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Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Official: We Made History!

I recieved this message from the Library of Congress in my email today (and yes, I verified that it was legitimate). We made history here, and the people who write history are acknowledging it. Pat yourselves on the back, because whatever happens from here on out, we know that people are going to remember this effort.


To Whom It May Concern:

The United States Library of Congress has selected your Web site for inclusion in its historic collections of Internet materials related to Election 2008. The Library's traditional functions, acquiring, cataloging, preserving and serving collection materials of historical importance to the Congress and to the American people to foster education and scholarship, extend to digital materials, including Web sites. We request your permission to collect your web site and add it to the Library's research collections. We also ask that we be allowed to display the archived version(s) of your web site.

The following URL has been selected:

With your permission, the Library of Congress or its agent will engage in the collection of content from your Web site at regular intervals over time. The Library will make this collection available to researchers onsite at Library facilities. The Library also wishes to make the collection available to offsite researchers by hosting the collection on the Library's public access Web site. The Library hopes that you share its vision of preserving Internet materials and permitting researchers from across the world to access them. If you agree to permit the Library to collect your Web site, please click the following link to signify your consent. This link also includes a separate consent for permitting the Library to provide offsite access to your materials through the Library's Web site.

(link removed)

For several years, the Library of Congress has collected Web sites within certain themes or topics, such as elections, for which we were required to seek permission for each new collection developed by the Library, even if permission had been granted in the past. As our collections have grown, we have had to contact some Web site producers repeatedly. To reduce this duplication and to save site owners from having to respond to multiple requests for information, we are now requesting permissions for the Library to collect, over time and in varying frequency, sites of research interest. Your site has been identified as a Web site of interest related to Election 2008. If you grant this permission, we will capture your site for inclusion in our Election 2008 Web Archive and may also include it in our future collections related to national elections. If you grant this permission, and in the future you no longer wish to be included in the Library's Web archives, please contact ! us and we will cease collection of your Web site.

Our Election Web archives are important because they contribute to the historical record of our national elections, capturing information that could otherwise be lost. With the growing role of the Web as an influential medium, records of historic events could be considered incomplete without materials that were "born digital" and never printed on paper. The Library has developed three previous Election Web Archives, in 2000, 2002 and 2004. These Election Archives are available along with our other Web Archive collections through the Library's Web site ( For more information about these and other Web Archive collections please visit our Web site.

If you have questions, comments or recommendations concerning our Election 2008 Web Archive project, please e-mail the Library's Web Capture team at (removed) at your earliest convenience.

Thank You,
Web Capture Team
Library of Congress
Washington, D.C.


Publius said...

awesome! nice job!


manajordan said...

Wow Adam,

Congratulations. You really were at the forefront of an amazing movement. I loved telling people about this site before and after Governor Palin's nomination.
Great work

knowitall said...

congratulations to you, Adam.
The honor that you have received is richly deserved!!!

And congratulations to your mother and family, also.

Damian G. said...

I feel awful that Sarah is disliked by so many thanks to the McCain campaign's ineptitude, but I am no less proud to be an early supporter of hers - although certainly not as early as you, Adam.

Thank you. This is truly an investment in our country's future.

PALINATOR!!!! said...

What amazing news, congratulations to you and to everyone who was ahead of the curve, keep the faith/
May God be glorified and may His Blessings and Grace always abound towards us all.

knowitall said... is reporting that Time Mag choose Oliver Stone to write a piece on Sarah Palin as Person of the Year.
Needless to say, he used the opportunity to trash her.
That's an example of a sexist genlteman with poor manners.

Scott said...

i just came across this september 2004 cover of time magazine..



alyssa said...

That is cool! I found this blog a little late but I read though some of the archives and it's really incredible. Great job!

Mountain Mama said...

Actually, I was sure this would happen, because it was SO historic that the initial leaking of the Palin selection for VP went to this blogspot, rather than to news reporters or outlets, as usual.
Excellent work, Adam----and fellow bloggers!

Now, what about the name of this blogspot? Are we supporting Palin ONLY for Vice President?

MiJuBri Farms said...

Mountain Momma....
"now about the name of this blogspot.." I'm sure Adam could change the name, but being that It's kind of like an historical landmark now, the question is more should he change it.

miiszkim said...

That is sooo awesome!! I'd go out & tell random people on the street =)

Side note: My brother called me last nite & told me to turn over to the news b/c the Attorney Gen. had collapsed, so I turned over to MSNBC (Lord knows why I did that, lapse in judgment I guess) and their "breaking news" was Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving. Then the reporters ask for an interview and in the background a turkey was getting slaughtered. So Keith Olbermann made this huuuuuuuuuuge deal about it. I'm like hello! How is she supposed to know what is happening behind her? She's giving an interview!Ughhh!!!! Okay I'm done ranting now =)

Jan said...

That's awesome, Adam. How thrilling. I wasn't aware of this site until after the convention, but I've learned alot and enjoyed reading comments from people who share the same opinion of the election.

Helen said...

Congratulations. I do count on your website for important info about Gov. Palin. I agreed with the article that Sarah should not dwell on memoirs or continue to engage the media any further on anything
other than substantive, executive issues. I did watch podcasts of her post election interviews and think she did what needed to be done to clear misperceptions. But for now - business, and stay away from those who only focus on her glamour. It distracts from her substance. Helen

techno said...

At the risk of feigning my elitist credentials here are 10 words or phrases that went a long way to ensure that Obama, as well, made history! 1)disinformation 2)cognitive dissonance 3) white guilt 4)messianic 5)search and destroy mission (politics of personal destruction) 6)prejudicial slant (MSM)7)divide and conquer 8)cluelessness 9)networking (Obama's volunteers)10)iconoclasm NB: congratulations Adam: if not for you, America would be on permanent life support!

AbiSomeone said...

Congratulations, Adam ... and commenting crew! Well done, all. I followed you all right from her selection and have been grateful for the perspective. Thanks.

huskyonspeed said...

Congratulations, Adam! Now it's time for us to make some new history.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Interesting about the Library of Congress. (Of course, it kind of makes a person want to go back, see what all one wrote, and make liberal use of the trash button. I'm not certain that all of my late night, sleepy comments are worthy of posterity. Well, chances are none of my comments are worthy.)

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

At the risk of additional unworthy comment - I had dropped in today to make a comment about the same Turkey subject that "miiszkim" had mentioned.

I was disgusted by the amount of coverage is giving that so-called "breaking news." I mean, come on. What kind of news is that? And what is Olberman having for dinner next week other than a slaughtered turkey? The majority of Americans are going to eat slaughtered turkey next week, and Palin went and did what supposedly 49 other governors and the president are doing this week - "pardoning" a turkey. The turkey farm is a legitimate and necessary enterprise of we're all going to get what we want next Thursday. So what's the big deal?
Fox news can sometimes be just as dumb as the rest of them when it comes to coverage. Or maybe it's trying to kiss and make up with the Palin haters now.

mykidsmomx4 said...

Wow. That is awesome! Congrats!

Scott said...

techno you don't by chance work for letterman do you? :p

Scott said...

since it was brought up, here's the video clip of SP at the turkey farm

M. Minnesota said...

Congrats Adam!!! God Bless you and your Family!!!
I think anyone would agree that "Real Time Leaking" for a VP Canidate on a Blog is WAY COOLER than ummm, I'll call you, no, I'll uhh, text you my VP Canidates name.
Also WAY COOLER that it seems that this blog had some influence on the selection of Gov. Palin!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, Julie! Good point about how this blogspot is now "an historic landmark!" Wow!

(Okay, but some of us would like to see Palin for PRESIDENT!)

Scott said...

now that that video came out we should have peta people lining the supermarket freezer isles mourning the loss of the turkeys. Much like this video of hippies mourning the loss of trees
emotional hippies crying over dead trees
(this is one of the funniest videos i've seen in awhile)

12thMan said...

Sarah and the turkey, hi-freaking-larious!

Rush had a good bit today to link this to. It was after the Exxon Valdez spill and there was all the sudden this huge movement to clean up the beaches and, in particular, two "poor" otters. So they cleaned them up, and threw a big freakin parade. Then a killer orca rises up and gobbles up the two otters like nothing.

Normally, I'd ask whether these people are morons but that's a formality. Yes, since Barry is doing such a great job getting us ready for the third Clinton term, "that dumb Sarah isn't fit to be in the White House" (Translation: they better beat her up now because they don't want to have to do this all over again against a stronger SP three years from now, assuming she even WANTS anything to do with D.C.)

knowitall said...

this is long but it tells you exactly why Obama won this election.



Stacy said...

As far as the turkey thing goes, I think it is awesome. Do you know how many liberals and blue-bloods she made squirm today with that imagery. Heh.

Stacy said...

OBTW Adam,
Congratulations on being a part of history! I am proud to have helped in the effort by signing the petition a long time ago. I wonder what the date was that I did sign it? Will we be able to view the original petition?

MiJuBri Farms said...

Mountain Momma...
"(Okay, but some of us would like to see Palin for PRESIDENT!)"

Adam did what he set out to do with this blog. Maybe a new goal will need a new space. Who knows. We'll have to wait and see what the future holds....for both Adam and Palin.

manajordan said...

I thought the turkey thing was pretty funny. It is as if liberals just are not aware of the fact that the turkeys don't come cooked, or frozen. I love that Governor Palin said in the interview that the media would probably criticize her. The media so wants to take her down, even after the election.

M. Minnesota said...

Thoughout the Ages Christians have been Commanded by God to Pray for those in Authority over them no matter who they may be. That is why we should Pray for President George W. Bush and also Barak Obama. We Should also Pray for the Supreme Court and our Country. If you go to World Net Daily Today 11/21/08 (this is not a "nutter" site) You will find a Story Titled "Supremes to Review Citizenship Arguments." What it means is that the Supreme Court Justices are just going to talk in private amongst themselves about Presidential Citizenship requirements. The meeting takes place December 5th. The article States that it takes Four Justices to say "Lets take the Case." The reason it has gotten this far is because the Case was Presented to Justice Clarence Thomas. If this article is true as presented by World Net Daily, why wouldn't that Story be "Safe enough" to Report on by say Fox News? I'm pretty sure Fox News has quoted World Net Daily in the past. Recall after 9/11 many independents and "smart" people wanted everyone to have a National ID Card? In the heat of the moment we wanted to know who was genuine and who was not. Funny how things change in a few short years.

knowitall said...

time mag has voting for person of the year.
Sarah is safely in second place after THE ONE.
I'll bet the editors of Time don't like those results.
You may vote on the ad on

techno said...

I have been one of the most vehement critics of Obama on this site and many conservative sites and I vow to continue my mission to expose Obama until he is out of office or dead or I am dead. However,I know most of you are 'tired of politics' and want to 'move on' with your lives with the optimistic hope and assurance that Sarah will run in 2012. Well, before you move on, let me ask all of you what one proposed change in the law would arouse you enough to take to the streets of Washington, DC and forsake your house and job. I suggest it should be the repeal of the 22nd Amendment (limiting the President to two terms in office)which if enacted would make Obama virtually 'American Emperor for life.' As I write this, Obama is probably now consulting with his closest advisors to how to best approach this issue. Of course this is all hush-hush. As for you politically sophomoric Americans of God, motherhood and apple pie you want to bury your head in the sand and say that this cannot happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Well it did happen in Russia today. The Russian legislators changed the Presidential term from 4 to 6 years. You also say-not in America-it would necessitate a constitutional amendment requiring 2/3 of the US Senators and Congressmen and 3/4 of the state legislatures to go along with it. (There is no stipulation that 3/4 of the legislatures in each state have to comply with the 2/3 rule-thus it becomes simply 'an up-or-down vote in each legislative chamber without needing gubernatorial approval (National Conference of State Legislatures). But what most people don't know is that with the permission of the Congress (an up-and-down vote)a constitutional amendment can be first proposed by application of 2/3 of the state legislatures (again an up-and-down-vote)who would then call for a Constitutional convention. If the Congress then further permitted (again an up-and-down vote)the convention to settle the issue for the states Obama would then need 3/4 of the state delegations at the Convention (38) (again an up-and-down-vote) to vote the party line of Obama. Now how could Obama do this. Quite simply by having 38+ Democratically controlled state legislature power brokers meet before the convention to discuss the arrangements with Obama and his Chicago thugs so they can buy their votes while they also threaten during the get-together to punish any dissenting States by cutting off all federal funding to their state and thus force them into declaring bankruptcy or raising taxes beyond the pale; after all Obama is the Messiah. So with the first hurdle overcome the attention now shifts to the House and Senate vote. If somehow between 2010 and 2014 Obama can decimate the ranks of the GOP even more through buying off flaky or moderate GOP types and through Acorn type massive voter fraud focused more on House and Senate races (remember Obama has unlimited sources of money he can draw on and the GOP insiders and the MSM will still remain petty and more focused on what kind of makeup Sarah wears, if she should wear her hair up or down and if she is still killing turkeys up in Alaska) he will accomplish his task. Remember folks, Obama is cold, calculating and ruthless. Under this scenario Obama just has to bide his time-he will get his 2/3 vote in both Houses and he will be soon be 'laughing his way perpetually to the White House' as he runs again in 2016 and he keeps getting re-elected and re-elected through fraudulent vote counts (by then he would have bought off most of the voting officials in the battleground states) and more sophisticated disinformation. Thus America will become a one-party state after 2016. Is that the legacy you people of the right want to leave to your children and grandchildren? Remember Obama is only 47 and he has access to more money than Midas. As you reflect on what life in America may be like in the next 20-30 years under Obama and the socialist American legacy your children and grandchildren will inherit remember the stark warning of Sarah Palin at the end of her debate with Biden as she referred to the Reagan' comment that freedom could be lost in one generation-it's not in the bloodlines-and also project ahead and imagine the words and directives of Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn, the 3 radical Amigos and mentors to Obama, finally being brought to fruition by Obama's Marxist agenda. Finally, enjoy Thanksgiving and your turkey when you can-after 2016 the holiday will be abolished and replaced, in the spirit of UN multiculturalism, by the Islamic holiday Ramadan-enjoy your enforced period of fasting; take heart-at least PETA will rejoice-turkeys won't be an endangered species any longer.

knowitall said...


Please tell us the 10 tasks you would like to see all of us do.

Mountain Mama said...

Techno, although I also see some scary signs about Obama's sneaky character and behavior, I also see some hopeful signs----probably the result of his having to face the undoubtedly dire facts given him in daily briefings of classified information about the poor state of the economy, the actual situation regarding terrorism, etc. Among these hopeful signs are his trending toward the center with the people he's selected to serve in his Cabinet: his picks have upset Daily Kos and other leftist folk.
Never underestimate, either, the power of God's Holy Spirit. Many MILLIONS of people are hoping for Obama's success----and many of those millions are believers, who are praying that God will impact and guide Obama. He's said he's a Christian; that statement gives God permission to work in Obama's life. So be of good cheer, Techno----even when you're walking with eyes wide open.

knowitall said...

an article posted on drudge from the washington post lists the top ten republicans at this time.
they wrote that they willfully omitted Gov. Palin as follows:

""The most notable omission is that of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin. While we expect the former vice presidential nominee will be on this Line in the coming months, she doesn't make it this time around because it is not yet clear how she will find a way to remain in the national dialogue from her far-away outpost in the Last Frontier. Palin is also VERY lightly regarded by many of the opinion leaders and establishment types within the GOP, making it tougher for her to command a leading role""

Meanwhile, over at, there is an article on the continued movement to discredit Miraculous Sarah.





They are obviously frightened by what they see. That should enpower all of us.

techno said...

I have already commented on the repeal of the 22nd Amendment, which is the basis for my conjecture on the 10 other laws that Obama will want to change or implement either through legislation or new amendments: 1)the repeal of the 2nd Amendment so Obama can have a monopoly on who owns guns in America 2)re-introduction of the Fairness Doctrine in some form to muzzle right-wing talk radio and right-wing bloggers and use 'pornography' as the excuse for it 3)I have already alluded to this: by replacing Thanksgiving with Ramadan Obama can claim a trifecta: pleasing the UN multiculturalism committee, appeasing Islam and gaining the support of PETA by outlawing turkey slaughterhouses 4)taking away a church denomination's tax exempt status if they speak publicly against gays and the passing of a gay marriage amendment (probably after 2016 after Obama becomes 'Emperor for life')5)no business in which its members are unionized will be permitted to lay off any employees unless they get special approval from an Obama oversight board 6)the arrest of George Bush and Dick Cheney for a public show trial to highlight their 'crimes against humanity'(why Bush is so friendly towards Obama during the transition God only knows)7)hamstring churches from helping the GOP by outlawing any use of church property for political purposes including GOTV efforts and treating church leaders and elders like the military in which they cannot comment publicly on political matters 8)pass a law stipulating no new drilling for oil or gas will be permitted in America-onshore or offshore and force oil companies to contribute billions each year to a global warming fund to pay for projects to 'assist in the protection of the planet'-the contribution to be administered by the EPA with the help of environmental groups who will have absolute power to confiscate assets and profits annually depending on how much the global climate is deteriorating 9)a new amendment lowering the voting age to 14-guess who these young Obamatrons will vote for- together with a stipulation that children will be henceforth and foremost in law citizens of the state and not children of their parents or obliged to their guardians; 10)the removal of US presidents on paper money to be replaced by pictures of Obama, Ayres, Dohrn, Margaret Sanger. Martin Luther King, Jeremiah Wright Ellen de Generes etc.)

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

THAT's what the whole turkey breaking news was about?? I didn't click on to the video through Fox news because I didn't want to give them the satisfaction. But... those few seconds when the cameraman delibertately swung the camera away from Palin is what the whole breaking news was all about? Was there some other part of the video that we didn't see on Scott's link?

That issue was an even more stupid waste of people's time than I had assumed.

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, Lisa!

Yeah, there's a whole 'nuther video of Palin, with the turkey farmer standing behind her the entire time, while she's answering more questions (this happened after the "turkey pardon")----and he's busy managing the turkeys in the machine dealybob. It IS awfully distracting, even if it isn't upsetting to us farm kids or hunters. So I can imagine the horror that city slickers (sorry; that's the technical term!) feel, though, when they face what happens so they get turkey on Thanksgiving. I bet the video will make some new vegans....

What's silly about being a vegetarian is that PLANTS "FEEL" PAIN, TOO! Just like the otters who were saved, only to be gobbled up by orcas, NATURE has its icky side! I can't wait for some whacko nature-lover to insist that animals not eat each other anymore.....
(Note that I refer not to NORMAL nature-lovers......)

Mountain Mama said...

Oh, I forgot to specify re. the Plants Feel Pain remark: experiments have shown that plants somehow sense when killing occurs, even in a faraway room. One experiment involved wiring plants at one end of a building, then tossing live brine shrimp and lobsters into boiling water. The plants "registered" very differently immediately when the shrimp and lobster were dying. No doubt other similar experiments (of which I am unaware) have been run which show that plants register differently when they themselves are killed.
Harvesting, whether of plants or animals, is part of life. DEAL with it.......

techno said...

the ten historical lies that will soon be spread by Obama and his merry men and women in order to entrench their agenda in the consciousness of 21st century America: 1)That the Founding fathers were radical'community organizers'in opposing Britain 2)that America is the only country in the history of the world that should be guilty about slavery-basis of white guilt 3)American capitalists of the 1980's caused the rise of Narcissism-greed is good-the cause of the financial meltdown-thus American capitalism is a bankrupt philosophy running counter to the needs of the American people 4)white people have always hated Hispanics and Latinos and Asians and still do 5)the GOP wants to impose a theocracy on the USA and put gays in re-education centers to convert them into being straight 6)that global warming will result in the death of planet earth in 20 years necessitating that the EPA director given the same power as the Secretary of the Treasury has now 7)that all GOP Presidents were warmongers and would have been guilty of war crimes if trials had been held back then; that George Bush and Dick Cheney are war criminals and have commmitted crime against humanity 8)that Cuba has been a socialist paradise under Castro 9)that the only reason that the GOP has ever won elections is 'voter suppression' 10)that Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn were patriots akin to Henry Thoreau and Harriet Tubman.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Several years ago, after our family had moved from a big city out to a rural area, my husband, a member of the Minnesota Chippewa tribe, decided not to take any more government entitlements and support our family on his own. Not having much money and no longer having food stamps, commodities or WIC, we started raising chickens and goats and tesching the kids to take care of them. The kids' chores included feeding, gathering eggs, milking the goats, etc. People came over to show my husband and I how to slaughter the chickens when it was time.

This was much cleaner, kinder, better for the kids, and more satisfactory than showing up regularily to a government worker, filling out all of their intrusive forms, and taking our neighbors tax money - all to buy someone else's slaughtered chickens, etc.

Scott said...

i remember my old marine bio teacher telling us one day that if you hook up plants with electrodes you can see their reaction to pain.. i believe he used the word "cry". It's vague memory now but I still remember him talking about it.

As for all the doomsday talk... no one can do a thing of themselves... God is in charge.... period.

Mountain Mama said...

Some people practice a certain type of Hinduism whereby they refuse to eat anything that has been cut or ripped (plants) or killed (animals). They eat only fruit that has dropped from the tree or bush; they will not pull or harvest them. These people are usually thin.

Mountain Mama said...

Why is it that some people are strict vegans, etc., who wouldn't dream of hurting a live animal or plant----and yet they believe abortion is fine?
What!? A human embryo or fetus isn't alive?

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Mountain Mama - that question has always confused me as well - re: Vegans that are pro-abortion.

I also don't understand people who are very pro-earth, pro-conservation/enviromentalist, but angry about people and the effect that people have on the world.

They can understand a lions need to eat a zebra and locusts need to consume a field. They understand that wild animals as well as tiny insects need to defend themselves. They understand that beavers need to build dams which stop up the water and affect everything down stream. They can accept all that. But they are angry at every "footprint" a human makes on this earth = as if we don't belong.

YET, these same people that hate our footprint believe in evolution and believe we humans are a product of that evolution.

If evolution is the dynamic that they claim it is and humans are part of that dynamic, than que sera sera. We are doing just as we are supposed to do, just as the animal world is doing - the survival of the fittest. Let those turkey grinders roll.

M. Minnesota said...

Lisa= Mother of Nine, Mountain Momma regarding the confusion on why some Vegans and Enviroment only proponents are so Anti-Life and do no like Man's imagined Carbon footprint. It's quite simple. They have an aversion to Humankind because we are made in the image of God. As the Triune God said in the book of Genesis "Let us Make Man in our Image."

Mountain Mama said...

By heaven, MMinnesota, I think you've GOT it!
(I never thought of that before, but I do believe you're correct.)

Scott said...

i used to know a girl who was a vegan.. she told me she wouldn't eat anything or a product from anything "with a face". The eating style was making her sick though so she eventually added dairy to her diet.

knowitall said...

lisa, mountain mama, m minnesota, and scott,
fascinating discussion.

After all the abortions in this country, those people who have them go into the woodwork and hide. As a doctor of 40 years, I can tell you that I have never had a patient volunteer to me that she has had an abortion. Never once.

I think they deal with their own guilt. after all, most people who have abortions are liberal. If they all speak in favor of it, they become like a silent support group.
For the record, in my training I witnessed about 10 abortions. In those days, nothing got you out of doing your assignment, even your beliefs. People who are for abortion should go watch one.

I asked earlier on this site and will keep asking, why are candidates for office never, ever asked if they have conceived a child who was aborted?

M. Minnesota said...

Knowitall- "Why aren't Canidates ever asked if they conceved a child who was aborted.?" knowitall, you talk about in your Medical training that you had to view abortions. How many Medical students at the start of thier career say to themselves upon entering Med School, say to themselves, "I will go through all of the rigors of obtaining my Medical Licence so I can go straight to that Abortion Clinic and perform Abortions because that is my Passion." How Many Doctors actually seek out that line of Work? It seems on the face of it impractical to train so long and so hard to be a Doctor who wants to heal to well.. you know.

Gov. Palin was "impractible" with Trig. Because as a society our hearts are hard and we and the MSM worship at the Alter of practicallity. It goes totally back to the idea if you are a Politician or a MSM person and you feel that God is Far away and/or Non existent THEN the idea of a embryo made in the image of God is also far away and non existant.

It is my prayer that the Black/White Community that Came together in California For Marriage,(Something that they can see and affects them) will come together again and see how Abortion hardens all of our hearts and how it affects all of us. Because if it's "Just a mass of tissue" then it makes perfect sense for us to disregard one another.
Knowitall, why is a MSM'r or a Abortion Rights (given to by whom?) Activist NEVER ASKED., "Where (sp)/Are You Made in the image of God?"

techno said...

Those who follow in the footsteps of past hero and heroines endeavor to 'make history' in the not so distant future.

Scott said...

not that anyone would want to but the website has a lot of resources on abortion. I've never looked at the images and videos but I know father pavone has a ton of inside information on the abortion industry on that website. I think he has his own youtube channel too.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Knowitall, I'm glad you told us that. I have some questions I'd always wanted to ask a doctor on this subject. Can I ask you this?

A while ago I was thinking through the whole dynamics on how partial birth abortions are performed. Is this how it works or am I confused?

Okay, so you have this mother that is supposedly in distress from this child and needs to have the child removed ASAP - to save her life.

So the doctor begins the abortion by inducing birth. Then he stops the birth "mid-stream" in order to take the time to turn the baby around, so it is coming out breach - feet first.

How long does that process take, and what effect does it have on the mother in distress?

Then he allows the birth to continue - but stops it short before the head emerges. At this point, he kills the baby with a sharp object to the base of the skull.

How much time does that take?

Alright, so we've done this partial birth and abortion ASAP to save the mother's life, but delayed it a couple of times in order to perform the murder? is that right?

And...this is my confusion - wouldn't the birth have happened a lot sooner if it has simply been allowed to run it's course with a live birth - and relieve the mother's distress more quickly?

And then - here is the real, real big confusion. Why was the murder necessary? If they had already begun an early birth, and the child was already on his way out...and within a few minutes the moter was going to be free of the child anyway...I don't get it. Why was the murder medically necessary?

Just asking.

knowitall said...

M Minnesota,
The medical schools are now dominated by liberals.
Almost all gynecologists coming out of training are now females. A male Ob/Gyn doctor can not get a good job in the field anymore so the men no longer try.

Almost all young primary care physicians are Asian females. Soon the same situation will exist here also. There is a definite descrimination against males.

Almost all nurse midwives are females.

Very few children in the USA will be delivered by males in the future. That means the female doctors, who are very liberal, will control the abortion industry.

The answer to your question of...
""How many Medical students at the start of their career say to themselves upon entering Med School, say to themselves, "I will go through all of the rigors of obtaining my Medical Licence so I can go straight to that Abortion Clinic and perform Abortions because that is my Passion." How Many Doctors actually seek out that line of Work?""

Many, many more than you would ever imagine.
The public has an antiquated view that doctors are conservative. That has not been true for 20 years. The liberals have taken over medicine. They know they are a Trojan Horse so they do nothing to unmask their true beliefs.

I have never had a patient ask me what my view of abortion is.

By the way, this past year, I have had FOUR cases involving patient families wishing to hasten the deaths of their loved ones WHO WERE STILL COMPETENT and wanted to live. In two cases the family's lawyer or the hospital fought against me as I tried to allow the patient to decide.

Mountain Mama said...

You got THAT right, Knowitall: euthanasia might be on its way here in the USA----particularly since The One considers it being "punished" to have a baby!

When people don't value the life of an innocent, beautiful baby, how can they value the life of the elderly?

Once this selfish society takes a closer look at how much it costs to raise a disabled child for life, many people won't take two seconds to declare, "It's better for the poor things to die, rather than live a wasted life." Yeah----as if it's really the child's "quality of life" they're concerned about, and not the cost.......

We have two disabled children; we are very afraid for their future. And like most retired people, we depend on our pension and health insurance (we've long ago faced that Social Security will end),nut we're not holding our breath that either the pension or the insurance will hold up in this economy. The company giving us the pension has lost 2/3 its value this past year (possibly more! I didn't check at the end of the week!).

Today, some pundit (Bill Kristol, I think) flat-out said we're heading into another Great Depression, and I believe that if that's so, it will be WORSE than the first! After all, then over 3/4 the population worked on farms, so few people were actually in danger of starvation. Now? Yipes!

knowitall said...

Lisa, Mother of Nine,

Those are all good questions.
My field is geriatric medicine. I am sorry to say that I can not answer your quesions.
I am simply the wrong doctor to ask.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

I used to be an RN. I left the field 16 years ago to raise my family, (so I am longer no licensed).

I worked in geriatrics and remember one incident where an elderly woman was allowed to die at the urging of her family. It's been a little while, but from what I remember, she'd had been fairly independent and good-natured in the nursing home up until she contracted some type of infection. I don't remember all the details, but I do remember that at the time, I was shocked. I remember thinking that all she needed was an antibiotic, but the family was asking that she not be given it. I do remember that the family was concerned about how much money the nursing home was costing the elderly woman's estate. They were afraid for their inheritance if she continued at the nursing home for too long.

She didn't receive the antibiotic and she did die. That seems so shocking. Again, I don't remember the details, I just remember that I couldn't believe it had happened.

Those that fought abortion in the 1970's said that it would be a slippery slope to euthanasia, etc, and they were right.

And I did see a couple of nasty bloggers comment that Sarah Palin selfishly kept Trig alive and it would have been better for him to not be born. That's already been said by some on the left.

Mountain Mama said...

PS---You are correct, too, Lisa:
the Congress already found that there are NO valid physical-health reasons for women to have partial-birth abortion.

But once you eject God from being truly active in your life, it's easier to lie. That's why abortionists insist that partial-birth abortion is necessary "to save the mother's life." What a crock!

Instead, it's quicker and safer----for the mother----to take the baby out quickly, either through abortion (awful!) or C-section (still dangerous, but necessary to save the mother's life).

At 5 months, I suddenly had eclampsia, which is worse than preeclampsia (ie. "toxemia"). Only a speedy delivery saved my life and that of our son-----but I wouldn't let them take him by C-s. until they proved our son's lungs were abnormally large (he "knew" I was in distress, so he stopped growing length-wise, etc., to grow lungs: neat!). He survived and thrives, despite a few disabilities. (My B/P stayed 250/150 for several more days.)

On a MUCH brighter note, all the articles in several conservative magazines (esp. National Review and Weekly Standard) seem very positive about Sarah Palin re. the campaign AND re. her future prospects politically. Frankly, I was worried they'd join in to blast her, but they didn't at all! (Chris Buckley doesn't count......)

M. Minnesota said...

The Pro-life Movement needs to invest HEAVILY into those New Wiz-Bang Ultra Sound Machines and Get them to Clinics!! You SHOULD HAVE a Couple of Churches project a Live Screening on a Big Screen of a New Wiz Bang Ultra Sound Projection.(Pro-life Satuday/Sunday?) It's the only way to get the dialoge Started!! People believe more with thier eyes today than words or logical arguments.

We need more commercials like the ones a few years ago that had panoramic music and themes of people enjoying life and relaxing. The Tag line at the end of the commercial was "Life, What a beautiful Choice!" It did not bring up the controversy but it was great it argued only for the affirmative.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Thanks, Knowitall.

I guess I have my own assumptions as to why partial birth abortion occurs despite its obvious nonsensical purpose. I base this assumption on those questions, as well as reports that near term babies are frequently placed in a freezer at the abortion clinic.

If the babies head is born, the child is considered a live birth. Is that correct? So if the child's head is jabbed after it comes out, then courts would presumably agree that the child was murdered.

Therefore, the child must be turned in the womb so that the head is the last to come out and can be easily stuck in its base prior to a completed birth. In this way, it's not considered murder.

But why must the child be stuck in the head? Why not some other form of killing while it is still in the mother's womb? Now, I am not an abortion doctor or nurse so I don't actually know the ins and outs of why this type of murder is the preferred one. I do realize that a live baby is easier to deliver than a dead one, and that might be part of the reason as these are almost full term babies.

(But...when a mother is in distress and she DOES want the baby, they either hurry the birth or perform a caesarian. Why couldn't they do a caesarian if the mother DOESN'T want the baby? And again, the baby's death just doesn't seem to have any medical necessity. There is no medical reason for these particular mothers to have to give birth to a dead baby,)

At any rate, it would seem that this preferred method was chosen because it provided for many of the baby's tissues in remain in good shape - undamaged by chemicals or tools. etc.

So what is the doctor's purpose in recommending and performing a partial birth abortion, when - if the mother is truly in distress - she would be relieved quicker without it, and there is no medical reason for the child to actually be killed?

I have to wonder about the freezers these children are placed in and the purpose of preserving their tissues.

If my assumptions are correct, I come to the personal conclusion that this isn't about what's good for mothers or babies - it's about what's good for the Doctor and clinic financially. This is an industry, period.

Mountain Mama said...

In Europe, the "trash" from abortion clinics (ie. the babies' remains) is regularly collected for the COSMETIC industry, which uses the babies' collagen: it's supposedly just wo-onderful for your skin!

No, it's EVIL!

knowitall said...

you have taken me on a trip down memory lane.
I went to a small high school of over achievers.
"Cookie" Paul was in the class behind me. She was very bright and attractive and personable Catholic girl.
She is now Dr. Maureen Paul and has written a definitive book on abortion. She has been on ABC as an expert commentator. She was the head of Planned Parenthood in San Francisco and now runs it in New York City. She testified about partial birth abortions in the Supreme Court case
I would love to know what happened to foster such hate.
I hope God judges her fairly.

You brought back a lot of memories.

Scott said...

And I did see a couple of nasty bloggers comment that Sarah Palin selfishly kept Trig alive and it would have been better for him to not be born. That's already been said by some on the left."""""

i think most people outside of Christianity cannot grasp the value of suffering. People on earth in their suffering resemble Jesus in His suffering. It can be seen as a special gift from God who allows it. Suffering souls are closest to His Heart and due to the suffering in this life we will moreso resemble Jesus in the next life. The Heavenly Father will recognize and glorify our soul to the extent that He sees in us a resemblance to His Son. So far from a special needs child being a burden, they are a great blessing from God.

Believe me I don't think anyone likes suffering or looks for it, but if you look at it for what it is and the immense value in the eyes of God of a soul that resembles His son.. it becomes much easier to bare these pains.

These seemingly "worthless" people in nursing homes and special needs children.. and all those suffering in between are the reason God hasn't stepped in and destroyed this faithless and sinful world long ago. He has his eyes on the Godless who mock Him daily while He sustains them waiting for them to change, and all the sinfulness of the world (He destroyed entire cities in the Old Testament for less than our sins),.. and He is appeased by those on the other side who in their sufferings and good merits remind Him of the sacrifice and suffering of His only Son.

There He hangs, pale figure pinned against the wood.
God grant that I may love Him, as I really know I should.
I draw a little closer to share that Love Divine
and almost hear Him whisper "ah, foolish child of Mine".
If I should now embrace you, my hands would stain you red,
and if I lean to whisper, the thorns would pierce your head.
Then I knew in silence, that love demands a price
Twas then I learned that suffering, is but the kiss of Christ.

Scott said...

""""""If the babies head is born, the child is considered a live birth. Is that correct? So if the child's head is jabbed after it comes out, then courts would presumably agree that the child was murdered.

Therefore, the child must be turned in the womb so that the head is the last to come out and can be easily stuck in its base prior to a completed birth. In this way, it's not considered murder.""""""

it reminds me of this dog my cousin had when i was little.. It would hide and put its head under the bed and didn't realize the rest of its body could be seen sticking out. IT's such a lie from the "father of lies" that a baby isn't alive until it moves that extra inch outside of the mother.. even though there have been stories of the baby trying to push the abortionist's hands away as they attempted the procedure. I saw a picture once of a mother who for some reason had some kind of surgery done on her womb as the baby was only a few months along.. the picture shows the surgeon's hands over her womb and the baby has its small hand wrapped around his finger.

Scott said...

""""But why must the child be stuck in the head? Why not some other form of killing while it is still in the mother's womb? Now, I am not an abortion doctor or nurse so I don't actually know the ins and outs of why this type of murder is the preferred one.""""

i hope this isn't too graphic******

I've heard father pavone from explain the procedure they do a number of times.. they actually use a small vacuum on the brain. That's about as harmless as i can manage it.

Scott said...

"""""I have to wonder about the freezers these children are placed in and the purpose of preserving their tissues.

If my assumptions are correct, I come to the personal conclusion that this isn't about what's good for mothers or babies - it's about what's good for the Doctor and clinic financially. This is an industry, period."""""

again from father frank pavone's website.. he managed to get ahold of a memo from an abortion clinic that is an order form for baby body parts...

here's the page

that entire page is full of resources but you can see the actual order form he obtained if you scroll to the bottom of that page.. i think it's in 4 pdf pages.

page one

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Scott - yes, I've seen that picture of the little hand grasping the suregeon's finger.

And that was beautiful what you wrote about suffering.

It was a good thing for me to read. I have had legal custody of four siblings in addition to my five birth children, and it has been very tough. The four all have alcohol related birth defects (FAS, attention deficit, and or oppositional and attachment disorder.) I actually didn't ask for to have extra children in my home.

Because of the Indian Child Welfare Act, we were asked to take my husband's grandchildren because we were the most stable relatives in the extended family. I thought I was keeping them for only a short time. It's now 13 years later.

And it has been very hard. One has already been diagnosed as an alcoholic at the early age of 19.

And now I have also been a widow for four years. Many, many times I have felt frustrated and alone and confused about how to handle situations and in grief for the time I'd lost with my own babies.

It's all very selfish, I know.

But what you wrote was beautiful, and it's what I need to try to remember when situations erupt here at home.

(and by the way, the current application Indian Child Welfare Act is something else that has been senseless and damaging - no matter many trying to tell you differently.)

LT said...

Scott, that explanation of suffering was beautiful. Where did that poem come from? I take heart that St. Paul took such JOY in being able to join his sufferings to Christ's for the sake of our redemption. The creator had such love he became one of his created, and even let himself suffer and die for his loved. And invites the created to share in this greatest of missions. Its truly a revolutionary faith, a faith like no other, and its not surprising how some can miss the idea completely. What it tells us is that our essence is in giving ourselves over completely. Its not about "ME" its all about "YOU". When we realize that, it makes complete sense why Sarah accepted and takes joy in Trig. The pro-life cause makes complete sense. Its not about "ME".

Scott said...

lisa, i have a hard time like anyone remembering these words but remind yourself often that "whatever you do for the least, you do for Him." It is as though you're taking care of Jesus Himself who is especially more present in the sufferings of people. God, Who is present at all times as He exists outside of time, at the exact moment He was experiencing His own sufferings, at the exact moment He experienced someone doing a kind thing to Him while on earth, He had total knowledge of everything you would do for your family in the future.. He could see it all as it was happening then, and He accepted it (if you offer it this way) as though you were doing it for Him at that moment. (It makes the Bible really come alive if you think in these terms.. it wasn't just 2000 years ago). God knew then that He would be entrusting you with an extra responsibility in family now and has and will continue to give you all the help you need to handle it.

Mountain Mama said...

Scott, what a great lesson you shared. Thank you.

Lisa, dear one, thank you as well for opening your heart to us. You are NOT being selfish at all to wish you'd have had more time with your own kids. And it's normal to feel exhausted when the work load is, well, very exhausting! I look up to you for managing all those darling children, and lately, all alone, too.

Our suffering does not go unnoticed by God, Who treasures every one of us more than we treasure ourselves. I heard a priest once give thanks for his suffering, since it brought him closer to Jesus. At the time, I didn't understand, but now, with our challenges here, I understand: we could not make it without our faith in God, so when trials come, we pray more, study scripture more, seek the face and heart and wisdom of God more. Otherwise, we would (as the tertiary care hospital assured us) probably have resented our special sons----but instead, we never ONCE did; we find them delightful, and they are happy kids.

Sarah Palin is, thankfully, also aware of the GIFT of Trig, that God has trusted her (as God trusts YOU, Lisa) to keep soldiering on, managing the special needs and doing what's best to advocate for Trig, even if that means having to be firm, to get the right and lawful services available in school, etc.

Finally, I also look up to everyone who tries to make it on their own, without seeking governmental "help." But I know that many disabled folk who live on their own require that help to survive, and I'm glad it's there for their needs----so far.
Love, have mercy.

(Scott, I went to those photos, and saw abortion's victims for the first time. Lord, have mercy on us! It's like Dachau.........)

Mountain Mama said...

Right you are, LT: it's not about US, which runs very contrary to what this "Me! Me!" culture pushes.

Scott, you write with the lyricism of a poet! Thank you again for reminding us that God is in charge and knows our character and future completely.

You know, I remember the first year with either of our challenged sons: we were scared, but we managed, with prayer and support. Life became much more complicated as the boys grew and had different health problems and then school issues. The Palins probably are aware that it will be a long haul----but one full of delightful surprises, too.

The wonderful thing about the Palin's extended family is how they are all very supportive and help each other. Todd, Sarah, and their children will be so blessed with that help regarding Trig. God is taking care of him!

knowitall said...

something techno could have written with scott's help:

Mountain Mama said...

VH makes good sense, Knowitall: thanks! (I thought that organic farmers would make money, though; their food sure costs a lot, but I know there's a lot more waste.)

Thanks also for sharing the sad story of Maureen Paul. Can you imagine standing before the Lord someday for having performed abortions? Or standing before those children in heaven? ack....

I am concerned because someone wrote about Gov. Palin's possibly going on Oprah. It was understandable that O. didn't have her on during the campaign, given that the interview might have helped the party O. didn't support.

But please pray that Oprah is a very different person now, with an improved character, than when she had Dr. Laura Schlesinger on her show. I will NEVER forget how rude Oprah was to Dr. Laura, sitting in front of L., with her back to L., during most of the show! She was just extremely unprofessional and rude.
Now consider what Oprah might do to Sarah!
(Then pray.....)

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

I hope Sarah doesn't lower herself to go on Oprah's show. It's not necessary.

knowitall said...

mountain mama,
thank you for your feedback.

You are correct about O. I hope Sarah does not reward those on the left by going on their shows. But, it would be as Rush says, if you notice rudeness, all the other viewers will notice, too.

I read your conversation with Lisa and Scott very carefully and will read it two or three more times until I fully understand it. Emily Post's line is that all letters are a gift to the recipient. I think the posts by you 3 are a gift from God. The 3 of you have great insight into life and into yourselves. It was an honor to read the exchange of ideas.

Mountain Mama said...

Oprah was SO RUDE to Dr. Laura that Laura actually wept during the show! Dr. Laura had to "cover" for it (Oprah was/is so powerful that Laura obviously didn't want to diss Oprah back, right there), and so L. said she was crying because of the sad situation of the people there---but really, she was just amazed and sickened by Oprah's incredible rudeness.
I can't imagine that Oprah would be that rude to Sarah Palin, but she might, just out of jealousy (SO many women are jealous of Palin!), or out of a need to help Obama and the Dems cut Palin off NOW, so they don't ever have to deal with Palin again.
Speaking of which, the Dems will use ANY opportunity (such as the recent turkey stuff) to diss Palin as a dingbat or ignoramus. It just infuriates me----until I notice that Sarah remains unperturbed. I am positive she is aware of God's support at all times, which is what George W. Bush says is a constant help to him, too.
(But I can't stand it when powerful people behave meanly; I hope some other powerful people tell them off for it.)

Let Freedom Resonate said...

Very cool

Stacy said...

Way to go Adam. You are still rocking!

Joe the Plumber said...

You out there who love Sara, will love this loving tribute: