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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Well, I feel comfortable saying that Gov. Palin won tonight. Granted, Sen. Biden was well prepared and gave a good performance. However, I think Palin had the best lines of the night and related to her audience much better. She had a grasp of the issues and soundly put to rest any doubts about her competence. Judging by the earliest media reaction, it looks like the reaction to Sarah’s performance was overwhelmingly positive. Granted, I was watching Fox, but the focus group people all seemed to agree, and there were a number of Democrats in the group.

In the final analysis, I think that we won’t really know how everything went until we see the news reports tomorrow. I’ll be watching to see which lines get the most play in both the mainstream and the conservative media. But, in the early going, I think that the perception is that Sarah is back with a vengeance.

Very quickly, I wanted to run over a few of the bullet points I listed before the debate.

1) On the wardrobe, we didn’t see the red, but we also didn’t see the dreaded leather jacket. So, I think that we saw some evidence that there is less harsh image control.

2) On Gwen Ifill, I thought that most of her questions were fair. I thought that one question was designed to imply that Gov. Palin supported gay marriage (which she does not). But, other than that, a competent job.

3) Kudos to Sen. Biden for keeping a lid on himself and avoiding pitfalls. That said, I saw/heard him sigh several times while listening to Sarah’s responses and I thought that his pronounced facial expressions could easily provide fodder for Saturday Night Live.


huskyonspeed said...

She seemed relaxed and confident, Adam. Since Biden did well also, I don't know how much momentum we can take from it, but I think she reassured people and got a few jabs at Obama in the process.

Scott said...

is there anything that can be done about the voting fraud in ohio?

Ted said...

Palin did great!!! She did her job!!!

But having said that, the Democrats, controlling Congress, will perpetuate their October Surprise, that being their Sub Prime Mortagage generated liquidity crisis, keeping the market and economy sinking and in turmoil pending the election.

So unless McCain (and to a lesser extent Palin) can educate enough of the voting public that the Dems have caused this mess through their market subverting Fannie and Freddie activities (not the GOP), it's gonna be very tough for McCain to break through. So far McCain refrains from hitting Fannie and Freddie as a Dem fraud operation, simply citing "greed on wall street" -- so I'm not too hopeful McCain can and/or will do it. It just does not seem to be in his nature to combat the Dems on that.

I do think Palin will provide some bump of excitement and renergizing to the McCain campaign, however, I don't see how it can be enough to overtake the Dem generated economic chaos.

If I'm wrong -- and I certainly hope I am -- I'd welcome any other view.

Amanda said...

She nailed it!

If it had even been close, the media response would already have been overwhelming. It's not close. :)

SensibleDude said...

She didn't make any big mistakes but she didn't add anything original. In her efforts to be "folksy" I think she tripped up; winking at the camera and giving a shout-out were really inappropriate... this was a debate, not The Price Is Right.

The civil tone helped them both and they came across as genuine and engaged. She was calm and collected throughout, although she got flustered again about climate change and made the same error in saying that it's important to combat it but unnecessary to know the cause(s) - that sort of mistake is glaring and unjustifiable.

A- for Biden, B- for Palin. She came across as a Governor, rather than a VP; Biden looked presidential.

Vern said...

It's increasingly clear the only thing wrong with Palin is that she is stuck being VP to a guy who's policies are just not that distinguished from a very unpopular president.

Palin seems to have covered in 5 weeks what it took Obama 18 months to do. I can only imagine where she could be in 2012.

Her job has to be dual from this moment on. Help McCain yes, but build her own future even more. If the handlers get in the way again, it's time to break ranks and save herself for the sake of America in 2012.

More thoughts here.

CGilda said...

I thought I saw a few of those looks that say "dang-girl-you're-good" on Biden's face tonight.

Scott said...

Joe Biden's 14 Lies

1. TAX VOTE: Biden said McCain voted “the exact same way” as Obama to increase taxes on Americans earning just $42,000, but McCain DID NOT VOTE THAT WAY.

2. AHMEDINIJAD MEETING: Joe Biden lied when he said that Barack Obama never said that he would sit down unconditionally with Mahmoud Ahmedinijad of Iran. Barack Obama did say specifically, and Joe Biden attacked him for it.

3. OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING: Biden said, “Drill we must.” But Biden has opposed offshore drilling and even compared offshore drilling to “raping” the Outer Continental Shelf.”

4. TROOP FUNDING: Joe Biden lied when he indicated that John McCain and Barack Obama voted the same way against funding the troops in the field. John McCain opposed a bill that included a timeline, that the President of the United States had already said he would veto regardless of it’s passage.

5. OPPOSING CLEAN COAL: Biden says he’s always been for clean coal, but he just told a voter that he is against clean coal and any new coal plants in America and has a record of voting against clean coal and coal in the U.S. Senate.

6. ALERNATIVE ENERGY VOTES: According to, Biden is exaggerating and overstating John McCain’s record voting for alternative energy when he says he voted against it 23 times.

7. HEALTH INSURANCE: Biden falsely said McCain will raise taxes on people's health insurance coverage -- they get a tax credit to offset any tax hike. Independent fact checkers have confirmed this attack is false

8. OIL TAXES: Biden falsely said Palin supported a windfall profits tax in Alaska -- she reformed the state tax and revenue system, it's not a windfall profits tax.

9. AFGHANISTAN / GEN. MCKIERNAN COMMENTS: Biden said that top military commander in Iraq said the principles of the surge could not be applied to Afghanistan, but the commander of NATO's International Security Assistance Force Gen. David D. McKiernan said that there were principles of the surge strategy, including working with tribes, that could be applied in Afghanistan.

10. REGULATION: Biden falsely said McCain weakened regulation -- he actually called for more regulation on Fannie and Freddie.

11. IRAQ: When Joe Biden lied when he said that John McCain was “dead wrong on Iraq”, because Joe Biden shared the same vote to authorize the war and differed on the surge strategy where they John McCain has been proven right.

12. TAX INCREASES: Biden said Americans earning less than $250,000 wouldn’t see higher taxes, but the Obama-Biden tax plan would raise taxes on individuals making $200,000 or more.

13. BAILOUT: Biden said the economic rescue legislation matches the four principles that Obama laid out, but in reality it doesn’t meet two of the four principles that Obama outlined on Sept. 19, which were that it include an emergency economic stimulus package, and that it be part of “part of a globally coordinated effort with our partners in the G-20.”

14. REAGAN TAX RATES: Biden is wrong in saying that under Obama, Americans won't pay any more in taxes then they did under Reagan.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Very well done.

Governor Palin demonstrated tonight why I fell in love with her two months ago on this blog. Upbeat. Confident. Unapologetically conservative.

She hit it out of the park tonight.

Game back on!

Amanda said...

Vern - I totally agree. THAT is the anchor around Palin. Not anything wrong with her, but the fact that she has to sort of tiptoe around most of the policy issues where she disagrees with McCain. It's an understandable part of the process, but unfortunately not what we as her fans want to hear from her.

That said, I thought she was great and I was soooo thrilled and relieved.

SensibleDude said...


Any chance you could provide us with solid references for your claims? Otherwise they hold no weight. Unsourced refutation only weakens arguments and makes one look blindly partisan.

manajordan said...

Gov. Palin did excellent tonight. I am so glad to see her as herself. I love all the comparisons to Reagan.
Now she needs to get out there more and more. I would love to see her on Rachel Rey, some of the late night shows etc. etc. She obviously knows her stuff and should be doing press conferences. Great night.

Unknown said...

Please take a deep breath and remember what happened in September.
Sarah had a great speech and then was put into hiding.
The left defined her as the McCain team stood by. Our side went into disarray.

How we have had another very good night.
Carry the momentum forward.
Stay optimistic!!!
This is about the Reagan conservative movement. Sarah has placed herself in the role to lead it for the next generation. Are YOU ready to help her?

It's time to go out and win one for The Gipper

“Rock, sometime when the team is up against it and the breaks are beating the boys, tell them to go out there with all they’ve got and win just one for the Gipper. I don’t know where I’ll be then, Rock,” he said, “but I’ll know about it and I’ll be happy. “

techno said...

Sarah now has the conservative base eating out of her hand. She no longer has to prove that she is qualified to be VP or President. She speaks and communicates better than McCain, Obama, or Biden. And she still is considered a rookie, but a rookie with a lot of talent.

Mrs. Broccoli Guy said...

Biden lied over a dozen times, said that Obama will need him "in the room" to make decisions and looked old and tired.

Sarah was clear, concise, funny (say it ain't so Joe!) and connected with the voters.

Slam Dunk for Sarah!!

AmericanPatriot said...

Once again, Gov. Palin delivered, and in a big way! I will say this about Gwen Ifill: I don't think she came off as overly partisan, but I think she was a poor moderator. Sure, maybe it was the format of the debate that prevented more back-and-forth, but what really got me was asking two questions to each of the candidates, Palin on the healthcare tax issue and Biden on saddling the higher wage earners with more of a tax burden. Just the most glaring example of a poor performance by the moderator.

Patriot1776 said...

all I can say is YES!!

She didn't counter punch Biden as much as I would have liked on some things, but she did very very well.

Time to let her loose! Get out on the trail, meeting people, talking to the press etc.

She has it...she has given McCain a boost TWO times.. at the Convention and last night..time for McCain to her and US a boost on Tuesday and finish this...

CalledOut said...

The reason she was so relaxed and self confident is because she was PREPARED, and she knew it. For the life of me I cannot undertand why her handlers waited untill this late in the game to bring her up to speed on the issues. Whoever worked with her for her debate preparation needs to continue advising and helping her, and they need to fire the idiots who were handling her before.

Erin said...

Adam, I'm actually looking forward to SNL this week. Sarah did a fantastic job, answering questions with some substance (for the most part) and poise. And you're right about Biden's response. I didn't know it was possible to flash all 32 pearly whites in a single grin. So here's how I think it will go down on Saturday. Tina Fey will continue her folksy version of Palin. We'll see some lines that remind us of the "backwards to Bush" and "say it ain't so, Joe" moments--and yet they'll be uniquely SNL. Some of her answers will ramble a bit as well. But overall I suspect Biden will get the biggest skewering in this.

As for the wardrobe malfunctions of the past few weeks, Sarah has looked wonderful (is it possible for her NOT to look great?!). However, she hasn't looked like herself, so I'm happy to see the powersuit and flag pin again.

Joe said...

Sarah Palin's performance last night will be seen as the most pivotal night in her political career. Even more so than the convention speech, given the enormous pressure put on her this last few weeks. Her poise, strength and demeanor under these conditions has to be seen as one of the great political performances in modern day history.

This year's presidential campaign has been a tremendous uphill battle from the beginning. The odds remain solidly with the democrats, for reasons that are in many ways unfortunately out of the control of McCain and his people. I'm not saying that it can't be done, and I'm certainly not giving up given the unpredictable nature of this entire year.

Nonetheless, even if McCain loses, Palin has won. She is now a Republican superstar, the clearcut new generation Ronald Reagan/Teddy Roosevelt. She should be, and will be, the front runner for the party for 2012.

Again, I'm not giving up on this year yet. But at least we can now know that Palin's future is solid, no matter what happens over the next few weeks.

My friends, optimism is back. God Bless America.

tom paine said...

scott said..."Joe Biden's 14 lies."

And then listed absolutely no substantiation or documentation. That's exactly the same as when the nut case Dems say "Sarah lies."

Let me give Scott an example of the way that adults and non-biased people critiqued the debate:

PALIN: Said of Democratic presidential candidate Obama: "94 times he voted to increase taxes or not support a tax reduction."

THE FACTS: The dubious count includes repetitive votes as well as votes to cut taxes for the middle class while raising them on the rich. An analysis by found that 23 of the votes were for measures that would have produced no tax increase at all, seven were in favor of measures that would have lowered taxes for many, 11 would have increased taxes on only those making more than $1 million a year.


BIDEN: Complained about "economic policies of the last eight years" that led to "excessive deregulation."

THE FACTS: Biden voted for 1999 deregulation that liberal groups are blaming for part of the financial crisis today. The law allowed Wall Street investment banks to create the kind of mortgage-related securities at the core of the problem now. The law was widely backed by Republicans as well as by Democratic President Clinton, who argues it has stopped the crisis today from being worse.


PALIN: Criticized Obama's "plan to mandate health care coverage and have universal government run program" for health care, and added: "I don't think it's going to be real pleasing for Americans to consider health care being taken over by the Feds."

THE FACTS: Wrong on several counts. Obama's plan does not provide for universal coverage, only mandates insurance for children and doesn't turn the system over to the government. Most people would still get private insurance through their work. Obama proposes that the government subsidize the cost of health coverage for millions who have trouble affording it and he'd set up an exchange to negotiate prices and benefits with private insurers — with one option being a government-run plan.


BIDEN: Warned that Republican presidential candidate John McCain's $5,000 tax credit to help families buy health coverage "will go straight to the insurance company."

THE FACTS: That's not surprising — the money is meant to pay for health insurance. The Obama campaign tried to capitalize on the candidates' health care exchange by issuing an ad Friday contending that the Republicans can't explain "the McCain health tax."


PALIN: "Two years ago, remember, it was John McCain who pushed so hard with the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reform measures. He sounded that warning bell."

THE FACTS: Republican Sen. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska led an effort in 2005 to tighten regulation on the mortgage underwriters — McCain joined as a co-sponsor a year later. The legislation was never taken up by the full Senate, then under Republican control.


BIDEN: Said McCain supports tax breaks for oil companies, and "wants to give them another $4 billion tax cut."

THE FACTS: Biden is repeating a favorite saw of the Obama campaign, and it's misleading. McCain supports a cut in income taxes for all corporations, and doesn't single out any one industry for that benefit.


PALIN: Said the United States has reduced its troop level in Iraq to a number below where it was when the troop increase began in early 2007.

THE FACTS: Not correct. The Pentagon says there are currently 152,000 U.S. troops in Iraq, about 17,000 more than there were before the 2007 military buildup began.


BIDEN: "As a matter of fact, John recently wrote an article in a major magazine saying that he wants to do for the health care industry — deregulate it and let the free market move — like he did for the banking industry."

THE FACTS: Biden and Obama have been perpetuating this distortion of what McCain wrote in an article for the American Academy of Actuaries. McCain, laying out his health plan, only referred to deregulation when saying people should be allowed to buy health insurance across state lines. In that context, he wrote: "Opening up the health insurance market to more vigorous nationwide competition, as we have done over the last decade in banking, would provide more choices of innovative products less burdened by the worst excesses of state-based regulation."


PALIN: Said Alaska is "building a nearly $40 billion natural gas pipeline, which is North America's largest and most expensive infrastructure project ever to flow those sources of energy into hungry markets."

THE FACTS: Not quite. Construction is at least six years away. So far the state has only awarded a license to Trans Canada Corp., that comes with $500 million in seed money in exchange for commitments toward a lengthy and costly process to getting a federal certificate. At an August news conference after the state Legislature approved the license, Palin said, "It's not a done deal."


PALIN: "Barack Obama even supported increasing taxes as late as last year for those families making only $42,000 a year."

BIDEN: "The charge is absolutely not true. Barack Obama did not vote to raise taxes."

THE FACTS: The vote was on a nonbinding budget resolution that assumed that President Bush's tax cuts would expire, as scheduled, in 2011. If that actually happened, it could mean higher taxes for people making as little as about $42,000. But Obama is proposing tax increases only on the wealthy, and would cut taxes for most others.


PALIN: Said a McCain-Palin administration "will support Israel," including "building our embassy ... in Jerusalem."

THE FACTS: Moving the U.S. Embassy from its present location in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is a perennial promise of presidential candidates courting the Jewish-American vote. In fact, moving the embassy is actually required by U.S. law. But successive administrations of both parties, including George W. Bush's, have made the same pledge only to find that the realities of Middle East peacemaking have forced them to invoke a waiver to delay it. Jerusalem is claimed as a capital by both Israel and the Palestinians and Israel's occupation of east Jerusalem is not internationally recognized. The city's status is one of the key issues of disagreement in peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

Chris said...


OK here is a piece of advice from one of those that supported Sarah for VP long before anyone hardly knew her name.

Last night on PMSNBC Overbite and Madcow were drooling over their desire to interview Sarah on their show even offering to make it all live without commercial interruptions.

Here is the advice:


Here's why I believe you should:

1. First tell them to bring along the guy with the tingly feeling in his leg every time he sees Obama.
2. Live unscripted uninterrupted TV will expose Gibson and Couric for the partisan hacks they are - only showing the questions from the recorded interview that would potentially make Palin look bad while omitting the questions she did very well on.
3. From the debate performance the ability of Palin to connect with the American people over the heads of journalists rivals or even exceeds that of Reagan or Clinton.
4. Sarah is one of them-a degreed journalists and trained accomplished newscaster and sportscaster.
5. What idiot expects Overbite or Madcow to be fair? It will show that Sarah has guts by going into a den of wolves.
6. Lets face it-she is a very smart woman with the best communication skills I've seen in a politician-her talent-its almost a freak of nature-like Greg Maddox the baseball multi time Cy Young award winner-having seen him in person-he is not big and tall and full of muscle-he looks like a librarian with average build but excels beyond all other in his line of work-such is Palin in politics-you never see here coming at you until its too late.
7. Shame on you John McCain if you have a Cy Young pitcher and are down late in the game and don't put them in to take on the toughest of the opposition.
8. My gut says this can turn out to be something like Bush 41 slicing up Dan Rather from 1988-a discussion about where journalism turned into political advocacy.
9. There will be much more pressure on Olberman than Palin-what is he going to say to his audience if Palin makes him look like a fool.
10. Even the people that hate her guts walk away from meetings with her insisting their is something almost superhumanly disarming about her personality - will Madcow and Olberman become victims as well?
11. Every American will have to admire her bravery regardless of political affiliation.
12. I doubt Obama will ever have the spine to sit between Hannity and Limbaugh for an hour in the same scenario. That's because he is a spineless weasel.
13. But who knows when the next Cuban missile crisis will happen? -this could say much about what person we want sitting across the table from Putin if an event of magnitude should ever occur.
14. Please do it Sarah!!!!
15. John McCain:-please let Sarah Palin be Sarah Palin-you just might find yourself in the oval office come January if you do.

Mountain Mama said...

Written like a true troll, Chris.

Those vultures aren't even trusted by THEIR OWN NETWORK to be fair!

No, the McCain campaign has been smart to keep her from the wolves. They just should have prepped her properly----as Dick Morris said even Bill Clinton was prepped. I'm SO glad they pulled in Ed Rollins; his organizational skills really helped her.

Chris Matthews and Keith OldGuy, though-----they aren't even considered decent journalists right now. Nice try, Chris.......


Sarah Palin nailed him several times in her rebuttals to when he constantly try to trick her. These are from every topic from gay marriage, the war, the economy and Wall Street. She was able to give an answer back without flinching or blinking. Her quick delivery showed she is the right one for the job.

Now we all saw this morning about the fact checking on what each one talked about. The ones that Biden misquoted were far more important according from what I heard the news media said. Case in point, he constantly said McCain voted on several pieces of legislation in which in fact he did not. This was the cornerstone of what Biden wanted to show the American people about McCain and it turns out, it was not even true to begin with.

There is an old saying in political campaign schools which is “Whatever the public believes to be the truth, it is the truth.” This is what Biden was banking on during the debate. Hopefully the American people can see this for what it is and that is McCain and Palin has our back.

Fantastic job Governor Palin. I will look forward to seeing you as the Vice President and as the first woman President one day.

God bless John McCain and God Bless Sarah Palin.

Dean said...

Sarah performed great in the debate. Not once did Sarah look like she was at loss for words. There were several instances where Biden had the last response and Sarah could not respond to his statements. I thought the debate was rushed and probably contained to many questions.

I think a lot is riding on how each candidate addresses the economy. Also, I think they will have to offer more defenses on being compared to Bush. I know McCain and Palin want to look forward and not back. However, the dems will be beating this issue for the rest of the campaign.

Proof that Sarah did exceptional well is a headline in the NY Times saying "Palin Recaptures Her Image". I am sure it was hard for the main stream media to print this headline.


Thank you Tom Paine for pointing out the lies Biden did in your post espcially what McCain wrote.

tom paine said...

For some strange reason, people keep saying that Ed Rollins is one of the McCain campaign advisors who helps Sarah Palin. This is not true...unless Ed is a liar.

Both two nights ago and again last night when Rollins was doing the commentary on CNN, Mr. Rollins said he was not involved.

If you notice on the disclaimer when Rollins appears, it says that he is a "Former GOP strategist" or a "GOP strategist" for various people...none of whom are Gov. Palin

But ole Ed sure is popular with some of the folks here!

MWN said...

Real Ted,

Don't worry. Mac is waiting for this bill to pass, to stop a possible economic meltdown. (Country first, and all that.) Then he's gonna UNLOAD. If you listen to Sarah's comments during the debate on this issue, I think the phrase "never again" was a hint of what they're planning.

Thoughts on the debate:

*Sarah Palin has a gift. She's talking to a hundred million people, but every one of them gets the feeling she's talking to them personally.

*In addition to Biden's well-documented "14 Lies", it amazes me that he keeps repeating the same class-warfare rhetoric about taxes. The upper-income folks pay more of the total than they did before Bush.

*Biden is in a tough position, having to defend Obama's ridiculous foreign policy stances after criticizing them during the primaries. I almost feel sorry for him.

Whatever happens this year, I firmly believe that Sarah Palin will be the 45th POTUS.

Unknown said...

Sarah very clearly won last night, and she won against a very experienced debator and Washington insider. She was fantastic. She can not now be discounted as not being ready. Absolutely a fantastic job, Sarah.

Mountain Mama said...

I'd saw a report that in the last two days of prepping Palin for the VP debate, the McCain campaign used Ed Rollins' input. That doesn't mean he'd been hired permanently or was involved prior to that point----and it doesn't mean he was even physically present to prep her, either. Gotta watch their every nuance.....

tom paine said...

Not sure why, unless I heard it wrong, but no one has yet mentioned what was probably Sarah's biggest gaffe last night. It was probably just a mistake on her part where she got it twisted but this is what she said:

"...the mess on Main Street is causing the problems on Wall Street."

I'm guessing that Gov. Palin meant it the other way around.

Did anyone else notice this?

Midwest Mom said...

I think the only people Sarah Palin convinced last night were Republicans who were (understandably) concerned about her candidacy. She saved herself, but the question remains, why didn't McCain choose Romney? Wouldn't he be far more equipped to help with the present economic crisis?

independent thinker said...

Seriously.. the best people can say is Well at least she didn't screw up in the debate?! What I Really want to know is why McCain/ Palin keeps saying, 'Change is Coming'. What is this change? From bad to worse? You can't distance yourself from the party leader George W. Bush when your beliefs are just if same if not even more ignorant! Someboday please explain how one is taken in by all this B.S?!

And Ted using McCain and educate in the same sentence is a joke. I really don't understand how anyone could support another 4 years of the same mess that we have been in for the last 8.

The fact that woman is a heartbeat way from the presidency scares me. If she isn't even supported by the National Organization of Women you know there is a problem!

Unknown said...

The National Organization of Women certainly does not represent me, or most of the women I know.

Perhaps you haven't noticed how much change Sarah has created in Alaska. She's already proven she can change things and will fight for change. And she does it for the people she represents, not for herself. I'll take that.

Ted said...

Flapper, OK, after the 'Bailout' bill passes, unless McCain specifically, repeatedly and forcefully addresses the problematic Dem 'affirmative action' mortgages and Dem fraud Fannie and Freddie -- it's all over for McCain/Palin '08.

The next Obama/McCain debate is perhaps his last chance to do it. He must say that the financial mess is the Dems subverting the free market mortgage industry, rather than "wall street" greed.

He must say it over and over and over and over again, regardless of the moderator's question -- or he will lose the election. He must single out the prime culprits Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

I'll wait with hope and see.

Unknown said...

More signs of how well Sarah did last night?

She offered to debate Biden again. I have not heard anyone on the left say that he should do it. If he won, they would be happy for a rematch.

The trolls from the left would not be here if Sarah did poorly.
They are scared.

Don't lose the momentum this time!!!

Mountain Mama said...

GOOD LORD! It's "I'd seen" or "I saw!" Sorry; I'm in a hurry and had done a fast re-write without editing well. Rats......

Hey, bloggers: notice no liberal will admit Biden's fibs last night?!

Erin, I hope they don't SKIP whacking Biden on SNL! To be fair, they should skewer him re. the perpetual fibs!----not just make fun of Palin....

Ted, you are SO RIGHT! McCain and Palin BOTH need to tell the good news MORE OFTEN that McCain tried to warn America in 2005 re. the bad mortgages that were occurring.

And Knowitall----well, thanks for praying along (and thanks to Erin and everyone else, too), and for the information you always share. I hadn't heard or read that Sarah actually offered to debate Biden again----but I doubt he'll take that risk! (smile)

CGilda, I totally agree that Biden looked awed by Palin's gutsiness!

D-Dub said...

Tom Paine, you said you don't know why people didn't respond to Palin's biggest gaffe. After you make so many gaffes, it doesn't matter, because the expectations are low. That could be a bad sign for Palin when critiques just stop because gaffes have become the norm. Biden is known for making gaffes, also. But Biden has been in the Senate a long time and has made mostly intelligent statements and has shown that he has a knowledge of what is going on in the world. So, with Biden, the gaffes are seen as gaffes and not an indication of what he knows. For Palin, because there have been so many public gaffes during unscripted moments, that has define most Americans outside of Alaska of who she is.

That may not seem fair, but you have to play the hand you are dealt with. Americans are not voting for the future of McCain, Palin, Obama and Biden. Americans are voting for the future of America. This election is about what will happen to us and not them.

azaeroprof said...

I love sports analogies. The more I think about last night's debate, the more it seems like the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

We had Oklahoma (Biden), a decades-long powerhouse with powerful offensive and defensive lines (knowledge) and skill position players (debate experience).

We had Boise State (Palin), a new, exciting team from "up north" that usually plays on an unusual blue field (Alaska) that noone else understands the significance of.

Through solid preparation and shear determination, and a few trick plays (speaking directly to the American people), Boise State stunned Oklahoma and the nation.

Ted said...

I just discovered that a former Fannie Freddie lobbyest, Buse, is Chief of Staff of McCain's Senate Office, that he originally connected to McCain to calm down McCain criticism of Fannie Freddie.

So folks, it IS all over, McCain will NOT single out and condemn Fannie and Freddie as the culprit of this mess.

Well, at least our efforts (Adam's) have served to help bring Sarah Palin to the American people as the new leader of the Republican Party after the November GOP defeat.

Go Palin, Palin for Pres in '12!!

Ted said...

And even though McCain will not take aim at the Dems and Fannie and Freddie (and thus will lose the election), at least he brought Sarah Palin to the national scene by naming her is Veepmate. So at least thanks to McCain for that.

Scott said...


Any chance you could provide us with solid references for your claims? Otherwise they hold no weight. Unsourced refutation only weakens arguments and makes one look blindly partisan.""""

do a search on "joe biden's 14 lies", it's everywhere. Feel free to fact check them yourself.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for that information, Ted!

Then it's a GOOD THING that (without naming the corporation, true) Sarah Palin DID mention how McCain tried to warn America about the bad mortgages in 2005. SHE maybe can talk about this mess, even if HE is not naming names?

Hang in there, y'all! PRAY ANYWAY!

Alexandra said...

Just throwing in my 2 cents, I liked how Palin looked at the camera like she was looking directly at YOU. Not just at the viewers in general, but to each individual person. Biden caught on and stopped looking at Ifell, but I felt like he was peering at everyone.

Unknown said...

I am glad she said what she said about being "tired of hearing it". Biden did great, the problem is that in SALES you always have to look your best, confident and even if you don't know - MAKE THEM BELIEVE YOU DO. I respected the fact she leaned in more than once, as if to draw us in, and spoke from her heart. Biden's weak puppetry was as see through as their promises but I am glad Barack Obama made all those calls to push this bailout bill through, and is not going to raises taxes.. Wonder how he is gonna pay for it?

Scott said...

i'm so tired of people saying it's over... the fight with goliath wasn't over until david won...
God is in charge.

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama,

Here is the transcript from CNN about Sarah's challenge to Joe for another debate from her wrap up.:

"PALIN: Well, again, Gwen, I do want to thank you and the commission. This is such an honor for me.

And I appreciate, too, Sen. Biden, getting to meet you, finally, also, and getting to debate with you. And I would like more opportunity for this."

I have not seen any lib say "let's do it"!!!

A Mom for McCain said...

I thought Sarah did GREAT! Her personality and style is so different than Biden's--it was a very stylistic difference so it's hard to compare the 'success' of one over the other. When you take into consideration the misrepresentations that Biden offered (14 say one source) it's maddening that he is so smooth and practiced.

However, Sarah's genuine self came to light--her WISDOM versus just plain out spitting out figures like Biden did, put her heads and shoulders above the competition.


Any Michigan supporters here?
A group of moms are doing a newspaper letter writing campaign to newspapers in Michigan now that McCain/Palin are pulling out... Please join us here if you would like the details and YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A MOM :) :

God bless.

The Stefanoff's said...

I know I am not politically qualified to be commenting on this blog, but I am doing it anyway. I am a VERY small town mother who along with a working husband are struggling to pay our bills as are MANY American's in this country. Gratefully we do still have a job, but times are still tough.

After listening last night...I was AMAZED at Sarah's poise, her knowledge and her commitment to heal America. She truly is a breath of fresh air.

It is VERY frustrating to sit back and watch all of the "Washington" politicians, who OBVIOUSLY still have the money to put gas in their tanks and take their families on vacation or feed their families for that matter, make all of the choices for us whose hands are so tied with the economy. Can you imagine if they would have taken that $700 billion and given it back to the taxpayers? I understand that there is a crisis and it needs to be fixed, but wouldn't it fix itself if all of us had the $$ to pay our bills instead of paying to get to work everyday? This just isn't about the gas prices either.

It's about the Senators and Congressmen using all of the tax payers money on ridiculous parties and outlandish spending. We are paying their salaries, we are paying their aides, we are paying again, their salaries. Do they not know how to type their OWN emails or answer their own phones? They are in office because we put them there. TAKE CARE OF US!!!!!!!!!!!! What if each of them took a pay cut for once? What affect would that have on Washington? What would that do for America?

I just think it will be SOOOO nice to have Palin in the White House. She isn't afraid of change. She isn't afraid to make a difference. THAT IS WHAT WE NEED in this country right now. Someone willing to make a difference. (How many jets do you think she can sell there?)

The longer I sit and listen to all of the Media coverage, the madder it makes me. Why aren't they out there asking people who really matter what they need? The people who grow their food, the people who fix their cars...

I know this sounds like I am ranting and like I mentioned before, SOOO politically new and inexperienced, but I am tired of making a choice of feeding my children or paying my bills.

GO PALIN!!!!! You are the change this country needs.

momprayn said...

Agree with Joe/Ted and most of the others -- speaking for the average "non-political" people - she did well, held her own, etc. but unfortunately, Biden came across as more "presidential" and got the last word on things with no counter from Sarah. Most don't know when Biden lies. Sad news about McCain/Fannie Mae/Buse...also about "pulling out" of Michigan. Sarah was apparently upset about that and said she'd go and talk to 'em!!!! But still, much can happen. But IF they are not elected, I agree that maybe she is being "set up" to run in the next one!??

techno said...

The MSM now grudgingly has to admit that Sarah can speak in sentences and is intelligent and not a moron. Even the most fanatic Obama supporter has to admit that. Now they will try to drive a wedge between her and McCain and can continue to argue she isn't qualified not so much on her IQ but on her length of service. Finally, although I am not a political consultant, I do believe that she stopped the bleeding. If there is a bump in the polls that would be even better. If there is, it will be because many more Americans now agree that she is ready to be at least VP, if not President.

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Just a thought.

Senator Biden opened the door last night to a line of attack I've been urging upon the McCain campaign for weeks now, i.e., judicial accountability and the imperial judiciary. When Governor Palin went blank on any Supreme Court decision other than Roe v. Wade with which she disagreed, it demonstrated conclusively that the McCain campaign does not think its reform agenda includes the federal judiciary, THE most unaccountable branch of the government today.

For example, this past week the Supreme Court denied rehearing in Kennedy v. Louisiana, a 5-4 decision in which the majority held that imposing the death penalty was "cruel and unusual punishment" for the rape of an 8-year old girl. The five justice majority included the usual suspects: Stevens, Ginsberg, Breyer, Souter and Kennedy. In other words, the justices Senator Obama most wants his judicial nominees to emulate.

What happens last night if, after Senator Biden finishes talking about his conversion to only voting for those nominees with whose judicial philosophy he agrees, Governor Palin noted:

"Well, this is an area of fundamental difference between Senator McCain and Senator Obama. Senator McCain believes, with President Lincoln, that we are a nation of the people, by the people, and for the people, and that it is the people who decide the major issues of our time, not five justices of the Supreme Court who lack any accountability whatsoever to the people over whom they sit in judgment. For example, Justice Stevens has been a member of the Court for 33 years and has made literally thousands of decisions that impact the daily lives of ordinary Americans without once having his paper graded by those same Americans. Thirty-three years!!

"And this past spring he even conceded that he doesn't pay any attention to the actual text of the Constitution anymore, but to his own personal experience when deciding cases. That's outrageous!! But Senator Obama and Senator Biden think Justice Stevens is the type of justice we need on the Supreme Court. One who will make decisions based upon the concensus of five lawyers, not based upon what the American people decided when they ratified the text of the Constitution.

"Living constitutionalists such as Justice Stevens basically make it up as they go along knowing full well that their Democratic allies in the Senate will block any attempt to hold them to account by constitutional amendment or impeachment, thereby setting in concrete their own personal preferences in the guise of "interpreting" the Constitution.

"That's just wrong. When five justices of the Supreme Court can tell the people of Louisiana that they are both cruel and unusual for wanting to impose the death penalty for the rape of an 8-year old, as they just did in Kennedy v. Louisiana, then we no longer enjoy representative government as understood by the founders and President Lincoln.

"Senator McCain and I pledge to you that our administration's nominees to the federal courts will have a deep and abiding respect for the will of the people, as expressed by the founder's original intent in ratifying the Constitution, and not resort to their own personal preferences or the laws of some other country in interpreting a document with very clear language limiting the role of government in the lives of ordinary Americans."

This is no longer about Roe. This is about self-government. This is about accountability. This is about reform long over due.

Americans don't want to give Osama bin Ladin and his ilk a constitutional right to habeas corpus that finds no justification in the actual text of the Constitution unless they themselves so amend the Constitution. Democrats are perfectly happy to have five lawyers over whom they have more influence than do ordinary Americans amend the Constitution through misinterpretation.

This is why the Senate Judiciary Committee refuses to act on President Bush's nominees and gets away with it. Senator Biden is on that committee. He was once the Chairman of that committee. Indeed, he was the Chairman that started this partisan crap in the first place with the Bork nomination, and repeated the slanders against Judge Bork again last night.

Ask him why he blocked the nomination of an opponent of the Klan in Mississippi in the Sixties to the Fifth Circuit when the brother of Medgar Evers supported Judge Pickering's nomination? Ask him why he blocked the first Hispanic nominated for the D.C. Circuit? Ask him how he and Senator Obama can even remotely claim bipartisanship when neither has voted for a Republican nominee to the Supreme Court since Scalia in 1986. The people have voted for Republicans in large part due to their judicial philosophy, but he had taken it upon himself, indeed, celebrated last night his ability to block the will of the people repeatedly.

Senator McCain on the other hand was the driving force behind the Gang of 14 and at least can claim the bipartisan mantle, having voted repeatedly for Democratic nominees to the Supreme Court.

In Alaska, a jurist appointed to a court serves for three years, then must stand for a retention election. In other words, he gets his paper graded after three years by the people over whom he sits in judgment. If they don't like his judicial philosophy, he doesn't get to stay on the bench.

The voters of Wisconsin, a critical swing state, just voted their appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court off the bench because he was the deciding vote to overturn necessary tort reform legislation to help his trial lawyer buddies who got him on the court to begin with.

In Tennesse, they just went back to electing their judges because the appointment process deprived them of the accountability they craved.

This is a timely issue, and Senator McCain has some incredibly intelligent and insightful legal scholars -- most notably Professor Calabresi of Northwestern University School of Law -- who have written extensively about the need to make the federal judiciary more accountable to the voters by doing away with their life tenure.

Get them in the game!! Shake things up!! The people currently can't stand Washington, D.C., and that includes their judicial overlords.

I hear crickets chirping.

technogeek, aka Steve from MN said...

Ted, say it aint so!

Take the time to read Cox's comments on how we got into this mess. He admits how in 2004 a backroom deal to allow this to happen.

Fannie and Freddie's whole purpose in life is to guarantee loans that other banks won't. But they aren't part of the 700 Billion giveaway to Wallstreet. Those banks used their assests to buy risky investments because Cox allowed it. One of the big 5 was Paulson's bank....

When you say this is a Dem October suprise you cheapen this forum.

The Dems don't need an October suprise. Bush, Cox, and Paulson handed it to them as a September suprise.

This once again supports my theory of why Bush picked McCain. He hates him, and they knew this was coming.

Sarah did fine last night, but she should have actually answered some of the questions. She shored up some of the base, but Independents were turned off by her answering to the VP question about expanding the VEEP power.

With sub 18% approval on Cheney, she should have taken the opportunity to slam him and say "Gwen the Constitition clearly defines that the President and Vice President are in fact part of the Executive Branch". She disarms Biden from coming back with his strongest attack of the night.

On a side note, why does our great hunter not know the difference between a Duck and a Quail? If Cheney shot Harry in the face Duck hunting, he would be dead. 8 shot is a lot more forgiving han 4 shot....

Mongo Mere Pawn said...

Per my previous post, this is a really good start hammering the imperial judiciary and she hits just the right tone about the Supreme Court usurping the prerogative of the people:

jill said...


"The ones that Biden misquoted were far more important according from what I heard the news media said. Case in point, he constantly said McCain voted on several pieces of legislation in which in fact he did not."

Agreed. The refrain we kept hearing pre-debate was that Joe Biden has been John McCain's friend for so many years, and co-senators for so long, that he would know McCain's voting record and anything else about him with far more understanding and with far more depth than Palin could ever hope to plumb. Yet we see that he ended up just making stuff up!

12thMan said...

"Scott said...
Joe Biden's 14 Lies"

Not a lie but a dangerous contradiction was Plugs calling himself the best friend to Israel in the Senate (Lieberman might have something to say there)

Now what kind of "best friend" would agree to have a pow-wow with (god forbid build up) his friend's mortal enemy?

If I were Saakashvili, I'd rethink Biden's "support".

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

It was a good debate. I liked what I read about Sarah emailing the campaign protesting about pulling out of Michigan. I liked what she had to say about her and Todd coming to Michigan to go through auto plants to talk to people.

I'm in Michigan. I was volunteering for the McCain/Palin campaign doing phone calls and I was going to walk and knock on doors today. However, if they are pulling out - I see little point in doing further work for their campaign.

On the debate, I try to be objective. I thought Joe Biden, all in all, won the debate on experience and knowledge. I think he also connected very well with voters. Honestly, if I didn't know better and had not read up on things - I think I would have been pulled his way as an independent. But here is the reason I wasn't. I knew he was lying again and again and again. Because I knew he was lying - he couldn't move me positionally... as I compared him to Sarah. That's the main problem that has to be addressed. Somehow McCain/Palin have to show the American people that these 2 are misrepresenting themselves.

Also, the campaign will be won on the basis of economic issues, perhaps. (Although war issues are also "heating up".) I think McCain has to effectively convince voters that Obama/Biden are lying, WE CANNOT AFFORD THEIR PROGRAMS - THE DEMOCRATS WILL NOT STOP SPENDING - and the Democratic party is going to make life for the average American WORSE if they get into office. They don't know how to be realistic and stop trying to create a middle class out of hat. We need jobs!! We have to turn around unemployment and we need to get tough on spending cuts. He'll have to sell hard that he's not George Bush. In fact, if I was him, I'd look intot he camera and say, "I'm not George Bush! I'm John McCain! I have a solid record as a Maverick, as a reformer, and if I had been nominated as your presidential candidate in the year 2000 - WE WOULD NOT BE IN TEH SHAPE WE ARE IN TODAY!! Here's what I would have done differently. I'm a reformer. I'm going to make changes that are going to make a positive difference in yoru life."

Then get specific. JOhn McCain has to be very direct and pointed to speak for himself in the next debate and BREAK the association between him and George Bush once and for all that Obama/Biden are spinning.

I thought Governor Palin did excellent in the debate. If she had 60 more days to go into the debate - she would have cleaned Biden's clockby nailing him and holding him to the floor on when he didn't tell the truth. She did so - she tried - but with time she will be even more effective. She's very intelligent. She's got great persona. But Biden had an edgeon her cuz he's a liar - and she's honest. (Like how he lied and said Obama did NOT say he'd meet personally with the President of Iran. Liar. Obama did say that.) I think Governor Palin needed to be more clear in facts. I know she tried. But somehow she didn't get it across authoritatively enough. Somehow, Biden really did get an edge over her - where she didn't break his lies authoritatively and convincingly enough that America knew he was lying. If she had succeeded in that, to me she would have clearly won.

(I'm sorry, Adam, maybe the loyal thing would be for me to say I think she won the debate - but I don't think she did in all honesty.)

I am 100% behind Governor Palin. Washington was put on notice that they have a Presidential candidate coming up the ladder from Alaska. Joe Biden saw it, he noted it, and he knew the only edge he had was on his personal experience and knowledge of matters and congressional experience in stark contrast to her coming from Alaska as a 2 year governor. He saw the future - in Governor Palin. That's the only reason he really "won" the debate - was experience and that he was willing to lie about things. And most people didn't catch him in his lies, imo.

I thought she did great and excellent. She was her strong, extremely intelligent self. The more time she is given, the more excellent she is going to be. I am really wanting her ladder up to President to come through the Vice Presidency to John McCain 2008.

I think that McCain/Palin are the answers to the current situation and the need of Washington for reform to correct this crisis.

It's going to take reform - not new programs - but correcting the programs that the Democrats pushed through that destroyed our banking and financial services industries. It was socialism that did this - social engineering and the government dictating high risk loans in government mandate or fines. If hte American people can REALLY UNDERSTAND THAT - John McCain will win. He sought to create reform. The country needs reform. Reform of these programs are the ONLY WAY we are going to avoid a depression in the long term.

I saw the Governor Palin in the debate I saw was in her spirit. With more time to study up - she would have won hands down. She's that smart, she's that good, and I still say she has not reached her "apex" of the incredible spirit and fire and brilliance we're going to see from her. But she did great.

I can't say she lost. She did awesome... but Joe Biden gained an edge on her. She's much more likeable.

I'd advise that she keep studying and become more substantive and stronger and better prepared for interviews.

McCain/Palin must go on HEAVY ATTACK. Not personal but very pointed. They've got to rip these guys throats out, imo, by clearly showing where the CRISIS CAME FROM - and show that it's a CHARACTER ISSUE - and that Obama is NO REFORMER - but will bankrupt the USA. She's got to be a pitbull on the truth of that - not a personal attack... and get very,v ery substantive on these key economic issues... and John McCain must be pointed also as stated above.

These are my impressions. I'm praying for truth to"win out". I thought she did great - but I expected greatness from her. I still expect more. She can hit much much higher levels. She is absolutely a President climbing the ladder - she's smart enough and has every thing it takes - but she must become more substantive and knowledgeable. That will take time. She'll get there. I encourage her to continue and become an economic and historical expert of what happened - where the crisis came from - who specifically was responsible - how John McCain was the reformer - and be able to do a really, really clear interview on that to win this race.

I hope someone "up above" hears what I say. I'm praying for her. She did a great job. But she can do even better. My expectations of her are very high - I see greatness, even greater, in the making.

Grace and peace.

laurence said...

The funny thing about naming this post "Mission Accomplished" is that it echoes GW Bush’s Mission Accomplished assertion way back at the beginning of this meaningless war we are mired in. He was wrong then and I'm afraid you are wrong now. SP didn't answer any of the questions that American's need answers to before they would even consider her a viable candidate for VP or god forbid the Presidency . She evaded the questions. And her answer to the question concerning "Global Warming" was a sham. I'm an engineer. I know that it’s impossible to fix a problem if you are blind to the cause of the problem. Her answer made me realize she either is either very dumb or more likely she is evasive and condescending to the voters hoping that we are taken with her fake “Joe-sixpack” demeanor and her disturbing flirtatious winking and smiling. She is in the pocket of big oil. And McCain is in the pocket of wall-street and the banks.

12thMan said...

"laurence said... "

Oh boy, let me get my blahblometer ready

"The funny thing about naming this post "Mission Accomplished" is that it echoes GW Bush’s Mission Accomplished assertion way back at the beginning of this meaningless war we are mired in."


"He was wrong then and I'm afraid you are wrong now. SP didn't answer any of the questions that American's need answers to before they would even consider her a viable candidate for VP or god forbid the Presidency."

Blahblahblah, oh btw what do you think the answers are Americans need? Like "What's my government going to do for me"? Tell us there, since you have the pulse of the American people eh? Then you can tell us why all these taxes we're going to pay under the Obamunist admin is a GOOD thing.

"She evaded the questions. And her answer to the question concerning "Global Warming" is a sham."

I bolded the correct words for you there, chief. Thank me!

"Her answer made me realize she either is either..........."

Either is either, is this Biden posting?

"............and condescending to the voters hoping that we are taken with her fake “Joe-sixpack” demeanor and her disturbing flirtatious winking and smiling."

Oh yes, because Joe's RECENT trips to restaurants that somehow were closed 18 years ago as well as his history of the Home Depot was just so Americana right?

Lemme guess, you're just mad she turned you down right?

laurence said...

Sorry about the spelling and grammar errors. Thanks for pointing them out and correcting them. BTW I’m not mad at anyone or angry about the Republican ticket. I’m just voicing a different opinion from you folks is all. America is not a Christian nation. It’s a pluralistic and secular nation. My state, a blue state, deserves as much respect as your state, a red state, deserves. We are all Americans. Most Americans do not know Gov Palin. We do have the right to ask her questions and we have the right to disagree with her and to not vote for her if we find her to represent ideas that are not in the mainstream. In the end, whoever wins will be the President and Vice President of all Americans. Not just the Christian right. My best wishes to you all.

tom paine said...


During the debate Gov. Palin said: "It is a crisis. It's a toxic mess, really, on Main Street that's affecting Wall Street."

Do you agree with that statment?

TVFan said...

Sarah rocked it!! She was awesome. I'm so proud of her and so proud to be a Palin Supporter. The strength that it must have taken to get up on that stage is just incredible. She's a very special person and I'm glad to have her on the ticket

tom paine said...

mountain mama,

Twice you have mentioned that "McCain tried to warn America about the bad mortgages in 2005."

Are you still unaware that Sen. Chuck Hagel actually wrote and proposed that legislation in 2005 and Sen. McCain signed on over a year later...and it did not pass?

BTW, since you seem to be an admirer of Sen. Hagel (and I also would vote for him in a heartbeat over the choices we now have) you might be interested in what Sen. Hagel said about Gov. Palin:

"She doesn't have any foreign policy credentials," Hagel said in an interview published Thursday by the Omaha World-Herald. "You get a passport for the first time in your life last year? I mean, I don't know what you can say. You can't say anything."

McCain and other Republicans have defended Palin's qualifications, citing Alaska's proximity to Russia. Palin told ABC News, "They're our next-door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska."

Hagel took issue with that argument. "I think they ought to be just honest about it and stop the nonsense about, 'I look out my window and I see Russia and so therefore I know something about Russia,'" he said. "That kind of thing is insulting to the American people."

Hagel is a true "maverick" and might have been a great president, don't you agree?

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

I like that Governor Palin commented on the Katie Couric interview . I'm glad she said she was annoyed and why and gave her reasons for not answering. I'm glad she's just being forthright and honest instead of trying to maneuver and keep trying to respond in the way the MSM was "prescribing". Nope. She's much better off to face it head on in her own way. She's broken free of the defensive posture and she's not in the corner anymore. (She said if she did answer, she'd be clobbered - if she pivoted to another subject, she'd be clobbered, - if she didn't answer she'd be clobbered.) Yep... they was treatin' Governor Palin like a hunter treats a baby seal!! And she knew it and was annoyed.

Well, she doesn't need to talk any more about that - but I think she's not going to be the baby seal anymore. They're not going to corner her where she's thinking about how they are going to clobber her. She's going to take control of all interviews from now on instead of trying to be "nice" on their terms to people like Katie Couric who are out to egt her. She's gonna be Sarah.

For example, McCain got on the interview and Katie tried to ask a question, that was more "gotcha" stuff - and McCain said, "Wait a minute!". That's what Sarah has to do to turn the tables and not be the baby seal.

She's learned. She needs to do the "Wait a minute!" and come right out of the corner and punch Katie Couric and then play her own game. :)


Go Sarah!!

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


I do think Sarah was a little more "pronounced" than she will be in the future. I don't think she was being unprofessional. I think she was really wanting to show America who she is and how she is and that she is going to have her own personality - and just how that personality is.

Sarah really is the kind of person who takes note of and connects with people on a personal level. She has always been that way and she will always be that way. It's her personality, it's her "touch point", it's how she will rise to the top.

Sarah really will, unlike other politicians, maintain a sense of personal contact with the PEOPLE of America. She will NOT, like Washington people, get all swept up into the Washington culture of politics. They forget about the people as the special interests swoop in. Governor Palin is a person MORE GROUNDED towards the people she serves than ANY politician I have seen in decades.

She is REAL. She is really like that - and it's what makes Governor Palin a person WE NEED to elect to high office so that we as the people are truly represented in this hour and age.

When she says she is going in to give government back to the people - she REALLY MEANS IT!!

She is not doing "gimmicks". She has a proven track record of not just connecting with voters to get votes... but to act in the position of the offices she hold in direct relationship to the connection to the people that is so strong and powerful in her psyche, persona, style, and manner of service.

What she showcased is exactly why TO elect her to office. It's not just a persona - it's why she is a reformer. It's her method of doing business. She stays SO connected to the people and keeps them SO in the forefront of all she does. She's exceptional beyond anything I have ever seen - and, personally, I believe beyond Ronald Reagan for that real heart connection to the people she serves and so strong of a drive from that center of her connected heart to give government back tothe people.

She's for real. She's the real thing. She's not like Obama posturing like some snake oil salesman to sucker people into a fake image. (Which is all he does - he's a crooked politician and a Chicago gangster as far as I'm concerned with ties to terrorist radicals who have bombed the US, and groups that commit voter fraud, etc., etc., etc.)

The difference between McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden is a very stark contrast. We have the best of the best and the worst of the worst before us today in terms of true dedication from the heart to the people of the United States in love of country and love of the American people.

It is the best of time. It is the worst of times. It is the Tale of Two Cities.

We're caught between heaven and hell - between a beacon of light and a city on a hill - and the force of hell that is darkness come as an angel of light.

Obama is sheer evil. If anyone cannot see that, I'm sorry - it's the truth. He is an evil man and imposter waxing worse and worse. He will destroy America and cares nothing for her or his constituents. He will tell any lie and project any falsehood to deceive.

Anyway, I don't think she will be so pronounced in the future. She was creating her image, she was a little nervous, and she was also pretty darn ticked at the MSM for misrepresenting her - as they surely did - in an effort to destroy her image to the American people and falsely portray her. I think her personality will not change - but she will be more relaxed yet the same and she'll do just fine.

I don't think she was at all "unprofessional". She's a very unique person - for such a time as this.

She says that she would be blessed and honored to serve us.

America will be blessed if we are honored to have such a dedicated servant who, in a heartfelt manner, really loves America and wants to give us back our government - if we are honored to vote Governor Palin into office this year along with Senator McCain - an American hero who has proven again and again his love for America, his love for the American people... and his heartfelt passion as a servant of things greater than himself to serve us.

It's a stark contrast. And anyone who comes in on the side of Obama/Biden, imo, is absolutely blind to the pickpocket who is coming to steal your money, your freedom, and everything that made America great. Obama is nothing but a con man. Joe Biden is a better man than him - I know from watching the debate.

Grace and peace.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Tom Paine,

Listen, Governor Palin was not claiming to be an "expert" on foreign relations on the basis of seeing Russia. I think she was just stating an awareness of the seriousness of the Russian nation as an aggressor. She's lived with that realization seeing Russian from Alaska - dealing with Russia coming into her air space.

She's not some idiot like Barack Obama who has on rose colored glasses and thinks we can meet with the President of Iran with no preconditions.

The proximity of Russia to Alaska does not make Governor Palin an "expert" on foreign relations - and she never said it did. She is merely trying to articulate her preparedness to have the nerves of steel it takes to face an enemy in close proximity threatening the freedom of the United States of America.

To me, that gives her a "character edge" over Obama, over Biden, and over any leader (unlike McCain) who has not looked evil, so to speak, in the eyes. It DOES prepare her for the position of Vice Presidency in which she will have a personal experience of dealing with Russian incursions and the reality of a constant threat of an aggressive nation... and what that really means. It's embedded into her psyche by her own personal experience... and while it doesn't give her "expert" status... it surely does make a difference.

I think, to me, it doesn't directly "qualify" Governor Palin - and she didn't say it did. What it does is show me the reason why she is so firm, so tough, so clearminded and so aware of danger... and that IS something in her character based on her experience that she brings to an executive office. It's REAL experience.

When she gets a call that a plane is headed towards the White House... flying outside it's registered flight path into air space that is not allowed... Governor Palin has a background and experience that is going to make a difference when the question comes, "Do we shoot it down??"

When that plane headed towards the Pentagon... a shoot down order was appropriate. It could have and it should have been shot down - with all those American passengers on board... sadly.

If a plane heads again towards the Pentagon or the WHite House or any target... it needs to be shot down.

I think about these things. There are things in Governor Palin's record of experience with Russia as a next door neighbor that really do make a difference in a number of ways and really do prepare for her making tough calls with a background of real experience... and mentally and in awareness prepare her to be a good diplomate keenly aware of real threats to American safety and protection from real foreign enemies.

Don't be such a smart aleck about her stating that she is Governor of Alaska with Russia being able to be seen from Alaska. She has yet to articulate what she personally means on her terms - as the MSM has intimidated the "new kid". She can articulate and she will articulate and it DOES make sense - just not in the context in which the MSM was setting her up to pigeonhole her to create a false perception on the part of hte American people.

The MSM is stupid and ignorant and biased... and Governor Palin will become more confident in dealing with them and more assertive. We'll hear her explanation. I think what I see makes a whole lot of sense of why she said about Alaska/Russia what she said... and it DOES prepare her to make decisions and to negotiate and to act in diplomatic manners with keen awareness.

Look at Obama. There's a person who is DANGEROUS in his IGNORANCE that you don't sit down with the President of Iran as President of hte US with no preconditions. Governor Palin isn't that STUPID and you better believe her experience with Russia as a neighbor has prepared her, in different ways, to better protect American from DANGEROUS regimes... than Obama has enough Harvard education to figure out - quite obviously.

Think about it. ANd use your God-given brain.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Tom Paine,

Yeah, I noticed when she reversed Main Street and Wall Street in a sentence. There was no confusion on her part of the issues. It was a non-point and not really a "gaffe". We all knew what she meant.

It meant nothing and that's why no one has raised it as an issue to address, imo.

Your factoid in which you try to deny McCain's role in trying to reign in Fannie/Freddie as a reformer is malarkey. The Republicans tried to address Fannie/Freddie, the Democrats blocked it. The facts are out there for anyone to see if they research it. You're being completely partial, unintelligent, and just trying to spin the matter to lie about the situation.

Apparently, you like believing lies... and you refuse to give McCain the credit he's due as well as the Democrats the responsibility that is theirs.

If you want to be taken seriously, instead of as a cult follower who wants to believe lies, do the research and get real.

You can say why you support Obama/McCain - but quit trying to paint things onto the history of matters that twist and distort facts with your selective memory and selective investigation of the matter... and selective responses.

McCain and the Republicans tried to regulate Fannie/Freddie. The Democrats were in their backpockets bribed through contributions and did not take care of America and caused this financial crisis. That's just the truth.

And if you cannot face the truth and represent the truth - you're unpatriotic. I mean it.

Get real. Quit lying and distorting facts like a Democrat slug cuz you want immorality and you hate the Republicans because they have a pro-life platform and aren't pro-homosexual as related to marriage.

You don't need to lie about financial stuff and records just becuz you want a different agenda in the US if that's your reason.

Get honest. Quit lying. I'm sick of your comments on here trying to prop up a house of cards with more mortar of bs. Quit acting like Obama with his bs lies. At least be honest and factual and truthful.

12thMan said...


There weren't any spelling errors, you missed my point. And not only do I live in a deep blue state, the red part of it is going blue too (mostly) cause of a bunch of western WA transplants. Chris Gregoire even won the county during the primary!


A missspeak, sure (nowhere near Bidenesque to be sure), but even if she'd gotten it right it still tells me she doesn't even agree with the crap that she has to parrot because of McCain, same with global warming.

And don't even try to sell me on Hagel. If I didn't like McCain to begin with then what's Hagel gonna do for me?

tom paine said...

grace explosion,

Why are you barking at me about the alleged comments of Gov. Palin per Alaska? I was simply reporting what Sen. Chuck Hagel said, and it has been documented and he has no qualms about saying it. He IS a man of his words.

As the old saying goes "Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger!"

But as a matter of fact g/explosion, you are incorrect when you say "Listen, Governor Palin was not claiming to be an "expert" on foreign relations on the basis of seeing Russia."

Gov. Palin was in fact asked about her "expertise" in foreign affairs and Gov. Palin did mention being able to see Russia and about "Putin raising his head" and flying planes into our airspace. This last part was discredited by N.O.R.A.D. since Gov. Palin must not realize that there are both a 12 mile and 500 mile zones and NO Russian plane has violated our air space in recent years.

Actually, if you want to see some interesting info on the ONLY place in Alaska where you can see Russia (remote Little Diamede Island) take a look at this video clip.

tom paine said...

grace explosion,

One more thing, you seem to be fixated on Iran as being possibly the main problem of the USA in the entire world. And there is no doubt that they do have an inept and big mouth leader as their president. (but many might say the same about us)

First, the fact of the matter is that Ahmadinejad does not in any way control Iran. Iran is a religious theocracy where the Ayatollahs are the true power and leaders. This is common knowledge.

Second, please tell us or list the things that Iran has done to, or against, our country over the past 20 years. Please skip the nonsense about what Iran "might" do or what the bigmouth Ahmadinejad has "said" and list some actual events or actions against the USA that warrant or require our nation to get involved militarily in another mess in the middle East?

Not a whole bunch of things, just list your top 5 or 6.


tom paine said...


We all have our opinion...but Sen. Chuck Hagel has more credibility in his little finger than most of the clowns and crooks in Washington have in their entire body and certainly more than Sen. McCain, who was also ahead of said crooks and clowns until sadly that changed recently!

tom paine said...


You also mention "Bidenesque" miss-speak and there is no doubt he has had his share in the past.

But during the debate, list any Biden's miss-speak that match Gov. Palin's "toxic mess on Main Street" thing or when she confused a Civil War General (McClellan) with the current USA leader (General McKiernan) in Afghanistan?

12thMan said...

Tom, saying Hagel is the best of the crummiest lot of senators and congressmen we've ever had isn't saying a whole heckuva lot, although Hagel is essentially a glorified McCain: pals around with liberal senators (Schumer, Kennedy, et al), is always the first to go on Sunday shows and attack his own side, and while he may be a fiscal conservative, that's not nearly enough for me.

And you want a Biden missspeak? How about getting Articles 1 and 2 mixed up as it relates to the vice presidency for starters?

12thMan said...

"azaeroprof said...
I love sports analogies. The more I think about last night's debate, the more it seems like the 2007 Fiesta Bowl."

Actually I think (esp after today) I got a better one

Tim Ruskell=George W. Bush: Has made solid moves, but in the last couple years has been influenced by the wrong people and made just as many crap moves in key areas (Difference is I'm not about to get rid of TR though)

Mike Holmgren=John McCain: A relic, has no idea how to win anymore. He took credit for other people's successes, and much like Karl Rove was actively touting McCain earlier this year, you have everybody in the media doting on about how great this guy (much like McCain's fav paper was the NYT until they actually realized he was running) is when there's only about 100 examples of him living off his resume in the last decade (going back to his choke job in SB 32).

Jim Mora=Sarah Palin (and if this is last year, substitute JZ for Mora): Sadly needed new energy, doesn't have the experience (but a fresh, solid gameplan) that everybody falls in love with but who cares? It's about right now, not 10 years ago!

2008 Seattle Seahawks=2008 GOP: Probably gonna have to bite the bullet here and call this year a loss while regrouping and come out strong next year and the year afterward. Sure there's hope (Hawks can run off four straight, McCain can all the sudden realize HE'S running), but it's about as likely as Al Davis becoming competent again at this point.

tom paine said...


You seem confused about Article 1 and 2 of our Constitution.

Biden was talking about the powers of the VP and he was correct in that context. Clauses 4 and 5 of Article 1 clearly define the duties and power of the VP.

Gov. Palin is the one who thinks that she can by some work of magic (or something) expand the duties and power of the VP. That most certainly is NOT in the job description. Besides, if it was Cheney would now be president of the world! that your "for starters" on Biden miss-speak was wrong any others you can note?

086431 said...

are you people serious. republicans talk about possible voter fraud in ohio....HELLO!! what about florida in 2000??? sarah palin and her winking "joe sixpack" remarks did nothing to gain momentum. she keeps mentioning how she is an expert on energy. how about a little expansion of this? i doubt she knows much of anything on energy except for how to get the oil companies to give a thousand dollars or so to her citizens. knowing about energy has to do with how can we put america off the grid? how can we eliminate the need for non-renewable resources? how do we design a more effective energy environment? in a few hundred years, people are going to look back at history and laugh at how stupid we are to use oil and coal to power everything. william mcdonough for president!!! read cradle to cradle.

Mountain Mama said...

086 etc. (what a name!)


All those whiney liberals ought to READ MORE: five---got that? FIVE!----major newspapers, including the NY Times and the Miami Herald, recounted EVERY BALLOT after the 2000 election, and ALL of them admitted that, like it or not liberals, BUSH ABSOLUTELY WON!

SO GROW UP! I get so SICK of this whining......

laurence said...

12th Man - I think i got your point. I believe you were saying, in a very passionate way, Blahblahblah. You articulated your thoughts on this important issue. Glad to hear you live in a Blue State.

12thMan said...

"tom paine said...


You seem confused about Article 1 and 2 of our Constitution.

Biden was talking about the powers of the VP and he was correct in that context. Clauses 4 and 5 of Article 1 clearly define the duties and power of the VP.

Gov. Palin is the one who thinks that she can by some work of magic (or something) expand the duties and power of the VP. That most certainly is NOT in the job description. Besides, if it was Cheney would now be president of the world! that your "for starters" on Biden miss-speak was wrong any others you can note?"



(Which btw is what was asked)

Is this hard? Of course I don't have to go to Home Depot and Katie's do I?

I have a question for you: Considering what kind of ideology Paine subscribed to (he would likely endorse none of these candidates--Pres or VP), why are you essentially coming off as another OB spokesman?