somewhere else down the line." RIGHT ON!!!!
My husband & I have been saying that for many years & realistic as I am, I still have a hard time believing how weird people can be-- how MUCH they can live in "denial" when they don't want to think about something. As Rush says, they are "irrational". Very, very scary folks. Thanks Ray - hope you saw my post (last one) on the previous one (it was supposed to be on this one). Welcome!
Mountain Mama/SNL - Sarah was just probably "sad"/whatever about being around all those people she knew didn't "get it". But she did the right thing & I think turned out to help us. Again, thank you God! I think He used it as yet another "vehicle" to bolster us.
Well, we'll see what Rush says today......Fightin' on!..........
(I'm praying for more Jewish votes this time around - surely they can see how Obama does not have Israel "at heart"?? whereas Sarah does - among other things?)

Mountain Mama said...

There is absolutely an attack coming, possibly something against us here (God forbid!), but definitely also overseas----upon Iran. We need THAT attack to succeed! (Note that I didn't say WE would be the attackers........)
The world will change radically within a few days following that attack, and we need McCain at the helm in Jan. to lead us.

Unknown said...

Mountain mama, I don't think liberals realize it's pathetic to cheat to win because our society has changed so much. I was talking to a high school teacher the other day, and her class doesn't think there is anything at all wrong with lieing. They were surprised that she thinks that it's wrong. So many of the values that used to be fundamental to this country are being lost by so many--from our leaders on down. That's one of the things that is so appealing about Sarah--we can all see that she believes in, and lives by, those values.

I think Sarah is so right, too, that government often gets in the way. I think for the most part that the American people have big and generous hearts. There is so much outpouring of money and help when there is a major tragedy--in this country or elsewhere. But in day-to-day life, and for many people even during these tragedies, the attitude is "let the government take care of it." And by the government taking care of so much, it encourages that attitude. By taking so much of our money in taxes (and wasting it on studies to determine how much gas is produced by cows and other things), it limits our resources to help people on a daily basis--even those who see the need and want to help. And many just demand that the government do something, but not themselves.

Personally, I think the way our welfare system is set up has also caused problems--but I'm most certainly not an expert and I don't know what I'd do to change it. I'm not saying it should be eliminated, but it should be restructured so that we are giving people more of a hand up instead of a hand out--and I do realize that there are people who really can't work and that's a different situation. How many times did most of us hear, when we were growing up, that the world doesn't owe us a living? But I think we've raised a generation now that thinks that the world does, in fact, owe them a living. And that kinda fits in with Obama's plan to spread the wealth, I think.

Liberals pretend to be so tolerant, but there is a very liberal town here that decided the county needed to help get some low-income housing built. But the housing had to be built in another town, they didn't want those people living in their town.

Obama keeps saying that $18 billion in earmarks is not that much. I could sure use my share of that $18 B back in my pocket, or at least in programs that will help this country instead of basically blowing it off.

techno said...

the RCP avg has it now at 4.8; 1 week ago it was at 8+.

Andrea said...

The timing of Colin Powell's endorsement seems unusual to me. Making his announcement now is probably too late to really change anyone's mind on voting for Obama. I can only surmise this timing is to steal headlines away from Sarah positive SNL press, and ACORN, Ayers, etc.

I love how Obama admits Powell will have some sort of "advisor" role. Can he make it more obvious that Powell was promised favors for "saving" his endorsement until now?

Also, is anyone else a little suspicious of this $150 million that Obama has magically raised in the last month? You would think all his supporters would have given their full amount early on in the campaign, so where is all this money coming from? I can see if maybe some Independents decide to vote for him at this late stage, but would they be sending him $2300? I doubt it. I honestly think some of this money is from foreign sources.

Unknown said...

I agree, Patriot - it IS spooky. Biden was here in Washington (Tacoma I think) when he made that speech. Even beynond the content, which is strange, he sounds unstable to me.

" There are gonna be a lot of you who want to go, 'Whoa, wait a minute, yo, whoa, whoa, I don't know about that decision. Because if you think the decision is sound when they're made, which I believe you will when they're made, they're not likely to be as popular as they are sound. Because if they're popular, they're probably not sound."

You can find most of it here:

Tbone said...

Ramussen had it at 50-46. Gallup though has Obama 52-41. I still do not think that this country knows how far to the left they will be with Pelosi,Reid and Obama. The Democrats also have a chance for a fillibuster proof majority in the Senate. We can't let Obama win and have no conservative say in Government.

Kek said...

Sarah is SUCH A GREAT SPORT!!! Would Biden ever go for such laughs? I'm with Jan - haven't watched SNL in years, but YOU BETCHA I tuned in just to watch Sarah. :)

Ted said...

spread this simple message around the net:


momprayn said...

Patriot/Jan - Yep - right on! Rush is talking all about how he can't believe Biden said what he did & calls coming in thanking JB for this one!!! I hope McCain/Sarah take this ball & run with it!

Want to share what I just did re our VERY liberal newspaper -San Antonio Express-News. Just came out with shocking endorsement for McCain (see my previous post). Well, in the subsriber letters yesterday, someone wrote in saying she knew of one Democrat that would be unhappy if Obama won...Tina Fey! Well, I wrote in saying not to worry about Tina. IF Obama wins and we're still around despite the terrorist attacks & Socialism, count on seeing Sarah BACK - running for Pres. in 2012! & then she'll have at least the next 4 years to have fun imitating her!
I just got a request from them asking if they could publish it & I replied: "YOU BETHCHA!! (that means yes! please do!) & he replied with a laugh! I'm trying to do my part guys (at great risk???) Keep doing yours!!!!

Tbone said...

Why is it that so called conservative commentators like David Brooks,Kathleen Parker,Peggy Noonan and Christopher Buckley are so opposed to Sarah?

Sarah is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party in along time. I think she is the total package. Is it because she does not kiss up to the National Media?

Sarah i think is building up a following that is not being reflected in the polls. Sarah is the future of the Republican Party.

Patriot1776 said...

You answered your own question tbone. She is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party in a long time and she doesn't kiss the national media ring. BINGO

Hence they will destroy her now, before she really becomes a force. Let's face it, she is playing 2nd fiddle and answering the McCain's campaign - Hence the total screw up with her first 2 interviews.

Jindal is next if/when he makes some national noise. They can't have true conservatives like them connecting with the American public without the MEDIA agreeing first.

We have to fight for Sarah NOW, and drag McCain across the finish line.

But I tell you a Palin/Jindal ticket would be killer in 2012!

But that is for another day. Let's win this for Sarah and COUNTRY FIRST!

Scott said...

""""How do we remain positive in the atmosphere we find the current campaign?""""

I think it was St. Theresa of Avila that once said "one person plus God is an army". No one can do anything of themselves.

It reminds me of a passage from St. Faustina's Diary

"When I asked the Lord to be so good as to cast a glance upon a certain soul [probably Father Sopocko] who was struggling alone against many difficulties, the Lord gave me to know, in an instant, that all people are as dust under His feet. So do not worry; you see that they cannot do a thing of themselves. And if I allow them to seem to triumph, I do this for the sake of My impenetrable decrees. I experienced great peace in seeing how all things are determined by the Lord."

As i saw Obama standing in front of a Planned Parenthood sign yesterday I was reminded that we know we're on the right side.. God will not ultimately bless something that stands on a foundation of such a terrible moral evil. So we have faith that He is working behind the scenes in this... His works are often filled with suffering of some kind, and we see it all through the campaign in what they're having to go through.. this shows in the end that any success is due to God alone. He "puts down the mighty from their thrones and exalts the lowly". So we "be still and know that He is God!".

Ted said...

Thanks to Joe Biden for reminding us to take a closer look at Obama. We share Biden's concern. National Security Trumps everything! Who wins on that score?

Mountain Mama said...

The major criticism of Gov. Palin is NOT that she lacks experience; that argument only raises the question about Obambi.
No, they are most upset that she supposedly is "incurious." They believe she hasn't read what THEY deem "important" works, she doesn't seem intellectually nimble, etc.
This ignores what Doris Kearns Goodwin learned when speaking at length with Gov. Palin, btw....
Of course, if Sarah Palin made the same gaffes as Senator "Gaffe-Three-letters-J-O-B-S" Biden has lately, imagine how they'd skewer HER! (Him, they ignore........)

Anyone notice how Biden practically INVITED a hit on the USA today? He said some sort of attack is inevitable if his ticket wins, because the USA's enemies will want to test Barak "Spine-of-Steel" Obama!

HA! Yeah, those USA enemies are quaking in their boots at the prospect of an Obambi win----NOT!

SPINE-LESS, actually.... "Wait, Ahmadinejad! Can't we all just get along!?"
I could just ralph...

Mountain Mama said...

Watch a GREAT ad at:

<< The Republican Jewish Coalition has released a television advertisement which will run for the next two weeks on broadcast and cable television in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Nevada. The total media buy for this ad is in excess of one million dollars.

The ad features a video clip from the July 23, 2007 Democratic primary debate on CNN, in which Senator Barack Obama was asked whether he would "be willing to meet, separately, with the leaders of Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea?" Senator Obama replied, "I would."

Asked the same question, Senator Hillary Clinton replied, "I will not promise to meet with the leaders of these countries. I don't want to be used for propaganda purposes."

The next day, in a telephone interview with the Quad City Times (7/24/2007), Sen. Clinton characterized Sen. Obama's response as "irresponsible and frankly naïve."

The ad continues: "Hillary was right. The stakes are too high. Concerned about Barack Obama's naïve foreign policy? You should be."

THANK YOU to the RJC for running this great ad! GO WATCH IT!

momprayn said...

mountain mama - ha! See my previous post above --- I've been praying/feeling there will more of the Jewish vote this time. Surely they can see that it would not help them to have Obama in there????!!! I hope this is "confirmation"?
Saw a nice interview with Sarah today on the "700 Club" Christian program. You might catch it on their website:

momprayn said...

Oops - sorry - I went to the CBN website re Sarah's interview & heard it will be next week so today it was just short clips that I saw. Oh week then....

momprayn said...

Well, I KNOW I got this one right! Just saw a really good interview Neil Cavuto had with Stephen Baldwin (you know, the brother of Alec that Sarah said was her favorite on SNL). Said that as far as he knows, that comment was NOT scripted! He said he thinks his brother did not know that was coming (Stephen is pro McCain/Palin & likes Todd too). He didn't know either & was really surprised but happy about it!!!! ha! You might catch it at Cavuto's website later -, Your World.

Admin said...

She was awesome!

Sarah 2012!

jill said...

The link above shows the actual book blurb with Obama's photo. It finally made it to more mainstream media, but is not being picked up by CNN or the others so far. Whether it matters is another question. It matters to me, and so does ACORN and all the rest, but when you read things like this other article below that cites a poll, it makes you believe that more than half the population of the nation doesn't consider these odd alliances to be iffy.

Like I said before, win or lose this election, choosing Sarah Palin as his VP was the right choice. Right doesn't always have an immediate payback.

We can hope that Biden's latest incarnation as fortune teller will weaken the Obama-Biden ticket somewhat.

multipath said...

on the air vote!
Go to this link and vote now — who’s endorsement is more important to you…Colin Powell’s or Joe the Plumber.

Dog Gone said...

First time posting.
I thought the story on Obama endorsing Ayers book was important because it clearly shows that Obama is covering up is close ties to Ayers and shows Obama is lying, that in my opinion is the real story,I dont know why more media outlets arent picking up on this, I wonder if the McCain camp will use this story.

Patriot1776 said...

What happened to Techno? He has been missing the last few days. I look each day for his analysis....

jill said...

There are two videos, one is Sarah Palin, the 'It' Girl, and the other is Assaulting Obama's Tax Plan. I don't know how to get you to the location of each video on its own, so this may change over time.

In the first, a New Yorker writer speaks about an article she wrote about Sarah hurting the ticket, and how she was not the original McCain choice.

In the second, Mitt Romney stands against the attempt by the MSNBC interviewer to get him to say McCain is weak on the economy, and to say Palin was the wrong choice. Romney is very well spoken.

momprayn said...

ptriot - Techno is above - this morning - wasn't very long.

momprayn said...

Encouraging news re state of MO -- Governor now talking on O'Reilly that it wasn't surprising about the large crowds that were recently reported for Obama; doesn't mean they will vote for him. Their own state polls (which don't agree with the other outside ones) say McCain has been gaining the last few days & in his opinion, he thinks McCain will win MO.........

Rose said...

The fact that SNL had the highest rating of 17 million viewers in its history proves that --- Sarah Palin has more 'star power' than ALL the movie and rock stars and celebrities combined!...(inspite of them selling their body and soul to films and to the millions of dollars of Obama)

"A personality profile of Obama's leadership" by Chuck Norris


Dean said...

Sarah was great on SNL. Sarah definitely has class. I loved the rap part "we say Obama and you say Ayers".

Interesting article today on that says Sarah is speaking out for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. This is different from McCain's stance of leaving the decision to the states. I think Sarah is taking more charge now.

I believe there are basically two camps on the Obama side. Some are so mad at Bush and the Republicans that they will vote for any democrat. The others are obsessed with gay marriage and providing convenient access to abortions for all women. These liberals live in a circle of immorality and cannot see the forest for the trees.

However, it is not over yet. I heard Rush say that Bush was down by 11 points at this same time in 2004.

Ray said...

I personally don't like the idea of homosexual/gay marriages being banned anywhere, since I'm for them. I am, afterall, libertarian.*

I do not know if that is a smart political move to declare a need for a federal ban. It may help or hurt. Who knows. I don't think it would persuade libertarians at all, but there are some hard-core conservatives upset over McCain being picked, still. That could help.

I think Bush being down by 11 sounds a little strange, considering this:

That said, we are still in this, but we truly are the underdogs. Then again, dating back to the last superbowl, this seems like the year of the underdogs.

*Being pro-life is one of my few 'conservative' stances, and it is an important social issue to me (much more so than gay marriage).

Scott said...

""""Is Biden that much a fool? He explained my arguement better than I could this weekend?

Saying in the first 6 months we will be hit in a major crisis ie - terrorist/Russia etc and that he 'needs us' to stick with them in it next year.

Basically, he is saying Obama will be faced with someting huge (not economic) if he is elected...""""

he's basically softening us up because if they get in office they're going to have to face the same issues and respond similarly to the way bush has the past 8 years!.. that's what a superpower does and they know it now. They'll face having to use the military etc...

on another note, the tampa area is really getting hounded with obama ads.. even planned parenthood has some radio ads.

jill said...

Below I've pasted portions of this blog by Kyle-Anne Shiver, called Stealing the Presidency: An Obama/ACORN Primer.

For the past eight years, Americans have been bombarded nearly nonstop by cries of "Bush stole the White House," without a single proven shred of evidence, without a single indictment or conviction of Republicans on vote fraud, vote rigging or anything even close. Meanwhile the only group indicated and convicted in actual vote fraud cases in the last two elections -- ACORN -- is fully mobilized still, claims to have registered 1.3 million new voters this year, and is tied historically and inextricably to our front-running candidate for President, Barack Obama. ...

Ohio, the state to watch: When Sarah Palin implored Ohioans last week not to let "the Buckeye state become the ACORN state," she hit that nail squarely upon its head. In the very state that could decide this election, if it turns out to be close, the Democrat Secretary of State got her way last week with an emergency decision of the Supreme Court. The High Court overturned a circuit court ruling that had instructed Ms. Brunner to aid counties swamped with new voter registrations to weed out fraud by checking them against state databases of driver's license and social security numbers. She refused. ...

Meanwhile, also in Ohio, the Buckeye Institute has filed a RICO suit against ACORN. What may be the most encouraging sign in this entire election is the fact that Hillary Clinton Democrats are joining Republicans and investigators in this struggle to protect the integrity of America's vote. ...

One thing, I believe, is certain. The minute Barack Obama is sworn in as the Chief law enforcement officer in America, the FBI will no longer be investigating ACORN. Neither will the Justice Department.

And I doubt there will be a mainstream media outlet in the Country who will dare to call Obama's use of federal agencies "political." In fact, they probably will not even bother to report on any of it. They'll be far too busy singing the praises of our new Community Organizer in Chief.

Welcome to the Revolution. Hail Obama.

Scott said...

i think that Biden speech proves why we need John McCain in the white house... funny he doesn't realize it.

Scott said...

""""Why is it that so called conservative commentators like David Brooks,Kathleen Parker,Peggy Noonan and Christopher Buckley are so opposed to Sarah?

Sarah is the best thing to happen to the Republican Party in along time. I think she is the total package. Is it because she does not kiss up to the National Media?""""

her values and everything she stands for aside, they don't like her because they don't see her as having paid her dues.. it's the same reason many people in country music weren't happy with carrie underwood winning awards so fast.. john rich on the show gone country commented about it once, the country artists work from the gutter up to make it in the business... and here comes an american idol and it's basically like saying "here's your phd". They don't care how good she is, they don't see her as earning it.

jill said...

At Fox, the article I linked earlier, "Obama Praised 'Searing and Timely' Book by Ayers" is off the main page, but it is currently both the "Most Read" and "Most Emailed." Someone cares. No sign of it on other news sites.

Scott said...

"""""There are gonna be a lot of you who want to go, 'Whoa, wait a minute, yo, whoa, whoa, I don't know about that decision'," Biden continued. "Because if you think the decision is sound when they're made, which I believe you will when they're made, they're not likely to be as popular as they are sound. Because if they're popular, they're probably not sound.""""

aren't many going with obama because it's the popular thing????????

Scott said...

was that a slip? they listed Romney as a democrat in that interview on msnbc

Ray said...

I think VA (13) and CO (9) will be harder to keep than OH (20), MO (11), or FL (27).

Of course, a PA (21) pick up with the other three means we don't need VA or CO. However, McCain cannot assume he gets PA.

jill said...

"was that a slip? they listed Romney as a democrat in that interview on msnbc"

Scott, yes, they slipped there by having the caption as FMR. GOV. MITT ROMNEY (D-MA). They change it to R about half through the video.

Admin said...

well said, rose! I totally agree!

techno said...

Scott, that was an excellent question you asked: Why do conservative commentators, and let me expand the question, why do pundits and political activists hate Sarah? I will provide 10 reasons that I think make sense but really don't if you know what I mean: 1)some of these people really hate John McCain, either because he beat their guy or he is too moderate for their liking-but they can't take their wrath out on a former POW hero so the next in line is Sarah-she becomes the whipping girl for their hate of John; 2)Trig summons up the guilt that a woman bears for the rest of her life after she has had an abortion; 3)for fiefdoms like NOW, Planned Parenthood and Emily's List Sarah stand on abortion is a threat to their influence and power and especially donations and funding; 4)As far as the Left is concerned John's nomination of Sarah is an effort by John to hijack the election that 'rightly' belongs to the Messiah-didn't John get the memo from the MSM that he was supposed to only go through the motions of competing in the campaign and in essence throw the election? 5) Sarah is so popular that if she becomes VP, the GOP could hold the White House until 2020 or 2024. The Dems know they have to knock her off pronto or risk being in the wilderness for the next 12-16 years. 6)the MSM dislike of her comment that she is going to 'Washington to serve the people of America' and not to curry favor with the elites of the MSM or their talking heads; 7)for some I believe that they see it as a cultural shock with her as VP that they are not willing to tolerate-she speaks like Marge from Fargo, she thinks differently, see sees life differently,she is not their cup of tea-she might as well be from a foreign country as far as they are concerned; 8)her strong religious faith is at odds with secular humanism or atheists who if truth be known would like to see every evangelical in America either locked up in concentration camps or shot at sunrise; 9)some see Sarah as an interloper who has no business being foisted upon the American people-she doesn't deserve it; she hasn't earned it; she's a token pick-a moron; for some the observation of some sort of BS elite code of conduct is sufficient grounds to throw one's support to a radical Marxist thug like Obama than support a ticket that advocates a conservative message; 10)her beauty, grace, poise, personality; some women can be so catty.

Mountain Mama said...

Bravo, Techno! Your points are all excellent---especially #8. ALL situations provide the opportunity for us to move toward what is righteous and good, or toward what is mean or evil.

Gov. Palin is a good woman who has led a normal, happy life, and who seemingly was born with a cheerful disposition. So many people who've known Gov. Palin all her life report these facts.

Other people therefore are projecting selfish, evil motives or thoughts into Gov. Palin, when actually, they're revealing their own woundedness.

For example, many people are "climbers" in search of power and status, so they leap to the conclusion that Gov. Palin is also that way. They don't accept that she is a naturally helpful person, according to her family and friends. So, when Senator McCain asked her to join his ticket, she replied, "If you think I can help the ticket, then sure, I accept." She then doubled-checked that with her family, and they were unanimously supportive. But that's too normal and happy for wounded people to accept, so it must be that she's instead a power-monger. Sad.....

Americans are walking on the edge of a knife, in danger of falling even farther into unprecedented moral depravity, economic disaster, and horrific war. I pray we choose to value (as McCain-Palin do) life, work, and freedom----instead of essentially promoting (as liberals do) laziness, greed, and appeasement that inevitably fails to sustain peace.

jill said...

Techno, about catty, I agree, and up it to malicious. You need to see a couple MSNBC clips and watch smarmy morph into nasty. Start with the Keith Olbermann and Eugene Robinson video, if you can bear it, and the Rachel Maddow and Ana Marie Cox video.

Under videos, scroll to the titles "Palin's missed SNL opportunity" and "Is Palin losing it?"

techno said...

I feel that I am as tender-hearted and compassionate as anybody so as to understand why Obama decided he had to fly to Hawaii to see his grandmother who is ill and under normal circumstances I would accept the MSM at face value. But after what has been unveiled and disclosed about Obama in the last few weeks I admit that I am looking askance at his motives. Here's why: Andy Martin, today in Hawaii, filed a lawsuit to see Obama's birth certificate; there is talk McCain is ready to open new fronts regarding Obama's associations, Obama's lead is beginning to shrink from an onslaught of Joe the Plumber perpetrated by the McCain campaign-thus the need for Obama to change the narrative; Zogby now shows Obama having a 7.9% lead when 2 days ago he only had a 2.7% lead, and ABC and CBS come out with outlier polls showing the 'inevitability' of Obama to cushion Obama making it appear that he is maintaining his lead in spite of being inactive-if I am out to lunch could anybody out there just tell me that I am and why I am.

techno said...

Sarah set an all-time record for a political rally in Grand Junction tonight by speaking in front of 22,000 excited voters.

Scott said...

well tonight i did my very own neighborhood yard sign poll.. in about an eight of a mile i counted 8 for McCain (add 2 to the McCain total for the 2 houses that only had a sign in support of the marriage amendment), and only 1 single sign for Obama.

So there you have it

McCain 91%
Obama 9%

McCain is set to win florida by a landslide...... (oddly this is probably similar reasoning in all the polls that come out)

Also i've never seen so many signs out for any candidate, let alone the Republican ticket.. and the usual Dem people don't have signs this year aside from that one person. I heard someone on Rush talk about this a few weeks ago. About the lack of usual Dem Signage not being where it usually is, on union vehicles etc..

Unknown said...

I had no idea. Am I naive!!!
I looked at and and found some interesting discussion of this but I bet there are 101 better places.

As usual, you are on target.
This trip to Hawaii happens at the same time that mr. Martin files his law suit. What going on??? What's being hidden???
As they said on that forum, what is Barry going there to destroy?

If this is on the internet, what else does Sarah know?????
You are not out to lunch.
Techno, you are amazing.

(And you too, mountain mama and jill - I loved your comments)

Unknown said...

No Techno, I don't think you're off base with this speculation. My immediate gut reaction to that news was suspicion that something else is going on. Too bad we couldn't send a pack of "investigative journalists" to Hawaii to visit with Grandma's friends, neighbors and hairdresser.

Seems a bit odd too, that Michelle wouldn't want to be by her husband's side if this is indeed a family crisis of real significance. (It could be really interesting to watch her "take his place" at the scheduled rallies though.)

Unknown said...

Wow, anyone else see this? Amazingly positive article from CBS!

Patriot1776 said...

Welcome back techno!! What do you think of the zogby poll? It seems to out of whack with the numbers on the ground McCain Palin gaining in FL and OH and slightly ahead there...

Now I am hearing McCain is going to give up on NV, CO, NM, etc...and concentrate on PA? I live in PA, I am not sure he can pull that off...

Unknown said...

my favorite poll has the race "too close to call"

Mountain Mama said...

Here were my initial thoughts:
1. The last few weeks of a presidential campaign are packed with events, to pull out a victory. The polls show that the race is tightening, so for either candidate to choose to miss two whole days of campaigning would require The Most Extreme Sort of Emergency.
2. When loved ones are extremely sick, most people go to them immediately! Waiting for three days is unthinkable, because the loved ones could die by then!
3. So why isn't Obama leaving NOW!? His grandmother might truly be ill, but obviously she isn't at death's door, or Obama wouldn't wait two days----and that means that something else----something HUGE----might also be operating here.

I think you might have hit the nail on the head, Techno! When do you jet out there with your crew to investigate?
And what should the FBI subpoena NOW, before Barry can destroy it?

momprayn said...

Techno- Yes, thanks for articulating about the "left's" hatred so well. My husband & I have had many conversations about that for many years and been sooo....... frustrated/upset about it. So "closed minded". They don't get (and don't want to) the people who think differently plus they probably haven't been raised or been around the "good" conservative types. May have encountered the hypocritical ones - which unfortunately ABOUND & turned them off.
"The Dems know they have to knock her off pronto or risk being in the wilderness for the next 12-16 yrs."---- How about being in the wilderness until the end of time????!!!!! They ARE in the wilderness when it comes to common sense/wisdom !!
As I've noted before, as Rush says, they are also "irrational".
Also so true about what they wish for Evangelicals. They want us all to disappear & get out of their way. We are a constant "thorn in the flesh" for them (just as they are with us I guess). Well, we refuse to get out of their way!!!! (for THEIR good as well as ours)

Rush saying Biden has "left the campaign trail" right now. Ha!!!! I think by now they wish he had never started on it!! Can't believe what he said....another good thing to use for us I think.
Hearing Sarah at her rally today LISTING all the things JB has said that helps US!!!! (lots) Plus just heard on Fox that Murtha has again said stupid stuff that helps us- that W. PA is "really redneck"/"a redneck thing". Let's win PA!!!!!!!!!(and FL, OH, NC, VA....and maybe NJ for Ray?)

Amazing........."Amazing Grace" hopefully from above right now!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

I was thinking the same thoughts this morning as I was listening to the reports on TV. Why would anyone wait to go see someone who is critically ill? I hope I'm wrong, but it really just doesn't feel right.

jill said...

If the Nickelodeon choice this time follows the pattern it did with Kerry, we are in good shape. The new Kids Vote for 2008 has Obama at 51% and McCain at 49%.

They chose Kerry with 57%.

Go Nick Kids!

momprayn said...

Well, I see Biden IS on the campaign trail (CO) today so I don't know why Rush said that he wasn't but oh well.....
that good interview with Sarah on the "700 Club" I mentioned earlier was on TODAY (not next week). You guys will really like it. Very personal, talks about her faith, etc. You can get it on their website: Enjoy.

Mountain Mama said...

Congresswoman, Heather Wilson, was VERY astute on the Chris Matthews Show. A savvy debater, she firmly stated she'd have left the room rather than sit on a board with a terrorist CEO like Ayers, and Obama was wrong to have sat there for his career's supposed
benefit! TERRIFIC!

That Obama commercial about McCain's tax plan is SUCH a LIE! They purposely relate only 1/2 the plan!---that McCain will tax employer-paid health insurance benefits as income. True, but Obama NEGLECTS to relate that McCain ALSO gives a huge tax benefit, which completely offsets those health benefit taxes! (It DOES work out just this way.)

Lord, REQUITE lying!

Scott said...

at Obama's rally today they had a huge banner that said "vote early".. and i couldn't help but think of the motive behind it.. they don't want anyone to be able to change their mind in the coming weeks!

techno said...

Everybody who browses this site knows that I am a strong Sarah Palin supporter. Lately I have been a frequent reader and contributor to the Free Republic blog and by doing so have gleaned certain ideas, comments, opinions that may help everybody to understand what is going on in the election campaign now and what may happen during the next 2 weeks. Here are 10 things to look for: 1)as of yesterday and continuing today and probably for the remainder of the campaign the MSM polls (ABC, CBS, Pew Research)have unveiled and will continue to unveil quite frankly outrageous poll numbers that show that Obama has a commanding double-digit national lead when some battleground state polls are moving into McCain's column or getting very tight; this just doesn't gibe with reality. Now today Zogby and Gallup both after showing the Obama's lead among likely voters to be in the 2-3% range, prompting Zogby and Gallup's President Frank Newport to publicly pronounce 48 hours ago that the race was narrowing, today reveal that Mccain is 8 points down and 7 points down respectively losing 5 points in 2 days in Zogby's poll and 4 points in Gallup's poll; these polls just happen to coincide with Mccain's perceived bump from the debate, the Al Smith dinner and his appearance of Letterman,the Joe the Plumber narrative and Biden's gaffe on Obama being 'tested in the first 6 months' all undermining the inevitability of the Messiah. FR believes these pollsters are trying to prop up or rescue the Obama campaign by providing bogus poll numbers that oversample Democrats or young voters on the weekend when Republicans never poll very well and thus depress Republican turnout ; 2)why I believe these numbers are phony is that IBD/TIPP and Hotline tracking both show it as a 6 point deficit; ARG shows a 4 point race, so does Democracy Corps (James Carville) and do does Rasmussen. As to Rasmussen he has consistently pointed out over the last 3 weeks that this race has settled in and has not shown any evidence of a race that is getting away from McCain. Yes Rasmussen doesn't give McCain much of a chance to finally prevail but his opinion doesn't appear to affect his professionalism and integrity as a pollster; finally the GW/Battleground poll today shows that McCain is only 1 point back (this poll is run by a Democratic lady and Republican gentleman). In this poll McCain has gained 12 points in 1 week. Now this might not be accurate but here I'll go with McCain when he says that he is about 5 points back and moving up every day. 3) at FR there is always talk about McCain's internal polling showing completely different numbers than the MSM polls; for example one poster heard that McCain might be as much as 5 points ahead in PA, whereas the MSM say he is trailing by double digits-may be the reason he and Sarah are spending so much time there; remember John is not stupid; 4)CNN did a despicable thing yesterday by claiming they were told that McCain was giving up on Colorado: at the same time Sarah was holding 3 rallies there and early voting had just begun; this was a deliberate attempt to lower the attendance at Sarah's rally in Grand Junction (an all-time political record there of 22,000)and suppress the Republican vote. It is no coincidence that John King of CNN and Mark Halperin of Time reported such rubbish yesterday; when you are in the tank with Obama i guess when you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas; finally regarding Colorado, CNN knows that if McCain holds Ohio and Florida (now leading), NC (MOE) and replaces Virginia with PA and then takes Colorado and holds all of the Bush 2004 southern states and mid-western-Rocky Mountain states except for NM and Iowa John will be the next President of the USA. CNN I firmly believed was told by the Obama campaign-McCain must not be allowed to win Colorado (currently behind by 5 points but gaining ground); 5)over at FR folks are very skeptical to whether Obama is flying to Hawaii to look in on his grandmother or whether he is concerned about the petition before the Hawaiian Supreme Court to release Obama's birth certificate; another line of thought is that he and his advisors want a time out from the campaign to figure out what to do to counteract the attacks of John and Sarah that are hitting home and drawing blood; there's even talk of dumping Biden by some but the conclusion is that it is probably too late as early voting has already started; 6)Joe the Plumber has been likened to John Doe in the movie Meet John Doe made in 1941 starring Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck-an nameless guy who gains fame from being plain spoken about world events and then later is attacked and vilified by big shots that hired him, including the media who want to shut him down and destroy his life for not going along with their intentions to expolit him for their grand scheme to gain control of the government and the economy in a Fascist way.For asking one question, the MSM likewise has tried to destroy Joe's life. Working-class Americans are up in arms. Obama opened a Pandora's box by saying he wanted to 'spread the wealth' but I think even more importantly aroused anger and indignation in the American working man and woman-how dare any politician employ Gestapo-type tactics to destroy a 'little guy'-that is un-American; 7)don't be surprised if George Soros or somebody like him tries to disrupt the economy and send the stock market to the bottom again to dampen McCain's support; 8)Look for an October surprise: Michelle Obama's whitey tape, Obama's birth certificate, more RICO indictments against ACORN; more info on Ayres and Dohrn, or revealing info on Wright, Odinga or Khalidi; 9)The MSM will be literally out to destroy Sarah in the next 2 weeks-they will dredge up old stories, invent new ones and smear her from every possible angle and viewpoint-don't be surprised if somebody comes forward and reveals something supposedly unsavory about her (money talks); 10) finally to end on a positive note Sarah was just fabulous in her interview with Drew Griffin of CNN; she has improved her interviewing skills 100%;I have to say this: Drew Griffin is probably the only decent journalist at CNN; he didn't ask gotcha questions and he allowed Sarah to speak her mind without interrupting her. She has defintely improved her game and definitely is not a drag on the ticket. Of all the lies spread by the elitists on both sides about the McCain campaign, this is the most outrageous and despicable in its falsehood. Sarah has saved the McCain campaign from disaster. She is not to blame if McCain loses.

techno said...

I would invite you all to go over to Free Republic and read A Little German History by Lori Kalner when she compares the rise of Adolf Hitler to the rise of Barack Obama and compares the policies that Hitler implemented with what Obama purposes to do. It will do one of two things. It will make you cry or it may make you angry or it may do both. This is one story that should be read by every american voter.

Patriot1776 said...

They are after Palin comes the Palin investigation about her charging the state for travel with her children as Governor.

Seriously, this getting beyond frustrating!? They can attack smear and destroy Sarah, Joe the plumber and anyone ELSE who questions the Messiah, but what about Bill Ayers? Where is the van and team of investigators outside his office asking questions?? This is down right twisted.

We need to win this for our nation. We are headed down a real dark path. Goebbles (sp) under Hilter said "if you control the media, you control the country"...well, we are seeing that today.

Mountain Mama said...

Dear Techno:
WOW! Terrific information! (I so appreciate ALL the bloggers here, though, so NO one feel slighted!)
I admit I get nervous when someone compares people to Hitler or other evil folk, but I'll read the article to see the supposed parallels...
I have heard that Sarah Palin has decided to go for it and take interviews, which is BRILLIANT! I hope she does so!
But PLEASE step up the prayers, everyone, to help her stay focussed, professional, and kind, no matter WHAT sludge they throw at her (and they will....).

Mountain Mama said...

Okay, I'm totally in the tank for Palin, as you know, but she SHOULD repay Alaska for her kids' expenses, and (sorry to add this) consider TITHING! After all, Bush, Cheney, and (believe it or not) YOKO all tithe! It really delights God and helps people in need.
We're talking about only $3000 or so re. her children's expenses, btw, but I hope she reimburses the state.

techno said...

Talk about Zogby's battlefield state polls NOT gibing with his national poll of McCain being 8 points down. Here are Zogby's most recent state polls: Indiana: Mccain by 10; NM Obama by .6% (best poll by McCain); VA: Obama by 3.6 (not bad); Ohio: McCain by 2.8% -his highest margin; Colorado (who CNN said yesterday that McCain was withdrawing from) .3% in favor of Obama (best poll for McCain at least in a month); NC: Obama by 3.1%; NH: Obama by .3% (Palin power) McCain as of 2 weeks ago was down by 10 points; NV: McCain by 7.5% (until today-INADV has it as a tie- every poll had McCain down-big reversal)and Missouri: McCain ahead by .3% (Rasmussen yesterday had McCain down by 5 and Suffolk had McCain up by 1 point.) In closing Zogby doesn't make sense, but perhaps his polling numbers are a reflection of a race that doesn't make any sense whatsoever and a race that most rational observers of the current political landscape would venture to say that McCain has no business in being this close, let alone winning. Folks, these numbers prove John and Sarah are still in the hunt. With a maximum turnout our side could win. As a bit of encouragement with regards to Florida yesterday Rasmussen had McCain ahead by 1 point and PPP had McCain down by 1 point and with regards to NC Survey USA had it tied up today at 47-47. As to Virginia Rasmussen had McCain 10 points down yesterday and Survey USA had McCain 6 points down. Virginia is still doable.

Mountain Mama said...

AAUUGGH! O'Reilly's show is discussion with Lis Wiehl and Megyn Kelly the most HORRIFIC anti-Palin internet video that is FULL of lies about Sarah Palin! Even the usually-more-liberal Wiehl says it's child abuse because the ad uses young girls' saying awful things----plus she notes that Gov. Palin RAISED the money to help rape victims AND to test DNA of rapists! Megyn says it isn't abuse, but it IS full of lies.

Once again: PRAY HARD! And I hope someone out there is creating videos for the Internet that counter these lies to help McCain-Palin! (I would if I knew how; RATS!)

techno said...

Today Sarah did something in her speech that I have been longed advanced. Among former Clinton female supporters on stage, Sarah went directly like a laser after the Hillary Clinton voters (PUMA'a) by accusing Obama of discriminating against women workers in his own office and his treatment of Hillary not even being vetted. Absolutely brilliant. Just like the NY Giants attacking the Patriots coming from all different directions on the blitz-Sarah coming at Obama from all different directions on different days not knowing what to expect. Absolutely brilliant Sarah and kudos to the McCain campaign for letting Sarah do her thing.

momprayn said...

mountain mama - yeah, I know (O'Reilly). I'm listening as I "speak". I was going to write about it but you beat me to it! But Megyn was really good pointing out the lies & telling the truth of what Sarah has done, etc.
Techno - yes, thanks for all the info as usual. Yeah, I didn't think those polls were right anyway.
I keep praying God wants them to win because if He does, that's all it takes!! I'm encouraged by all the good things to come our way to help (Joe the Plumber, etc.) Don't think it was any coincidence!!! I don't believe in coincidences period. And I think God delights in taking His supposed "underdogs" & bring them to victory in the end!!! He will take all the underhanded, despicable, unfair, fraudulant, lies & make them backfire. He already has. I give credit to Him about all the "bad" people/plans that are being exposed. So I don't worry about any of that (even though I don't like seeing innocent people suffer unfairly, etc.) I have a "feeling" (like I did about FL/Jewish vote), that we will win these other swing states...enough to win at least. Yes, it'll be a "nail biter" to the very end (maybe similar to the 2000 election). But if I'm wrong, as I always say, Sarah will be used for our good sooner or later & I'll take this "loss" as being God telling us we need to go through 4 years of "unpleasant"(probably an understatement) things in order for people to be "starving" for conservatives and a President like Sarah in 2012!!!!

Unknown said...

Jesse Jackson, Pastor Wright, Michelle Obama, and Louis Farrakhan have all given warning that Senator Obama might not view non-blacks in an equal and just manner. (aren't all of these people from Chicago?)

Relationships with Bill Ayers, Acorn and Tony Rezco have also warned us that Senator Obama might use corrupt methods to obtain his objectives. Mr. Radley Balko of Reason Magazine in an article on Monday, Oct. 20th, titled, "Why the Republicans Must Be Defeated This Year," wrote;

"I'm not thrilled at the prospect of an Obama administration (especially with a friendly Congress)” and
"Government would undoubtedly grow under [Obama's] watch... he has been increasingly disappointing even on the issues where he's supposed to be good...Obama's vote on the FISA bill and telecom immunity also suggests that, for all his criticisms of President Bush's use of executive power and assaults on civil liberties, Obama wouldn't be much better.”

And this is an argument from a man that is openly supporting Senator Obama.

The scariest thing he mentions is that, “Congressional Republicans failed to rein in the Bush administration's naked bid to vastly expand the power of the presidency (a failure they're going to come to regret should Obama take office in January).”

These were Balko's own words. His 'argument' has taught me things I hadn’t known about Obama and convinced me that it is imperative that Senator McCain win the election.

Unknown said...

That video on O'Reilly was appalling. Unbelievable.

Sarah, you know from the reactions at your rallies how much people love you and want you in office.

In God we trust. I'm praying. This is not nearly over. God is in control and we're getting closer. It's discouraging sometimes, but things just keep happening to help our side.

Scott said...

greta's poll tonight is

John Murtha

He has described Pennsylvanians as racist and then rednecks - what will Congressman Murtha say next?

-i'm sorry

-i meant to say white trash


techno said...

Apparently Matt Drudge is reporting that Zogby has Obama 10 points ahead of McCain in the national polls. Now this is the same day that Zogby reported new info on the battlefield state polls (previous posting) that shows the race tightening.Is this guy schizophrenic or what? Or is it a vain attempt by Obama to perpetrate the 'big lie' to depress Republican turnout and manipulate the election results. Barack, sorry pal it won't work. Everybody who loves Sarah will vote regardless of what the poll numbers say.

Admin said...

I wonder how many will be voting for McCain mainly because of Sarah? Her rallies are drawing huge crowds and generating so much excitement. I'm glad she's not afraid to tell it like it is about Obama and issues like ACORN. She is exactly the kind of VP this country needs and I hope enough people will realize this by Nov. 4th!

Rose said...

Obama 'admits' to Kenyan birth? Breaking news

(Hi alyssa, thanks for the vote of confidence! rose)

techno said...

Alyssa-try 75%-25% who were on the fence for McCain and might not have voted at all (including PUMA's) and 50% who would walk over broken glass to vote for her.

momprayn said...

Alyssa -- no doubt in my mind that if they win, Sarah will be the reason!!!!

Dean said...

Rush Limbaugh keeps saying that these polls want to be accurate. This is so they will be viewed as a reliable source in the future.

I am not convinced. I think in this election that all they care about is an Obama win. I believe the polls are willing to end up wrong just to help get Obama elected.

azaeroprof said...

techno, I SO (SO, SO, SO) want to believe some of your info on the internal polling. But given that Zogby and Gallup both have pretty impressive reputations (and in Zogby's case, pretty pro-Rep), I can't shake the feeling that I'm just wishful thinking.

While Zogby's national poll is pretty well-respected and conventional, his state polls are actually interactive and have a pretty lousy reputation in the polling community.

Is there anything you can tell us that would lead me to trust that what is reported on FR is trustworthy rather than just "propaganda" intended to keep our hopes up and keep us from giving up and not working to GOTV?

I pray that all you report is true, I'm just having doubts. Maybe I just need to pray hard (of course that's true!).

Also, has anyone heard whether or not the judge in the Berg case has ruled on Obama's motion to dismiss? As I recall, today was the deadline for him to rule.

Scott said...

""""Obama 'admits' to Kenyan birth? Breaking news""""

wouldn't that be hilarious if he was kicked out on a legal technicality??

Ted said...

Interesting tidbit: the same "Drew" or "Drew Zahn" (World Net Daily reporter) who had inside info from Team McCain and tipped off this site the night before (and before the MSM knew of) the Palin as VP introduction by McCain, is now reporting on Birthgate.

Obama's trip to Hawaii, at the very same time that writer Andy Martin is filing court papers there seeking Obama's birth records, is intriguing. Drew has been reporting on Pa. Attorney Berg's federal lawsuit challenging Obama's status as not being a natural born US citizen (claiming he was born in Kenya when his mom was 18 years old).

I'm sensing something may be developing on this -- Team McCain and RNC is appearing to stay far away from this story (which leads me to believe the exact opposite may be the case -- an October surprise perhaps???!!!)

Very interesting.........

Ted said...

Re my above comment on Birthgate, here's a posting from somehavehats blogsite:

* * *

"And a lot of us are still waiting to see the court-ordered vault birth certificate. Here is the latest on that, from American Daughter:

Barack Obama announced plans to suspend campaigning for two days so he could fly to Hawaii and visit his ailing grandmother. And it is true that she has just come home from the hospital, with health problems described as “very serious.” (Source.)

But his trip to Hawaii also happens to coincide with the expiration of the thirty-day period for response to filings in the lawsuit requiring verification of his birth status (Berg v. Obama, No. 08-cv-04083 in Philadelphia Federal Court). Neither Obama nor the Democratic National Committee (DNC) made a “timely response” to the Berg filings. (Source).

And the announcement of Obama’s planned trip also comes one day after author Andy Martin (Obama: The Man Behind The Mask) filed petition in the Supreme Court of Hawaii for expedited examination of Obama’s birth status. (Source.)

Will the mainstream media scrutinize Obama and his entourage on this trip, to ensure that no one goes over to the Hawaii Department of Health to fiddle with the records? Probably not. Let us hope that there are some astute bloggers on the case."

Tbone said...

The polls are starting to narrow for the McCain/Sarah ticket. Rasmussen had it at 50-46 again today. The odds are still stacked against McCain though. He has to win Florida,North Carolina,Virginia,Colorado,Nevada,Missouri and Ohio. If he loses one he would have to substitute Pennsylvania.

Sarah is just awesome and getting better and better every day. Sarah is starting to reenergize the Republican base again. Sarah will be tough in 2012 since she will have experience to go along with her great talent and ability to communicate with voters. She will show the MSM and Conservative commentators wrong in the end.

Unknown said...

Sarah is spending 10/25, 11 days before the election, campaigning in Iowa.
isn't that odd?

Mountain Mama said...

HE is in on THIS story!!!!!????
Oh my goodness, he was completely correct with his tip to us all about Palin's being selected! What if Drew is once again correct!?

The tricky thing for Obama is that Title 8 of the U.S. Code, Section 1401, defines who are citizens of the US at birth----but there are many disputes about whether mere citizenship at birth equals being a "natural-born" citizen, the only type of citizen who is eligible to be President or Vice-President.

Oddly enough, people might once again dispute McCain's being a natural-born citizen; that's also tricky. I think he'd be deemed eligible far more easily than Obama.

The whole mess was totally avoidable. A whole lotta SOMEBODY'S have LIED to get Obama this far, IF he was born in Kenya (as his grandmother there AND the Kenyan gov't state)...... WOW, is this Chicago politics, or WHAT?!

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. Given the rise of overseas-generated terrorism, I agree with the Founding Fathers about requiring citizens to be "natural-born" to be President or Vice-President.

Mountain Mama said...

My husband thinks Barak is going to sneak out of the country ENTIRELY on Thursday......

I really don't like conspiracy theories----but NOW I worry that McCain is going to pull one of his well-meant but VERY-unhelpful nonpartisan moves (sorry, Sen. McCain!), and encourage everyone to blow off this HUGE fraud that's been foisted upon the DNC and the American public, many of whom (okay, unwisely, since he's so liberal) donated MILLIONS to his campaign!

Scott said...

Military Times poll indicates landslide support for John McCain. McCain captures 68% of the military vote to Barack Obama's 23%. This is a poll by the Military Times newspaper group. It suggests there's "overwhelming support" for McCain among US troops in every branch of the armed forces by nearly three-to-one margin. Now, why do you suspect this is? Here we have overwhelming military support for McCain. My guess is they know what Biden said is true. The people in the US military, folks, did not sign up to be "tested" because of an untested, weak rookie like Barack Obama.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, Scott! I'm very relieved, because a few weeks ago, one of the MSM said that a huge new poll revealed that military personnel were overwhelmingly supportive of Obama! I knew THAT poll was off.......... Whew!

jill said...

Have you heard that Dan Rather thinks the media is ignoring Biden's gaffe about Obama being tested in his first 6 months? He said if Sarah Palin had said this, the newspapers would have jumped all over it, and so would the major television outlets.

Patriot1776 said...

Amazing, how could the polls shift 5 pts in Obama favor over the past few days? There was nothing to foster that movement. Yet the polls reflect momentum in his favor.

Everytime I think McCain and Palin turned the corner the next polls come out and say they losing ground.

I don't know what to believe. We have to work hard and get out there and time still is there to do it.

I am looking for some positive news out there. This year, it just seems the forces are aligned against us.

I am now more fearful of a 60 seat supermajority in the Senate and what a total disaster that will be for our nation with an Obama President.

We need Sarah NOW, not 2012....

Rose said...

Remember how MSM said in the beginning that Sarah's baby Trig was a cover-up for her teenage daughter Bristol?...but they don't report on Obama's forged birth certificate?

The mainstream media are ruthless to Sarah's innocent children....MSM have been LYING from the beginning and will LIE until after the elections all for their Messiah Obama. A bitter Obama defeat shall cause the media elites to cut off their tongues and their 'power-of-the-pen' fingers! (messiah..LOL)

I posted some more selected comments including this worse scenario: "if the court declares that obama is not a natural born american citizen at this late stage not only will obama's die hard supporters say that they don't care what the law says but also we are likely to see wide spread rioting all over the usa..."

Yap, half-a-billion dollars down the drain for a not-natural-born-American-citizen-Messiah!

(scott, thanks for the special mention, rose)

Tbone said...

The most confusing polls to me are Zogby. Zogby has McCain really close in all the battleground states from 10/21. Zogby also has Obama up 51.6 to 42 nationaly. How can McCain be gaining in the battlegrounds and losing ground nationaly?

I am also fearful of a Democratic supermajority in the Senate. They have a real chance of having in between 59-61 seats in the Senate. We have to say no to the Pelosi/Reid and Obama trio.

Tbone said...

Was just watching Fox News. They had a former advisor to Al Gore on who said that Sarah Palin is dangerously close to the Quayle area. I sent an e-mail to that show defending Sarah. We can't let the left and the MSM destroy Sarah.
They are so unfair we have to report all the gaffes that Biden and Obama make.

The MSM and the left are so afraid of Sarah Palin because they see she is building up a following. They know that with more experience to go with her great talent,charisma and ability to identify with voters she will be tough to beat. We can't let them take her down.

Rose said...

PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! McCain-Palin 2008 landslide!

McCain asks NH voters for one more comeback win

NObama! NObama! NObama!

12thMan said...

I just find it totally pathetic that Democrats are gaining ANY momentum at all when these losers have been in control of Congress for two years!

Think about it, in October 2006:

What were you paying at the pump?

Where was the Dow?

How confident were you in the economy?

I'm not saying that two years ago we were in Reagan times--far from it. But in comparison, hell yeah.

Why are House Republicans--the only bastions of conservatism left in D.C.--getting blamed for the economic crisis when they not only don't control the House but they didn't even represent HALF the no votes of the original bill? And why isn't somebody coming forth (i.e. McCain) to stand up for them?

In a normal year, this is like watching the Bears (Barry) against the Cardinals (McCain). Both sides are truly lame, but this year they're both in first place, proving how bad not only the NFC is, but both parties as well. Take out the MSM/ACORN for Barry, and Sarah/Joe for McCain, and this is an even worse race than it is. The messiah can't even poll (or can barely poll) a majority, WEAK! I can't imagine how Tim Russert was ever excited about this boredom, and this was way before Sarah or Joe were ever involved.

The good news for us: Sarah's going nowhere. If she plays her cards right, she'll have a future just like Reagan did, and the results will be tremendous as well.

The bad news is, if McCain had even a small fraction of Sarah's fire, we wouldn't have to be bracing for Saul Alinsky's first term.

techno said...

Talk about ludicrous-Sarah in Dan Quayle territory-Sarah is scaring the s**t out of the Obama campaign and we know it and they know it. Here's a sample: today Mason-Dixon has McCain only 2 down in Virginia (after Rasmussen had McCain 10 down 2 days ago) and still has McCain 1 up in Florida. (Survey USA yesterday had NC as a tie and Suffolk had McCain 1 up in Missouri 2 days ago). Remember if McCain can hold Florida, Virginia and Ohio, Missouri and NC and the rest of the Bush 2004 red states except for NM and Iowa he will have 274 EV and be president and John still has NH, PA , Minnesota and 1 EV in Maine as a possibility.

Dean said...

This campaign is beyond anything that I have seen. There is so much dirt on Obama and it does not even move the polls.

It is just amazing that you can be friends with terrorist, Marxist and Socialist and still be leading in the polls.

Also, all the Acorn voter fraud is ramped and means nothing.

I believe McCain missed a big opportunity not tearing into Wright earlier. I don't think it will matter at this point.

What is now happening is the contagion of a political party that was left almost unchecked.

We should not be setting here two weeks out from an election and wondering if Obama is a US citizen. This is just appalling.

I don't believe anyone except the conservatives care about Obama's character or background.

Tbone said...

Here are some of today daily tracking polls.
Rasmussen 51-45 Obama
Zogby 51-42 Obama
Gallup 51-42 Obama
Here are some others
Fox News 49-40 Obama
WSJ/NBC News 52-42 Obama

In good news though in state battleground polls McCain is showing signs of gaining in some of those states. This election comes down to McCain defending the Bush states of Nevada,Colorado,Virginia,Florida,Missouri,Ohio,North Carolina and Indiana. If he wins them he wins the election.

Rose said...

It be a real October surprise be if media starts paying serious attention to the most shocking Obama's connection: his strong support of Odinga, the man behind Kenya's recent crisis
- see shocking photo of Obama in Kenya in 2006

Mountain Mama said...

Just read this at The Nation regarding the contrarian:
A quick word about Andy Martin. During a 1983 bankruptcy case he referred to a federal judge as a "crooked, slimy Jew, who has a history of lying and thieving common to members of his race." Martin, who in the past was known as Anthony Martin-Trigona, is one of the most notorious litigants in the history of the United States. He's filed hundreds, possibly thousands, of lawsuits, often directed at judges who have ruled against him, or media outlets that cover him unfavorably. A 1993 opinion by the US Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, in Atlanta, described these lawsuits as "a cruel and effective weapon against his enemies," and called Martin a "notoriously vexatious and vindictive litigator who has long abused the American legal system." He once even attempted to intervene in the divorce proceedings of a judge who'd ruled against him, petitioning the state court to be appointed as the guardian of the judge's children. >>
I'm VERY sure I want more evidence about all his "research!"

Jacob L. Robertson said...

Hey, here is another funny thing, check out my blog, and tell me who looks more like Sarah Palin...Tina Fey or my Wife...