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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yom Kippur

In observance of Yom Kippur, there will be no active blogging on this site until Friday morning. The comment section will be open. Thank You.


knowitall said...
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momprayn said...

Some interesting info: Fox News reporting Sarah is related to FDR (9th distant cousin) & Princess Di (10th cousin)!!! That figures!!!!
Re debate: our Texas newspaper stating it was a "draw" with "overall" comments on JM:"much better performance than first debate; scored jabs on Obama that were not effectively countered but did not land any devastating blows." BO: "Strong closing, but showed weakness in providing focused answers to questions;lacked effective rebuttals to jabs from McCain." Most thought it boring/lacking passion. But as Rush says not time to give up - GW Bush was 11 points behind about this time. No worries about Texas anyway! Which reminds me, Laura Bush says she's crazy over Sarah also and reminds her of women here in Texas too! RE SNL being pulled - see Fox News website,Special Report w Brit Hume, Grapevine. Thought Sarah's handling of a heckler yesterday was GREAT - love it!!! Been wondering about something that they "can't say" publicly - when complaining of McCain's age, how about Obama's vulnerability to "violent attack" because of his race? (unfortunately) Heard many mention that concern. Wouldn't surprise me in this crazy election season. Yes, guys - "game changers" can still happen in these closing weeks. As for "me and my house", we wait.....and PRAY!

Matthew said...

A time for reflection: something we all need right about now.

Adam, may you have a blessed Yom Kippur.

huskyonspeed said...

McCain and Palin should do more joint interviews like they did with Hannity today. J mac seems more energetic when he's with her, and she's seems more confident.
Happy Yom Kippur to all of our Jewish friends on here! God bless you.

Mountain Mama said...

Yes! For Adam and your wonderful Mom, Julie, and family:

May you have a meaningful, easy fast this Yom Kippur. "G'mar hatima tova:"
"May you be inscribed in the Book of Life."

Shana Tova.

knowitall said...

may your prayers be answered.
g'mar chatimah tovah


Night Owl said...

Interesting... things like this make me nervous. Any thoughts?

techno said...

Go to you tube if you haven't seen Greta Van Susteren's two-part interview with Sarah on Fox News. Pay special attention to the last minute of part 2 where Greta greets Sarah in an impromptu fashion as Sarah leaves a building to enter into her limo and notice how authentic Sarah is as she talks about how she enjoys the interaction of the people at the rallies with her and vice versa and then at the end when she tells Greta to call her Sarah. There are many life-time politicians including John McCain who have not mastered this skill. Sarah is Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan combined with the people skills of Reagan, the resolve of Thatcher. the earnestness of Churchill, and the compassion of Mother Therea.

Mountain Mama said...

Which J. Martin article are you referencing, Knowitall?
(Long URL's don't publish completely here, for some reason.)

If it's today's article, about how McCain won't bring up the issue re. Bill Ayers, fear not:
he will if asked, and did so on tonight's Hannity and Colmes TV show.

If it's re. McCain's suggested mortgage plan, we need more information about how this can be enacted, and would this plan replace the other bailout? (I hope!)

Night Owl said...

Oops sorry, it's also linked on Hot Air. Not long, essentially it says that the McCain campaign will be making news on the morning. The direct campaign quote is "We'll have something to talk about."

Just speculating what the October surpise might be!

Sakaki said...

The Freepers may have something. And if this is true, then here comes VP Palin!

Grace Explosion said...

This is HOT!!! Obama was a member of a Marxist leftist socialist party in the US.

He's lied about all his associations with Ayers and everyone.

He's busted. He is as leftist as they are. He's lied again and again and again about his associations with Ayers, etc. (Go Sarah!! Keep telling the truth!!)

And now he's found out to prove his likemindedness by his membership in this party.



He's lied again and again and again.


multipath said...

Hockey mom Sarah to drop ceremonial opening puck at Philadelphia Flyers first game this Saturday

alyssa said...

Nice post, Techno. Sarah is awesome. She's exactly what this country needs.

Jill said...

It's funny how people get so peeved when Sarah states that Obama pals around with a terrorist. CNN has made it clear in their reports that Obama and Ayers have ties much deeper than guys who happen to live in the same neighborhood. Yet Obama put out that Spanish language ad that was full of holes, talking about McCain's Republican friend, Rush Limbaugh. Talk about a tenuous tie. If he can talk about McCain's friend, why can't Sarah talk about Obama's friend?

Patriot1776 said...

This thing about ACORN and Fitzgerald could be explosive..we need more information on this. I fear it will come too late once again. Is this the same Fitzgerald who went after Scooter Libby? If so, he credentials should be impeccable to the MSM.

This with the socialist party membership...down right scary.

EngProf said...

I have been enjoying reading this blog for a few months now.

I agree completely with Sarah Palin: Obama does not see America the way I, and many other people, see America. I have a Ph.D. from an elite, East-coast institution, and an undergraduate degree from an Ivy League women's college. My entire adult life I have been around people like Obama--who think America is backwards, vulgar, and "mean." They cannot appreciate the values of individualism, free markets (dare I say, "trickle-down economics"?), and a culture of life. Unfortunately, those of us in the academy who don't think like the rest of the intellectual elites must keep our mouths shut if we want to keep our jobs, tenure, respect, etc. A colleague once said to me, "You're too smart to be a Republican. How can someone with your education embrace such ill-informed ideas?"

I am terrified that we are fighting a losing battle. Not because the majority of Americans don't embrace the values of Palin/McCain, but because their main source of information comes from the mainstream media, which embraces the attitude I describe above. Recent displays by the New York Times, MSNBC, Newsweek, etc. are shocking.

On a positive note, the 60s feminist Camille Paglia has had some interesting articles about Palin in Paglia is a Democrat who will vote for Obama, but she chastizes the feminist elites for their dismissal of Palin. She praises Palin as a feminist icon, and says that the feminism of Gloria Steinem has created an exclusive club, in which one must be pro-choice and a man-hating intellectual. Paglia says that Palin offers us an opportunity to re-evaluate how feminism has been defined.

In any case, I'm worried about this election. Unfortunately the general public will not listen to the truth about Ayers and the Annenberg Challenge--but what do we expect? They wouldn't listen to the dirt about Bill Clinton either. Despite Whitewater and the little blue dress, Clinton is still a national hero. Oh--and to show you how dumb the academic elites are, I've heard several academics say that "Bill Clinton was the best president this country has ever had." People who say such nonsense should have their Ph.D.s revoked.

Thanks for letting me rant.

TrueRedHead said...

John and Sarah were dynamite at today's town hall rally in Wisconsin! The Q/A segment was great!! One guy stole the show talking about how angry he is about socialists like Obama, Pelosi, Reaid and how he expects McCain/Palin to take them on.

Another guy (black, by the way) PLEADED for McCain to let America know who Obama REALLY is!

This is good stuff.

momprayn said...

Engprof: I liked your rant. Rant on! My husband says "ditto" - he's a highly intelligent successful businessman and feels the same (along with me of course). Need more like you!! Hey - you guys - be sure to watch the Town Hall McCain/Sarah had today in Wisconsin!!! Two men really said it good/got pretty emotional!! Love it!!! Fox shows repeats all day. One got up & loudly said he was REALLY MAD!!! (about socialism taking over the country, etc.) & another one similarly, both encouraging McCain to take the gloves off -- really emotional. Hearing complaints from the left how Sarah is whipping the crowds to a frenzy & dangerous - should be censored!!!! ha! No way!! Crowds are encouragingly huge. I hope they really start keeping those gloves off - and yes, the Acorn thing is really BIG. People coming out and telling how they pushed them to vote several times!!! Yes!! I want all this "darkness" to get out and dealt with accordingly!! Justice!!
Wake up America!!!!!!

Scott said...

here's the new mccain ayers ad

azaeroprof said...

I don't like being pessimistic, but I'm afraid that tomorrow may be the end for us Palin supporters. The Alaska Supreme Court has just denied blocking the Troopergate report, which should now be released tomorrow.

While I don't think it will conclude that Sarah abused her power, I'm convinced that Branchwater will fill his report with "black clouds" (undoubtedly scripted by Hollis French) to try to paint her in a negative light. He will use issues like her use of private email for conducting state business (whether proven or not) and Todd Palin's "interference" in the process to hang a black cloud over her head.
Of course, he will not be able to prove that Monegan was released for not firing Wooten, but he will leave enough doubt and accusation that the MSM will undoubtedly latch onto it and gleefully spend at least a few days proclaiming "we told you so" about how right they were for hating Sarah in the first place.

This will, of course, knock Ayres and ACORN off the news leads (maybe for good), give Obama few more points bump in the polls, and leave Repubs even more deflated. And who knows what that means in terms of Sarah's future political career.

I pray that I'm wrong, and ask you to do the same. I don't want to be right, but I can almost see the coming battle, much as Gen. Buford could see the coming Battle of Gettysburg at the end of the first day in the movie Gettysburg.


techno said...

I don't like saying this but Sarah did not have a great day yesterday while campaigning with John or being interviewed by Sean Hannity. Don't get me wrong she was good but when from Saturday in Carson CA to Tuesday evening in Greenville, NC she made all the three point shots, she tore the cover off the baseball, she scored in a flurry of body punches that had Obama reeling against the ropes, completely controlled the line of scrimmage, didn't let her opponent return her serve and hit the bull's eye consistently with her salvos as she launched broadsides across Obama's bow-how's that for mixed metaphors-she rocked and performed magnificently and the upward trend in the polls reflected it. Then came John's sub-par performance in the debate on Tuesday and the momentum was arrested in a span of 90 minutes. Over a week ago I made the observation that if the McCain campaign loses the election it will because of John not Sarah. Today I am even more firm in my conviction. Folks, I'm duly concerned John doesn't exhibit the requisite passion necessary to turn this ship around, and when Sarah and him hold joint rallies, like on Wednesday, I think he brings her down to his emotional level, rather than she brings him up to hers. In addition I get the impression Sarah watches her words more carefully and is more guarded for fear John will reproach her. Rush is right: if John wins we'll have to drag him across the finish line, in spite of himself. Previously I was of the opinion that Sarah should do 3 rallies a week then make a joint appearance for 3 others. Today I renounce my former position. The only way for the McCain campaign to win this election is that for Sarah to stay the hell away from John as much as possible-to become the primary focus of attention for the campaign. Honestly, John cramps her style. Folks, if I am wrong I will admit it, but my gut tells me that I'm not in my assessment. We are still in the opening minutes of the 3rd quarter but we are behind and cannot afford more slippages in poll numbers based on a lack of passion and a lack of vigor to go after Barack Obama. That is unacceptable and preventable. John, again put your ego in your back pocket, take a conservative partisan position, listen to the people who are 'mad as hell' and unleash a fury of passionate, pointed speeches and if you cannot or will not allow Sarah to unleash a flurry of passionate, partisan, charismatic speeches to fire up the troops, to attract new supporters and in so doing take Obama down. John, you have to start scoring touchdowns soon; let your superstar Sarah carry and run with the ball.Put the game in her hands.

Mountain Mama said...

WOW, that Wisconsin rally was GREAT! Those two guys who basically told McCain to GO DO YOUR DUTY, SIR were just inspiring and energizing!!! And the great thing is also that McCain RESPONDED and NAMED NAMES! It was superb!
Now, as to A-prof's horrid news (but thanks for warning us so we can pray):
The ONLY way to combat this crap from the jerks in Alaska is for the McCain campaign


to get those commercials ready for at least posting on YouTube -- and just give TONS of quick information to DISCOUNT the LIES!

GET ON IT, guys----and while you're at it, mention that (according to Stanley Kursh's research) ACORN is what used Freddy and Fannie to PUSH banks to make those rotten sub-prime loans!

PUSH THAT INFORMATION and DO NOT STOP! Add to that the FACT that Obama belonged to that Socialist-type party --- view HERE:

GO GET THEM, McCain-Palin!

And if McCain doesn't keep doing it, YOU do it, Sarah----for the sake of everyday Americans!

Jill said...

Mad as hell; not gonna take it anymore.

Mountain Mama said...

What is the NAME of your YouTube video, Jill? YouTube says the video URL you cite isn't available.

Hmm.... I saw THAT message a LOT a few days ago, when I tried to access the SNL Bailout skit (which I eventually found elsewhere).

Jill said...

Fired Up Crowd Tells McCain To Fight!

mm, the link works for me, but its title is above.

azaeroprof said...

mtn mama, jill's URL worked fine for me.

A quick follow-up to my post re: Troopergate report. I referenced Gen. Buford "visualizing" the coming battle and horrible bloodshed that was Gettysburg. While his character was certainly prophetic, I have to point out that his success on the first day allowed the Union army to capture the high ground. So the butchery that he foresaw, actually happened to the Confederate forces and Buford's vision allowed the Union to win the battle and, subsequently, the war.

So if I'm right about the coming battle, maybe I'm wrong and we'll come out on top of the war.

Anyhow, doesn't change the message: PRAY!

Mountain Mama said...

I accessed Jill's video via the title. COOL; thanks!

Hey, WHY ON EARTH is McCain tying Palin to himself!? Are we dealing with his ego, and he hates it that she gets bigger crowds---or is there (God forbid that this is needed) heightened security when they're together?

What a waste of Sarah! They need to get her to MICHIGAN, and let her GET THOSE VOTES!

Mountain Mama said...

Without giving himself a heart attack, I need to see McCain as fired up as he was at the very end of his speech when he accepted the P. nomination.
Wasn't that WONDERFUL!?
GO TO IT, Senator!

Valley Girl said...

It's getting interesting here in Alaska...

The Alaska Supreme Court today rejected an attempt by a group of six Republican legislators to shut down the Legislature's investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin.

Jan said...

I'm nowhere near ready to give up on this.

If Branchwater can't prove that Sarah abused her power--and he can't--any black clouds he creates will be tainted by the fact that he pretty much said he was going to come up with something for an "October Surprise." It won't be believable to most people (except the liberals who already decided she did something wrong to smear her) who are sick of the biased media anyhow. He'd have to flat-out prove she did something wrong for it to be really believable. People don't usually like "guilty until proven innocent" and he pretty much said "guilty even if you're innocent."

If John can do what he did today (thanks for posting the link), every day until the election, and Sarah can keep doing what she's been doing, it can and will happen. So far it's been almost all Sarah, though, and John needs to step it up like he did today.

We still have a long way to go, and our prayers are essential. We absolutely cannot stop praying.

Damian said...

Hey, they're playing that song Ted suggested way back when!

TrueRedHead said...

Fight back against media bias!!

Sign these two petitions, then SPREAD THE WORD!! Post these links on every forum you visit.

Join Citizens Who Are Demanding Truth This Election!

Demand the Media "Tell the Truth!"

12thMan said...

Jan said...

"........any black clouds he creates will be tainted by the fact that he pretty much said he was going to come up with something for an "October Surprise.""

To be fair, it was Hollis French who said it, but you're right, is there a difference?

azaeroprof said...

"I don't like being pessimistic, but I'm afraid that tomorrow may be the end for us Palin supporters. "

Have faith. It's not even close to being the end, the most that's been revealed so far is that TP wanted Wooten fired, big whoop. Bottom line is there's no evidence that he or Sarah did anything illegally.

Now of course the libs will make something up. After all, my area of the country is famous for jurassic former House Speaker Tom "it's the seriousness of the charge" Foley. Hell, today Rush was playing a clip of Harry "The Wimp" Reid going after a LV radio host because he dared to bring up that McCain was EXHONERATED in the K5 (I take it he isn't going to be reading Bob Bennett's new book).

(Still waiting for the proof of malfeasance against Foley and Delay, but you know that'll end up like the part in Naked Gun--with Joe Biden as Frank Drebin I'm sure)

"Hey look, it's the missing evidence in the Kellner case! By god he WAS innocent!"

"He went to the chair three years ago Frank"

It'll be a tough row to hoe, sure (as Sarah predicted), but nothing to get down about. Libs' winning pct in proving these "-gate" scandals are what, about a buck 25?

Jan said...

12thman said:

"To be fair, it was Hollis French who said it, but you're right, is there a difference?"

You're right, of course. Long day at work.

azaeroprof said...

Hey 12thman,
Thanks for the encouragement. I seem to bounce from optimist to pessimist from day to day (sometimes more than once per day). I keep having to remind myself that it's all in God's hands. It's just that sometimes I can't get out of my head that God's plan should be my plan.

Edward said...

What was the 'news' John McCain was going to announce today? The NRA endorsement?

WOW, big news.....

Come on John, get some fire.

Where is the RNC and other groups in trying to get the message out? What is going on? It is almost like total capitulation by the RNC and Republicans.

Ya Gotta Believe!

multipath said...

A MUST read and action item from Lynette Long's site. Listen to the audio and send it to everyone you know ASAP


Lynette: I think what you need to do is somehow convince people that they need to talk about the Annenberg project. And instead of focusing on Ayres (that could be a by-product), focus on Obama's executive experience. He ran this program into the ground and blew $110 million in the process. To me, past is prologue in how he will manage a budget.
Please listen to the podcast I attached. It is the best information I have got on Barach Obama. i could listen to CNN for a year and never obtain this much info that I did in this one podcast. It also reveals the way the Obama Campaign has tried to stifle free speech.
I have sent this info to about 300 people so far. But it needs to go to more --- the media needs to talk about this and the only way they will is if we the people DEMAND that they talk about it. The media needs to cover B.O.'s only executive experience and all of the failures associated with it.

Once you get to the site, click on: Listen Now MP3 -- it is long, but trust me... you will learn more about this subject then you would watching CNN for a year.

We need to act and we need to act now. Time is slipping away.

Best Regards, Amy

Posted by: Amy Roberts | October 09, 2008 at 11:51 AM

Scott said...

got this email today

Associated Industries of Florida, Led by Former Florida Democratic Party Director, Endorses John McCain

The Associated Industries of Florida (AIF) announced its endorsement of John McCain for President today. In their endorsement, Associated Industries of Florida strongly praised John McCain's economic plan.

"We need a White House equipped to get our nation out of the economic crisis it is currently facing," said Barney Bishop, President and CEO of AIF and former Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party. "John McCain is a proven leader who has demonstrated he has the experience necessary to quickly and decisively bring about real reform and set our nation back on a path to prosperity."
"Nearly three-quarters of AIF's members have 25 employees or less," added Bishop. "Associated Industries stands behind John McCain because we know he will stand up for the needs of Florida's small businesses. He has been involved with economic issues throughout his long and distinguished public service career and I believe he knows what we must do now to stabilize and grow our economy. Unfortunately, Sen. McCain's opponent offers no real solution to our economic crisis and would prefer to tax businesses to the brink of financial starvation."

techno said...

Ed Rollins on CNN just predicted that McCain is going to lose the election in a landslide because of the economy and that the Republicans prospects for the House and Senate are also looking gloomy. Either he is giving his best impression of the Grim Reaper or he trying to lull the Dems into a false sense of security. I don't know which. Even David Gergen, who was sitting beside Ed, wouldn't go that far by saying the race was over in that race could be a factor in the vote. Thus I think it is appropriate to bring up two points that Rush Limbaugh brought up: 1) If Obama is so far ahead and the inevitable landslide winner why does he need ACORN to commit voter fraud and run the risk of tainting his campaign; 2) Is the polling skewed to Democrats because of Operation Chaos where Rush convinced many legitimate Republicans to switch their registration to Democratic during the primaries in order to vote for Hillary Clinton, thus inflating the number of Democrats registered on the rolls in each state? Very interesting.

Scott said...

as for the black clouds over palin on any released report tomorrow.. they will all be overshadowed by the constant black clouds the media has already tried to put over her.. to the public it will be just one more and they're used to it.

techno said...

Just read on Free Republic via Washington Times by Barbara Slavin that Barack Obama tried to interfere with George Bush in the negotiations to keep the American troops in Iraq by asserting that the iraqis should wait for Congressional approval instead. This supposedly is against the Logan Act.

Jill said...

"Barack Obama tried to interfere with George Bush in the negotiations to keep the American troops in Iraq by asserting that the iraqis should wait for Congressional approval instead."

techno, this sounds familiar. Was this in the news briefly after Obama's big summer trip?

knowitall said...

Polls are interesting but not always accurate.
The one from my alma mater, The George Washington University- Battleground poll has a reputation for being one of the more accurate polls.

The numbers in the last few days, as techno pointed out, have shifted significantly back toward John and Sarah.
If you click on the name of the poll on realclearpolitics, the chart is readily accessible.

What's interesting is that the undecided have remained steady at 7%. The movement is from people going from Obama to McCain.
People have not finished shopping. They are still checking under the hood.

It ain't over, doggonit.
Stay optimistic!!!
We need to win one for the Gipper!!!

Scott said...

this is hilarious and you can tell he realized at that second what he said

"the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree"

i give the dismount about a nine on that gymnastics move

techno said...

'PUMA pundit' is now promoting the idea of PUMA's lying to pollsters by saying they are 100% behind Barack Obama.

Ammon said...

I think it's great that Sarah Palin is Jewish--I never knew! Why didn't she tell anyone? Just to respect Muslims and Christians, though, I hope she remembers to not blog on Ramadan and Christmas. That will show she respects ALL faiths.
How long has she been Jewish?

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Dear Ammon,
Just for the record, Sarah isn't Jewish, I - the owner and moderator of this blog, am. Also, FYI (and several others) this blog is not associated with or run by Sarah Palin. I'm just a common citizen that decided to make a difference.

Jill said...

Something that fries me as I hear over and over again is that we need to be concentrating on the economy and it's hurting the McCain campaign to bring up Ayers and the question of Obama's honesty and integrity.

What are we asking for here? A tanking economy and a President we can't trust? Yeah, our house is on fire, but I want a trained fire department to arrive on the scene, and not a guy with a garden hose. I want people who I am absolutely sure love their country and its people and will work with everything they have to get us out of this financial mess.

Why are we not allowed to think and talk about anything but the economy? No multi-tasking allowed? When McCain "suspended his campaign" we all remember the derision he faced about how the old man couldn't do two things at once, that he couldn't run a presidential race and work on the money crisis. We CAN talk about trustworthiness and transparency, and we CAN talk about the economy.

techno said...

I have not commented very much on the cast of radical characters associated with Barack Obama in the last 30 years because quite frankly I have not done the research necessary to properly comment on them. Having said that I may be in the minority but I agree with John McCain (as you know I have criticized his lack of passion for conservative principles and 'bipartisan crapola' on the stump)that Jeremiah Wright or Flager is NOT a subject that the McCain should explore because then it gives Obama the platform to claim that Sarah is a right wing religious nut and they have episodes on You Tube (task from God, protecting Sarah from witchcraft, trying to turn gays into straights etc)to justify their arguments but also because there is enought info on Ayres, Rezko, Khalidi, Odinga (Kenya) and ACORN in terms of political philosophy and ideology and Obama's personal judgment to bury Obama. Having said that Sarah and John have to strengthen their arguments and make their criticisms more pointed as they communicate why the American voter should be worried about Obama's alliances with these folks and how this would impact his future public policy as President, including the implementation of a radical socialist economic and cultural agenda buttressed by social engineering. John, as that black gentleman said: "I beg you, I beg you" abandon the bipartisam crapola and begin to attack Obama as if there was no tomorrow and give Sarah the authority to attack Obama on every front that I have previously mentioned. Attack, attack, attack!

TrueRedHead said...

I think not attacking Wright is less a "religion" issue than the perception such attacks will further stoke the fires of the Obama camp's charges of racism.

One thing I do wish would be emphasized more is the true nature of the "educational" work that Obama and Ayers were undertaking when they worked together.

McCain antagonists keep hurling the canard of "guilt by association" (read McCarthyism); but it's really guilt by PARTICIPATION.

ACORN is another big red flag that needs to be put front and center - not just for voter registration fraud, but for its complicity in causing the housing crisis. Obama is in it up to his neck, but the MSM gives him a pass!

12thMan said...

46-39 Obama. Wow, I'm impressed! Another iconic messiah democrat hero president who can't poll the majority.

Get it together McCain. The indys you so crave are still on the fence, they can be won. God willing Barry will find out what my Hawks have found out NUMEROUS times over the years: let a mediocre team (or just McCain in this case, Sarah'd be firmly on Victory Road at this point) hang around, and they'll be the ones celebrating victory