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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Medicated and Back in Action

Hey everyone. If you haven't figured it out already, I've been really sick over the last week or so (especially this weekend). Now I'm on antibiotics and trying to get back on the horse. Gov. Palin has been doing some great interviews lately, and I hope you have all seen the Greta Van Susteren interview over at While we're at this, I thought I would post video of the Anchorage Daily News' recent interview. Considering all of the criticism I've dished out about editing by the major networks, I find it really refreshing to see almost 10 minutes of raw, unedited Palin.


JR said...

These interviews have been great ... she is a much different person when not attacked to the McCain campaign

she is doing an awesome job of distancing herself from the campaign while remaining respectful to it

I always believe that the biggest mistake made by the McCain campaign was the way her interviews were booked

You never let an interview be rolled out over several days and you never just do one interview at a time

Everybody has a bad day but if you do 5 or 6 interviews over 2 days ... it doesn't seem so bad if you have a hiccup in one of them

the people handling her "roll out" should never be allowed to work on a GOP campaign again IMO

bluesuede said...

Adam, I hope you are on the mend soon. I have been watching all of the interviews with Sarah. She's great, and I really enjoy the moments with her family.

huskyonspeed said...

Get well soon, Adam! I enjoyed the Great interview. I got the feeling with some of the answers that she is definitely considering running in '12. BTW, Happy Veterans Day to any vets on here!

Mountain Mama said...

Lord, please grant healing to Adam!

jill said...

Keep sipping the chicken soup with plenty of garlic, Adam, and keep on blogging in your pajamas. We all know there are many varieties of bloggers in pajamas, and you're the variety most loved by Governor Palin! Blessings of speedy recovery to you.

Adam Brickley, aka "ElephantMan" said...

Agreed on the interviews. Sarah is always best when you just wind her up and let 'er rip.

Will there be a few gaffes? Yeah. But it's a lot easier to get past little gaffes when you're dealing with the old-fashioned, motor-mouth Sarah.

manajordan said...


Get better. Thanks for all you do.
I think the interviews post election have been fantastic starting with the bob and mark show. She is handling it so well. I love that she keeps making dinner for these interviewers. It's fun to see her more herself.

Scott said...

"""""the people handling her "roll out" should never be allowed to work on a GOP campaign again IMO"""""

Glenn Beck talked today on his radio show about how in the middle of september sarah had to make phone calls by herself because they weren't booking her for anything. She called in to his radio show and my local other radio guy with her own cell phone just so she could do an interview..

techno said...

From now on Sarah will be better in interviews because quite simply she will no longer have to conform to or be cognizant of opposing McCain's talking points. Sarah is now talking on behalf of Sarah and will be presumedly for the rest of her political life.

momprayn said...

Adam - yes, good to hear from you again....I'm sure you'll be all recovered soon. Also, grateful that you got your laptop back ok!

Scott - I've wanted to mention this for awhile but just didn't but then I saw the blog about you being disabled again & thought I'd just let you know --- I have been praying for you ever since I first read it. You have a lot of common sense/discernment/wisdom. That's a whole lot more than other "abled" people have and...I believe gifts from above!

Yes, I think we're all enjoying hearing Sarah be herself and do what she wants and not be tied down to the McCain crew. Remember she'll be on CNN with their "boys" - Larry & Wolf tomorrow!

srethng - well, I guess you did have some thought that it MIGHT get posted because you sent it. Since you were wrong about that, could it be that you might be wrong in some other conclusions??? And what's the "REAL" reason you people want to say these kind of unkind, hurtful things??? Your guy is in! Be happy.
But for the record, as for me, I didn't have that "take" at all. Didn't enter my mind. She was talking about all the untrue, unverified, hateful things that were thrown out there about her. She said as much if you hadn't "shut" that part out like you wanted. God bless you. Have a nice day!!!!!

Tbone said...

Sarah was wonderful in the interviews. Wish you well Adam.
To huskyonspeed: Sarah may run in 2012. She will also weigh how popular Obama is. If he is popular I believe she will wait until 2016. Sarah wants to win and she is only 44. These interviews and I have heard she will be one of the lead speakers at the Republican Governors Convention this week. I also heard she is speaking at CPAC in February. Tells me she is trying to assert herself as the leader of Republican Party and sees herself now as a National Candidate. I also loved the parts with her family.
One reminder. Tonight is part 2 of her interview with Greta on Fox News. I can never get enough of Sarah.

Mountain Mama said...

I wrote on the earlier thread:
<< I was trying to soothe Srethng, who is a devoted blogger; check out her blogsite.
I'm sure Gov. Palin wasn't referring to most bloggers at all. She honors blog work, or why else would she and Todd, on the day her selection was announced, have telephoned our beloved Adam Brickley to thank him for his help on this blogsite? >>

Srethng's blog reveals two things:
1. She has disdain for Gov. Palin, and
2. She has a lot in common with Gov. Palin: both are outdoorswomen who can handle axes, guns and tools.

My guess is that, if Srethng and other detractors actually met Gov. Palin, they would like her a lot, and discover that she is very savvy and kind.

Tbone said...

I agree with everyone that Sarah is at her best when she speaks her mind. What everyone is finding about Sarah is that she is so down to earth. I heard Lauer say that on the today show.
Hi Techno: I agree that Sarah will only be talking on her behalf for the rest of her political life. That is a great point. I believe more Americans will like Sarah alot more after these interviews

techno said...

10 reasons why Sarah should run for President in 2012: 1) currently her popularity in the GOP (91% approval rating and 64% would vote for her to be the GOP srandard-bearer); there is no guarantee that this will always be the case. 2) to get revenge on Obama, the nutroots, and the MSM for the smears levelled against Sarah's family and the McCain campaign (I know this is an unchristian attitude but Sarah must be burning inside to get back at Obama and settle unfinished business); 3)because she has the ability to raise the requisite funds to run a successful Presidential run; 4)that she feels she can win in 2012; 5)that she knows that she will be capable of being President in 4 years; 6)if she loses in the primary she will still be a strong contender for the VP slot 7)to advance energy independence 8)to save her country from being destroyed by the Marxist Obama 9)health reasons: who knows what the future may bring for her or her family; 10)familiarity of running against Obama-will not have be brought up to speed-will be ready to attack from the get-go.

Patriot1776 said...

We have to do what we can to help Saxby Chambliss in GA. Obama is sending his minions down there to ensure his defeat and to flex their political muscle.

If you dont' know, had Saxby gotten 8500 more votes, there would be no required runoff. In Ga if you get less than 50% a runoff is required. Saxby got 49.6%

Franken is working to steal the election in MN> Without a recount, he 'picked' up 504 votes based on typos - from THREE of 3400 precincts in MN.

We have work left to do THIS year. I think Sarah wouldn't give up the fight just yet.

It has implications on the Senate. If Rs can hold Coleman and Chambliss they have 42. Assuming Stevens wins and is replaced by Sarah's selection that makes 43. Then the DEms dump Liberaman (I know he is a liberal) but he would then caucus with the Rs...

This is a MAJOR fight. We lose Coleman and Chambliss, the margin shrinks tremendously.

I live in PA but will be sending support to Chambliss. This is a major election for the upcoming 2010 vote.

Let's do our part.

techno said...

10 reasons why Sarah should not run for President in 2012: 1) her family opposes it; 2)fear of continuing attacks and smears by the MSM to derail her candidacy and thus giving her little chance of winning. 3)cannot raise the money needed 4)her popularity among the GOP begins to wane as somebody else becomes the 'golden boy' 5) or conversely Sarah thinks that she can pick up where she left off in 2008 in 2016 and 'out of sight, out of mind' doesn't apply to her 6)doesn't honestly think that Obama will be beatable in 2012; 7)she simply is not obsessed with the Presidency-it would better for her to stay Governor of Alaska-nobody needs the 2 year aggravation of a Presidential campaign if one doesn't think it's worth it; 8)Sarah feels she needs more seasoning. 9)God tells her not to 10)if she cannot run or conduct a campaign that she wants to do; if she has to kowtow to the party elders.

momprayn said...

Had thoughts today that this actually might be better for Sarah in the long run --- because now that the liberals have their guy in, they can "relax" and listen more "sanely" to Sarah, whom they are curious about. Then, they might just find themselves actually liking her (like you said mountain mama) and maybe even some miracles will happen and start believing in her point of view!!!
Anyway - yes, I have high hopes and not much doubt in my mind at all that she is still "God's pick" for some high office with authority for this nation. And no, she will not run for anything unless she thinks it is God's will. This "stint" was because she thought it was an "open door" for her - that God wanted her to and I think He did. Just because she didn't win doesn't mean He didn't want her to run. It no doubt accomplished some purposes that God had in mind.
Yes, we need to pray for Saxby in GA to win and God forbid that Franken wins in MN!!!! I can't believe it. No, the battle continues........

Ted said...

Since, one way or another (if not via Supreme Court, or via Electoral College, than by mass public demand) Obama inevitably will be required to show a Hawaiian Vault Birth Certificate or adequate explanation for its absence, to legitimately be POTUS, and, if he fails, he won't be POTUS, it would seem this major major issue needs to be resolved before there can be any adequate analysis of where things are going vis a vis Sarah P. Right??? (Not that Obama's disqualification would mean Sarah would become VP, since, the ticket would become McCain/Biden under the electoral college vote. Still, this issue will affect everything else. Right???

momprayn said...

Per Fox News - reporting that Palin supporters are urging McCain to speak out in defense of Sarah on Jay Leno, "Tonight" show.

knowitall: names - Amanda Carpenter, Bill Kristol (spelling?)
I don't know exactly who Amanda is but I've seen her on there before defending Sarah. Maybe one of you know? Mentioned today that Bill Kristol has been defending her too.

Shark Girl said...

I just emailed Gov. Palin because I found out she may be her in Georgia campaigning for Senator Chambliss.

I hope she reads my email. I don't know if it would be unethical to post that email on my blog or not.

I don't want Chambliss to win, but I also don't want the Dems in control. I have a multimillion dollar lawsuit against Robins Air Force Base. Chambliss could have helped, but his staff was dependent on one of the key defendants to raise funding for Chambliss.

I voted for Palin because of what she said about corruption. I was hoping she would be one of the "powers that be" that would care enough to help me.

I hope she doesn't come to Georgia on behalf of Chambliss. She seemed like integrity mattered. If she campaigns for him, then it's a Republican issues, and she will be hurting small businesses at Robins Air Force Base.

Scott said...

i think i found another vote for al frankin on the ground outside.....

Mountain Mama said...

You'd better check your car's trunk, too, Scott...

momprayn said...

Scott - ACORN???!!!!
(plus there ARE nuts that vote for him, no?) just a question.

momprayn said...

Did you guys see this - Sarah & family at home (very short but cute):

Scott said...

in response to techno on the top ten reasons she shouldn't run for president

"""9)God tells her not to""""

I was thinking today about how they have a saying when the cardinals of the Catholic Faith go in to elect a new Pope.. they have a saying "if you go in a pope, you come out a cardinal".. it's all a matter of humility.. God will not select the one that goes in there with pride wanting it for selfish gains.. we see so much of this in presidential candidates. If she leaves it in God's hands, and it is His Will for her, He will move the entire earth to get her to that position.

Scott said...

"""I hope she doesn't come to Georgia on behalf of Chambliss. She seemed like integrity mattered. If she campaigns for him, then it's a Republican issues, and she will be hurting small businesses at Robins Air Force Base."""

i thin it's a matter of helping small businesses throughout the entire country.. we have to secure enough seats to prevent the supermajority of democrats.

Mountain Mama said...

HUGE check in my spirit just now!


In her interview with Greta (Part I, last night), Sarah said that if a door opens, she figures it's God's leading and she goes through the door----and sometimes, she confessed, she plows through even if the door DOESN'T open.

Well, keep in mind that The Evil One opens doors, too, and invites us in, to our demise!

I'll just keep praying that the Palins completely listen to the Lord, begin tithing, and do only what they know God wants them to do.

And yes! If God opens the door, God will bring about the best for everyone on earth....
I feel so sorry for people who are scared of God, Who loves them more than they even love themselves.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mountain Mama said...

I hope and PRAY that on "The Tonight Show" this evening, Senator McCain treats Sarah Palin with as much grace and decency (it's about TIME!) as she has been treating him in EVERY interview----and makes sure to condemn the recent attacks upon her character and skills.

Unknown said...

I ran into my county GOP chair today. I don't remember if I had discussed my support of Sarah with him in the past.

He is going to introduce a resolution at the county level to go to the (Washington) state GOP to support Sarah to stay in the race for 2012.
As I have mentioned, Alaska and WA have always been BFF. The support here is natural.
Maybe encouraging your county GOP to do likewise would help Sarah's cause.

Alpha Conservative Male said...

I wonder what the ratings were for Greta's interview with Palin last night. The media doesn't get it,and they never will. Them trashing Palin isn't going to change the minds of Republicans and conservatives, and the kooky Dems all ready don't like her anyways. So they are just shooting blanks right now at Palin.

k.aLLyN. said...


LOS ANGELES – John McCain said Tuesday that Sarah Palin did not damage his presidential bid, and he dismissed as typical campaign sniping anonymous criticism aimed at her following their crushing defeat.

"I'm so proud of her and I'm very grateful she agreed to run with me. She inspired people, she still does," McCain told Jay Leno during an "Tonight Show" interview taped for broadcast Tuesday night. "I couldn't be happier with Sarah Palin."

Asked by Leno about griping about Palin from unidentified McCain operatives in the days following the election, the Arizona senator said, "These things happen in campaigns.

"I think I have at least a thousand, quote, top advisers," he scoffed. "A top adviser said? I've never even heard of ... a top adviser or high-ranking Republican official."

However, McCain never directly addressed the embarrassing controversy over Palin's expensive campaign wardrobe purchased by the Republican National Committee, or statements by unidentified McCain aides who have reportedly said she was not prepared on foreign policy. The Alaska governor has said in interviews she did not ask for, or want, the $150,000-plus wardrobe for her and her family.

He disputed that a different vice presidential pick would have changed the outcome against Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

At campaign rallies, "The people were very excited and inspired by her. That's what really mattered, I think," McCain said. "She's a great reformer."

McCain's appearance at Leno's Burbank studio was scheduled to coincide with Veterans Day. It was the former naval aviator's 14th appearance on "The Tonight Show" but his first TV interview as a vanquished presidential candidate.

Alpha Conservative Male said...

Adam, Im new to you blog. I hope you feel better. I know what might help you get better. Go to youtube and watch Sarah kick around Biden in the debate lol

techno said...

10 historical American and world trends that permitted Barack Obama to be elected: 1)the Progressive worldview from 1896-1920 that believed that all the problems of the world could be solved by enlightened expertise, science, technology and democratic reform which gave America Prohibition, the Income tax, Anti-Trust laws and Women's Suffrage has become the status quo in America since 1988 where Prohibition has been replaced by Narcissism and privacy, income tax by 'spreading the wealth', Anti-Trust laws by monumental bankruptcies, corporate greed, and the bailout package, and Women's Suffrage by feminism and the 'right to choose'. 2)For most of the history of the world there was a distinct prejudice against single adults, especially women; they were known as spinsters; in 2008 now the prejudice is against married women who have not had at least one abortion in their lifetime-a badge of honor; as depicted in Sex and the City single women are to be encouraged, supported and revered in the exercise of their sexual freedom; it is women like Sarah Palin that are to be scorned and vilified. 3)Many American whites have been convinced by the media, books, and minority groups that they are to blame for the ills of the world over the last 5000 years and thus must cede control of America to certain 'enlightened' individuals or groups who are more representative of or in tune with the world of the 21st century. Many scholars refer to this phenomenon as 'white guilt'. 4)Compassionate conservatism is simply another name for comprehensive immigration and amnesty. America elected a President who admitted has a 'soft spot in heart' for Hispanics. However vehemently it may be argued that more Hispanics should be legally allowed into America, the law stipulates procedures in which immigrants can legally enter the America. It is the non-enforcement of the Immigration Act and its deporting provisions that have allowed unrest to fester among conservatives who simply want to see the law enforced and a wall built to keep out illegal aliens as one would erect a wall to keep a trespasser from stealing his prized dog. Simply put the GOP has betrayed the trust of its base. 5)the youth vote for Obama is simply a product of an education system that teach and brainwash liberal and socialist ideals 24/7, similar to cable news; 6)the feeling among many Americans that the nation should kowtow to the solons of the UN and to the sophisticates of Europe. 7)the MSM becoming a bastion of socialism and Marxist ideology with its diabolical goal to destroy and eliminate the GOP. 8)secular humanism becoming the religion of Hollywood and its gay community coupled with the demonization of conservatives and Christians 9)it is more important to protect the environment from global warming through government action than to afford an individual every opportunity to become successful 10)the new age mantra that man is not endowed with natural rights from God but whatever government will permit or seem practical and feasible.

SMatthewStolte said...

Well wishes on your health, sir.

Mountain Mama said...

Last week, McCain let Gov. Palin twist in the wind by not immediately stating publicly that the rumormongers were unprofessional jerks. Poor Sarah was left to justify herself, which isn't easy to pull off; having support is the best help.

This evening, on "The Tonight Show," McCain stated his usual praise points about Gov. Palin (she drew crowds, she's a reformer, Todd is a winner at snowmachining). It's okay that McCain said those things, again.

But he didn't do what he should have: specifically repudiate the vicious rumors against Palin. I am angry with him for failing to condemn the rumormongers; he knows better than that.

I hope McCain isn't playing it cool to gain some position; that would truly be scandalous.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin was terrific on Greta's show again. Keep praying that she'll excel on Blitzer and Larry King's shows. I am sorry she's having to do this....

Unknown said...

Here's some feedback from the Northwest.
In talking to people, I do not find that they like the outcome of the election, nor do I find that they are defeated.
I was talking to a lady the other day and asked a general question such as, "what did you think of that lady from Alaska?"
She gave me a big smile. I had forgotten that her daughter is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines. She has worked many flights with Sarah is a passenger. Her daughter has had opportunities to sit for long periods of time during the flights and talk to Sarah. I know that you do not need more convincing, but this lady's daughter loves Sarah.
On reading about Mr. McCain's appearance last night, it struck me as a perfect example of the old line "too little, too late".

purplecrayon said...


I almost always disagree with your comments about women and I have to wonder where you come up with your ideas. Exactly what kind of experience do you have with women?

I am a woman. I'm a daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, and friend and I have never ever seen any "prejudice against married women who have not had at least one abortion during their lifetime."

You are just completely off-base when you say that women wear abortion "like a badge of honor." Yeah, right. Women are just lining up for abortions like prospective brides at Filene's Basement sale. I feel tremendous compassion for any woman faced with an unwanted pregnancy and I'm deeply offended my your remarks.

momprayn said...

Conservaive brother - welcome; we need as many as we can get!!

Yes, disappointed with McCain (yet again) re defending Sarah; albeit he did do something. I think we need to move on........
Sarah is.

Re the double standard, unfair treatment - saying to Greta she isn't "complaining" - just facing the facts/obstacles for what they are realisticly and moving forward and overcoming.
I'm sure she harbors no "ill will" towards McCain and doesn't regret running. Like I said, I believe as I think she does, that it WAS a "door" from God to walk through. But yes, mm, I agree that the enemy presents "doors" also that are meant for harm of course. But we do what we can with the right attitude/prayer. I'm sure she did that. What happened, happened. I'm sure there were/are many good purposes accomplished that we are unaware of and/or God will turn around for good like He does numerous times. As we all have said, we feel this might have been a "warm up/experience/set up" for her future runs. Now, we praise God "anyway" and move on, discerning what is next on His agenda......where is the next "door" from God for her to walk through --- and might I add, US too!!!!???

Mountain Mama said...

Feeling better today, Adam? Remember to take acidophilus when on antibiotics! :->

What inspired discernment, Momprayn! Yes, God probably directed Gov. Palin to run this year as VP, to gain name recognition----though many attacked her faith in the process. Possibly God will hold her back in 2012, though----and we can rejoice (not feel disappointed) if Palin obeys, to prepare better for 2016.

Sorry Techno's views offended you, Purplecrayon. It's curious, however: many liberals believe that people cannot speak about various problems unless they've experienced them----yet these same liberals disqualify the experiences of conservatives!

In other words, you correctly note, Purplecrayon, that most women who've had abortions don't exactly brag them up; many experienced wrenching pain while making the decision (or during the procedure). Yet your criticism unintentionally discounts the experience of many conservative women who HAVE experienced mistreatment, in social circles or the workplace, for not having had abortions and supposedly then being unable to speak fairly about this issue.

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. To be completely fair, the pain women experience regarding, during, or following abortion does not approach the pain of the children who were killed in them.

Scott said...

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin says she is not interested in running for the U.S. Senate and prefers her current position as governor of Alaska.

"No, I'm not planning on it because I think the people of Alaska will best be served with me as their governor," Palin, who has two years left in her term, told NBC television in an interview.

Scott said...

another person is the governor of texas this morning on foxnews

Sarah Palin has been the focus of some sniping within GOP. But Gov. Rick Perry says when she shows up today at the Republican Governors Association annual meeting, she "is going to be treated like a returning hero."

"We know her, we've known her better and longer than any of those folks out there," the Texas governor told Fox News Wednesday. "We respect her. We support her. And she is reflective of the type of leadership that America expects from American governors."

momprayn said...

Scott -- YAY, Gov. Rick Perry (TX) --- MY state!!!!

purplecrayon --- I can also speak as a woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother (of 5), mother-in-law. And I usually agree with Techno!!! can that be I wonder?
Oh - and I can add to that list, a counselor at a Pregnancy Crisis Clinic, where we talked to many females/handled adoptions in this unfortunate situation.
What we CAN agree on is our compassion for these women. But in my humble opinion, Techno (and others like me) gets his "ideas" from an astute observation of reality, human nature, history. And as mountain mama said, just because you have not observed this in your experiences, doesn't mean it is not widespread elsewhere in this country and/or where you are --- it's just that you have not been made aware of it. Agreed, there are many who do NOT wear it as a "badge of honor". But, then again, there are many that do! Like many, you just don't "get" conservative beliefs & how we think. Just because we state these unfortunate "truths" that exist in our society, that doesn't mean we have no compassion for women in these situations!!! How did you get that anyway? That doesn't "compute". Quite the contrary!!! That is why I became a counselor -- not only to try to save unborn lives, but ALSO to help the MOTHER with much compassion/help/prayer. I also have first hand experience with family members. I know it is highly unpleasant/revolting, but not to recognize it is not to deal with it as we should. I for one think it best to meet these problems "head on", not in any kind of "denial" and get with doing what I can to remedy they say here "get'er done!!" That's how I believe Sarah Palin is and that's one of the reasons I can relate to her & promote her so much. We need more of that!! And we do it with compassion, yes we do.... (acknowledging there are exceptions which is sad). I guess I don't get how pro-choice women can go on and on about having compassion for the mothers and NOT for the poor, defenseless babies, whose lives have been denied them and yes, feel the physical pain when they are aborted. The facts are (as I have observed) that the mothers are happier, healthier in both body and mind (and spiritually) when they take the baby to term and then if they desire, give it up for adoption to a good family. And it is up to us prolife people to strive to make adoption/maternity care, etc. easily available. Oh well......onward........

Tbone said...

Sarah has done wonderful in her interviews. I look forward to hearing her speak at the Republican Governors Convention tomorrow. She was very substantive in the interviews also. Sarah had to answer her critics if she still wanted to run for President. Next she needs to go back to being a great governor and versing herself to run in 2012. I believe she will run for President in either 2012 or 2016. Sarah will run when God tells her it is time.

I love the way she keeps talking about energy. Sarah is awesome on that issue. First though the republicans have to win in 2010 and gain some momentum before 2012. I believe that Sarah Palin and Bobby Jindal right now are asserting themselves as the leaders of the Republican Party. It is much needed youth.

Tbone said...

It also seems Sarah told Matt Lauer that she is not interested in running for Senate. She sees herself as a Governor. I think Sarah is a more of a leader than a legislator.

Tbone said...

Just a reminder I believe Sarah is going on the Larry King show tonight. Go Sarah Go. I like Sarah's strategy of doing interviews. It will take pressure off of her when she runs again.

Bill said...

Sarah has been doing well in her interviews. I am looking forward to her evening with the senile old man on CNN. He'll probably call her by the wrong name and interrupt her several times, but she'll be great!

I would also like to add something that has been said here before. I would encourage Gov. Palin to write a book in addition to her interviews. That kind of attention could buy her a whole new slew of interviews in 2009 and give her a chance to lay out her policies.

fernblossom said...

Camille Paglia had a nice defense of Palin, I thought, if you want to add her to the list:

techno said...

On another site I made reference to a statement made sometime during the campaign that in 2004 Sarah had considered running for Frank Murkowski's old Senate seat but had that idea vetoed by her son Track who did want to uprooted from his high school and social network if he had to move to Washington. Well Track is now in the US Army and no longer a huge factor whether Sarah runs for a Senate seat in Alaska. I know the word out there circulating is that 'Sarah has no plans to run for Ted Stevens' Senate seat if he gets the boot from the Senate which necessitates that a special election be held after the interim senator is appointed by Sarah and his 90 day term expires; however on CNN with Wolf Blitzer today Sarah appeared to leave the door open to running for Stevens' seat (if again it comes open) by saying "right now "I have a contract to be Governor of Alaska but if the Alaskan people acknowledged that I could serve them better in a different capacity to promote Alaska's interests...I would not rule out any possiblity". I know the popular CW (conventional wisdom)is that Sarah should serve out her two remaining years as Governor and then run for re-election in 2010, and then pursue the Presidency as a sitting governor in two years time. Again I admit this is probably a minority position but here are 10 reasons why Sarah should run for Stevens' senate seat sometime next year: 1)There is no guarantee that she would win the governorship in 2010 and thus could placed in jeopardy without the 'prestige of office' to compete for the Presidency; the hierarchy of Alaskan Republican Party are not her biggest fans; even if she lost in this special Senatorial election-sure her Presidential hopes may have been set back but at least she'd have the fallback position as Governor of Alaska and the possibility of re-elction from where she could still earn a paycheck and where she could still mount a Presidential run if not for 2012 but at least for 2016. However, timing is everything. Sarah is extremely popular with the Lower 48, but what has not been as widely reported is that Sarah is not as popular with Alaskans as she was before she was picked by McCain for his VP; better to secure your future now by 'doubling down' 2)having a steady job in the Senate to 2014 Sarah would be secure in her 'prestige of office' and thus have the necessary credibility to run for President in 2012; from a cynical political point of view you need not worry that Washington will change Sarah; Sarah is Sarah-if we know this much about Sarah she is her own woman-she will not be a major participant in the Georgetown cocktail circuit. And remember Sarah would have already been a governor so nobody could claim that she didn't have any executive experience; actually as a Senator she could boast both executive and legislative experience which very few politicians have; in addition her supporters in the right-wing blogosphere love Sarah for herself and her beliefs and moxie, not because of her political title at a given time. 3)in Washington Sarah would be able develop conservative contacts with individuals and groups, keep in close communication with 'major players' and develop allies and support staff that she would need to legitimize her candidacy and point her in the right direction as she mounts a Presidential run in 2012; Alaska, is unfortunately out of the loop in national politics 4) be able to personally fundraise consistently in the major urban centers and Republican bailiwicks over the next two years to prepare for her run; 5)be able to appear in front of the media more often, for Republicans, to re-establish her credentials, and for Democrats and Independents, to rehabilitate herself or set the record straight as to her beliefs and intelligence. 6)Sarah would be able to speak in Iowa, NH, and SC more consistently to prepare herself for the primary season and not leave the door open for her supposed competition to gain an upper hand. 7)Sarah would be able as Senator to travel overseas to strengthen her foreign affairs' credentials 8)Sarah would be seen as on the front lines in opposing Obama's extreme left-wing agenda and be recognized as a major 'player' not only to the GOP but to all Americans. 9)Sarah would be able to hobnob with Congressmen and Senators so that when she becomes President in 2012 she would be able to call them by their first name and know where they all stand on policy and conviction; she would also be able to 'use her charm' consistently on her fellow colleagues by only being in Congress; from the statehouse in Juneau that would be much harder to do. 10)And if the worst thing happens and Sarah loses the 2012 Presidential election or doesn't win the primary she would still have 2 more years in the Senate and could run for re-election in 2014 which would take her to 2020 with the possibility that she could still run for President in 2016 or 2020. Sarah would still be only 52 or 56. Now if Sarah hasn't begun to think in these political terms soon, I firmly believe she will. However, having said that Sarah could still follow the conventional route because of family considerations and stay on as Governor to 2010 and then run for re-election or Lisa Murkowski's Senate seat and then for the Presidency in 2012 or most likely 2016 if she chooses this latter scenario. By spring 2009 we'll probably all know which route Sarah has chosen to take to fulfill her Presidential aspirations.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks for the referral to Paglia's article, Fernblossom. It's a terrific brain massage---please read it, everyone!----and what an appropriate contrast between Dohrn (sick terrorist) and Palin (healthy patriot)!

momprayn said...

mountain mama - "brain massage"....I like that.

A Mom for McCain said...

Bill O'Reilly's question tonight is

Would you like to see Sarah Palin run for President in 2012?

Thought y'all might want to vote on that! :)

here's the link:

God bless-0-

12thMan said...

RE: Senate

Sarah's saying it (no commit), sure. You don't want to be held to saying something now and say if Stevens IS tossed out risk more flogging by turning around and running. But I don't want her anywhere near involved with anything led by that blithering idiot Harry Reid--even if his case he gets slaughtered in two years. Not only that, but it's the freakin' Senate. Instead of becoming the leader we all know and love, she becomes just another inmate. Does anyone really wanna see Sarah bogged down in the 9% old men's club?

Why do people continue to forget that Alaska's going to become pretty important in the next two years when Barry finds out he can't just snap his fingers and make cars that get 60 MPG--not to mention his precious little "alternative fuels"?

Mountain Mama said...

DENNIS MILLER! Add him to your list, Knowitall: he really stuck it to the critics of Palin on O'Reilly tonight. (I won't repeat why Miller thinks liberal women hate Palin, but < I > think he's RIGHT! hee hee)

12thMan said...

Dennis is great, too bad he and Rushbo are on against each other here in the 'kane (so were Great One and Glenn Beck up until a year ago).

techno said...

Who would have 'thunk' it? Sarah's interview with Larry King may have been the best that Sarah has ever given to the national media. If you haven't seen it, you have to.

Admin said...

I didn't get to see the Larry King interview. What did I miss?

huskyonspeed said...

Add Governor Bobby Jindal to the list of PALIN DEFENDERS!

Dean said...

Techno, I will support you on the abortion issue.

In my area a conservative attorney general tried to create a law which would require abortion clinics to report under age girls who get an abortion. The objective was to help protect under age girls from sexual assault.

I could not believe the backlash from the community. The attorney general was attacked in the media and accused of wasting tax payer money. He became a very unpopular attorney general. Needless to say he did not get re-elected. The abortion clinics in the state joined together and launched a massive ad campaign against his re-election.

I believe there are many women who get up every day and rejoice in the fact they can get an abortion for any reason. And in the above case I assume they want hassle free abortion for their under age daughters.

jill said...

The NY Times article on Our Country Deserves Better PAC is a facts only article, without apparent bias. The comments section following, all 22 pages so far, has been entertaining. Some of the trash against her is what went on throughout the campaign, but many comments are showing up in glowing support. Head over there and read or comment.

12thMan said...

Hey speaking of the Our Country Deserves Better PAC, gotta mention Mark Williams as a SOLID SP-supporter, he was on here with Mike Fitzsimmons yesterday for the entire first hour. Him just wowing over Sarah (up until some idiot left-wing tinfoil hat aptly named Dick came on and argued with him) was the highlight of the interview.

Speaking of Fitzy (KXLY 920), put him down too.

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, 12th Man----you live in Spokane? That city is beautiful, although I'd prefer to stick with conservative Idaho and commute from nearby Coeur d'Alene. Anyway, Knowitall lives in.... Seattle? Plus Julie, Adam's Mom, lives in Colorado! We're all close enough to hie up to Alaska next summer with the other Palin supporters, right? (I live in the Boise area.)

Unknown said...


if you wish to add a name to the list, please enter that name as a blog comment.


12thMan said...

Yep, I do live in the soon-to-be-formerly-conservative city of Spokane, although we do still have Cathy representing us and also just elected a solid new conservative (Kevin Parker) to the state house.

I've been to AK twice--93, 01, I'm due for my eighth-year pilgrimage:) Don't forget that Husky lives in Wenatchee(?) So yeah I'm up for it!

Unknown said...

I am in Yakima.
huskyonspeed is from Wenatchee.
manajordan is also from Spokane.
redhead is from the seattle area

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

Hi All, would love to get your take on this site:

Message from Draft Sarah Palin for President:

Tomorrow (or today if you are reading this on 11-13-08) we will be interviewed live on MSNBC sometime after 11:30am eastern but before noon. Draft Palin For President ( Spread the word, our voice is about to be heard! Since the spot on CNN today our numbers have increased by about 100 new people per minute. Thanks to all the new members that are reading this email. We welcome you to the family and look forward to working with you and serving you as best as we can. Just so you know, our current numbers are now 87,192 people for Sarah as of this email.

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

OH and great to see you "Back in Action" Adam! How was the interview? For some reason, I find the presidential campaigning to be a bit premature. I was interested in solidifying the conservative voice to counter whatever unfolds during the next 4 (or at least 2) years. It may be helpful for the liberal administration to understand that we are here, we vote and we consume (and whatever else, they sell their attention/votes to). I also think it would send a clear message to the masses who may become disenchanted by the ideologues in about 6 months or less, that there are trustworthy alternatives to the hype they are or will have been spoon fed by then.

Scott said...

another defender of sarah palin

dennis miller

there isn't a direct link to it but if you go on o'reilly's site and click on the "miller time" link, it's the dennis miller video from today, 11/12

Tbone said...

Hi Techno: You are right that Sarah's approval rating did fall in Alaska. Recent polls have it still in the 61-65% range. Those were taken at the end of October and the beginning of November. One was by Rasmussen. Them are still great ratings. I have also heard that Begich has moved ahead of Stevens in the Senate Race. So Stevens is no shoe-in. I have also heard that Murkowski is popular and that Sarah would have a hard time knocking her off in 2010 in the Senate. i believe that with Troopergate being done and that the election being over that Sarah's rating will go up again. During the election she came across as being very partisan and it dropped her approval ratings among Dem's in alaska in the upper 30's.

Tbone said...

I thought Sarah was awesome on Larry King last night. I look forward to tomorrow for Sarah at the Governor's conference. She is supposed to speak and hold a press conference.

manajordan said...

This Governor's convention has me pretty excited. You can tell the younger conservative republicans are really taking charge on some things. Sarah is most definitely a powerful force in that. But, it is good to see there are others there too. Another republican that I think can make a great difference is Michael Steele, he has my support for RNC chair.
Sarah did fantastic on Larry King. She has certainly taken charge of her media image these days. It is amazing that she is still getting more coverage than any other candidate.
I would be up for a visit to Alaska next summer too. It's fun to see all the western state reps here. There really is a great community here.
I started a blog just to express some of my conservative views and take on things, if any one is interested.


Unknown said...

mountain mama,
after you asked about people from wa state, i was thinking more about the Sheeran family (Sarah's mom) coming from richland wa.

as I thought about the date of her graduation, I remembered that Sharon Tate (famous for the Manson murder in LA) was in Richland at the same time.
I did some research on google and sure enough...
Sarah's aunt Ruth was a very good friend of Sharon Tate in high school. they were both princesses at homecoming at Richland High (then called Columbia High).
Sarah's mother, it appears, knew Sharon Tate.

There is another piece of Sarah trivia which you may use to dazzle your friends!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, Knowitall----but consider the impact of Sharon Tate's death upon everyone who knew her, including Sarah Palin's mother. It's horrible enough to read about those killings----but it must be immeasurably worse to KNOW someone killed there! I can't imagine it.

Believe it or not, Sharon's barbaric murder is linked with this past election! One of the most outrageous statements ever made by Bernadine Dohrn Ayers (Weatherman terrorist and wife of Bill Ayers) concerned the Manson murders (supposedly spoken to 400 people in 1969):
"Dig it! First they killed those pigs and then they put a fork in their bellies. Wild!"

No, "pigs" doesn't refer to the police, but to the innocent Hollywood personalities who were murdered! And now Bern teaches LAW!

Lucky Michelle Obama! She was privileged to work with this UNREPENTANT terrorist, just as her husband worked with the UNREPENTANT Mr. Ayers. But these facts aren't at all interesting to the MSM. (But if they were Republicans who worked with someone who killed an abortionist, well THAT would be news....)

No wonder Sarah Palin's house is guarded by SEVERAL people, 24/7.

Tbone said...

Here are some things Sarah should now.
1. I liked her interview strategy after the election. Here are some reasons. It showed she is not afraid of interviews. Now she is more comfortable when she runs for President. She also had to rebut the unnamed McCain aides attacks on her.
2. I like her Governor's Convention Starategy. Also having a Press Conference. Sarah is asserting herself as a Republican Leader.
3. I would like Sarah to now worry about being the Governor of Alaska again. Asssuming she does not run for the Senate. Sarah can't worry about 2012 in 2008. Which is why I like that she has not commited to running yet. Sarah has to be careful not to do to many interviews. That might upset some people in Alaska if they perceive her as being Governor to only run for President.
4. Her approval ratings are now in the 60-65% area. Sarah needs to mend some fences there in Alaska. Especially with Democrats who saw a partisan side to Sarah. Sarah will need to win Governor or Senate in 2010 before 2012 comes around.
5. Sarah also needs to attend CPAC in February.

momprayn said...

tbone/all - Yes, just watched that press conference at the convention this morning & Sarah was great of course. Interesting that one question was about the strategy of the campaign!! She just simply said "the campaign is over" in a nice way & everyone laughed. Wise remark. She stated that she didn't want to dwell on the past and to move forward and look to the future (as she has said before). So she just refused to answer that question, which she should. She's already said what she should about the malicious lies/staffers, etc. It's over. Time to move on......

She really has a very contagious optimism that she "exudes" about her that is uncommon. You can't but help to feel "good"/better/inspired when you listen to her. I think that is part of her "anointing"/calling. She's perfectly comfortable, happy and excited about doing what she is doing and it comes across. It is sooooo.... good for her opponents to see how gracious she is about this defeat and the optimistic, kind things she has said about Obama/Hillary. They must be "scratching their heads" (HEADS, 12th man, heads)... because they just don't "get it". Why isn't she like all the rest of "them"???? She's probably a great enigma to them. I am so proud of how well she is representing me (and countless others of course), a very conservative woman. Go Sarah!

12th man - you sure have some descriptive, creative writing techniques. Ha!

That was interesting about Sharon Tate. So strange how things intertwine.....

Sarah is now speaking again - really good remark was about the bailout stuff - said that we must learn not to become addicted to "opm" (pronounced opium) - meaning, "other peoples money"!!! ha! Good............

Patriot1776 said...

Sarah is doing a great job at the RGA meeting today - you can watch it on

She is setting herself up as the new leader of the Party going into 2012.

Can you imagine a Palin/Jindal ticket?! AWESOME - two young govenors from energy states...perfect.

momprayn said...

On my AOL welcome page re the latest news with a picture of Sarah saying: "Palin sounds open to Senate run - She says it's up to Alaskans, GOD". Ha! Love it!
My husband commented she should be a televangelist and I said "she's being a televangelist by doing what she's doing" (which is better!)

Tbone said...

I still think she will stay a Governor. Begich has moved ahead of Stevens. This year was a fluke when we elected a Senator as President. Sarah sees herself as more of a leader than a legislator. As a Governor you set budget and make the actual decisions that effect your state. That is what you do as President. Sarah stay as Governor. Sarah could verse herself on national and international issues while Governor.

Mountain Mama said...

Gov. Palin seems to agree with you, TBone----so far.
See Part II of her long interview (last Sunday) with "The Anchorage Daily News" at .

Also, consider posting comments at about Gov. Palin's possible 2012 run. (Wow, many uninformed, snotty remarks there.)

Scott said...

here's the interview with larry king

Scott said...

i felt bad hearing her have to apologize 3 times in a row for having possibly cost mccain even one vote.. i think larry asked her 3 times in a row in 3 different ways if she had a negative impact on the ticket.

Tbone said...

Hi Mountain mama: I went over to that fox news website and defended Sarah. Like I always do.

Scott said...

i tried to reply to people on greta's blog but there are so many people it's almost impossible.. by the time i got off my reply they had an entire page of replies after mine.

Here is her speech at the rga today

illinoisred said...

Speaking of medication, is there any data regarding anti-depressant use among conservatives as compared to liberals? I wonder if there is a reason why they are more blue than red. I think there is some suggestion that conservatives are happier on average than liberals. It's too bad they tend to propagate their generally ungracious manner.

12thMan said...

I have to wonder: if Begich beats "Uncle Ted", is this really a bad thing? For one, Sarah won't have to worry (and we won't either) about the constant Senate seat rumblings and can get on with business up in AK

Think of Sarah as Pete Carroll, and the Senate being the Oakland Raiders gig. Why?

What that was today was a LEADER, not a FOLLOWER. When I think of my favorite politicians of all-time, there ain't too many Sens on the list.

The Senate is a general career-killer. Only sens ever to get to the WH have been sen matchup (Barry), sen vs incumbent VP (JFK vs Nixon), or as VP (Truman, LBJ). In '12, Sarah won't be running against Hillary (sen), Biden (VP, though I'd thoroughly LOVE to see Sarah destroy KOS again), and would have to run as VP again where she risks running on somebody else's platform--it obviously worked so well THIS time out.

Yeah sure it'll sting not having the filibuster, but we're assuming we won't have any of these three crossing over and giving swing votes to Reid. Better to KNOW your enemy. Anyone who still thinks this is the start of a Democrat dynasty hasn't been paying attention. This is a train wreck waiting to happen, meantime the GOP is purging itself of the weak links and, if today is any indication, is coming back strong in '10 (I STRONGLY support Michael Steele for RNC chair).

I don't even need to see Sarah in the lead, as long as she plays a strong role in the rebirth. I'd love to see #80 make another run, he ALMOST got Oklahoma in 02 (and was very much 'Palinned' the whole way himself). Maybe losing Sununu (according to Rush he was a big fan of his although I wasn't) will bring him out one more time.

12thMan said...

BTW if you want a good laugh go check out the, ADN Palin blogs, which has essentially become DailyKOOKS north, although it's just the same 15 people whining over and over again.

For instance, I would have to inform these people (who I suspect can barely spell GED) that progress is indeed a verb. (Progressing anyone?)

I guess that's what I find sad about today's liberal, they don't really know much--no wonder they think Biden's so smart! Mark Williams was right about the electorate. What dolts!