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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The 'Real' Palin Emerges

Out from behind the scripted role of the Vice Presidential nominee, America is now being introduced to the 'real' Sarah Palin. I have never doubted the bond and friendship Senator McCain and Governor Palin developed during the 9 weeks they partnered together, but I have doubted Governor Palin's support for the agenda the McCain campaign was selling to America.

Governor Palin is not an economic populist. Her record of accomplishments include, cutting earmarks, cutting corporate welfare, balancing budgets and re-prioritizing spending. In her RGA speech this morning, the fiscally conservative Governor Palin we all respect and admire re-appeared.

"We're hearing now more talk of additional taxpayer bailouts … for companies, for corporations, perhaps even states now who may be standing in line with their hands out despite, perhaps, some poor management decisions on their part that helped tank our economy,"

"Republicans can help shore (these sectors of the economy) up without getting any more addicted to opium, other people's money," she argued. "We need to have a rational discussion. What and when is enough enough?"
I believe this is the first of many deviations we will see Governor Palin take from the 2008 campaign policy booklet.


Mountain Mama said...

WOW! Sarah really told them what's what. Neat! I'm so glad she's unchained and letting people know she is focused, direct, and SAVVY!

Scott said...

i'm not sure if everything has to be related to sarah, but this isn't necessarily


These people preach equal rights and bash us for "hating" on them.. but this older woman who has just as much right to protest or demonstrate as they do was pushed, ridiculed, and had the crucifix she was holding taken from her hands, thrown to the ground and stomped on....

equal rights?

techno said...

So now after the election Bill Ayres has come out and said that Barack Obama and he are 'family friends.' The last time I checked the dictionary a synonym for friend was 'pal'. And the record is clear that Ayres is an unrepentant domestic terrorist. So when Sarah asserted that 'Obama was palling around with an unrepentant domestic terrorist' she was slammed big time by the MSM for supposedly slandering Obama.Now that it has been proven that her comments were accurate, do you suppose that the MSM will apologize to Sarah within the next few days? I think not.

Tbone said...

Sarah was awesome. Speeches like these should show people that she is more than a social conservative. Sarah is right about the bailout. She can show what she is about without worrying about Mccain. Her interviews have been outstanding.

Tbone said...

When Rick Sanchez of CNN was analyzing Sarah's speech he did not show or talk about the good stuff. He just showed one part and said it was her campaign stump speech. Talk about unfair coverage.

TrueRedHead said...

Anyone hear about this?

GOP Governors Pull the Plug On Palin's Press Conference


"The Republican Governors Conference Press Guidelines promised that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin would 'take approximately 20 minutes of questions' at today’s morning press conference. Instead, this press conference, attended by 150 local and national media and taped by 26 video cameras, disintegrated into a fiasco when Texas Governor Rick Perry shut it down after only five minutes and four questions.

Eight other governors assembled on the stage, all men, seemed visibly uncomfortable with the “Palin at center stage” format. When Perry stepped in front of Palin at the podium to announce it was over just as it was getting started, Palin looked irritated, and the media shouted, “You’ve got to be kidding,” “This is ridiculous,” "Come on,” and “We were promised more questions.”"

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Now that the MSM has realized that the trash they were talking about her didn't hold water, they're falling all over themselves to interview her. Of course, they could have done that from the get go, but better late than never.

Jill said...

Trueredhead, I did hear about that. I read on CNN that it was, get ready for it, governors speaking on anonymity (here we go again)

One called it awkward: "I'm sure you could see it on some of our faces."

Another Republican governor eyeing a presidential run in 2012 told CNN the event was "odd" and "weird," and said it "unfortunately sent a message that she was the de facto leader of the party."

I read the link you provided and appreciated Bill Kristol's take on it.

Forty minutes later, at a larger gathering attended by most the seventeen governors at the Conference, Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard may have given the reason why Palin was reined in: envy. Said Kristol, “This is not the Republican Governors Association. This is really the Republican Presidential Candidates Association.”

Mountain Mama said...

Kristol is right! Several times now, I've watched Gov. Palin give her speeches at the RGC, and guess what? She's acting VERY differently! She's lowering her tone (not volume), to signal that she is taking the leadership, and views that role seriously.

Unfortunately, she also read too quickly----possibly because the Good Ole Boys were rushing her----which lessened the impact of her words, and made her speech less personal and her presence less vivacious.

I agree that the Texas Gov. cut her off in the press conference. So now we know HE is running for P, too!? Not to worry! None of them has her appeal.

I do think Charles Krauthammer is correct, that Gov. Palin ought to stay Gov. and read a lot in the next few years; that will give her more gravitas than merely a lowered voice tone.

TrueRedHead said...

Here's more input from RedState on "Palin Envy" at the Gov. Conf.

Scott said...

michael steel announced on fox last night that he's running for RNC chairman.

Scott said...

also Hillary is considering the secretary of state position in the obama cabinet... i know i saw a video interview a week or so ago where she mentioned not wanting anything but the senate.. not even the presidency or supreme court.

Kristofer D. Lorelli said...

Remember, each one of those Governors, grew up wanting to be President.

Scott said...

did anyone see hannity and colmes last night? they had a story where obama is having potential appointees report any past or present "questionable associations"

here's the video

Scott said...

""""Trueredhead, I did hear about that. I read on CNN that it was, get ready for it, governors speaking on anonymity (here we go again)

One called it awkward: "I'm sure you could see it on some of our faces."""""

the bad thing about this is that they can get away with pretty much anything they want to write... everyone at the meeting will assume it was "the other guy" making those statements.. I didn't see any "uncomfortable" people on that stage with her... they're seeing what they want to see.

Scott said...

"""I agree that the Texas Gov. cut her off in the press conference. So now we know HE is running for P, too!? Not to worry! None of them has her appeal."""""

i don't think the texas gov. is running for president.. hannity tried to make that comment to him and he wouldn't let it go through.. he said he has the best job as governor of texas and isn't interested.

Kristofer D. Lorelli said...

The media at the RGA ignored just about every Governor, except for Palin.

They wanted to be near Palin, as much as possible, especially when the media was around.

Perry ended the conference because they kept asking Palin about 2012.

Jindal, Huntsman, Barbour, Crist and Sanford may run.

Lynne said...

Also, techno: anyone who watched the Ayers interview will see exactly the opposite of what you just said. That the whole notion of guilt by association is ridiculous. TRY READING and LISTENING TO THE WHOLE THING SOME TIME!!!!!

techno said...

10 comments from the Republicans' Governors Conference (RGA) that reveal a lot about its spokesman or spokeswoman: 1)"Drill, baby, drill" is not an energy policy" implying that Sarah was ignoring 'environmental' voters who are younger and more moderate Tim Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota 2)"Republicans are losing market share at an alarming rate...if we were losing market share at a company like eBay at that rate, heads would roll." Meg Whitman, former eBay executive 3)"Anybody here that's talking about the 2012 elections has got to get their eye on the ball...the next two years are the only things that matter." Haley Barbour, governor of Mississippi; 4)"I had a baby, I did some traveling, I very briefly expanded my wardrobe, I made a few speeches, i met a few VIP's, including those who really impact society, like Tina Fey." Sarah Palin, humorously reflecting on what she has done since the last governor's conference; 5)"It means introspection...what do we stand for? Mark Sanford, governor of SC; 6)"The main economic argument McCain made during this campaign was earmarks...we've got real ideas. We can't just be the party of 'no'" Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana; 7)"People mostly want to follow positive leaders; they don't want to follow cranks." Tim Pawlenty, comparing John McCain's campaign style with Ronald Reagan; 8)"We are the minority party, but let us resolve not to become the negative party...losing an election doesn't have to mean losing our way" Sarah Palin 9)"Everyone wants to talk about personalities...but for us it's: Where are the ideas? Then the personalities and the names are going to come from those ideas over the next couple of years." John Huntsman Jr. governor of Utah, referring to a Chinese aphorism from the Han Dynasty 10)"Stevie Wonder reads a Teleprompter better than John McCain." Frank Luntz, pollster, mocking McCain for not being able to use a Blackberry and failing to connect with audiences. From these comments one can penetrate the soul and expertise of the speaker and the deficiency he or she sees with the GOP and the added emphasis each wants placed on certain issues between now and 2012.

Mountain Mama said...

I've noticed that Gov. Palin speaks as many news reporters do, probably because she studied journalism. Basically, she edits her words on the fly!

For one thing, she frequently skips using articles, as in: "Summit begins tomorrow" instead of "THE summit begins tomorrow."

Also, Gov. Palin often:
1. Skips stating the subjects of her sentences ("Hope to get down to Washington" instead of "I hope to get down to Washington"),
2. Favors using gerunds ("Hoping to bring oil to hungry markets" instead of "We Alaskans hope to bring oil to hungry markets"), and
3. Uses "The Royal Plural" by speaking of herself as the representative of a larger group, as kings do ("L'etat, c'est moi.") of their subjects (Palin might say, for example, "We are going to the RGC" instead of "I am going to the RGC").

A typical Palin speech goes something like this, "Glad to be here; hoping to speak to reporters tonight; yeah, want ecologists to come up to Alaska, and looking to get that oil line built safely."

Her style reflects that of hourly news reports: "World leaders arriving in D.C." or "Sen. Clinton under consideration for Secretary of State."

This style has punch----Palin can make a lot of points quickly by deleting the articles and subjects----but this editing is what aggravates intellectuals.

Hoping they'll find it endearing....

Scott said...

""""Also, techno: anyone who watched the Ayers interview will see exactly the opposite of what you just said. That the whole notion of guilt by association is ridiculous. TRY READING and LISTENING TO THE WHOLE THING SOME TIME!!!!!"""""

i'll let techno respond but this makes no sense

theapprentice said...

I really look forward to Sarah Palin to evolve a lot in the next years. I think she needs to talk more slowly to show more depth and reflection in what she says. Being an energetic leader is great, but being a thoughtful leader is even more captivating. I would hope she'll keep reading NYTimes, Economist, and not only the news, but also writings/blogs of the best think tanks and academics in the country. is a good blog.

Mountain Mama said...

No one gets it yet: Hillary wants in State not only because she's bored as a junior NY Senator, but additionally so she can personally renew the Democrat control deeply embedded there through staffers at every level----you know, the ones who kept end-running, leaking, and sabotaging Bush's goals?

techno said...

I went over to Free Republic and just read by way of Raymond Arroyo, a Roman Catholic (RC) scholar, that 50%+ of RC bishops voted for Obama. Never mind that McCain lost big among the youth, Hispanics, and African-Americans and that Obama gained 20% of the 'conservative' voters in America, but when you lose over half of the people that are supposed to be the 'front men' of the RC church against abortion and infanticide who voted against a VP candidate (Sarah)that brought into the world a special needs child and proved her credibility on this issue, it makes you wonder what world we all live in. How timely is the WB Yeats poem: The Second Coming (1st verse): Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst all full of passionate intensity. NB: As far as I am concered this is the most outrageous tidbit to come out of the 2008 election campaign, the second being that Obama would win Pennsylvania by 10% by insulting the residents there by saying 'they cling to their guns and religion' and that he wanted to 'bankrupt the coal industry' and that Congressman Jack Murtha called his constituents racists and rednecks. It's like a football team making all the right moves and the other side making many questionable moves but the latter still winning by a touchdown completely against the run of the play.

12thMan said...


Did somebody just SERIOUSLY suggest Sarah start reading the New York Times?! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHROFLOL!!!!!!!!!

You want her to be a thoughtful leader and then mention NYT, that's gold. Next we're going to campaign for a solid conservative ticket in 2012 of Crist/Pawlenty:)

knowitall said...

i read once that, inspite of all the talk about abortion, only 4% of people vote one way or the other based on their view on abortion. in the end, other issues are always more important.

Sarah's views on the subject will not make or break her as a candidate.

Mountain Mama said...

Right you are, Knowitall (as usual)! Abortion alone doesn't motivate many people anymore.
However, what's new to this election is a palpable hatred of conservative Christianity----which, when coupled with her pro-life views, did repel many liberals from voting for Gov. Palin.
I am perpetually amazed at how liberals fail to notice how they are usually the side who yells, swears, cheats, hates, and won't tolerate people whose opinions differ from more liberal stances.
Did you hear about the Poli. Sci. experiment a HS girl performed this week, with the knowledge and support of her teacher? She first wore a McCain-Palin button to school, and kept a log of the comments she received, which were that she was stupid, had lost her brains, and even deserved to be killed! Even another teacher said he was suprised that she would support that ticket----as though she were too smart to do anything that dumb.
The next day she wore an Obama-Biden button, and kids said she must have regained her brain, was no longer stupid, etc.
Then she and the teacher revealed the experiment and essentially told off the liberals in school for failing to be what they always pretend to be, yet aren't: tolerant.

Mountain Mama said...

Ack! I just remembered: one student told the girl that she should be CRUCIFIED!
See? Hatred of Christianity.....

12thMan said...

Here's another good one from last night:

Gee, the biggest paperweight ever to run for the White House talking about somebody ELSE's inexperience? What's the matter, bitter cause Craig Swapp stole your business when you were out playing Daddy's boy with John Kerry?

(And Karl Rove can retire as well, sellout........)

I heard Katie Couric was doing the same thing after the Sarah interview. You know, the same KC that went from doing fluff stories on Dateline and Today right to the CBS chair.

knowitall said...

in addition to writing here, i choose to write on the newspaper internet site near my old home town in massachusetts.
The comments against religion were shockingly intolerant.
And yet, those words were spoken without guilt. There was no doubt in the minds of the Christian bashers that they spoke the truth.

There are at least 7 forms of abuse (physical, verbal, monetary, geographic (isolation), sexual, religious and abuse of trust). These people are truly abusive and yet they don't see it that way.

techno said...

I am normally an optimistic person but here are 10 reasons why the GOP will stay in the wilderness till at least 2024: 1) repeal of the 22nd amendment to make Obama a lifetime Emperor; 2)perennial voter fraud; 3)make all illegal immigrants instant citizens and instant voters for Obama; 4)buying off the MSM so they are perpetually in the pocket of the Democrats and misrepresenting the GOP message and its leaders; 5)adopting Ayre's strategy of radicalizing and brainwashing American youth to the virtue of socialism and Marxism; 6)buying off the Hispanics through specific grants, subsidies and 'spreading the wealth' to them; 7)a consistent perpetuation of 'white guilt' by Obama and his acolytes that the GOP (the supposed advocate of white people) are morally bankrupt and do not deserve to ever be in power again; 8)all potential GOP contenders to Obama or his successor will allow themselves be destroyed by diabolical and nefarious means that the Christian naive right will not have any answer to because of their commitment to moral virtue. 9)the Democrats having a super-advantage in fund-raising; 10)Republican conservatism becomes only a right-wing, Christian rump that has only appeal in the Deep South.

laurence said...

Mountain momma – I’m tolerant of other people’s beliefs – I respect Christians as much as any religion. But what I don’t respect and will speak out against and fight against is any religious group trying to control the American culture and have it conform to their beliefs. This great country gives us many freedoms. One of the most important is the freedom of religion. I am intolerant of bigots and any religion that is disrespectful of other peoples beliefs. And, thank goodness, the majority of Americans believe this too. That is why Ms Palin will never be president.

Patriot1776 said...

If you want to see what 'socialism' is all Lives of is a german film with subtitles..but just one of the best movies I have seen in a long time.

Scary when you juxtapose it to the incoming administration and how they destroy their opponents.

Rush recommended last week on his is SCARY good.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Scott -
Hilary played coy about wanting to be president for years - up until she started her fight to be president.

I think Obama promised Hilary a good position way back in June - when they had that private meeting. "Help me out. Edorse me. Campaign for me. And you'll be Sec. of State." Or maybe it was Hilary that offered the deal to Obama. Either way, this was decided a long time ago.

I imagine the deal was meant to help her gain the additional experience she'll need to make her run again in 2016. I suppose she thinks that after having a good cabinet post, she'll be unbeatable.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Scott - I guess it's been done before = Reporters making up their anonymous sources. Really, why would a governor say something like that to a reporter? Why would a governor want the reporter - not to mention the public - to know that there is jealousy in the ranks?

You would think that all of them are smarter than that, wouldn't you? I really am starting to think we're being played in a real major way by some of the media.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Lynne, I can't find any other comment about Ayers on this particular blog page. Maybe Techno said it on another page. But if I am guessing right about the subject matter, Techno wasn't referring to the interview. He was referring to a new afterword Ayers had added to his book, "Fugitive Days: Memoirs of an Anti-War Activist." In it, he stated,

“We had served together on the board of a foundation, knew one another as neighbors and family friends, held an initial fund-raiser at my house, where I’d made a small donation to his earliest political campaign.”

He used the word "Family Friends" in that forward. Now, the fact that he turned around and said the opposite in a recent interview doesn't suprise most of us. We already understand that he is a liar and, like Obama, will say whatever works for the moment.

I am sure you will see Obama now backtrack on many of his campaign promises.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Oh, Mountain Mama, re: Palin's speech patterns. You are right! there was something about her pattern that I had felt a little wanting to ask her to slow down. But it was just something in the back of my mind, not something that was important to me.

Now that you point out the dropping of subjects and articles, that's it exactly and I think you are right, that's probably what was bothering people from other areas of the country.

My mind did notice it, but it's her heart that matters to me, and I don't insist that she has to be like one of "them". I don't want her to be one of them. So I'd rather see her remain a little rough around the edges and not turn into what people in DC want her to be.

Hey, you know, on my website I've been ridiculed for wanting someone in office that is "like me." I like Sarah because she's someone that I think understands who I am.

But no one reidiculed many of Obama's followers who wanted someone in office that was "like them."

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Mountain Mama - I've noticed the increased hatred toward Christians as well. It's kind of scary.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Laurence - perhaps you could explain then, why John F, Kennedy was elected, although many were afraid of his religous beliefs (they thought the Pope would run the country) or why President Bush was elected to two terms, despite the fact he's an evangelical Christian. Or why a great number of other presidents who said they were Christians were elected.

hmmm...Didn't Clinton claim he was a Christian and go to church, with his bible on a regular basis? (Not that Conservative Christians put much weight in that. I'm just arguing your point that a Christian can't be president.)

Say...Doesn't Obama claim to be a Christian?

Oh...or are you speaking only about Christians that actually believe what their religion teaches and act on it? Are you saying that a Christian who really believes Jesus Christ is Lord and is honest and principaled is the only one who can't be president?

Mountain Mama said...

Laurence, I assume you agree that the HS girl who wore the McCain-Palin button did NOT experience "tolerance," that the other students showed her inappropriately-extreme disrepect by saying she was stupid and deserved death, even by crucifixion!----a pointed, sick reference to Jesus' death.

People can agree that Jesus' crucifixion was horrible torture, and NO human being should be threatened with a similar fate----right?

As for your vow to "speak out against and fight against" religious groups which try controlling our culture:

I assume that by "speak out against," you mean, "speak openly in respectful debate"----and by "fight against," you mean, "working in respectful ways to restrict overcontrolling or mean-spirited legislation"----right? You are more mature and tolerant than those leftists who yell and beat on people who are more conservative----right?!

Look, most religious folk hold their beliefs for TWO reasons:
1. They believe God wants them to follow the principles, and
2. They believe in following those principles anyway, out of (secular) common sense, to promote community safety or well-being.

So it's short-sighted for you or others to condemn various beliefs that have religious features, when secular goals are also operating. "Tolerant" people never seem to grasp this fact.

We CAN treat ALL people with respect, even if they follow different beliefs than ours.

Regarding your statement, Laurence, that "the majority of Americans believe this too. That is why Ms Palin will never be president."

First, no human being knows the future, so don't make such predictions: they only make you seem silly and testy.

Second, you're showing disrespect to Alaskan citizens by not honoring their choice of GOVERNOR. C'mon, Laurence: you can do better than that.

Finally, Governor Palin has done NOTHING that demonstrates disrespect to any citizen, co-worker, or non-Christian. She asked questions out of curiosity, but never supported banning books or treating any minority or group with disrespect; those are vicious rumors. Read in more depth, and you will discover the truth.

knowitall said...

yes, this has nothing to do with anything else here. I am putting this in to give you a laugh and to let you know that we still have a chance to retake the majority.

There was a court ruling today regarding a man in Portland, Oregon (Aka Orygun) who was arrested for riding his bicycle in the nude on a busy street during rush hour.
He was found not guilty of indecent exposure. Why you ask, as you seek the naked truth?

The judge ruled that if you are riding naked while protesting, then it is freedom of speech. The young man claimed that his intent was to protest the war.
If he had not been protesting, then he could have been found guilty.

M. Minnesota said...

Mountain Mama, Lisa MO9, laurence, Re: HS Girl ect. If you view God in kind of a far-away God and/or Absent and not as a Holy and Just God who is working things out for his purposes, it makes perfect sense that the HS students on up feel the only way man can survive is though intellect. God loves the human intellect! He created it! Laurence, the Founders wanted Freedom of Religion. Exchange of ideas. People have free will to reufuse God. The only way people will have openess to discuss and worship the way that they please/or not worship, comes from the Orthodox Christian belief of Free Will.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Amen, m. minnesota.

laurence said...

To clarify the point that i was trying to make. I am saying that anyone with extreme religious views who wishes to govern based upon those views is unelectable. That goes for fundamental / radical Muslims, fundamental / radical Christians, fundamental / radical Jews, etc.

Mountain Mama said...

Laurence, thanks for posting a clarification. However, who gets to decide what constitutes an "extreme religious views" that makes some candidate "unelectable"
to govern?

Nonchristians were judging Sarah Palin's conservative Christian beliefs pretty harshly----yet they did NOT judge Obama's choice of church, which has absolutely-extreme leftist beliefs!

laurence said...

if a candidate talks about getting messages from god - and say's that god wants this and god wants that, and god opens doors etc. That’s a problem. Your god may not be my god. we don't live in a country governed by god. we live in a country governed by people. you are free to worship your god and believe as you please. but you can not govern based upon your religious beliefs. Not in the USA.

laurence said...

MM - if you go around talking about receiving messages from god and god opening doors for you - you are un-electable. IMHO

Mountain Mama said...

Laurence, you are restricting candidates to your BORING view of “god.” You don’t believe that an actual Creator-of-the-Universe exists----a God Who is alive and active in creation----and therefore you believe that people who do believe this must be “crazy” or “extreme” and unable to function sanely as government officials.

But consider everything logically: if someone DOES believe a Creator exists, then that Being is ALIVE, right? And why would the Creator bother creating anything, unless the Creator/God CARES for the creation?

So why wouldn’t a Living, Caring Creator connect with us, sending us messages audibly, visually, or through miracles or amazing “coincidences,” etc.----and in these ways, making known the safest or most caring way to take action, or warning us of dangerous avenues to avoid?

Laurence, YOU are the controlling person in this interaction----not believers. When Christians feel guided by God----as have several LIBERAL Presidents, such as Kennedy and Carter!----that doesn’t mean they are imposing their faith on others; instead, they believe God is showing them the safest and most caring route to follow. Others are free to vote to take another route, so therefore there is NO way that Christians are “controlling” or “intolerant” here. It’s paranoid non-Christians who are over-controlling, biased, intolerant, and lately quite vicious.

For example, Sarah Palin has never imposed her private faith on others through political means. She believes that same-sex marriage violates God’s will, yet she signed into law in Alaska a provision for homosexual-couples benefits.

Be different, Laurence. If you cannot have faith, be unafraid of those who do.

laurence said...

MM- "you believe that people who do believe this must be “crazy” or “extreme” and unable to function sanely as government officials" - no that’s not how I feel. I respect anyone's right to believe in any god they want. I would not call someone crazy based upon their beliefs. I just don't want a government based upon religious beliefs. The Taliban wants that. Iran has had that and to a great extent is still a country who’s government follows the rule of someone’s god rather than man. I expect our leaders will have some religious beliefs - although I'm fine if they don't, but I don't want to hear about it and I don't want these beliefs used to justify restricting our rights. Once a politician starts talking about what god wants that’s when I get scared. America is a free country. Let’s keep it that way.

Mountain Mama said...

Laurence, you're quite a control freak, aren't you? Wow, it's so big of you not to "call someone crazy based upon their beliefs." Guess what? MOST Americans (including believers!) agree with you and "don't want a government based upon religious beliefs"---in the VERY restrictive way you use "based upon," ie. as ENACTED RELIGIOUS LAW!
(Good heavens, to equate conservative Christianity with the Taliban IS crazy!)

Actually, MANY U.S. founding documents and many laws are TOTALLY "based upon" (in the NORMAL sense of that phrase) the Judeo-Christian belief system----and you can take it from the Founders themselves on that point! (You are fully capable of researching this, Laurence, so don't be lazy....)

However, you are EXTREMELY controlling to write (and believe) this: "I expect our leaders will have some religious beliefs - although I'm fine if they don't, but I don't want to hear about it.... Once a politician starts talking about what god wants that’s when I get scared. America is a free country. Let’s keep it that way."

Well, who died and made YOU the paranoid little decider of who is allowed to have FREE SPEECH----you remember, that FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT!? What a "free country" YOU would create!

TOUGH COOKIES if YOU don't want government officials who believe in God----such as The One Himself, btw----to speak about their faith, to be grateful that the Creator is guiding them to help our nation!

Lord, you liberals are such weinies! You can't HANDLE the truth about who believes in God, so you just "don't want to hear about it!" WA-ANH! You'd prefer that they be as cowardly as YOU, and HIDE their faith, so they meet your approval!

C'mon, Laurence----surely you can see now that you're being a jerk to believers. If you see this now, just admit it and knock it off.... Thanks!

laurence said...

people call other people names when they are challenged intellectually and don't have a good argument - so they resort to calling people "jerks", "weinies", "controlling", "lazy" etc. Well i was correct when I said that Ms Palin didn't have a hope of getting elected VP. Bet I'm right that she will never become President. Time will tell. As it is I am satisfied that at least for now we have a President Elect that prefers intellect and reason over faith. All my best to you folks.

Mountain Mama said...

Okay, Laurence, I’ll apologize for being so frustrated with your over-controlling attitude that I resorted to semi-name-calling (I didn’t mean that you have the personality of a jerk; I meant that you were behaving like one: there is an important difference!).

Now, will YOU apologize, Laurence, for wanting to control the free verbal expression of faith by people who believe in God? Even if you won’t, may God richly bless you!

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. Laurence, again: you don't know the future (only GOD does), so don't assume Palin won't become President. Neither you nor I knows whether that will happen. If you met her, you would like her, as even the SNL people admitted----and she does NOT impose her religion on others politically, so why are you so negative?

laurence said...

MM - I don't want to control or restrict the free speech of anyone. Nor do I wish to limit, control, or criticize the religious beliefs of anyone. I will not vote into office anyone who talks about and / or justifies public policy decisions based their religious beliefs. If someone wants me to vote for something or someone you will not convince me by framing your argument in terms like "this is what god wants". That’s a big non-started for many people. Not everyone is a Christian. The fastest growing religion in the US and the world right now is Islam. Many other people are Jewish or Buddhist. Some are Sciencetologist, Mormons or Hare Krishna. Which god should rule our country?