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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sarah Palin: Bestselling Author

by Adam Brickley

So, the word on the street today is that Sarah may have been offered up to $7 Million dollars to pen a book. Personally, I think she should take it…not for the money but for the exposure. In fact, I have suggested that writing a book would be a good step. However, I have to add one key caviat to my endorsement of the idea: if the publishers want her to just write a “memoir”, she should tell them to take a hike.
Memoirs are for has-beens…and Sarah is clearly just beginning her national career. What we need from her now is vision, not memories. Any forthcoming book by Sarah Palin needs to be forward-looking and contain commentary about the current political scene: what’s right about it, what’s wrong with it, and how we can fix it. If Sarah can use her own past accomplishments as a basis for a broader national agenda (and she can), than more power to her, but she needs to keep ideas at the center of her writing and use her biography only as proof that those ideas work. This book would need to be substantive and meaty, because it will probably be the lynchpin of any effort to dispel the Tina Fey stereotype of Palin-as-airhead.
Personally, I think she could eschew the biography end of things all together and write on policy. She’s one of the nation’s leading authorities on oil and gas policy, and one of its most dogged crusaders for ethical government. It should not be hard for her to crank out a volume on either of those subjects.
So, we can all celebrate the fact that the publishing world wants to hear from our favorite Governor, but we need to make sure that she knows what her devoted “fans” want to hear from her.
So, as the original “Palin fan” (at least here in the Lower 48), I’ll start the chorus:
SARAH, PLEASE FORGET ABOUT THE PAST AND GIVE US A VISION FOR THE FUTURE! (Besides, something tells me that, be the time this thing would go to print, the public might be hungry for some more genuine plans for “hope” and “change”)


Grace Explosion said...

What do you think of Governor Palin leading a woman's group or getting on some boards for women's causes?? (Obviously NOT abortion which has nothing, imo, to do with women's rights.)

I think that would be really good for her with women voters to counter the media's portrayal of her, make her more of a rep for some women's votes she didn't get this time around... and I truly believe it's in keeping with her true character, spirit, and initiatives.

Women pay equity... women in education... career related equality issues.

I think it would also be a great move for her and really good for representing women also. She'd be a great person to do those things.

She could also see about doing some humanitarian works in travel and such if she does gain that bankroll... which I hope she does.

She really should broaden herself, imo, and get involved in some different things and not just focus on Republican leadership within the party. She needs to hone her persona, expand her horizons, and get some more moral authority behind her and under her feet which engender the respect I believe she deserves.

But she's going to have to work at some different things to earn the respect from those who didn't give her that respect in 2008.

Put those things in her suggestion box while you're at it. ;)

Scott said...

i think she should write in biography form to some degree.. the last thing we've had so far is what has happened in her life in her own words. It would be good also to hear what happened in the campaign in her own words. That could be a book by itself.. Her future plans could be yet another book, or included in the same huge book. But first everyone needs to get to know her and how she got to where she is.. not by filtered media, by her own words.

Mark said...

Adam, I say this as a tremendous Palin fan: I wonder if she has a particular vision for the future. Two things do give me tremendous hope that the pieces are there:

First, she has spoken about the value of the federal government remembering that there is such a thing as state's rights.

Second, she is a westerner and an Alaskan. This leads me to suspect that, while she may have her own deeply held social beliefs, her overriding attitude (something supported by how she has governed Alaska) is that you believe what you believe, your neighbor believes what he or she believes, and you stay the bleep out of one another's life.

That said, here's what I hope the message is: The problem in Washington DC isn't Republicans or Democrats per se. It isn't a specific tax percentage, although lower taxes tend to be better. It isn't spending an extra billion dollars. The problem in Washington DC revolves around an unacceptable concentration of power there.

It's almost as if people have forgotten that the US Constitution is a limited charter of government powers, that there only are certain number of limited things, like providing for the national defense, that the federal government should be doing and that other questions should be left to the states, which are far more responsive to the will of the people of each state.

With something like off shore drilling, then, the federal government's role should be limited to environmental oversight. But, the actual question "to drill or not to drill" should be left to the individual state. Let Californians decide for themselves if they want drilling off their coasts. Let Alaskans decide the same question for themselves. That's how a federalist would look at this issue.

And, frankly, it's a perspective that you can apply to a lot of things, including social issues.

If there is one thing in Washington DC that unites pretty much everyone, from the politicians to the lobbyists to their financial supporters to the pundit class, it is the desire to keep power concentrated in Washington DC.

I suspect, ultimately, that is what Palin is against, and she is for breaking this monopoly of power and allowing more responsive state and local governments to have a greater role in people's lives. That really has been how she has approached politics in Alaska.

I hope that she figures out how to put the snippets-- the little things that we do know which suggest something far greater-- together into an actual vision and articulates that vision.

C-PAC would be a nice place to start.

Publius said...

she should write it

Mountain Mama said...

Yes, everyone would benefit (even Sarah Palin herself) from her writing a "meaty" book that reveals in detail her views about various important topics.

Many people also would like to learn about what she and her family experienced during the campaign----but I hope she writes that book someday, not now. This isn't the correct time to share those feelings and experiences, because they will only play even more into the SNL-mocking memories of her.

How awful that people are so swayed by the cult of personality! People recoiled from researching Obama's past and assessing his associations. They instead chose to "hope for change" and dream that their needs would be met by Obama. They trusted his public persona, which presents him as a calm, reasonable, caring person, even though the evidence instead shows him to be a shrewd, ambitious, often sneaky man. For example, his campaign promised to reveal Obama's VP choice FIRST to people who gave the campaign their phone numbers----which implies that those members of the public are like Obama's "close friends," see? Instead, the campaign told the media his VP choice HOURS before texting the "friends," and simply used this event to obtain those 1/2 million people's contact information data: a very cunning and manipulative move!

At any rate, Sarah Palin has wisely tried to avoid promoting, as she calls it, a "Sara-centric" focus. So, in her book she can reveal herself IN THE PRESENT----not only her ideas and agenda regarding issues and problems, but also important information about herself, her family, and their worldview and values.

Then someday, after she's left office in Alaska and can lawfully keep her profits, she can write that book about this year's campaign. It would certainly be a bestseller!

Btw, Grace Explosion, yours is a great idea about Palin's getting involved in women's groups. I believe she is a member of Feminists for Life, and I suggest that she attend, if possible, the Special Olympics here in Boise (which she might already be planning to attend), where she can network with other families of "challenged" (ie. "disabled") children, and learn new ways to implement strategies to help little Trig, too.

PalinFan said...

She should definitely write a book. I agree that it should be substantive. A photography book "my Alaska" with emphasis on environmentally sensitive use of resources would be interesting and informative

techno said...

10 themes that Sarah should pursue in writing her book: 1)The history and background of the Declaration of Independence including the natural rights of man and the Constitution and its Amendments detailing how the main provisions of them relate to the America she envisions; 2)the role of young women and mature women in a modern society 3)why personal responsibility is vital in ensuring a joyous private life, preventing the spread of outrageous distortions and lies from the MSM and checking the expansion of government 4)a comparison and history of the Keynesian and Friedman models of economics and the economic and taxation policies derived therefrom and why government cannot directly control what happens to the economy 5)the role of government in respect to preserving life vs. protecting the privacy of the individual to choose how he or she wants to live his or her life 6)a synopsis of various Presidencies with her take on why some were successful and others failed; 7)her take on America's role in the world of the 21st century with reference to what it was in the 20th century. 8)her views on race, ethnicity, culture as it relates to how she wants the Republican party to be perceived in the 21st century; 9)her core conservative principles and how they apply to the 21st century; 10)her concept of God vs. the role that God should play in the evolution of the United States.

Lynne said...

She should write it; we all need a good laugh. Of course she'll need a little help with the words that are more than 4 letters long.

manajordan said...


I absolutely agree with your thoughts on the book. I want to hear from Governor Palin her beliefs and vision. MountainMama I agree that any book about the campaign should be shelved for a while.
I do hope she becomes more involved in women's groups and with with causes for kids with special needs. I'm excited to see what she will be doing.

Stacy said...

What an original little troll you are. Tell me, what's it like to have other people think for you?

You said-"she'll need a little help with the words that are more than 4 letters long."

Like for instance J.O.B.S.

You probably didn't get that joke considering it has been proven that those who voted for Mr. False Hope aren't very informed.

Get back to your bridge!

huskyonspeed said...

I hope she does write a book eventually, I don't really care what it is about. She can do a coloring book if she wants, I'll buy it.

Mountain Mama said...

GOOD HEAVENS, Huskyonspeed! What a brilliant idea! I totally would buy a coloring book that tells the cool story of the little girl who grows up in Alaska, learns to hunt and fish and field dress kill, and grows up to be a governor. Wouldn't that truly be COOL!?

And WOW, Stace! GOOD JOB telling off yon troll, the Lynnester!

Okay, Lynne----you try to find one quote when Palin was dense, and I'll RAISE you, twice that, with Obama and Biden quotes..... No prob!

Oh, and Techno: I assume you meant that Sarah Palin should write thoroughly about a FEW of your items! Otherwise, what a hodgepodge that one book would be!
;-> You, as always, have great ideas, though!

knowitall said...

news from hillbuzz

fellas, if you are not allowed to wear this dress.





PALINATOR!!!! said...

On the topic of coloring books, maybe she and Piper should write a series of children's books to inspire, particularly girls to aim high and take a stand for what they believe? Her strongest support base is probably moms and guest writing articles in a nice magazine may be a better way to present herself to the soundbytes who bit the obama bait!
It would be interesting to read a book penned by one or both of her parents, since she named them as influential to her start in politics, surely they have wonderful stories and foundational/pivotal insights about governing, proud parenting and citizen accountability.
Young conservative teens are also a group that she should connect with, this week I have met so many who, though unable to vote, took a lot of hits in her defense. It would great if she could attend cpac but also broaden the scope to catch the teens as they define their spheres of influence.

LT said...

Certainly she should write a book. I would like it to be based on the convictions that truly drive her, because it is those ideas that propelled this "commoner" to power and popularity in Alaska. She is a reformer, but anyone can propose reform. I would like to see the depth behind it, and that in turn would bring ideology, policy, and vision into the context. Of course, she would be speaking directly to us, which is where she is best.

Yes, I believe she is a federalist who believes decisions belong close to those effected. I keep imagining a campaign in 2012 or 2016. After a depression, the nation has stablized into a general malaise. Obama or Hillary campaign by taking credit for stinting the devastation of the Bush years and play the fear card lest we go back to GOP rule. Palin, though, will tell the people "you have trusted government for so so long. Now its time to trust yourselves, just as I trust you. As president I will get government out of the way, and let YOU take over and regrow this great country. That will be the campaign. Obama/Clinton: "keep trusting us", Palin: "I will trust you".

Don't worry about "Lynn". Just a fly by bombthrower. I bet she will never even be back to read our replies. Her words say worlds more about herself than about Sarah anyway.

alyssa said...

I hope the book happens. I'll look forward to it whatever the topic. I agree with you Adam that it should be more about Sarah's vision than simply a memoir. No matter what, it'll be interesting and I'll be buying it :)

knowitall said...

it seems like we are talking about two parallel activities.
One is a book Sarah would be paid to write. Unfortunately, once she agrees to a book, Sarah has to agree to make it interesting enough to sell as many copies as possible and generate a profit.

The other task is promoting Sarah. That would be a route along which she is beholden to no one.
A website of some kind could incorporate all your ideas. Updates on Sarah as governor. Updates on Bristol's child. Updates on Trig. A place for Willow and Piper to relate what they are up to. A way to send Track encouragement. A play area with coloring books and games. A place to learn about Alaska and it's people, especially the Native people. An "ask Sarah" section for young bloggers and a more serious section for grownups. And a place for Sarah to write her opinions with no censoring by Katie Couric. It would not be a site for profit but a place for Sarah to present herself to the whole of the Earth. True shameless self promotion.

12thMan said...

Oh god, as I referred to about three weeks ago, I would LOVE a modern "Conscience of a Conservative"-ish book here from Sarah, mostly cause it isn't being written by the people who should be in the business. Again, this is all her call, not her biggest fan approximately 1625 miles to the SE. But I'd gladly go over to Zip Trip and buy a bunch of 2008 Memorial Cup Champion Spokane Chief pucks in exchange for my advisement if she wanted it:)

Oh and Lynne, I won't forget you. See Sarah's book won't be anything like Barry's admittedly since she won't have Bill Ayers to write it for her. Furthermore, what's Dumb Joe's book gonna look like, a book full of blank pages?

PALINATOR!!!! said...

Great points knowitall! multimedia approaches rule the day, and can simultaneously cover many major and minor bases.
It is becoming clearer that she is threatening the color out of the old boys at GOP, perhaps she should keep a lower than low profile and let them hang themselves while she reminds those who hate her that she had a wonderful and blessed life long before she came into politics and chances are (we know) the pubic opinion pundits and mongers, need her much more than she needs them.
It is a great thing to walk away from a defeat as the biggest winner, i know it has been said before, but bears repeating,
I really believe BOs group lost out big time this election, they are going back to sleep and whoa be unto them when the novelty wears off and their problems remain.

peirce5 said...


Thanks for the link to the "how obama got elected" site. Very telling on the results of the liberal media efforts to hijack the election.

Amazing stuff. I'm passing it on to friends and family.

Chip Wood said...

Outstanding! Great Job!

jamesferrel said...

I hope that Sara does take the royalties for a book. I contributed to the McCain campaign only because Sara was on the ticket. I hope that she does not accept any offer to be on Oprah. It is all sensationalism for Oprah and money at tthis point. She showed her trure stripes by not wanting to have her on during the election. Her decision to buy the election was clearly evident.

NYPalinPower said...

I think I know what she needs to do.

Yes, Sarah write a book, but this is what you need to do NOW.

Basically, this is what will happen in this country.

The corportations will benefit.

The PEOPLE will suffer and will feel resentful that the government did not take care of them or hear their voices. They will be angry that only the corporate voices were heard and rescued (even though they might crumble anyway, so what would be the use of that approach!)

YOU need to be GOVERNOR and lead NOW! You can be a hero to the Alaskan pepole and set an example for the rest of the country. You did it differently before and you were a voice of the people and stamped out corruption - and you can be an example today and for the next 2 years.

You can be re-inventing a new way to serve the people. By NOT coming to the rescue of the corporate interests. By helping the people of the state of Alaska with new ways and incentives and programs and ideas. Restructuring the economic system so that it serves the people and not the special interests.

Sarah, you are a role model for young girls and women alike. And I believe in my heart that it will take a woman to heal this country. If you do this and show the rest of America what kind of leader you are - you will be the next President of the United States.

I think you will see the largest grassroots uprise in American history.

It will be PEOPLE FIRST.
YOU will have a different approach.
YOU will be serving the people.
YOU will be smart and responsible with Alaska's money.

So Sarah, take care of your state first and forget all this "Hollywood glory" that is tempting you to steer your attention away from your true mission.

Write a book. Yes! Make it timely, authoritative but also personal that speaks the truth from your heart. Maybe some kind of What I did as Alaska's governor... and More type of thing.

BE A ROLE MODEL, an example. The people of this country WILL need a true hero to to save them soon.

Go to work, Sarah! Good thoughts and prayers and Godspeed to you!

BenignaMarko said...

Benigna Marko as a Palin supporter found that sometimes it is best not to tell others what you think. Benigna Marko found Palin to be a nice pick and thought at times her speeches were way too rehearsed. That is the story of love. Benigna Marko