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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night Liveblog

7:07 PM - It's 7:00 PM on the East Coast and the first polls have closed. As the first results trickle in, feel free to get the party going in the comments section. I'll be back as soon as there is anything to report. Welcome aboard, and let's make it a great night!

8:25 PM - Well, the early results are rolling in. The only thing I have to say is to remember that these are EARLY results. We won't really know what's going on in a lot of these states until more numbers roll in.

8:33 - While I'm thinking about it, special thanks to my friend Carly for the use of her laptop. Carly, I'm sure you'll see this at some point in the night, so rest assured that I will not post your last name all over the web :-).

9:04 - The networks are calling battleground states with less than 5% of the vote in...even Fox...amazing. Anyway, we're winning in VA and closing in FL and NC. Meanwhile, Carly informs me that, in return for using her laptop, I now have an obligation to drop her name in all media interviews.

9:20 - I continue to be amazed at the media's absurd confidence in their ability to predict the future. Pennsylvania has been called with 13% in (a heavy Obama lead...indicating a likely win in Philly) and Ohio with 9% (Oh boy...Obama won Cleaveland!).

10:23 - Things are starting to look bluer, but I'm still not buying some of the early calls. Either way, I'm settling in with some card games and preparing for the real excitement.

11:01 PM - CNN has called the election for Obama. Thoughts? Assuming the result holds, we still have a lot to talk about here. Sarah 2012?


huskyonspeed said...

21-3 so far.... :-)

huskyonspeed said...

A lot of blue states off the board... Yawn

Mountain Mama said...

We're holding our own where we need to, so far!

Bloggers, please remember to contribute toward Adam's laptop (to replace the one someone stole from him!). Click on DONATE at the top right of the Home Page. THANKS! He has helped us SO much, and helped Sarah Palin!

huskyonspeed said...

Getting interesting now... a lot of close states as expected, Mitch McConnell's up by about 10,000.

huskyonspeed said...

McConnell wins! Nice hold

Patriot1776 said...

Dole Loss is a big one in NC...faces of Santorum and Rove don't spell a good night I am afraid....

Hoping I am wrong.

huskyonspeed said...

Sununu loses too... not really a big surprise but still a hit.

huskyonspeed said...

Dang... we lost Penn. Not good.

Admin said...

PA :(

huskyonspeed said...

We've held everything else so far... but we just about have to run the table with the tossup states now

huskyonspeed said...

Chambliss wins :-) 1

Scott said...

i don't see how we've lost PA yet.. all the precincts haven't reported in.. the news people have obama winning pa but right below it they state it is "THEIR PROJECTION"

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Don't forget to check the home page for updates. They will be time-stamped updates to this the one just posted.

Scott said...

cnn has only 1% reporting in PA... now how can they call that?

Mountain Mama said...

I still maintain that we should ignore the exit polls. Maybe the PUMA's lied to THEM, too----right?

Wouldn't that be sweet, if it looked tonight as though Obama won, but actually McCain did?

Scott said...

is that how they're calling these states? by the exit polls?

Mountain Mama said...

OOPS! Mea culpa!
I meant "early polls," not exit polls; those ended and the networks switched to early polls once polls started closing.

Still----early statistics can be misleading.

pinky said...

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble. Hear our prayers Lord, please.

Unknown said...

If you want actual vote count in PA, here's a link.

Been following info over on Hillbuzz too.

Keep the faith everyone.

momprayn said...

Just called OH for OBAMA! :(

momprayn said...

Now just said the check was in the wrong place & miscalled for OH --- so not yet!

huskyonspeed said...

Wow, Fox just about gave me a heart attack mistakenly calling Ohio for Obama... not yet at least.

Scott said...

i just noticed fox news took all the colors off their interactive map... maybe they realized all the votes aren't in yet................

Scott said...

i give up on the media at this point...

from hillbuzz

Remember: exit polls were WAY off in the primaries…especially Super Tuesday.

Drudge is starting to play his game — the same one he played in the primaries when he claimed Obama would win California by 10 points, NY and NY Jersey by double digits, and take Massachusetts and others too.

Clinton won all of the above by DOUBLE DIGITS.

Drudge does this to drive traffic his way — to freak out Eeyores. Just calm down, relax, have some snacks, and wait for the polls to close and a winner to be announced LATE, LATE, LATE in the night when McCain takes the stage victorious in Phoenix and Obama concedes in Chicago.

momprayn said...

Fox just called OH for OBAMA (FOR SURE THIS TIME)! :(

Admin said...

OH :( :(

Unknown said...

newsbusters about exit polling.

""Here are the key points to keep in mind when the exit poll data starts being leaked:

1. Historically, exit polls have tended to overstate the Democratic vote.

2. The exit polls are likely to overstate the Obama vote because Obama voters are more likely to participate in the exit poll.

3. The exit polls have tended to skew most Democratic in years where there is high turnout and high vote interest like in 1992 and 2004.

4. It is not just the national exit poll that skews Democratic, but each of the state exit polls also suffers from the same Democratic leanings.

5. The results of the exit polls are also influenced by the demographics of the voters who conduct the exit polls.""

They caution people to slow down, also
I wonder if Drew or a serrogate will show up to talk to us.
Stay optimistic!!!

Patriot1776 said...

It is over folks, Fox News called OH for Obama...that is a total complete killer.

Well, we get what we vote for I suppose.

I was hoping for at least a long night, doesn't look that way at all.

momprayn said...

Sure pray that Hillbuzz report is right!!!!! Thanks Scott.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

8:33 - While I'm thinking about it, special thanks to my friend Carly for the use of her laptop. Carly, I'm sure you'll see this at some point in the night, so rest assured that I will not post your last name al over the web :-).

9:04 - The networks are calling battleground states with less than 5% of the vote in...even Fox...amazing. Anyway, we're winning in VA and closing in FL and NC. Meanwhile, Carly informs me that, in return for using her laptop, I now have an obligation to drop her name in all media interviews.

9:20 - I continue to be amazed at the media's absurd confidence in their ability to predict the future. Pennsylvania has been called with 13% in (a heavy Obama lead...indicating a likely win in Philly) and Ohio with 9% (Oh boy...Obama won Cleaveland!).

k.aLLyN. said...

good points! they've called New York as well and there's only 5% of the votes in..maybe we're still in this thing..


Ray said...

Do we really just lose? It's hard to believe. Did we?

If this is true, I am very disappointed.

The United States is voting in a socialist over a centrist... the Chicago machine over ethics... high energy costs over low energy costs... depression over recovery... ignorance over experience... high taxes over low taxes... restriction over liberty.

I wonder what's going to happen to the people in Iraq. :(

I cannot be mad, though. This is a sad state of affairs... too sad to be angry.

France picked the right guy. Why couldn't we? Why couldn't Ohio or Pennsylvania? Why can't we have a moderate Sarkozy/ McCain type (moderate for the US, anyway)?

Did the really conservative Republicans not show up? Pumas? What happened?

Is being an orator the ultimate qualification?

Mountain Mama said...

NEBRASKA is too close to call?
Oh, for cryin' out loud....
What has happened to America?

momprayn said...

Re OH - According to Fox, it was the young people and Independents that really went for Obama and 80% of the Hillary supporters. :(

Unknown said...

Of course Obama won Ohio. He paid good money for it. That's where so much of the voter fraud was happening. Everyone knows it was happening. But is anyone going to do anything about it?

I feel so, so sad for our country. I'm not giving up on McCain/Palin yet, but I do feel so sad for our country...when so much money - much of it from foreigners - can send so much money to Obama with the intention of manipulating our elections - much the same way elections are run in their own countries.

I suppose a certain amount of voter fraud has always gone on, but...I always assumed that if it happened, it was rare. Maybe I was naive. We know that there was fraud during the last election, with Kerry. But it seems like this election was so horribley corrupt. Obama had the money to manipulate the election and he had the organizations that were willing to do it.

I am still praying that God redeems it, though. Kerry wasn't able to win, despite fraud that was shown to have happened in Michigan and LA.

If Obama wins, we do have to accept it as God's will, though, for whatever reason.
I had a friend lose his seat in the Montana legislature a few years ago. If he had won, though, he wouldn't have been able run again because of term limits. That would have been his last time. We didn't understand why he lost...until the next election cycle. He ran again two years later and won this time. And when he won, the house happened to be split down the middle - in such a way that he, as the Constitution party candidate, was suddenly in a position of power and influence. Both sides of the aisle wanted him to vote with them. The Republicans gave him chairmanship in the education committee. (as a homeschooler, he was thrilled with the position.)

Anyway, his loss the one year was necessary so that he could be in this position the next time around.

I'm rambling. I'll quit now.

momprayn said...

TX (my state)- just called for McCain of course!!!!! Yay!!!!!! Doesn't make much difference but I'm happy anyway!!!!
UT called for McCain. :)

momprayn said...

Good news! Just called the Rep. guy running for the Senate in Miss. the winner --- meaning the Dems CANNOT get the 60 seats! Thank you God for that!

momprayn said...

Oops - Now Fox saying it was too close to call for Wicker, the Rep. from Miss. for Senate!!! I think I'll just wait a little bit before I say anything. In fact, maybe not say anything at all since you guys say it might not be true after all!

Mountain Mama said...

Well, this gives me hope re. Florida (from

"1.2 Million Cubans in Miami Support McCain and this Hillary Clinton Supporter Does, Too."
By Joan Lipkin

I just returned from working in Miami Dade as the coordinator for Citizens for McCain. As a former Hillary Clinton supporter who volunteered for her all over the country, to many, I know it can seem like a stretch to have crossed over to the other side.

But as I reviewed the history of the primary and the current issues facing us, it seemed increasingly like the only ethical, pragmatic and appropriate choice.

Consider the caucus fraud, stripping of Clinton’s votes and denial of a fair and open roll call. The relentless sexism from the media and the silence from Democratic Party. Obama's refusal to have town halls with her and then McCain. Obama's waffling on important issues like FISA and campaign finance reform. The obscene amounts of money that Obama's campaign has spent when people are losing their homes. Over 680 million dollars of which we know. Probably more. His lack of judgment in choosing close associates and friends. Like Jeremiah Wright. Tony Rezko. William Ayers. Khalidi.

It is clear that the Democratic Party as we knew it, the Democratic Party of my parents, no longer exists. Its leadership does not support the most basic principle of one person, one vote. And they do not support women, the majority of its membership.

Clearly, it is time to look somewhere else.

And then the economy tanked and the choice became very clear. I have never voted Republican in my life. As I began to study the issues more closely, I grew to really appreciate what John McCain has to say. He understands that you cannot tax small businesses at a high rate, as Obama is proposing. Small businesses are what drive the economy. We need and must create opportunities for Joe (and Josie!) the Plumber. What can Obama be thinking? And how does he possibly plan to pay for all of the programs he is proposing? More taxes in a struggling economy?

Nobody gets this more than the Cuban community in Miami.

Traveling much of the time in Miami with Dr. Lynette Long, the leading expert on the caucus fraud perpetuated against Hillary Clinton by Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee, we did a lot of canvassing and shaking of hands, otherwise known as retail politics.
Almost everyone we met were proudly, even vehemently pro McCain. Even the seniors who didn’t speak English would shake their heads and wag their fingers when we asked them about Obama. They are suspicious of charisma and empty promises.
Families who had made the treacherous journey to come to America, often leaving behind everything they knew or had owned compared Obama to Castro. “Fidel said change, too,” one young woman said whose family's property had been seized and whose father had been imprisoned in Cuba for six years. “I don’t want socialism. I know how bad it can be. Our families want to work hard. We want opportunities, not hand outs. We love John Mccain. We trust him.”

America is the land of immigrants and opportunities. In honor of these wonderful Cuban Americans who are the soul of Miami and part of the extended heart of this great country, let’s get out the vote.
I hope McCain pulls out Florida, with the panhandle votes.

Scott said...

i just talked to someone in ohio.. they still have people standing in line at the polls!!

Patriot1776 said...

The anti palin bashing from Schmidt of the McCain campaign has already started...according to FOX on the PLANE today...classy, real classy.

Unknown said...

I think it is important for you to go and look at the fox news interactive map. When you hover over the states it tells you the current percentage of the candidates AND how MANY VOTES have been COUNTED....many including Ohio have less then 50% counted!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Lord, we believe in miracles. It looks as though we need a lot of them now. Please send help, that the poll results surprise everyone and turn to McCain.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

10:23 - Things are starting to look bluer, but I'm still not buying some of the early calls. Either way, I'm settling in with some card games and preparing for the real excitement.

12thMan said...

Let me just say this: If the dreaded happens, hold your heads up. We went through four years of Carter to get to Ronaldus, I guarantee you we won't even get HALF that far this time without these idiots imploding. That and Barry's been talking about it for two years, now he has to DO it.

I call it the "kick to Devin Hester" strategy. DH is one of the best return men in the NFL, but he also has a propensity to fumble a lot. Barry will fumble, and it'll be big when it happens.

We've been through this before. Conservatives DO NOT like Rs who act like liberals (Nixon/Ford, HW). Usually that has resulted in great things (Ronaldus, CWA, Sarah next?)

At the moment, FL is still in reach, OH isn't even close to done, and NC/VA are a toss-up.

And Sarah, WCS, is already assured of seriously denting that glass ceiling if nothing else.

Patriot1776 said...

I am really sad about the outcome. Here comes socialized medicine, higher taxes, cuts in the military...many bad days ahead...

Mountain Mama said...

I keep remembering how, at this point 4 years ago, they had already called the election for Kerry.

Unknown said...


would you please save that for tomorrow?

momprayn said...

Lisa - yes, I agree. The longer I live, I see more and more things that happen that I (we)think, with our human minds, look "bad"/disappointing and then "stuff happens" that are unexpected and changes things & then you look back and see how it all "worked" for the best. Right now we think it HAS to be a McCain win. And yes, if it doesn't happen, I will accept it as God's will and He has plans/strategies we "know not of". However, I will still "know" that Sarah was God's pick and still is and that this was her prep time. Also, what if Obama is elected but then something happens to him (God forbid). I have serious concerns about that. In fact, there are many things that could happen to change things. This will probably be a VERY unusual next few years, no matter what.
Mountain mama - I hope that's right re FL, but the pollster guy on Fox just said he thinks Obama will win FL......
While writing this, I think I heard them call VA for Obama.....:(

Patriot1776 said...

well, I am going to bed. It is time to put election 2008 to bed.

Not what I hoped for, but I want no part of the sheeple going to the Obama rally.

Amazing after 7 years of the worst attack on our soil, we would turn SO far left and elect and a socialist.

My hope is we hear from Sarah again. But this country's decision tonight...down right scary.

Kek said...

My stomach is in KNOTS. This race is so close. Would be nice if we could wake up to this tomorrow:


12thMan said...

Patriot at the end of the day Obama's going to have become more of a centrist to back up his cheap talk because he has the small matter of not letting down the 50/60 mil (how ever many votes he gets, some Messiah.........) people that voted for him, not Reid/Pelousy, not Wright/Rezko/Ayers, not the Hollywood left, not the left-wing media, but HIM. Messiahs usually aren't in the business of letting those that believe in them down.

If we choose to sulk and listen to the McCains and the Steve Schmidts of the world we'll be down for a while. If we choose to follow the Reagan/Goldwater (didn't win the first time, but reaped the rewards later) path with Sarah, Jindal, Pence, and throw in whomever else we can find that has the right idea for the next movement. Hey if we gotta clear all the dead weight to have a future then so be it, and that future won't be far away. (Bill Clinton--the first black president--was supposed to be the big change too remember).

Scott said...

wow it would be great if fox's map actually worked....i refuse to go to msnbc

momprayn said...

Re VA - said it was due to the black, young & new voters.

Already hearing some "good" that may be already coming out of these disappointing Dem wins. Rep. Ryan was saying how they REALLY need to "clean house" in the Repub. party, go back to our roots, not be afraid of our conservative issues, etc. (like Sarah in other words). So this will give them the motivation probably to really do something and make a "change" that we really can "believe in" that is more in line with God's agenda!

BREAKING NEWS - CA called for Obama and calling Obama President!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

11:01 PM - CNN has called the election for Obama. Thoughts? Assuming the result holds, we still have a lot to talk about here. Sarah 2012?

momprayn said...

sorry - mistake -- my "smiley faces" were supposed to be "frowning faces".........
God bless you guys! Will talk with you tomorrow........
(I already had given my opinion if we lost right before this, just before Obama's announcement)

GOOD NEWS!!! Just announced that guy in Miss. (Repub.) has WON which means the Dems. most likely
NOT get their 60 seats. Yay for that!!! Thank you God!

Mountain Mama said...

This morning, when Sarah Palin voted, there was a little catch that kept occurring in her voice as she spoke about her hopes for the election and for America. It scared me: what did she know that would cause her to hold her chin up so courageously and hopefully----yet still cause her such sadness? I remember that Mondale said he knew about three or four days before the election that there was no way they'd win----but he just kept hoping and working. So I figured all day that Sarah knew, but was being brave, hoping that a miracle would happen, as we all hoped.

Juan Williams is noting on Fox News that Obama exploits people right at the moment when he needs them, then dumps them when he doesn't need them anymore.

Terrific. What great character.

Okay----so if these polls ARE correct (and there's maybe a teensy chance they aren't), then we conservatives have GOT to get our act together, stat! We need to QUIT pandering to the moderates----we never win when we do that!----and stick to our principles. This is STILL a center-right nation, and that's precisely why Obama veered sharply to the right on so many important issues (hiding successfully his actually liberal positions and worldview).

I can rejoice that a black person won; that IS historic. We just need to pray that somehow God can impact Obama's mind and heart and guide him in the way that is best for everyone (not just for B.O.'s career).

Lord, have mercy on America.

Bill said...

I'm just hoping that this doesn't spell the end of Sarah's career. She's such a wonderful leader and person, but she was so savaged in this election by the media. She's going to have to spend the next 4 years re-building that image. I'd hate to lose such a bright light. So my question to everyone is;

Will Sarah be better off staying governor in AK or should she take Stevens seat if he gets re-elected and head to the senate to bone up on her foreign policy and national issues credentials?

Erin said...

Well, I'm bummed, but I'm thankful that they didn't get 60 seats in the Senate. Frankly, the Republican party had this coming, but I suspect a big swing back in two years, and because of the downturn (prolonged, I expect), I am hopeful for the next one.

It's historic. Yay. I'd have prefered all the history of the first woman VP. :)

12thMan said...

Is this the end of McCain? I see that his limpwristed buddy Graham and the other RINO Collins (maybe she'll go back to being an actual conservative, we can hope) managed to win. But does he just serve out his Senate term and ride into the sunset, or even that?

Oh well GOP, lesson learned, you can't put Ronald Reagan on the same ticket (hypothetical) as Gerald Ford and expect to win because at the end of the day you still have Gerald Ford, and you can't put Sarah Palin on the same ticket as John McCain and expect to win because at the end of the day you still have John McCain. The events of my birth year have unfortunately repeated themselves, but '76 wasn't the end of Reagan, and this won't be the end of our fair lady by a longshot.

Oh well, brace yourself for the next big terrorist attack to hit our shores by summer 2009, VP-elect Joe said so............

Mountain Mama said...

Yes, Erin, I'd have preferred THIS woman (Sarah Palin) to THAT black man (The One.....yawn), for sure!

But then, black men could vote DECADES before any woman of any color could......

12thMan said...

Erin chin up, McCain just passed Mondale's vote count from '84, meaning Sarah gets to add THAT (and still at least three million more) to her resume.

It's not over for her by a longshot, but I'd rather she not take the Senate seat. I'm glad McConnell held on, but I'd rather the GOP hold off the Senate for a while until they get a clue how to run it again.

techno said...

All I know right now is not very much but I do know one thing-we must all who are veterans of this blog, if you care anything about Sarah, we must pledge to stand by her in the future. Sarah is the best of all of us and the best of America. Tonight we will weep, but tomorrow is another day. I pray that God will always be with Sarah.

Erin said...

You can hear a hitch in McCain's voice. That has to be the longest walk in politics--the one to the podium to concede. I hate to see this, but I believe it will be the kick in the pants this party needed.

McCain's speech is touching. Good job, John and Sarah. You fought the good fight and would have been great.

Adam, where do I sign up for the run to 2012? :)

Mountain Mama said...

No, 12thman, if it hadn't been for McConnell, SO many more incredibly horrid laws would have been passed over the past several years under Pelosi and Reed and all those liberals. THANK GOD he won, and thank God there might be successful ways to override the Dems in power: it's not a filibuster-proof Congress, IF we hold the moderate/liberal Republicans in line.

Unknown said...

Yes; it looked to me like they had CA and the west coast called for Obama before the polls even closed out there.

I understand that they have the ability to crunch early numbers and come up with a pretty good projection. But it still doesn't feel good to watch them do it - calling states within moments of that state's polls closing, or while people are still even standing in line.

Next time, I would wish that the election offices not release early numbers until everyone has had their chance to vote.

Hey! Wasn't it said that many early votes were wouldn't that skew projections. Oh well, if Sen. McCain concedes, they must have crunched their own numbers and figured the projections are right.

I'm not done with Sarah Palin. I guess we lick our wounds, take some rest, and then when it's time, come back for round two.

Mountain Mama said...

Sarah's tring not to cry as McCain speaks. The poor dear is going to be blamed by so many jerks. God, help her, please.

huskyonspeed said...

So Adam, (and others) what's next for Sarah in 2010? Will she run for re-election, stop after 4 years and start campaigning early for 2012, of will she challenge Lisa Murkowski for the Senate seat? We'll see. God bless you everyone. No matter what happens, we'll make it through the next 4 years.

TVFan said...

Sarah 2012!!! I have faith in Sarah Palin and I believe that this election set something into motion much bigger than is apparent at this time. I feel blessed to have watched her on the national stage these last two months and to have attended her rally and met her during the rope line after she spoke. She is a force for good in this world and I can't wait to see what else she has to offer this country. I will be keeping my eye on her.

The Ramen Avenger said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for drafting Sarah Palin! I can only hope that the GOP nominates Sarah for President in 2012 so we can coast to easy victory again!

Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!

12thMan said...

McConnell (along with Sessions and a couple others) was the only one I wanted TO win so I wasn't pulling for his loss by any stretch of the imagination. He's one of the few Sens that have been there for us.

12thMan said...

GOOD GOD! These morons in PA just re-elected Murtha?! I hope the Steelers (even though PIT isn't his district) lose every game the rest of the year!

Anyone remember the old Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man"? That's EXACTLY what happened tonight. Bets on how long before we have Lloyd Bochner resigned to his fate as being on the menu?

Patriot1776 said...

One has to hope that the tarnished image of Sarah can be swept away over time through her own effort.

Clearly, Schmidt and other RINOs will begin to blame her for this out come.

Sarah will be back and I hope to hear from her before 2012...The Republican Party in the meantime?? In the wilderness for sure.

Where are the Newts? Kaischs?? Time for Boehner to go, the house needs new leadership. McConnell is the new face of the Party. He will do us well knowing the proceedures to slow down legislation.

But the Supreme Court appointments...three potentially in the next four years,...yikes.

This loss tonight will take a generation to fix in my mind. That is a LONG time..

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama -
"Obama exploits people right at the moment when he needs them, then dumps them when he doesn't need them anymore."

Right - we've seen that many times already; Rev. Wright was his mentor, and then Obama says that he wasn't, and that he really barely knew the guy. He also said he barely knew Ayers, Khalidi...and now, his aunt in Boston. In his book, she was a dear Aunt. Today, he admits he has met her a couple of time and that she came to his senate swearing in. Other than that, he didn't know anything about what she's been doing these last few years and hasn't spoken to her - didn't know where she living or that she was an illegal alien. And as a matter of fact, without a bit of sadness, reminds us that the law must be enforced - meaning deport her.

Wish there had been more time to expand on that story. Now, he's brushing off the aunt he said was so dear to him in his book.

So yes - he exploits people right at the moment when he needs them, then dumps them when he doesn't need them anymore.

Bill - I would like to see her take the senate seat if Stevens wins. Again, it could be that the timing of the situation with Stevens is also a Blessing. All this talk about experience - well, if we want her to reach big again, it's best she get that some DC experience. (lack of experience might not have ended up preventing Obama from winning this time, but once people get fed up with his lack of it over the next couple years, they'll be yelling for it again and meaning it this time.)

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, 12thman.

You have all been very astute researchers and caring supporters of Sarah Palin and this blog.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and concerns all these months.

My thanks also to Adam for his brilliant discernment of Sarah Palin's G-d given gifts, and to Senator McCain for his courage once again in selecting the first Republican woman as his vice-presidential candidate. He listened to Adam and Lynette Long and many others, and did his best to win this election. He poured his heart into it!

Lord, give us hope and strength to persevere with conviction and honor. God bless America, and please take very good care of the Palin family.

(Poor little Piper will cry, too. Lord, give them all comfort.)

Unknown said...

that was perfectly said. How did you ever learn to be right so often? You have certainly earned my respect.

Mountain Mama, You are right. You have a lady's insight. Watch "everyone" blame this on Sarah. I am sorry to say that we are going to learn a lot by who steps forward to defend her.

I swear I will never watch the MSM again. I forgive them and will now forget them and move on.

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I am feeling that I was duped. That stuff about the polls tightening was not true. Those internal leaks were not true. I have some doubts that the PUMAs were ever true.
I do hope that Senator McCain enjoys a pleasant retirement which he has earned. He served his country with honor. He has earned his time to relax.

Everything you people said about the new right is true. I don't know where we (I) go from here but there is a long battle ahead. I will be there to fight it with you.

Adam, you more than anyone here can hold you head high.
You have given the country a great gift.
Personally, I have enjoyed this as much as anything I have done in years. I appreciate the joy you have brought to my life and will always be grateful to you.

God Bless you.
God Bless all the people in this group.
God bless President-elect Obama.
And God Bless America

Über said...

You know what’s tragic?

People are celebrating the death of America.

I’m sure some would mock that statement…but consider the truth of it.

That’s what this man represents. Bankrupting coal, decimating our economy, weakening us militarily. By his own writing, he’s a racist and a Marxist. By his politics, he is a dirty Chicago machine politician. By his associates, he’s a radical who wants to “transform America.”

And let’s not even begin to ponder the implications of his “Civilian National Security Force”.

232. That’s how many years our country’s existed. It saddens my heart that now I must mourn her passing. Tears will come...I’m sure...but for now I’m in shock.

So congratulations to the MSM for their brilliant campaigning for the Marxisant radical. Congratulations to the campaign of Dear Leader for their brilliant work of hiding their true plans for America with their propaganda.

God help us all.

Unknown said...

and God Bless Sarah and the Palin Family.
They will be in my heart forever.
I have a true love for them

Admin said...

I'm just sad :( Sad for the country and of course sad for Sarah. After all the nasty and cruel MSM attacks against her and her family from the beginning, she kept right on going and giving this campaign 1000% every single day. She so deserved to win this. This country really needs her positive energy, experience and leadership. I hope she runs in 2012! We would be blessed to have this extraordinary woman as President.

~ SARAH 2012!!! ~

12thMan said...

Why would the dumb@$$ left-wing media start blaming Sarah? Won't they be too busy going all Chris Matthews over The Obama Nation? Besides, that would imply they all secretly wanted McCain (still their best friend obviously) to win and that mean ol' witch from Wasilla ruined it (never mind McCain currently has well over 40 million votes and wouldn't even approached that with Lieberman, Ridge, or Romney).

Of course I know why it'll happen, cause that's what these morons do. I mean it IS money to them after all..................

Sarah'll be back to her job actually, you know, RUNNING THINGS while Barry's still looking for a manual.

techno said...

John McCain just said "I don't know what I could have done different to do better." I agree; as I wrote on another blog nobody is to blame; it was a close contest in many of the battleground states, except for Pennsylvania. The campaign spent most of their campaign there, John is an honorable man. I also do not blame him. This reminds me of the Ford loss where he was behind and then almost closed the gap, but not quite.

azaeroprof said...

I can't add anything more profound or eloquent than many of you have already said. It's a sad night, the better man and better woman were defeated. But that happens sometimes.

Thanks so much to all of you regular posters. Reading your thoughts and sharing your prayers has been a joy through this year.

Take heart. We will be back. Sarah will be back, wiser and tougher. Let us all learn from this experience and live to fight another day for this country we all love.

Ray said...

12th man: Not every here is as conservative as you.

Don't blame this on McCain being moderate. In a 'normal year,' McCain would win in a landslide. He was our best shot. Romney or Huckabee both would have lost by double digits. With Bush's apporval ratings and the economy, it was an uphill battle no matter who was picked.

Brianus Berkleianus said...

Dear Friends,

Thank you for all of your posts over these last couple of months. I feel this is a bleak day for our country, but also the beginning of something great for our future. I am already wearing a SARAH 2012 button as I type this. I recall something that one of Sarah's friends said to her when she lost her race for lieutenant governor of Alaska: "You are destined for higher things than being lieutenant governor of Alaska." I feel I can say with certitude that Sarah is destined for higher office than that of the vice presidency of the United States.

When my mother died last year, I wrote a quatrain in Ovidian (Latin) elegiac couplets for her tombstone. I want to write something similar for Sarah (with translation) and send it to her in Alaska, in appreciation for what she has meant and will mean to us, and to offer condolences for this temporary setback. I would love it if she actually sees it in person!! Let us pray, dear friends, even harder for our country, and pray that the sadness of this night may be transformed into exulation one night in November, 2012 with Sarah.

Adam, I hope you will keep this blogspot alive, maybe transformed into a SARAH 2012 site. I would love to keep in contact with all of you during the wilderness of these upcoming Obama years.

My bother is home, Deo gratias. I will keep you all updated on him. Thanks again so much for all your thoughts and prayers.

God bless you all!!

Brianus, with our Sarah for the year of grace 2012!!!

tom paine said...

Although I do think that McCain/Palin would not have been good for our nation, as a military veteran it does sadden me that this is the second or third time that a Viet Nam vet has lost the presidential election.

Not sure if it's just a coincidence or what but it is rather startling.

techno said...

10 isolated incidents or events during the last week of the campaign that might have tipped the balance in Obama's favor: 1) the death of Obama's grandmother on the day before the election may have elicited sympathy; in addition talk show hosts and right wing bloggers seeing ulterior motives in Obama flying to Hawaii may have alienated some independents 2)McCain proclaiming he was going to win the election in a landslide making certain that Obama's supporters were going to vote; 3)a PAC group running the Jeremiah Wright ad may have angered blacks; 4)the McCain campaign referring to the Khalidi tape without having the evidence at hand to prove their contention, thus maybe perceived of making a false accusation; 5)McCain's appearance with Tina Fey on SNL make have awakened for some undecided voters the parody and mocking of Sarah Palin that they may have forgotten or were not considering over the weekend when deciding for whom to vote; 6)Lawrence Eagleburger's stupid comment that Sarah was not ready to be VP, but could be adequate given enough time on the job; 7)Karl Rove predicting that McCain would lose; 8)Sarah's interview with Spanish TV in which she supported McCain's immigration policy, perhaps alienating Tom Tancredo types who either voted for Barr or stayed home; 9)Dick Cheney's speech in which he endorsed John McCain; 10) the MSM polls that showed Obama with a healthy lead may have kept just enought Republican voters home in the battleground states to allow Obama to prevail in many of these states.

Bravesbill said...

Hey Stevens does look like he will hang on to his Senate seat (riding Palin's coattails). This means she can appoint herself to the Senate (nobody else better qualified) to give her more national experience and to keep her on a national stage. If she continues to be the governor of Alaska, she might recede into a political wilderness in the next 4 years. This is the best bet of her keeping her national exposure.

Bravesbill said...

Stevens looks like he's going to win.

LT said...

Sorry, I should correct my post regarding abortion. I should have said the church position permits it to save the life of the mother as long as the death of the baby is an undesired intent. Even that's too simplistic an explanation (look up "double effect"). I don't want to unfairly characterize what Jindal's position would be, but it remains a tough issue to have to deal with in a campaign.

12thMan said...

Well Tom, rest assured that the haughty John Kerry, who DID serve in Vietnam btw, won re-election

Sarah doesn't need the Senate to all you hopefuls, the general rule that senators do not go on to the White House (other than the obvious sens matchup) is still in effect. If she stays active--esp in the NGA or wherever, she'll be just fine as '12 goes. That's what killed Rudy and Edwards, they were both tagged for '08 almost nanoseconds after the 2004 election, but one problem: they weren't actually DOING ANYTHING to highlight their candidacy. Sarah already has that advantage.

No talk of independents. You want to sway independents? Stay on point; show strength, courage, and conviction; and by all means be willing to STAND UP. THAT's how you gain independents.

McCain could have won had he voted against the bailout. I'd like to congratulate my own Cathy McMorris-Rodgers and Michele Bachmann, both of whom voted against the bailout, on their re-election. Funny how that worked. Principles, you know...............

12thMan said...

Now ray I'll address this:

"12th man: Not every here is as conservative as you."

Actually I'm more of a libertarian conservative (I find both sides are generally on the same side of the fence on most issues). But that aside, moderate is fine if you have the inventor of the internet/our next Secretary of Energy Al Gore or The Haughty John Kerry--who served in Vietnam--on the other side of the ballot. But not with a phenom.

"Don't blame this on McCain being moderate. In a 'normal year,' McCain would win in a landslide."

And McCain STILL could have won. Had he not gone soft on the bailout we might not be seeing a post-Election Day 500-point drop.

"He was our best shot. Romney or Huckabee both would have lost by double digits."

Proof that it wasn't meant to be then and that '10 and '12 is where the money's at. Some history can be retained, like this: History proves that any left-wing shift is ALWAYS followed up by a swing back to the right in either the midterms or the next election. So the time to get ready is NOW.