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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Draft Sarah 2012

Well, looks like it's over. McCain just gave a very gracious concession speech, and we should congratulate him and Sarah on a great campaign. We give our best wishes to President-elect Obama, but at the same time we officially inagurate the "Draft Sarah 2012" movement. As far as we are concerned, victory is still in sight and there will be no settling for second banana next time.

You've all done a wonderful job and I like to thank all of you for reading and commenting during the past year. For as much as I have received much credit for this movement, it would have gone nowhere without you, my readers. I look forward to continuing to work with you.

Our prayers are with Governor Palin, and God Bless America.


huskyonspeed said...

(I'll repost this from the other thread) I also congratulate President-elect Obama. I hope and pray that he will keep America safe and prosperous. Now on to Sarah. Adam (and others) do you think Sarah will run for re-election in 2010, sit out and prepare for a presidential run, or challenge Lisa Murkowski for the Senate? It will be a big choice for her.

Erin said...

Good work, Adam!

Two hours after the polls closed in California, and Commentary Magazine is saying that we are no longer a center right nation. Wouldn't have anything to do with Bush's UNBELIEVABLY low approval numbers, would it?! Nah. That wouldn't sound grandiose enough.

republicanfeminist said...

This Hillary supporter wants Sarah to run for President.

We have work to do.

Mountain Mama said...

Adam, you have done such magnificent work with initiating and maintaining this blogsite, writing insightful articles, and speaking publicly in often difficult interviews on behalf of Sarah Palin.
It was also a real pleasure whenever I spoke with you and Julie, your Mom.
You have a wonderful future ahead of you, Adam. I look forward to reading your brilliant insights in the future. May G-d richly bless you, grant you another laptop computer (may it never be stolen!), and keep you safe in the political vortex of Washington, D.C.!

12thMan said...

Well Barry, you've talked it for two years, now you get to walk it. Note that Democrats aren't very good at this sort of thing--at least for the last 40 years.

In the meantime, we regroup. Still unsure whether Sarah's next path should be the Senate. I mean it should be pretty obvious, look at who just won. Plus the "first female in the WH" thing is still there too, that's a little large to ignore.

Either way, thank you, Sarah

Brianus Berkleianus said...

(I am reposting this from the other thread!)

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all of your posts over these last couple of months. I feel this is a bleak day for our country, but also the beginning of something great for our future. I am already wearing a SARAH 2012 button as I type this. I recall something that one of Sarah's friends said to her when she lost her race for lieutenant governor of Alaska: "You are destined for higher things than being lieutenant governor of Alaska." I feel I can say with certitude that Sarah is destined for higher office than that of the vice presidency of the United States.

When my mother died last year, I wrote a quatrain in Ovidian (Latin) elegiac couplets for her tombstone. I want to write something similar for Sarah (with translation) and send it to her in Alaska, in appreciation for what she has meant and will mean to us, and to offer condolences for this temporary setback. I would love it if she actually sees it in person!! Let us pray, dear friends, even harder for our country, and pray that the sadness of this night may be transformed into exulation one night in November, 2012 with Sarah.

Adam, I hope you will keep this blogspot alive, maybe transformed into a SARAH 2012 site. I would love to keep in contact with all of you during the wilderness of these upcoming Obama years.

My bother is home, Deo gratias. I will keep you all updated on him. Thanks again so much for all your thoughts and prayers.

God bless you all!!

Brianus, with our Sarah for the year of grace 2012!!!

manajordan said...


Thanks so much for everthing you have done.
I express my congratulations to President Elect Obama, it is certainly a historic night. But, I also express my sadness. I feel disappointed but I also feel the weight of sadness in knowing what America has bought into.
Sarah Palin is a shining star, her graciousness is undeniable. I certainly hope she quickly chronicles a book or something about her experience.
I pray that all of us, this nation and Sarah Palin and her family will tonight and always not just feel that we are in God's hands, but that we are in His arms.
He will sanctify this difficult experience for Sarah Palin's benefit, and hopefully all of ours. I so, look forward to seeing what she will do.
Remember that those who believe in God might with surety hope for a better world.
Conservatives, right and center, and moderate we need to step up and make our case.

RailBaron said...

Thank you indeed, Sarah, for showing that true conservatives actually exist in elected office. So many times good conservatives seemed to bow out rather than pursue higher offices. Sarah's willingness to run alone is a source of energy to build upon.

And many thanks to you, Adam, and the regular supporters on this blog. I was reflecting tonight that at least the results were not nearly as dire as when Goldwater ran. But I fear we have much fundamental education to do to, in essence, undo the brainwashing that has occurred by the liberals that have perverted our history, ideals, and inherent ethics. It is as if what so many of us hold dear is heard by others as jabberwocky jibberish.

Time to reflect on Winston Churchill, and "Never give up!"

miiszkim said...

I'm soo disappointed =( People kept saying they wanted a change..well they got it.But four years from now, will these same people be better off? I'm 19 & this was my first time voting. Unlike all of my other friends, I voted for McCain b/c I just felt that Obama was (and I still think is) to radical for this country. I look at where I live, and wonder if in four years, will the people around me still be in their house? Will they still be employed? Will my friends who are in college with me be able to find a job once we graduate? Or better yet..will we be able to complete our education? Who will the mess be blamed on in four years? George Bush?! Obviously I wasnt alive during the Carter years, but from what I read in my history books, Carter seemed a lot like Obama during his day. Now more than ever we need to pray for our country!!!!

Kevin said...

Adam, you get a gold star for starting this movement. I'm not sure what Governor Palin's plans are but whatever she's got in mind, I'll be there for her. She is exactly the kind of leader we need -- a plain spoken woman of character and dignity. Do what you can to keep this ball rolling...!


azaeroprof said...

I think it would be a mistake for Sarah to go after the Senate seat. Her appeal is as a "Washington outsider", and she would lose that by becoming a "Washington insider". She should stay governor, study up on international affairs, etc., and probably write a book espousing her political philosophy. She should run for a 2nd term, and spend some time on the lecture circuit in the lower 48. And it wouldn't hurt to make a few appearances on the Sunday talk shows. She does have a little bit of repair work to do on her intellectual reputation.

We (& Sarah) must NOT be sucked into the inevitable MSM narrative that McCain/Palin lost because Sarah was too conservative. They will use that as justification to try to eliminate Sarah as a 2012 candidate. Even Fox News is pushing the fact that Obama won independents and moderates and that that is the reason he won. But it looks like the margin will only be in the 4-5% range, which is truly astounding considering Bush's unpopularity, Iraq, Obama's charisma, and the financial meltdown. Sarah's conservative credentials are the ONLY thing that prevented a double-digit loss!

Of course, all of this discussion is predicated on the assumption that Sarah WANTS to run for President in 2012. She seems to hint at that, but if we want her to be successful, she needs to be truly committed to that goal as well.

Andrew said...

Governor Palin shouldn't be thinking about 2012 right now. She needs to go back to Alaska and get back to work for the people. She has a national profile, and can pursue her agenda of energy independence in cooperation with the Obama administration.

Just let her do her job right, and eventually another national run will come around.

manajordan said...

Carl Cameron on Fox news made some really astute comments. He talked about how those at the McCain speech were all talking about what's next, and wondering who will be the next leader. He talked about how the biggest roar from the crowd came when he talked about Governor Palin. Many conservatives see her as a leader. I certainly do. He also talked about Governor Jindal. There are some good young republican leaders, and Sarah Palin is one of them.
She and her family are in my prayers. I am sad, but hopeful for better things to come.

Conservative Hawk said...

Adam, you did an amazing job. Does anyone know how the Alaska Senate race is going? If Stevens wins, he will surely have to resign when they lock him up and Gov. Palin will be able to appoint his successor. I think she should appoint herself. She is still wildly popular in Alaska and the people of Alaska would support that decision. Come 2012, she will have more experience in the Senate than Obama did.

Friend08 said...

If I may, I would like to say thank you to everyone who participates in this blog!

I have enjoyed the free exchange of ideas and the many thoughtful comments.
I am disappointed that McCain/Palin lost this one, but I am SO thankful for the spark they have both ignited in so many millions of people.

I very much look forward to the Governor's next endeavors - whatever they may be. She can count on my support from here forward.

Thank you, Adam for helping to introduce such a wonderful and inspirational woman to our country!

Mountain Mama said...

I have written Sarah Palin to invite her to read everyone's comments here at this blog.

If you would like to write her and Senator McCain directly, here are their email addresses:

After all the stress they've been through from vicious criticism by the MSM, and by the grinding, heavy campaign schedule over the last few weeks, I can't imagine how exhausted and crushed the McCains and Palins must feel.

I hope they take heart in the fact that they were WINNING until the economy tanked----and I bet they know just how responsible were certain liberals in generating THAT event, too! The McCain-Palin ticket very nearly won; they've garnered nearly half the votes nationally! GOOD JOB, I say!

Tbone said...

I think that Sarah should remain Governor. A big part of her appeal is being a Washington Outsider. Sarah just needs to get herself ready by versing herself with more knowledge.
In my opinion Sarah is the Republican with the best chance of beating Obama in 2012. She is not to conservative at all. Sarah is one of the best campaigners I have ever seen.
Sarah lost because the Independents turned this election into a referendum on President Bush.

Tbone said...

Thanks for creating this site. We should also thank John McCain for bringing Sarah Palin to the National Stage. McCain's ultimate legacy is that he brought Sarah to the National Arena and started the next Republican Revolution. Is Sarah now the leader of the Republican Party?

Jill said...

I am severely disappointed, friends of Sarah.

I also came to greatly respect John McCain during this hard fought run. He will continue to tirelessly support our country, and I wish him a long and happy life as he does so. I wish this for him personally and as a "so there" to all the ageists who called him an old man who wouldn't make it through a term. My best goes to Cindy, Meghan, Bridget, his entire family and all their friends I read about on the McCain Blogette. I said before on this blog that his choice of Sarah was 100% the right choice, no matter the outcome of this election, and I believe it as strongly today and as we go forward. Deaf ears from me to anyone who says the words "drag on the ticket."

I am also wondering about the PUMAs, about all the "leaks" that turned doubt and even despair into some hope. As it quickly became clear tonight how the electoral votes were going and that it was a matter of time before we settled in for a concession speech, I felt some frustration building over those bits of false hope we were given. With further thought, it came to me that I am determined not to look back and wonder about it, but to look forward.

Our country will survive. We've been through a civil war, a great depression, world wars, cold wars, 9-11. I have optimism for our country because of who we have been and who we are. We don't riot when we lose. We don't threaten to leave the country. We look to the future, and we give an elected leader of our nation respect, and learn from others' negative example in this simple courtesy.

My prayers are not only for a good and well-earned rest and for peace in the hearts of the McCain and Palin families, but for our new President to be transformed in many of his thoughts. I hope for him to prove he is not his associations, that he will be decisive in ways to benefit America and not to hurt her. That means he will have to leave behind the mindset that allowed him to vote "present" all those times, and take into real consideration that he is the President of all those who voted for John McCain and Sarah Palin. He spoke often of unity, now we want to see real efforts in that direction. In short, I want Obama the man who gives great speeches to become Obama the man who does great things.

Sarah in 2012!

Thank you, Adam! Thanks to all of you who read and write here. Get some sleep! I didn't realize I was so wordy. This is longer than I intended.

techno said...

Since the emergence of the two party system (Democrats and Republicans) no person who has been defeated in his or her bid to become VP for the first time has ever run as a Presidential candidate in the next election cycle and won. I hope Sarah is the first.

Tinkerbellee said...

I know how desperately disappointed all of you must be feeling now. Four years ago, I broke down and wept in the middle of a hardward store because Bush had been re-elected.

But I would like to beg you - please, PLEASE try to forget all these 'socialist', 'terrorist' etc. fears and go into Obama's term with an open mind. No one here likes or respects him whatsoever - some of you actually think he is evil. All I ask is do not close your minds completely and irrevocably. Look ahead to the next four years with anxieety and trepidation, if you must, but not hate. The majority of Americans have spoken, and despite the differences in our political views, we ARE One Nation, Under God. Give him, however grudgingly, the chance to show you he truly means well for our country, and the opportunity to *earn* your respect, if he can.

Mountain Mama said...

Don't worry, Tinkerbelle, about Republicans: we don't hate, and we don't threaten; that's the other party's M.O. Check out the Black Panther hateful intimidation moves today....

Bloggers here have already written many hopeful or kind words about Obama tonight. We DO hope to see him change from his----yes, they are!----socialistic viewpoints and positions.

Yet no one here has ever believed Obama is a terrorist; instead, we're concerned that he unwisely socialized with the Ayers family (they have dinner regularly together), who are UNREPENTANT domestic terrorists: outrageous! Because of their association, Obama cannot qualify for high-level security clearance---yet now he'll be our Commander in Chief. Amazing.....

Look, I watched many interviews and pundit segments tonight, on both liberal and "fair-and-balanced" networks. They all gave one answer to these questions about Obama's future administration:

"How will Obama find the money to pay for his programs?"
"How will Obama reconcile with Democrats on the left the movements he made toward the middle----especially on taxes?"
"How will Obama end the war?"

To these and many other questions, every pundit, liberal or conservative, answered identically:

"Well, we don't really know what Obama will do; we don't know that much about his position."

What have Americans done?
How could they trust and vote for someone they admit they don't know?

Think of how he'll change the Supreme Court----and how that will negatively affect the USA for literally decades! O the (unborn) humanity!

And why does Obama want a huge "national security force?" Why is it necessary, given that we already have the National Guard? In other nations, such talk sounds like someone's planning a coup----so why did Obama make such an unwise, confusing statement?!

Obama wasn't even moved to SOME emotion as he made his victory speech. What is he, a robot? He's the first Person of Color to become President: why didn't he LAUGH a little with joy! His parents weren't there, and his grandmother just died. Most people in that sad situation would have choked back tears plenty!---but not Obama: no emotion. What's WITH him? I am concerned FOR him, that he has such flat affect.

(Parenthetically----and I would truly have reacted identically if Sarah or Cindy had worn it----but Lord, that suit Michelle wore tonight was ghastly! It looked as though she spilled a bowl of chili down the front. Someone more attuned to fashion would have worn something less odd, or at least some Democrat BLUE.)

Ah well..... history was made tonight, and the faces of so many people of color were radiant with joy. I hope Obama doesn't let us all down.....

pHaT_aL said...

Dude, Obama will fall so badly, he won't know what hit him.

It will be the blame game all over again, till we find the next "scapegoat."

I mean, it's a given.

Lindsey said...

Thanks for all this work you've put into this site. Hope it stays around for a long time.

Palin 2012!

Patriot1776 said...

Well, techno made a good point. I was curious what some here think - did Sarah seal her fate by taking on this task knowing all that was stacked against her?

I think she can rebuild her stature, but no other losing VP candidate has gone to win later. IT will be an uphill battle.

Besides Sarah, who do we look to as the voice of the Party, if she returns to AK as Governor and doesn't got to DC as Senator? McConnell? He is a brilliant tactian, but we need a VOICE of Conservatism. Let's be honest, we are not communicating our message.

So many things running against us. We will have a liberal supreme court in 4 years, legalization of millions of illegal immigrants - we know how most of that group will vote.

There is a lot of heavy lifting to do. I am not sure which is better - sarah going back to AK or getting her DC so she becomes our national voice...

BJ from OHIO said...

It's hard to not be discouraged this morning. McCain/Palin represented character and integrity. What a nice change they would have brought to Washington.
On to the 2012 election...
President - Sarah Palin
Vice President - Condi Rice
Character, integrity, wisdom, common sense, patriotism, and two beautiful women! What a ticket!
Remember, you read it here first!
May God Bless America! We are the greatest free nation in the world!

alyssa said...

Thank you, Adam for starting this blog and everything you've done on behalf of Gov. Palin.

Thank you, Sarah for being a breath of fresh air in American politics. You've show such courage, grace and strength during every moment of this difficult campaign. I wish you and your beautiful family all the best in the future.

huskyonspeed said...

A silver lining: it looks like Coleman has defeated Frankenstein. Smith and Stevens have small leads too, so maybe the Senate losses won't be as bad as expected.

History Chasers said...

Mountain Mama; I agree with your well written last post completely.

Kyle Gann said...

The nation, and indeed the world, owes you a tremendous debt for your efforts in getting Sarah Palin on the Republican ticket. Had it been Tom Ridge or Joe Lieberman, who knows what might have happened?

TC Robinson said...

Honestly guys, I would like to see Sarah in the Senate. She ran on shaking up Washington, and that's what she could do. Honestly, theres not much more she can do in Alaska, nothing major anyway.

If Stevens wins, which shockingly looks to happen, then she should appoint herself. Then, when Murkowski is up for re-election, Parnell can run agains her.

knowitall said...

we all have our serious thoughts today. You are right "Who is our leader?"

Writing here, I tried not to give my opinion too often. Like techno, I tried to give you things to think about.
Today I am drawn to an article that I found through God's hand. I rarely follow sports. The older I become, the more senseless it becomes. However, I was curious about that quarterback that had the nervous breakdown. I found this article on Foxsports, written by a black man, which seems relevant to President-elect Obama's future:


problems-were-predictable - 128k

I remain very impressed with the quality of your thinking. You let people fool you. There is no hate on this site. I blogged at the Worcester Telegram and Gazette in Worcester, Ma, near my hometown. The hate there is palpable. They love to say things like "why are you so hateful" after you say anything. It's their trick. Never fall for it.

About the MSM. McCain proved that GOP moderates lose. Why should our news be moderate, AKA "Fair and Balanced"?
Folks. We need right wing news. Obama saw serious right wing questions at the Saddleback Church and failed miserably. He never faced another serious question. For now on, that should be the rules of the contest. Sarah should never wish for "O" or Katie. She should have had an interview with Rev. Warren.

I have such a fondness for all of you.

JoAnn said...

As much as I liked Sarah's personality and campaign style, I do think she was too inexperienced and unknowledgeable to be called to this task by McCain. In a few years, she might have been ready, but not this year. As smarmy as Joe Biden is, he gives the perception of being knowledgeable.

I doubt that Sarah will ever be able to get over or beyond her disastrous entry into politics, which I find very sad. I know you all love her, but I think this is the reality of the situation.

I think Bobby Jindal is the possible future of the Republican party....if the party is ever able to recover. Which also makes me very sad.

Davis - Party of 3 said...

I love this site. Thank you for the great information. I am deeply sad today and concerned for our country. I pray for the McCain and Palin families. I pray for our country and hope that we continue to be a great nation. I am so thankful for the great work that John and Sarah have done.
Sarah save us in 2012!!

Scott said...

the readers at the hillbuzz site are livid with them.. i wanted to post my reply here too.

to all the people questioning where the pumas were... i know you can't see it but did it ever occur to you that without them McCain would have lost by a much larger margin? It's hard to see the hidden good for the negative result.. much like those who criticize our military involvement.

People hated the Bush administration and the majority of people didn't stop to think how the government really works and that it's more than just the president. Honestly McCain did better last night than the media anticipated. He just couldn't compete with the bush factor, the economy factor and those who want the obama christmas gift without thinking what the effect of it will be, obama's campaign having 5 times as much money to get out the vote, the 80% liberal media etc.. it was the worst possible timing for McCain to run as president and i feel really bad for sarah palin because i really felt she was going to make it due to all she was allowed to heroically endure. Now it's like idiots like sandra bernhardt said, the ***** can go back to alaska.. that's what bothers me the most.. there is no humility in their being elected because they were on top the entire time.. i've seen many replies from the left and their mocking arrogant tone is totally without humility. All i can say is they had better rethink their position and be humble about it or this gift of power to them will not last long. God puts down the proud and exalts the humble.

I'm thankful to those on this website for all they have done.. please don't take the negative comments to heart, they are all emotion right now. Much like many who voted against bush, people are just looking for someone to blame right now... (where were the pumas!?, it's all palin's fault!, McCain was too old!, HE didn't brink up ayers enough, he brought him up too much!, bush bush bush!!!..

we have to take it as it is now.. we can be the vocal minority now, rework our party that needs change of its own. We can't see the good to come out of this right now but eventually it will appear.

God has a larger plan in this and we always trust in Him.

knowitall said...

from the anchorage newspaper


Anonymous said...

I was overjoyed when McCain picked Sarah Palin to be his V.P. candidate (this despite the pundits placing her 6th or 7th among possibles). Watched with amazement, hope, and disgust at the way the world reacted. Was thrilled to see her here in Omaha when she stopped by. Saddened but hopeful that she was supported by so many despite odds and acrimony. I kind of feel like I shared her ride with her, I guess. I hope and pray there will be more like her (sooner the better!)

azaeroprof said...

Yes, no unsuccessful VP candidate has later gone on to win the Presidency, but there has never been a Sarah Palin on that list!

The country has now defeated the "black ceiling". My guess is that there will be a considerable itch among the electorate to break the "glass ceiling" next time (or after Obama's 2nd term if he has a successful 1st term). A lot can happen in 4-8 years, but I think the odds of female candidate(s) and a female president now go up considerably. Bodes well for Sarah.

MyJoy2Go said...

Adam, I love your enthusiasm! We will be voting for Sarah in 2012. YES WE CAN put her in the white house if we do not grow weary in well doing. Let's take the words of Obama and use them for God's Glory - YES WE CAN!

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Some are already blaming Sarah Palin, Fox News, President Bush, and even Joe the Plumber. They are saying Conservatives are dead and America has moved left.

Come on.

Despite Bush’s unpopularity, fatigue with Iraq, Obama's charisma, McCain's age, the fact that this was a Democratic year, the $600 million that Obama received, the blanketing of Obama ads, the media bias for Obama, and the economy, John McCain got 46% of the popular vote.

Stop and think - that means despite all those things against him, almost half of America still preferred McCain over Obama.

If McCain had run a good campaign and brought home the fact that he had been fighting for years to stop Fannie and Freddie from doing what they were doing, and Obama hadn't had all those donations from overseas to use to blanket the media with campaign promises - as well as Acorn and other organizations committing voter fraud - what would have been the result?

I think that all things considered, Senator McCain did very well. This election in no way means that Conservative views were rejected.

Many of the new voters - people who wouldn't have voted otherwise -voted Obama, including my 21-year-old son-in-law, had no real knowledge or care what the issues were. They simply thought Obama was cool, or that Obama is going to work miracles in their lives.
Others say they voted for Obama because McCain gave them no reason to vote for him. But in saying that, did they say they embrace Obama's issues? No.

And others say they voted for Obama because McCain went negative. Is that saying they agreed with Obama on the issues? No.

Many of the newly registered voters had no idea what they real issues were and weren't concerned about them. It's a very sad day in America when an election as important as this one has been decided by people bought by charisma.

Further - both Obama and McCain had moved right in their campaigning. Obama moved to center and McCain moved farther right. That shows that America is more to the right than to the left, and it still is.

There are no tears of regret here. Sarah Palin still represents the conservative half of America - which still has a right to exist and is not going away.

God Bless the Palins and McCains. I pray the Lord now leads them in the direction they are to go in order to serve His - The Lord's - Holy purposes. And I pray the Lord leads us as well. Lord, please give us all the wisdom and courage to do whatever you ask of us. I ask this in the Holy Name of Jesus.

Night Owl said...

Hi everyone-

Sorry I could not really post last night. I thought I would have wireless access and didn't.

We did the best we could, no one can ask for more. I think this is just a mistake that we as a nation have to make, hopefully with as little fallout as possible, and then return to our principles.

Let's look on the bright side. 1) Our nation has moved past race and is able to elect a black man. We may not like him and may not have supported him, but it says good things that we have moved beyond race to that extent. 2) I never thought I would see Republicans get behind a woman as a candidate. It just seemed so improbable to me, and I am so proud of Sarah for bringing out the best in conservatives.

We need to pray for Obama and hope that he is better than we expect he will be, but we need to work on getting Sarah the nomination in 2012. There's a campaign I can't wait to get behind.

Smither said...

I'm split on whether she should try for Steven's senate seat. If she got elected, then she would be in Washington and wouldn't be as out of the loop as she would be in Juneau, but it would also not allow her to run as a Washington outsider. I am 100 percent for Sarah in 2012 and will do anything I can in PA to help her.

Jan said...

Wow, so many thoughts this morning, and of course my heart is heavy.

Tinkerbellee, we don't hate, but we do see consequences to the actions that Obama has promised, and they are not good. But as long as he's our president, we will give him respect.

Adam, thank you so much for all you've done.

To everyone else on here, thank you also. I've learned so much from all of you, and my life is forever changed because of this election. I know I will continue to learn as we look towards 2012.

Bush was the drag on McCain, not Sarah. I worked the phone banks, and every once in awhile I'd talk to someone who didn't like Sarah because of the first 2 interviews (I always referred them to the transcripts and other interviews), but for every one of those there were at least 25 that were voting FOR McCain BECAUSE of Sarah.

So where do we start to get ready for 2012?

Patriot1776 said...

So what happens now? Where do we turn?

I come to this site numerous times a day for posts from my 'sarah family'. Will you all be here each day? Or will this outlet and support for Sarah fade away?

The first next step, we need an RNC chairman/woman. After the Dems lost in 2004, they knew they needed someone who could articulate a message - they went with Howard Dean.

For the REpublicans, we need a communicator. My choice is Romney or Huckabee. They can communicate and be the messanger as we rebuild across the country.

I think Sarah needs to go to Washington. People need to see her tackling national issues. I don't think RNC Chair would suit her - make her look like another 'Party Hack'. Going back to Alasak will put her too far in obscurity.

Something else to put in perspective - The MSM will spin this as historic turn out and young people vote. Actually, it was quite the opposite. Obama got 62 million votes - Bush got 62 million votes in 2004. Obama did get a few hundred thousand more, but overall, turn out was just slightly more than 2004. That is very interesting. You had many Bush voters switch to secure Obama's victory. And I would bet many conservatives didn't vote. We need to rebuild the base and give America a candidate to vote FOR not against. McCain, while honorable and a great American, was not an inspiring candiate and not that conservative. We need to remember that liberal lite just won't work, despite the rumblings by Country Club Republicans right now to crush Sarah Palin as the reason for McCain's loss.

Finally, with this election and clearly across racial lines, can we finally put to rest the notion of this nation being a bigoted and racist one? When you think about it, Farmers in Iowa gave Obama this chance on a cold caucus night.

techno said...

10 things from the election that I will never understand: 1)Pennsylvania, not only providing Obama, the one who mocked those in PA 'who cling to their guns and their religion' the one who wants to 'bankrupt the coal industry,and the man who lost substantially to Hillary Clinton in the primaries with a far larger winning margin than John Kerry (10.3% vs. 2.5%), but also re-elects John Murtha the Congressman who labelled his constituents racists and rednecks and claimed that American soldiers had committed atrocities. This is incredible and perplexing-the Don Rickles insult approach to campaigning.It goes against everything that I have taught about how one should conduct oneself to curry favor and earn the support of others. 2)That the McCain campaign would not lay the blame at the feet of the Democrats for the Freddy Mac and Fannie Maw sub-prime mess; 3)that the McCain campaign did not put Sarah in TV ads in the waning days of the campaign to take advantage of her charisma; 4)that McCain would go on SNL with Tina Fey 3 days before the election to give SNL the opportunity to mock Sarah again; 5)that Obama's associations with former terrorists, with a PLO sympathizer and anti-Israel spokesman, with ACORN, and with questionable shady criminal elements in Chicago did not disqualify him for the Presidency in the minds of those who voted for him; perhaps this tells us more about the mind of a Narcissistic Obama voter than anything else ever could; 6)that Sarah did not give her 'woman's' or 'cracking the glass ceiling' speech more often (as she did in Henderson, Nevada) and the McCain campaign did not highlight more than she would become the first female VP if elected; 7)why John McCain just before the election boasted that 'he was going to win' rather than staying on script and claiming he was still the underdog and that he needed every vote to win as Sarah did wonderfully in the last few days; 8)how Joe Biden can still have credibility in the eyes of the American public, especially now that he is VP and how his comment that Obama 'would be tested' did not hurt Obama as apparently it didn't; 9)how the Democratic party and Obama could treat an average working guy like Joe the Plumber by demonizing him and by trying to ruin his life and still command great support from tradesmen and working people in general; 10)how so-called smart Republicans, intellectuals, and Jews in general could ignore or discount the thuggery and intimidation of Obama and his people, knowing what happened in Nazi Germany after 1933.

Tbone said...

To Joann: I disagree on you saying that Sarah can't overcome her so called disastrous entry into politics. Here are some reasons why. People like her. She has appeal and charisma. Over time Independent voters will forget the Couric interview. I believe that Sarah will be the first women President.

momprayn said...

Well, hi to everyone - I won't say "good morning" b/c it sure doesn't seem that way, does it???
I went to bed right after McCain made his speech - worn out. Took me awhile to read all of your blogs. All great. Yes, so sad - and sad to see poor Sarah tearful & the look on Todd's face & poor McCain/his family.

Huskyonspeed - Coleman has just been "uncalled" per Fox! Even if it's a win, it was TOO close - totally crazy.

Tinkerbelle/any other liberals - I really do sincerely appreciate your post. I think you mean well & all that - but I just think you, along with all the others who voted for Obama have been sadly, naively deceived & is dangerous. As mountainmama said, for the most part we do NOT hate "Obama" in that:
"For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies - the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; & against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world." Ephesians 6:10-12. In fact, I wrote about that previously because I knew there were ones out there like you that misunderstand us & I tried to explain. We hate the evil forces that I (don't know about others here but just speaking for myself) believe are working through him by observing his actions/words as "proof". We cannot understand how people can look at all the proof of lies, etc. & not see this. Yes, I concede that Obama may very well have the best of intentions and believe what he says BUT:


This doesn't mean it's right/best; you can be "sincerely wrong"!!!!
You can be assured I (& others) will pray for him and respect the office he holds - mainly because this is our belief system as the Bible teaches we are to pray for those in authority. You can also "bet on it" that Sarah and family will also be praying for Obama as well! Does this surprise you? Again, there is so much misunderstanding out there re us conservatives. So the same Bible that tell us we must fight/recognize and hate "evil", tells us also that we must love all and pray for them. If you can "get this", there is hope.

Moving on --- yes, I agree with most of you here that it was indeed an UPHILL battle; mostly a referendum on Bush. Too many hated him & tired of Repubs. Yes, feel "duped" also by all the encouraging internal polls that gave us false hope. :(

GOOD NEWS: (maybe) They think Prop. 8 in CA re gay marriage will pass, which means NO gay marriage legal. But I know some here are not interested in that one too much but I was. But they haven't called it yet.
Noticing some Dems. now saying KIND things about Pres. Bush!!!!!! Yes - now that their guy has won, of course. But it's nice to hear anyway. I feel so sorry for him. And now something will probably happen re Israel/Iran before he goes out of office. Plus who knows what other catastrophes - already hearing about Russia testing........
Yes, I think Sarah will still continue to be bashed b/c they are afraid of her and that she'll run later.......:( Don't know for sure what next --- I tend to think going to the Senate better but I'll leave that up to God, as usual. Which reminds me of that subject --- all the "good stuff" like Joe the Plumber, etc. that came our way that gave us hope we'd win. Well, as for me, I always stick with the God's will route & remind myself that there's mindboggling stuff we do not know. I still think Sarah was "God's pick" and will use in the future. Maybe it was to expose issues that people will remember when Obama is president & things go bad? Apparently, God wants him in there for His good reasons for the future & there was some "need" for that to happen, spiritually speaking as well. Who knows how long that will be & all the unexpected things that can happen that we don't know but He does (like Lisa was saying previously last night).
Like I said, already I'm hearing Rep. Ryan last night saying how the Repubs. need to go back to our roots, etc. (like Sarah is) and "clean house" which they might not have done very fervently otherwise. We don't know the future, guys!!!!

Brianus - Think that is so sweet of you (as usual) to write that quatrain for mom died last year too. My condolences.
I'll keep on praying for your brother.
Tom - Glad to hear about your military vet. status. God bless you. Yes, I know many and know about some of the horrors they went through in that horrific war.

Also, I'm grateful to God for the Senate outcome!!!! Thank you!!!

Thanks to all/Adam ---- see ya later! We'll see what Rush says......

StudentsofAmerica said...

Thank for your hard work Adam, it was great working with you and Task Force Palin.

Our group has decided to move towards Bobby Jindal for 2012 and will like to stay with you to help Palin in 2012 but I think she should move towards the US Senate, possible even take Stevens job before she decides to run in 12

We are also staying to promote John McCain for Senate 2010 as he now has a tough battle in the Senate poll for AZ.

alyssa said...

""Patriot1776 said...
So what happens now? Where do we turn?

I come to this site numerous times a day for posts from my 'sarah family'. Will you all be here each day? Or will this outlet and support for Sarah fade away?""

I for one plan to be here as long as this blog exists. I would be happy to support Sarah in any way I can.

Zack said...

I certainly wish Governor Palin the best in whatever she does next and think it highly likely she will be quite successful.

Regarding the national Republican party, though, I think we need a reality check. Reagan put together a three way coalition that was able to prevail for many years. These were the social conservatives, the economic conservatives, and the defense conservatives.

George Bush severly strained relations with the defense conservatives with his mishandling of the Iraq war. However David Petraeus and John McCain have gone a long way towards repairing that.

The economic conservatives, however, are horrified and completely demoralized by the way the economy has been run over the last eight years. John McCain was unable to connect with these people, and Obama, while hardly an economic conservative, has thrown some bones to the conservatives that are at least sane and centrist. It remains to be seen if he really means it.

If the Republicans are to regain power, they must win over again the fiscal conservatives, not just on a populist level, but on an intellectual level as well. As John and Sarah showed, the social and defense conservatives can't win without the third leg of the Republican coalition.

Paul Krugman wrote a book, "Conscience of a Liberal" which should be required reading for all conservatives. He also just won the Nobel prize in economics. He lays out the goals and concepts of liberal economics as well as I have ever seen it done. In my humble opinion his ideas are deeply flawed and seriously misguided. We desperatly need a national conservative leader who understands liberal economic ideology and can effectively rebut it in a way that is convincing to both Joe Sixpack and Joe Harvard.

I don't know if Sarah Palin is the right person to put this coalition back together or not, but I hope she has a constructive role to play. And I hope she understands the scope and difficulty of the task.

Mongrel said...

We love you Sarah, Please run again. The country will need you to fix all the problems that Obama is going to bring forth to this country.

Run Sarah Run!!!!!!

Thomas said...

PALIN 2012

Anonymous said...

It's beginning to look like Christmas without delivery of promised gifts. A piece of coal for everyone.
No Obama cannot deliver. The House is not his to wield. Yahoo.
No money in the coffer for utopia and this is flat out true.
No matter, his eloquent speech will keep us warm and happy for having dreams that will just keep on escaping reality. Politics is politics and will never change. There will be no bipartisan. Joe the plumer is gonna get kicked in the head and this means all of America. And class envy will continue to divide us while idiots sit on their butt and don't get up in the morning waiting for welfare handout without a red cent more; no change Obama style. The economy was blamed on Republicans with Dems the real reason and it got No Bama in the white house to prove it. Using race was horrid. The many races of America will not see any plus to things. The whole concept began with Clinton calling himself the first black Pres and the Dems using Hillary as first woman and then knocking her down and introducing Obama. I feel that Obama is a hypocrit to America's many races whom he used.
I only hope that the inspiration rasised will be genuine and helpful to all of our many races.
I hope Obama will rise to doing what is right for America.
And, I am happy that John Sidney McCain can continue to do the job of helping America as a fine, honorable, and wise man, without the onslaught and crush he would have received were he put in the White House. This man deserves no more torture and humiliation from the sickening media and liberals whom he has defended by serving in the military. God bless you John!
Sarah will move on with the usual spunk and deliberation for what is good for America. The rage of the liberals will never stop even with Obama in power. They thrive on it.
It's watch and see. And, hope and then purposely vote him out next time around. Never give up the ship and the best interest of America, of which we are all a part of. God bless America. For Obama will continue to divide in guise of unity. How do we unify when it comes to abortion, etc. And, much more....ohh, yes, it's Obama's hope and way shoved down our throats.

Jan said...

Techno, I get discouraged thinking that people don't know how to think anymore because they are so used to the MSM telling them what to think. The MSM is just manipulating people. Also, you are so correct always on the big lie and other Hitler tactics. As I've said before, I know little about politics, but I know a great deal about animal welfare vs. animal rights, and have spent the last few years fighting the AR movement. They, also, use those same tactics, including the big lie, to pass legislation to eliminate all animal use, including pets, livestock, and hunting. They get little pieces of legislation passed to chip away at our rights without people noticing. This one subject I do know quite a great deal about, and know that what you say is so true.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Adam, and thanks to all who contribute to this website. We are dissapointed in the outcome and congratulate our next President. We all hope and pray that he will do what is right and celebrate the greatness of this nation. If history is our guide, this country does 2 things. First, it does not tolerate one party with all the power for but a few election cycles. Second, 3 two-term Presidencies in a row just do not happen. It is time for us to do some real soul searching and find a way to give a new face to the principles we hold dear. We know we can do it, it has been done before, and quickly. (Think Newt) I sincerely believe Sarah's best chance will be 2012 and we need to do all we can to get her there, if she so desires to run. The opportunities for her are countless and she definitely has the support. The question becomes, if she wants to run should she run for re-election in 2010, or try for the senate. Interestingly enough, it looks like Ted Stevens will win. If his appeals fail, does that provide her any opportunity to jump in and get the foreign policy experience she can use? I tend to think being Governor is better, but she certainly has options. In the meantime, I, as many other Americans will support President Obama and praise and criticize him where appropriate. At the same time, we need to look forward and realize that we have all supported and will continue to support a great American, Sarah Palin, in whatever endevour she decides to undertake. I hope any path leads to the White House!

techno said...

I do not claim to know everything but I would like to try to shed some light on what caused Barack Obama, a radical socialist, to be elected over John McCain, an American patriot. If I my viewpoints appear too blunt I apologize beforehand but I feel compelled to declare my true feelings for the record. 1)'white guilt' is a phenomenon that is easily dismissed by American traditionalists as psychological nonsense but actually reveals itself in revisionist history that the white man exploited everybody in the past (including episodes of genocide and gay-bashing),that he kept minorities down and would not let them get ahead, or in statements "I wanted to see history being made." I must vote for a black man to personally atone for the sins of my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents etc. it does not matter if he is a radical socialist that exhibits authoritarian tendencies-I must do my part to expiate my soul and the soul of America. 2)Narcissism has definitely been part and parcel of the American culture for the last 30 odd years; it may have skyrocketed with the Roe vs Wade decision allowing women to 'control their own bodies' but branched off into various directions so that Narcissists before embarking on a course of action ask: "What's in it for me and how can I look better to my peers or improve my appearance and be more admired?" 3)conservatives and traditional parents abandoning the education of their children to liberal and socialist educators and the writings and philosphies of these people by permitting that ethics and values to be no longer taught in the classroom, the history of America to be vilified, distorted or not be taught at all, and an agenda of community activism, including a radical environmental agenda of non-development of the earth's resources and the concept of 'global warming' coupled with 'greedy' businessmen, 'scumbag' oil companies and the American military being treated like an anathema and world criminals, to be propounded and inculcated on a captive audience to radically transform the wrongheaded America and its 'bankrupt' society that Jeremiah Wright refers to in his sermons; Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn are probably laughing themselves silly right now; 4)The Vietnam anti-War generation has been working insidiously for the past 40 years to undermine America's 'evil'dominance in the world and to at the same time tear down America and rebuild it from scratch. Their day has finally arrived. 5)Republicans, especially George Bush and his ilk abandoning sound, disciplined fiscal prudence and becoming like Democrats trying to bribe the voters with their own money with reckless spending and permitting the financial meltdown and the accompanying bailout to occur; 6)the MSM's attempt to regain its waning influence by adopting Obama's playbook of intimidation and smear tactics by undertaking 'search and destroy' missions on anybody who gets in the way, including Sarah Palin; 7) the Hollywood lefties over the last 30 years slyly imposing their agenda and being allowed with impunity to inject their movies with an all-consuming anti-American hatred and vitriol that causes one to leave the movie theater thinking that America is a horrible place to live; 8)'the right to choose' (abortion) is more important by many than defending the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the Bill of Rights or security from terrorist attacks; thus authoritarianism can be sanctioned as long as it protects and guarantees 'the right to privacy' 9)money talks: Obama had it and McCain didn't; money corrupts by obscuring one's reality and distorting an opponent's personality, record and viewpoints; 10)the watering down of what Jesus taught and what God desires substituting that for the secular 'social justice model' that government's role in society should be to redress wrongs, improve living standards, provide health care and 'spread the wealth'. I know it continually frustrates those on the right that so many Roman Catholics and Jews still vote Democratic.

Dean said...

It is a sad day in our country. I don't share as much enthusiasm as some here.

It is not that Obama is a democrat, but someone who will cheat and do almost anything to win an election. The questions that surround Obama are appalling. This election was more like something that you would see in a less developed country. The next four years will not be what it could have been with McCain/Palin. You cannot expect to elect one thing and get something different.

I will not get behind corruption, evil, and destruction with celebration regardless of skin color. For to many people this election was only about having a black president. In light of this election my thought is what could we have not elected?

Corruption and deceit have now been rewarded. In the next election the amount of illegal funds and deceit will be ten times over. What get's rewarded will surely be used over and over.

I believe there are some things unique to this election that will help fulfill many Prophecies in the Bible. We have never had a president referred to as the messiah and accepted by the entire world. Many of the Prophecies will be fulfilled before most people know what hit them. For many people, Obama has become their God.

However, I am glad I found this blog and have enjoyed all the posts. I was not overly enthused until Sarah was nominated VP. I am a conservative but never really got caught up in politics. This is the first time that I have contributed to any campaign effort. And I have to say that it was all because of Sarah. I really thought we had the momentum to make this happen.

Hopefully we will see Sarah in 2012.a

momprayn said...

A bunch of "thank you God's":

Lisa - yes, I agree also. You say it so well. The "stats" in our paper say McCain won 55% of Anglo votes; popular vote: McCain, 47.4% and Obama 51.3% - not much difference. So I am grateful Obama did not win by a "landslide". That would have been much worse. Thank you God!

Patriot - Yes, I also look at this as another reason God might have allowed (I'm sure there're many) - to hopefully finally put to rest the garbage about our nation being racist!!!! That is good. Breakthrough spiritually also! Thank you God!!!

Forgot to mention my agreement about Sarah being nothing but GOOD on the ticket!!! Without her, McCain would have lost much, much, much worse and then that would look like more people wanted Obama's ideas, etc. She saved his campaign! Again, thank you God!

Please pray for Pres. Bush as I'm sure he now feels/knows that the hatred people had for him was the main cause for our loss. I pray people will wake up and realize how thankful they should be that because of him (& others), we have not had another terrorist attack since 911. Thank you God!!!

And hopefully more and more people will start waking up because of what may ensue - they can actually experience it themselves since they don't pay attention or believe "words"/documents, etc. Too bad it had to come to that but people are stubborn. Thank you God!

Tbone said...

Sarah in 2012. I don't want to hear Steve Schmidt blame Sarah for this loss. McCain lost 52-46. If he does he loses all credibility.

Scott said...

""""""""Stop and think - that means despite all those things against him, almost half of America still preferred McCain over Obama.""""""""

it's scary how we can elect a president that only gets 38% of the registered vote and only 20% of the total u.s. population.

Rush was talking today about how many republicans are out of office this election.. and it's a good thing. Now we can get back to our roots. Change comes in tribulation, not prosperity. Gold is purified in fire.. it's time to get out the impurities, redefine the Republican party and stop making excuses. Look at the morally conservative issues that were passed.. Marriage defined as man and woman in florida and california. Rush talked about this. America accepts conservatism when it is straightforward.. not when we make excuses about it. We need to clearly define what we stand for.

We should feel good now.. we're no longer the party on the defensive.. WE can be the vocal minority! We may have lost the election but we still have a voice in this nation!

in other news..
anyone get the feeling Jesse Jackson was crying for the camera?

Tbone said...

Here are some reason's to be optimistic. Sarah lost an election for leutenant Governor. Then won election for Governor. Sarah lost for Vice-President. Could this mean that she will get elected President. I just think Sarah is best served as being the top leader.

Mountain Mama said...

Greetings, wonderful people!

I think that we Palinistas and conservatives can't determine now how best to proceed. We need wait to see how Obama manages the inevitable problems (hopefully no terrorism!) that come his way.

Gov. Palin was so viciously attacked by the MSM and liberals during this campaign. May she and her family receive deep healing from these wounds!

But I am also very concerned, if in the next election it appears that NO candidate can beat Obama (given that he's no doubt planning to add the millions of illegal aliens to his base), that Gov. Palin will be tagged to run the hopeless race, given only limited financial support (most high-financiers supported Obama!), once again face outrageous abuse---and unfairly be blamed for what the leaders KNEW beforehand would be an inevitable loss.

Gov. Palin should beware of this possibility, because many leaders (even Republicans) are just this sociopathic and they will USE her.

It's not that I believe Obama will prove invincible. But he'll enjoy SO much support from the MSM, liberals, and a Dem. majority that his re-election might be tough for any human being to beat.

Btw, I appreciated your referenced article, Knowitall. I agree: someone who is placed in positions of great responsibility (quarterback; president) needs to have MUCH HUMILITY. And yes, the positive bloggers here are such exemplary citizens and sweethearts.

I heard Gov. Palin speak this morning. I am sorry she felt she needed to apologize for possibly keeping someone from voting for McCain: she is NOT a detriment, contrasted with the tanking economy, war, hatred of Bush, rotten MSM, etc.

After she's served as Alaskan governor, I hope she doesn't move into working in media (as she reminded everyone today that she's done previously). But perhaps she would prefer to use her many gifts as a news anchor or TV show personality, cum Huckabee? I can't otherwise comprehend those remarks of hers!

On another note entirely:
I agree with Techno that white guilt needs to be tempered by reality. ALL races enslaved people; whoever conquered, enslaved. In Jesus' lifetime, well over half the world's citizens were slaves. Native American and African tribes sold other tribes into slavery to themselves or to whites.
So, whites aren't uniquely evil in having enslaved people, all races committed this sin, and minorities need to quit dumping guilt on whites only.

May God protect the USA from rotting within, and guide this new president in the way that is best! Please bless the McCains and Palins with some rest and hope, Lord. Grant special strength to the Bush family, too; they've been treated viciously for years. Help them and all of us remember to remain focused on the mission YOU give us, and, as Bush consistently demonstrated, to ignore the criticisms of those who are ignorant of the facts involved.

P.S. This is sad for Illinois conservatives: the lousy governor will pick Obama's replacement in the US Senate. Pray!

Mountain Mama said...

P.P.S.---One more point:
Obama can never say he won a mandate from the people.
He only won 52% of the popular vote; McCain won 46%.

YES, to everyone who says that this nation is STILL center-right.

(No, Scott: Jesse was really crying----in part because he probably IS happy that a person of color finally was elected president, but also crying for his lost prestige: Jesse isn't the central black leader anymore..... )

Rose said...

Is Sarah now the leader of the Republican Party?

You bet, who else but Sarah can hold the Republican Party together after such defeat?

Disagree with andrew who said Sarah should simply go back to Alask and simply WAIT -- "Just let her do her job right, and eventually another national run will come around".

If Sarah is to be Palin 2012, she has 4 years to prepare against MSM army who bullied her mercilessly...this same army are already preparing for a second Obama term...

Rush Limbaugh: Time to cleanse Republican Party
Says conservatism not on ballot, calls McCain's whole campaign 'concession speech'

momprayn said...

Mountainmama/all: Re 2012/Obama - maybe he won't be around.

Again - I reiterate, MANY things can and no doubt will happen that we are not aware of or even have thought about.

Anyone know where I can get a bumper sticker that says,
"Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Palin"

momprayn said...

mountainmama - RE the number of votes won - that was my first "thank you God" earlier.

momprayn said...

Breaking News --- Per Carl Cameron, staffers for McCain had EXTREME animosity against Sarah. Was REALLY bad -- Sarah "push backed". One fired for leaking info. out! He couldn't say anything during the campaign but now is reporting.
What else will be coming out?????

Mountain Mama said...

I read your numbers analysis, Momprayn----but I added the word, "mandate," since that's the term politicians use as their excuse/reason for pushing what's actually their OWN agenda (not that of the electorate).

Rush just played what I heard last night: various MSM pundits/reporters saying repeatedly (including BROKAW), "Well, we don't really know what Obama will do about" x, y, and z. "We really don't know that much about him." THEY actually SAID that! What amazingly mesmerized people.......

Tbone said...

Here is what Sarah Palin told Dana Bash of CNN. "Right now I cannot even imagine running for national office in 2012". The other part of that quote is as follows. "When I say that,of course,coming on the heels of an outcome I did not anticipate and not hoped for. But this being a chapter now closed and realizing it is time to unite and all americans need to get together and help with this new administration being ushered in."
Palin also said that"2012 seems so far off that can't even imagine what I'd be doing then".

Is this just disapointment with losing. What is to make of Sarah's quotes to CNN? I still see her running for President in 2012 or 2016.

Jan said...

I've been wondering about something for weeks. McCain has said that he doesn't know as much about economics as he should, and in the middle of his campaign the economy failed. Most people were saying the economy was their biggest factor in the election (not just polls, but people I talked to). Why didn't he come out and promote the people he would want as his economic advisors to help him in the area? It seems to me like Bush was the biggest factor in the election, but this was a close second. Why didn't he cover it?

Mountain Mama said...

GOOD FOR SARAH, if she pushed back against those negative McCain staffers! If this is so, then McCain should have warned, if not FIRED them: their job is to support his decisions, including the one to hire Palin!

I did see some hesitation and stiffness last night, which I'd never seen before between McCain and Palin, when they "hugged" before his speech. At the time, I was praying that he hadn't exploded at her, or in her midst. I haven't heard that any of his rages have occurred in recent years----but in the past, they were renowned for their hurricane force. She is RIGHT never to accept such mistreatment ("You get the behavior you tolerate," as Dr. Laura emphasizes)!

Why on earth would anyone in their right mind willingly seek to serve in high office, given the outrageous attacks from the MSM, the ingratitude of the fickle public, and the health-ruining, age-accelerating stress level!? Not to mention the constant drone of the jets' fly-over (when Bush visited our area for a few days, I thought the very wildlife would shriek from nerves about the jets!)....

P.S. again: Skinny folk age MUCH more noticeably than those with extra "fluff," and the presidency ages everyone very terribly, anyway, so Obama better use the White House pool and do those squats Arnold recommended! (~grin~)

Tbone said...

Here is a quoute in The anchorage daily news talking to her fans in Wasilla. "I am neither bitter nor vanquished,but very confident in the knowledge that there will be another day".
This would make me believe that Sarah Palin is going to try to become President.

coolyo said...

I am from the Philippines, but my heart goes out to Palin, to her family and to her supporters.. I think Sarah has been a victim of misogynistic media coverage. We only get a few of the US news shows here (CNN, Fox, NBC) but every time I watch those shows they were barraging the viewers with negative issues/gossips about Palin... I do believe that the media played a huge role in demeaning Sarah's leadership capabilities. I also have a feeling that some Republicans are out to get her (jealous and threatened perhaps because she's the rising star of the party). She has a lot of obstacles to hurdle I wish her good luck! I hope she will find more friends and supporters like you Mr. Adam and the others who would be true to her and support her.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Mountain Mama - I think that if all things go Obama's way during the next four years, you could be right about what could happen to Sarah. However, it could be too that if Obama veers back to the way left, the majority of Americans might wake up and try to put a stop to him. In which case, they would be given a choice - Obama's leftist agenda, or Sarah.

We'll have to see how the next couple of years play out. If he does come against Freedom with the "fairness Doctrine" etc...I just hope he isn't so bad that he'll develop an unpenatrable global presence for himself - as some think might happen. He was pretty unpenatrable as it is this last year.

Whatever happens - the only way we can go is with the Lord. He needs to guide the Palins - as well as us - in all that we do or nothing we do will succeed.
The only way to go is to keep our eyes on Him and follow His direction. So we begin the next leg of our journey with prayer.

Now, re: White guilt. My husband and I have struggled against that issue for years. My huaband was a member of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. Do you know how it feels to be in a new church, visiting or whatever, and have woman approach you, crying, saying that she is so, so sorry for all that her ancestors did and want to ask my husband's forgiveness? This has happened more than once and my husband hated it. He felt totally uncomfortable. Had nothing to say. Wanted people that did that to just go away. Once I stood up when a small church stated that - several people were standing up, talking to Roland this way. I stood up and told them, "You know, it's pretty easy to catch the first indian you see and lay out all this fluff in order to go home and tell your friends that you did this wonderful honorable thing. but if you really care about tribal members, how about getting up off your collective butt and going as a church down to Franklin Ave. and getting your hands dirty? (ok, I didn't really say it like that. I was nice. But it was how I felt.)

Physically help someone out. Work at the food kitchen. Read to some children. Help them paint their house. Expose yourself to something uncomfortable. Minister Jesus Christ. Speak directly into someone's life with force and truth. Don't just say fluff things and throw money at people. (I have seen so much of the patronizing, pat the victim on the head and speak in sweet voices and give them cash and gifts ..type stuff... when half of our relatives really need a swift kick in the butt. Don't give my relatives money!!!! It's the wrong thing to do!!)

Sorry - I'm ranting and I'm not sure I'm making any sense. White guilt has been a sickening thing for my husband and I to watch and have to experience time and again.

I have no doubt it played at least a small part if not more in this election.

alyssa said...

The last couple months have been non-stop campaigning for Sarah and with the emotional let down last night, she probably needs some time to get back to her real life and think about what she plans to do in the future. Also, it's probably too early to just come out and announce plans for running in four years. I definitely hope she does, but time will tell.

momprayn said...

coolyo - that was so nice and pretty astute! Thanks for posting.

tbone - re Sarah's run for 2012. Of course I can't speak for her but my take is she just hasn't had time to contemplate all that yet. She will need time to think about it and will want to pray about it/seek advice.
Then she'll decide. If she thinks God is calling her to do that, she will.

momprayn said...

mountain mama - forgot - I think he said that they fired one staffer after he/she leaked some news. Re the others, I think Carl said something like he didn't want to make it public because it would not be helpful. Poor Sarah.....none of us know what she had to put up with......

Tbone said...

Was watching fox news. Carl Cameron was talking about Sarah Palin's future. He said that she is going to remain a national figure. he said RSR. Which meant Run Sarah Run. That she was already talking to him about Iowa. Iowa is the start of the primary.

johnfromcanada said...

I am a Canadian fan of Sarah Palin (my family and friends think I'm crazy, but all they get is the MSM perspective). I think Sarah would have made a good V-P, and may one day be a fine President. People miss the raw political talent she has, plus her great intelligence which doesn't always come across well in media interviews. I hope she runs again, but I don't understand the rush. 4 years from now is too soon. She needs more time to get foreign affairs experience, and for people to forget the MSM smear job she just endured. You can just imagine how in 2012 all the negative articles and interviews and SNL skits from this year will be dragged up and played again and again. There's lots of time yet. Even in 16 years she will still only 60, the same age as Hillary is now. The path to the White House for Sarah runs through the Senate.

knowitall said...

Momprayn and Mountain Mama,
regarding Sarah getting the blame. You and I can bet that the blame will go to the Sarah. I am most curious to see not who will hurt her but who will help her. They are the people who remember Reagan's 11th commandment.

I thought McCain had a plan to run for office. I cheered because of Sarah. I did not like McCain.
After watching for a year, I am still not sure why McCain wanted us to vote for him (nor Obama for that matter but I was never going to vote for him).
We were certainly not going to like him for his personality.
He never brought out Sarah for the world to get to know her.

The more I think about this, the more I appreciate Sarah.

NYPalinPower said...

I'm with you, Adam for helping you to draft Sarah in 2012!

Jennifer E. King said...

Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal in 2012!!!!

Sarah Palin should stick with being Governor until then. Maybe she can write a book or two. She might also consider starting a radio show or internet blog to keep her name visible.

She would be wasted in Congress. She's too much of a leader. Also, it would give the Democrats too much opportunity to libel her and muddy her name. She needs to carry her Conservative message to the people directly, finding a way to cut through the static, and avoid letting the liberals try to drag her down.

Patriot1776 said...

It just sometimes amazes me how many Americans just follow and don't think for themselves.

Many of our poorly run cities and states are run by one party Democratic rule. Rhode Island - alomst 10% unemployment - Michigan, Detroit, Philadelphia.

Despite just down right aweful leadership, they vote in lock step for the same group over and over hoping for a different result.

That problem, in my mind, now has spread natioanlly. This current Congress with a 17% approval run by Democrats, ADDED seats. I know the Obama coat tails assited, but sometimes you need to step back and THINK before you vote.

Sarah had a lot of things running against her this election cycle. But the question is how do you reach voters who will NOT listen?

Reagan and Newt were able to craft a message and presented it effectively.

We need to find that it Sarah?

Scott said...

""""(No, Scott: Jesse was really crying----in part because he probably IS happy that a person of color finally was elected president, but also crying for his lost prestige: Jesse isn't the central black leader anymore..... )"""""

in no way do i mean to sound racist in this because i'm not.. my brother in law is black and my niece is just as black as obama.. but i don't get how Obama is declared black.. he got his blood from his white mother.. my local radio guy made the point today, if he fills out an official form and the race isn't on there you select the race of your mother. so to somehow say this is a victory for black people and not all of us in general doesn't sound right.

TonyO said...

Hi. I'm new to this blog, but am a HUGE Palin fan and, shhh!, a big Bush supporter.

These next four years are gonna suck, but it's our time, as we did in the Carter years, to find our Reagan.

We have Palin, Romney, Jindal. NO MORE MODERATES TO TAKE US DOWN. McCain and Dole were heros, but not what we need as GOP leaders.


Brianus Berkleianus said...

Dear Friends of Sarah,

Thank you for all of the fascinating, thoughtful posts of the last few hours!! It is almost as if the pain of defeat has honed the keen edge of in-depth perception and of eloquent expression. I cannot respond individually to every post, but let me say that I especially appreciate the messages that express realism, both about the spiritual nature of the battle that we are fighting, and about the sad fact of the warped human psyche, so prone to vices such as envy and jealousy of a person like Sarah.

Since I am confident that Adam will keep this blogspot alive, I am also confident that I will have ample scope to unfold my thoughts in future weeks and months about some of the issues raised here today. For the moment, I would like to confine myself to addressing one or two matters. First, I am rather inclined to think that Sarah should not seek a Senate seat. I can see the pros and cons on each side of the question, but think she would ultimately be served better by continuing to present the persona of a Washington outsider. However, I am not "wedded" to this opinion; considerations can be marshalled on the other side too. Instead, I would like to see the debut of the "Sarah Palin Alaska Hour," a one-hour long political interview show, coming once a week from the governor's mansion! I think that Sarah could burnish and refine her skills, sitting this time not in the interviewee's chair, but in that of the interviewer. She is telegenic to a very high degree, and a show such as this would keep her beautiful, forceful, fun, humorous, feisty, spunky, "Saric" (to attempt the clumsy coinage of a word) spirit before the public. Like water drip, drip, dripping on a hard surface, she could slowly efface the effects of the Couric interview.

I will have much more to say in future days and weeks. At the risk of being labelled naive and sophomoric by "outside" readers of this blog, I will say that I firmly believe that Sarah has been chosen by the good Lord for very special service to our country. If this makes me a Palin "fan," with all of the negative connotations that little (three letters, not four, Joe!!) word can bear, so be it: for I am!!

BTW, when I send Sarah the Latin quatrain (Ovidian elegiac couplets) that I plan to compose in her honor and send her, I will post it here too (with translation) for all of you.

I love Sarah Palin, the lovely Lady from Alaska...America's Sarah!!

God bless you all!!


Sheri said...

I agree a little bit with John from Canada. Maybe 2012 would be too soon. But waiting until 60 is too long. She could "beef up" her experience with running for governor again in 2010. Then four years later run for Senate. Once in the Senate, run for president, maybe in 2016. That would give her both executive experience and legislative experience. It would give the kids time to grow know Trig could be 8-10 years old, but her other children would be older (so people could not use the excuse that she could not do the job because of children) and she would get more national exposure in the Senate.
Just a thought.

She needs to be in the national spotlight. She is one of the new faces for the Republican party. But, if she ran in 2012, she would have my vote 110%!!

Anonymous said...

I am heartbroken by the defeat. What makes the defeat hard to swallow is knowing the great lengths the liberal media and the Obama supporters went through to smear and discredit Gov. Palin. I am especially resentful towards supposedly conservative reporters like Peggy Noonan, who succombing to the temptation to align themselves with a popular candidate rather than a candidate running on a forum with more nobler values, actually harmed our ticket, and gave Democrats more ammunition to use against us. These were acts of betrayals by our conservative colleagues, that I shall never forget. Honestly, I believe Peggy and Katherine may be a bit jealous of our beloved Gov. Palin. I recently wrote the following letter:

I saw Sarah Palin at the Leesburg, VA rally today. She was totally awesome, extremely articulate, and more composed than most candidates I have seen in my lifetime. The media has done America an injustice in robbing her of the credit she so deserves. I honestly believe that Peggy Noonan and other female journalists must be jealous of Gov. Palin. After all, Peggy Noonan had her nostalgic hay day with Ronald Reagan years ago. It must be difficult to see such a young rising star like Sarah Palin, who is as beautiful as she is witty, articulate, and astonishingly charming, enter the glorious spotlight as the first American woman in over twenty years to be nominated for Vice President of the United States. Women seem to accept another woman who is smart, as long as she is not too pretty. On the other hand, a woman is “OK” being pretty, but she must not be too talented. After all, that would threaten to expose insecure feelings other women possess. In other words, Sarah Palin’s VP nomination reveals a point not discussed by the media; Women are more sexist towards other women, especially women like Palin, than any man would ever dare to be! Think about it. Sarah Palin hunts, fishes, and enjoys sports like most men do. Nevertheless, she maintains her beautiful femininity, which makes her highly revered by most men. Women hate this! It makes them feel insecure knowing that a woman like this can relate so well to men, even to the point of becoming somewhat of a comrade to the male gender, yet at the same time maintain the kind of physical beauty most men appreciate. Sarah Palin represents the opposite of what women have always demanded of men over the past few decades. Remember what female editors used to write concerning the ideal man? Women for years have been asking, why can’t men show sensitivity, and relate more to women, but still maintain masculinity and strength? Well, Sarah Palin relates to men concerning masculine hobbies, yet she maintains her feminine qualities, and exhibits poise, composure and intelligence. Because of her extraordinary combination of success, intelligence, and good looks, female journalists have thrown all the mud at her that they are capable of throwing. Added to these attributes, is the fact that Sarah Palin represents conservative family values, and capably articulates her views in a manner that connects with Americans more effectively than most politicians can ever aspire to imitate. Hence, Sarah Palin’s strengths cause others to target her, if not for her political ideology, at least out of envy.

Jodlynn said...

I'm on board!! What ever step she decides on next I'll support her until she's in the WH.

LT said...

Is anyone else here experiencing a strange feeling of peace? Maybe its just the relief from the gutwrenching campaign, or maybe its numbness, but I feel peaceful. Perhaps its a gift in answer to my prayers. Anyway, I know I made the right choice, and when America made its choice, I offered congratulations to those on the other side with the caveat that I will hold Obama accountable for his decisions their consequences, good or bad. However, now I am hearing of Emanual as chief of staff, a possible Secretary of State Kerry, and likely demotion of Joe Lieberman. And so it begins, and I ponder the nature of the "bipartisanship" that Obama and Pelosi had promised. Fortunately, it looks like America will see clearly the effects of its choice, and they may come quite early.

So where do we go from here? My stream of conciousness:

Our future: We need to be patient and persistant in ressurecting our cause. The liberals worked hard for 8 years to avenge the 2000 election. It may well take that long or longer for us. The democrats already have complete legislative control, will likely have judicial control, and Obama promises to fundamentally change our country's foundations. Added to that, the influx of illegal immigrants threatens to overwhelm the center and right leaning population of this country. Folks, I'm not saying its certain, but we may well need to begin a restoration process that we will not see the end of in our lifetimes. The Israelites wandered for 40 years before they reached the promised land, after all. Now we must stand up, not necessarily for immediate results, but simply for our posterity and because its what's right.

Sarah's future: This is a difficult question to ponder. I sincerely hope she seeks the presidency someday, however the route plays out. However, after this experience, I honestly don't blame her if she pursues a different calling. The concern is that I worry she is the first and last chance we have of seeing a pro-life conservative woman as president. After this, what other pro-life woman would want to even try to run? Regardless, she put it all on the line for me and I support whatever decision the makes. She's earned it.

2012: If its not Palin, who will lead us and be the nominee? My first thought is Jindal. He would be perfect. However, remember he is Catholic (as am I). Can you imagine the criticism he will receive in a presidential campaign? He is a devout Catholic and his opponents will immediately cite Catholic teaching that abortion is wrong even after rape/incest, and even if the mother's life is at stake (unless the baby would die anyway). I agree with all my church's teaching, and Jindal does as well, but I just know it will be used to portray him as a radical who will be under direct orders of the pope. Unfair as it may be, its a reality.

So where do we go in the immediate term? Get involved in what is dear to you. Get active in local politics if that's your passion, or join the NRA, or Right-to-Life, or whatever can be an avenue for your voice and your contribution to conservatism. And pray. I know I will. And of course, bleak as things may sometimes seem, we know that standing up for what's true is worth losing everything else, and when we stand up we will not be denied the reward of what's truly best for us in the end.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Lots of good thoughts. I'm starting to agree with others. (not that my thoughts matter. It's really between Sarah, Todd and the Lord.)

I initially thought Steven's seat would be good for her. But after all she and her family have been through - I know that my large family has needed good down time after particularily stressful times. I know that I and the kids have needed time home, alone together and at peace. I know there comes a time when my busy life needs to pause so I can hear the feelings and thoughts of my kids - before it's time to heat up again.

And then there is the political side of waiting, as well. I like the idea of running for Governor again, and then running for Senate. But there is the argument about staying out of DC period until it's time to run for POTUS.

But I really liked that idea Brianus had about a talk show. Wouldn't that be great? He's right concerning the positive effects that would have. It would also be a fun, safe first step.

Again though, I feel a little uncomfortable planning her family's next ten years. I know that she, Todd and the Lord will work out the right plan, and we all will support them, whatever it is.

May God Bless them, be with them and guide them.

alyssa said...

I trust that Sarah will make the right choice about which path she will take from here. She has been all over the country in the last couple months and met thousands of people, so she knows firsthand the kind of support that exists for her out there. Thankfully, so many people can see through the negative agenda of the MSM and know what an intelligent, decisive and powerful leader she is.

momprayn said...

ritionate - wow, I never cease to be amazed at the creative "names" we have out there!!!!
Yep....right on!

Lisa - count me in!! I WON'T give any money to your relatives!!! :)
no, seriously - know what you're saying but..suggestion: try to see it like they are trying to at least do something (even though it's not helpful) - many wouldn't even do that! As you probably know, it's human nature to not want to leave our "comfort zones" & take the easiest route to salve our consciences. If you haven't already, pray for God's conviction, maturity, wisdom, whatever for them but bless them for trying. Some are ignorant and/or unwise & just don't know what the best thing to do. I find it helps if you try not to have unrealistic expectations in life. They don't have the same experiences, wisdom as you may have on this issue also. It may seem very clear to you, but not them. Look at this election!!!!! Yes, people never cease to amaze me........

Jill said...

I didn't want to wreck Adam's new post about what to do next, so I'm posting this bit of comedy in the old thread. Enjoy. It's all in good fun.


Brianus Berkleianus said...

THANK YOU, ritionate, for the beautiful, perceptive, eloquent, almost Ciceronian appreciation of Sarah!!!

Thanks too, It, for your remarks. I concur re your assessment of Jindal. And perhaps I am too sanguine here, but I do hope and expect that we will not have to wander for forty years in the desert! God's ways are mysterious. Maybe the Dems own swords will be turned on them: perhaps many of the illegal immigrants, many of whom, as I understand it, are fellow Catholics of ours, could end up supporting the conservative cause because of the "social" issues. We shall see! Look what just happened in California: apparently a sizable portion of the African-American supporters of Obama voted to support Proposition 8, which defines marriage in the traditional way. There is a delicious irony here that the effort to turn out our African-American brothers and sisters in large numbers, while it made no difference for Obama, who would have won California anyway, I think, helped Prop 8 to pass!! Alliances can shift, people can change their minds, things do not remain static...and "more things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of"!!!

God bless you all!


Bill said...

Hey Gang,

Head on over to my blog and vote for Sarah in my poll on who's our best hope to take on Obama in 2012!

Also, what the heck is going on with all the "McCain inside sources" that are ripping into Palin and saying that she's stupid, a diva, etc?

I'm so tired of everyone attacking the woman. She did a great job in this campaign and she's a tremendous leader. So, she didn't do well in a couple of media interviews. That's really the only thing she didn't shine on during the entire campaign! They did say on Fox that she is talking privately with aides about the NH primary and the IA caucus. Sounds like our girl definitely has higher office on the brain!

techno said...

I am not a professional politician nor am I a political pundit but I believe I have enough common sense and a sense of what will work and what won't, what will further progress and what will retard growth. With that in mind I would like to make 20 suggestions to the Republican Party how they can rebound from this defeat and improve their standing in 2010 in the House and Senate races and eventually take back the White House in 2012. 1)start off with the Bill Parcells/Bill Belichick quote: "It is what it is." No sugarcoating, no exaggeration but an accurate assessment of the lay of the land in terms of where the GOP stands in terms of its money in the bank, its fundraising capability, its computer and networking capability, its membership, its standing in Congress, and its leadership positions and then assign a person or set up a task force to undertake a study of how the party infrastructre could be improved to meet the needs of a political party in the 21st Century.2)send out an e-mail immediately to each member, including members of Congress, to establish a 6 month 'peace' moratorium, in other words to encourage every member to refrain from criticizing each other in public with regards to the future leadership of the party (not to include criticizing the previous campaign).3)during these 6 months call together the leadership of the party to seek out their opinions in a closed-door meeting (no press availability)to where the party should go and how to get there. 4)around the late spring of 2009 (6 months from election day) conduct a survey of the membership regarding where they want to see the party go, who they would like to see as the next Presidential and Vice-Presidential standard-bearer and how they think the primaries should be conducted to better reflect the will of the membership-while running for office Republican candidates should have only one boss: the membership of the party. This would prevent crossover mischief from occurring during primaries, encourage new members to be signed up and minimize the chance that the majority of the membership would be disenchanted with the Presidential standard-bearer chosen. 5)sometime in the next 90 days have the party apparatus review the last Presidential and Congressional campaigns to what went right and what went wrong in all aspects of what is needed to run a campaign but refrain from assessing blame on any one individual or group; use the review as a learning tool to hopefully run better campaigns in the future. 5) have a get-together where the various handlers of McCain are assembled in front of an audience for 3 hours to where they can be grilled over their performance in the campaign, not so much to call them out on their own individual performance or to criticize John or Sarah but as a learning tool on how the dynamics of a campaign interface with the current events of the day and the reality of the moment, the media frenzy offered up on a daily basis, the poll numbers, and the crafting and emphasis of the daily message and what it was trying to convey and what types of voters it was meant to attract. 6)contact the top potential Presidential candidates for 2012 about the fall of 2009, based on the results of the member survey to inform them of their popularity within the party, to gauge their committment or resolve to run in 2012 and to allow each one to know how one stands in the party, for example in what region one is weakest in, what gender one is more attracted to, what personal characteristics is listed as an unfavorable etc.; in so doing the party can bring these people together every 6 months for the next 2-3 years to introduce them or re-introduce them to an audience allowing feedback to the candidates on what is on the member's mind at the moment and from a member's point of view where a candidate stands on a certain issue. 7) have the party do an exhaustive study on Obama's personality, character traits, his philosophy and policies and map out a game plan how to defeat him in 2012;8)immediately do an exhaustive study of the various Congressional races in 2010 and micro-target the ones which the GOP has a decent chance to convert. 9)seek out input from various right-wing support groups, right-wing bloggers and prominent individuals, especially right-wing talk show hosts (if they're not on the endangered species list) and entertainment personalities in a weekend symposium(s) to better understand what issues are important to people and just as important what policies the party should adapt to increase voter turnout and to increase votes for a Republican candidate in general; also learn what turns on a voter to a candidate and what turns off a voter to a candidate: personality, appearance, wardrobe, speech patterns, word content, maanerisms etc. 10)develop a media strategy of contending with the MSM during the roll out of a Presidential primary campaign and a Presidential campaign; conduct seminars with prospective Presidential and VP candidates every six months on how to deal with the media, how to take questions, how to grant interviews, what type of media to appear on etc. Also establish boundaries of attack in the primary so that the Democrats cannot use the sound bite during the general election. 11) compile a computer personnel list of various handlers all across the nation and send it to the prospective candidates to try to ensure that the most competent handlers are chosen by the candidate if he or she decides to run and that he or she matches up well or is compatible with the personality or philosophy of the candidate. 12)have a futurist project what issues will probably be the most prominent in the year before the next Presidential election. 13)conduct in the spring of 2010 a nationwide poll or survey on why people like the Republican Party and why they do not and why they would vote for it and why they would not. 14)have an ongoing seminar for Republican talking heads every 3 months to inform them what narrative the party want presented in a given quarter; prevent any person who does not follow the script or goes 'rogue' from appearing in the media on behalf of the party as a talking head. 15)have the prospective candidates meet individually with Republican Congressmen every 6 months in Washington to develop a strong bond and a team approach to victory. 16)find out in a survey what Hispanics want out of life, what issues turn them on and off, and why more of them don't vote Republican. 17)hold an immigration seminar where border control guards, immigration officials, legislators, employers of illegal immigrants and recently-arrived immigrants, and recent immigrants can come together and talk about the issue in an open and honest fashion without the rancor that often accompanies the debate over amnesty. 18)have the prospective Presidential candidates arrange to write a weekly column for a publication to keep their name in the news and in the public eye. 19)appoint a younger charismatic woman as chairperson of the party to take the party into 2010 or 2012. 20)finally after all the research and input the party should adopt with passion and optimism what will work and discard without regret or sentimentality what will not work and then pass the info on to each prospective Presidential candidate.

Mongrel said...

I agree with Scott concerning Obama the first black president. Since he does have a white mother he will just become a footnote in history whenever a black person with both parents be black is elected. That person will be consider the first black president.

Scott said...

Rove was talking today about how the republicans will likely gain seats in 2 years because the political atmosphere tends to rise and fall.. right now it's on a democratic high.

I don't plan on going anywhere.. we can still talk about what is going on in our country and with sarah.

Scott said...

has anyone see this?

the McCain Obama dance-off

Scott said...

for those who don't know who bobby jindal is.. here's his appearance on the tonight show last year


Scott said...

IT said

"""""He is a devout Catholic and his opponents will immediately cite Catholic teaching that abortion is wrong even after rape/incest, and even if the mother's life is at stake (unless the baby would die anyway). I agree with all my church's teaching, and Jindal does as well, but I just know it will be used to portray him as a radical who will be under direct orders of the pope. Unfair as it may be, its a reality.""""""""

i'm a Catholic too and that is our belief that life begins at conception and if it's God's will to place a soul at that time, we're not God etc.. but i read on wikipedia (i know not the best source) a few minutes ago that he supports emergency contraception in cases of rape. He does not condemn medical procedures meant to save the life of a pregnant woman that would indirectly cause the termination of the pregnancy.

Scott said...

""""""Also, what the heck is going on with all the "McCain inside sources" that are ripping into Palin and saying that she's stupid, a diva, etc?"""""""""

they're covering up their own inadequacies in campaigning.. (covering their own ***es)

techno said...

Hedgehog Report is claiming that Wright ads from a 527 PAC group changed the dynamics of PA especialy among females-internals showed that Obama was only ahead by 3 points on Friday; of course we know he won by 10 points. Also cites female antipathy towards Sarah in the suburbs surrounding Philadelphia and the 'coal story of Obama bankrupting the coal industry' not being believable, because it was unveiled at the last moment.

fernblossom said...

me too, lt: "a strange feeling of peace."

Mongrel said...

I live in PA and work in WV. The UMWA were backing Obama the whole way. The union was running radio ads stating a bill the McCain introduced to congress would stop 78% of all coal production in the state.

The union also had meetings about who to vote for and bombarded the miners with Obama literature.

Mongrel said...

I wish that I had a feeling of peace. All I have is a feeling of impending doom.

A democrat in the white house and controlling congress I see nothing but dread. An economy in complete shambles, Iran in control of the middle east, Israel poor Israel, Putin expanding the Russian empire. Ultimately not a job to be had in United States.

So, I can only wish that I was at peace. I spent today trying to find two refrigerator boxes so I can I have double wide box when we are all living in card board boxes.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe McCain staffers are now faulting Sarah for their Campaign failures. FOX news's Carl Cameron cited "anonymous sources" blaming Governor Palin for the election loss. How preposterous this is! Without Sarah, the Republicans had no chance at all! I wrote the following reply:

Sarah Palin’s behavior remains impeccable as critics continue to hurl unfair scandalous attacks at her. The professional manner in the way she has handled herself through all the adversity puts the liberals and gossip perpetrators to shame! Without Sarah Palin on the ticket the McCain campaign would have been dead in the water. Quite frankly, as many others have replied in this blog, I was not all that interested in voting for McCain until Sarah came on the ticket and rejuvenated the base. I am literally apalled at all the unfair rumors perpetuated by the media, including FOX News concerning rift between Palin and McCain staffers that are based on unsubstantiated evidence. It concerns me when reporters such as Carl Cameron use phrases like “anonymous sources” to support gossip from others who are trying to attribute blame to Palin in an effort to conceal their own insufficient efforts in this campaign. People are trying to cover their own backs or even look for ways to exploit the campaign to selfishly profit off fabricated stories for their own gain. Sarah Palin continues to move on and dismiss the charges with style and grace. It’s obvious to most observers that people are envious of the Governor and some are even worried that Gov. Palin has become in some ways the most popular and powerful personality in the Republican Party. Why else would criticism of her continue to escalate after the closing of a grueling campaign? Liberals and other adversaries no doubt would love to ruin the character, admiration, and popularity of a startling political player whose rise has made her the most notable contender in the 2012 Presidential race. Personally, I wish to thank Sarah Palin for accepting the challenge to take on the daunting role to energize the Republican ticket, and to do so in the face of such obvious intimidating adversity. She exhibited fortitude, courage, and grace throughout the campaign in the midst of relentless, scandalous attacks. Republicans owe her gratitude and honor for willingness to plod on through the campaign with vigor and the kind of enthusiasm that sparked energy before tens of thousands in her campaign rallies. It’s pathetic that any Republican could even think of criticizing Palin after all she has done to ignite our base. Shame on anyone for partaking in any scheme to discredit the honorable Governor, Sarah Palin. We should all be praising her, lifting her up, and encouraging her for the sacrificial and selfless efforts she asserted on the behalf of the McCain campaign. It was a valiant display, that personally, I haven’t seen matched by any politician in recent history. God bless Sarah Palin. I will be the first on the volunteer list should she decide to run in 2012.

Mongrel said...

Well said ritonate, I agree with you 100%. After I first heard Sarah talk I said McCain should just keep quiet and let Palin win the election for him. She is the future of the republican party.

Cane said...

i just wanted to say: thank you.

Anonymous said...

Campbell Brown of CNN wrote an article about the accusations of rift in the McCain/Palin campaign. I am very disgusted with this whole post election attack on the Honorable Governor Palin. I wrote the following response. Please let me know how you feel about my statement.

What is disturbing is the tendency for reporters, including the ones on CNN to report stories that have no supporting evidence. Even this morning CNN was using the phrase "sources close to Palin". When a person makes charges, especially slanderous ones like those hurled at Palin, and they insist on remaining anonymous, they are saying they don't want to be challenged. Anyone can fabricate a statement about another person and feel comfortable knowing their charges can't be cross-examined. In short, it's pointless for the media to broadcast over the airwaves, damaging remarks about a person like Sarah Palin, when the report can't stand the test of a challenge. With the election now being over, and Pres. Elect Obama calling for unity, one has to wonder if the media is serving our country well by its persistence in reporting unsubstantiated gossip, perpetrated by selfish opportunists, who are unwilling to take credit for their own failures in campaign strategy. Furthermore, the McCain camp should be praising Sarah Palin for stepping up to the plate in an enormously challenging situation, and for valiantly campaigning for McCain as she and her family suffered countless malicious attacks. The media even insisted at the start of her VP campaign that her youngest child was not her own. I can't imagine the insult this must have been, for a woman to carry a child in her womb for months, give birth to her child while governing a state, and then have countless reporters and internet bloggers claim she was lying about her own baby. Following that came the attacks on her daughter, and attacks from others towards Palin's parenting skills. Really, in all my life, I have never seen a candidate face so much public adversity and personal scrutiny. Still Palin showed incredible fortitude and energized a campaign that was quite frankly, dead in the water until she joined the ticket. Like many of my colleagues, I wasn't even interested in voting for McCain until Governor Palin joined the race. How then can anyone blame Palin for the election loss? Sarah Palin drew crowds of thousands and even tens of thousands at her campaign rallies. It's a fact that her rallies drew countless more listeners than McCain was able to draw himself. She was able to also immerse her audience with excitement and hope. I know, because I attended a rally and was amazed at the confidence she displayed and the way she could give everyone hope for a win. I feel there are some who dislike Sarah Palin not only for political reasons but also for personal reasons. What's ironic is that Sarah Palin wasn't shunned by men but rather other women voters. Imagine the paradox this is! For years women have accused chauvinistic men who are either sexist or insecure as being the obstacle keeping women out of the highest positions in our land. Realistically though, it was the women who were less prone to vote for their own gender. One may wonder why such a chance would be turned down by women to elect one of their own gender. The answer is perhaps envy. For years women have complained that men don't allow females in their realm, yet Palin has been able to do that with her outdoor hobbies, and with her political career. One would think that women would appreciate the fact that Palin could remarkably relate to men, compete with them in sports, and work with them in positions of power. The problem however, is that women sometimes envy a woman who not only fits into a man's world but also retains feminine beauty. In other words, women would like to put one of their own in a high office, but they sometimes resent seeing a good-looking woman rise to such a high social career status. Hence women become their own worst enemies. Sarah Palin had half the battle licked in obtaining some semblance of equality. She could relate well to men. She appealed to men not only because of her looks, but also because she showed an affinity for things men enjoy doing like hunting and fishing. If women could have just gotten over there social envy, I believe McCain could have won the election and Palin would have indeed broken that glass ceiling. Unfortunately, the media with the aid of Tina Fey portrayed Palin in a not so perfect light, implying that she was just a good looking woman in an empty skirt. Even though Sarah Palin performed exceptionally well at the convention, the debate, and at her energizing rallies, the media skillfully used snippets of the Couric interview to appeal to sexist reasoning, reasoning that surmises a woman with good looks, likely is lacking in brains. The SNL show emphasized this when Alec Baldwin flirts with Palin and says, "Wow, you're even prettier in person". Joy Bahar reasoned similarly on her TV show, "The View", when she stated, "I think men are just voting for her because she's good looking".
Sadly, with shows like The View, SNL, and the Internet blogs reporting about her beauty pageant she was in many years ago, Palin had a hard time shaking that unfair stereotype. To attribute such shallow logic towards Palin was completely unfair. How many people can govern a state, give birth to a handicapped child, and still manage to take care of a family simultaneously? Still, women for the most part rejected Sarah Palin, when she already had the men won over. Women had their chance to vote and get a woman in the second highest office in the land. How ironic it is that women, not men, were the ones that rejected Palin based on sexist reasoning, and kept a woman from winning. Perhaps these recent attacks, made by other women no doubt, are just another extension of the unfair sexist reasoning that has been thrown at Palin since the day she entered the election. The NOW even endorsed Governor Palin, and have since come to her defense. Unfortunately for this country, at a time when racial barriers have been overcome in historical proportions with the election of Barack Obama to the Presidency, the country still wrestles with gender discrimination. One step towards ending this discrimination would be to ignore charges of Palin being a Diva, especially when those making the charges prefer to remain anonymous.

Dhalgren said...

Palin / Jinal 2012 is quite possible. Giuliani is finished. We haven't seen the last of Huckabee or Romney yet. But if the GOP's strategy is to stay to the right and show a younger face, then Palin / Jindal would be a logical ticket.

There is a big hurdle - if the GOP stays on the far right of the political spectrum, then its appeal will be limited to rural voters. It won't get the 65 Million votes it needs to reclaim the White House.

So the big question for the GOP is - does it stay rural or does it try to win back suburban / urban voters?