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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Moving Forward


The dust has settled. Barack Obama is the President-Elect, Joe Biden is moving into the Naval Observatory, John McCain is headed back to the Senate, and Sarah is going back to Alaska...hopefully to continue the dramatic progress she has made in upsetting the political establishment and making government work for the people.

Meanwhile, those of us who supported Sarah in her run for Vice President get to begin the process of moving forward. So, as we launch a new phase in our movement, I think it's time to start talking about what we want to see in the future from the Republican Party, Sarah Palin, and our own movement. I have a few thoughts on each. Some of this is stuff I've already read, some of it isn't.


Forget about the 2012 presidential race for two years. We're never going to unseat Obama if we don't unite the party and build a solid foundation. Instead of lining up behind our respective horses for the next round of primaries, we need to focus on getting good leadership in place in Congress and the Republican National Committee (RNC). In Congress, I think this means turning the House Leadership over the the "Young Turks" of the party. More than likely, this will involve the eventual installation of a new Minority Leader from a younger generation (likely Eric Cantor of Virginia). For the time being, John Boehner has indicated his desire to remain Leader, and Cantor is probably going to run for Minority Whip. However, in the next few years, there should be moves to eventually replace Boehner with Cantor and trade the aging leadership team in for dynamic new faces like Paul Ryan (Wisconsin), Thad McCotter (Michigan), and Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Washington). They will be able to produce and market 21st Century conservative alternatives to President Obama's proposals.

At the RNC, there needs to be a new Chairman who can rev up the party faithful, rebuild the GOP fundraising machine, and help new Republicans win election. The Democrats figured out how to find such a person in 2005 when they elected Howard Dean, a charismatic former presidential candidate who could barnstorm the country. We could replicate that phenomenon by turning to Fred Thompson or Rudy Giuliani.


1. Don't pay much attention to 2012 speculation and focus on being Governor. Cement yourself as a presence on the national scene, but top priority is getting that gasline built (thereby giving yourself another major accomplishment as Governor and potentially lowering energy prices down here in the lower can run on that in 2012)
2. Launch "SarahPAC" as soon as possible. You are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fundraising potential, and lots of people will be happy to give you lots of cash to distribute to candidates around the country (this also gives you an excuse to occasionally go on campaign trips). You can use SarahPAC (or whatever you decide to call it) to establish a reputation for helping other Republicans win, and gain some loyalty from the Congressmen that you want to endorse your eventual candidacy.
3. Write a bestseller. The subject is irrelevant, though including a good deal of policy talk would probably be helpful. The American public needs to know that you are an intelligent and capable leader, so show them how smart you are. Plus, it never hurts to have to do a bunch of interviews to promote your new book, and if you wrote on energy policy, you could establish yourself as a "preeminent authority" on the subject.
4. DO NOT RUN FOR THE U.S. SENATE. You need to stay far away from Washington and continue to build your resume (and ensure that you get the credit for that shiny new gasline). If you want to run for something, run for re-election.


Sarah cannot start openly tooting her 2012 horn for at least two years, and frankly neither can any other high level GOP operative or major media personality. On the other hand, we "internet nuts" are bound by no such standards of propriety. Our job moving forward is to wave pom-poms and yell "Sa-rah! Sa-rah!" at the top of our lungs for the next few years. We're the ones who will be making sure that Sarah's accomplishments in Alaska continue to be highlighted (need I mention the gasline again?) and that she stays at the top of any and all lists of potential 2012 candidates. This is what we do best, and we need to get back to that sort of operation.

We also need to pursue two objectives from an operational standpoint: institutionalization and decentralization. Institutionalization means putting in place mechanisms to ensure that the Palin Movement remains intact and cannot be broken up. Decentralization means making sure that there are multiple sources of pro-Palin chatter. We've already done well at decentralizing, with a plethora of Palin sites popping up earlier this year (,,, etc.), but we need to continue to build stronger networks and more sites. This will ensure that we cannot be shut down by the departure of one or two bloggers. I'll be honest here, I have no clue what I will be doing in four years or whether my career path will allow me to continue an independent partisan blog. We need to make sure that NO ONE can kill this movement or this site, not even me. Hence, I will be looking to build a stronger network of Pro-Palin blogs and re-networking with some of the connections that I have not been able to keep up during the recent frenzy. I will probably also be looking to add new bloggers the team here at

If we take these steps, we should be able to set up a sustainable movement that, God willing, will help propel Sarah to the Presidency in four years.

God bless America.


huskyonspeed said...

Great ideas, Adam. Thanks for the shout-out for one of our state's reps, Cathy. She not my rep., but I think 12thman lives over there. (BTW she has a son with DS too) My guess is that party strategy will be dictated by what the Obama/Reid/Pelosi government does. If they do what Clinton and co. did when they took power in '93 and go hard left, then we can establish ourselves as the true opposition party and look to make hay in '10. If they adopt a more pragmatic/centrist approach, it could be tougher. But we need to come up with a broad plan on a lot of issues, like Healthcare, that we can offer as a contrast to the Dems. Whatever happens, I look forward to being a part of this blog and being a foot-soldier in the Palin Revolution!

Ray said...

Some of you might not to hear this, but the GOP will need to reach out to Hispanics, but not just for 2010 or 2012. Hispanics are a growing population (yes, legal ones), and we need to find a way to reel them into the party, particularly Mexicans.

The younger Cubans Americans (US born) think differently than the older ones. Once the younger ones starting becoming more prominant, you need to appeal to them, instead.

The Puerto Ricans would be the hardest of the big 3.

12thMan said...

Awesome Adam, and thanks for mentioning my very Palinesque CMR. Unfortunately, due to my county's lackluster electoral behavior last night, I'm afraid we're going blue (Gregoire beat Rossi here, only county in E Wa to go for the witch) in the near future.


1. Don't pay much attention to 2012 speculation and focus on being Governor. Cement yourself as a presence on the national scene, but top priority is getting that gasline built (thereby giving yourself another major accomplishment as Governor and potentially lowering energy prices down here in the lower can run on that in 2012)"

D straight! That's what killed Rudy (and to some extent, Dino Rossi here), he was earmarked right away for '08, but wasn't really doing anything to highlight his candidacy. Sarah's already got that advantage.

"2. Launch "SarahPAC" as soon as possible. You are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fundraising potential, and lots of people will be happy to give you lots of cash to distribute to candidates around the country (this also gives you an excuse to occasionally go on campaign trips). You can use SarahPAC (or whatever you decide to call it) to establish a reputation for helping other Republicans win, and gain some loyalty from the Congressmen that you want to endorse your eventual candidacy."

Yeah, '10 first, the rest later, and as I said elsewhere: some history can be retained, and that's that following a leftward shift, a right swing ALWAYS follows. But the key isn't to assume that'll be the case, or you get what we had last night.

"3. Write a bestseller. The subject is irrelevant, though including a good deal of policy talk would probably be helpful. The American public needs to know that you are an intelligent and capable leader, so show them how smart you are. Plus, it never hurts to have to do a bunch of interviews to promote your new book, and if you wrote on energy policy, you could establish yourself as a "preeminent authority" on the subject."

I'd be the guy before the first guy in line to buy a Conscience of a Conservative-ish book by Sarah, I really would.

"4. DO NOT RUN FOR THE U.S. SENATE. You need to stay far away from Washington and continue to build your resume (and ensure that you get the credit for that shiny new gasline). If you want to run for something, run for re-election."

Agreed, as I've outlined elsewhere, there's no need.

This shouldn't be looked at as the end of anything, by a longshot. Our "unknown governor/queen of the wilderness/Caribou Barbie" pulled in over 50 million votes, and was easily responsible for a good 30% of those. No funeral-like tones by any means.

Unknown said...

Good thoughts, Adam! Are you taking political science classes, talking to some good people, or just born political? A PAC for Sarah is a great point. I also liked what someone (Brianus? Scott? Knowitalll?) had said on the other blog about a weekly talk show from Alaska, with Sarah as the host. Great idea. I know I'd be interested in seeing it.

Well, it's a great idea not just from the perspective of getting sarah exposure, but because we have no conservative women TV talk show hosts - (at least not that I'm aware of). There are women radio hosts, and women news reporters and anchors...but I don't think there is a sit down Tv host. I mean, what is there to choose from on TV? Oprah? The view? Elaine? (is that her name? The blond, short hair, commedianne...) Someone like Sarah would be very, very nice for people like me, my family, and our friends.

Anyway, I am here to be part of the movement. I have daughters that need better role models in this world than the ones that are currently front and center. I want to do what I can to make our world a better place for my kids and grandkids.

Right now you don't have either of my blogsites, both campaign related, on your list. After I had initially begun the first one, I wondered if it's name was too harsh for people. So I started another with a softer name.
Interesting. The one with the harsher name got 20 times the attention than the softer one.

Amanda said...

Ray, I agree. Puerto Ricans are going to be a huge challenge. I am half Puerto Rican and let me tell you, I do not see ANY signs of hope that anyone in my extended family would ever vote Republican. I'm not very optimistic for Hispanics in general though. If McCain could not reel in more of the Hispanic vote with his immigration stance, I don't know who will...

Not a reason not to try, but I don't think the way to do it is with immigration pandering, since not only did that not work, but it repelled a lot of the base (and Sarah could only do SO much to energize those people from the No. 2 slot.)

If Sarah wrote a "Conscience of a Conservative" type book, I would have it preordered on Amazon immediately. Awesome idea.

Patriot1776 said...

I would agree with you if she can remain a national voice, then she doesn't need to go to DC. But you can be sure, no one from the MSM is going to cover anything you do in AK, especially her. They will try and wipe her off the political map and based on the location of AK, they could be successful.

SO in that sense, I think a Senate run would be good for her. Show she knows how to fight the 'old boy network in DC'.

Time will tell.

But I am more concerned for our nation in general. We have to start chipping away at the Dems majority in 2010. I just don't see the line up of potential game changers out there.

We need to rebuild on the local level. I am a hard core conservative. But let's not be so strident to not ensure we reach out to others on conservative principals.

Someone mentioned Carly Fiorina may run for governor in CA. That would be great, we should support her. We need to build a coalition. The dems did it in PA. They beat Santorum by running Bob Casey a pro-life Democrat (or at least he claims to be). He was still liberal enough for them and they knew they wanted to defeat Santorum (who I worked for in college when he won in 1994...that was a good year).

We have a great deal of work to do. I hope Sarah will remain a part of it.

Lisa Graas said...

I'm with you on most of this and think we should get started right away. That's why I've started a stand-alone blogroll for pro-Palin sites called simply Sarah Palin Blogs. There will be no commentary from me on the blog. No extras. No fluff. It's simply a blogroll and nothing more. Yours was the first one I added after my own. Visit at Blogging is so easy, we need to encourage more blogging among those who aren't already doing it. I would like some help editing Sarah Palin Blogs if anyone is interested. Alternatively, I would like someone to give me help with html code to add the blogroll to the main body of the page, because again, this is simply a blogroll and nothing more. It shouldn't be confined to the sidebar. As for your suggestions for Sarah, that is all up to her, but I like what you're saying we should do ourselves. I hope you will help to promote the blogroll for starters. Thanks.

12thMan said...

Yes Husky, my rep is indeed Cathy McMorris-Rodgers. We're ALL proud of her. Unfortunately I need to apologize for my county's extremely embarrassing electoral behavior in which we might have in fact given the witch a second term all by ourselves. Of course she and the King Co chapter of ACORN would only have found a way to steal it again.

Which is why I may have to find a new place to live here in the next six months. I'm sure Sarah'd love to have a brand new citizen of AK's ranks:)

42 said...

Nice post.

Palin should absolutely NOT appoint herself to Stevens seat -- check out this list from National Review Online:

She also should not run for Murkowski's seat in 2010.

Stay as far away, literally and politically, from DC as possible.

LT said...

Ray, nightowl, and all - I just had to tell you that my Mother is Puerto Rican and a week before McCain picked Palin, she emailed me saying this Governor Palin from Alaska (whom I'd never heard of) would be a great VP pick. Last week she was going door to door in Vegas rallying support for the ticket. See, my mom has turned hardcore conservative since the days she was democrat and voted for Mondale.

So there you go, the Hispanic block is not a lost cause, and one additional thing to remember. They are heavily Catholic, and I hope will eventually gravitate to the pro life family values their faith demands. As they become more affluent, perhaps they will cast aside any dependence on a social safety net and look to these life issues more than the liberal economic ones they do now.

Ted said...

Wait, first things first.

Am I missing something here? I'm aware that at least 24 electors (from the electoral college -- who actually vote for POTUS based upon to whom they are committed by their majority of state voters in the election) are shortly filing a lawsuit requiring Barack Obama to prove his constitutional qualifying American Citizenship to be POTUS. If Obama is unable to prove it (e.g., born in Kenya or alternatively an Indonesian Citizen), all electors committed to Obama would then be disqualified; hence presumably the candidate with the second most number of electors in the electoral college will then get in as POTUS, namely John McCain (presumably with his VICE POTUS, Sarah Palin).

As the issue of standing to sue by an ordinary voter or citizen (Philip Berg) is currently going to the Supreme Court for a decision as to whether it will take Certiorari, and Judge Souter has ordered Team Obama to reply to the cert request, there would seem to be NO standing question as to the electors in the electoral college. So there still seems to be a considerable possibility that McCain/Palin will be elected after all.

Again, am I missing something relevant here which would alter my above conclusion? If so, anyone, please tell me what that is.

It WOULD seem that the Constitution would trump everything, yes?

Ted said...

One more point on my above discussion is that it would seem that the whole purpose of our framers of the Constitution writing in the electoral college, etc., is PRECISELY FOR A SITUATION SUCH AS THIS. In other words, the purpose of having the electoral college meeting and voting altogether was a safeguard for their exercise of judgment if an unqualified (or otherwise unsavory etc.) person was being voted/submitted for POTUS.

Ironically, there's been much discussion through the years as to "what's the point of the electoral college" and (again ironically) only NOW FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN OUR HISTORY, do we see its purpose actually kicking in -- proving the utter brilliance of our founding fathers and the US Constitution!

jeff B said...

The Obama birth certificate issue was already resolved. He's proven time and time again he has nothing to hide. And official borth certificate, signed and stamped, was issued and proved he was born in Hawaii.

You are wasting your time.

Dan K said...

Great Ideas Adam. I hope you start work for Sarah as part of the campaign.
Comments on ideas
Idea 1. Sarah should not lay low but should visit all the continents in the next one year as Governor and meet several foreign leaders. She should also start setting up her plan right away. Idea 2. Launch SarahPAC is great.
Idea 3. A bestseller. Having written a book I would say this is a must for it helps one with new ideas. If she is able to come up with the book in six months this could also increase her coffers to be able to kick off campaign.
Idea 4. If she runs for senate then her chances are gone. I do not agree with Patriot on the part of the media. The book will work and after 180 days honeymoon of Obama the media will want someone to attack obama and if she comes out strong she will be great. If she goes to D.C she cannot run on real change campaign if nothing significant happens.
The good thing about Sarah is she has about 20 million who support her. She can only slowly increase this group.
I do not think Immigration, healthcare and Energy will be fully addressed. Like Reagan tackled the Immigration problem Sarah should be ready to throw her weight on this issue if she wants to target winning California which will have more than 6 million Hispanic voters by 2012, and Texas about 5 million and even Florida. Ray is right the path to 270 has to start with California, Texas and Florida 2012 and the Hispanic vote cannot be ignored. Sarah should also come up with a healthcare plan she can first test in her state.

Patriot1776 said...

Carl Cameron on Bill O'Reilly was sharing McCain staffers 'rumors' just DESTORYING Sarah - She didn't know what "American Exceptionalism" was, that South Africa was a country in Africa, not the continent, that she had fits, threw papers, was a shop-a-holic, didn't let them prepare her for Couric interview....basically saying she was a total and complete moron. That is why many interviews were with John McCain sitting next to her.

These loser should be shown the door - we don't need them working in our party. Bunch of cowards...come out and say it in public to her face.

The best was that they were 'shocked' when they went to get her for a campaign appearance and she had just gotten out of the shower and was in...get this...a BATH ROBE!!! SHOCKING!!

No wonder they lost with all this complaining and down right childish behavior by his own staff.

msbs05 said...

I think there are great ideas so far. I think a very important role for someone would be to teach many of us how to start and run a blog and how to organize groups with suggestion on events for PR. Many of us want to help but have little experience, including myself. If we could have a file drawer set up with lessons on these and others topics it would help. We also need to have a link ring to support each other. I would personally like to get a "Real women for real women" group started with Sarah our focal point of a real woman that is representative of us. The Dems began the women's revolution and were able to define a narrow idea of which women fit this mold. The rest of us were viewed with disdain, ie homemakers, homeschoolers, anyone woman that doesn't wear pantsuits and comfortable shoes. With Sarah we have a chance to redefine women, allowing women to be WOMEN and still be attractive, motherly, enjoying being females even if we work outside the home. The group should include us all. The media attacked Sarah because she didn't fit the Dem model. That model is obsolete and if we focus on redefining it I think would could get a solid group of women supporting Sarah like Hillary had and be larger. It would also help keep the media from insulting her without insulting us all and we could be vocal about it. With the right spokepersons the group could hit liberal shows like The View and Oprah because we would be a large womans group that are their viewers, or at least potential viewers. Sarah has already proved she can pull ratings. if the group starts grass roots I think it could be a big help. It may also help with Latino women, who are truly much more closely align with the right than the left and just don't realize it. They are generally religious, prolife, mothers that stay home to raise children, or mothers that work but balance family (Dems version of women doesn't allow for family focus over career focus). Most hispanics are family oriented and I think, again, the right people working in their community getting the word out in a book and organization can change many from left to right. I think this would also work with my native american population. Todd having the same roots as many of us I think is a real plus. Natives tend to be lefties but I think Sarah is uniquely in the position to change this. Who was the last Dem to even talk about our group. McCain was involved with our community in a positive way and it would be nice if he stay involved and brought Sarah into the greater communties outside Alaska. Anyway, just my thoughts. If i can help anyone i will and we should start soon getting groups together. If we can get friends to join, even if they are not overly active we could grow our numbers enough to make some progress. If I can help anyone e-mail me at

Mountain Mama said...

Yipes, Ted! If something odd turns up when the elect. college members file this investigative suit, Obama would be guilty of fraud, especially since millions of dollars were spent to elect him. (Our society's priorities are backwards re. money: thieves are often given longer prison sentences than rapists are.)

I still have trouble believing the Dems didn't thoroughly investigate this, though---because they, too, could be prosecuted.

If Obama isn't qualified, Republicans will DEFINITELY get blamed for stealing the election----and this move will only solidify the growing desire on the part of some very uninformed Americans to DUMP the Constitution!

I dread the next few years; I really do...... Nevertheless, I am praying that Obama will hear the intelligence reports, feel completely convicted in his spirit about how viciously the Dems treated Bush all these years (when many of them ALSO knew the intelligence info.!), and Obama then will change into a more devout and authentic person who doesn't hide information about himself. Prayer is what can help him and this nation the most.

Mountain Mama said...

Yipes, Ted! If something odd turns up when the elect. college members file this investigative suit, Obama would be guilty of fraud, especially since millions of dollars were spent to elect him. (Our society's priorities are backwards re. money: thieves are often given longer prison sentences than rapists are.)

I still have trouble believing the Dems didn't thoroughly investigate this, though---because they, too, could be prosecuted.

If Obama isn't qualified, Republicans will DEFINITELY get blamed for stealing the election----and this move will only solidify the growing desire on the part of some very uninformed Americans to DUMP the Constitution!

I dread the next few years; I really do...... Nevertheless, I am praying that Obama will hear the intelligence reports, feel completely convicted in his spirit about how viciously the Dems treated Bush all these years (when many of them ALSO knew the intelligence info.!), and Obama then will change into a more devout and authentic person who doesn't hide information about himself. Prayer is what can help him and this nation the most.

Ted said...

joe, wrong, THE OBAMA BIRTH QUESTION WAS NOT RESOLVED; merely that Philip Berg DID NOT HAVE STANDING at the Federal District Court to raise the challenge.

Insofar as "Yipes" etc., I'm merely applying what's in the US Constitution, and again, would invite any comment dispelling my point from a legal and/or consitutional aspect.

Admin said...

Lots of great ideas here. I agree that the Senate route isn't the way to go. Like someone mentioned in a previous post, Sarah seems better suited to be a leader. I would love if she wrote a book.

Dan K said...

Sarah has a good relation with Hannity, Greta, I believe now she can go to O'Reilly and others and she can also visit many other shows especially family shows when she can. The only thing that can defeat Sarah is if she gets out of the public eye.

Unknown said...

i know we are here to talk about the issues now but an occasional article is still relevant, i hope:




Ted said...

and joe that was NOT a birth certificate; it was a laser copy of a certificate of live birth issued in Hawaii AFTER A BIRTH HAD ALREADY TAKEN PLACE (which in additiona to that has been alleged to be a phony/fraudulent and/or altered document.

Bottom line, Obama has had Hawaii seal all the Records and will not permit them to be viewed. Why?

techno said...

10 things I still don't understand: 1) the extent of the voter fraud and if it changed the victor in any state; 2)what happened in Pennsylvania; 3)the mind of an Obama voter; 4)why McCain was confident he was going to win; 5)Sarah never appearing in McCain TV ads at the end of the campaign; 6)McCain's citation of bipartisanship over ideology to attract moderates; 7)McCain voting for the bailout; 8)how anyone could accuse the Governor of Alaska of being a moron after having being 2 months on the campaign trail and being tested mentally and intellectually in a high-pressured environment where you have to be on your game 24/7; 9)if this was a plot by the PUMA's to hand the election to Obama why would they do it knowing that Hillary would be 68 in 2016 and therefore not run again; 10)why John McCain did not get more votes (PUMA's, independents)

bargs said...

We are looking forward to being a part of this grassroots effort to help Sarah get elected in 2012! I have talked with several people just today that are interested in being involved in a movement to insure a conservative future for God's country. YOU BETCHA!

Palin Democrat said...

Typical GOP elitist Congressman already attacking Sarah!

Just by chance I heard Republican Congressman John Campbell (R-Irvine, CA 48th) on the nationally syndicated Hugh Hewitt show this afternoon, 11/5/08.

Mr. Hewitt asked him whether Sarah helped or hurt McCain's electability. Campbell responded that Palin hurt McCain because he personally knew people who told him that they voted for Obama because of Palin.

What utter nonsense! It honestly sounded like Campbell was already out there shilling for Mitt Romney.

I'm a lifelong, pro-defense Democrat (yes, there are still some of us left). I supported Hillary in the CA primary. But it is because of John McCain, that I voted for the first time ever for a Republican for federal office. And Sarah Palin had been my FIRST choice for McCain's VP since March when it became clear who the party presidential nominees were going to be.

Thank you, Adam, for this blog and for your help in pointing many Americans to our Northern Star. When I discovered your blog I was very pleased to see I was not alone.

I'd been watching Sarah's political career with some interest since she first challenged Murkowski for governor in 2006, saw the AK debates on C-Span and just kept getting more and more impressed by what I read and learned about her. I read the Alaska magazine profile and made sure I got Kaylene Johnson's bio on Sarah when it came out.

I've wanted many times to post, having read occasionally since not long after you started it. But Campbell's remarks this afternoon ticked me off to the point I just had to post something.

Completely disgusted with the attacks on Sarah, I also volunteered to help GOTV for the past month and a half and also contributed to the GOP campaign.

I could not be more proud of my vote for the McCain-Palin ticket and I could not be more proud of the effort waged by both Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin. It is America's loss that John McCain will not be our next president.

But fortunately, voters get a ''re-do'' every four years, allowing them to correct their mistakes. And, like many readers here, I without a doubt believe that Sarah Palin was not only ready to be vice president, but is ready to be President and has the moral compass that many of us want in a leader. Sarah Palin would make a superb 45th President of the United States. The campaign starts TODAY.

Sarah Palin did NOT hurt the Republican ticket. She energized supporters like I haven't seen since Ronald Reagan. And those supporters helped GOTV in numbers for the Republican ticket far more than any handful of misguided friends of John Campbell who voted for Obama.

The enthusiasm for Sarah is real, because she is real. She is ''authentic,'' a word heard over and over as people talked about her while we waited to see her at the Carson, CA event. And there was no shortage of Democrats in that overflow crowd.

I could go on, but I'm preaching to the choir here.

To wrap up, I called Campbell's O.C. office to leave a message for the Congressman, to tell him to stop dissing Sarah. I mentioned that I was a Hillary Democrat in the primary. Voted for the first time for a Republican for federal office BECAUSE of John McCain and Sarah Palin. Said that if Sarah Palin is the GOP nominee in 2012 I would even switch parties to vote and campaign for her.

What did I get? An argument from Campbell's staffer, telling me that mine was ''just one person's opinion.'' Obviously his staff is tuned into his thinking.

So I urge you:

Take a few moments to call, write or fax Congressman Campbell and let him know exactly how you feel about him dissing Sarah the day after the election. If you're from California or better yet, his district, write a letter to the Orange County Register.

Rep. John Campbell (R-Irvine, CA48th)
Contact Info:
Orange County Office:
610 Newport Center Drive, Suite 330
Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: (949) 756-2244
Fax: (949) 251-9309

Washington Office:
1728 Longworth Building
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: (202) 225-5611
Fax: (202) 225-9177

And send a line to Hugh Hewitt, too, letting him know what you think of Rep. Campbell's attack on Sarah.

Ray said...

I'm Cuban myself. I know younger Cubans are for the most part NOT happy about the embargo. Don't get me wrong, we don't like Raul Castro. The problem is that this does not hurt Raul. It didn't hurt Fidel. It does hurt people. Obviously, this has an impact in FL voting.

Issue(s): Capitalism only and opposing the vile system not the people

The Mexicans want immigration reform. Now let's see. You reform immigration giving millions of Mexicans citizenship status within the United States. In addition, the GOP sets up a gigantic grasssworks program down in the Southwest. Not only will this swing NM to GOP, but it is a threat in CA, also AZ and TX remain Republican for a long time, and it increases the electoral count in the Southwest.

Issue(s): Immigration Reform

Puerto Ricans are much harder than the others, Night Owl. I think your example prvoes it. LT pointed out that not all are, but they certainly are harder than the other two groups.

Issues? Is there anything to offer?

Unknown said...

I said it earlier and I will repeat it. It is time to drop the liberal talk shows. I am sorry but Whoopi and "O" are there to ask gotcha questions. They are not your friends.
The right needs to develop the new media. An internet, right wing network/newspaper which is available 24/7/365.
To succeed, it has to stay with news and comment and away from religion. That is the arena where the Sarahs can go.
The Roves would not have to be put on the spot as to how bad McCain's chances are, etc.
Fair and balanced is not what we need.
I posted the exit poll data to show you that 35% of Americans are conservative and might be interested.

Can we add Adam Putnam as another up and coming GOP member?

My poor wife has suffered through this election. No one could be taking it worse than she is. Your comments help her tremendously.

momprayn said...

Ted - I am VERY interested in this stuff about his birth certificate. But according to Andy Martin who supposedly did a thorough investigation (hoping this was the case & was out to prove it)- his conclusion was that he was indeed born in HI.???? But could he have been wrong? He still says that the one that was issued had been "doctered" and not his official one but could never get access to it to prove anything. Supposedly only his grandmother knew and she died as you know. Anyway - I then dismissed the idea. BUT.........
I have been having this "feeling" that "it ain't over" & that maybe something unusual would happen where Obama would be declared not legally able to be President and then McCain would be! Then I was reminded of a prophecy given a few months ago about this election - that we would be "disheartened" but then later we would be saying "now we have two presidents" where something very unusual/revelation/vindication would come about.????? and then we would be very happy and giddy with thanksgiving. So I've just been waiting to see. And then I read your blog tonight.???????? But what about Andy Martin's investigation?
Well, maybe I'm all wrong but it sure sounds interesting right now!!!?????

k.aLLyN. said...

Although the thought of the electors filing a lawsuit against Obama sounds really great, I'm not even gonna hold my breath. At this point in the game, the world is so in love with this man, that even if it was discovered he isnt a citizen, that they still wouldn't care!!

Focusing on the Republican Party. Someone mentioned that they need to reach out to Hispanic voters, but another group I think the party should reach out to is Black people. Being Black myself, I can safely say that a lot of my friends and family are very very conservative when it comes to values such as abortion,gay marriage, taxes and etc. The problem is is that many of them are still under the illusion that Republicans are racists and Democrats are for minorities. Mike Huckabee made a very excellent point on his show last week. If the party wants the minority vote- GO OUT AND ASK FOR IT!!! And finally, the Republican party needs to assert themselves more! Don't lay there and play dead while the Dems make these vicious attacks against you. STAND UP AND FIGHT!! Recruit new blood into the party, and I think the people that would be able to accomplish this is Palin, Jindal, and my all-time favorite Republican (and my former Lt. Governor!) Michael Steele.But..if they continue these same tatics in the years to come, then the Republican party will surely fade into obscurity..

Mountain Mama said...

Okay, let's start HERE:

Let's encourage every qualified reader of this blogsite who is a Wonderful Woman, or a Conservative of Color (those names sound so cool!)----black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, Pakistani, or other minorities----to call or go down to your local Republican Party headquarters tomorrow and volunteer to run for office!

Seriously, people have to start somewhere----and Lord knows the Republican Party should absolutely and with great delight welcome all minorities, or yep, we won't exist within 10 years.

Let us hear from you afterward, too. Do you need our help in some way? Were you welcomed with open arms? If not, tell us every little thing about it, including their names!
Let's get STARTED!

Ted said...

momprayn: Andy Martin concludes that the mystery behind the birth certificate is that Obama's real father was Frank Marshall Davis, not Barack Obama Sr. from Kenya -- which makes a lot of sense if you examine all the facts. However, even so, the belief is that Obama was still born in Kenya (as part of the Davis/Obama's mother/Obama Sr. agreement since Davis was already married and had a child) with the ruse that Obama Sr. would be shown as Obama Jr.'s father.


For those who think I'm "off the wall" or silly here -- I would suggest you read the Constitutional Scholar, Dr. Edwin Vieira's piece "Obama Must Prove Birth Certificate."

Read the whole thing, every word!!!

Ted said...

miiszkim: even if no one cares, if you read the above article which I post from a Consitutional Scholar, IT AIN'T GOIN AWAY -- it cannon be avoided!

purplecrayon said...


If Barack Obama is not a natural-born citizen, I'll eat your tin foil hat.

Seriously, the Republican Party is in shambles and you're clinging to a hope that Obama was not born in Hawaii. Get real.

Republicans need to figure out a way to attract younger voters and I don't think that Sarah Palin is the answer. I've been looking at the numbers from last night. The youth vote (18-29) went to Obama an astounding 66%-32%. Previous elections had an average gap of only 1.8%.

The blame game for the McCain/Palin loss will take its toll and the near future of the Republican party looks bleak to me.

msbs05 said...

miiszkim - I think mcCain really tried to reach out to black America. They didn't reach back. remember Selma

SELMA, Ala. — Republican John McCain today recalled the bloody beatings of civil rights marchers on the Edmund Pettus Bridge as he began a weeklong tour of communities he said suffer from poverty and inattention from presidential candidates.

McCain described in vivid detail the clubbing that fractured the skull of John Lewis, now a Democratic congressman from Georgia. McCain, who speaks often of courage shown by military veterans, said he never saw greater courage than Lewis and the marchers showed that day, March 7, 1965.

"There must be no forgotten places in America, whether they have been ignored for long years by the sins of indifference and injustice, or have been left behind as the world grew smaller and more economically interdependent," McCain said outside the St. James Hotel, several hundred yards away from the historic bridge.

"In America, we have always believed that if the day was a disappointment, we would win tomorrow. That's what John Lewis believed when he marched across this bridge," McCain said.

The crowd of about 100 people was mostly white although, as the campaign noted, Selma's population is 70 percent black.

he went and no one showed up to meet him. I remember bush trying the same thing and getting slapped down by the black community. You can only extend a hand and pray. Repubs have tried. I'm excited with your suggestion to become inclusive because we do share the same values based on our thoughts not skin color. Any ideas how to break through and get a message out. Your ideas could be valuable and I look forward to more. Let me know if i can help do anything, even if its just bouncing ideas.

Ted said...

purplecrayon, I'm not "clinging" to this birth certificate stuff as a hope. I'm just pointing out what IS going to be playing itself out.

One way or another, Barack will have to prove it or not, that is, the issue is NOT going away. Again, read the article I posted.

momprayn said...

Ted - No, no - I am interested and believe it as I stated above. Call me crazy but until I see the proof that it's not a lie, I'll keep hoping it is true. Yes, I know the info about Davis but I thought I read that there wasn't a problem with the birthplace as he had suspected. But I don't know how he would know that. Anyway - yes, I am still extremely interested and will be waiting to see what, if anything develops.........

Palin Democrat said...


The youth vote data you are citing comes from CIRCLE. However, it should be pointed out that even CIRCLE said the following when it released the data you quoted:

''Currently, the actual turnout estimate is unclear because of precincts that have not reported and the significant number of Americans who voted absentee; these votes will not be fully counted for some time, affecting the total number of ballots counted. At 12 pm on Nov 5th, about 120 million votes had been counted, but many states are far from reporting 100% of precincts.''

More important than actual numbers of increased turnout (which, by the way, is likely to have occurred among ALL age demographics), will be WHY voters aged 18-29 favored Obama over McCain.

My hutch is that, in addition to Obama being the new and exciting Democratic candidate for them, it was the Iraq war. If Obama doesn't keep his campaign promise and withdrawal our troops from Iraq before the 2012 elections, will the younger anti-war voters still be in awe over him? Unlikely.

And, as many of us McCain-Palin supporters believe, if Obama DOES prematurely withdrawal our troops from Iraq and it DOES destabilize that country, perhaps the whole region, and leads to greater U.S. security challenges, the ''security moms'' might be back again in force at the polls for Republicans in 2012.

Let's also wait for a more detailed breakdown of that ''youth vote.'' For example, in what percentage did younger African-Americans vote and how great of an impact did their votes have on those overall numbers?

As African-American voters overwhelming favored Obama across all age demographics, a large percentage of the youth vote comprising of both African-Americans AND non-African-American anti-Iraq war voters might have simply made it impossible for ANY pro-defense Republican candidate to have been able to compete for the so-called youth vote this election.

manajordan said...

I think the ideas Adam and others have put forth are great. I also agree that the Latino vote is such an important one. The Latino group as a whole I think is much more conservative than liberal.
I think another important role that Sarah Palin can play is as a national and even international spokesperson and advocate for families with children with disabilities. She connects with so many people on so many levels, but especially with this group. I think she could serve in that role so well. Plus it would get her traveling and meeting a lot of people. She could work with some of Cindy McCain's charity activities. Or I would really love to see her get connected with somebody like Queen Noor who is a giant in the world of children's charities. Great ideas.
I love the idea of having a network of blogging. I plan on starting one myself. Perhaps we could even convince Adam to start a Podcast or something.
If you were as disappointed as me to see the Carl Cameron gossip "report" Greta Van Susteren actually did a great job of defending the governor and really calling out the backstabbers.

Mountain Mama said...

Knowitall, please repost.

Unknown said...

Ted - are you saying you know for sure this is happening, or that you think maybe it should happen? I'm not clear on what's going on...

Point - re: Greta. I think Greta had an eye-opener when she went to Alaska. She asked a few 'silly" questions when she got there because this way of life seemed so new to her (at least that's how her interviews seemed), but she got some real great responses. I think she really learned who these people are and LIKED them. I like how she has treated Sarah - I think she's been good to her ever since that visit.

Ted said...

Also, read this on the electors (of the Electoral College) vis a vis Berg and Obama:--

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

After our nation begins teetering on the brink, there will be a new Conservative movement in America as people realize that this sweeping new Liberal/Socialist movement was a bad thing.

God bless John McCain and Sarah Palin.

Unknown said...

Thank you Palin Democrat! I look forward to working with you!

I just contacted msbs05 at as she requested a little earlier in the blog, concerning women working together for women.

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama

I hope that I understand your brief note. Perhaps the link did not work?
It's on It's about the 6th or 8th item down

Conservatives still outnumber liberals... as you have correctly pointed out over and over.




If that is not what you meant, please let me know.

JS said...

Hi everyone. Okay, this is kind of difficult to post, but I feel like I have to. This is, in fact, my very first post on this blog, although I've been silently following it almost every day since about a week before Palin was named the running mate. This blog, was, in fact, one of the main reasons I myself became a Palin supporter, and like many of us, leading up to August 29th, I was reloading the page every few seconds hoping for good news!

First of all, let me say that I am VERY depressed over what happened last night. Quite simply, for many reasons, I think this is a terrible direction for this country to be going in. When McCain fulfilled my wish and picked Palin, I knew right then and there that it was a big gamble, but one that I thought was worth taking and one that would pay off. Here's the problem. I'm sorry, but like many gambles in life, it just didn't. It's painful for me to write, and I'm sure painful for many of you to read, but I have to call it as I see it, and, I'm quite sure, as it really is.

To me it's fairly obvious that Palin did, in fact, cost McCain votes. I don't know if he would have won with someone else, but it at least may have been closer. The fact is, Palin just didn't appeal to the people McCain really needed her to appeal to. I'm not saying that he needed to go as far as a pro-choicer such as Lieberman or Ridge (although Ridge might have actually been interesting), but someone like Romney, especially in light of what's happened to the economy as of late (which in fairness no one could have predicted at the time), or probably even Tim Pawlenty, would have probably gotten him more votes without turning off the base (many of whom loved Romney anyway). I mean, do you REALLY think that with one of those two, the base would have stayed home and let Obama win? And do really think that more centrist people wouldn't have preferred a slightly more moderate AND more experienced Romney or Pawlenty?

My real point in writing this is to say that if you're looking to 2012, someone like Louisiana's Bobby Jindal would be a much better choice. He's just as solid as Palin on the issues INCLUDING all social issues, and the fact is, he went to Brown University undergraduate, was admitted to both Yale Law School and Harvard Medical School, and then went to Oxford as a Rhodes scholar. And I know that pointing this out may sound elitist, and I don't personally care about such things, but the fact is that this does give him credibility with those who do, and there are many of them out there. Sarah Palin did unfortunately have some rough interviews, and do you really think this would happen to someone with this kind of academic background? And let's face it -- while she's a great motivational speaker, she's not the most articulate politician out there, and now, more then ever, we need someone who can with great effectiveness articulate conservative principles to those who may not truly understand what we're about. Just like Reagan did.

Please, please please please understand one thing -- I am very much a Sarah Palin fan! But I am also a Republican/Conservative "fan." And my being a fan of hers, or all of us collectively here being a fan of hers, isn't going to get her into the White House! Winning a presidential election is about appealing to a very broad base of people, and I'm afraid that's just not her. Thank you for reading.

Unknown said...

I agree, Pasadena.

Unknown said...

I think the next time someone says how great Bobby Jindal is on the Sarah Palin for Vpotus blogsite that I am going to puke. (excuse the big medical word)

Unknown said...

Ted, you initially said, "I'm aware that at least 24 electors...are shortly filing a lawsuit requiring Barack Obama to prove his...American Citizenship..."

But the link you cited said nothing about electors shortly filing a lawsuit.

Rumors aren't helpful. I'm not even certain that pursuit of this issue is helpful, because as one person pointed out, the world doesn't care - they want this man no matter what.

Purple Crayon - thanks again for writing. Good to hear your thoughts. I think if Sarah is able to get out there and be heard, plenty of young people will respond. I know all the young people in my household have (I have five kids that are between the ages of 18-26.)
Wow, Palin Democrat. Good information in response. You WILL be fun to work with.

Manajordon and miiszkim - good thoughts. I agree. Let's move past the whole race issue now and start addressing the real issues with everyone, because it's been my experience as well that more minorities are pro-life than pro-choice.

I think of my husband's relatives as well - members of the Minn. Chippewa Tribe. They are actually conservative on issues such as abortion, marriage, and gun rights. They just need to be approached and talked in a respectful way.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, Knowitall; as usual, you discerned the problem, and your repost helped.
I am SO glad that there are more conservatives still in America. But we need to educate our kids more about conservative values, because they're certainly receiving the opposite in many schools.
I agree that Sarah Palin isn't an intellectual. Neither, however, was Truman----and he's now considered one of the best presidents. Americans rightly value other qualities as well: being compassionate, caring, informed, articulate, forthright, resolute, and principled----all of which qualities Sarah Palin has in mass quantities!

One thing Greta van Sustern said was that the people who are most critical of Gov. Palin have not met her, not one! It should count a great deal that ALL the people who have known and loved Gov. Palin for decades respect her entirely.

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama,
As always, you are spot on.
The children today, like all children, want to rebel. Since anything goes, the only two things left are cigarettes and voting against the establishment.

The kids today get their news from alternaitve sources. The GOP needs to crack that barrier to get to them.

I am amazed, however, that the young girls turned against her. I would love to see the gender breakdown of the young voters.

As to knowing her, one of my patients worked with Sarah in the fish factory in Dillingham 20 years ago (as I mentioned earlier here). Her face beams with pride when she talks about Sarah.

What McCain needed to do was to get Sarah out for people to see her. Regis and Kelley would have been better than Katie C.
I am not at all pleased with how poorly she was handled.
The best news? She is finally free to chart her own course.
That's why I think it's hard for people here to offer advice. Let Sarah be Sarah.

Mountain Mama said...

Glad you're speaking about conservative values with your husband's relatives, Lisa. If you persuade any of them to become Republican, then please consider inviting any of the people who are qualified to run for office as Republicans. We need to encourage minority participation in our Party. Thanks for sharing, Lisa.

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. Knowitall: I won't mention that name, then, but he IS a favorite (if he could just unfurrow the brow of his between his eyes and not look so intense!). Why not him and Sarah on the same ticket?

(We wouldn't make you nauseated for the world, Knowitall! ;->
Give your dear wife a hug from us, too. We understand her sorrow today.)

Unknown said...

js - thanks for writing.
I understand what you are saying. I really do. But at the same time, McCain was a centerist who built his career on reaching across the aisle. He was the top of the ticket.

You asked if the base would have let him lose and the truth is that yes, there were many, myself included, who weren't going to vote until Palin came on the scene. I know people, even more conservative than me, who still didn't vote or who voted Constitution party. So yes, there were some of the conservative base that did reject McCain on the 4th, and many more would have if it weren't for Governor Palin.

If I remember right, I think someone mentioned a poll that showed Sarah brought in five votes for every two that were lost because of her... (Did I remember that right?)

America is more conservative than liberal, despite how the election turned out. During their campaigns, both Obama and McCain had moved to the right of their historical positions. Obama moved to center and McCain moved farther right and they both did this because America is more to the right than to the left.

The California marriage ban is clear evidence. Many of us thought California was too far gone to the left already and that the ban wouldn't pass.

But I think deep down, most Americans are conservative, and in time, there will be a knee jerk reaction to Obama's presidency. At that point, people might welcome Sarah.

Bless you - I'm glad you wrote. Nice to hear lots of voices.

Scott said...

""""""To me it's fairly obvious that Palin did, in fact, cost McCain votes. I don't know if he would have won with someone else, but it at least may have been closer. The fact is, Palin just didn't appeal to the people McCain really needed her to appeal to. I'm not saying that he needed to go as far as a pro-choicer such as Lieberman or Ridge (although Ridge might have actually been interesting), but someone like Romney, especially in light of what's happened to the economy as of late (which in fairness no one could have predicted at the time), or probably even Tim Pawlenty, would have probably gotten him more votes without turning off the base (many of whom loved Romney anyway)."""""""

i don't agree at all that she cost him votes... ok we'll say that she cost him votes.. but the votes she gained for him far outweigh those that hesitated because of her. The loudest cheers at rallies were for her, not McCain. People went to see her. For crying out loud we had a rally in Tampa the day before the election, it was the first stop on McCain's 7 stop tour.. only a thousand people showed up at the parking lot of Tampa Stadium and they made room for 10,000. I kept thinking how i wished they would pan over and show how big the crowd was but then i realized there was nothing but parking lot on either side of the visible shot. Palin wasn't there, the people weren't there.

The Obama campaign had nothing on her.. they didn't anticipate her. The had already prepared attacks on all the typical VP choices. People were drawn to her much like those who were drawn to obama.. they have something the people want to see and be around.. and regardless of how good they are, it was enough to get their vote. I'm still convinced most hollywood actors can step in for obama because that's all he's done, deliver polished performances by teleprompter.

[[[[second quote=
Sarah Palin did unfortunately have some rough interviews, and do you really think this would happen to someone with this kind of academic background?]]]]]]]]

here are just 3 examples.. and i'm not even including the ones of Joe Biden

Obama stumbles on Iraq

57 states?

give the kid a breathylizer test

unfortunately Obama and Biden's "mistakes" didn't air the way sarah's did.

Scott said...

"""Can we add Adam Putnam as another up and coming GOP member?"""

he's good, he represents my district

Unknown said...

Thanks, Mountain Mama. My husband did run in the Republican primary for a house seat in 1996. He ran against the incumbent Speaker of the House, though. Still, he got 36%, if I remember right. We were pretty happy with that.

Well, I was thinking more in terms of a campaign paying attention to people on the reservations and approaching them respectfully. And I don't mean patronizingly, which is the way most approach them. Or approach them with the intention of just using them - which is REALLY the way most politicians, their own included, approach them.

I mean, wouldn't it be interesting if a state or federal republican campaign had a town hall meeting ...hmmm...that would have to actually be thought out a little and organized right. I just remembered what happens when the tribal government gets in there first with lots of propoganda. It can actually get really nasty. I'll have to think about how to ...hmmm...individual, kitchen table discussions. Yup...That's how, I think.

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama,

I may well be 100% wrong, but Sarah must be going through a lot of emotions today. Could you imagine how she would feel if she looked here for encouragement and saw people discussing Jindal? That would be hurtful.

A suggestion for everyone...How about if we all talk about how well Sarah did and how bright her future is?
Let us all talk about what the GOP (and McCain) did wrong and can do better.

But... to answer your question with a question (which I know is considered impolite) do you think Jindal will accept the VP spot?

Mountain Mama said...

Sarah is speaking now from the airport in Anchorage. She looks refreshed already!----relieved that it's over, and insisting that she and McCain respect each other and have a great relationship. She says she doesn't have hurt feelings that they lost: people need a thick skin in politics. She won't comment on gossip, either: smart!!!! She thinks Alaska was seen in a good light during the campaign, that they have a good work ethic up there and in other states ("we have to make sure that the work ethic is rewarded," that "people who choose to work hard are rewarded.... and we're not going to be taxing them like other states do"), and her family had the thrill of a lifetime getting around the country and "shine a light on Alaska." She's disappointed in the media, because so many things reported could have been corrected about her record, and too many media people decided not to report it (boy, is SHE right?!). She wants accurate reporting. "We've had 30 years of failed energy policy in the US," and Alaska can lead the nation into being energy independent.

Um..... I wasn't thinking of Jindal as VP. ACK! Pardonnez-moi!!!!!

Scott said...

""""But... to answer your question with a question (which I know is considered impolite) do you think Jindal will accept the VP spot?"""""

he answers it from 6:10 to 6:45

Unknown said...

Okay Knowitall.

Sarah, you are awesome. I didn't know anything about you prior to the Republican Convention, but I fell in love with you right off the bat.

A Conservative, Christian, homeschool mom. A praying, believing Mom. Just like the women I know and love in my church community - you reminded me of Kathy, Ann, and dozens of others. I trusted you right away.

I listened to your pastor do interviews. I saw the prayer for you on the internet. (interesting that the media now reports that Obama was prayed for in Kenya, in a "traditional pentecostal" way, but apparently, it was okay for him)

I liked your pastors. I also liked that you were on the same page with us as far as the issues were concerned.

I could also relate to - and was hurt by - attacks on your oldest daughter. My daughter had her baby almost two years ago. I want to tell you, it was hard to learn she was pregnant, but that little guy, he's the joy of our household. He makes us all so happy, especially with everything being so stressful lately. He brightens my day by just walking in to the room.

You've done a great job with your kids. You've been a great Mayor and Governor. You did an awesome job standing up to all the pummeling these last two months. We look forward to working with you more.

We met your husband in Moorhead. He's so easy going; we loved him. My daughter told him she felt for your daughter, and showed him her baby.

On the drive home, one of my adult daughters said that while listening to Obama speak earlier this year, she found it hard to pay attention. She said Obama had good inflection, but his content was too smooth. As she put it, too “politician.” But she really enjoyed listening to Todd. He wasn’t a polished speaker, but she said that’s what she liked. He was real, and you knew that what he was saying was coming from his heart.

I also told him that I'd like to talk to you about the Indian Child Welfare Act and how it is hurting Christian families. Hope you got the message.

Unknown said...

Well, Sarah and I agree.
The MSM is a problem.
Or should I say THE problem?

Ifall moderates a debate and is writing a book. Brokaw moderates a debate and was on the Dem Short list for VP. How did McCain let this happen?
I can't wait to see who The One picks for his press secetary. The MSM is probably sword fighting now for the honor.
Thank heavens McCain had the best running mate.

And, at least for a few days, I am going to keep Sarah in the #1 spot.
Eat your heart out, Bobby.

Tbone said...

To js:Sarah Palin did not cost McCain the election. How many more voters did Sarah bring in? Judging from the rallies. Alot. Look at the rallies. Sarah is still a very young candidate with immense ability. George W. Bush's 22% approval rating played a big part in the election's outcome. 17% of people who voted for Bush in 2004 switched to Obama in 2008. They were going to switch no matter the runningmate. Until late September when they needed the bailout of all the banks McCain was leading in the polls. All the bounce was because of Sarah. Not because of McCain. The Independent voters blamed that on the Republicans and turned against the GOP. period.

I also am tired of all the backstabbing of the McCain staffers blaming Sarah and ripping her without giving their name.

Unknown said...

You do good posts.
I worked on the Yakama Reservation for two years after medical school. Ironically, It was a lot like the show Northern Exposure, which was filmed in Washington State using the Yakama people as actors.

That experience took me from a New England liberal to a rock solid conservative.
I love the Native Americans. I continue to treat them in my practice.
I agree with everything you say.

Tbone said...

I agree with everything you said,Adam. That is why i am happy that Sarah is not saying anything about 2012. Behind the scenes though Sarah should be versing herself with more knowledge. Sarah will be elected president someday because of 2 reasons.
1. She is likeable.
2. She can relate to people.
Sarah will prove the critics wrong. I like the fact that Sarah has so many passionate supporters.

jill said...

Horrors, a bath towel? Meaning that she's a real person who works, sweats, takes showers, and uses a bathrobe? Too bad that in a busy campaign with everyone working in close proximity that a person in a bathrobe upsets fragile sensibilities.

To think that such inside information is told outside the inner circle shows definite grudges and the blame game.

I don't buy this gossip. There is no way to prove them or for Sarah to defend herself. She knows Africa is a continent; somebody is selling us a line here. You can deliver a whole truckload of damning accusations as an anonymous staff member. When she runs her own future campaign she will remember not to include backstabbers.

Brianus Berkleianus said...

Someone asked, on the previous thread, I think, where a "Don't blame me, I voted for Sarah" sticker could be found. Here is a link, for this and a TON of great Sarah 2012 stuff (this precise link is to page 2, but of course you can move around!):

Have fun!!

BTW, I may perhaps qualify as an "intellectual" (UC Berkeley Phi Beta Kappa, M.A. and ABD in the doctorate in the Latin and Greek Classics at Stanford), but I would far rather have Sarah Palin at my side in any kind of fight than any or most of the "intellectuals" I have known in my life. She has, I think, a fine, versatile intellect, maybe not that of a Greek philosopher, but a sound, clear mind. But she has something far beyond mere intelligence: she has a great and loving heart (a MOTHER'S heart!), she has raw guts, she has the spirit of a great-souled heroine...she has COURAGE. Was it Teddy Roosevelt who said that cowardice is the one unforgiveable sin? Our Catholic theologians might perhaps contest the technical accuracy of TR's evaluation, but there is much to recommend it. Sarah is qualified right now to be POTUS, and will only be more so in the future. She has the sine qua non for the office: love of her country and the courage, heart , and will to defend it with everything she has and is.

BTW, being half Hispanic myself (my grandparents both came from Mexico; my late mother's first language was Spanish, even though her command of English was perfect: she met my father in a Chaucer class at Berkeley), I cannot emphasize how important I think it is for the Republican Party to reach out to Hispanics by appealing to the "social" issues. Further, I think that the study of the Latin language can serve as a great catena unitatis, a chain of unity, especially in states like Califonia, with their growing Hispanic populations. This is because Latin is both the direct ancestor of Spanish, and has also exercised great influence on English, through the Norman French of 1066, through the Renaissance, and in other ways. That is, Latin can serve to bind together the Hispanic and "white" populations in places like California. I think I am uniquely qualified to speak about his because of my ethnic background (I have much Hispanic blood in my veins, even though I look "white" outwardly) and because of my decades-long study of Latin (and Greek). These are revolutionary, "radical" (etymology: Latin radix="root")ideas in the best sense of the terms. The Republican Party needs to embrace thoughts of this kind, I believe, to reclaim the West, and to hold onto Texas. We are reaping right now the whirlwind of the wind that was sown decades ago by the likes of Bill Ayers and others in their corruption of the schools. The Counterrevolution must begin at this level too, and the study of Latin is an essential element of this.

Anyway, sorry, guys, for this post: I had only meant to post about that SARAH 2012 site!!! LOL

Sarah, I join tens of millions of my fellow citizens in saying: "We love you and stand with you! Take heart! Be of good courage. Victory will be ours!!!"

God bless you all!!


42 said...

Regardless if you think the lawsuits are proper or frivolous, they are still active in state and federal courts.

If one citizenship lawsuit were to succeed, the result would likely be Hillary as President, not McCain.

We voted for electors on Tues -- well over 300 Democrat electors are going to vote Dec. 15.

If they can't vote for Obama, they're not going to vote for McCain:

You should also check outThe People's Choice by Jeff Greenfield.

The story is about what happens when a successful Pres. candidate is ineligible after the election, but before the Electoral College meets. (In the story, the candidate dies; in this case, we're talking about citizenship ineligibility)

Unknown said...

From Newsbusters.
A question to Sarah and her reply.

UNIDENTIFIED REPORTER: What do you take away as you go back to Alaska?

[ Sarah's response] ""I want to make sure that Americans do understand that there is a little bit of disappointment in my heart about the world of journalism today.

And I don't want any individual journalist to take it personally but--I have such great respect for the role of the media in our democracy, it is a cornerstone, it allows the checks and balances. But only when there is fairness and objectivity in the reporting.

And I want to make sure that Americans can have great faith in that aspect of our society, the media. So whatever I can do there to help and to be able to allow credence to be given to the media, I want to help in that respect. That's where I would start.

As a journalist, receiving a journalism degree, my foundation is again, with great respect for what the vocation is all about. I want to help restore some credibility there.""

I laugh at the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos. But the truth is that the GOP needs a site like that.
I wish I had Adam's skills and abilities. Adam, have you thought about heading in that direction?

The rule of life is ""find a hole and fill it"".
Even Sarah's pointing you in that direction, if you wish to go there.

Admin said...

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has returned to her home state of Alaska, where she was greeted by dozens of supporters encouraging her to run for president in four years.

The crowd chanted "2012! 2012!" as Palin disembarked her airplane at the Anchorage airport. Asked by reporters if she might run for president, Palin said, "We'll see what happens then."


Unknown said...

Mountain Mama,

Another report that confirms that you are correct in your assessment of America:


Palinesque }*~*{ said...

hi All, still recovering from working nearly 24 hours on election day (woke up disappointment but not discouraged!) just caught up on the topic, and wanted to share a few things:
1. I am Black and very conservative and it looks like several posters are people of color or staunchly committed to preserving marriage and the life of the unborn.

2. I am a woman, who viewed Sarah's willingness to be involved in public office (thanks to the this blog earlier this year) as a call to arms to those of us who identify with her numerous accomplishments, the first being a MOM and WIFE. I was certain that she had the unifying traits that could mobilize these mainly silent partners of the Rep party into action...she absolutely did! as evidenced in TeamSarah, and the tons of blogs including my own (never would have thunk it!), and it was also evidenced in the MSM's frantic rush to disqualify her and the ship jumpers and infighters who could not agree that defending our candidates was not negative though they all spent a great deal of time dissecting Sarah and our party under the watchful eye of the world and the undecideds (including the hillbots, purple people eaters, etc

3. The Rep party has made enormous strides in the nearly 2 decades that I have been eligible and registered republican, my local party did reach out to me this year for the first time and of course encouraged me to run..I decided to join the committee and as stated on earlier blogs, was a bipartisan team member at our local board of elections (we actually have a close congressional race and I am still working there until all our ballots are certified.)

4. I am originally from the south and spent 2 weeks there in early october, it was interesting to see how literal the ads were targeting class and race as 2 ways the republicans may not have inclusively represented our base and/or not spoken out enough about in towns were blue collar jobs are diminishing and, hate crimes and profiling are increasing.

5. I have learned a lot this election and against my preferences realized that the media and public spaces such as these, are critical to a successful campaign, (regardless of the character of a candidate, it also boils down to the character of the party and how they reach out locally) most of my family in the south, do not use internet, read local papers and believe more than 80% if what they see on news shows. They voted for BO and do not know any republican party reps, yet it historically is a red state...(like PA!!!)

6. leads me to my last point: I processed several absentee ballots by BO folks who went to PA on the 3rd to go door to door. Not a fan of the door to door, don't want anyone at my door wasting my time. But I remembered that while i was in NC for 2 weeks, every other day, BO folks were out putting glossy handouts on doors including my mother's who was ALREADY a disciple of bo, My suggestions: a. the party reach out or tune into the 14 year olds because they will be the next wave of voters and have the ability to mobilize at a level, the older crowd may not even have a grasp on.
b. and, as was stated by 12thman:
"This shouldn't be looked at as the end of anything, by a longshot. Our "unknown governor/queen of the wilderness/Caribou Barbie" pulled in over 50 million votes, and was easily responsible for a good 30% of those. No funeral-like tones by any means"

AMEN to that

btw though I am giving the MSM reluctant credit as critical for the success of a campaign, it would be great to see counter/alternative sources gain momentum so that bias is curbed once and for all

Unknown said...

I am confused by the Jay Leno interview of the Gov. of Louisiana that you posted.
He was talking about 2008.
I am asking if Bobby would consent to be Sarah's VP in 2012.

Unknown said...

Yup Fox News headlines this morning look like GOP leadership is trying to blame Sarah and move away from her - there's that stupid rant about the McCain staff fighting her and (horrors) seeing her in her robe (poor innocent eyes). and then a list of the four young, male up and comings in the GOP.

Not saying anything is wrong with these men, but Sarah's face belongs there among them.

I for one am not going to let the current GOP leadership decide for me who I will follow. Their rants about Sarah only cause me to dislike them. Millions of Americans have stood by her while the left trashed her. After the horrible things the left had said, does the GOP seriously think we're going to listen to their petty complaints and change our minds about her?

You know, I remember looking at some of the staffers in DC a few years back and noticing how much they all looked alike - young, pudgy, round faced boys - the faces of guys who have always lived a plush and pampered life. Their daddies sent them to Yale and pulled strings to help them get jobs in DC. And now these babies, who have never done a hard days work in their lives and who really know nothing about the rest of America, run DC.

These jerks think I'm going to listen to them about Sarah? The more they open their mouths, the more I pray she gets there in a few years and seriously cleans house.

MiJuBri Farms said...

I would like to ask everyone here to pray for Adam, his health, and his future. Currently he is suffering from a bad virus/cold and fighting a fever. He's taking Sudafed to cover the symptoms, but would rather be curled up in bed. However, he also has a very important job interviews today (2pm EST) and and another one on Monday. We need him (1) to get over this cold, (2)to be employed.

Julie (AKA Mom)

msbs05 said...

Not sure all of you read Ann Coulter so i thought I would pass along a clip from what she wrote yesterday

"How many times do we have to run this experiment before Republican primary voters learn that "moderate," "independent," "maverick" Republicans never win, and right-wing Republicans never lose?

Indeed, the only good thing about McCain is that he gave us a genuine conservative, Sarah Palin. He's like one of those insects that lives just long enough to reproduce so that the species can survive. That's why a lot of us are referring to Sarah as "The One" these days.

Like Sarah Connor in "The Terminator," Sarah Palin is destined to give birth to a new movement. That's why the Democrats are trying to kill her. And Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved somehow, too. Good Lord, I'm tired. "

Unknown said...

Dang, I was hoping someone would launch draft Palin for President site and start our effort immediately.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry for the angry rant. I try not to do that. It was wrong of me.

Lord, in the name of Jesus, please touch Adam today and bring him relief from his cold. Help him to focus and have strength for his job interviews. Bless his path today - Bless him with the work he needs. And Lord - if this is the job you have for him, so be it, open that door and make it happen for him. But Lord, if there is another position you have for him - a work that you purpose for him, open that door, and open his eyes so he can see it, and make it easy for him to walk into it. We ask this in the Holy, precious name of Jesus. Amen.

All50St said...

Let me first say that I have been on board this "Palin for VP" train since early June, and I've posted here many times in support of her. This past weekend, I drove over to Ohio for 2 reasons: (a) to help with the GOTV efforts in the most crucial state -- I made over 500 "vote for McCain/Palin" calls; and (b) to go see Sarah in person at her Canton, OH rally -- a great, great thrill! I got within 10 feet of being able to shake her hand afterwards.

All that being said, my advice is: Sarah, do NOT run for President in 2012!! You may be ready, but the nation is not ready for you. You are plenty young enough and have lots of time to build your resume and overcome the nasty image the media has given you. I love the idea here of writing a best-seller. You should write it about your experience in this campaign, but also include your well-thought views on all the key policy issues. That way you could overcome some of the nasty rumors about you, such as:
1. You are stupid. (should be the easiest to discount)
2. You are radical rightwinger who bans books and wants to prevent rape victims from an abortion. (I know that is YOUR view for you and your family, but you never said you would make this the law!)
3. You were a "diva" who was impossible to work with on the campaign. (you need to address these charges directly!)

I'll conclude by saying that I am from Indiana, home state of Dan Quayle. After the Bush/Quayle team lost in 1992, there was much speculation with what Quayle should do. Many of us suggested that he, like you, was plenty young enough and he should spend some time building his resume. In 1996, he had the great opportunity to run for the open seat of Governor of Indiana. Had he done so, he would have won easily and then had the chance to show the world that he could be a strong leader of an important state for 8 years. After that, maybe his "deer in the headlights" image would have been overcome. But instead of taking our advice, Quayle ignored us and tried running for President in 1996. He didn't even make it to the Iowa caucuses -- and he'll never be heard from again.

Please Sarah, do NOT make the same mistake that Quayle did. Build your resume, add to your accomplishments, write that best-seller, go visit the world and its foreign leaders, do many more national media interviews, and maybe go back on SNL again. You will only be 52 in 2016 or 56 in 2020. By then, you could be a well respected Republican leader.

momprayn said...

Brianus - thanks for the info for the sticker - I'm the one that asked!!! Also always enjoy your posts. It's refreshing to hear from "intellectuals" who appreciate Sarah so much!!! Here's to more of 'em!

tbone - there're more than 2 reasons people will vote for Sarah! (Techno???? - waiting for your list) :) Brianus - you did a pretty good job, as usual.

knowitall - good suggestion to Adam re media. That's his calling I think. Yes, we all agree something needs to be done with the MSM!!!!! I am livid about all that...."unfair" doesn't begin to describe it!!!!

Ted - What's your take on the electors voting for McCain/Clinton per "wiglaf" previously here??? No, I don't think you're "silly" - think it's something that definitely needs to be checked out and a possibility & as for me, thank you for the info. It's just that it seems so incredible that this wasn't dealt with a long time ago???!!! & we're leery of "false hope". But I know how things like that can happen in life and with God so.... I'm following it.......

Lisa - loved your great reasons for voting for Sarah!

Julie - re Adam - will do!!

Tbone said...

Why did fox news put up pictures of the rising GOP stars and not put Sarah Palin on there. They put Charlie Crist,Bobby Jindal,Eric Cantor and Pawlenty. That is wrong. Does it have to do with that she is a woman? They are talented to but Sarah belongs up there with them. The Sarah Palin movement is alive and well. We will not let the media stop it.

Tbone said...

Sarah should also go speak at CPAC in February. That will help keep her in good standing with cnservatives. She could also meet some of the conservatives afterwards.

Scott said...

how many of you have gone on google maps to look at the alaska capitol office street view to see where she works... come on, you know you have

i have it bookmarked!

Scott said...

"""""We voted for electors on Tues -- well over 300 Democrat electors are going to vote Dec. 15.

i'm not a history of govt. expert but has it ever happened where the electors "went rogue" and voted for the opposite person? how absolutely hilarious would it be if they all refused to elect Obama! (either due to the obvious or if some news item were to come out before they vote) I wonder what would happen in that case.

Scott said...

I am confused by the Jay Leno interview of the Gov. of Louisiana that you posted.
He was talking about 2008.
I am asking if Bobby would consent to be Sarah's VP in 2012."""""

yeah i know, i realized that as i posted it... that interview was back in march i think of this year.. i don't know what he'll do in 4 years' time.

12thMan said...

"All50St said..."

You say the nation is not ready for Sarah, but the nation just voted on emotion and elected a candidate they didn't really have a good idea of.

Remember, even with all the emotion and hype surrounding Bill Clinton in 1992, he still was a Bob Dole candidacy away from being a one-term president who lost Congress in a bloodbath. So no one knows what four MONTHS from now holds much less four years, and god forbid we have another 911 (cause VP-elect Joe says so) next year.

Lest we forget, energy's going to be a pretty big deal here in the coming years--far greater than it was in 1993 or 2001, and Sarah's going to be front-and-center.

Scott said...

""""Like Sarah Connor in "The Terminator," Sarah Palin is destined to give birth to a new movement. That's why the Democrats are trying to kill her. And Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved somehow, too. Good Lord, I'm tired. """"""

funny how the girl's name in the terminator was also sarah!

I was disappointed with Carl Cameron last night on O'Reilly. He sounded like a gossiping grandmother pointing out all the "alleged" things that sarah palin did wrong during the campaign. I find it hard to believe any of it and feel the staffers are covering themselves for a failed campaign. They were upset because she doesn't play ball the way they do. It's obvious now why they put her on ice. But my main point is on how Carl Cameron, at the beginning of the interview, said "he could have said all this during the campaign but didn't"... I feel if this woman really is dumb as a tack and didn't know all of those things he mentionoed, then he had the responsibility to report it to us. He did not. There may have been a rift because she isn't just another talking head puppet but in no way do I believe what they are painting her out to be, and they should be ashamed of themselves.

Unknown said...

Good Advice "all50st."

If you all don't mind, I'd like to post these ideas on my site as well. I've just been trying to think how to summarize and state it - I don't want it to appear that they are my ideas.

But I am also feeling the same way "prose" is. Wanting to move forward while the momentum is here; preventing people from giving up ...

msbs05 - looking forward to your suggestion and moving forward with that.

But I'm also aware you were speaking of a women for women initiative, and there are men here waiting for direction as well. We can do both.

I don't want to lose this blog because it's already here and drawing so much attention - is there a way to just change the name and morph it into the next vision?


Can we put together a PAC for Sarah? I might be able to look into it - I have paralegal training and have put together a 501c3 on my own.

Would you like me to look into it? It shouldn't be that hard.

Then - a committee? So people would know who's doing what and who to contact - A Committee to rah-rah Sarah, keep information coiming and going; Keep in touch with Sarah's people to know what she's up to, events and projects she's involved in, prepare press releases, assist her with whatever she needs. Promote her books. Provide her with nationwide contacts to help her when she travels. Speaking engagements.

Ok - does that mean an actual Sarah Website? One where events and projects can be posted? We can have a few family pictures if the Palin's wish. Even blurbs from the kids, if they'd like.

A prayer request page.

I can work on that with someone. I can do simple sites using dreamweaver and contribute. I would need someone else to help with backend, interactive aspects.

Vote on members of a committee? Nominations? If we can just get this spark going here in the blog, I think we can move ahead quickly.


Sign your various blogs up to
(I've added my site to
But I don't see it up yet. Maybe she didn't like the name of my blog...I've got a nicer named blog, but I tell you, people didn't come to it near as often as the first one.)

Ideas and comments? How soon can we put together a committee?

Admin said...

I'm glad Rush is speaking out against these pathetic "McCain staffers" who are trying to diss Sarah.

Mountain Mama said...

Great posts, everyone! Looking ahead: if Obama is wise and does keep somewhat to the center (which would take a miracle, given his far left views), then given his huge base (perhaps enlarged further by even more detailed organization and by newly-legalized aliens), he might prove very tough to beat.

Excellent, relatively-young Republican candidates who hold positions of power (governors, senators) might choose NOT to run against Obama, knowing it's best not to lose and be tagged a "loser" thenceforth. Then again, if they aren't well-known candidates, they would run anyway, knowing they'd at least gain national prominence.

Since in four years he'll have been an excellent governor of a large state for 5+ years, Jindal will not run as a VP candidate. He's not merely intelligent; he's already demonstrably brilliant----and he's very likeable, too.

Should he win the R. nomination,
Jindal might select Sarah Palin as HIS VP candidate, but given her high negatives this election (negatives with which we all completely disagree!), he might choose someone else.

But again, he and other excellent young Rep. candidates might choose not to run in 4 years, preferring to wait for 8 years and win, without the "loser" tag from 2012.

Everything I've written above is speculation. This is not:

Sarah Palin has so many wonderful qualities, which I and other people have listed here. What she also possesses very strongly, which other candidates do NOT to her extent, is a GENUINE joy and vibrancy about living. It is her enthusiastic ENERGY that Americans love and appreciate about Sarah Palin---and she expresses that energy in her strong devotion to God and family, as well as her great ability to FORGIVE those who have mistreated her so viciously.

Pray for her, then, because it IS tricky to maintain such enthusiasm and energy when one hits 50----and she'll be exactly that in 2016.

Pray that she will NOT want to even scores with anyone who mistreated her; harboring unforgiveness will only wound herself! Pray that she can shrug them all off, learn from the experience, and move on to enjoy life in beautiful Alaska with her very caring family. I pray they all FULLY rejuvenate there, as they seek the will of God about her career. And I have NO DOUBT that God has placed these incredible gifts within Sarah Palin for a very significant reason.

Meanwhile, God help us in America! Obama needs our fervent prayers. Those videos about his gaffes (just go to YouTube) show someone with a more limited intellect than his reputation suggests! His chosen Chief of Staff (isn't he known as "the knife?" ack!) is coldly partisan. Pray that Obama is confronted by God very directly, and that he actually has a deep conversion experience. It will take just such a miracle to impact him sufficiently.

Lindsey said...

Great blog! I agree with everything you said. A lot of people want her to go to the senate, I think that would be a horrible idea. Firstly, Governor is higher then senator. Why leave something to take a lower job. Doesn't make sense. Plus, part of her appeal is being a Washington outsider. The book idea is great, maybe then people would back off of the she's stupid comments. She'd also be able to do a book tour and connect with her fans again as well as the media.

Something I was thinking about the other day. The media has a tendency to tear someone apart and then bring them back up and praise them. It could actually turn out to be good that they weren't the nicest this go around. She can prove them wrong in the years to come and maybe, just maybe they'll be on her side next time.

Tbone said...

Another thing moving forward that I believe Sarah needs to do is broaden her appeal. Right now everyone just considers her as a christian conservative. Sarah needs to appeal to fiscal conservatives and improve her foreign policy knowledge. She is talented enough to eventually appeal to all three branches of the Republican Party. Sarah is a once in a generation talent. I also respect her immensely as a person.

Mountain Mama said...

And of course we'll pray for Adam!

That reminds me: if everyone went to the DONATE button on the Home Page of this blogsite and just contributed $5, we might help Adam replace his laptop computer. Please help (and God bless everyone who already has)!

I just am so grateful to Adam for his help in introducing the world to Sarah Palin. And Adam is so young, too----what terrific talent!

Please contribute at least $5, okay?

Scholar said...

Get ready, if Sarah runs in 2012, she will be SMEARED by the Democrats, liberal media, and "moderate" Republicans including those within the McCain campaign! God help her and us!

12thMan said...

"Sarah Palin did unfortunately have some rough interviews,"

Yes Sarah's interviews (Couric) were rough, but that's what happens when you have to be the backup QB. For instance I could tell right away Sarah wasn't comfortable with the bailout (Cathy voted against it, so did Michele Bachmann. They both won re-election, go figure!), among other things.

So let's stop blaming Sarah for bad interviews when she's having to parrot McCain and she clearly doesn't want to. He(double hockey), the last two months of Rush has been some of the worst Rush I've ever heard, and Rush NEVER does bad radio! What do you think the common thread is there? Chuck Schumer can't wait to his old buddy McCain back, what's that tell you?

Why do you think NewsWEAK is leading the MSM effort to destroy Sarah even now? I've seen this analogy elsewhere, so I'll use it here: the enemy is dead, why keep shooting at it? God, I LOVED cutting an issue of it up yesterday for a class project.

Sarah is PLENTY articulate, just as RWR was. Levin played
"Rendezvous With Destiny" (the speech that MADE Reagan) last night--go to and listen to it, you don't think Sarah could deliver a speech like that? Bull, um, hockey.

I am NOT a fan of Repubs (haven't been for a while), but I AM a fan of good, solid conservatives like Cathy, Michele, Mike Pence, Duncan Hunter, Eric Cantor, Adam Putnam (I see that he's not running for re-election, too bad). BUT "Team McCain" obviously isn't of this ilk, and if their idea of a conservative is someone like McCain, Myth Romney, or they might as well see if they can try to get Joe, Scarborough back off MSLSD, then no way and this loss was meant to be, because what exactly (as I asked last week) have we won?

Mountain Mama said...

Re. these vicious reports from within the McCain campaign about Sarah Palin:

Obviously the staffers are more concerned with covering their own rears, so they preserve some semblance of a future for themselves in politics, than they are with caring about Sarah's future career.

The McCain staffers' self-serving reports dovetail quite nicely with how the Democrats and the MSM tried hard to ruin Palin, to endrun her ability to become President someday.

Tbone said...

Hi Momprayn- I agree that Sarah has more than 2 reasons why people will vote for her. Those were just two big reasons why i think she can get elected.

Tbone said...

I like the way Sarah responed to those attacks from the McCain staffers. Sarah said last night that until there is a name attached to them she will not respond to them. This accomplishes nothing by attacking Sarah.

Unknown said...

Good posts Mountain Mama and 12thman

And everyone. It's so nice to have an actual discussion on a blog site. It's a real waste of time even trying on some other sites.

Okay - people are also reading this site uietly for direction and the next step. So - what are thoughts about moving forward?

Adam said we need to develop a structure in order to move forward effectively, as well as spread out in other blogs in order to amplify the voice and reach more people.

A central website could also help people with developing their own blogs and giving them direction in how they can help. I would suppose the site would have a Sarah focus, but would also have a conservative mission. Someone mentioned the need for a counter part to the Huffingtonpost.

A committee wouldn't need to be formal - but simply people that are willing to take lead in various areas and can be contacted.


Mountain Mama said...

In the states with primaries that allow ANYONE to vote in them from whichever party, we definitely need to change the rules so that only Republicans can vote.
Rush is right (as usual):
The Democrats and Indies helped pick McCain.

I would add that the conservatives split their support among far too many conservatives who ran: Fred Thompson, Huckabee, Tancredo, Romney (okay, so maybe he isn't a real conservative), etc. We ruined our hopes of winning this election by having a conservative as our presidential candidate.

On another note: as Rush is now stating, yes, Raum Immanuel is Jewish. But he isn't conservative At. All. and might not be that supportive of Israel, and might advocate stupidly their "need" to give up more land (which NEVER appeases radical Muslim: they want Israel wiped completely from the earth). Immanuael thus is actually a "safe" pick by Obama; he won't "upset" the Muslims. ack...

Unknown said...

May I please ask everyone here a favor?

We all know that people are in the famous "CYA" mode. The Blame Game attack on Sarah will go on for a while.
My wife is disabled and stays at home. She is going to watch for people who defend Sarah. I am going to name the defenders here as a poll of honor.
Will you help me?

I will put in the first name -- Rush Limbaugh.

Mountain Mama said...

GREAT IDEA, Knowitall!

My pick: Randy Scheunemann, for supporting Sarah against the jerks in McCain's staff.

12thMan said...

LOL, Romney is DEFINITELY not one of us. I'm sorry, but you can't just play NE Republican (essentially a Ted Kennedy clone) and then after just two years claim to have been there all along.

It was really sad with Huckabee. He just seemed like he was out running interference for McCain, which earned him the name "Huckaphony" from Dr. Levin. Too bad, cause his economic plan was almost dead-on, he wouldn't have lost the South (FL, NC, VA), plus he was endorsed by two of my favorite people ever--Ric Flair (WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!) and Chuck Norris:)

12thMan said...

Here's another knowitall, "The Great One" Mark Levin.

Dan K said...

Your blog has already being picked up by BBC. They have a great story.

Tbone said...

Hi there. I was wondering if there is an address or e-mail address where I could possibly write to Sarah. I would like to write to her.

Tbone said...

Hi 12thman- I agree that Romney is not a real conservative. There are rumors going around that he might be a favorite in 2012. Please no.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I think Adam and the rest of the comments from everyone appear to be "right on", especially the new, youthful leadership.

Additionally, it is disgusting and a down right shame to see the McCain campaign staffers throwing Sarah "under the bus" and then backing up and running over her again and again. No wonder we lost the election with these self serving wimps at the helm.

Tbone said...

Hi Adam. That was a nice article with talking up Sarah Palin on the BBC. It is up to us Palinistas to keep her in the news the next two years while she Governs Alaska. I feel that the Sarah Palin Movement is growing daily.

Patriot1776 said...

Let's not start bashing fellow Republicans this early. We need to work together, including Romney and Huckabee to rebuild the party. We have primaries to hash out the differences.

Scott said...

looks like these former obama workers are the first victims of "spreading the wealth around" LOL

Obama campaign workers angry over unpaid wages

Posted: Nov 5, 2008 03:38 PM

Indianapolis - Lines were long and tempers flared Wednesday not to vote but to get paid for canvassing for Barack Obama. Several hundred people are still waiting to get their pay for last-minute campaigning. Police were called to the Obama campaign office on North Meridian Street downtown to control the crowd.

The line was long and the crowd was angry at times.

"I want my money today! It's my money. I want it right now!" yelled one former campaign worker.

A former spokesman for the Obama campaign said 375 people were hired as part of the Vote Corps program and said people signed up to work three-hour shifts at a time. Three hours of canvassing got workers a $30 pre-paid Visa card.

The workers showed up to get their cards Wednesday morning at 10:00 am.

"There was a note on the door saying 1:00 pm and then at 1:20 pm everybody was like why is nobody here. They just got here and they're trying to get it organized," said Heather Richards, a former campaign worker.

The large gathering of around 375 people prompted police to call in extra officers and set up temporary barricades. The barricades helped keep the crowd from spilling out onto Meridian Street. Police say the several hundred people in line were for the most part orderly.

"No arrests. Some of the people were upset at first because the line wasn't moving as fast as they thought it should. But we really haven't had any problems," said Major Darryl Pierce, Metro Police.

Eventually people did start getting paid, but some said they were missing hours and told to fill in paperwork making their claim and that eventually they would get a check in the mail.

"Still that's not right. I'm disappointed. I'm glad for the president, but I'm disappointed in this system," said Diane Jefferson, temporary campaign worker.

"It should have been $480. It's $230," said Imani Sankofa.

"They gave us $10 an hour. So we added it. I added up all the hours so it was supposed to be at least $120. All I get is $90," said Charles Martin.

"I worked nine hours a day for 4 days and got paid half of what I should have earned," said Randall Waldon.

Some people weren't satisfied with filling out a claim form for money they felt was still due to them.

"They say that they gonna call you or they going to mail it to you, but I don't know. We'll see what happens," said Antron Grose.

"Talking about they'll mail it to us. I ain't worried about that, man. They're not going to mail nothin'," said Martin.

Amanda said...

I posted a long response to you about the Puerto Rican vote, Ray, but it disappeared somehow!

In any case, my point was that I think it will be very hard to make inroads with them since their main issue is, generally, welfare. But they are pretty diluted as a voting block on the national level anyway because the highest percentages are in states that are so solidly blue it would take decades to turn them around. (NY, CT, MA, IL, NJ). Obviously there are exceptions (me, my sisters, my mom, some other posters here) but they are not so common yet.

Unknown said...

I would like to add Greta Van Susteren's name to the defenders

Amanda said...

Oh by the way, I am a little late getting into the Jindal debate. :) But here's the way I see it:

I love Sarah, and will campaign for her as hard as I possibly can for 2012. That said, I do not want a situation like the 2008 primary where there was only one frontrunner who I actually liked (Rudy Giuliani). I do not like Romney, Huckabee, Fred Thompson, or (sorry) John McCain as candidates. Wouldn't it be great if, in 2012, we had multiple attractive candidates to choose from? People like Sarah and Jindal are absolutely our future as a party and as a movement, but we don't have to choose one at the expense of liking the other and hoping that they have success as well. Maybe they COULD run together. Or maybe by 2012 the political environment will not be conducive to Sarah running (OR, maybe she won't want to.) There's no harm in getting enthusiastic about some other candidates without letting go of our love and admiration for Sarah. The goal is to have a whole slate of candidates in the primary that we like, and to be able to be very happy with whomever we nominate (unlike this time. Again, sorry, just REALLY not a McCain fan and I have been burying those feelings for months.)

Mountain Mama said...

OH, I nearly forgot!
Add to your list, Knowitall, the wonderfully "fair and balanced," Greta van Sustern.
(Sorry that I haven't checked the spelling of her name.
Also, it's Rahm Emanuel---sorry for the previous misspelling.
The important part of his name, btw, isn't the meaning of Rahm----which is either Thunder or Lightning; Barak is the other one of those two terms, btw----but instead, it's that "Emanuel" literally means, "With us is the Most-High-God."
"El" is a very old name, from which comes another word: "Allah." Think of "El" as High Elevation: Most High of all other gods. It isn't that the Israelites believed there were actually other gods, though; instead, they believed that EL was the highest, and only real God. End of Hebrew lesson!)
I know Rahm honors Israel to some extent, but even within Israel are many people who believe, as many liberals do here, that we can appease radical Islamists. They all need to learn that it's impossible to placate them----and learn this SOON, before Israel is destroyed.)

Scott said...

"""""Adam Putnam (I see that he's not running for re-election, too bad).""""""

he stepped down from his position of House Chairman so he could get back to doing what he went to washington for.. he didn't want to be speaking all the time, which the post had him doing. But he was reelected with 60% of the vote.

"It's important to return all of my focus and attention to policy," Putnam said Wednesday. "When you're the chief communicator (as conference chairman), the day is clogged up with more messaging and less policy. I wanted to restore a little more balance and work on things Congress needs to work on."

Putnam made clear that he wasn't stepping down from the leadership post. Instead, he will finish his term as chairman, not seek re-election to the job and allow another colleague to go for it.

"Someone has to (be chairman), but you don't want to be chairman every year," Putnam said. "It's been a good experience, but it's time to move on."

Lindsey said...

Sarah defenders:
-fox and friend.Steve, Gretchen, and Brian. All were highly ticked off with the Sarah bashing.
-Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer seemed pretty ticked as well. At the same time they defend Carl Cameron on repeating those rumors.=/
-Greta seems to be the one at fox standing behind Sarah the most though. Just check out her blog.

Hope those hope. I'll add more as I see them.

Scott said...

""""She is going to watch for people who defend Sarah. I am going to name the defenders here as a poll of honor.
Will you help me?

I will put in the first name -- Rush Limbaugh.""""""

Glenn Beck is good at defending her.. (he recently lost his show on CNN because Fox News recruited him to start there in the spring. He has AM radio from 9am to noon eastern. I think you can listen to his show online if you don't get it by radio.
He's a really patriotic Reagan conservative.

Unknown said...



if you wish to add a name to the list, please enter that name as a blog comment.


Ray said...

I see the moderate Republican bashing continues. To say the least, I'm disgusted.

Scott said...

palin being blamed? what are they thinking?

By Andrea Tantaros
Republican Political Commentator/ Contributor

The general rule among returning Las Vegas vacationers is “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” The same is true for professional political staffers returning from life on the campaign trail. Sure you re-hash certain particularly amusing or dramatic anecdotes with friends over a few beers, but you don’t purposefully blab to the national media in an effort to sandbag your candidate.

Not surprisingly, the McCain campaign doesn’t want to abide by the unspoken, but widely understood, rules of political protocol.


Certain campaign “insiders” are, and have been, engaged in an effort to throw Governor Sarah Palin under the bus for –- in their estimation — bringing the McCain ticket down. These Benedict Arnolds have leaked everything from alleged Palin “tantrums” to rumored “shopping sprees” and a seemingly exaggerated tall tale that tries to paint Palin as inappropriate for opening the door to her hotel room one morning in a towel. In my estimation the only thing that smacks of inappropriateness is the behavior of these staffers.

The fact that FOX News’ Carl Cameron ticked off a litany of these accusations, in addition to a specific list of subject areas where the offended felt Palin was less than knowledgeable, reveals their classless effort to undermine her in order to conceal their own shortcomings.

The real narrative is the long list of subject areas where they failed this campaign. We can now add loyalty and professionalism to the growing tally. This is why they didn’t deserve to win. I lost respect for many of McCain’s aides during this election cycle. Now I’m left with none.

Not only should this indiscretion give anyone thinking of hiring these now unemployed staffers extreme pause but it should also showcase why these “insiders” don’t deserve to work in politics again. Not even races for neighborhood dogcatcher, because in politics you protect your boss–win or lose.

The good news is that when Republicans think of the future of the GOP we think of Sarah Palin, not her disgruntled staff.

Governor, when you’re ready to hit the trail again, give me a call.

momprayn said...

Boy, I can't believe the increase in traffic on here!!!!

tbone - Per mountain mama (prev. topic), you can contact Sarah at:
MM - is that right?

Scott - Re Obama workers -- ha! yep.....signs of more like things to come??? (YOU BETCHA!)

Scott, others - Yes, I too was disappinted with Carl Cameron's "gossiping" like that! What's up with that? Bad.

I think Rush did a great job defending Sarah in the first hour against all the shameful bashing going on...but I'm afraid this is to be expected. They are afraid of her & know she's an "up and coming" star but I don't know why Fox didn't include her in the list.?? Baffling.

MM - yes, I agree about Rahm. He is one of those that think it best to try and appease their enemies I'm afraid. Totally agree. This really upsets me - I'm a big supporter of Israel/Messianic Jews. Ugh!!!

12thMan said...

Sorry patriot but even when RWR declared the 11th commandment he knew there were weasels EVEN IN HIS ADMIN (most of them came out during this campaign). You can't press forward with weasels, especially with people that are clearly all about themselves.

You can't fight the fight if you have separate agendas in your ranks. Haven't we just seen the disastrous results of what happened when you stick a strong conservative with a weak movement--whether it has an R on it or not?

And why in the world would you want someone to help rebuild the movement when they tried to destroy it? I mean that's like saying Davis (Dumb) and Schmidt (with an M) should be in charge of the campaign in 2012 too.

jill said...

More Sarah defenders? Janine Turner, who played Maggie on Northern Exposure is a big Palin fan and has supported her wonderfully, even daring to put a McCain/Palin sticker on her car on a movie set. I rewarded her by buying her newest book, Holding Her Head High: 12 Single Mothers Who Championed Their Children and Changed History.

On another subject, I just read this today and thought I would pass on the smile because Barney does what many of us have wanted to.

Barney snaps under pressure, bites White House reporter

Thursday, November 6, 2008, 03:04 PM

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Politico is reporting that Barney the Scottie, President Bush’s canine companion, finally snapped and bit a White House reporter today.

Reporters haven’t decided whether Barney was fed up with liberal media bias, depressed by how history is likely to rate his tenure, or was simply enjoying the sense of freedom that comes to any short-timer.

The victim was a Reuters TV correspondent, who’d bent down to pet him. Damage was limited to a finger, and a tetanus shot is in the offing.

MiJuBri Farms said...

Thankfully his interviewer called and rescheduled the meeting for tomorrow so he has one more day to rest and heal! And that will hopefully make it all go well (at least better). And then he has the weekend to get over his cold before his meeting on Monday.

Regarding the laptop...thanks mountain momma for your requests for donation. Every little bit does help. Quick background: Adam's laptop was stolen approximately 2wks ago. This was his graduation present in May, so we're still paying it off. Insurance will reimburse, but a $500 deductible (on and $800 machine) gives us about $300 from them -- of course it will take weeks for that check to appear though. We have received some donations (thank you!), but we are about $300 shy of the deductible, and will have to Visa the rest until the check from the insurance comes through. So, if anyone is interested help -- yes, even a $5 donation would be welcome and helpful! If you have any particular questions. Feel free to contact us at Just put Donation? in the subject line so we find it quick.

Thanks again for everyone's kind words. I am collecting them and making a memento book for Adam for this whole process so we can look back 20 years from now and remember everyone and everything that brought us here. You are as much of an encouragement to Adam as you claims that he is to you.

Thanks again for everything

momprayn said...

knowitall - name: Megyn Kelly, Fox News. I was really impressed with her one time when she really aggressively defended/went after Howard whats-his-face (Dem) re bashing Sarah.
P.S. sorry about your wife being disabled -- am praying for her......

jill said...

Just a note to some who have in the past, or are beginning to, or will in the future bash McCain, or speak of barely tolerating him. Please spare us all how we would have won if Huckabee, Romney, Thompson, Giuliani, or some other person had headed the ticket. Never for a moment forget that if any of those men had been leading the ticket, not one would have chosen Sarah Palin. That is not a dead certainty, but is it at all likely that any of them would have? We would not be here talking about Sarah Palin after Adam's effort to draft her as VP went unnoticed. I know I wouldn't have returned again after that night we were here wringing our hands into the early morning hours if it had ended with someone else as the VP nominee. If you value having Sarah Palin with a real shot at the White House in the future, McCain should always have our respect and gratitude. He was not my first choice during the primary, but I learned more about him and supported him fully.

As someone else said earlier (patriot1776?) no bashing of Republicans should go on here. It is bound to cause offense and alienate people already here and people who read now and may join in the conversation later. The vitriol found between Huckabee and Romney supporters during the primary, for example, was some of the worst I have read. This could be a haven from that sort of wrangling.

Admin said...

tbone, here are 2 email addresses:

techno said...

10 non-political reasons why people voted for Obama: 1) because he is black; 2) because he is young and McCain is considered old; 3)his eloquence 4)his smile and charisma 5)'white guilt' 6)his skills to organize large groups of voters; 6)enthusiasm for his campaign; 7)an emotional response to his message; 8) those with a 'what can he do for me' mentality; 9)seen as the Messiah; 10)Narcissism

technogeek, aka Steve from MN said...

Sarah should not run in 2012 unless Obama makes some very horrible mistakes, or the Congress over-reaches very much. If you look at the 2004 vs 2008 election results for outstate counties, Obama out-polled an incumbent Bush.

The last time I saw excitement for a President candidate was RR. If in 2010 we see the same hysteria, SP should hold tight in AK and study up. Continue to work with Dems in AK.

SP also needs to work with other world leaders. Go on trade missions or work with Indegienous Rights with other countries.

I'm afraid if she ran in 2012 Barry would run an electoral table like RR did in 1984. And SP could not recover from that.

Also, I for one am pushing blogs to have Reid and Pelosi replaced. "Change" can't come if the Congressional leadship stays the same. So visit blogs that are pushing change in the leadership.

We may not have won the election, but if we all contact our Congress men and women and our Senators, we can push for a change of leadership. We can still have some fun!

The Chef said...

Yes, excellent ideas. As much as the media and even disgruntled, self-serving Republicans want to destroy Sarah Palin's political future, there are so many more who believe in here and everything that she stands for, truly the BEST of America.

With permission, I have posted this in our guest blogger blogs. Thank you so much for helping bring perspective to a difficult loss, yet, the anticipation of a very bright future.
"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people... of the characters and conduct of their rulers." John Adams

Amanda said...

Jill, my stance is not that any other candidate would have won. I just think John McCain was not a good candidate. He did rise in my estimation when he picked Sarah because it showed bravery, and for that and his military service he will always have my respect.

Admin said...

Two other Palin supporters:


Sarah said...

I'm a long, long time reader, however very rarely post...but this (from is driving me nuts today:

"There is one comment in particular from a McCain aide that guaranteed to heighten friction between the two camps. The angry aide described the Palin family shopping spree to Newsweek as "Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast."

Is there anyone else out there wondering where the pictures of this "looting" are???? Sarah hasn't been able to buy a cup of coffee since Aug.29th without a flock of photographers snapping her picture...are you trying to tell me that the entire Palin clan arrives at Nieman Marcus, spends over $150,000, leaves with what must have been an incredible pile of loot, and nobody got a picture of it?? Seriously, don't you think the "Wasilla hillbillies" invading Nieman Marcus would get some play in the press? Where are the sales clerks who waited on them?

Unknown said...

Another defender: Glenn Beck

Also the interview was with Erickson from Redstate about "Project Leper"

"We're tracking down all the people from the McCain campaign now whispering smears against Governor Palin to Carl Cameron and others. Michelle Malkin has the details."

k.aLLyN. said...

If you all could take the time to sign this petition for Sarah it would be great =)

Patriot1776 said...

12thman, there is a BIG difference betweeen STAFFERS like those losers bashing Sarah and potential candidates who are on the national scene. Romney, Huckabee etc have a place in the party - doesn't mean they should be the nominee. We can fight it out with them in the primaries etc. Just 2 days after the election and some here are already making comments about this person that person.

I am a HUGE Sarah fan..but I also like Jindal etc. Maybe 2012 isn't the right time for Sarah this time. Let's face it, Obama is going to be darn near unstoppable in 4 years with all that comes from his from office and power.

That's all I am saying.

But for these sleaze ball losers to leak this stuff 2 days after a loss - they shouldn't work again in our party.

Anyone catch Glenn Beck toady - released a tape of Sarah calling his staff on her OWN cell phone because she wanted to go on his show. The campaign wasn't getting it done, she left her cell and Todd's. Is this what bothered this political elites? She doesn't play the game or follow their rules. Maybe it would have been better to let do the conservative shows FIRST before Gibson and Couric?

Sheri said...


"Is there anyone else out there wondering where the pictures of this "looting" are???? Sarah hasn't been able to buy a cup of coffee since Aug.29th without a flock of photographers snapping her picture...are you trying to tell me that the entire Palin clan arrives at Nieman Marcus, spends over $150,000, leaves with what must have been an incredible pile of loot, and nobody got a picture of it?? Seriously, don't you think the "Wasilla hillbillies" invading Nieman Marcus would get some play in the press? Where are the sales clerks who waited on them?"

I could not have said it better!!

Unknown said...

Sej -
I agree. It angers me to know end the attitude so many of the elite - both republican and democrat - have shown toward the other half of America.

What was interesting in this whole thing was to see how some of the very same people who "talk" about helping the poor truly feel about people from lower economic means. The prejudice was rabid. Funny that everyone was so worried about potential prejudice toward Obama, but no one paid attention to the prejudice toward rural, blue collar America.

On the contrary, we were fodder for a plethora of jokes. I am so angry at the McCain staffers.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
momprayn said...

Scott - re Andrea Tantaros - I saw her today on Fox & meant to post on here that she was really defending Sarah and asking her on air to call her/come on and tell her side but I don't know if that is a good idea??? Better to say nothing?
knowitall - Might want to add her name: Andrea Tantaros.

Magic Puzzle Box said...

I'm a "Reagan Democrat", fairly apolitical & too busy to blog much, but the hatchet job on Sarah Palin in the media as well as her cool profile really caught my attention, so I'd like to help her out with this effort. I'm a charismatic Catholic with an experitise in foreign language, mostly East Asia and Russia to a lesser extent these days, plus I do alot of volunteer work in the local immigrant community in the fields of entertainment and education. I don't know if that's a huge help, but I'll give you some advice that I think would benefit Sarah in a run for president 2012:

1) Do some international travel. My first thought is to go to Spain - maybe meet that person McCain didn't accept the invitation to meet with - Germany, Israel, India, Japan, and South Korea. That's for starters to get a broad range of exposure.

2) Read the Foreign Affairs Journal regularly. Some of the articles are available on their website, but the whole book/magazine comes out bimonthly and is quite a good primer to get up to speed on world affairs. Historical stuff can be gleaned from aides later if needed.

3) Learn some basic Spanish and one other modern language, preferably of some dominant immigrant group in Alaska. I don't think in-depth is necessary, maybe just the equivalent of a college semester or two. This way she can do greetings in those languages, say a few extra words, and that can go a long, long way in showing an immigrant group that you are interested in them, not just America. I had a guy nearly in tears when I was in Egypt a few years back just because I was American and said "Thank you" in Arabic. It's amazing how little it takes to make that connection.

4) Get involved with the immigrant communities of Alaska and listen to their needs, enjoy their festivals and food with them, and meet their prominent members to gain insight and broaden her base.

I think merely doing those four things can really position her well for another run.

Unknown said...

Magic Puzzle Box -
Good points. I'm going to save them.

12thMan said...

Whoa patriot, you're giving O way too much credit, this CANNOT end in anything but the biggest train wreck ever in political history. I'm kinda scared for O really cause Putin, Amenjihad, and you can bet your last dollar (literally) Chavez and Castro too, are just waiting to tear him apart all the sudden, and Biden won't help any. I haven't even mentioned the bloodbath that's gonna take place between Capitol Hill and the White House (Emanuel hardly is the picture of harmony). It's essentially two rival gangs that are going to destroy each other--just hope we don't get taken down in the mess.

But anyway you slice it, O IN NO WAY will be invincible. Democrats with a total majority have NEVER been able to maintain it (not in my lifetime anyway). What's different this time?

And I wasn't bashing Huckabee, I was disappointed he essentially started acting like Lindsey Graham, big difference. Romney though, you can convince me that he has a place (except maybe as an economic advisor) as much as you can of Chuck Hagel: GOP ambassador. Forget it.

oildrop said...

My congratulations to President-elect Obama. May God bless you with the intelligence and decision making ability to lead with a detailed sense of right and wrong. Now... Adam has called it right on every account I have read. Governor Palin, Sarah, listen up! Your friend Adam and oh, say at least 58 million other people still want you to be a part of our America. You ARE destined to be much more than what you are now. Finish the gasline. Encourage the current administration to allow safe drilling of Alaska's resources, being a vital part of a plan to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. WRITE THE BOOK. You have an instant bestseller, especially if timed correctly. I can easily imagine a book written in the style of "Where Have All The Leaders Gone?" by Lee Iacocca (actually not a bad read in itself). There is no reason there should not be an "Alaska Channel" in every cable and satellite listing. Besides being breathtaking country, the channel would be a pipeline (pun intended) into major markets to create continuous exposure. Where I come from, we say "It ain't braggin' if you can back it up." Keeping people informed of your accomplishments is not bragging, but a means of instilling confidence. Go Sarah! Hope is what will get me through the next 4 years.

NYPalinPower said...

Hi Adam, I'm with you as far as keeping the network of Sarah sites going and promoting Sarah for 2012.

Not so sure about the Republican Party yet. We will just have to wait and see. Yes, I agree "New Republicans" are needed, modern, fiscally conservative, strong on national security, less government, but not as much focus on the personal or social issues... that's just my idea. But I am a Sarah loyalist, so I will always get behind Sarah first and the party second.

NYPalinPower said...

I'm with you, Adam!


Great site, but how do we know that Gov Palin is aware of this support? I do not know of any email address for her other than her official email, which is not for "political" use.

It would be nice if we knew the
Governor knew we are out here. Governor Palin, are you listening??

azguy said...

Outstanding, this is what we need as far as getting rid of the old and bringing in the new. I had tears in my eyes thinking about a Palin Jindal ticket. Nothing would please me more to see the libs self destruct in the next two years. I just hope that we can recover from the damage that they are going to cause this country. Obama and his supporters have made this into the Divided States of America. Sarah, you brought hope to a party that is in shambles right now. I just hope and pray that we can make it another four years when you become President elect Sarah Palin. If you do these things that Adam mentioned in this column I believe that your support would be so incredible that God himself would truely be impressed.In Sarah we trust.

ron art said...


I know, you wrote your opinion way back in November 2008 in regards to what you "think" the GOP should do. But...

When you reach out to PEOPLE, who are informed and sincerely want to make a difference, that is all that matters.

It's not abut targeting a growing population, or particular ethnicity, or specific group.

You need a change of mind.

Thankfully you have 4 years to do so.