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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Endorsement: Operation Leper

I'm not even going to bother to comment on the disgusting load of hooey being spread in the media today by "anonymous McCain staffers". To address that sort of hateful garbage would be to dignify it, and I will not do that.

I will however, point you in the direction of's "Operation Leper", which was posted earlier today. While the idea sounds a little malicious, I think it is worth pursuing in this particular case. Staffers who tear down their candidate the day after the election (likely on false premises), should not have a place in the GOP. If we want to win anything in the next four years, we need to stop tearing each other down and work together. So, I don't care what you think of Sarah Palin or anyone else who might be running for President in 2012 - if your top priority TWO DAYS AFTER A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION is tearing down a leader in your own party, then I think I have good reason to question both your character and your intelligence.

So, while I normally don't like to be this petty, I think we do need to find out who these people are and get rid of them. Any self-respecting Republican should see the value in closing ranks around Governor Palin and expelling the bad apples who are spreading these viscous rumors. It is irrelevant who support for President in 2012 or what you think of Sarah Palin, if you are a Republican, you have an obligation to work toward unifying the party and providing an effective opposition the Obama administration. Right now, unifying the party means letting these rogue staffers know that we are not going to tolerate their senseless hatred of a major figure in the GOP.

Also, I wanted to post a great analysis of this situation from's Matt Lewis. (Full disclosure: Mr. Lewis is my boss, but I'm posting this because I think he said what a lot of us are thinking, not because I work for him.)


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Erin said...

I love the bath towel/bathrobe story. It totally fits with her laid-back style to come in like that and tell them to hold on for a moment. If it were one of my bath towels, it would be far more modest than outfits one can see being worn at any mall in the country. Don't get me started on why undergarments are not okay in public, but bikinis are...

The sheer pettiness of this stuff is just amazing. I don't for a moment believe the accounts of her diva attitude. If she was "going diva" on them, she had every reason in the world to. They ran one of the lousiest campaigns in recent memory--the worst electoral blowout (that didn't feature Ross Perot as a vote thief) for a Republican since Johnson won re-election. And they expected her to check her brain at the door and go along with it. This business of her not knowing that Africa is a continent is absolutely unbelievable. Next I guess they'll be wanting us to believe she thinks there are 57 states in the Union...oh wait, that's our new president.

Nope, I don't buy into this. It's a group of people who are trying to cover their hides and get new jobs. If any of this were true, it would have come out at some other point in her service in Alaska.

Scott said...

possibly she used her own money? wow what a concept. He she was just trying to save the economy!

here's a good article from dick morris


If ever there was an election that was not worth winning, it was the contest of 2008. While it was hard-fought on both sides, had McCain won, it might have spelled the end of the Republican Party. As it is, the party is well-situated to come back in 2010 and in 2012, if it learns the lessons of this year.

Simply put, all hell is about to break loose in the markets and the economy. The mortgage crisis will likely be followed by defaults in credit card debt, student loans and car loans. We will probably be set for two years of zero growth, according to economists with whom I talk. And the federal efforts to protect the nation from the worst of the recession will probably lead to huge budget deficits and resulting inflation. We are in for stagflation that could last for years.

Had McCain won, he would be the latter-day Hoover, blamed for the disaster that unfolded on his watch. Now it is Obama’s problem. With the Republicans suffering a wipeout in congressional elections (although not as bad as they feared), the ball is now squarely in the Democratic court. Good luck!

If Obama raises taxes, the situation could get even worse. With a liberal Congress on his hands, he will be constrained to move to the left, if he needs any pushing. When Clinton was elected in 1992, the Democrats in control of Congress gave him a clear message: Either you govern within the four walls of the Democratic caucus or you won’t get our support. Crossing the aisle to get Republican votes, even including the GOP in negotiations, was a no-no for which the president would pay dearly if he transgressed.

The result was predictable. Moderate initiatives like welfare reform were scrapped, the Congress passed tax hikes and legislation became festooned with liberal amendments. Faced with the need to round up every last vote in the Senate and House Democratic caucuses, Clinton had no choice but to load up conservative bills like an anti-crime measure with liberal pork (like a provision for midnight basketball courts in urban areas) to get unanimous caucus backing.

Obama will have to move left to appease his caucus. He will become their hostage, and they his jailers.

This dynamic will produce extreme-left-wing governance, which the Republicans can blame for the continuation of the recession and for any worsening. The party will recover, fed by anger at Obama’s policies, and will emerge from this defeat stronger than ever.

But the Republicans must learn the lesson of Founded in the bleak days of the Clinton impeachment, MoveOn developed a grassroots Internet base. Building up its e-list of activists and contributors, MoveOn laid the basis for the incredible Internet appeal of the Obama campaign. At last count, Obama has 4.5 million donors, most online.

Conservatives cannot count on the Republican Party to fight their battles for them, and certainly cannot count on them to win. The right needs to develop cyber-roots conservative organizations to rival the power of groups like The stellar efforts of and its ally,, illustrate the power of such efforts. Together, these groups raised $10 million for an independent expenditure on media in swing states featuring the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s anti-American bombast.

And their efforts worked.

Virtually all the polls agreed that Obama would win 52-53 percent of the vote, but the surveys varied in the amount of undecideds they found. On Election Day, virtually every undecided voter went to McCain, and Obama’s final vote share was no more and no less than the 52-53 percent the surveys had predicted. This unanimity among undecided voters is attributable to the endgame of groups like and

These groups have to lead the way in running media to battle against the leftist legislation that will undoubtedly emanate from the Obama administration and the liberal Congress America has just elected. Then they can become the basis for a Republican resurgence, just as was this year for the Democrats.

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

because I would rather do anything rather than consume MSM politico pooh, this was the first whiff I got of the negative comments about Sarah which, begs the question: what does anyone at this point have to gain re: reader/viewership by attacking any candidate? perhaps news about the clothes worn by BOs wife and JB's wife were dull..granted but couldn't the MSM find better things to write and talk about? it actually doesn't matter that she showers and shops..when did those become negatives, how is that news??? this site has been very helpful in sharing information, particularly the emails and addresses of those MSM groups that should receive this type of feedback, so if anyone knows newsweek contact info, please share.
Great to hear from you Adam and I am praying for your health and well being (and for your Mom's!) Trust God and your instinct during the interview, I know you will do well.

momprayn said...

erin - Ha! Refreshing to hear from some other female that is willing to say in "public" about the "no difference" in undergarments & bikinis & how weird people are. (I agree) But let's don't go there....
I have no doubt that Sarah's bathrobe was very modest.

Dittos to the rest also. Well said. Already gave my opinion earlier. What a sorry lot! (I'll pray special blessings on them)

Unknown said...

Come on guys... you can't seriously be thinking that Palin will actually be a viable presidential nominee for ANY election let alone 2012. Haven't you learned anything from this election?

Haven't you learned that people no longer accept the fear-mongering ways of the Republican party? People don't want their leaders to rely on scare tactics... and when it comes to national security, just look at how the entire world got inspired people in foreign countries are celebrating with the American flag and not burning it! When is the last time you saw that?

When Obama was looking at the past and pointing out the failures of the Bush administration it was a GOOD thing, not a blame game. The Republican party should do the same, look back in history and see all the failures then come up with a game plan that will INSPIRE people and will unite people, not play these hate games and not to bring out the racists bigots out of the woods.

Stay away from the hatred and the pointless rhetoric about the left, because you saw how little tolerance people have for even suggesting that they're Anti-American- Michele Bachmann did too!

momprayn said...

Scott - That was really good by Dick Morris. Thanks. Yes, my husband had said that same thing...he was actually, in a way, "happy" that Obama won because of all the terrible messes that will occur and they can't blame the Repubs. this time!!! And thankfully, Pres. Bush can rest & hopefully be restored at his ranch. Then, as I've mentioned before, people will be "hungering" for our conservative ways!!! (meaning Sarah of course)
However, as stated by others here, I'm concerned about the damage that may not be able to be undone (like liberal judges). I really worry about that since we need conservative ones re the social issues we are passionate about, etc. So....??? For me, I do what I can and then keep trusting God who knows all. Also, as I try to keep saying guys - we do not know that Obama will be around for the whole 4 years. No one can know that. Many scenarios......
too complicated for me.

Scott said...

not to mention m.o. ordering 2 lobsters and champagne for lunch at the waldorf while b.o. was out for the afternoon.

They're questioning spending when they burned 5 times as much money in the campaign than McCain?

for reference here's the interview with carl cameron

Ann4mation said...

A thoughtful post, and I agree with some of what you say, regarding the pettiness, etc. However, I seriously question your idea of the direction the party should take now. You say,

"...if you are a Republican, you have an obligation to work toward unifying the party and providing an effective opposition the Obama administration. Right now, unifying the party means..."

Wait -- unifying the party involves finding a way to oppose the new administration? How does that benefit the country as a whole? Isn't the point to try and unify the *country* as a whole, so that we can, as Americans, work to get everyone back on their feet? Make sure that more people don't lose their jobs and their homes? Improve our international relations with diplomacy so that we can avoid jumping into another war, and find ways to conserve our resources in order to preserve the planet for our childrens' children?

I think it would be so much more in the spirit of the America we love to advocate finding ways to work with the new administration, seeking places where we are able to agree and trying to bridge the gaps where we can, to lead the way for future generations!
[Also, @Scott: I'm not sure what you're basing your statement on, that "virtually every undecided vote went to McCain". The statistics that I've seen suggest the opposite, so I'd love to know your sources!]

SMatthewStolte said...

Y'all know about these T-Shirts and Mugs and such at cafe press?

Palin 2012

momprayn said...

knowitall: more names --
Ted Nugent, Hank Williams, Jr., Sean Hannity

Unknown said...
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Admin said...

I miss Sarah already
:( This is going to be a long 4 years :(

Lexington Avenue said...

Sarah Palin got used.
When John McCain thought he had a use for Governor Palin he and his staff tripped over themselves speaking well of her. When things didn't go so well McCain's team has decided to scapegoat her. It's pathetic. Sarah Palin is who she is. She tried her best. The creeps calling the Palin family "Wasilla Hillbillies" and who claim Governor Palin didn't know Africa was a continent - chose her. And now, to save their skin they are throwing granades. I never thought much of McCain's handlers, I thought they were capable of letting the election go sleazy with their choices and in some ways they did. Now, to blame Governor Palin for the McCain team screw ups is typical of the bottom feeders who were working for John McCain. He had the power to stop the gossip and he should speak out now.

Unknown said...
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Bill said...

Hey gang,

I just blogged a lengthy, but good blog titled

"The Attempted Political Assassination of Sarah Palin And Why It Must and Will Fail."

We have to fight back for our girl!

Stop by and read it on my site:

Go Operation Leper!

Amanda said...

Hi Erin! It's been awhile.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one who found the bathrobe story kind of charming. It's because she's not uptight, she's relaxed and casual.

As for the other stuff, I understand the mentality of not dignifying accusations with a comment, but I really think she should say something public to refute them. They are taking on a life of their own.

Mountain Mama said...

I agree, everyone! It's no big deal if she came to the door wearing only a bathrobe or bathtowel (I've heard both versions of this story). Heck, either one is thicker than a dress is, right?

She's being trashed, and McCain himself should go on the air and apologize for his staff. It's hideous, it's misogynistic, and it should NOT force Sarah to have to defend herself, even if the jerks' names are discovered!!!!

Erin said...

night owl, long time, no chat! :) I really wouldn't worry about the comments that are flying fast and furious about Palin. These are unnamed sources, and this is quite minor compared to the scandals that some have overcome and still gone on to run for president (or even vice). Biden's plagiarism is a great example. Obama overcame Ayers, Wright, a politically incovenient middle name, and the lack of a "first pooch" in order to claw his way to the top.

If this comes up in four years, the American people will collectively throw a shoe at the TV for what they will perceive (correctly so) as renewed Sarah Bashing. I know I will.

LT said...

Ugh, something just hit me. Could it be possible that these cowardly, faceless campaign staffers deliberately set Sarah up to fall by convincing McCain to put her on the Couric and Gibson interviews? Maybe they had hoped it would cause McCain to replace her???

emmi said...

wow - this is so just sad to read. Momprayn, why don't you just come out and tell us exactly what you mean by "Also, as I try to keep saying guys - we do not know that Obama will be around for the whole 4 years. No one can know that. Many scenarios......" You are pretty sick and wrong. So is all this talk about how glad you are the a bad economy and disaster of a war to end will be on the dems watch and not the republicans - this is real life, people are experiencing a lot of difficulty and all you care about is whether your party will look good? After that utterly idiotic pick of a VP candidate I don't think you'll have to worry about that anymore.

Amanda said...

It's true... I read a spectacular op-ed in a British paper marveling at what short-term memories Americans have, and how amazed he was that America could take Biden seriously after his long history of gaffes.

Mountain Mama said...


I'll let Momprayn explain about the prophecy she shared, and you can read previous posts to learn more about Obama's birth certificate issue.

But NO one here wants Americans to suffer economically! Instead, we are noting a fact: when (not if) the economy gets worse, Americans inevitably will begin the Blame Game.

I've written for years that Americans are really immature for blaming anyone but themselves. After all, it's Americans who want to charge everything, rather than pay cash, who vote in politicians who will make deals that help the public get what it wants, let them charge away their future, etc.
(Such as Pelosi, Frank, and Dodd. They and other Dems, along with those A.C.O.R.N. thugs, pushed the banks to make those unwise housing loans that have now brought down our economy.) It's Americans who blame others, rather than take responsibility for buying gas-guzzling SUV's or humongous homes they cannot afford.

But since Americans DO blame others, it just happens to be a FACT that it IS helpful that Republicans just cannot be held to blame, two years from now, for the fiscal budget decisions voted in, by then, during FOUR years of Democrat rule of the Congress and Senate. Like it or not, they won't be able to blame Republicans.

I still maintain that even Cool-Man Barak is going to feel awfully sheepish when he gets those intelligence briefings and figures out that ACK! HE isn't going to be able, either, to blab the top-secret information that will explain just why HE is having to take actions that aren't popular. He's going to persuade everyone to trust him, and they will, at first----until some opposition leader comes along and yells that President OBAMA "cherry-picked the data" or "lied to get oil"----even though those very same leaders have been in those VERY SAME intelligence briefings and KNOW D-DED well just why he had to take those actions.
And I bet you that Skinny Man is facing RIGHT NOW that he and his minions have been JERKS to Bush----and he'll get the same crap himself now..... I pray Obama feels so lousy about this that he becomes a deeply-believing Christian who will stand up for what's right, even if it makes his own party upset at times (something Barak has NEVER EVER done, not once).

Scott said...

O'reilly had a good point tonight.. he brought up the fact they sent an army to alaska looking for dirt on her.. the enquirer was up there writing checks trying to find anything.. They found nothing, no one to say that Sarah Palin is anything like they claim now. Now all of a sudden Palin is like Britney Spears.. something isn't right here.

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

wow, you guys must be doing something right, why are all the haters posting to this blog??? shouldn't they be picking out costumes for the BO ball or something? sure sounds like this is going to be just the way to unite us, spend the next 4 years talking against your opponents...hmmm Palin must have a whole lot of power to steal headlines and spotlights away from the undisputed lightweight champion of the just occurred to me that only in America can someone who has never run a state, get elected to run a country
YET his followers have a need to posture and pay attention to topics that should be well off their radar by now...
emily says: "this is real life, people are experiencing a lot of difficulty .." great point, and currently, we are all free to address "real" life as free citizens, we are all "people" and hopefully you will agree that all of our "experiences" and comments will be respected..gee I know i would not spend my time looking through BO blogs talking to people I disagree with if we had won, I would be really enjoying the company of the folks on this blog and planning a road trip to DC, (just a few ideas for those who are looking for a good way to respond to the election of their candidate)

Erin said...

captain sensible said: "The thought of her challenging someone with the gravitas and knowledge of Obama is laughable."

*sniggers* You LIKED the columns, didn't you?!

Moving past the Greek tragedy, I agree with you post, as usual, Mama. Although these financial times are always so painful, they really do serve a good purpose, in that people tend to wise up financially, and we actually experience a cleansing effect in the long run.

As disappointed as I am with this election cycle (primarily because of Sarah losing), I see this as a potentially good thing for issues I care about. Sensible, I disagree with what you said about Sarah's potential actions on abortion. To be honest, I agree with her position, even if I don't believe she will act on it in elected office (gay marriage being an example of her putting her personal beliefs aside in favour of a constitutional view--something that should be practiced more often in politics).

I say all of that to say this; the pendulum had to swing, and this is as good a time as any for a change. What if BO is right, and his plans end up salvaging the economy? GREAT! Some Republicans might HATE that! I confess; I wouldn't. But what if he's wrong, and it gets worse? Conservatives have a shot to try their hand at it again. It's win-win for us.

Scott said...

""""""knowitall - name: Megyn Kelly, Fox News. I was really impressed with her one time when she really aggressively defended/went after Howard whats-his-face (Dem) re bashing Sarah.""""""""""""""

there are a bunch of videos like this
bunch of videos

Mountain Mama said...

Had an interesting experience yesterday on the phone with my son's special ed. coordinator. She admitted she's liberal, but said she was nevertheless a tidge concerned about Obama: "We don't really know ANYONE we elect."
Well, she's right----we normally don't know a politician well---- UNLESS we can read interviews of every last person on the face of this earth who HAS known the politician, and THEY can tell us all about him/her.
You know, just as everyone Sarah knows was interviewed about her, so we DO know about her----plenty. That's why I think we move on past Sarah's supposedly having to explain herself, right on past that to McCain's APOLOGIZING for his staff, who behaved like unprofessional, immature, vicious, self-serving brats.

Scott said...

""""""Haven't you learned that people no longer accept the fear-mongering ways of the Republican party? People don't want their leaders to rely on scare tactics... and when it comes to national security, just look at how the entire world got inspired people in foreign countries are celebrating with the American flag and not burning it! When is the last time you saw that?"""""""

you really think enemies of this country give a rat's *** about who is in the white house? During the Clinton era (the entire time 911 was planned ((it wasn't planned in the few months of Bush's first term))), clinton lowered defense something like 30% or more and look what happened. Was it the fear mongering days of clinton that ticked them off enough to want to crash planes into our civilians? Don't kid yourself.. they aren't celebrating our country, they're celebrating their anticipated increase in freedom to get their own agenda done.. because they know Obama won't stand up for those they intend to take out.

Scott said...

"""""Scott - That was really good by Dick Morris. Thanks. Yes, my husband had said that same thing...he was actually, in a way, "happy" that Obama won because of all the terrible messes that will occur and they can't blame the Repubs. this time!!! And thankfully, Pres. Bush can rest & hopefully be restored at his ranch. Then, as I've mentioned before, people will be "hungering" for our conservative ways!!! (meaning Sarah of course)""""""

that's one thing about all these armchair quarterback anti-bush democrats.. they have no idea just what goes on in that office. Obama, being one of them, is about to find out first hand just how hard that job is.. and he'll be in for a shock when he's faced with the same decisions and has to do similar things Bush did!

Like rush said in response to his speech on election night.. he was softening up the crowd saying "it's going to be a long road and sacrifice is necessary etc.."

You can't help but look at all those people and hear them thinking "sacrifice? us? that wasn't part of the campaign!"

momprayn said...

Emily: I am so sorry you don't seem to understand and my post upset you. I don't know how many posts you've read. I've been on over a month & perhaps that's one reason you misunderstood. I forget that people come on here with no knowledge of previous posts, & different mindsets, etc. We've been discussing the very real possibility that Obama MAY (stress MAY, we don't know) be declared unqualified due to citizenship issues -- see previous post under "Moving Forward" by "Ted". In addition, there have been "prophecies" that there MAY (again stress MAY) be another President to come on the scene somehow. Also, I was just stating a fact that people forget to consider when talking about plans for the future that I have learned over years -- it's just a plain fact that none of us know when our time will come. It could also be disease, accident, whatever and that would probably change "plans" to be thinking about. Thinking back, maybe I shouldn't have said that. Sorry if that's so.
We are pro-Sarah here precisely BECAUSE we are passionately concerned and love this country and the people - I pray for and love them, no matter who. I pray for Obama & certainly don't desire any harm to him. God forbid! But our conservative beliefs lead us to believe that it will be highly detrimental to this country under Obama - so because of our love, that's why we didn't vote for him & are very fearful for everyone now. Unfortunatey, it takes crises to "wake people up" and lead them to a wiser selection of leaders in order to make things is of the utmost importance now. That's why I mentioned that "hopefully" when these detrimental things that we fear will come (but of course do NOT want to come) will at least not be in vain. It will lead "enough" to see the folly of their choice and change it for the betterment of the country and END the misery for us all. For the country, Emily. We are not just concerned selfishly about our "party". Anyway, I hope you will reconsider your views someday, for yourself and family as well as for the country.

Scott said...

""[Also, @Scott: I'm not sure what you're basing your statement on, that "virtually every undecided vote went to McCain". The statistics that I've seen suggest the opposite, so I'd love to know your sources!]"""

i can check on it but it wasn't me, it as an article by dick morris

momprayn said...

mountain mama - yeah, I was about to post that about McCain needing to come out and defend Sarah/apologize for his staff. Laura Ingraham also wanted Sarah to come on and tell her side of it but I think it better that McCain came out. Oh well....

knowitall - oops - sorry about the names. I misunderstood. I didn't see the "after the campaign" part. Right now my mind is in a "blurr" because of the past few days (but then again my husband says my mind is always like that!):) So....I was thinking about the ones whom I heard defending her/supporting her before as well. I haven't heard Hank or Ted Nugent afterwards, yet. And I think Megyn Kelly was before too. But I have another one: Michelle Malkin. It's on her website also. Sorry.

Scott said...

"""""So is all this talk about how glad you are the a bad economy and disaster of a war to end will be on the dems watch and not the republicans - this is real life, people are experiencing a lot of difficulty and all you care about is whether your party will look good?""""

yes because we're sick and tired of being blamed for it when it isn't all repubs fault.. no one considers the corrupt democrat congress. So it's like ok, you have it, and when you don't do any better we'll point at you. It's an entirely different ballgame when you're actually on the field and not sitting in a chair watching on tv.

Bill said...

Wow. So after I posted my latest blog defending Sarah Palin, some liberal troll posted on my blog that I was a f***ing idiot for supporting Palin. They stated that she was a stupid candidate who had attracted stupid supporters.

This is the level to which people will go to destroy someone with which they simply disagree. It only makes us want to fight back harder. Go operation Leper!

k.aLLyN. said...

I really like Dick Morris and enjoyed hearing all he had to say during this election season =) That article makes a lot of sense and maybe, that is the silver lining in this DARK cloud.

2010 here we come LOL !!!

Lindsey said...

Sarah did an interview with a radio station in Alaska this morning. It's a pretty long interview, but well worth the time to listen. She talks about everything from the campaign, John McCain, 2012 and the grassroots work that would need to start in 2 years for that, to these rumors that have came her words they are "flippin' bizarre" lol.

techno said...

First of all I will not be a hypocrite. I have already stated on several sites that I don't think that John McCain could have won this election no matter what he did because of 3 main reasons: 1)the legacy of George Bush and the Iraq War-his low popularity and only 9% of the electorate thinking that America was heading in the right direction; 2)the financial meltdown and monumental bankruptcies, the subprime mortgage mess and the instant losses incurred by millions of investors in their financial portfolio; 3)the overwhelming advantage that Obama had in fundraising and TV advertising because of his rejection of public financing after he had promised to go that route in the general campaign. Having said that let me propose 20 different approaches, strategies or decisions that McCain could have altered or endorsed to have made him more competitive: 1)having Sarah showcased in TV ads during the last week of the campaign 2)allowing Sarah to go on Jay Leno 3)McCain not appearing on SNL with Tina Fey so that Sarah could be mocked in front of him 4)telling Dick Cheney or George Bush not to endorse him 5)unveil his economic team and have each member of the team describe his or her role and what he or she would do help fix the economy 6)McCain should have informed ALL his surrogates (especially Carly Fiorina and Lawrence Eagleburger)that when asked the question of Sarah's qualifications that she was qualified to be VP or President right now without qualifications or at least say I trust John McCain's judgment on the matter 7)have Sarah make more speeches about women's issues and breaking the 'glass ceiling' to counter the uniqueness of electing a black President and harp on how Obama treated Hillary Clinton by not even vetting her for VP 8)as has been relayed by many pundits Sarah should have done right-wing radio first before the interviews with the MSM; word through the grapevine is McCain vetoed the former because of his dislike for Rush Limbaugh and Sarah did not want to do the latter right out of the gate 9)the McCain campaign should have allowed Sarah to attack Ayres with both barrels of the gun and brought his wife Bernadine Dohrn into the discussion giving a full description of their terrorist activities and their devotion to Marxism-then also bring up the Annenberg Challenge and their goal to introduce a radical education agenda and the waste of $150m that was cited in a 2003 report that said no appreciable gain in learning was achieved; Barack Obama administered the distribution of these funds; 10)introduce Khalidi much earlier in the campaign to bleed off more Jewish support that normally would vote Democrat; 11)McCain should have voted NO to the bailout 12)highlight the hypocrisy of Obama by going back on his promise not to participate in public financing and linking that to the promises Obama had made during the campaign and the likelihood he will keep them 13)link energy independence with a lower price at the gas pump, lower power rate, a definite number of new jobs that would be created and more disposable income for the average American; I hate to criticize Sarah-but when she tried to link energy independence to national security I personally found the argument rather esoteric 14)of course we all know that McCain should have avoided the bipartisan crapola but we also know that bipartisanship is part of his DNA 15)have a better explanation of why his health care plan was better for America-give a history of socialized medicine 16)hammer Obama from the beginning of the campaign that he had socialist leanings or a socialist agenda 17)claim that the Democrats and Clinton caused the sub-prime mortgage mess and name names 18)McCain should have been that as passionate throughout the 2 month campaign rather than leave it to the last 3 weeks 19)McCain should not have proclaimed he was going to win the election withing 48 hours of the voting day; should have kept to the 'underdog' theme, that he had the momentum and "I need your vote' theme; should not have had his pollster make his internals public 20)the McCain campaign should have made a bigger fuss about Oprah refusing to have Sarah go on her program and state they would welcome the opportunity for 'the women of America get to know Sarah better'.

Erin said...

bill said: "Wow. So after I posted my latest blog defending Sarah Palin, some liberal troll posted on my blog that I was a f***ing idiot for supporting Palin."

And this "change" we've been hearing about was supposed to include a package that would elevate the level of rhetoric. Guess Troll didn't get the memo. Probably got too focused on that whole "we'll all have to sacrifice" part and missed it. :)

I love it when people underestimate Sarah. I can't wait to tell my children and grandchildren about the remarkable woman that is Sarah. Will she become the first female president, or will these two months be a footnote in a life well lived? Will we get to know her as "Palin 45," or will it be more along the lines of, "and one fall she nearly toppled the Establishment, and then she hosted Thanksgiving for the whole family at her house."

Unknown said...



if you wish to add a name to the list, please enter that name as a blog comment.


Adam wants to follow the other site and collect the names of people who have let us down. I hope that our collection complements that list. This makes Adam and all of you look good while we ""accentuate the positive"", as Bing Crosby would have said.

"Despair is a cheap excuse for avoiding one's purpose in life. And a sense of purpose is the best way to avoid despair." -
Rabbi Menanchem Schneerson

Scott said...

part of the interview with glenn beck

ERICKSON: I absolutely think you are right. In fact, if you read some of these profiles, you know all the reporters write the long "Behind the scenes" looks after the campaign's over, they're sworn to secrecy. They didn't want her to talk about Bill Ayers. She had to force them to talk about Joe the plumber. It's bizarre that they were so out of tune with this. Palin was the best thing that happened to this campaign. She excited the base and now these people who are preparing for 2012 are trying to throw her under the bus because they had already hitched a ride elsewhere. A lot of them are former staffers to other candidates who didn't get the nomination and now they are hoping their guy is set up for 2012.

momprayn said...

kgantchev - I agree with Scott in reply. Since I think it is a waste of time/effort to say anything more....well, I just hope and pray YOU will learn something from the consequences of this election in the next four years.

Erin said...

techno, I agree with your three points as to why McCain was doomed, and I think #1 was 99% of it. I think most of your 20 reasons were just bandaids. SNL and Leno are great, but they aren't enough to overcome the public backlash that has been building since, oh, Jan. 21, 2005.

Unknown said...

Bill - was the troll names John (or Jack?) Just wondering - sounded like some redundant lines he kept trying to post on my blog...

Emily - thanks for writing.
But as far as getting behind Obama's agenda and uniting the country; it just isn't going to happen. We've been trying to tell the liberals that all along. Obama can talk and talk about how he will unite the country, but needed to listen earlier to this...HE CAN'T DO IT.


This is why I asked a couple of weeks ago what Obama meant by saying he was going to change America and change the world. Unless he intends to do some things by force, we are polar opposites in how we feel about social and economic issues.

We do feel we are correct in our view of the world - that is why we voted against Obama. In America, it is okay to disagree. There is more than one party in America, and we have freedom of speech and all that other fun stuff.

So no, we won't be changing our minds anytime soon. If you are upset by our world view, no one is forcing you to read it. I am sure there are other blog sites you might find more interesting.

May God guide you in your journey.

Mountain Mama said...

I wrote out the first half of the lyrics to the rap song that SNL teased Sarah with, and they were not as innocent as they seemed.

So while I agree that McCain should not have gone on SNL and let Sarah be ridiculed, I believe that Sarah should not have gone on SNL, either, where they ridiculed her right to her face! It was not a two-way roasting of both party's VP candidates.

However, it was wise and showed he's a good sport for McCain to speak at that charity dinner (Smith?) and roast Obama----because Obama then had his equal chance to roast McCain right back. (Thankfully, not only were McCain's jokes better---thank you, writers!---but McCain's own delivery style and timing were infinitely better than Obama's.) That event was FUN, and since the Cardinal was there, everyone behaved themselves; the evening felt GOOD.

Meanwhile, man---- the stock market is sure tanking, now that Tax-Man-Obama's been elected. Two more weeks of this, and we won't HAVE a stock market......

Erin said...

Take a look at Drudge tonight. They have a pic of Secret Service escorting Obama to the gym. It makes our soldiers in Iraq look positively cuddly in comparison. I don't know much about Secret Service operations, but I had no idea they drove with open windows and guns pointed out.

Feels like a military state.

Mountain Mama said...

Re. the photo at Drudge, Erin:

Hmm.... Well, it is Hyde Park, in south Chicago suburb). I went to grad school there in the mid-70's, 2 blocks south of Obama's home. It was so violent that, in my first fall session, a nearby neighbor was stabbed in the arm one evening, while walking his dog. The assailant walked calmly into our back yard! The local feminist group (NOW?) was so incensed (rightly so) about all the rapes that they wrote with black spray paint at each spot where one occurred, "A WOMAN WAS RAPED HERE," with the date.

But I thought Hyde Park was safer now. The son of one of my best friends works out where Obama does. He says that during the primaries, BO's Secret Service guys were normal-sized----but those were switched to very beefy SS guys when BO became the Dem. nominee. So I think they must receive a lot of ghastly death threats, which is sickening. May God protect Barak Obama and every elected official!

Erin said...

Interesting, Mama. I live in the 3rd most violent city in the U.S. (Flint), and we would be shocked to see cars driving the streets with guns sticking out.

Scott said...

it's interesting in that bob and mark interview from alaska she mentions one of the staffers was fired for suggesting they let sarah be sarah.

jill said...

Reposting Lindsey's post and link. Worth it for gaining some insight. An interview with real people talking to each other like humans, as it should be done. Make sure you listen to all four parts. At the site at the top middle of the page in the red area are four parts listed bottom to top. Click on the little gray arrows. I'm telling you the details since I was messing things up when I first tried it.

Lindsey said...

Sarah did an interview with a radio station in Alaska this morning. It's a pretty long interview, but well worth the time to listen. She talks about everything from the campaign, John McCain, 2012 and the grassroots work that would need to start in 2 years for that, to these rumors that have came her words they are "flippin' bizarre" lol.

Unknown said...

You people wrote some awesome things today.
I am very impressed by your thoughts and your ability to express them.

What has impressed me in the last day or two is the number of people that have come forward to discuss their nationality/ ethnic background. This site has been remarkably gender neutral and blind to color. I would like to think that the conservatives are much more inclined to equality, inspite of what the left likes to say.

I limited my role today to collecting names. It was disappointing to see how few names were put forward. I am cautiously optimistic that there will be a backlash against the Palin bashers coming in the next day or two

Scott said...

she also talks about how she wouldn't appoint herself to the senate because they just went through something up there where someone appointed his daughter in his place and they changed the law.. so she said she'd be a hypocrite to appoint herself after that.

she states all these rumors aren't true

it's funny they're playing the song "sarah" in the background during this interview

manajordan said...


Thanks so much for directing us to the Bob and Mark interview. It took a while to load up right, but so worth it. I love Sarah Palin. She just rocks. I love the conversation she has with Hollis French at the end. I also laughed at the "flippin bizzare" comment. I also thought the bit where she was watching the Today show and laughing was really fun.
That was more like the Sarah Palin we have all come to respect and love. I'm kind of jealous that Alaska gets her back now, when really the nation needs her.

Unknown said...


hello from yakima, spokane.
yup, as I said the other day, the best thing about this election being over is that now the handlers are gone. sarah can be sarah.
washington is well represented here.

Tbone said...

That interview with Sarah Palin was awesome. Especially the part where she talks about if she were to run for President she would have to do it 2 years in advance because she would have to set up a grass roots organization. I don't care what the MSM says she is extremely intelligent and qualified to be President. Sarah would change this country for the better. That is why everyone is afraid of her.

dale said...

After hearing that interview it makes me want to move to Alaska even more than ever. She is going to be a force to reckon with. You can not destroy someone with such character as she has shown throughout all this crazy campaign. I hope and pray the press gets over it and sees the error of there reporting and guide Obama in the correct direction for this country. I am of the belief that everything happens for a reason. Reasons may not be known yet but hopefully they will show themselves within the next 2-4 years. Maybe just maybe ppl will look not at a persons color, sex or any number of discriminatory reasons but to the content of there character and elect the most qualified person to mve this country onward and upward. Thank you all for your uplifting posts.

Unknown said...

I just finished listening to the Bob and Mark show.

Manajordan, I'm jealous, too. I want to be an Alaskan now.
Rats, my 15-year old has been telling me for years that we should move to Alaska. Should have listened to him.

Scott said...

kieth olbermann was still talking about this sarah controversy... of course why is that a shock? he wouldn't have a show any longer without it.

I just hate that all these vicious liberals get to win........ for now.
I can just picture the smug grin on Bill Maher's face.

manajordan said...


Thanks for the Washington shout out. We are pretty well represented here.
I wonder what kind of grass roots efforts the good Governor has in mind. I would be totally up for it.

Tbone said...

I also don't want to talk about the public smearing that a couple of campaign staffers are doing to Sarah. What worries me though is how this could effect her future run for President. She was the best thing about the campaign. Shouldn't John McCain speak out against them and defend Sarah?

Mountain Mama said...

You're SO right, TBone: it speaks volumes that McCain hasn't spoken up against the Palin smears. I wonder if he MEANT to hurt her by going on SNL, and if he is in cahoots with these "anonymous sources" who don't have the guts to come out publicly with their slams against Sarah.
If McCain doesn't speak publicly against the vicious attacks on Gov. Palin, then he agrees with it. Period. How contrary to his supposedly being a decent, caring guy! Really, I'm just shocked.
Then again, she's easier to blame than himself......

rural hermit said...

Have to agree with kgantchev, there are far better candidates for 2012, other than Sarah Palin.

Agree with those who say the media was trivial over her wardrobe, but that is today's politics, you have to be cute enough to avoid those kind of pitfalls, it goes with the territory.

The exit polls were mixed regarding her effect on McCain's campaign, which possibly is reflecting the overly exuberant support among Republicans, and the damaging mocking by her opponents. Let's face it, she was an easy target on many fronts.

If there is an insistence on a female candidate for the Republican party next time, then they have to pick someone with the experience, intellect and credibility of Condaleezza Rice.

Brianus Berkleianus said...

Honorary Citizens of Alaska :-)

Hi, Gang,

Thanks for all of the thoughtful posts today.

I think Sarah should proclaim her supporters to be honorary citizens of Alaska. As JFK said in Berlin in 1963, "All free men today are citizens of Berlin" (may not be the verbatim quotation), so today we can say that all of Sarah's supporters, all free men and women in the soon-to-be People's Republic of Barack, are citizens of Alaska.

I have ordered a supply of Sarah 2012 buttons and a trusty car magnet. So I shall be bidding defiance to the Obama consensus here in Berserkeley, California. After all, it is MY native city (my mother took me to see JFK when he visited Berkeley on March 23 of 1962--"Mr. Obama, I saw and remember JFK; I admired JFK; Mr. Obama, you are no JFK") Yes, this is my home town, so this lonely voice of a Berkleian For Sarah should carry some weight!!

Brianus, Citizen of Berkeley and Citizen of Alaska!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Brianus, you're still up?

I wish Sarah Palin would place a videocam in her office, so that for 15 minutes weekdays, she could turn it on and speak to those of us who are her sincere supporters. Then she could let us know how her day was, how she's doing, let us see the kids as they grow up, etc.

No, I'm serious! I would totally love this.

Brianus Berkleianus said...

Hi, mountain mama,

Yep, I'm still up.

I LOVE your idea for a Sarah videocam!!! How cool this would be!

God bless you!


Unknown said...

Mountain Mama - You still up? I would love Sarah to do something like that, as well. I also liked the idea of her doing a half hour weekly talk show.

Mountain Mama said...

Actually, the videocam wouldn't be as neat as seeing a 10-15-minute report about her every day or two. But no outlet would reliably film and edit it, or interview her that frequently, so I just figured it would be easier to use a videocam.
I realize of course that to the rest of this jaded world, both she and we would appear silly.

Meanwhile, both Huckabee and Jindal are heading to Iowa within 2 weeks. Good heavens! I'm so sick of THIS election, I can't imagine thinking of the NEXT one yet.... Bleah!

Mountain Mama said...

LIKED!? Has someone asked her to do a show, like Huckabee is doing?
That would probably seem the sanest option (grin).

Mountain Mama said...

WOW, just had another idea:

Rather than have a TV show after she's been Governor, she could hostess (is that a verb?) one NOW, during her term! And instead of interviewing various personalities, pundits, and stars (as Huckabee does), Sarah Palin could interview for the show people she's worked with that week, including CEO's or heads of state!

Stormbringer said...

Greetings from the rain-soaked, freezing hell-hole that is Britain.

Just so you know not all Brits jumped on the Obama bandwagon, I was rooting for McCain/Palin, although I would've preferred a Palin/McCain campaign.

As regards the pathetic smear campaign against such a wonderful lady/politician/mother, I must say it's disgusting.

Sarah can count on my continued admiration and support (for what it's worth from these socialist infested shores).


Unknown said...

Right! (Sorry, I was working and didn't see your note)

I mean, no, no one has asked her to do a show that I know of. We had just been talking about it on the last blog.

But we were talking about how great it would be for her to do a current show, and being the hostess/interviewer. And your idea of her interviewing CEO's and heads of state is great.

Boy, now I can see why those political handlers enjoy their jobs. It's kind of fun figuring out what you would do with a person if you had the chance.

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, Stormbreaker: nice note, and I enjoyed reading your blog. I, too, try to steer clear of outright swearing. To that end, I recommend D-ded for condemnation of the highest level (hee hee).

Hey, too, Lisa! Forgive my rudely forgetting to say, "Hey!" previously: I was actually having some ideas, see? grin)

Yeah, I don't like the idea of "handling" someone (yep, Stormch., I need to add, as you did on your blog: "Nothing Sexual, you perverts!" Oh, that was fun!), or figuring out stuff for THEIR lives. I was just wishing we could somehow see what's up with Sarah in her life, and I didn't mean to sound programmatic about her.

I'm facing this: we were all introduced to a wonderful woman, loving wife, dear mother, reformist governor, expert speaker, firm advocate for the disabled, and wise-beyond-her-years leader, and we don't want to lose touch with this magnificent person! Right?

WOW---come to think of it: when she first spoke after they lost the race, she said something about how she had studied to be a journalist, and she hoped to use her skills in that area. Goodness, I thought, what did she mean by that? So do you think she HAS been asked to host/ess a show of some kind? Or was she just hinting for an invitation?

coop said...

Ok, let me say this, I know I might not be liked here, but I want to say this.

I'm a democrat, I campaigned and voted for Obama/Biden.

Now, I want to say this; I think its absolutely disgusting the way they are treating this women!
It probably started election night when they zoomed into Sarah's face, and she was teary-eyed. I have a soft heart, and I felt bad for her, I truly did. She was thrust into the spotlight so quick, without proper management. And NOW people from the McCain campaign is placing the blame on her, and spreading disgusting rumors is just not cool. She is a beautiful women with a great family, and it saddens me the way they are treating her now, now that the election is over. I feel like the McCain campaign used her, and just threw her away. The McCain campaign should be ashamed of themselves!

I wish nothing but the best for Sarah, and her family.

That's what I wanted to say. Have a great night everyone.

Mountain Mama said...

Oops! StormBRINGER! Sorry!

Mountain Mama said...

Well, thanks, Coop!
Re. your remarks: what's not to like? They were compassionate and caring. It's not okay that you voted for cruel people (well, you did; read about what Obama and his crew did to Hillary at, but maybe you just didn't get that informed about Obama? It's okay; not meaning to debate; it's over....
Well, anyway, yes, it's horrible how they're trashing Sarah Palin. Every time they show that video of her as she's listening to McCain's concession speech, and she's trying to suck in her tears (sorry for the vivid verb, but that's sort of what you do inside), I start crying all over again for her loss. She was trashed more than ANY candidate of ANY party during ANY previous election EVER. Why? She's a good person: everyone who's known her forever says so! It does NOT reflect well upon America......
I wrote McCain a nice, firm, but kind letter, literally BEGGING the man to come out and make a supportive statement on Sarah's behalf. PRAY that he does so TOMORROW. Thanks again, Coop!

Stormbringer said...

I suspect McCain has nothing to do with the smear campaign against Sarah, he struck me as an honourable man. I suspect it'll just be some petty little civil servant (does that phrase make any sense to Americans?) trying to ingratiate him/herself with the new administration.

I really do hope Obama works out well for the US, I just don't think he's what you needed at this moment in time.

momprayn said...

coop - thanks so much for posting your nice comments about the horrendous treatment of Sarah and compliments about her. It's good to hear that from "you guys".

stormbringer: Thanks - appreciate it. Since I posted it a long time ago, don't know if you knew that it was reported by a geneologist in Sept. I believe - that Sarah was the 10th cousin to Princess Di......

Scott (or whoever, not sure): re the smug grin on Bill Maher's face. The smug grins will probably soon be replaced........

Admin said...

I really do hope that John McCain says something to stop these vicious, petty attacks against Sarah. The fact he hasn't done so already is quite sad. Makes me wonder...

Unknown said...

Stormbringer! Hello! A freind staying in England wrote a couple of weeks ago asking what Sarah was all about because he was hearing only the worst over there. Glad that some real info is leaking out to you guys.

Mountain Mama - I agree, the ideas are agreat. I very much want to stay in touch with what's happening with the governor as well, and having her host something would seem right up her alley. Sure hope she - or some Alaskan based media - are reading this blog!

Unknown said...

Coop - Thank you!! I pray that there are more from across the aisle that are understanding that as well.

The Republican Convention was the first I had heard of her. But the morning radio show - Bob and Mark from Alaska - the other day was the first time I was able to hear the real her, I think. She really is a humble, wonderful woman. I hope others can begin to see that as well, now that the McCain staffers are no longer messing with her.

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama, Lisa, Mother of 9, Brianus, T-bone, coop, and stormbringer

I am jealous that I was too tired from the events of the last week and was not a night owl last night. That was a good discussion.

I want to add John McCain to the list of defenders but that space on the list remains blank.

I am sorry to say the same thing over and over, but we are never going to be represented by "Fair and balanced" (read: moderate) when the libs have 6 or eight left wing networks.
I agree with the Sarah-cam. But why not a whole internet network with conservative political broad band videos? The Sarah channel.

The reason I keep saying this is not to drive you crazy with the idea but to hope that someone who has more time, skill, and money than I have reads this. (I could buy a lottery ticket but it's against my beliefs).

I am listening to the Sarah tape piece by piece. It is great!!!
Adam'a article on the BBC was excellent also.

Unknown said...

If I were Sarah - I would stay away from some of those that are seeking interviews with her now - like Opray and Barbara Walters, etc. Blood Suckers.

Instead, I would do interviews with people that have genuine respect for her. People that are really interested in what she has to say and not just trying to win over women from the right (remember, many conservative women began a boycott of Oprah)

or to gain more entertainment for the left by using Sarah for more punching bag fun. I don't trust them.

I mean, why does Oprah want to interview her now? She's been reported to have mocked the right again on her show just after the election. The woman is poison.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Lisa, mother of nine

You are, once again, 100% correct.

The View anf "O" only want to be the next people to ask a "gotcha question".

Sarah needs interviews that she knows will be kind to her.
Let's start with Rush!!!

momprayn said...

knowitall/all: Name addition - Rick Santorum. Just heard him on Fox really standing up for Sarah.
Yes, we're all waiting for McCain to do what he needs to do....yes, if he doesn't, "makes you wonder" indeed.
Got a kick out of your "space reserved for McCain", knowitall. Hope it's filled soon.

Rose said...

Sarah Palin was the only reason most conservatives even went to McCain rallies. She drew them in, in huge crowds. She was more important than was McCain. Palin is a fighter. Despite his stellar war record and unbridled courage in Viet Nam, McCain’s fighting days have essentially ended. Until the very end, his scarcity of fighting and reluctance to confront Obama was painfully apparent...


Unknown said...

knowitall, here's a couple more for you in this interview Greta did last night:

If that doesn't work, just go to gretawire and you can read the transcript or watch the interview.

Adam, so totally right as usual. Great comments and ideas, everyone. I've enjoyed reading this.

Unknown said...

this excellent note was entered last night by "oildrop" at the end of the last thread:

My congratulations to President-elect Obama. May God bless you with the intelligence and decision making ability to lead with a detailed sense of right and wrong. Now... Adam has called it right on every account I have read. Governor Palin, Sarah, listen up! Your friend Adam and oh, say at least 58 million other people still want you to be a part of our America. You ARE destined to be much more than what you are now. Finish the gasline. Encourage the current administration to allow safe drilling of Alaska's resources, being a vital part of a plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. WRITE THE BOOK. You have an instant bestseller, especially if timed correctly. I can easily imagine a book written in the style of "Where Have All The Leaders Gone?" by Lee Iacocca (actually not a bad read in itself). There is no reason there should not be an "Alaska Channel" in every cable and satellite listing. Besides being breathtaking country, the channel would be a pipeline (pun intended) into major markets to create continuous exposure. Where I come from, we say "It ain't braggin' if you can back it up." Keeping people informed of your accomplishments is not bragging, but a means of instilling confidence. Go Sarah! Hope is what will get me through the next 4 years.

techno said...

Just heard that Sarah has a 91% favorability rating among Republican voters according to Rasmussen. That's not a bad place to start from if she decides to run for President in 2012.

BSK said...

It isn't so much about the things that make Sarah Palin who she is, it is the fact that all said and done she doesn't add up to much. A person seeking a position of national leadership should have an intimidating level of intelligence, which she sorely lacks. She is an Alaskan accident - just happens to be in very little competition for the post she holds there. Anywhere else she wouldn't be worth the heels she stands on.

momprayn said...

Check out Michelle Malkin's website if you haven't already: She had a petition thanking Sarah for "stepping up to the plate" - more than 10,000 signed and will send it to Sarah. Lead story:
"Memo to McCain Blabbermouths: Character is Destiny". Ya'll will like it!!!

Tbone said...

The worst part of this smearing is that the MSM is reporting it without a name attached. It should not be reported without names. Once again the MSM is so terrible in this country and needs to be changed. It also is not being reported that Randy Scheneman is a supporter of Sarah in the campaign. I am so disappointed that John McCain has not spoken up for Sarah.

Tbone said...

Thanks to everyone for giving me an address to contact Sarah. I am definitely going to write her. I was going to tell her about our movement for her. I have alot of respect for Sarah.

techno said...

10 things Sarah should do to get ready for 2012: 1) consult a futurist on what will probably be the main issues discussed or of primary importance between 2010-2012 2)clarify which groups of people she has a chance to attract and those she has literally no chance to get their vote and tailor that to the programs and policies she wants to put forward 3)I may be in the minority but if Ted Stevens wins and then his seat comes open in a special election she should run for it or in 2010 run against Lisa Murkowski in the primary for her Senate seat; running for re-election as governor of Alaska does not enhance her resume in the lower 48, but more importantly because of the job responsibility of a governor and distance to the lower 48 being governor of Alaska will not give Sarah the opportunity to establish her presence in Iowa and other places she needs to be to build a grass-roots organization; as a Senator she would over time enhance her reputation and simply establish a network of conservative allies that would help her launch her bid; in addition she would remain in the public eye 4)in regard to remaining in the public eye she would be able to become more accessible to the media and thus disabuse notions that she was a moron, diva, or imcompetent 5)meet with Latino/Hispanic groups and find out what makes them tick 6)as a Senator take trips overseas to build her foreign affairs credentials 7)consistently go on right-wing talk radio so she becomes the darling of the its listeners 8)re-establish the liaison with the disaffected Hillary voters and anti-Obama women voters and bring them into her tent 9)find out really why the McCain campaign lost the election and why the Republican Presidential's candidate vote total was lower than it was in 2004 10)launch preparations to hire a top-notch campaign team that will not stab her in the back and will let Sarah by Sarah

Tbone said...

It is being reported on the Drudge Report that Gretta Van Susteren of Fox News is going to Alaska for the first post election interview with Sarah Palin. It will air on Monday Night.

Lindsey said...

FOXNEWS Greta Van Susteren obtains first post election interview with Gov. Palin... Van Susteren traveling to Alaska for extensive sit-down interview with Palin to air Monday night exclusively... Developing...

Also, there is a topic on about possibly planning a trip to Alaska next Sept. Anyone on here interested?

Unknown said...

BSK - several million people disagree, and most of those people don't live in Alaska. (which, by the way, is populated with the some of the most wonderful people in the United States - people that you would be blessed to get to know.)

Let's united BSK, and agree that all Americans are important to America!

Tbone said...

Here are a few reason's they lost the election. The unpopularity of President Bush. When you are the same party of an unpopular President it is very hard to win a election. When the economy went bad they went from being ahead to 7-10 pts back. McCain did not handle it very well either and Independents blamed it on Bush. Almost 1 of 5 voters that voted Bush in 2004 voted Obama. McCain also ran a bad campaign. Sarah was the only good thing about his campaign.
I agree that Republicans need to find a way to reach out to Latinos. That is a really fast growing minority. especially in Nevada,New Mexico and the rest of the southwest.
I still think Sarah is better off staying a Governor. Once she is a Senator she loses a big appeal of being a Washington Outsider. Sarah can learn all this as a Governor. She also now has National Experience which would help her. People like Sarah she just needs to prove to Independents that she is ready to be President. Ths Senator vs. Governor debate can go either way though.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the info on Team I signed up for it but haven't had a chance to look much at the site. I'm interested in visiting Alaska with them. So is my 16-year-old son - who's been talking about moving to Alaska for years

Admin said...

Thanks for the info about the Greta interview. Great news!

More praise for Sarah from Rush today :)

Lindsey - can you post more info about that? Thanks.

Tbone said...

Hi Momprayn- I liked your memo to the McCain blabbermouths.

Tbone said...

I was watching Trace Gallagher on Fox News and they were talking about that the Palin aides were fighting back against the McCain aides. The big story is that he said that Sarah will be back. There are alot of sites out there for Sarah Palin in 2012. Was he refering to this site. We will not let Sarah disappear. She is to talented.

Unknown said...

Lindsey, where is the discussion on I couldn't find it. I've always wanted to go to Alaska--have thought often of moving there.

LT said...

I was originally against the idea of Sarah becoming Senator and established in Washington. I have changed my mind. The election told me that America really isn't as big on the idea of outsiders as we would believe. Otherwise Palin would have attracted a lot more of those center, center-left voters. I think she should go to Washington, be true to her anti-establishment passion, and relentlessly raise holy hell in the senate. She can be the cry in the wilderness, the voice for us conservatives in America otherwise would have none. She won't affect policy, but as America pays an ever increasing price for Democrat rule, she can be there, as events unfold, contantly calling those in charge to account for their choices. Finally, nobody would worry what this outsider would do in Washington: it would become plainly apparent. Sarah: go to Washington!

momprayn said...

Obama'a website:

Yep, Rush had a lot of good praise for Sarah today and everybody seems to be wondering why McCain hasn't said something.

Sheri said...

I agree with Techno...I think Sarah would need to run for Senate. If Alaska was in the lower 48, then maybe being the governor would be better. But, she has been a great governor of Alaska and they still classified her as stupid and back woods. If she had executive and legislative under her belt...that would be hard to argue against. She should pair up with Michelle Bauchman, another strong female conservative, and help the Republican party win over more females. Let women see that it is OK to be a woman and a Republican. Let people see that she is more than just a pretty face. I like all of the steps that Techno laid out.

Patriot1776 said...

I agree, to make a national name for herself, she needs to be there fighting in Washington...IF that is what she wants.

We don't know, maybe she doesn't want to run for President.

I think her voice in the Senate is SO needed right now. She would STILL be an outsider, she is not close to the DC establishment.

Mountain Mama said...

I hope Sarah Palin does only what the Lord directs her to do.

Since people voted for Obama, the net positive results (for conservatives) of this election are:
1. Since Americans do blame others for their horrible financial decisions, at least they won't be able to blame the Republicans for this worsening economy: the Dems have already been in charge for 2 years and will have been in charge for SIX years by 2012, and
2. Palin was introduced to America. Statistics show that conservatives were energized by her presence on the ticket.

Personally, I hope the Lord gives Sarah and her family a rest for 6 years, at which time she could begin her run for President again, because during those 6 years:
1. She'll have time to recuperate from this election, when she was trashed more than any politician ever,
2. Her children will be older and Trig will be FT in school,
3. She can continue being a terrific reformer as Alaska's governor,
4. Sarah can write about her experience during this election, which will build up her family's finances (necessary when a child has disabilities; the vitamins alone for our children with autism cost hundreds monthly),
5. Sarah can study extensively about history and politics,
6. Sarah can grant UNEDITED interviews with fair reporters, helping repair her badly-damaged image,
7. Sarah can initiate some sort of innovative TV show, such as doing on-site, informative, yet FUN interviews with CEO's and world leaders (Huckabee and others are locked in studios)----all of which would highlight her energy and savvy.

I agree with Gov. Palin: taking Steven's Senate seat would make her seem crass and extremely ambitious. As it is, McCain ASKED her to join his ticket; NO one has ever suggested that out of wild ambition she sought that slot---because she didn't.

I hope the Lord wants Sarah to skip the Senate, write and study, and repair the damage----then run for President and WIN!

But if we need her before 2016, the Lord will provide.

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. I forgot this key fact:
Sarah won't be HEARD for YEARS in the Senate. The Senators with seniority can block any such moves, as they did when McCain "suspended" his campaign re. the economy. Even with his seniority elsewhere, McCain couldn't get in the door to "help out," because he had ZIP seniority re. economics. PERIOD!

Sarah would only be mocked further, and get nowhere in the Senate now. Sad, but true......

Rose said...

Sarah run for the Senate? Look at what the Dems and MSM did to Hillary Clinton and she is already a two-term senator and as First Lady part of the Washington establishment.

Lord of Justice, do something...I feel sad (on how the MSM are even attacking) innocent Piper,isn't she a brave child?

Pat R said...

If Palin runs for President in 2012, at least she has name recognition going for her... but that may not work in her favor

k.aLLyN. said...

I'll be disappointed as well if John McCain doesn't join the list of Sarah defenders. One name that I could see making the list though is his daughter Bridget. She seems like a really level headed person and I enjoyed looking at her pictures from the campaign trail.

Like I've told my Obama-loving brother, Sarah was the ONLY reason I even bothered to register to vote. She was the reason I stood in line for 4 hours in the rain and voted!
=( Now I'm sorta afraid now. B/c I live in one of the Washington suburbs and once Obama gets elected I sorta think crime will shoot up again. The mayor of DC is exactly like Obama in so many ways its not even funny. When he first came into office I was definitely on his bandwagon b/c I thought he was young,charming,intelligent andcould bring change to such a corrupt city. All he did was make things worse than they were before. I sorta think that some of the people in the Northeast & Southeast part of the city, plus the surrounding areas will feel like since there is a Black man in the White House, that they can get away with anything!But maybe I'm just over-reacting.Its gonna be a very interesting four years here in this area.

Conny said...

Dear Sarah, I voted for you! I thank God for you and think you are an awesome woman. Don't let anyone keep you from going for the goal that is set before you. You have a great future and I pray that you will be comforted, strengthened and encouraged. God bless you and your family!

Unknown said...

techno referenced this earlier. this is the poll by rasmussen:
""Ninety-one percent (91%) of Republicans have a favorable view of Palin, including 65% who say their view is Very Favorable. Only eight percent (8%) have an unfavorable view of her, including three percent (3%) Very Unfavorable.

When asked to choose among some of the GOP’s top names for their choice for the party’s 2012 presidential nominee, 64% say Palin. The next closest contenders are two former governors and unsuccessful challengers for the presidential nomination this year -- Mike Huckabee of Arkansas with 12% support and Mitt Romney of Massachusetts with 11%.

Three other sitting governors – Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Charlie Crist of Florida and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota – all pull low single-digit support.

These findings echo a survey earlier this week which found that Republicans were happier with their vice presidential candidate than with their presidential nominee. Seventy-one percent (71%) said McCain made the right choice by picking Palin as his running mate, while only 65% said the party picked the right nominee for president.

The key for the 44-year-old Palin will be whether she can broaden her base of support. An Election Day survey found that 81% of Democrats and, more importantly, 57% of unaffiliated voters had an unfavorable view of her""

64% say Sarah is the front runner

Scott said...

so much for obama's plan to appoint some republicans to his cabinet....

like dick morris said, there is nothing close to "change" in those he's choosing to surround himself with.

Scott said...

that would be cool... an honorary citizen of alaska

here's the quote by the way

"All free men, wherever they may live, are citizens of Berlin. And therefore, as a free man, I take pride in the words "Ich bin ein Berliner!"

i think McCain will talk about this but it's only been 3 days. O'Reilly called them both out last night to come on his show and talk about it. He says he's more inclined to believe them personally.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
momprayn said...

re Obama's Cabinete: It really was scary hearing about Rahm Emanuel. I didn't know anything about him but some of the stuff Rush was saying today was truly scary (anyone hear that - about the kitchen knife & calling for death to their enemies???) And he's just one......a big one.
I'm also sickened by the articles on how much the rest of the world likes us now! How wonderful - just what I have always wanted. Plus seeing now how many here WANT & think it's important for them to!!!! Yes, and I bet Iran's guy (Ah..whatever) is REALLY happy.

momprayn said...

p.s. re Rahm --- oh - when I said "enemies", I didn't mean Osama bin Laden/terrorists -- no, Repubs./Conservatives. It was supposedly after some political loss (don't remember)

momprayn said...

Now on Fox w/Laura Ingram (for O'Reilly) has Marjorie Dannenfelser, co-founder of Team Palin, defending Sarah!! Also callling McCain to come out.

momprayn said...

Per Rasmussen (per Laura I.) tonight -- 64% want Sarah as nominee for President.

Scott said...

supposedly the McCain campaign defends sarah tonight on Hannity and Colmes

Mountain Mama said...

Well, I HOPE SO, Scott! Good Lord, they're about two days LATE at least with supporting and defending her!
This had better be good.....

Scott said...

"""I'm also sickened by the articles on how much the rest of the world likes us now! How wonderful - just what I have always wanted.""""

tha'ts what i was about to post
does it worry anyone that all the usual "enemies" of this country are buddy buddy now? iran called for the first time in years to congratulate obama and we have north korea open to talks now. With Russia going back to its old ways............ I think they threatened to put nukes on the polish border if obama goes ahead with this missile defense shield.

Scott said...


i'll bet this picture alone would make at lease 57,000,000 people want to defend her....

huskyonspeed said...

Rick Davis is doing a good job debunking all these pathetic rumors... good for him.

Mountain Mama said...

We-ell, I thought Rick Davis did a fair job of supporting Palin, but he sure didn't mention any names, which would have certainly helped the most. When and how can we find out who DID this to Sarah? Even Rick said that the rumors were not true!

techno said...

Ten unanswered questions: 1)Why did McCain vote for the bailout? 2)Why did McCain not hammer the Democrats for the sub-prime mortgage mess? 3)Why did McCain receive fewer votes than Bush in 2004 when it was predicted that the GOP turnout would be at an all-time high? 4)Why did Sarah not appear in TV ads during the final week of the campaign? 5)Why did the RNC spend $150,000 on wardrobe for Sarah and her family? 6)Who made the decision for Sarah not to be on Rush Limbaugh's program-McCain himself or the handlers? 7)Why was the Odinga story not used? 8)Why did the McCain campaign not delve into the Annenberg Challenge with regards to its ties to Bill Ayres and the waste of $150m on radical education programs under the supervision of Barack Obama? 9)Did McCain know he was going to lose in the last week of the campaign? 10)What was the extent of the voter fraud and did it change the outcome of any Presidential state races?

Scott said...

here's a picture of sarah today answering media questions in alaska

is that 2 blackberry's?

Scott said...

picture number 2

man we want her back :( i just know there is something special about her and God wouldn't allow her to be sent back up there for nothing after having endured all of that. Something good is coming.
"God's ways are so far above our ways, as the heavens are above the earth".

Scott said...

it might have been hannity today on his radio show but someone mentioned that it's likely the rumors came from not within the campaign staff but outside of it completely... hence the lack of names

Mountain Mama said...

That isn't a possibility, is it?
Because Carl Cameron SPOKE to the guys in McCain's campaign who started these latest rumors.

Scott said...

carl cameron is a liar!


i don't know, but you know how hannity goes off on these ideas.. he's partisan second only to rush. I think carl cameron should mention who he talked to.

Lindsey said...

For those that are asking about the Alaskan trip here's the link:

Nothing is for sure yet. I suggested that someone make a website for it so that it doesn't just become something that is forgotten about and not done. Anyways I'm going to message some of the ones that want to help plan it and try to get things going.

k.aLLyN. said...

I feel so bad when I look @ pics of Sarah now--she looks so down..I think the media really tried to break her spirit & its awful how malicious they are. For now I think she should just take a break and settle back into things in Alaska. Maybe a year or so from now she can re-emerge on the scene by doing interviews and the sort. And who knows? Maybe then the media will open her with open arms after they see the mess that Barry& Friends will cause lol =) You have a friend in Maryland Sarah!! Well maybe three or four..b/c counting my parents & Michael Steele, I really dont think there's any more conservatives left here lol!!

Scott said...

lindsey what was that about? non members can't see the page

Admin said...

Thanks Lindsey. I hope to go if something comes together. I've always wanted to visit Alaska.

Admin said...

If anyone like to snail mail a thank you letter to Sarah, here are her 2 addresses:

Juneau Office
Alaska State Capitol Building
Third Floor
P.O. Box 110001
Juneau, AK 99811-0001

Anchorage Office
550 West 7th Avenue
Suite 1700
Anchorage, AK 99501

Unknown said...

Scott - It's a blog - The subject is: "How About a TeamSarah Convention in Alaska Next Summer?"

Three pages of responses - people want to do it. I wrote that I'd like to go as well.

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

Scott and all here is the link, yes you do have to be a member so I will post the "post" below it:

Let's go to Alaska and start reclaiming this country! Let's go get our future! We need to rally behind Sarah. July 4th of next year sounds like an appropriate date.

It screams to the GOP to clean up house, and move over cause real CHANGE is coming!
It screams to the Bishops, Catholics, Chrisitans & pastors, to re-evaluate how & what they are teaching!
It screams to communities and businesses, and esp. tourist communities will want to know where their $$ went for their 4th of July weekend!
It will scream to the MEDIA that they can't, and won't buy another ELECTION!

The U.S.A. wants change, well let's not disappoint the,let's CHARGE the way for CHANGE, let's CHARGE up to ALASKA! As McCain said, "Fight with me!"

We can do this, who's in?




It was posted by a member, it is a free site and is informative, I mentioned here that 2 weeks ago there was million person conference call (that included First Lady Laura Bush, and many many others) Team Sarah got a late start but may become a very powerful tool as it is organized around common interests (geography, denomination, hobbies, etc.) and yes plenty of men are members.

Admin said...

July 4th would be awesome. I hope this happens and we get a huge turnout!!!

Unknown said...

I am not into conspiracies nor do I own a tinfoil hat, but....
(here it comes).....
but, I found this about Obama's birth certificate.
Look out!!! there's a black helicopter.



Mountain Mama said...

Creepy issue, Knowitall!

Btw, Obama's mother died 13 years ago today: Nov. 7, 1995.

I will be SO ticked off if B.O.'s birth certificate turns out to show he was born in Kenya and thus he isn't a native-born citizen. It's fraud! I just can't believe that the Dems would have shirked their duty this badly.

It is a very complicated issue, worsened by the fact that, while on the one hand Obama says there's no problem with his birth cert., on the other hand he's sealed it, and won't reveal it publicly. Why not? All the other candidates did. It's odd.....

He might not even be eligible to be a US Senator, if he isn't a US citizen at all.....

The facts of Obama's birth could also pose a problem if he was born in Kenya, as his grandmother there states he was. But even if born in the US, it's tricky: because his father was NOT a US citizen, his mother must be one, for Obama to be one.

Born in November 1942, Obama's mother gave birth to him in August 1961, when she was only 18----and by law she had to be a US citizen for 10 years, and 5 of those years must be after age 14. Since she was only a citizen for 4 years and 8 months at his birth, does that make him ineligible to be president? What a mess...

I tell you, people will scream for us to dump the Constitution, if we dig and find that Obama is ineligible to serve as Senator or President.

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. Obama's mother was only a citizen after she turned 14, for only 4 years, 8 months. It's confusing!

mm said...

Things will get worse much faster than expected after Obama win.

The rest of the world may have preffered him, but they do not respect him. And that lack of respect will turn into lack of repspect towards the USA,amplified by economic crisis.

In such surroundings, many countries will try to upset things in ways they would never had during Bush or McCain presidency.

Look at Russian duo carefully. Not yet 1 year in Office, Medevedev has heightened the stakes immensely. Its 20 years since Russia lost its empire and became a second world country.

And, if there were a major natural disaster like Katrina or worse to strike the USA now,to cause really severe disruption in economy, what would those countries looking for better positions do?

It may look pretty calm from inside USA, but , believe me, it is not going to be, as Joe Biden predicted, in he was very right.

PhaT aL said...

Absolutely hilarious... and could be somewhat true:

Stormbringer said...

As ashamed as I am to admit it, Obama fever did reach the shores of the UK, even our national broadcasters seemed to jump on the Democrat bandwagon.

The only thing I've seen like it is the fanaticism that some left wing muppets in the U.K initially showed towards Tony Blair. A figure who is loathed throughout the country now because he promised change, what he didn't tell us was that the change was to turn the UK into a socialist police state.

As for what Sarah should do next, I think she should stay where she is with her career (a hard working, loving mother who loves her country is a perfect image for the Republicans to rally behind) and at the same time organise nationwide tours to stay in the media spotlight, trips to California to meet with Arnie (I'm so envious at just the thought)for example.

Or she could put Alaska in the spotlight by fostering better economic trade between states.

Scott said...

man i can't imagine what would happen in this country if for some reason they found he couldn't be president. Talk about being accused of stealing the election. We already know the obama supporters for the most part overlook everything in regards to him.. they would only see us "stealing" it from him.

Like dick morris said, i don't know if it would be good for our party if McCain had won.. i'm not sure.

Scott said...

monday on greta she has a sit down interview with sarah.. she flew up to alaska for it.

Tbone said...

Sarah Palin fires back at the anonymous critics. She called it cowardly. Sarah also called them jerks. I read it on the anchorage daily news website. Way to go Sarah.

Unknown said...

phat al -
that was really, really funny. I think I'll post it on mine

momprayn said...

mountain mama/knowitall: re birth certificate mess - yeah, I know!!! That's why I've been extremely interested in this since Ted broke it. There's nothing silly about it at all. It's highly important/possible. I have been following it at the site Ted suggested & found out all kinds of confusing stuff about Obama. He's a very mysterious person. But I know, it is SOoooo incredible IF this is true & they didn't take care of this a long time ago!!! The common sense question of: if everything is ok, then WHY doesn't he just unseal it for us to see????? THAT's what keeps this going. I think Andy Martin is supposed to go to court on Nov. 18 or 19 and get it released, again. So....I'm just waiting to see & hopefully this will be ended by Thanksgiving, one way or the other. I'm uneasy until then. His whole family situation is highly him. I don't know if this will be one of those great "revelations"/vindications that come to light or not that I spoke of earlier of course. We wait & see.......

momprayn said...

phatal: re the tape - yeah, I had seen it but didn't post it. ha! probably true to some degree!!

Scott - yeah, I've also thought about what would happen if Obama is declared disqualified;what a mess. Well, we all want truth though. So whatever happens, happens & again, I just try not to dwell on it too much since there is absolutely nothing I can do about it & leave it in God's hands & know He knows what's best. It just may turn out to be ok after all or something. Who knows - this world is too crazy for me!!!!!

Dean said...

I am somewhat confused about the birth certificate issue. How come someone that is in power can demand that the birth certificate be produced? Perhaps like President Bush.

I didn't think that presidential qualifications were left to the Democrat or Republican Party to verify.

Mountain Mama said...

Really---I really do not believe in most conspiracy theories; they're just too bizarre.

But why has Obama sealed his birth certificate? If nothing is wrong, why not release it?

It has to be either a paternity issue (no father is listed, so who's the Dad?) or it's a location issue (was he born in America or not?).

It's a location problem is possible because Obama's paternal grandmother says she was present at B.O.'s birth in Kenya.

But B.O.'s younger sister (who wasn't around, so how would she know?) has stated he was born at this one Hawaii hospital, but at other times stated that B.O. was born at another hospital in Hawaii----which would of course be physically such a strain!

So something might be up----and like it or not, Obama must KNOW what is a potential problem, or he wouldn't have sealed up his birth certificate, right? So if he knows and he's ineligible, then it's fraud....on a huge level, too, because of the teensy problem with $650 million that Americans (and God only knows how many foreigners) DONATED to his campaign!

But here's something key: why isn't Fox News onto this? I've only read about it online, starting here with Ted's entry.

Then again, there was just this sort of news black-out last spring and summer, when WE knew here that Sarah Palin was probably being discussed as a VP pick, but the MSM and Fox were barely mentioning her.

if there IS a problem with Barry's birth certificate----something that actually shows he isn't a bona fide US citizen (in which case he can't even be a US Senator!), OR which shows he isn't a native-born citizen (which means he can't serve as US President), then guess what? THEY WILL CHANGE IT! The Congress will pass quickly a constitutional amendment that dumps the "native-born citizen" requirement for presidents. You watch!

Concerning any candidate, I think that in this world of terrorism and espionage, Congress should NOT tamper with that constitutional requirement. Once again, the Founding Parents were CORRECT----just as they were brilliant to devise the electoral college, so that the entire nation has a part in electing the president (much to the blue states' chagrin these days - tough!).

Tbone said...

When will the MSM stop attacking Sarah? The election ended on Nov. 4. Yet we have Olberman and Maddow still doing unfair and mean attacks on her the last few nights. It is time to let it go.

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. Dean----The Republicans, including the president, wouldn't touch this birth certificate issue ever! They don't want to be blamed if it blows up in Obama's face.
Hmm.... maybe that is why Fox News isn't touching this story: maybe they want the story to break elsewhere, which would force the MSM to report on it, and then Fox News couldn't be blamed for it by the American public (of the 80%+ who voted, 52% are for Obama).

techno said...

I follow football closely. What I would like to do is to present a football analogy as it relates to the dynamics of the McCain campaign and why it lost. First you have to go back to September 2007 when John McCain was out of money and left for dead by many of the pundits. He had just lost the immigration vote in the Senate and it was thought his credibility was shot with the primary voters. You could look at this as the beginning of the playoffs where a team has telling injuries and is just not good enough to compete to win even one playoff game-in football terms one and done. Unexpectedly the McCain team, the Mavericks breeze through the primary season and prevails, as the opposition teams presented him prove to be not as formidable as first thought by the pundits(glaring holes in both offense and defense not readily apparent which cannot be plugged)and the Mavericks thus gain increasing momentum after winning its first playoff game in an upset becoming a juggernaut that cannot be stopped in his conference. In the other conference are two elite teams, the PUMA's and the BLACK PANTHERS who are battling it out to see who will emerge from the other side to see who will battle the Mavericks. From the beginning of the season the PUMA's and the BLACK PANTHERS have been considered the class of the league and far superior to anything that the Maverick's conference could put forward to represent it in the Super Bowl. Pundits also across the board agree that with injuries that abound on the Maverick's team, inherent weaknesses in their defense, the uninspiring leadership of their head coach (McCain) and the deficiency in talent that for the Mavericks it will be virtually impossible for them to prevail against whichever team prevails in the other conference. The BLACK PANTHERS finally prevail after a long and hard fought championship game and have a wild celebration highlighting the inspiration, magnetism and mesmerizing ability of their head coach. The Mavericks (McCain and his close advisors) watch with dismay and horror and realize at that moment they have virtually no chance to beat the BLACK PANTHERS (Obama's convention speech in front of 80,000 stadium fans in Denver). They begin to think. How can we level the playing field? They come to the conclusion they must first shore up their defense. It is defintiely their weakest link. The Mavericks decide they must take a chance and activate a highly-touted rookie middle linebacker from the practice squad who they consider a 'game changer' but who virtually no football fan has ever heard of, to even have a chance to compete (ensure the base will come out strong and vote for the ticket, that thousands of volunteers will be reinvigorated to go knock on doors, man phone banks and be active in the GOTV effort, and who can increase fundraising dramatically to better compete on the airwaves)but who also can play QB-a once-in-a-lifetime prospect. Her name is Sarah Palin. Her unveiling at a press conference is impressive (debut speech in Dayton and convention speech) but it is soon learned of her checkered past and rumors abound to her pedigree and whether she belongs on the same field with true professionals (Bristol's pregnancy,Palin smears, being a moron etc.)Even some of her own teammates begin to question her credentials. Sarah is booed mercilessly without pause throughout the game as soon as she enters the field of play. The game is played in the BLACK PANTHER'S home stadium. However,in spite of all the controversy, during the first quarter the Mavericks strike first and at the end of the first quarter the Mavericks have the lead by a field goal. Then disaster strikes. The Maverick's prized running back is felled by an injury leaving it no alternative but to become a one-dimensional offense, with no ground game (the financial meltdown and bailout). The BLACK PANTHERS team sensing that consistently from that point puts the pressure on the Mavericks-its offense comes to a grinding halt even with Sarah taking the snaps.Sarah even throws an interception and fumbles a snap (Gibson and Couric interviews and SNL mockery of her.) The BLACK PANTHER offense scores 2 touchdowns and a field goal in the 2nd quarter. The Mavericks falls 13 points back and offers little response. That is where the score sits at half time. At the beginning of the third quarter the Mavericks begin to move the ball (Sarah's debate performance)but can only chalk up a field goal leaving them still a TD and a field goal behind. Then McCain and Sarah start moving the ball consistently (Joe the Plumber McCain's third debate, and Biden's gaffe on Obama being tested) and start to narrow the lead but even with Sarah being impressive in moving the ball down the field (sold out rallies) and preventing no bleeding on defense (the base vote) McCain and Sarah are not able to close the gap completely.Thus the Mavericks (McCain) loses by a TD, which is considered respectable by most pundits considering the odds were stacked highly in the BLACK PANTHER'S favor in the first place having a home field advantage (the MSM being in the tank for Obama), superior scouting (Obama running for President almost from the time he entered the US Senate), superior players (Democratic control of Congress and an unpopular President), superior equipment(a huge fundraising advantage),a superior game plan and strategy that included playing the game with biased referees (ground game and ACORN) but even more importantly a far superior coach (Obama).

Unknown said...

the CYA mode for the media is now starting.
newsbusters says that the Washington post will admit in sunday's edition that they were biased about Obama.

US News is stopping it's print edition and will be web-based.

my prediction here is that the media will start to do it's job now that they have elected obama. this enemies in his own party need to weaken him so that they can push through their own agenda. They will leak stories to the media that they know are true but never got out.

Tbone said...

Hi there. I am going to write a letter to Sarah. Keeping in mind that Alaska law prohibits messages concerning campaign or partisan political activities. I would like your opinions of what you think I should include in a letter to Sarah. It will be sent to the Juneau Governor's office. I would appeciate your ideas.

Unknown said...

may I please ask a question that is meant to be fun?
I am curious to learn from all of you when you knew that McCain had "jumped the shark".

{jump the shark
a term to describe a moment when something that was once great has reached a point where it will now decline in quality and popularity.

Origin of this phrase comes from a Happy Days episode where the Fonz jumped a shark on waterskis. Thus was labeled the lowest point of the show.}

My moment was on The View when McCain asnwered Whoopi's stupid question on slavery as if she was a Nobel Prize winner.
I hope we get a few laughs from this.

12thMan said...

Techno a better fottball comparison would be this:

Sarah Palin sank McCain's campaign about as much as Lane Kiffin sank the Raiders. In fact there's no truth to the rumor that Al Davis fired the entire Raider front office and replaced them with McCain staffers. Can we even be sure that Rick Davis isn't related to Al?

momprayn said...

Re the birth cert. deal - yes, I have wondered a lot about why it's not on Fox, Rush, etc.??
If anyone wants to check this out more, you can go to that website that Ted gave:
A lot of info there. But Andy Martin seems to be a very "colorful character" shall we say - but that doesn't mean he's not right about all this subject......

Unknown said...

Looking ahead to 2012, the next census will shift the districts.

the next presidential election will see more of a shift to GOP areas from Liberal Northeast USA. Here is what I found from 2006 projections:
""According to an analysis by Polidata, a political data consulting firm, seven states are all but certain to lose at least one seat: Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Another six states are all but certain to gain at least one seat: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, Texas and Utah""

This shift will be even more pronounced if the illegals on the border are given citizenship.

12thMan said...

Folks this IS going to be a long at least two years, and it's gonna be a bloodbath, don't get caught in the middle. Here the Army Surplus, General Store, and so on are doing hella business. I might wanna partake

We got Democrats who will be at war with each other (Clintonistas vs Obamites). Not even mentioning Lieberman potentially out for (Reid's) blood as well

We got "the old right", if they had fought HALF as hard against Barry as they're smearing Sarah right now, Chief Justice Roberts would be swearing in John McCain on Jan. 20

And PRAY Joe isn't right for once in his life and we end up getting hit again (which would be the third straight time in the first year of a new admin), that WILL give Barry a second term

I wanna give him as much of chance as I can (he is what we all have) but Rahm Emanuel and Jennifer Granholm is NOT a good start. If Barry does become this unstoppable juggernaut it WON'T be by his own doing. So hang on to your seats (and wallets)

Scott said...

""""When will the MSM stop attacking Sarah? The election ended on Nov. 4. Yet we have Olberman and Maddow still doing unfair and mean attacks on her the last few nights. It is time to let it go.""""

the only reason olbermann had ratings is because of the election.. if there isn't anything conservative to bash his show will tank

techno said...

Now the Telegraph UK are reporting that Sarah caused an increase in death threats against Obama by questioning his association with Bill Ayres by 'inflaming' the audience as reported by the Secret Service. I wasn't aware that the Secret Service gave press conferences or sent out press releases. I thought they were apolitical. Will the MSM ever give up maligning Sarah? Is she going to be their whipping girl for eternity?

Tbone said...

It is already Day #3 since the unamed smearing of Sarah by McCain aides with no condeming of it by John McCain. He always defended Obama during the campaign though. He defended Obama better than his former runningmate. I am losing respect for McCain by the day.

Unknown said...

Jumped the Shark -
I was disappointed that week he went back to DC for the sake of the economy. I'm not disappointed he went, because it was a very important week for our country. I'm disappointed in how poorly he handled it.
Both he and Obama were Senators - elected by their constituents to be in the Senate, speaking for their constituents. I think they both belonged there, but no one said a word about how this was their job - that this is what they were actually being paid by US Citizens to do.

It could have been a very defining moment if handled in that light.

I'm sorry, but it felt to me like he really went limp at that point. He allowed the left to bully and mock him for that decision. He didn't stick up for the decision.

Tbone said...

Joe Biden is never right about anything. The guy has been wrong on foreign policy 80% of the time for 30 years.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I went to Meghan McCain's blog to see what she had to say about Sarah.


In fact, the picture of Sen McCain's concession speech is cropped to keep Sarah out of the picture.
As my mother, God bless her, would have said, "oh, my".

Tbone said...

Will the MSM ever give up maligning Sarah? No. Is she going to be their whipping girl for eternity? Yes. The Secret Service reporting that Sarah helped cause increased death threats for bringing up the Obama/Ayres connection is not right. There is an Obama/ayres connection. That is a fact.

momprayn said...

I think I heard somewhere in the news that McCain called her and apologized for all that stuff but I was wondering -- why isn't he going public with it? Sounds fishy.

Tbone said...

Over on the weekly standard website there is column by Jeffrey Bell on why the MSM beats up on Sarah Palin. It is called a Guide to Elite Opinion. I think he hits it right on. We can't let this happen. The election has been over for 4 days. Please leave Sarah alone.

Tbone said...

We need McCain to go public with support of Sarah and condemning those nameless attacks on her. It would help stop it I believe.

Lindsey said...

About Obama's birth certificate... if it were found out that he wasn't a natural born citizen, what would happen? Would it then go to McCain or Biden?

M. Minnesota said...

Off Topic. Please Pray for the Minnesota Senate Race! It is getting down to around 200 votes. Details can be found at

MiJuBri Farms said...

Sorry to change the subject, but just want to let our faithful followers know that Adam's laptop was recovered yesterday afternoon. He picked it up last night after work and it appears to be in good working order and nothing is missing. Praise G-d!

For those of you who donated to the replacement, we will begin issueing refunds through PayPal tomorrow afternoon.

Thank You for your prayers and support.


momprayn said...

knowitall: name -
Mike Huckabee. Defended her tonight on Geraldo, Fox.

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

Thank Heaven Adam's laptop was found, we hope he is feeling better and that you are well. I am told there is no word in Hebrew that means coincidence because the belief is that there is no such thing. I am grateful to hear the wonderful news that the laptop has nothing missing and nothing broken! Peace and many blessings to your family and to Adam's prosperous professional journey!

Bill said...

Anyone with free time, please stop by my blog and help me defend Sarah! I have a reader that keeps hitting me over and over again about her and I could use backup! I'm defending our girl, but he just doesn't let up!

Unknown said...

I doubt the secret service reported anything to a UK paper. As someone said, the Secret Service, for the most part, doesn't report things. And Palin wasn't the only one reporting it. McCain, Fox News and several internet sites reported it. Many of our blogs reported it. How would anyone determine that it was Palin that was the problem? So it sounds like that UK paper was making up a story. MSM doing their thing again.

Scott said...

""""Now the Telegraph UK are reporting that Sarah caused an increase in death threats against Obama by questioning his association with Bill Ayres by 'inflaming' the audience as reported by the Secret Service. I wasn't aware that the Secret Service gave press conferences or sent out press releases. I thought they were apolitical. Will the MSM ever give up maligning Sarah? Is she going to be their whipping girl for eternity?"""""

remember that comedy video of the obama supporters and the fact they have nothing in life now that the campaign is over? the media needs time to decompress from their attacks on palin.. they aren't ready to just cold turkey.. besides, what else will they talk about? said...

Just one question: have all the clothes been returned, including those bought for her, her family, her husband, etc.? If not, why not? Is she going to keep the clothes?

Unknown said...

I'm not sure what the procedure is if it were determined that an elected president is ineligible. Someone else asked if Hilary would be back in the picture then. I wonder if another election would have to be called. Interesting question, although it doesn't seem likely we'd get to that.

I think Mountain Mama was correct earlier when she said that if Obama really wasn't a citizen, Pelosi and her Congress would push to have the law changed.

m.minnesota, sure will pray. I can't believe that joker - Frankfurter or whatever his name is - has gotten that far. I'm a former Minnesotan and have lots of family in the Twin Cities. Amazing.

M. Minnesota said...

Knowitall Defender Name- I would like to put in the name of James T. Harris. I have not heard him speak after the election, but his endorsment of Gov. Palin at the famous Wisconsin Rally was stellar!! He said he was taking a "Wuppen" for Supporting Mccain. Shortly before those remarks, he looked to Gov. Palin and said to her "God Bless You Sarah!" Thank you for being a Barracua, We need that!"
Mountain Mama- with regard to the whole Birth Certificate thing, if it got to Congress, you said they would ammend the Constitution accordingly. I think to actually change the Constitution you need to have the Change/Ammendment approved by two thirds of the States. Have not seen anything regarding Electors filing a suit. (Ted where are you?) In any event, we must pray and seek his face!

Amanda said...

Knowitall - do you think we can add Dick Morris to the list? I have definitely heard him defend Sarah, but now at this point it is hard for me to remember whether that was before or after the ridiculous "insider" allegations.

Dean said...

The MSM are making a last attempt to destroy Sarah Palin. They do not want see her come back in 2012.

The MSM reporters are ruthless and will do anything to control politics in our country. MSNBC Rachel Maddow is one of the most disgusting. Rachel can't speak her rhetoric without the grin on her face. In 2012 the MSM will be promoting Obama with all the lies and rhetoric they can find. They will be trashing any conservative who is on the scene.

techno said...

10 ideas or thoughts that explain Obama's election win: 1)"Appearance should not be mistaken for truth." Charlotte Bronte, preface to Jane Eyre 2) "Ignorance more frequently begets confidence that it does knowledge..." Darwin, introduction to the Descent of Man 3) "What does intensity have to do with politics? Well, everything.Intense people are those who vote." Sean Malstrom Nov. 4/2008 4) "Egalitarianism encourages envy." Edmund Burke 5) "Human needs, drives, passions and interests drive history; virtue and morality are insignificant." Hegel The Philosophy of History 6)"The more militant the energies of the people are directed toward one objective the more will new recruits join the movement, attracted by the magnetism of its unified action." Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf 7)..."But I know not how a genuine may be distinguished from a spurious prophet, except by the measure of his success." The River War Winston Churchill 8) "The ends justify the means." Machiavelli (the destruction of Sarah Palin)9)"Preparation can make a victory a self-fulfilling prophecy." Sun Tzu The Art of War 10)"Propaganda...must always address itself to the broad masses of the people...appeal to the feelings of the public than to their reasoning powers...must be presented to appeal to the lowest mental denominator...the more it is addressed exclusively to public sentiment, the more decisive will be its success...must be confined to bare essentials...and in stereotyped formulas...persistently repeated...must not be abstract and general...must be psychologically the most efficient." Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf

Unknown said...
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M. Minnesota said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
M. Minnesota said...

Regarding You tube Video man arrested for wearing Mccain/ Palin T shirt. I just saw a longer video of the same situation.It looks a though the police did have a good reason to take him out and detain and/or arrest the man on the wearing the Mccain /Palin T-Shirt in that racous Crowd of Obama Supporters. The Man had a Toy Sword. If I were a Cop I would have taken him out of that situation and charged him.

Mountain Mama said...

Either the election race aged Barak Obama 10 years, or he's stopped using Grecian Formula: suddenly there's GREY HAIR on The One! (Oh, we already knew he was faking things....)

I'm praying that God can transform Obama into an authentic, open person who isn't a socialist megalomaniac, as he sometimes seems at times, even to liberals (they, too, dislike the Greek columns, bizarre Not-Quite-the-President Seals, etc.----shudder!).

At any rate, passing a constitutional amendment is very difficult, but I still maintain that Congress would push for this, rather than allow Obama to be disqualified for the office of P.

First, 2/3 of a QUORUM of both houses of Congress must adopt a resolution that a constitutional amendment is needed. Difficult!

Then, it takes 2/3 of the legislatures of ALL of the US states to request a call for a constitutional convention. Also tricky!

Finally, the constitutional amendment must then be ratified by the legislatures of 3/4 of the US states: very hard to pull off, especially quickly.

Nevertheless, my guess is that all of the above would happen swiftly, to allow Obama to be inaugurated.

If this attempt to pass a constitutional amendment FAILED, then Obama's supporters would probably insist that McCain also be disqualified! He was born in Panama, on a military base----and opponents wonder: did Congress have the right to decide that the children of military personnel are "natural born citizens?---or must another process be used to create this decision?

If Obama's birth certificate is unsealed, assessed, and found problematic AFTER the electoral college has voted him and Biden into office, then it's easy: Biden succeeds Obama.

But if all the above occur BEFORE the electoral college votes, then it's up for grabs who the college members would or could vote into office. See
to check out the various possibilities.

I pray that the truth comes out, and that Americans honor the Constitution, which politicians pledge to uphold!

Tbone said...

The day will come when that some in the MSM that got Obama elected will turn against him. Here are some reasons. Obama is not use to making choices. He has never been an executive ever in his life. There is no voting present as President. Like he did in the Illinois Senate. When you make choices you eventually upset even supporters.
That is why I still think Sarah is qualified to be President because she is intelligent and use to making choices that an executive needs to make. Sarah is a leader.

LT said...

I am wondering if Kirsten Powers, democratic Fox contributer/analyst, could qualify for the list of Palin "supporters". She doesn't support her ideologically, but decried the double standards and unfair treatment of Palin before and after the election. Even if not an official "on the list" supporter, Powers deserves a shout out for her fairmindedness. I wish all liberals could be guided by the same principles.

Scott said...

""""If this attempt to pass a constitutional amendment FAILED, then Obama's supporters would probably insist that McCain also be disqualified! He was born in Panama, on a military base----and opponents wonder: did Congress have the right to decide that the children of military personnel are "natural born citizens?---or must another process be used to create this decision?"""""

yeah but all of this is according to the current law... McCain being born on a military base automatically makes him a u.s. citizen. Nothing in the law disputes this. Whereas if it's true about obama's birth certificate, he isn't a citizen.

momprayn said...

Re if Obama is disqualified - according to Ted when he first told us about this (according to the Constitution):
"all electors committed to Obama would then be disqualified; hence presumably the candidate with the second most number of electors in the electoral college will then get in a POTUS - standing question as to the electors in the electoral college.
...purpose of having the electoral college meeting & voting altogether was a safeguard..if an unqualified ..person was being..submitted for POTUS."

Yes, Ted - where are you - what do you say at this point?
I'm hoping this will be settled before Thanksgiving.

momprayn said...

Bill - I went to your site & voted awhile back. Great site but re that person that is being a stubborn nuisance --- he is probably a "lost cause" right now. There's more than plentiful information out there if they really want the truth and/or "ready" to hear it. IF anything will work, it'll be their own sad personal experiences & see with their own eyes in their own "backyard" the "truths" we try to get across.

Techno - Great reasons - I agree. Sad but so true. All of those demonic strategies DO work amazingly well!!! People haven't changed one bit since Adam & Eve.

momprayn said...

knowitall - another name:
Katon Dawson, SC GOP Chairman
This morning on Fox.

Really, really praised and stood up for Sarah bigtime. Had no idea why the head of the RNC or McCain haven't spoken out.

momprayn said...

It - yes, I agree about Kirsten Powers. I also have noticed her "fairmindedness", especially with Sarah.
tbone - yes, I think the MSM, more Dems will now begin to "turn on him". The MSM aren't going to like his "non-answers"! Now, since their "guy" is in, they'll probably start seeing how he "really is" and get frustrated. He's already been doing that, using that "one President at a time" for his excuse right now. No, he sure can't vote "present" when he is President, but my guess is he'll sure try!!!!

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