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Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Few Thoughts on Polls (and a CNN Video)

Friends, we are just under 48 hours from the opening of the polls in what could be one of the biggest elections of our lifetime...and personally I'm starting to think it is going to be a real squeaker regardless of who wins.

If you haven't noticed, most of the polls are showing Obama up by roughly 5%, but what a lot of people don't look at is the fine print on how those polls are conducted. A lot of pollsters build party registration breakdowns into their polls to ensure they have a sample that accurately reflects the electorate. Here's the problem: This year, the pollsters have been consistently building more Democrats into their polls. Through my job at Townhall, I had the opportunity to listen in on a McCain campaign media call the other day, and they had to explain that a lot of these polls are building in a 10-12% Democratic registration advantage (assuming a surge of new Democratic voters due to Obama). However, since 1984, that simply is not the case. Instead, there has been a pretty steady Democratic registration advantage of about 5% (even in elections where the GOP wins handily). If we were building polls based on that assumption, we would be looking at MUCH different data than the stuff we are getting.

So, the question then becomes what data the CAMPAIGNS are operating on. Obama wants us to think he's playing in red states now...and to a degree he is (North Carolina). However, that doesn't explain why the Senator from Illinois was in Iowa on Friday. Iowa has been polling blue for months, it's not in need of defending, right? Wrong. McCain internal polling shows it tied, and I'm guessing Obama's polls are showing the exact same thing (otherwise he wouldn't be there).

So, I'm bracing for a long night on Tuesday.

P.S. Here's the video from the CNN International segment I did the other day with Zennie Abraham. I can't get the embed to work, but Zennie also has a great piece on this up on his blog, so you can view it there. And he's right..they cut some good stuff out of the final version.


Unknown said...

found on hillbuzz:

*Ebonya Washington is Assistant Professor of Economics and Political Science (Yale). She received her PhD in economics at MIT in 2003. She specializes in public finance and political economy with research interests in the interplay of race, gender and political representation.

“I find that each black candidate significantly increases black voter turnout—by
2.5 percentage points. The white turnout response, 2.1 percentage points, is nearly as high and statistically indistinguishable from the black result.

Given that blacks and whites comprise 10 and 83 percent, respectively, of the population in the average district, the numerical increase in white voters is seven times that of black voters.”

Unknown said...

also found on hillbuzz:
the winner of the best Australian blog entry (or something like that)



Ted said...

Do any of these polls reflect the PUMA’s (which the MSM either never mentions or wholly discounts)?

It seems to me, the PUMA-type impact is unprecedented in modern politics and polling, that is, a significant portion of Dems, identifying and remaining identified as Dems, before the election (unlike Reagan Democrats who were identified after the election), voting for the GOP candidate.

Factoring a Bradley effect + the far greater Puma effect, would seem to me to net anywhere from 5 to 12 additional percentage points, on top of what the pollsters are saying, toward McCain/Palin.

And taking the current RCP averages, anything netting over say 6 Bradley-Puma points, will give Electoral Count victory to McCain/Palin (and again, that’s based on the current RCP averages).

And finally, since Obama has actually polarized and made race relations worse, and is much more in your face on the issue, whereas Tom Bradley was benign on that issue, the Bradley effect may be even MORE pronounced NOW than in the Bradley days -- albeit conventional wisdom says the reverse is the case.

Ray said...

The Rasmuseen poll conducted on Halloween appears to be a big Obama sample. That sample will still be in the tracking average on Monday. I don't know if Ras will have a final poll on Tuesday at 9:30 am. If they do, it would not include the Halloween sample (holiday samples are almost always screwy). It will however, still use a large Democratic sample.

I'm seeing Dems now saying that if we win state A, it's okay, because we are still way under (losing States B and C, because they are unwinnable). Then another one concedes we may win state B, but that won't matter (losing A and C because they are unwinnable). A third says we have a longshot in state C, but McCain will lose anyway (losing A and B because they are unwinnable).

So, who is in for a rude awakening? Us or them?

techno said...

I just listened to the prank phone call between two Montreal comedians, one of which was imitating Nicholas Sarkozy, President of France and Sarah Palin. First of all, I want to say that fortunately for the McCain campaign Sarah was full of charm, grace and poise and did nothing or said nothing to damage the campaign as we run up to voting day on Tuesday. However, whoever it was who passed these two idiots to Sarah should be fired pronto. This episode also raises three questions. How did these jokers get the phone number, how did the call pass security and how did they know that Sarah would be available at this particular time? I'm sorry to be a conspiracy theorist but I detect an inside job here.

Ray said...

Those two actually duped Sarkozy himself, before.

Lindsey said...

I honestly don't see NC going Obama at all. I live in NC and have drove all over the state these last few weeks. Easily McCain signs out number Obama's. Even in liberal area's like Raleigh things seem to be pretty even. Last nights rally with Sarah was incredible. There were thousands that didn't get in(myself included) that all stayed outside to listen to the speaker they had put up. I've heard that there were around 25,000 people that showed up and only 10,000 got in. She did come out to wave and shake hands with people outside.

Unknown said...


do you think zogby might have placed McCain ahead in the polls so he could get the headline spot on Drudge? Nooooo... He wouldn't do that.

I looked up the New Hampshire Dem Primary from last winter. According to realclearpolitics, the polls were off by 10.9%!!! The zogby poll was off by 16%.

As many of us have said, Zogby is a bad poll. How about "voting it off the island"?

Scott said...

TIPP: OBAMA 46.7%... MCCAIN 44.6%... NOT SURE 8.7%...

technogeek, aka Steve from MN said...

The reason most polls have more Dems is because registered Dems outnumber Republicans. Statistically it was about 35% to 29%, but thanks to W it's now about 38% to 24%. Any poll that has a true mix of equal parts is a partisan poll and should not be believed.

Also, have you seen the turnout in early voting? Generally Republicans are turning out more in early voting. Have you seen the lines? Conservatively Obama leads +14% in early voting. The real numbers won't come out until Tuesday, but expect them early Tuesday morning.

Virginia is the key. If Virginia and Pennsylvania are called early, it's time to turn off the TV. No scenario for McCain/Palin will win without these two.

North Carolina, Ohio, Florida don't matter if Virgina and Penn are blue.

The turning point this election will likely be Hispanic voters. AZ has been marked a tossup with the latest polls.

Most Montana and Georgia polls do not include Bob Barr. He could draw 8% of the consevative vote.

This year Pennsylvania really is the Keystone statem, but Virginia is the finger in the dam.

Scott said...

It seems to me, the PUMA-type impact is unprecedented in modern politics and polling, that is, a significant portion of Dems, identifying and remaining identified as Dems, before the election (unlike Reagan Democrats who were identified after the election), voting for the GOP candidate."""""""""""""

also rush limbaugh's audience who were supposedly doing the same thing.. and their numbers are about the same as the support level hillary got.

huskyonspeed said...

I'm watching a McCain speech in Scranton, PA. You know, he can be very inspiring too when he's talking about fighting for America.

techno said...

I know it is an old movie, but I'd recommend if you have the time to look in on The Mortal Storm with James Stewart on Turner Classic Movies today at 4:15 EST. You will definitely get an idea what I'm talking about regarding how Nazi Germany deteriorated from a civilized society to a society of intimidation, conformity and brutality, 'big lie' propaganda, demagoguery, and the deliberate attempt to eliminate any intellectual opposition through force and concentration camps-how terrified the ordinary citizen was of the Storm Troopers etc. I think you get the idea.

techno said...

The October surprise has become a November surprise. Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry.

Admin said...

I got to see Sarah at a rally in Canton, Ohio today. She gave a great speech and it was awesome to get to meet her. She's such an inspiring person and I'll be praying she'll soon be our country's VP and one day President. Go SARAH!!!!!

Here's a pic I took at the rally

Admin said...

About the prank call, I agree that whoever put the call through should be fired. They obviously weren't doing their job if a call like that went to Sarah. She shouldn't have been put in that situation.

Admin said...

Sorry the pic didn't work before.
I'll try again...

Mountain Mama said...

Great job, Adam! I'm really sorry they cut out lots of your interview with CNN International----and it's sad that it didn't air in the USA, too----because < I > am always hoping you are telling people the MAIN reason we KNOW that this blogsite has had great influence:

Namely, for the first time in HISTORY, a major presidential campaign staff chose to begin leaking its news of their candidate's Vice-Pres. pick FIRST to a BLOGSITE!----"Draft Sarah Palin for VP!"----ie. TO US!

And the CHOSEN leaks from McCain's staff began 14 HOURS EARLIER TO this blogsite than they went to ANY OTHER MEDIA OUTLET, including to a favorite reporter (this is where leaks usually are made)!

That has NEVER happened before to a BLOGSITE! It still blows my mind.....

Tell us more, Techno, about Obama's (as usual, stupid) plans to bankrupt the coal industry.

EVERYONE: keep noticing the silliness of believing ANY poll. They just don't know how to "weight" them properly this year!

Now, does that mean McCain is certainly going to win? NO! The ONLY way any candidate wins is if his/her supporters GO VOTE!

That's why I think it should be illegal for ANY media outlet to report on the supposed results of ANY state, until AFTER ALL THE POLLS ARE CLOSED---IN EVERY STATE!

I just can't BELIEVE that it's allowed to report on the Eastern Seaboard states, when those in the west have yet to close their polls! IT'S VOTER SUPPRESSION!

Anyone know if Republican efforts to safeguard the military votes were accomplished? I HOPE SO! It was disgusting how those votes were discounted in 2000.

Unknown said...

the tape about the coal industry. Please send this to your friends in coal country.

Mountain Mama said...

Here's the YouTube site for the Obama quote re. the coal industry:

Like Joe the Plumber and Tito, THIS QUOTE IS ANOTHER GIFT FROM GOD, because here Obama reveals once again precisely how LIBERAL he is! Nearly HALF our energy needs derive from the coal industry.

QUICKLY! Send the above URL to everyone you know in PENNSYLVANIA, so we can win that state!

Also, did you watch "Meet the Depressed" today? HOW PRESUMPTUOUS Brokaw was! He'd asked Fred Thompson about Sarah Palin, and FT noted that in the debate with her, Biden had made 10-12 flat-out errors.

TO WHICH, Brokaw said, "Um... you said 'Biden,' when you meant 'Sarah Palin.'"

In other words, Brokaw thought Fred T. meant that SARAH had made the errors in the debate.

Fred T. said, "No-ooo, I meant Joe Biden: he made the errors." BROKAW MADE NO REPLY!

Good Lord, not only do the media fail to challenge their fave-rave liberal candidates, but the media don't even READ ENOUGH TO NOTICE what those candidates SCREW UP!

Wait! I forgot! That's why Rush calls them, "The DRIVE-BY media:" they often don't bother to read in-depth research, ESPECIALLY if the results might contradict their liberal world-view.

jill said...

knowitall's link to the Australian's blog, American Dénouement, Final Commentary From A Presumptuous Outsider, is an excellent read. Don't miss it! This part is from the end:

"The real breakthrough of 2008 is the emergence of the first woman nominee in American history to attract a national following - without Senator Obama's half billion dollars or his genuflecting journalists. Clearly, Senator McCain and his running- mate phenomenon deserve to prevail on Tuesday. The Democrat sub- prime debacle, fraud, illicit money and media malfeasance mean they probably won't. That said, it ain't really over till its over."


Brianus Berkleianus said...

Prayer Request

Dear Friends of Sarah,

I know we are praying for Sarah and John right now, but could you also say a prayer for my brother? He had surgery for a malignant brain tumor a few weeks ago, and suffered a seizure today. Thank you, all!! The good Lord willing, my brother will recover (he is only in his forties), and our beautiful, brave Sarah (and John!) will triumph on Tuesday.

Thanks, and God's choicest blessings on all of you!!


Scott said...

mm do you remember the day when the mccain campaign posted choosing sarah on this site? i got here the day after adam was on colbert so that was before me. I'd like to see what they posted.

I agree about them broadcasting the results of states before the polls close.. i remember in 2000, here in florida where we live.. the race was down the middle and florida was one of the last states to report in. I just hope people have come to distrust the media.

jill said...

An encouraging word. Rather, an encouraging picture.

AOL strawpoll

Scott said...

someone needs to go over the event times on the website.. on 11/3 they have John in Indianapolis at 1pm, Roswell NM at 3pm, and Nevada at 4pm..

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, Scott! You can access the previous posts by going to the bottom of the HOME page, then clicking on "Older Posts." You might have to flip back two pages....
The first post by the leaker, Drew, was one where he demanded a source from (I believe it was) Techno.
But in the next few minutes, Drew wrote us this:
<< I have a source within the RNC that tells me McCain's pick will be a woman. I have been told the choice will be a unexpected and balanced pick. That's all I have.
August 28, 2008 2:20 PM >>

WHAT A BOMBSHELL that was! Turned out, Drew (as he wrote us the next day at about 1 p.m.) was SENT BY the McCain campaign, TO this blogsite, to begin HERE the international leaking of Palin's being the person whom McCain picked for his VP!

And remember: no one ELSE received a leak from the campaign about Palin until the NEXT MORNING, Aug. 29, the day her name was announced publicly (and I believe that, after leaking to us, they next leaked it to Carl Cameron of Fox News).

SO Adam doesn't HAVE to "wonder" if blogsites have influenced this election: WE KNOW it has, because it changed the very behavior of the McCain campaign staff!

WE WERE THE FIRST BLOGSITE EVER to receive this high-level, internationally-sensational LEAK! It was NOT sent to a main-stream media reporter, which has ALWAYS been the leak-route previously!

I tell ya, it was a thrilling night, the one before the Palin pick was made known publicly. Read through the blog posts.....

Which reminds me: where are the old gang? We haven't heard from Wk4Christ, Dr. Vicki, or many other bloggers here for quite awhile. Let's hope and pray they are out there, working hard for MCCAIN-PALIN!

Dean said...

It really makes you wonder how many other interviews and videos that have been suppressed by the media. The media coverage on this election is beyond bias. The MSM is not doing their jobs.

Last week on the Charlie Rose Show both Charlie and Tom Brokaw said that we know so little about Obama. This is because neither one of them really cared. They had two years to investigate and chose to look the other way.

Here is a link to what is called How to Watch the Election. It has a map and some key things to look for in different regions.

jill said...

This is for techno, who gets advice from mm every so often to take an advil.

Mountain Mama said...

Yo, Jill!
Um, no-oo.... This gal NEVER recommends that anyone take medicine----first, because I'm no doc, and second, because my docs say all meds. are somewhat poisonous!

Instead, Techno and other have sometimes said, when they've been upset about this or that development, that they FELT like taking various headache meds.

Being good conservatives, they no doubt meant their remarks as a joke, because ONLY LIBERALS act on FEELINGS!
We Conservatives get up, dust ourselves off, and PERSEVERE INTO THE STORM----never mind the pain.......right? (smile)

Mountain Mama said...

Okay, now I checked out that URL you suggested, Jill----and for ONCE, I do recommend that Techno and myself and any other burned-out bloggers DO TAKE THAT!

Scott said...

What the Polls Aren't Telling You

"With the sand in the 2008 campaign hourglass about depleted, [Patrick] Campbell is part of a stubborn wedge of people who, somehow, are still making up their minds about who should be president. One in seven, or 14 percent, can't decide, or back a candidate but might switch, according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll of likely voters released Friday."
From an October 31 Associated Press story

If you happen to have the time to keep track of events in real-time and can recall what happened during the waning months of the presidential primaries, I promise that you would come away with a dramatically different portrait of where the election is right now than the gloom-and-doom picture painted by the media.

Virtually everything you have read for the past couple of weeks and even more so the next few days is intended to depress the turnout for the pro-life team of John McCain and Sarah Palin. And every vote will count in what I predict will be a nail-biter next Tuesday.

Please read all seven points and pass this edition on to friends, family, and colleagues.

1. The single most important piece of breaking news came out yesterday when the Mason-Dixon poll put Obama ahead by a mere 4% in Pennsylvania. (Nine percent were undecided.) Mason-Dixon is among the most reliable pollsters. Just a couple of weeks ago, McCain was behind by double-digits. Carrying Pennsylvania could well be pivotal to the pro-life team of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin. In my judgment, no two states have been more misunderstood/misrepresented than Pennsylvania and my state, Virginia.

2. Speaking of Virginia, it is closing for many of the same reasons the gap has shrunk dramatically in Pennsylvania. For starters, it never made sense that a genuine radical who is militantly pro-abortion should carry either state, and surely not by double-digit margins. Yesterday, National Review did a brilliant job of digging beneath the conventional wisdom that Obama benefits because of the many new voters who've registered in Virginia and because the proportion of voters from increasingly Democratic-leaning Northern Virginia has really grown.

It turns out that "Northern Virginia accounts for just a slightly larger share of the state's electorate [4 tens of one percent, to be exact] than it did four years ago," writes Brian Schaffner of And note that "in counties where Kerry won less than 40 percent of the vote--Bush country--an eye-opening 109,243 new voters have registered." Of course counties that went for Bush in 2004 could go for Obama in 2008, but this is sheer speculation.

Obama is supposedly ahead in Virginia because pollsters tell us that a share of people who voted for Bush last time around have said they prefer Obama this time, not because of the impact of the new registrants. But if there is anything that is clear the last two weeks it is that Republicans who were ambivalent about Sen. McCain are coming home in droves.

3. Watching McCain deliver a speech this morning, it is clear he is energized and (as they say) on message. And the crowds Palin is drawing are massive. When we look back, remember that she was/is attracting people in the very areas in states like Virginia and Pennsylvania that ought to GOP strongholds and need great turnouts. The bursts of enthusiasm that I have personally witnessed make it unmistakable: the tide has turned.

4. No doubt the turnout will be historic. But while the emphasis understandably has been on the increased turnout of African-Americans and voters 18-29, there will also be large increases in other demographics that are much more sympathetic to Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin.

5. There is movement among important swing groups in McCain's direction. According to a Fox News/Opinion Dynamics Corporation poll released a couple of days ago, "Independents back Obama by 5 percentage points today, down from a 9-point edge last week. Similarly, among white Catholics, Obama held an 11-point edge over McCain last week and today they split 46-46."

6. According to McCain's pollster, Bill McInturff, there is something like 8% of respondents who say they are undecided or refuse to tell the pollster what they think in the battleground states. Ordinarily these might well prove to be non-voters. But their self-expressed interest in this election is very high. Looking at Obama's fight with Sen. Hillary Clinton as a possible model, the undecided/refused to respond broke sharply for Clinton over the last two months of the Democrats' primary season. Writing in the Wall Street Journal McInturff argues they will do likewise for Sen. McCain, "add[ing] a net three plus points to our margins." And finally,

7. I won't waste your time by belaboring the obvious: the "mainstream media" is determined to elect pro-abortion Sen. Barack Obama. One study after another from places like the Project for Excellence in Journalism document that while Obama and Sen. Joe Biden have received a sprinkling of negative media coverage, the pro-life team of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin has endured a thunderstorm of negativity.

A friend of mine called me earlier this week to share that the Obama campaign (with its essentially unlimited sources of money) was spending millions sending out personalized DVDs to identified supporters. I'm told that when the person popped it into their player, the opening was a mock headline that said Sen. McCain had won the election by one vote--the one this Obama supporter did NOT cast.

Make sure that everyone you know votes.

Ted said...

mountain mama:--

I'm still out here, doing what I can -- have been attending to Adam B's site since early in 2008 and was a participant on that historic exciting (to me) day/night when the Palin news was leaked here first.

From what I've read and seen since, I'm convinced that Adam Brickley's blog, including the numerous comments I and others made here and elsewhere throughout the blogosphere were read by McCain and influenced his decision.

Mountain Mama said...

(Shhh....... Don't read these comments aloud!
whispering now:
** i've always stuck up for bush and cheney, but now i wonder:
considering cheney's recent publicity-hound endorsement of mccain and palin, do you think cheney and bush are in the tank for the rich wall-streeters? they've been sending all their $$ this election cycle not, as usual, to the republican presidential candidate, but instead this time to obama! by endorsing/ie. stabbing mccain-palin publicly, bush and cheney are thus sabotaging the mccain-palin ticket! they must not want mcc-palin to win, because then they can blame everything horrible that happens during the next two years solely on the democrats----and then hope for a huge republican win in 2010----see?
if they are all pulling this crap, then they are jerks to the max!----and they are revealing once again that they don't really care about the conservative social agenda----pro-life, pro-second-amendment, pro-family, etc.----and they thus don't give a hang whom the democrats put into the supreme court.)
Okay, Resume Normal Blogging.

Unknown said...

alyssa -- wonderful picture. WOW you had a good seat.

Jill, thank you for your comment about the Australian blogger's essay. I have sincerely found that the Aussies write the most insightful essays about us. They generally like us and want to understand us.
It was I who first suggested that someone take an Aleve. I am a physician. As an MD, I know humor is a necessary ingredient in life, no matter how lame the jokes are.

Mountain Mama, you deserve a dose of humor. Aren't you the one who plans to ingest therapeutic doses of chocolate while watching the returns? I hope you do and I hope you enjoy it.
You comment was perfect regarding Cheney. I agree 100%

huskyonspeed, do you realize that our state football teams lost by a combined 114 to zero yesterday? That should toughen us up for whatever happens this week.

Brianus. I was thinking about you today and how much you have added with your stories. As a doctor I can tell you that I know your brother's doctors will do everything possible to help him. Yes, I will remember your brother in prayers.

I continue to blog on the east coast. I can tell you that Massachusetts is a blue state but the GOP is represented by people with stout opinions. The discussions and name calling are getting intense.

You know, as Mountain Mama said, the polls are not going to be accurate this year. If they are off, I will forgive them.
I hope the information from McCain's people is accurate. Their polling data are raising my hopes. If that information turns aut to be false, it will be a wee bit harder to forgive.

jill said...

Good beat, easy to dance to, scary lyrics.

Scott said...

o believe me.. bush and cheney want McCain to win.. like that article i posted on possible outcomes of an obama presidency.. can you imagine obama and the liberal congress allowing other countries (or themselves) to bring up bush and his cabinet on charges of war crimes? i wouldn't put it above them.

I read in an article today

here it is
talks about why bush has been laying low

I feel bad for him.. he did what he believed to be right and is even taking the rap for the actions of those who condemn him.. i read once that he (i think it was an interview with glenn beck when he was at the white house oval office once) he told glenn that he's willing to be the most hated man in the world for the next 50 years.. but he has to do what he feels is right.

Now what leader speaks like that any more?

Patriot1776 said...

Let's worry about that on Wednesday Moutain Momma.

We have monday to work our butts off for Sarah and John too!

We must remain positive.

I have been with this site for a long time - formerly mosby2...changed my ID on my blog.

Those of us who have been here from the begining, we know what electing Sarah Palin will mean. We can not wait 2012.

Here is a scenario. If you are AK, you MUST vote for Ted Stevens - no matter how bitter you feel. Then Sarah before she is sworn in and still serving as Governor can appoint a candidate to fill Stevens seat after he is resigned. I hope that is plan.

ALong with getting Sarah to the White House we have to prevent a 60 seat majority in the Senate.

This is the fight our lives...and our country is hanging in the balance.

manajordan said...

I just saw this great video. It is a version of The Battle Hymn of the Republic. I found it to be pretty inspiring.


momprayn said...

Resuming normal blogging...after I took a "Too Long" pill, here I am.

Brianus -- yes, indeed, I will certainly (already have matter of fact) pray for your dear brother. Thanks for asking for prayer - it does make a difference. Keep us "posted" (ha!)

knowitall/Jill - Re what that Australian said: "it ain't really over till it's over." Yes, reminded me of how I felt & commented (& others here) so I really think that is what God is telling us.....

huskyonspeed - yes, I too have been impressed with McCain's pumped speech at the end where he inspires us to "fight" --- I think it has done some real good.

Re the leak of Sarah to this blogsite - I was very interested in hearing all that since I didn't come on until after that. I hadn't even heard of her before & then found this site which I really thought was interesting. It's the first one I've ever done guys! But I was so filled with enthusiasm for her I couldn't help it. Had to vent my feelings!!! and I've enjoyed it ever since. Surely God's hand has been on it and the ones that have been on here. No doubt. God bless ya!!!

Unknown said...

Look at this and have a good laugh. The coal article has made it to the coal country news:



azaeroprof said...

alyssa, Great picture! knowitall was right, you really must have had a great seat!

I grew up in Stark County. Went to many a rally in the Civic Center there (including Reagan!). Is that where you were?

Keep prayin' everyone! Can we still win on Tues? You betcha!

momprayn said...

knowitall - re the coal thing ---they have it on tonight on Hannity as breaking news. Hmmm......more that will help??? Wonder if we'll get anything else tomorrow???

Mountain Mama said...

We just keep finding out more horrible things about Obambi!----thanks to God's finding ways to reveal them (since the MSM won't DO THEIR JOB!).
I'm GLAD this information came out about Obama's plans to bankrupt the coal industry----JUST IN TIME for us to get the PA and WV votes!

THINK how those PA and WV early-voters-for-Obama feel NOW? I'd want to CHANGE my vote----but it would be too late.

Bill said...

This has been an awesome site to come to during the campaign. It was this site that I stumbled upon during the summer when I was doing my own research into Sarah Palin for John McCain's VP. This site was an awesome source of info on Sarah and it was so fun to see that there were a large number of people out there that agreed with me on McCain's need to select someone like Sarah. Thanks for the poll post. I've been telling people all weekend that. A lot of them are looking at the polls and are discouraged. HOWEVER, nobody that I have talked to has let that discourage them from voting. They are all chomping at the bit to vote. I think people are in for a big surprise on election day. Based on the UNEXPECTED trouncing that Hillary gave Obama in NH and later in PA, I think PA is going to go for McCain. I really do. I also think a vast majority of the swing states will go for him as well. Let's not give up hope! Let's pray, vote, and encourage one another as our final hours tick down! McCain and Palin can win this thing! Then our girl will be the first woman elected VP (and later President!)

Bill said...

Oh and it was exciting that the leak of Sarah was on this site. I had been blogging about Sarah for a while by then, and when I read the posts on here Aug 28 before heading to bed, I told my wife that there were reports on this site that Sarah was the pick. Even then though I went to bed thinking that in the end it would probably be someone boring like Pawlenty or Romney. When I woke up in the morning I turned on the TV in fear (not wanting my hopes to end!) and the first thing I see (as my TV was left on Foxnews!) was the face of Sarah Palin and the reporter talking about how all of the rumors were saying it was her. What a wonderful day that was! Thanks Adam for all you did to make that happen! Personally, I plan to submit a resume to work for VP Palin when she is elected.

Admin said...

knowitall - thank you :) yes, we got there early and it was worth it to be up in the front.

azaeroprof - thanks! It was at McKinley High School. We met some people there who drove 7 HOURS from Michigan just to see Sarah.

Another rally pic of Sarah

Sarah and Todd

jill said...

On closing the deal in PA, by a Pittsburgh columnist.

MiJuBri Farms said...

Just wanted to say thanks to those who donated to the replacement of Adam's laptop. It will be a big help towards the replacement cost.

Blessings to you all.

P.S. Will be hanging out here Tuesday night, just like that historic night on Aug 28/29. I'll just be prepared with more chocolate and munchies.

momprayn said...

Yo Bill! So nice to read your post tonight. Please say Hi to Sarah for me when you go to work for her as VP!!!! God bless you too!

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, Bill----consider getting your Vitae ready to send in on WEDNESDAY for working with Sarah Palin; beat the crowd!

Gosh! I wonder what new things we'll learn about Obambi tomorrow (which the MSM COULD have reported about MONTHS ago, but no-ooo....).

Unknown said...

Scott - yes, I agree about President Bush. I feel for him. A couple of years ago, a man I am familiar with was in the oval office with others for a meeting with the president. At the close of the meeting, Pres. Bush asked him to stay behind. Bush then told him that he sensed a grief in the man, and the man then told the President, in a couple sentences, about a difficult family matter.

President Bush put his arm around the man, and prayed for him.

I think that President Bush is a man that many of us don't know or understand very well. Please, please pray for him. He's carried a pretty heavy load these last few years. I pray that the man that takes his place has shoulders as big as his.

Patriot1776 - I agree. I have never been one to ever, ever vote a straight Republican ticket. Although I was once a crad carrying Republican and did my stint on the county Republican Central Committee ten years ago, I have been an independent for quite awhile now. But we do need as many Republicans as possible to be voted into Congress this year. The thought of the Dems having control of both houses and POTUS is frightening.

Finally, please pray for a blogger that goes by the names of "Joey" and "Jack." He has been pretty persistent in his attempts to comment on my blog over the last couple weeks. I don't allow his notes to post and I don't respond to him because he's very abusive, foul language, hateful attacks. But his letters/attempts are getting worse with the abusive content. I pray - Lord Jesus, help this man. I think my silence is making him angrier. Please pray for him - I get the feeling that he desperatley needs someone to love and pay attention to him. It also kind of scares me. He can't do anything to me, but wow. The level of his anger, makes me wonder what life is like for the people around him.
No one acts like this without a ton of hurt in their heart. Please pray for him - as well as for others out there in the blog world that seem so full of pain.

MiJuBri Farms said...

FYI: Adam is still operating sans laptop but will be at work tomorrow and has some good friends in the dorms who help out. Replacement may take a bit longer (week?), but he has assured me that he will be online live Tues night.
Thanks again for all your help and support.

AKA Adam's female parental support unit

Unknown said...

I'm GLAD this information came out about Obama's plans to bankrupt the coal industry----JUST IN TIME for us to get the PA and WV votes

from Mountain Mama
I looked up coal prodution per state. I was surprised to learn that the number one state by far is Wyoming.
Anyway, Ohio produces 1/3 the amount of coal as PA. And Indiana has a share of coal production, too.

Lets hope this helps.

Mountain Mama said...

Dear Lisa-mother of nine:
I'm praying for you right now----and for Joey/Jack. Be careful not to reveal too much on your blogsite about your family's location, or your private life----especially about your children. Many disturbed people might try to find and bother you, as they do those of us who work in the media. This is a real danger of life nowadays.
Btw, yours is an informative, interesting blog!

Unknown said...

jill, that address was partly cut off here it is again.



Unknown said...

Thanks, Mountain Mama

momprayn said...

Lisa/Scott -re Pres. Bush - yes, I must agree that I feel for him too & heard same/similar stories. I have heard about how much he prays every day and tries to do the best he knows how & do what he thinks is best. I'm sure he's aware of his misjudgements. I think because of his prayers, unbeknownst to us, it may be reason that God will bless this nation after all. I sincerely believe God selected him to be President to handle this Iraq nightmare primarily. And yes, he made some mistakes - taking advice from his advisors which was not correct or whatever, but as President, the "buck stops there" and he knows it. Plus he no doubt has all kinds of problems we are not aware of in addition. I don't know how he's done it myself. Actually, I don't know how anyone does!! Also pray for Laura and their marriage. I think it might have really taken a toll.
Lisa - yes, I will pray for "Jack". I agree he is a very troubled person and there's reasons why he is so angry. Yes, indeed - he needs our prayers. So many people like him.......
appreciate your posts!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your note.
You must be very proud.

I hope that 100% of the people here are able to donate

My wife and I went out for a quick supper tonight.
A man at the next table said that the election would be decided by the "equatorial college".
That must run through Kenya.

Unknown said...

I just now see this on -

"Palin unleashes a new attack on Obama after a 'hidden' audiotape of the Democrat telling a San Francisco newspaper he would 'bankrupt the coal industry' surfaces."

MiJuBri Farms said...

FIrst, we've always been proud of Adam (and his sister), even before he started blogging for Sarah. However, the last two months have been like WOW! Part of it is kind of sureal, but to some degree it's not much of a suprise... he's been analysing elections and telling me how to vote since he was 10!

As for donations, every little bit helps.


Mountain Mama said...

McCain is a gifted comedian, with perfect delivery skills, but he didn't write those fantastic jokes when he spoke at that Smith charity dinner. Who wrote them?

But we Republicans need those comedians to get busy creating several pseudo-news shows, as the Democrats have with the TV shows of Jon Stewart, Colbert, and now DL Hughley.

I know: it's creepy that these shows are partly comedy, partly news----but this IS how many youth receive their news, so Republicans need to create them, too,

True, there was some attempt this last year to produce a comedy for conservatives. I forget its name, because it wasn't that funny! Why didn't they hire The Best conservative comedians----such as whoever McCain hired for his talk at that charity?

Btw, Hughley's show tonight was so completely biaed! At one point, he (who is a black guy) said he was "afraid they're going to take the election away from us." I assume "they" refers to whites, and "take it away" regards the election Obama is automatically destined to win, unless us evil white folk cheat him out of it? (Good Lord.......)

Hughley's show also featured some extremely anti-McCain "jokes:"
1. A dweeb who showed how to rig a voting machine to miscount votes. (Message: "If Obama loses, this sort of cheating occurred"),
2. The A.C.O.R.N. Director, who stated that Republicans "lied" about her organization's ever receiving $850,000 to do voter registration. (Does she know the definition of "lied?" I mean, she never mentioned----natch----the current voter reg. fraud ACROSS the USA by A.C.O.R.N. workers), and
3. a supposed McCain ad that criticized in a scary-racist way O.J. Simpson's supposed endorsement of Obama.

Can you imagine a white comedian's spending an hour taking very-mean shots at blacks? Ri-ight..... and this comedian would survive HOW LONG?

Unknown said...

Yes, thank you for your prayers re: John/Joey. Now he's pretending to be different people, writing in support of everything John/Joey says about my genetic stupidity as well as more colorful descriptions, but identified by blogspot as still being John/Joey. I need to find on blog spot how to bar his comments entirely, if that's possible.

Still, this is nothing compared to what Governor Palin has put up with. I seriously pray for her and her children, because for every one John/joey we put up with, she has a multitude.

techno said...

Funny as it may seem Rush Limbaugh may be wrong this election cycle. He always preaches that professional pollsters have to get it right at the end to maintain some sort of crediblity. Well Gallup, Zogby, the WSJ, and PEW have revealed their final poll; not one is below 7 points; Gallup shows McCain is 11 points behind. These pollsters must be aware that Mason-Dixon is showing many battleground state polls tightening and the GW/ Battleground poll on Friday that showed Obama ahead in the toss-up states 47-46 over McCain and still they maintain that Obama will win handily. Either these pollsters have become stupid overnight, which I don't believe, they are operating under false assumptions such as oversampling Democrats which they are too stubborn to discard, or they have an ulterior motive for revealing national numbers out of sync with the most recent state polls and IBD/TIPP, the GW/Battleground poll and Rasmussen. Whatever the reason they are definitely implying that Obama's win is inevitable. Now if you have any doubt the battleground states are narrowing here are some recent numbers: 1) Ohio (Mason-Dixon (MD))McCain 47 Obama 45 2) NC (MD)McCain 49 Obama 46 3) VA (MD) McCain down by 3 (47-44) 4)PA (MD) McCain down by 4 (47-43)5)NV (MD) McCain down by 4 (47-43) 6)COLO (RASM and National Journal)McCain down by 4 7) Florida(MD)McCain down by 2 8)Missouri (MD) Mccain up by 3 9) Indiana (Survey USA and ARG both show a tie)and 10) Minnesota (Survey USA) McCain down by 3 points; anything within 3 points is definitely within the MOE; then why, or why are the national polls all over the place?

Brianus Berkleianus said...

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all of you, especially to you, knowitall and momprayn, for your prayers for my brother. He is stable as I write this tonight (actually this morning)!

Lisa, I shall certainly pray for poor "Jack," and also for you and for the safety of your family!!

I too, Bill, would love to work for VP Sarah! I do not know if she will need the services of a professional Latinist; I do believe, however, that the restoration of our shattered public-school system depends, in part, on the reestablishment of Latin either as a mandatory subject, or at least as a widely-available and strongly-recommended elective. It is not only that the study of Latin grammar is of great benefit in the mastery of English grammar. On a deeper level, our Founding Fathers drew many of their ideas and ideals from figures such as Cicero, the great orator and statesman of the dying Roman Republic. Further, some of the most eloquent speakers in history have been nurtured on the golden Greek of Demosthenes and Latin of Cicero. Finally, the sheer beauty of the best Latin poetry and oratory can serve to elicit a responsive chord in the hearts of at least some students, and set them on a lifelong course of love of virtue for its own sake. If I could ever get VP Sarah's ear, I would love to share some of these ideas with her. If they have merit, and she were convinced of their value and potential efficacy, she could, in turn, use the influence of her position to effect real "change" in our schools (this is change I could believe in!!) Before World War I, Latin was universally studied in our high schools; since that time, in spite of the occasional upward spurt, it has generally declined. We have now plunged to the nadir that the term "high" school has, in many places, been emptied of all meaning. Views like mine, by the way, are sort of the anti-Bill- Ayers (corrupter of education) philosophy.

Anyway, dear friends, thanks again for your prayers. Let us make one last great spiritual and practical effort to elect the lovely Lady from Alaska with the beautiful, diaphanous eyes, eyes so eloquent, in my humble opinion, of a soul, of a beautiful, courageous, noble soul. God bless you all!!


Scott said...

"""""""At one point, he (who is a black guy) said he was "afraid they're going to take the election away from us." I assume "they" refers to whites, and "take it away" regards the election Obama is automatically destined to win, unless us evil white folk cheat him out of it? (Good Lord.......)""""""

i read on one of the sites i have bookmarked from someone that deals in race research.. she made the point that a certain percentage of increase happens in voting when an african american candidate is involved. Say 5% up on african american voting.. slightly less but still up on the white vote because of it. But she pointed out the voting population is only 10% african american so it's a huge increase for McCain. The point is not to get discouraged by the socalled increased minority vote.

Health And Fitness Geek said...

Hey homey, where's the tape??

Patriot1776 said...

WOW, the polls have exploded for Obama over the weekend..Intrade down to 10% predicting a McCain/Palin win.

I was hoping for some good news to really rally the troops going into tomorrow.

We have to continue to fight - talk to your neighbors, speard the word, make calls. It isn't official until tomorrow.

I just hope we stem the tide on this socialism wave spreading across the country.

I am looking forward to watching the returns and sharing thoughts with everyone here on Tuesday - once we have done our work.

Continue to pray....

Any good news, please post! I need my daily uplifting which is why I come here each day.

momprayn said...

Some more breaking news (Fox) --- I didn't catch all of it this morning but something about a liberal (is there anything else much out there?!) SF talk show host
over the airwaves calling for someone to kill Joe the Plumber for his comments??!!!!
Also something about a state employee doing all that research on Joe illegaly(?)to destroy him - according to Michelle Malkin a big deal. I like her!
I'm really impressed by Lawrence Eagleburger out there saying all the things we have plain as day - saying how he's afraid we may be about to elect a CON MAN/CHARLATON! and then mentions all the reasons why with no apology to anyone!! Re Colin Powell's endorsement - was arranged earlier & probably also for his dislike of Bush and not surprised at all.
Heard Sarah is out mentioning that coal deal all she can!!
Mountain mama - re Rep. comedies - good idea but don't know if they would be watched that much. But I think Huckabee is pretty good.
Unbelievable news - did I really hear that Hugo Chavez is endorsing Obama???? If so, I hope THAT gets out good too! Oh well, I'll see what Rush says later......

Unknown said...

on hillbuzz, there is a picture of a puma winking (a la Sarah)that is worth the visit to this site.
The article is on how many people have to be lying to the pollsters for McCain/Palin to win in a landslide.

The link is




I know that reading body language is an art that I might not have, but John and Sarah don't act, at least to me, like they think it's over. They act like they are winning.

momprayn said...

knowitall - re "equatorial college" comment, funny but no... I'm not too worried about it.

Julie - Re Adam telling you how to vote since you were 10 --- more confirmation that God has "called" him a long time be here, now, for "such a time as this".

Unknown said...

Oops, that Puma link was for patriot1776.

Amanda said...

I'm so excited for tomorrow! :)

Let's have some fun tomorrow night. I'll be commenting (and, um, apologies in advance if my spelling gets more... creative as the night goes on.)

And let's not forget that WE will proud of America no matter who wins. Unlike some people...

Mountain Mama said...

Brother Brian(us): the Lord is watching over your brother, prompting MANY prayers, including mine at 11 p.m. MT. I'm sure others, like MOMPRAYN, were praying at other times, bathing your brother in prayer constantly! (My dear cousin died at 34 of a brain tumor, from his work as a CIA agent: one of many unsung heroes.)
JULIE, your family has been a terrific support for Adam and this blogsite. We're glad to help Adam----and G-d BLESS all of you, too.
MAMAJORDAN: our whole family watched and cried, watching your video!
SCOTT: I'm sorry I lumped Bush in with Cheney's latest ODD move (endorsing McCain is the kiss of death at this time, so what's WITH Cheney?!). I love President Bush, too; may God vindicate him!
PATRIOT, great idea for Alaskans to vote for Stevens: that way, if we lose the presidential/vp race, Palin can appoint HERSELF as Senator if Stevens' appeal is overturned!
DEAN: Yes, the media bias vs. McCain-Palin this campaign has been EVIL. Forget their "objectivity!"
BILL: Yes, the night before Sarah's selection was announced WAS NEAT! Glad you, Ted, Paul, and others were there!
ALYSSA, thanks for the great photos! It's wonderful that supporters are showing up in huge numbers----and may they all VOTE McCAIN-PALIN!
Speaking of numbers:
TECHNO and PATRIOT, remember that pollsters admit they don't really know how fairly to weight the Dems, since this election is so unique. Some are giving 10 points to the Dems, when actually needing only 5 points or less!
REMEMBER: Adam needs a new laptop! (And if a liberal out there purposely took it, to create havoc in a conservative's life----well!----we pray God's RICHEST blessings upon you!----and WE know THAT can impress people of their sin much better than civil law can! ~grin~)
Please prayerfully consider CONTRIBUTING to Adam's work: click on DONATE on the Home Page, on the right side!

HAVE FAITH, EVERYONE! It is ENTIRELY possible that we'll win, especially if EVERY Republican VOTES!!
(Remember that amazing statistic re. CA: only 40% vote, but a majority there are REPUBLICAN!? That's 55 electoral votes!)


Mountain Mama said...

P.S. HEY, Nightowl! Glad to hear from ya! How's the law studies coming? Gettin' any sleep? BET NOT TOMORROW NIGHT! Just like Aug. 28/29, ole buddy!

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. HEY, Nightowl! Glad to hear from ya! How's the law studies coming? Gettin' any sleep? BET NOT TOMORROW NIGHT! Just like Aug. 28/29, ole buddy!

Patriot1776 said...

Thanks for the link.

Also praying for you and family brianus.

Techno, always keeps me sane in these insane times of polls!

This is it, it all comes down to this.

See you all tomorrow

Ps - We are expecting our 2nd child any day now, and I hope he/she is born with Sarah Palin being elected the next VP of the United States! Just in case you don't see me on here tomorrow night, you will know why!

Mountain Mama said...

Lord, help Patriot's wife have a safe delivery, and may everyone be joyful at the birth of this new child of God!

Amanda said...

Law studies are going well!

I think of that night whenever I need a little political morale boost. :) So exciting to actually be there when the news leaked. There are so many things that should have been handled differently since then, but one thing that is unchanged is how amazing Sarah is, and how well she connects with people. I will NEVER regret that he chose her, and hopefully we can all pull the lever for her in 2012 no matter what happens!

momprayn said...

mountain mama - so sorry to hear about your dear cousin dying so young, working for the CIA and all too.....SO many "unsung" heroes out there!!!
Yes, I do so want Pres. Bush to be vindicated before he leaves office. I've never seen so much unfair treatment, mean false accusations, down right raw hatred for a man. No respect or thankfulness for the good things he HAS done. Horrible.
Brianus - I've wanted to tell you how much I love your "sweet, gentle spirit". I want to repeat what you said about Sarah that I think is so eloquent and true:
"..the lovely lady from Alaska with the beautiful, diaphanous eyes, eyes so eloquent..of a soul, of a beautiful, courageous, noble soul."

momprayn said...

Patriot - well, NOW you tell us! (but I'm relatively new so maybe you said so before) Yes, it sure would be pretty fantastic to have he/she born on election day or Wed. (which it might take to find out for sure) when hopefully Sarah will be voted our next VP!!! I'm sure everything will go well........keep us "posted"!!!!!

techno said...

On Free Republic (FR)last night a blogger Peter Blood presented a comparison between the election Britain faced right after the end Second World War in Europe in the Summer of 1945 and the US election of 2008. He went on to recount how the Labour Party of Clement Attlee ran on a manifesto of radically altering the political, economic, and social landscape of Britain which they did over a six year period, that he says it took 50 years before it could be reined in by the likes of Margaret Thatcher. In 2008 the USA faces a similar type of election. Do the American voters allow the radical socialist hordes the opportunity to radically alter the American landscape or do they vote 'country first' as John and Sarah have expounded on and give their nod of approval to American exceptionalism that has always served America well? As Sarah says:"I'll leave it in God's hands." Pray for John and Sarah like you have never prayed before and above all pray that the goodness and courage of American be retained despite the forces of darkness that loom overhead. As Sarah said in her interview with Charlie Gibson: "I do not pray that God will be on my side, but I pray that I may be on God's side."

Ray said...

I have a good feeling about PA and NV. I think we have a really good chance in FL, OH, IN, NC, and MO. I guess we'll see.

VA, NH, IA, CO, and NM are still on the board. Don't believe people who say they aren't.

There are Obots disguised as McCain supporters acting all doom and gloom, getting actual McCain supporters to do it. Do not fall for it! Do not falter! Do not surrender! Keep them at bay. Do not attack them personally, and stick to the issues and the candidates. Use undeniable facts as your weapon.

Scott said...

"""""WOW, the polls have exploded for Obama over the weekend..Intrade down to 10% predicting a McCain/Palin win.

I was hoping for some good news to really rally the troops going into tomorrow.

i'm sure the giant looked that much larger as david got closer to him.. but he kept faith in God's ability to handle the situation and wound up winning with a simple stone. I'm sure the closer david got the more confident the giant became, and in his pride he forgot that God is on the side of the lowly and rejects the proud... one "little" person plus God is an army that can defeat anything.

We know everything that is going against us in this.. it would be frightening if there was nothing like this going on and McCain really was down that much in the polls. But we know better.

techno said...

10 reasons why Sarah and John can win the election: 1)they will amass 270+ electoral votes; whatever else is said on the periphery, elections are a numbers game of getting out the vote (GOTV)2)the rejection of radical socialism by the American people who have always prized 'rugged individualism', 'American exceptionalism' and
free enterprise 3)Sarah Palin and Palin power 4)exposure of Obama's associations 5)PUMA's hatred of Obama and many Democrats crossing over to vote for John and Sarah 6)fear and terror of Obama and an Obama Presidency to the rights and freedoms of Americans 7)American is fundamentally a center-right country 8)the undecided vote en masse going to John McCain 9)fear of a huge tax increase and the destruction of business under Obama 10)Obama and the Democratic party abandoning the working-class and its values exhibited in the way he is treating Joe the Plumber.

Scott said...

we already have lawyers here in florida filing preemptive lawsuits in anticipation of the results

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, LisaMom, Brianus, Knowitall, Momprayn, Techno, Ray,
and Scott, for your encouraging posts and news this morning, which keep Patriot and me and others UPBEAT!

Nancy Pfotenhauer, McCain Senior Policy Advisor, was on MSNBC earlier, and said that the MCCAIN INTERNAL POLLS say that the polls are really tightened! See? We KNEW it! She added that volunteers made over 11 million contacts over the weekend with Republican voters!

techno said...

10 reasons why Obama will win the election: 1) hatred of George Bush and his administration is so extreme by so many Americans that they wouid vote for any Democrat to sweep the Republicans from the White House 2)the MSM convincing Republican supporters to stay home and not vote by constantly promoting the 'inevitability' of Obama 3)voter fraud 4)winning over the 65+ segment of the popn by scaring them that McCain will cut their benefits 5)he is not perceived as radical but a 'change agent' that 'will help me' 6)Obama will 'enhance our standing in the world' and will usher in a Utopian period of universal peace by being friendly towards those who now hate Bush 7)health care 8)the financial meltdown, although the Democrats caused it in the first place 9)abortion 10)'white guilt'

Scott said...

here's a statement today from the President of the Ohio Coal Association

(it looks like we have another group of poeple on our side in addition to the pumas)

"Regardless of the timing or method of the release of these remarks, the message from the Democratic candidate for President could not be clearer: the Obama-Biden ticket spells disaster for America's coal industry and the tens of thousands of Americans who work in it.

"These undisputed, audio-taped remarks, which include comments from Senator Obama like 'I haven't been some coal booster' and 'if they want to build [coal plants], they can, but it will bankrupt them' are extraordinarily misguided.

"It's evident that this campaign has been pandering in states like Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Indiana and Pennsylvania to attempt to generate votes from coal supporters, while keeping his true agenda hidden from the state's voters.

"Senator Obama has revealed himself to be nothing more than a short- sighted, inexperienced politician willing to say anything to get a vote. But today, the nation's coal industry and those who support it have a better understanding of his true mission, to 'bankrupt' our industry, put tens of thousands out of work and cause unprecedented increases in electricity prices.

"In addition to providing an affordable, reliable source of low-cost electricity, domestic coal holds the key to our nation's long-term energy security - a goal that cannot be overlooked during this time of international instability and economic uncertainty.

"Few policy areas are more important to our economic future than energy issues. As voters head to the polls tomorrow, it is essential they remember that access to reliable, affordable, domestic energy supplies is essential to economic growth and stability."

techno said...

From Winston Churchill: "You cannot tell from appearances how things will go. Sometimes imagination makes things out far worse than they are..." "Never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy" (from a Hot Air comment by 'unseen')

Ray said...

Also, Obama's coal plant statement (about banrupting them) is true, but the bots and his campaign are trying to spin what he said. The coal miners/workers seem to reacting negatively to the Obama campaign on the issue, but I don't live in coal areas. I wouldn't know for sure.

This would have a major impact in PA, VA, WV, and OH. It's also another way to ruin the national economy. Coal provides approximately 50% of power. Nuclear and natural gas are approxiamtely 20% each. BTW, Obama's plans would actually make it difficult to open new nuclear plants, in addition of making it hard for coal plants survive long enough to make a clean coal transition. What does he want us to use?

Ray said...

I think I send a link about Pumas needed to win the election. Maybe I didn't. I don't know if I mentioned what it was. It was this link:

Mountain Mama said...

Please pray about this situation:
Soon the USA or Israel or some very-courageous ally of ours will try to destroy Iraq's nuclear weapons plants (which will be tricky, because they are buried deeply---miles, in fact).
Immediately we'll face retaliation by Hamas and other terrorists----and Israel will suffer the worst, just unbelievable destruction.

The Israelis have no choice, though, but to deal quickly with Iran, since Russia is moving there NOW key supplies for developing and protecting Iran's coming nuc. weapons.

My Point:
Can you imagine WIMPY Obama's trying to deal with THIS foreign policy "dilemma?" He's a complete fake!

Lord, have mercy on our nation and on Israel, and keep us safe.
PLEASE help McCain-Palin win, Lord!

momprayn said...

Rush really trying to drive home the idea that it is indeed, NOT over & about the deceptive polls, etc. Heard some of what Arnold S. is saying on the trail and it is really good!
My "gut" tells me that this coal thing will really help a lot! thank you God!
It seems that more and more are finally becoming enlightened. Please keep praying hard for ENLIGHTENMENT - that people will see the truth in time also.
Personally, I am praying also for all the fraudulent votes to be taken care of by God's intervention & protecting the military's votes, etc.

Scott - it almost gives me goose bumps about what you said about David and Goliath. I have been thinking the same thing for awhile now!!! We have this huge "Goliath" seemingly before us with everyone saying it can't be won. That's what they said about Goliath. Good analogy. I have a feeling God is letting this be SOoooo scary close/"impossible" in order to show HIS power/answers prayer, etc. WHEN we win even more plus bring the people closer to Him and understand how dependent we need to be on Him!!!!?? Whoever wins, it's probably gonna be a VERY bumpy ride these next few years. We believers have been granted the huge authority to "steer" this election to the "right"/godly side with our prayers/faith. So let's DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

Tbone said...

Here are some of today's daily tracking polls.
Zogby 50.3-43.8 Obama
Rasmussen 52-46 Obama
Gallup 53-40 Obama
53-42 Obama
I will see what the IBD TIPP poll shows for today. I am hoping for a McCain/Sarah victory tomorrow though. This country can't afford to have Obama as president. He is a radical socialist who has extreme views on everything including abortion. He hung out with Rev. Wright for 20 years.

Obama is winning because of George W. Bush's unpopularity. He offers nothing except that he is not George W. Bush.

Scott said...

""""""I have a feeling God is letting this be SOoooo scary close/"impossible" in order to show HIS power/answers prayer, etc. WHEN we win even more plus bring the people closer to Him and understand how dependent we need to be on Him!!!!??"""""""

where there is pride, God is not there... (by pride i don't mean the healthy pride in accomplishments, but a pride that forgets that all accomplishments and abilities come from God). Humility is truth, and it is recognizing the gifts we have, but realizing that we are not the creator of them, they all come from God. that's how He works.. He allows it to be this way in order to keep us in deep humility.. because in the end it will show it is by His power alone that it was accomplished. You take a look out there and which group is puffed up in pride? which is taunting and even violent? they've all but fitted themselves on the thrones they plan to sit on... but God, who has the last word, puts down the mighty from their thrones and exalts the lowly.

Tbone said...

Some reason's to be optimistic on election eve.
1. The key swing states of Ohio,Florida,Missouri,North Carolina,Indiana,Virginia and Nevada are all in the margin of error. So anything is possible.
2. McCain is only behind about 4-5% according to polls in Pennsylvania and Colorado.
3. People can still change their minds before and even when they go into vote.

techno said...

Perhaps this may dispel some thoughts that John and Sarah are not in the game: Rasmussen state polls released today: North Carolina: McCain 50 Obama 49 (increase by 3 points); Colorado: Obama by 4 points (unchanged);Florida: McCain 50 Obama 49 (a gain of 5 points)Missouri: a tie (49-49)(a gain of 1 point by McCain) Virginia Obama 51 McCain 47 (no change)and Ohio:a tie (49-49)(a gain of 4 points by McCain. As Sean Hannity likes to say "Let not your heart be troubled."

Scott said...

the nov. 3rd polls havne't posted yet

here's the 2nd

TIPP: OBAMA 46.7%... MCCAIN 44.6%... NOT SURE 8.7%...

PhaT aL said...

Obama vs. jobs

By Ralph R. Reiland
Monday, November 3, 2008

I interviewed two plumbing company owners over the weekend about Barack Obama's economic proposals for small business.

One has 15 employees and 12 trucks. The other has 52 employees and 34 trucks. They're Joe the Plumber, writ large.

Both owners had the same reaction to Obama's proposed new taxes and mandates. To not have their bottom lines reduced by government fiat, both said they'd be forced to lay off employees.

Specifically, here's what the owner of the larger firm said regarding six of Obama's key proposals for the small-business sector: The average wage at his company, figuring the 52 paychecks of his office staff, installers and service workers, is $31,200, $15 an hour.

First, "Barack Obama and Joe Biden will require that employers provide seven paid sick days per year," states the Obama campaign's Web site. "I give three paid sick days," explained the business owner. His extra cost for this one new regulation would be $24,960 (4 extra days, 52 employees, at an average of $120 per day). "That's one of the women in the office," he said. "I can make up that cost by letting one of the office people go."

Second, Obama states that employers will be required to pay 100 percent of the cost of health insurance premiums for 100 percent of their employees or face a tax penalty. "I pay 75 percent of their coverage," explained the owner. "The family policy is about $11,000. For single guys, it's about $5,000." At an average annual cost of $7,000 per policy, his additional cost for 52 employees to cover the 25 percent of the premiums that he currently doesn't pay is $91,000. "That's the price of three installers," he said. "Just to stay even with where I am, I'd have to fire three more people or raise some prices and fire two."

The result is more unemployment or more inflation, or both.

Third, with the estate tax, Obama is calling for a top tax rate of 45 percent on estates valued above $3.5 million, producing an estimated "death tax" of $675,000 on an estate of $5 million. "You're kidding," he said. "They took half my income on the way up and now they want another half when I die?" He estimated that his business is already valued at more than $3 million, in addition to the value of his home and investments. "Why," he asked, "would I want to grow to 100 employees? What'll stop them from changing it to 75 percent?"

The cost in jobs that will never be created in the U.S. economy because of this single disincentive to growth? Incalculable.

Fourth, Obama's economic plan calls for a hike in the minimum wage to $9.50 an hour within three years. The business owner's reaction? "That's bad for two reasons. I don't have anyone at minimum, but raise the bottom by $3 and a guy making $15 wants $18. Plus it's bad for productivity when people think their pay raises are coming from government instead of from their own individual effort."

Fifth, saying he'll "play offense for organized labor," Obama is proposing that workers should be denied the right to a private ballot at work in deciding whether to unionize. "That'll never be," said the plumbing entrepreneur. "I'm in business because I'm independent, not to take orders from a grievance chairman. I'd shut down."

Sixth, the increase in taxes on this small business owner from Obama's proposed hike in the income tax rate from 36% to 39.8% on incomes above $200,000 and the proposed increase in Social Security taxes comes to $32,000 per year. "That's another employee," he said, referring to the termination of another installer in order to just stay even.

And the jobless plumbers? They can be re-socialized to work for ACORN.

As Obama explained in July: "We cannot continue to rely on our military to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."

As "well funded" as our Armed Forces personnel comes to $119 billion per year in paychecks for "community activism," a lot of money for registering dead voters, caulking windows, making sure that all the guns are locked up at the municipal buildings, and monitoring the airways to make sure that conservatives don't have too many talk shows.

Bottom line, Obama's economic plan doesn't hold water. Neither will our pipes.

Tbone said...

November 3rd IBD TIPP is as follows.
Obama 47.5 to McCain 43.0
9.5 undecided. So TIPP still has it the closest.

momprayn said...

phat al: yes, and I want to again state this portion for all that might have missed it (by Obama):

"We cannot continue to rely on our military to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded."!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT???? Talk about "beginning of the end"!!!!!!!!! Talk about scary!!!! Did you people hear that??!!!! Hitler is.....back!!!!Please WAKE UP!!

Mountain Mama said...

Obama is just TERRIFYING! WHAT does he plan to DO with those national security forces??????

momprayn said...

Also I've "perceived" this evil "controlling" spirit about Obama. At his rallies when he wants to talk, he rudely tells the people to "zip it" because he wants to talk right then. He gets "testy", rude. I was reminded of that when I heard someone on Fox saying how he wants to have everything in a "controlled" manner. SCARY again, folks!!!! I have much experience with people who are "controlling". It's so evil you can't believe - brings nothing but hideous example that most people can relate to is domestic violence where the spouse is controlling -- many times leads to murder. I had first hand experience with my daughter's first husband and unfortunately is not uncommon.

Unknown said...

I can't help but think that even if Obama's hand gesture (I'm assuming most of you have seen what I'm talking about) is subconscious, it's a clear reflection of how he feels about approximately half of the country he intends to RULE.

Pretty scary.

momprayn said...

On Cavuto a caption about Sarah saying":


YES God!!!!! Let that be another sign that it's coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Yeah, I heard Rush say that Obama had flipped the bird to McCain---and TRUST ME: NOTHING that guy Obama does is "subconscious." He's a cunning liar and it's on purpose.
He is not worthy to sit in the same room with Senator McCain.

Scott said...

here's the good speech by schwarzenegger in ohio

arnold schwarzenegger in ohio

momprayn said...

Breaking news --- On Cavuto, Obama's sick grandmother in HI has passed away.
Of course I am sorry for that but think it odd that is happens the day before the election????
Well, it may be "too much of a stretch", but I'll try to take that maybe as a sign that Obama will not win???? (that "its over" in the spiritual realm and the decision made - Obama has officially lost)just as I will try to take what Sarah said as a sign victory is coming............we shall see soon. I think we all need to dwell on that caption I just posted until it is over!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

I am sad for Obama that his grandmother passed away; she was very dear to him, I'm sure. She certainly stood in the gap in his life.
The death of our loved ones has an odd effort of helping us become better people. Perhaps the death of his grandmother will prompt Obama to consider how low-class his Bird-Flip gesture toward his opponent was, for example.
We can all continue to pray for Barak Obama, that God will impact his and our own lives SO much more deeply, so that we ALL learn to stay closer to God and behave better toward others here on earth.

Dean said...

I saw the picture of Obama flying the bird. I am sure that is what Obama thinks about the people in Western PA.

From all accounts that I am getting the undecided is still very high. Between 4% - 9% depending on the state.
Pray for those undecided to come our way.

loki said...

I work in a middle school and constantly get asked, "how can you be a republican when you're in education?"

My reply this year has been simple, "I don't believe in redistributing the wealth no more than I believe in redistributing students grades." I ask them, "Would you take away points from the 'A' and 'B' students and give it to students who are not passing?" They usually look at me and say nothing. I have had a few teachers just walk away.

Bill said...


So we just have to ignore the polls. We have to just "cling" to optimism and PRAY. I have to say that I know this is anecdotal, but I live in NJ (near PHilly) and that GOPTRUST REV WRIGHT ad was aired several times last night. That in addition to the coal thing may just tip PA to McCain. I also am a teacher and a lot of the very liberal teachers that I am talking to are not sold 100% on Obama. Many of them are considering not voting or actually voting for McCain.

Things look dark, but remember where McCain was last summer. Remember where the polls were going into the NH and PA primaries for Obama.

jill said...

May the blessing of comfort be a gift to Barack Obama and his sister in this time of personal loss of "Toot" their grandmother.

She had much to do with his upbringing and was a tireless worker. As other women have done when a child's father leaves the scene, and later when the mother was living away from Hawaii, she took on a challenge and with Obama's grandfather, they raised him.

Admin said...

This country will be a better place tomorrow if Sarah is elected Vice President. The polls are encouraging and I will pray that this can truly happen. Thanks Adam for this blog and all you've done. You have helped shape this election in such an important way. Tomorrow is the big day. Please VOTE everyone! GO SARAH! WE LOVE YOU!!!!!

momprayn said...

Bill: Yes, and re things looking dark.......
"it's always darkest before the DAWN".........

12thMan said...

Let me join in and offer condolences for Barry, I lost my grandma on Memorial Day weekend in 2004 (a week before RWR died) and I'm still pretty torn up about it to this day. I'm about to go and wave signs for about a hour or so but if someone decides to crack a lame grandma joke I'm out of there. BO was good enough not to go after the Palin clan (even if he had his media buddies/DailyKooks/ to do it for him) so I'll do the same, esp when it concerns a death.

momprayn said...

12thman - so sorry to hear about YOUR grandma....yes, I've been through that too and then my dad and then my mom last year. You don't ever really totally get over it - so unbelievable.
On a hopefully brighter note - didn't the Eagles (Good America) win on Sunday??? (I think) Well..............

12thMan said...

Not only that, but my grandmother on my dad's side died in September 2003, followed by grandfather in April 06. So yeah, after having been too young to really experience my grandfather's (mom's side) death--I was four, I went from that to three in a span of just over 30 months, a little nerve-shattering, yes.

And yes the Eagles beat up the imitators posing as an NFL team 26-7 (although the defense actually PLAYED despite missing two of their four Pro Bowlers from last year). Oh well, WA will hopefully go red for Sarah in '12 while we still got a chance at PA.

Scott said...

i can't believe more hasn't been mentioned on tv about the pumas and inaccurate polling.. hannity, who is the most partisan, if no one else, should have known something about it.

Dhalgren said...

It's really simple, Steve Bartman. Id McCain loses one of four states, it will be a short night on Tuesday. The four states are Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. I think McCain will win Ohio. I can't say the same about the other three.