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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trashing Palin is Damaging the GOP

Last evening, I read one of the most sensible posts in the last two months on R42012. The 80+ comments that followed have left me depressed. Not because of the subtle sexism and anti-Palin rhetoric, but because of the oblivious attitude many on this site have towards the current functional state of the GOP.

I am going to take the post one step further and accuse some (in the minority) elite/east-coast Republicans of unknowingly sabotaging the party and any near-future hopes of regaining control of congress or the White house.

Any of you offended? Then let me explain the reality of the situation to you.

Expect President Obama and the DNC to raise $2 billion dollars over the next four years. Expect the Obama/DNC email distribution list to reach 20 million (from the current 13 million) and their online donors list to grow from the 3 million current supporters.

Today, the Republican party is in much poorer shape than it was post-Watergate and we are on the verge of handing the Democrats a filibuster-proof Senate majority. It may take our party 8 years to match the Democrats in terms of fundraising and volunteer lists. IMO, 2006-2008 may not have been rock-bottom for Republicans and we may experience further defeat.
Many conservatives believe that the 2010 mid-term elections will be a repeat of 1994, but do not hold your breath. In the eyes of the voting public, the words, ‘Republican’, ‘corruption’ and ’DC’ are virtually indistinguishable. We are just as ill thought of as we were in 2006 and might still be just as negatively perceived in 2010, when there are even more vulnerable Republican seats up for re-election then there were in 2008.

Is there any hope for the GOP? What do we have in our arsenal to compete with this Obama/DNC machine and halt the slide in our shrinking memberships lists and volunteer organizations?

Answer: Sarah Palin.

Let us put aside the 2012 campaign for a moment and review why Sarah Palin is critical to saving the Republican party from further electoral losses.

Currently, Governor Sarah Palin is the only Republican politician who is in high demand on the talk show circuit, has galliardising support, is directly or indirectly responsible for developing massive email distribution lists, growing the online presence of conservative chat rooms, networking site and blogs and has the ability to fund-raise at the level of President Bush. Since the Nov. 4th election, most of the new conservative blogs and sites have been created on behalf of Sarah Palin or created by administrators supportive of Palin and/or her conservative positions. The online growth (blogs, youtube, conservative social networking) is Palin motivated and Palin targeted.

The three largest national pro-Palin organizations,, and the have nearly 300,000 members. All three groups have a national organization, a fundraising apparatus and have utilized their membership lists, technology and networking capabilities to work on behalf of Senator Chambliss. DraftPalin and teamsarah only developed their networks in the last 45 days. These three sites, in combination with the other pro-Palin sites/blogs and networks will easily exceed the 1 million membership mark before the end of next year.

The online Palin movement is the only conservative network to adopt identical technology and networking platforms as the successful Obama Presidential campaign. The Palin movement will be the critical factor in saving many Senators and House members in 2010, which is why liberals want Palin to become insignificant and shun from the national stage. See a transcript from a recent Limbaugh show for further explanation.

Still do not believe me about Palin, then read this from Politico.

Three weeks after the Republican ticket suffered a sweeping defeat at the polls, Sarah Palin continues to dominate search engine queries, cable news and online video sites. The only American politician who generates comparable interest is President-elect Barack Obama. No one else is close.

  • Palin was the most popular Lycos search from the week she joined the ticket continuously through last Sunday,

  • The Alaska governor now ranks fourth, just one spot below Obama, on the weekly Lycos 50 list.

  • In September, the Anchorage Daily News reported a 928 percent spike in traffic, according to Nielsen Online.

  • Her mid-October “Saturday Night Live” appearance drove the show’s highest rating in 14 years, and her Oct. 2 debate with Joe Biden was the most watched vice presidential debate ever — drawing more viewers than any of the three presidential debates between McCain and Obama.

  • She ranked as the No. 2 top news search at this week and No. 2 (after Obama) among newsmakers on the AOL 2008 year-end hottest searches list, and she occupied two slots on Politico’s list of the site’s 10 most searched terms.

  • Palin also ranked fourth among Yahoo searches
    she sat for an interview with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News and delivered the show’s largest audience of the year.

  • According to the Project for Excellence in Journalism, Palin was the second-leading newsmaker for the week of Nov. 10-16, trailing only Obama and ranking ahead of President Bush, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and McCain in the number of stories about her.

Some web sites and GOP activists/politicians have provided some excellent suggestions to improve the Republican party, election strategy and online and grassroots conservative activism, but without growing membership lists, fundraising dollars and motivated activists, the ideas will not materialize into success. Like her or not, Sarah Palin is the only net-positive national representative we have at the moment.

Next time you decide to repeat your Keith Olbermann talking points on Sarah Palin, remember which national GOP candidate is stumping across Georgia for Senator Chambliss, on the eve of the election. It is not President Bush, former President Bush or Senator John McCain, it is Governor Sarah Palin.

A wise choice, Senator Chambliss.


Joseph said...

Sarah Palin is the bright spot in an otherwise dim GOP ...

We have a great political treasure in her and we would be fools not to support her with money and volunteerism

The very fact that the media and the democrats continue to pound on her show their fear

don't be surprised if the DNC pours resources for her opponent in the next governor's election ... but you know what? this would be good ...

imagine the big and bad DNC fighting the Governor of a "small state" ... after all, wasn't it Obama who referred to her as the mayor of Wasilli?

Let's heed the advice of McCain ... stand up and fight

Eric Dondero said...

And when Chambliss wins we Palinites will have the last laugh on all the critics, including the critics on our own side.

Keep the faith Adam. We're gonna win!!

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Good post.

techno said...

I am currently on Hot Air on the blog 'Zogby on 2012' that relays the poll numbers for GOP hopefuls: Sarah is in the lead by 6 points over Romney and 9 points over Jindal among Republicans and .3 back of Romney (13.7 to 13.4)among all Americans (Jindal at 12.5). There have been over 700 entries since last night; ~ 90% relate to Sarah, 5% to Romney and 5% to Jindal. Do you have any doubt who the most popular or notable Republican is now looking forward to 2012?

conservative brother said...

The reasoning for the trashing of Palin is obvious. She is a threat to Obama if she runs. There isn't a reason to get depressed, Palin said herself it comes with politics. The only Republicans attacking her are people that are stupid enough to support Crist, Romney or Pawlenty in 2012. I would love to see a Palin/Jindal ticket. It's odd really, but the more Palin is attacked the more I my support for her grows.

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, everyone! We're back from our Thanksgiving vacation, and just finished some Turkey Tettrazini (a tasty dish to make from leftovers!). I thank God for each of YOU!

This is a superb post about Sarah Palin, Adam, one that inspires hope.

On a contrasting note:
Somebody here wrote several days ago that Sarah is so UN-popular with the MSM because she obviously doesn't care what the MSM says or thinks of her! That takes VALOR, given that the MSM is SO powerful.

I think we've got to have, as Mark Steyn wrote recently, a multi-pronged approach to help revive the Rep. Party, so we can help Palin win. It's not enough that the conservative blogosphere roundly supports her; we must find ways to feature her constantly on the MSM----without allowing it to trash her ever again----and to gather FUNDS, so she won't be upended again by a media onslaught of attack ads.

More than anything, keep praying, daily! We can never underestimate the power of prayer....

knowitall said...

i try not to move entries, but i am moving this address from the last thread. this is so good that i hope you all see this:



Bob said...

David Letterman is on a personal crusade to keep her in the minds of Americans as a constant joke. Even Katie Couric told him to get over it. But he wont. We have to understand that the Obama media is in campaign 2012 mode as they have been emboldened. Until they see Palin go down, they will keep at it and then start with the new GOP frontrunner whoever that may be. What a tough thing to overcome.

Bill said...

Right again my friends! Governor Palin has inspired some die-hard people out there and we intend to continue blogging and informing people about her. We do realize that there is a battle for the soul of the GOP and that Palin represents the direction of Reagan and victory. Go Palin!

Let's be "foot soldiers" in the Palin revolution!

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Oh! I got it. This ad really makes you feel great. Are they showing this ad on TV?

MiJuBri Farms said...

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to jump in with a few multi-purpose comments...

1)I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our holiday was great and the best part was having Adam back home in Colorado for a few days to celebrate. It's the first time we've all been together since the Palin got the VP not back in August.

2) This was a fantastic post and, much as I love my son, the kudos here go to guest/co-blogger Kristofer Lorelli...long-time supporter and co-laborer with Adam. Unfortunately, this blog format posts by-lines at the end of the end of the entry, rather than the beginning. So....

3)Kristofer, thanks for all your help from early on. And could you please start your posts with a by-line so we know who's writing and who to applaud. Adam, do likewise.

Again, thanks for everyone's support and dedication over the past 1 1/2 years and I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season.

aka "Mom"

Eric Dondero said...

All of us need to be prepared for Wednesday. Early in the morning, we need to hit all the conservative websites, especially those where the skeptics hang out like HotAir,, RedState, and others, and hammer it in that Chambliss won in part cause of Sarah's last minute campaign tour in Georgia.

We need to ask the question from supporters of our rivals, where was Pawlenty? Where was Romney?

It's Sarah that helped to deliver the victory to Chambliss and we need to beat them over the heads with that.

Folks, this is no time to be namby pamby. We can't be polite. We need to get down in the dirt, and yes, even vicious sometimes.

If some of you don't have the stomach for that sort of politics, than let me handle it.

I intend fully to be the far-out lightening rod for Draft Sarah Palin for VP 2012.

I may seem harsh sometimes to our foes, but it's all for the cause. Trust me, there's a method to my madness.

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, there, Julie! How sweet of you, to make sure that Kristofer received his well-deserved praise! No wonder Adam is such a gentleman....

As for you, dear Eric, please consider whom you are supporting! Sarah Palin would not advocate anyone's becoming "vicious" in order to encourage others to support her!!!!!

How about instead just doing this: TELL THE TRUTH. That is what Americans really crave: just the truth, without slant or bias.

Here's one: the FACTS are that abortion not only kills unborn children; it's very dangerous for the mothers' health emotionally and physically, too.

There are many other FACTS we can share that demonstrate why Palin has the values she espouses, and why she hopes to persuade others to adopt them.

Just the facts, people! We don't need to strongarm anyone to WIN!

(As for fighting the MSM or liberals, well, it's not vicious to get in their faces with the facts, or to point out their OWN viciousness! Maybe you're just THINKING that it is "getting vicious" to do those two things, but it isn't: it's just part of sharing THE TRUTH!)

But we treasure your passion, Eric, as we did dear Ted's! (WHERE IS YOUR PASSION of late, Ted?)

alyssa said...

Great post!

knowitall said...

ok, let's have a vote...
after reading Mountain Mama's post, how many people still think that eating turkey makes you sleepy? :<)

TrueRedHead said...

I hope everyone here has signed on as a member of Over 60,000 members now and aiming for at least 100,00 by inauguration day.

P.S. Knowitall, 12th Man, and other fellow Wa State residents, there is a group on Team Sarah called Washingtonians Are Not Just Liberals. Come add to our numbers!

knowitall said...

i joined today.
i id'ed myself as a person from here. i will look for you.
i am the only male from yakima in the wa group.

Scott said...

""""Folks, this is no time to be namby pamby. We can't be polite. We need to get down in the dirt, and yes, even vicious sometimes.

If some of you don't have the stomach for that sort of politics, than let me handle it.

I intend fully to be the far-out lightening rod for Draft Sarah Palin for VP 2012.

I may seem harsh sometimes to our foes, but it's all for the cause. Trust me, there's a method to my madness.""""""

i think one of the attractive things about sarah palin is that she didn't act like the other side... she never personally attacked them back.. This is one of the main things that confused those who attacked her.. she never took the bait.. there is no need to be impolite.. let the truth stand on its own.

Mountain Mama said...

Why, Knowitall! Are you implying I'm high en-er-GEEEEEEEEEEEEE!?

Sorry; that sounded as crabby as this T-shirt's saying:

National Sarcasm Society
~ Like We Need Your Support ~

(oh, my sides...)

Hey, all y'all:
I just wrote Sarah Palin AND the Special Olympics board here in Boise, hoping they'll invite her and her family to attend, and maybe even speak or help out at the Sp.O. games here in February!

Wouldn't that be Too Cool? She'll need the networking, too, to give her ideas about how best to encourage the gifts of her son, Trig. If she comes, want me to get an autograph for y'all?

And thanks for agreeing, Scott! But I'm glad, again, that you're passionate, Eric!

And don't forget to blog, write, email, and call regarding the upcoming Meet the (gag) President-Elect with the governors this week!!!!!!! I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall nearby when Palin meets Obama: she will FLOOR him, you betcha.

TrueRedHead said...

Knowitall, I'm registered there as Kathleen, there are two of us, but I think the other one uses her last name.

techno said...

I'm with you Eric; this is no time to be namby-pamby; the stakes are too high. The conservative movement must coalesce around 1 conservative candidate as soon as possible; if Sarah gets her act together and Team Sarah, the other web site devoted to her and the weekly internet radio program take off we will be in the launch and the onward-upward mode; we want to make it impossible for the conservative community to ignore Sarah. Sarah rocks. We will as well.

TrueRedHead said...

Mountain Mom! Boise in February? That WOULD be cool - and a doable drive for me - depending on weather. I just came back from that area (Caldwell, where I still own some property I'm hoping to get rented soon.) And I still feel like an "Idahonian" most of the time anyhoo - after all, I lived there most of my life.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Looked at your site Eric - Interesting! And I grabbed that video to post on my site as well. Very interesting - It's no wonder they can't understand someone of Sarah's character. They aren't used to being around people like her.

flapper said...

Sarah's gonna stomp through the 2012 primaries like Godzilla in high heels.

The true Palin fans can be found here, so I'd be interested to hear opinions on who she should choose as a running mate.

IMO, she'd need an older, experienced person with lots of credibility on military/foreign policy issues, who is acceptable to the conservative base.

Right now, I have Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson as my top choices.


Mountain Mama said...

Flapper, are you serious? Fred T. showed as much passion as a slug in the primaries (but I truly DO LOVE him). And Duncan Hunter is probably TOO conservative.

My prayer is that the ticket will be Bobby Jindal with Sarah Palin, in whichever office, I don't care. He's brilliant, and they both will have been excellent governors for years by 2012.

Meanwhile, do y'all see how quickly Obama is aging already!? Scary....

Scott said...

i'd choose fred thompson for his voice alone ;) what a commanding presence he is just by that.

All i can think of is the scene from days of thunder where he chews out tom cruise and the guy he was fighting with.

This is classic

Scott said...

as for obama aging... i just think it's funny how a major critic of Bush, who stands in place of all the leftist armchair quarterback critics of bush, is now seeing just why bush did what he did. It's a LOT different when you actually know what's going on. It'll be interesting to see just how much he does what people actually voted for him for.

M. Minnesota said...

Great Post Kristofer Lorelli!!!

Gov. Palin is right when she says it's the "ideas that she represents that make her so attractive."

People, we have to acknowlege that liberals and the MSM are Liberals FIRST and nothing else!!!

Before Gov. Palin came onto the scene, we should have seen the bias, NO SUPPORT, AND NO TEARS were shed by the MSM when Ken Blackwell African - American Republican - PRO LIFE lost his bid
to be Gov. of Ohio. NO SUPPORT, NO TEARS by the MSM for Micheal Steele African- American American Republican -PRO LIFE in his bid to be a U.S. Senator for Maryland. NO SUPPORT, NO TEARS from the MSM for Lynne Swann African-American PRO -LIFE Republican Lost his bid to be Gov. of Pennsylvaina. Can you imagine the TEARS and NASHING OF TEETH if Obama Lost????

Can you imagine what the political landscape WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE if (and I know if is for children) Blackwell, Steele and Swann had gotten the conservative base nationally behind them, like they got behind Gov. Palin? George Sorros and the DNC were VERY concerned about those races in 06'

If Gov. Palin has the opportunity, I hope she campains for and stands with like Conservatives mentioned above. The conservarive movement must be PRO ACTIVE not Passive! To be passive is to assume the Democrats and the MSM are stupid.

Tbone said...

The scary part of how Obama is aging already is that he is not even President yet. Sarah is doing fine and will be fine. If she wants it in 2012 she has a great chance. It is up to us Sarah supporters to help her out. Sarah is awesoime.

Mountain Mama said...

Too true, Tbone! Did you see and hear Sarah Palin's campaigning in Georgia!? She looks terrific and sounds very optimistic about 2012. Great!

Mountain Mama said...

Ouch! Hillary just had her lips plumped! I wish people wouldn't do that; it never looks "normal."

Obama looks tired again today. How is going to stand up to being President!? He's basically talking like Bush today, re. a slow troop draw-down; he's evidently learned a few key things from his intelligence briefings! Easy to criticize, but not so easy actually to do the work, eh, Obambi!?

You're right, MMinnesota, it's important that pro-lifers are pro-active. But again, telling the truth forthrightly doesn't mean we need to get "vicious." Just telling the truth bugs the liberals quite enough as it is!

Scott said...

Palin draws big crowds in Georgia GOP rally

(i took the best parts)

"Losing an election doesn't mean we have lost our way," the former vice presidential candidate told a cheering crowd of 2,500 in the central Georgia town of Perry. "If we are to lead again, we have lots of hard work ahead of us. Let it begin here tomorrow in Georgia

Georgia Republicans clearly were looking ahead, with supporters waiting in the cold for more than an hour to attend the rallies. Vendors in Augusta sold bright pink "Palin 2012" T-shirts and "Palin for President: You Go Girl" buttons. Chants of "Sa-rah!" greeted Palin.

Several Republicans have campaigned for Chambliss, including one-time presidential candidates Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney. McCain campaigned in the state last month, but only Palin was tapped for election eve and four Georgia stops, reflecting her star status.

Tommy Byler, 22, of Savannah marveled at the size of the crowd Palin drew compared to other top-tier Republicans who have campaigned for Chambliss.

"I went to see Mitt Romney a week ago, and I think there were only about 100 people there," said Byler, who wore a T-shirt emblazoned with Palin's face and the words "Sarah Palin Is My Homegirl."

M. Minnesota said...

Mountain Momma said - "Telling the truth forthrightly doesn't mean we need to get vicious, Just telling the truth bugs the liberals quite enough as it is."

I agree One Thousand percent that we cannot be vicious!!!! We just need to tell the Truth. I need to choose my words better. Sorry :(

Mountain Mama said...

Me, too, MMinnesota: I need to write more clearly as well. I was just reminding Techno and Eric (sorry, guys) that we don't need to become underhanded/vicious to get out the truth about how great conservatism and Palin are.

I was really happy with Sarah's speech today on behalf of Chambliss. (Btw, it sickens me when people slam his mentioning the TRUTH about fake war heroes, because he's right: injuring yourself during war time shouldn't qualify for a Purple Heart.) She really is signalling us all to KEEP WORKING and praying for her: she's willing to run again!

Scott said...

"""""(Btw, it sickens me when people slam his mentioning the TRUTH about fake war heroes, because he's right: injuring yourself during war time shouldn't qualify for a Purple Heart.)"""""

people have actually done this?

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, Scott!
Yeah, Chambliss was criticizing for doing what conservatives should do: say the truth, in this case regarding a Viet Nam "hero," Max Cleland. Here's what Coulter wrote about this:

Cleland drops a political grenade
Posted: February 11, 2004
By Ann Coulter
© 2008 Universal Press Syndicate

Former Sen. Max Cleland is the .... a triple amputee and Vietnam veteran....

On "Hardball" Monday night, Cleland demanded to see Bush's pay stubs for the disputed period of time, May 1972 to May 1973..... The next day, the White House produced the pay stubs....
All available evidence keeps confirming Bush's honorable service with the Guard, which leads liberals to conclude ... further investigation is needed!....

Moreover, if we're going to start delving into exactly who did what back then, maybe Max Cleland should stop allowing Democrats to portray him as a war hero who lost his limbs taking enemy fire on the battlefields of Vietnam.

Cleland lost three limbs in an accident during a routine noncombat mission where he was about to drink beer with friends. He saw a grenade on the ground and picked it up. He could have done that at Fort Dix.... Luckily for Cleland's political career and current pomposity about Bush, he happened to do it while in Vietnam.

There is more than a whiff of dishonesty in how Cleland is presented to the American people. Terry McAuliffe goes around saying, "Max Cleland, a triple amputee who left three limbs on the battlefield of Vietnam," was thrown out of office because Republicans "had the audacity to call Max Cleland unpatriotic." Mr. Cleland, a word of advice: When a slimy weasel like Terry McAuliffe is vouching for your combat record, it's time to sound "retreat" on that subject.

Needless to say, no one ever challenged Cleland's "patriotism." His performance in the Senate was the issue, which should not have come as a bolt out of the blue inasmuch as he was running for re-election to the Senate. Sen. Cleland had refused to vote for the Homeland Security bill unless it was chock-full of pro-union perks that would have jeopardized national security. ("OH, MY GOD! A HIJACKED PLANE IS HEADED FOR THE WHITE HOUSE!" "Sorry, I'm on my break. Please call back in two hours.")

The good people of Georgia – who do not need lectures on admiring military service – gave Cleland one pass for being a Vietnam veteran. He didn't get a lifetime pass.

Indeed, if Cleland had dropped a grenade on himself at Fort Dix rather than in Vietnam, he would never have been a U.S. senator in the first place. Maybe he'd be the best pharmacist in Atlanta, but not a U.S. senator. He got into office on the basis of serving in Vietnam and was thrown out for his performance as a senator.

Cleland wore the uniform, he was in Vietnam, and he has shown courage by going on to lead a productive life. But he didn't "give his limbs for his country," or leave them "on the battlefield." There was no bravery involved in dropping a grenade on himself with no enemy troops in sight. That could have happened in the Texas National Guard – which Cleland denigrates while demanding his own sanctification.

Good job, Coulter! That's the thing: just tell people the truth, and be ready to take the crap the liberals---oops! "Progressives!"----will fling back when they can't handle it.....

P.S. Chambliss was one of those who pointed out how Cleland was twisting the facts re. Cl's Viet Nam accident.

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. Even though his was a terrible accident, and not technically a "war wound" obtained while under enemy fire, Cleland sadly lost three of his limbs. So of course Chambliss and other Americans do honor Cleland for his service, and totally sympathize with the challenges he faces in life as an amputee.
But what's sad is that he and his supporters lie about his accident, using it politically, which diminishes their credibility and dishonors others who DID lose limbs or lives during actual encounters with the enemy.
(Ie., lying does not foster respect; we respect Cleland's service, but not his lying about his accident for political gain, which is creepy.)

Dan and Amanda said...

If Sarah Palin really wants to put her money where her mouth is, she'd say "thanks but no thanks" to the Juneau Road to Nowhere and the Knik Arm Bridge to Nowhere! Alaska received money for these projects in the same federal spending spree that gave them the other Bridge to Nowhere. The total cost of both of these projects is well over $1 billion, and the decision is Palin’s to cancel them or let them go forward. That will be the true test of what's behind her fiscal conservative tough talk. Check out for the details and this video about the crazy dangerous Juneau Road to Nowhere...

Scott said...

i've said this a few times, we've seen it with the left in the past election, when there is no argument or they have nothing to legitimately attack someone on.. it becomes like little kids who can do nothing but make it personal.. even if it's a lie.

Jill said...

Hey look, Joe Biden wants a little attention. :-)

Say hello to Joe!

Another link about today's meeting with the governors

Appreciated Meeting

Jill said...

I wonder what percentage Sarah "owns."

News from Georgia

knowitall said...

great news!!! thanks for the update.
Great news for sarah, too.

Dan and amanda,
I enjoyed reading about your three month trip to southeast asia.
Please send us a postcard with more thoughts.

Mountain Mama,
I am glad to see the Thanksgiving trip brought back life in you.

One of my little league teammates stepped on a landmine in Vietnam and lost both legs. He works for the post office and gets little recognition for his losses. God bless his wife for staying with him all these years.

Mad Hatter said...

The media is trying there best to keep the trash on Sarah, if you notice Networks only talk about Obama and Sarah. Sarah is using the media like a puppet, watch and see how many cameras will be following her christmas

12thMan said...

Poor Joe,

Now that he's no longer in the Senate, he's lost his official Levin title of "Dumbest Man in the Senate" as of yesterday (don't worry, Harry Reid has stepped up to take it for himself. But he has so many titles already:-))

Sean McLeod said...

the problem is that this curiosity might not lead to people voting for her. People tuned in to her debate and onto SNL to view Palin as a curiosity. Everybody wanted to see how she would interact with Tina Fey and all they did was walk by each other. Palin has high negatives with people outside the Republican base and if you think the rest of the presidential aspirants in the Republican party are willing to just step aside because Palin's popular on web searches, that's crazy! She'd still have to debate the rest of the Republicans like 10-15 times as the field gets whittled down and she'll need a lot more than a wink and a you betcha to dispatch her rivals. Other Republicans might actually have some appeal to the center, which Palin does not enjoy at this stage. Another fresh face could easily unseat her. Honestly I think the Dems are hot for Palin to stay in the limelight because they see her as polarizing, not unlike HRC before she was removed from the possibility of becoming president and all these former Clinton-haters discovered a newfound Clinton respect.

Anonymous said...

I think for no doubt Sarah Palin would be a good candidate for Vice President.She has all the qualifications.She has helped Alaska in many ways as Governor and I'm sure She will be a good resource for the U.S. Presidency.Sarah Palin is genuine and likes to help people.She is a good administrator with economy,natural resources,and public well-being.I think she should be re-elected for 2012 Presidency.

Mountain Mama said...

Hey there, "Anonymous:"

Hmm..... Sarah is now essentially the leader of the Republican Party, so it's improbable that she'll want the VP slot (although I hope she's open to that OR the presidency).
She obviously cannot be "reelected" to the presidency, since the American voters failed to elect her to that role the first time a year ago.
Let's hope for CHANGE 3 years from now, and she'll be elected president then!