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Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome Kristofer! (and other housekeeping notes)

Updated 5:31p.m. Meet the next Barack Obama! A new post has been added to my ConservaGlobe blog...

Obviously, we are going to have to re-tool this site for post-2008 success, and I'm happy to announce that we took the first step yesterday by adding a new blogger...Kristofer D. Lorelli. Kristofer has a been a player in the Palin movement for some time as the founder of, and is also a contributor at Race42012 (formerly

I haven't worked out how often Kristofer will be contributing yet, but his account is active and he is free to log on whenever he pleases. I will be looking for more new bloggers in the coming weeks and will let you know when a process has been set up.

I also wanted to let you know that I will also be re-starting my non-Palin blogging efforts, as there are many issues I have not commented on in the last year, and I miss blogging on international affairs. For now, I will be re-activating my old blog, ConservaGlobe, with a column to be posted tonight. I will probably be trying to totally re-do that site.

The future starts today, friends, and I'm really looking forward to it.


Read My Lipstick Network said...

Sounds GREAT! We'll be adding all your blogs to the Read My Lipstick Network and will keep our members up on all things you and your co-bloggers are doing. Thanks for everything you've done and how you worked so tirelessly to promote Sarah, AND how you've helped so many others. - Janet

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

Hi Adam,

Maybe I have a job for you. :)

I have a candidate I like for Governor of Georgia. He ran in 2006 - really last minute - but still managed to get 12% of the vote for Republican nominee against an incumbent. He was drafted last minute because someone else "bowed out"... and he did really good with very little money. Georgia politics is a little different.

I would love for him to get elected in 2010 for Governor of Georgia. THEN, it would very interesting to me to see how he could do in the Presidential nominee runoff. Who knows but what he would be a man for the times at that time. I love Governor Palin... I supported her 100%... yet I'm interested about this candidacy.

First step, Governor of Georgia... or it's a moot point on any national office seeking.

So... what do you think?? Would you take up his cause for Governor of Georgia... and just see what happens??

He's an unknown... and that's what makes it exciting... and kind of an adventure. :)

You're a kingmaker, after all. ;)
This kinda stuff is your "specialty".

God bless.


Bill Karrer said...

With the updating, changing and additions, how about a rename of the site to "SARAH PALIN FOR PRESIDENT"?

Ted said...

And one more point, I believe Hillary is being chummy chummy with Obama on the Secretary of State thing because if the Supreme Court does not disqualify Obama until after the inauguration, the POTUS selection would go to the Democratic controlled House of Representatives, where a strong possibility would be that Hillary is then selected by the House to be POTUS.

Scott said...

i don't know what her motivation would be.. it seems to me she would distance herself from obama's administration in order to be later able to take advantage of the situation.. if she's a part of it, she'll be linked to any failings he has as president. If he fails at anything she can come back in 4 years and say i told you so to those who nominated him. I still am not sure she wants anything but the senate though.

techno said...

In so many post-election analyses, opportunistic polticians and I-told-you-so pundits have been more than willing and able to freely offer up their 'solutions' to what ails the GOP while affixing internecine blame to certain segments of the Republican tent. Yet at the same time they appear reluctant,unwilling or too politically correct in not attributing the election of Obama to the values of the electorate and to that part of the electorate who strongly agree with the views that Obama espoused. With that in mind I am here not to provide the GOP with answers but to ask the 10 questions that few Republicans have wanted to venture for public digestion.1) If the 22nd Amendment (limiting the Presidency to 2 terms) were not in force would the followers of Obama give the thumbs up for Obama to become President or Emperor for life? 2)Does the majority of the youth (under 30)of America believe in 'spreading the wealth' or redistributing income and Ayre's view of radical education that favors Maoist re-education and the implementation of Marxist brainwashing? 3)Is part of the electorate so morally bankrupt that they would favor voter fraud as long as it benefits Obama and the Democrats? 4)Is 'white guilt' among privileged whites and 'white hatred' among 'deprived minorities' so prevalent that no WASP will ever be elected President again, given that Obama is going to legalize all the illegals? 5)Do Obamacons favor the total destruction of the GOP and its evangelical base? And as a follow-up would they favor the imprisonment of all evangelical leaders in concentration camps or public hangings with gays as the executioners? If given unlimited access would these folks favor publicly stoning or crucifying Sarah Palin and her family? 6)Would these folks favor the arrest of George Bush and Dick Cheney and their wives and Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin and people of the right-wing talk radio ilk and have them publicly ridiculed at a show trial at The Hague for war crimes and then summarily executed? 7)Would these folks favor a permanent suspension of the Constitution, including the 1st and 2nd Amendment in the name of imposing an Utopian socialist world order? 8)Do these folks favor abortion, killing disabled children after birth (infanticide) and euthanasia on demand? 9)How content would these folks be if there were a permanent one-party system in America led by Obama or by one of his supporters? 10)As a party is the GOP willing to get down, dirty and diabolical as the Democrats are and will stay or should it remain true to its noble ideals and principles and stay naive and virtuous and keep on losing election after election for eternity and die a death by a thousand cuts to those who will never show you any mercy and whose goal is to exterminate you from the face of the earth?

Mountain Mama said...

Techno, dear---
Surely you realize, as the Wicked Witch says, "These things must be done DELICATELY!" So please, do not be so blunt! After all, you can't expect people to consider the full consequences of their feelings?!

Scott said...

"""""10)As a party is the GOP willing to get down, dirty and diabolical as the Democrats are and will stay or should it remain true to its noble ideals and principles and stay naive and virtuous and keep on losing election after election for eternity and die a death by a thousand cuts to those who will never show you any mercy and whose goal is to exterminate you from the face of the earth?""""""

i think they should take the high road.. I don't completely know the ways of God but I do have an idea of how He works. The proud and evil are only allowed to rise up far enough for everyone to see their ways. God won't put up with it for long. All blessings and abilities come from God. He "tries those close to Him, chastises those He loves". It's the only way Sarah Palin being sent back to Alaska seemingly defeated makes any sense. It's our time to increase in humility.. the virtue most favorable to God. Then when it's time, God will put down the mighty from their thrones and rise up the lowly, the lowly and humble that hold to His values. I can already see it coming. Most people i've seen aren't humble with their guy winning, they're arrogant, combative and proud. How little they know of what's coming.

techno said...

Put yourself in Sarah Palin's shoes on August 28, 2008, the day McCain asked Sarah to be his VP. You are the sitting Governor of Alaska with an 80%+ approval rating, and have recently increased your prestige by completing a huge $40B deal to build a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the Lower 48. Prior to this date, you felt fortunate to have even been considered 'vetting material', but until meeting with McCain's advisors yesterday you really never thought you had a hope in hell of getting the nod; sure you have some favorable attributes: you're a young, healthy and a good-looking female, charismatic and a good speaker and have a record of reforming government, but you also realize that you're from Alaska (3 electoral votes) and the only thing most Americans know about your state is snow, polar bears and that ANWR is as sacred to environmentalists as Yankee Stadium is to baseball fans. But reality soon sets in: John McCain needs you to shore up the conservative GOP base in order to increase political contributions and to generate the thousands of volunteers necessary to do the leg work, knock on doors and man the phone banks to GOTV. You also surmise you may be helpful in bleeding off some of the Hillary supporters. Of course you would not have been chosen by McCain if you were not a female. You agree to do this because you are naturally ambitious, want to in turn advance the cause of women in politics and but above all in a corny way you love your country and are afraid what Obama will do to it if he ever lives in the White House. From the outset you think you are under no illusion; politics is a bloodsport; after all you took down a sitting governor and a former governor in the 2006 gubernatorial election cycle. However, despite your journalistic training, you could never have realized the ridicule, misrepresentation, smears and unadulterated vicious hatred and vitriol that would be levelled at you and your family by the entire MSM and its left-wing blogging allies over the next two months. Unbelievably,you are going to be accused of lying about the parentage of your newborn son (although more often than not Down Syndrome children are born to women in their 40's), of forcing Bristol, out of political considerations to have her child and to get married, of having an extra-marital affair, of being a religious whack job who believes too much in the power of prayer, of going Hitleresque in wanting to ban books, of being backward because you don't favor the teaching of evolution in public schools (not your position), of being in favor of Alaska seceding from the USA, of being bloodthirsty whose ultimate mission in life is to needlessly kill wolves, and of being ruthless in firing people, including being unethical in the dismissal of a cabinet member who was not doing his job in your estimation (Troopergate). You are also going to be raked over the coals and satirized on SNL by Tina Fey and late-night comedians who caricature you as a combination of somebody who lived in Alaska 50-100 years ago with a parody of characters from the Beverly Hillbillies, Hee Haw, The Dukes of Hazzard, Nanook of the North, the Red State comedy duo, and the TV shows that spotlight the lifestyles of 'trailer trash'. Even though your father was a science teacher, you are a university graduate, a former mayor and head of the state oil and gas regulatory board and now Governor of the State of Alaska you are not only astonished that the MSM could so convincingly portray you as trailer trash, a simpleton, a moron and throughly politically inept and generally clueless but you are more flabbergasted that the MSM and the Lower 48 average voters could actually believe this hogwash and that their initial opinions to her incompetence and general lack of aptitude for the VP slot will not go away. In spite of her concern, the wizards and witches of the McCain campaign tell Sarah not to worry or raise a fuss with McCain--it's par for the course-it's just the way national politics is conducted in a 24/7 news cycle-this will all blow over after we get our message out and the American people become more familiar with you-in other words, play the good soldier, listen to us in regards to media availability, don't go off script or off the reservation,ignore the daily criticism of your performance by not watching CNN before going to bed and remain cheerful and confident that we know what we are doing. At this point Sarah has no reason to question the patronizing judgment of McCain's team-the McCain campaign is now ahead or tied in the polls, when prior to the convention they were trailing. Then the economic meltdown and the bailout strike a fatal blow to the McCain campaign; rumors and smears abound about you especially from conservative journalists. You have sub-par interviews (the MSM and pundit take on them) with Gibson and Couric although the middle interview with Hannity appears to be the best of the three but gets little attention to balance out the criticism. You still do not appear on right-wing talk radio and are being criticized by many conservatives (myself included) for not going on with Rush Limbaugh. As we learn later you are not to blame, for it is McCain's fault (for hating Rush and still loving the MSM) and McCain's handlers who want to focus her media appearances on gaining the votes of moderates and independents. As October 2 approaches it's deja vu all over again; before your Convention speech all the media could talk about was the Eagleton option (Intrade was even taking bets when McCain would dump you or you would quit) and now all the MSM can talk about is your debate with Joe Biden and whether your perceived inability 'to string two sentences together' and communicate, your incompetence in national and foreign affairs and your 'permanent' stauts as a moron is going to result in you being totally embarrassed and routed by Biden and the Eagleton option again considered. Then as you always have, you rise to the occasion as you did with your introduction in Dayton and the Convention speech and more than hold your own against Biden-some say you even bested Biden in the foreign affairs part of the debate. There is no more talk of the Eagleton option. The conservative base that you had at 'Hello' now loves you more than ever; the majority would now be willing to take a bullet for you. You take a moment to reflect. You now realize that your aides from Alaska and noted pundits like Bill Kristol have been right all along, that your introduction to the American people has been botched, that you have been mishandled and that you have been overcoached and simultaneously muzzled to the point where your competence has been compromised and that you have not been able to get your message out as a 'Sarah unleashed' would have. Thus you resolve to be 'Sarah', despite pleas from your handlers. You begin to talk to right-wing talk radio and you do more interviews. The McCain advisors have a 'hissy fit' and begin to get their knives out for Sarah. Anonymous sources throw out words like rogue and diva and accuse Sarah of 'wardrobe extravagance' and her family of being 'Wasilla hillbillies.' However, Sarah throughout all of this controversy and the campaign's lag in the polls remains resilient, gives her speeches with more conviction and confidence and maintains her poise in her hope that John and she will prevail on November 4th. How could the 'good people of America' choose a nondescript enigmatic Pied Piper as President who 'palled around with a former unrepentant domestic terrorist, had ties with with a man who professed profound anti-israeli and pro-Palestinian sentiments, who was linked to a convicted felon and who spent 20 years in a church led by a man who preached 'Black Liberation theology' but above all is an avowed Socialist/Marxist who believes in the radical principles of Saul Alinsky, is a proponent of the 'big lie' propaganda techniques of Adolf Hitler and is currently supported by Chavez, Castro, Gaddaffi and the PM of Iran. Like millions and millions of good-natured, God-fearing Americans, you completely misread the American voter-the hatred of George Bush and Dick Cheney and the war in Iraq, the lost savings incurred by miilions of voters from the economic meltdown and massive bankruptcies of Lehman Brothters and the like, and some conservative antipathy toward McCain for his past voting record in the Senate could override all other considerations: for Obama it means a maximum turnout and for McCain a reduction in turnout compared to Bush in 2004. You appear in Phoenix totally devastated, but ready to give a concession speech worthy of your generosity and good sportsmanship. Even that moment is taken away from you by the McCain campaign. On stage you cannot hold back the tears and you think of what may have been. You hate losing, but as always you are thinking about the American people and what they have lost by not electing a genuine American hero, John McCain. As always, you are loyal to him to the end. Either right then or on the plane trip back to Alaska you realize that you are not the same person or viewed the same way as your were in Alaska two months ago. You are now regarded as one of the future leaders of the Republican Party; 72 hours later Rasmussen reports that you have a 91% approval rating with the GOP and that at that very moment in the wake of a depressing electoral loss, 64% of your own party would now be prepared to vote for you as the GOP Presidential nominee in 2012. You cannot retreat into a shell and be cowed by the MSM. History calls. As Scarlett O'Hara said at the end of Gone With the Wind, "After all, tomorrow is another day." And for Sarah it is whether God wants her to walk throught the door of Presidential opportunity in 2012 or wait to 2016.

Unknown said...

Goof point, Scott. I had initially said I would like to see her run for the senate. But after seeing all the comment, I agree. Sarah is a leader, Alaska needs her, and as a junior Senator in a Dem Congress, would only be treated to more of the same garbage they've already been throwing at her. Seems to me that if I were her, I would choose to stay where I am most needed and can do the most good, where my kids can stay in the same school for awhile longer, and everyone can have the comfort of home (this is a mom talking) before taking the leap for the presidency.

I'm not going to say junk like "so she can grow and learn and become more polished" because I do beleive she's quite intelligent, I think she could handle the job today better than Barry can, and it's not necessary to add the "grow" part since we all learn and grow anyway, and she most definitely will without being admonished to. She the Governor of the biggest state in America, for gosh sakes. She's got Russia on one side and Canada on the other. And she knows more about oil and energy than Obama, Biden and McCain combined. She's got plenty going on to continue to absorb as time passes.

Unknown said...

We need to take the high road. Sinking to the level of the Dems is not even a question.

I think Sarah should wait till 2016. I think whoever the Reps put up in 2012 will be eaten alive.

In 2016, she can go head to head with Hillary.

techno said...

10 books that all Republicans and conservatives should read before the 2010 elections: 1) Rules for Radicals Saul Alinsky 2) The Prince Machiavelli 3) White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Together Destroyed the Civil Rights Era Shelby Steele 4) Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler (propaganda section) 5)The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression Amity Shlaes 6)Sun Tzu The Art of War 7)Atlas Shrugged Ayn Rand 8)The Way The Way Things Ought to Be Rush Limbaugh 9) The Reagan I Knew William F Buckley Jr. 10)Capitalism and Freedom Milton Friedman

Scott said...

""""I think Sarah should wait till 2016. I think whoever the Reps put up in 2012 will be eaten alive."""""

the anticipation of obama's promises is almost as high as the hatred of those who voted against bush this time. It's only a matter of time before even those with their heads buried deepest in the sand realize he can't fulfill them all. He won't get away with blaming bush for long, especially with a democratic controlled congress. By the end of 2010, if things aren't much better the playing field will be even once again, heads will be pulled out of the sand and the issues will be voted on.

Tina said...

For Ted:



(NEW YORK)(November 11, 2008) Some time in mid-August I began to get phone calls from a lawyer's
office in Philadelphia. The lawyer was Philip J. Berg.

I eventually spoke with Mr. Berg. He explained that he was preparing to file a lawsuit against Barack
Obama and a number of other parties. Berg asked if I would review the case before it was filed, and I

I carefully read Berg's initial complaint. (Some of the confirming e-mails are in the hands of Patriot
Brigade Talk Radio Network.) I advised Berg's office that his lawsuit would not fly in federal court. His
joinder of the Federal Election Commission was utter nonsense. Naming the Democratic Party was
questionable. Seeking to enjoin the Party's convention was silliness. For an ordinary voter to sue Obama
was a lost cause; I explained that already this year two judges had ruled individuals lacked legal
standing to file such a claim. Berg sent me a revised version of his lawsuit that was equally deficient.

Berg has tried to pretend that his lack of "standing" is a technicality. On the contrary, in federal courts
standing is a threshold jurisdictional issue. State courts have broad "general" jurisdiction. Federal courts
are courts of limited jurisdiction. I explained to Berg how he could file a meritorious lawsuit in state
court but he was frantic. "I want to file before the Democratic Convention so I can apply for an
injunction," he said. At that point I decided Berg was a loon and had no further contact.

Mr. Berg did file his loony case, and it began to attract a lot of attention. My initial reaction was
sadness at the gullibility of the public. People obviously had no idea that the form and forum of Berg's
lawsuit were totally deficient.

I did not become concerned until a New York radio talk show host who is a friend called me and said
"Andy, what about the order for Obama to produce his birth certificate?" I explained to my friend that
there was no such order. Berg and his supporters were spreading disinformation or allowing it to be

I began receiving more calls and e-mails about Berg's lawsuit. Berg was escalating the idiocy of his
behavior to attract frustrated voters. "Obama admitted he was born in Kenya," screamed one Berg
release. Obama had admitted nothing of the sort. The more irresponsible Berg became, the more e-mail
he generated from desperate voters.

Berg's lawsuit was promptly dismissed, as I had anticipated before it was even filed. Berg was ready
with an explanation: there was a conspiracy to deprive him of justice. No such conspiracy existed.

Last month my staff and I discussed whether we should do a column about Berg's harmful behavior. We
decided to ignore him and hope he would go away. Mr. Berg is not going away. He keeps manufacturing
false claims to stay in the news and to keep soliciting money.

After Berg lost in the district court, he filed an appeal to the U. S. Court of Appeals. But there was no
"juice" in a mere appeal. Berg was soon asking the U.S. Supreme Court to stop the national election-on
the basis of his crackpot lawsuit. Once again Berg was denied relief. And once again Berg was ready
with a new round of disinformation.

I started to get e-mails telling me the Supreme Court had ordered Obama to produce a birth certificate.
No such order existed. The Rules of the Supreme Court allow thirty days to respond; Berg converted
that into an "order" from the Court compelling his opponents to respond. Sheer disinformation. There
was no "order."

The false claims about the Supreme Court are what convinced me to reverse my earlier view and write
a column questioning Berg's behavior.

Enough, Mr. Berg.

What's next from him? What ridiculous claim will he concoct to continue attracting attention?

During this entire period of idiotic behavior Berg was going on talk radio and soliciting funds for his
doomed mission.

What should all of this teach us? I have several thoughts for the reader to consider.

First, no one is more opposed to Barack Obama and his hard left warriors than I am. Obama's minions
were not attacking Berg during the campaign; they were attacking me. I was the first one to focus
attention on Obama's evasiveness and deception, four years ago. But while I have attacked Obama, I
have also worked hard to anchor all of my claims in evidence, interviews and traditional forms of legal
research. That's what really scares Obama.

When I asked Berg in August how he was going to prove Obama was born in Kenya, he said "I saw it on
the Internet." Not good enough for a federal judge.

Second, Berg likes to identify himself as a "supporter" of Hillary Clinton. That's garbage. He's smearing
Clinton. Clinton must cringe every time Berg does some new stunt and misuses her name. Berg has no
connection with Clinton. More misuse.

Third, is Berg's motive to collect money from frustrated voters? I don't know. He does ask for cash, so
that may be the explanation. To be sure, my Committee also receives donations, but we have funded
two trips to Hawai'i for Obama research and investigation, and a birth certificate lawsuit scheduled for a
hearing on November 18th in Honolulu.

Fourth, could Berg be professionally incompetent? Berg has been criticized by judges:

Finally, is Berg really an Obama operative? Berg's behavior is so far outside the normal confines of legal
practice that his conduct is aberrant as well as abhorrent. To date, only Obama has benefited from
Berg's misbehavior. When an Obama opponent acts crazy, Obama's people say "See."

There are very legitimate questions about Obama's birth certificate and family history. By filing frivolous
cases (a case filed in the wrong court seeking the wrong relief against the wrong defendants is
frivolous) and misusing legitimate issues, Berg obscures the seriousness of the underlying questions
about Obama's past. And, inevitably, journalists link Berg and others (such as myself) together, despite
the fact that we have absolutely no connection. I, for one, do not enjoy being joined to Berg in any
form, even a news story.

Likewise, Berg's use of Clinton's name benefits Obama by discrediting Clinton as a possible
behind-the-scenes Berg supporter, when nothing could be further from the truth. Dirty tricks? Obama
and Axelrod are masters of smears by association and deception. Although I am not an enthusiastic
believer of the Berg-for-Obama explanation for Berg's behavior, it still makes a lot of sense.

Certainly no competent attorney who regularly practices in federal court would engage in Berg's hijinks.
At some point Berg could face sanctions for his misconduct and abusive behavior.

So we are left with no clear explanation for why Berg is acting out: (1) is he "crazy" or ill? (2) is he an
Obama saboteur? (3) is he a financial flim flam artist using false claims to collect money? (4) is he an
incompetent attorney? I can't say for sure which of those apply. I leave it to the good reader's common
sense to reflect on Berg's behavior and to decide for him or herself just what Berg's motivation is.

Helping the anti-Obama movement is not Berg's mission. Quite the opposite. Berg has helped Obama by
discrediting Obama's opponents. So what is Berg's game? Let me know what you think.

Mountain Mama said...

Yo, Tina! Ever think about giving the AUTHOR'S NAME!? Sheesh.....

It's Andy Martin at

Great article; lousy posting behavior.....

Mountain Mama said...

Okay, I apologize for being ticked at Tina. It's just that so many bloggers post articles ON PURPOSE with no URL's or authors' names. Sorry, Tina.

I thought it was a terrific article, btw. Hopefully the Obama birth certificate issue can be put to rest soon----possibly after Andy Martin's Nov. 18th meeting?

Meanwhile, Andrea Mitchell made another catty remark about Sarah Palin today on "Meet the Depressed:" that Palin had made no "substantive" comments in her speeches before the RGC, whereas (supposedly) the other governors had done so. Mitchell and others cited governors, especially Pawlenty and Jindal, as the new Rep. leaders----and specified, "not Palin."
Either they're still very afraid of Palin Power, OR they have a point.

Were all the speeches of the RGC posted online?

I'll tell you, though: Jindal is indeed brilliant. He has a bad habit, however, of keeping his brow knit between his eyes while speaking (FAR too intense), of rocking forward and back while speaking (doubling the intensity), and pounding point after point in a dizzying blur: brilliant, but not someone people can relate to easily. He and the others would do well to adopt Reagan's and Palin's easy, warm, and often-humor-filled words and manner.

Unknown said...

mountain mama,
I agree.
i just read jeff jacoby's article in the Boston Globe which is referenced on realclearpolitics. The 90 comments are both illuminating and repeatative.
I entered a comment in defense of Sarah, which you could probably pick out since it is one of the only supportive ones there.

What continues to impress me is the hatred of the left toward Sarah. It fascinates me.
I think part of it is her happiness. They are jealous of that. I wish I knew all the reasons for their hate.

Unknown said...

I agree about Jindal. I think I'm forever changed because of this election, and have been listening and reading alot more. I can see why so many on here like him.

As for Sarah, if she really lacked substance or was as stupid as they say, she'd have faded away by now. The fact that they keep trying to convince people that she lacks substance just verifies that she does. The MSM is so used to telling people what to think, and having people believe it, that they can't believe we are capable of thinking for ourselves.

techno said...

10 more questions for Republicans, including Sarah: 1) Is it possible for Sarah to eventually disavow McCain's stances on the bailout vote and immigration during the campaign while maintaining her own credibility? And at what point is Sarah stuck with what she said during the McCain campaign? 2)Is it possible for conservatives to question moderate beliefs without calling their proponents the pejorative term RINO and call for their purging from the party? 3) Can a Republican call for adherence to conservatives principles and ideology in going forward but at the same time keep in mind the reality of the electorate (youth, Hispanics)? 4) Can a Republican claim that Sarah is not the frontrunner for the 2012 Presidential election without it been portrayed by the MSM as jealousy, sour grapes, or personal ambition to undermine her? 5)Can Sarah rehabilitate herself in 2-4 years from the MSM attacks on her intelligence, experience and ability to occupy the WH? 6)Is the GOP doomed to minority status because of 'white guilt' and the under 30 belief in 'spreading the wealth'? 7)Does the GOP really need the votes of social conservatives to win the WH and if so could they still win them by adopting different policy position on abortion, gay rights and stem cell research? 8)What can the GOP do to narrow the money advantage and technology gap that Obama had over McCain during the campaign? 9) In going forward what can the GOP do to blunt the effect the MSM had on blurring and distorting the GOP message and misrepresenting and smearing its messengers? 10)And the question I asked in an earlier post? Is the GOP willing to meet fire with fire-to get as down, dirty and diabolical as the Dems are or will they resolve to remain naive, unsophisticated and virtuous in their ideals, beliefs, and approaches to winning elections while denying the fact that the Dems and the MSM are out to exterminate the GOP by any means possible, legal or illegal, from the face of the earth and establish a one party state?

Mountain Mama said...

Ah, there is a third path, Grasshopper!----I mean, Techno:

We can be, as Scott discerned, SMARTER in our behavior, thoughts, and words than those on whichever "side" are being diabolical and evil.

As the kids these days say, "funnily enough" (odd phrase, but it works here), being "smarter" actually means TELLING THE TRUTH----ie., unmasking the evil that only pretends to be decent; teaching the voters why decent morals end up being SAFER for one's health and better for the community; and showing why the conservative emphasis on family, work, and righteousness just does achieve a more unified and peaceful culture.

We certainly have our work cut out for us....

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. BOY, are you correct, Knowitall (yeah, again: why do I state the obvious!? ~ grin ~):
I do think that many women are completely jealous of Sarah Palin's beauty, attentive/cute husband, and sweet family----plus their collective happiness and zest for life.

The silliest thing is how liberals just shrug off the STUPID things both Obama and Biden have said or done (have you ever watched all the Obama Gaffe videos on YouTube?), but yet leftists insist they're correct to allow Palin's ONE little blanked-out moment with Couric to define forevermore Palin's supposed "lack of intellectual curiosity."

Again, why don't they listen to One of Their Own----Doris Kearns Goodwin----who with a subtle touch picked Palin's brain at a luncheon last year for HOURS, and said Palin was "well-read"---? How do they reconcile DKG's view with their own, when they've never met Palin?

They don't care about the facts; they just have this visceral hatred. Witness the whacko marches this past week!

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama,
I have looked for the interview of Sarah by Doris Kearns Goodwin. I can not find that. If you know where you found that, please let me know. I believe you completely. I simply can not find it.

May I add a book to Techno's books to read? Please look at "authentic happiness" by Seligman. It has been on the cover of Time Magazine and is frequently quoted. It is a book about what makes you happy.

Seligman's a conservative. his work showed that the presidental candidate with the positive message always wins. Obama's message stayed positive. McCain did not strike me that way. Obama won.

Sarah, were she to run, would carry a very positive message which people would respond to.

Scott said...

"""""1) Is it possible for Sarah to eventually disavow McCain's stances on the bailout vote and immigration during the campaign while maintaining her own credibility? And at what point is Sarah stuck with what she said during the McCain campaign?"""""""

i think most people realize the vp doesn't design the policies of a campaign.. i don't think it would hurt her if she came out with her own views on any subject. She respectfully stood by McCain as his running mate in his campaign. She isn't bound any more. Lieberman stood by Gore in 2000 and went on to change his views..

Scott said...

"""""Can Sarah rehabilitate herself in 2-4 years from the MSM attacks on her intelligence, experience and ability to occupy the WH?"""""

of course because the majority of Americans are as smart or less than she is.. by attacking her they're attacking the people who are inflamed to follow her.

Scott said...

I do think that many women are completely jealous of Sarah Palin's beauty, attentive/cute husband, and sweet family----plus their collective happiness and zest for life.""""

i heard someone describe it a few weeks ago as her being a feminist who isn't afraid to act "feminine".. who needs a man in her life not because she's less smart, but because they are "one" in marriage. She isn't trying to be anything she isn't.

Unknown said...

to agree with your comments, Alaska is a place with "people". They are more likely to be Alaskans than male/female, white/black, etc. They are just people.
I remind friends back east of this fact in this way...
If you think of, let's say, the NYC marathon, there are endless divisions for age, gender and physical ability.
The Iditarod dog sled race has one division. You go to the starting line, and you are on your way. There is only one winner... one division for all people. There is tremendous equality in Alaska. Sarah grew up in that environment.

I can say that about the Northwest, too. I worked with a black doctor with whom I enjoyed a friendship. I asked if he was staying out here or going home to Chicago. He said to me that he was going back east because he wanted to be black. He would have been much more of "just a person" if he stayed here.
I work with a black lady from Alaska. Believe me, she is as unaffected by race or gender as anyone you will ever meet.
I see that in Sarah. She said very little about the fact that her children are Native American. They are people.
What does she read? the same things as all Americans read. Alaskans are just people.

Mountain Mama said...

Gosh, Knowitall, I never thought about just being a person!

Unknown said...

the gop has fallen into the trap set by the liberals. they have accepted the divide of Latino, Blacks, Italian-American, Catholics, etc. We need to move beyond that and find issues that appeal to all people. (see book of "authentic happiness")

I had a great talk with another doctor today. He is a Yale grad who knew Bill Clinton there. You would think in a second that he was a far out liberal until he opens his mouth. He admits to being an atheist conservative and yet we are comrades in conservatism.
His point today was how the GOP has to remind people of the evil in the world. (Reagan's Evil Empire or Bush's Axis of Evil)It is a word that has to be used by the GOP. We can not let the left shame us into not using it. There is nothing wrong in saying that someone pals around with evil terrorists. Nothing.

Scott said...

MIAMI - Republicans gathered last week to talk about what went wrong in the Nov. 4 election and how to fix it, and the two highest-profile leaders - Florida Gov. Charlie Crist and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin - offered sharply different recipes for a comeback.

Crist's message: Racial inclusiveness, bipartisanship and civility offer the clearest path for the GOP's road to recovery.

"It worked in Florida," Crist said. "It could work nationally."

Palin put forward a harder line: Tough adherence to the party's ideological principles.

Republicans, she said, should start on the road back by dogging the Obama administration and Democratic Congress on taxes, health care and energy, making no concessions.

"Now it is time for us to go our own way ... confident in the knowledge that there will be another day. We'll rise to fight again," Palin said.

The occasion was the annual meeting of the Republican Governors Association in Miami.

GOP governors were among the few bright spots in a dismal election for the party, mostly holding their own and controlling 22 statehouses. With a Democrat in the White House and decreased minorities in Congress, governors will be among the party's top voices.

Among them: Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota.

But Crist and Palin were the top draws - Palin for the excitement she brought McCain's campaign, and Crist for his political success in the nation's biggest swing state.

Inclusive Crist

That success, Crist said over and over, came from a new kind of Republicanism he's fighting to put into practice in Florida, and that he says the party should practice nationally.

Virtually every time he spoke, Crist threw in the word "inclusiveness." Unlike other attendees, he didn't look for chances to trash Democrats, or blame the party's problems on the press.

"In my administration," he said in a discussion forum, "I've appointed African-Americans that also happen to be Democrats to head some of our agencies. ... If you show them that you really care by inclusion, it's hard to have a counterargument that you don't."

In Florida, he said in a CNN interview, "We have a hopeful, optimistic, bipartisan, almost nonpartisan way of getting things done."

Republicans don't always like hearing about appointing Democrats or toning down partisan rhetoric.

"Our country may have elected a president on the basis of some pretty prose," Texas Gov. Rick Perry told the crowd at the conference's closing dinner, "but Republicans are still the victors on the battlefield of ideas ... Republican leaders are still the best hope to restore our country."

Crist is accustomed to taking heat for practicing in Florida what he preached at the conference.

He's been blasted by some in his own party for taking such steps as agreeing to a Democratic request to extend early voting hours to cut down on long lines - a move some Republicans said would only help more Democrats vote.

"If his own name had been on the ballot, he wouldn't have extended early voting," charged Ana Navarro, a Miami GOP consultant and Hispanic co-chairman for John McCain's Florida campaign.

"He needs to get his own house in order before becoming a national figure," she said.

'Let's Show Him The Way'

Palin, meanwhile, said Republicans shouldn't give an inch on issues. She praised Obama, but added, "Let's help show him and Congress the way."

Asked what she would do about the party's losses among women and Hispanic voters, she responded, "You know, I treat everybody equally ... I'm going to work with this group of governors to serve all Americans, not letting gender, race, background, get in the way of doing what's right for Americans as a whole."

And Palin was among the few conference speakers who praised President George W. Bush. "He succeeded in keeping America safe from another attack," she said. "God bless George W. Bush and thank you Mr. President."

Mountain Mama said...

Sorry, Knowitall----I did write long ago on another thread that DKGoodwin said on "Meet the Depressed" (not in an interview SHE was conducting with Palin), that she (DKG) had sat with Palin at some luncheon either last spring or late last year, and had the chance to talk for an hour or more, just with Palin (wow, are WE all jealous!), and that Gov. Palin WAS "well-read," and liked Truman as President very much, and KNEW HER HISTORY.
(So THERE, leftists!)

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama,
Ms Goodwin seems to have changed her tune. The comments recently are not at all nice.
I will not add her to my list of Sarah supporters.
but I will keep looking.

jill said...

Walloped, but don't dwell on the past. Karl Rove's take. Plus Palin photos not yet published.

Unknown said...

Knowitall -
My husband and I have raised our children as people. We even refuse to mark census boxes related to heritage. My kids are 1/2 Indian, but we've tried to raise them to know no difference in our home between people. If there is division we accept, it's that we are Christians.

It's the people that want to keep making issue about race that are the racists, including all the lib Affirmative Action programs. My husband (who passed away four years ago) used to say he would NEVER want to get hired through affirmative action. He said he'd be ashamed to have a job won only because he was an Indian applicant. He'd never want to work somewhere with that hanging over his head. He preferred to be hired for his skill.

Tina said...

Mountain Mama~
Its okay. I received the article in email without a link. Concerning the bc, I think its wishful thinking. Nothing sticks to Obama.

Scott said...

i wonder if this is one of those $5,000 pair of shoes they were talking about


Scott said...

i usually write in "human" as my race in the "other" category

techno said...

10 words to describe Obama and his merry men and women: 1) sinister 2)amoral 3)cutthroat 4)mercenary 5)demagogic 6)Sarah-averse 7)authoritarian 8)divisive 9)callous 10)iconoclastic. 10 words to describe Sarah: 1)moxie 2) loyal 3)optimistic 4)poise 5)indefatigable 6)magnanimous 7)charismatic 8)authentic 9)patriot 10)decent. Now in former times people of Sarah's ilk would be emulated, revered and canonized but if the 21st century so far is known for anything it is embodied in Yeats poem The Second Coming made manifest: 'The ceremony of innocence is drowned; the best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.' Perhaps in the spirit of Churchill 'This is not the beginning of the end of the world' as we know it but the end of the beginning of 25 years of Alinsky- Ayres-like radical socialist anti-American brainwashing that has poisoned America's best and brightest and now seen its eventual fruition; historically what will unfold henceforth is sadly inevitable once power is consolidated, unless the forces of good led by people like Sarah re-assert dramatically their claim to speak for America and take back their country from these 'beloved infidels'. Remember the spirit of Mao has been in power in China for 60 years and the tenets of Castro in Cuba for 50 years-there is no sign that either will be dislodged from their respective countries any time soon. And finally remember the only thing standing in the way of Obama becoming 'Emperor' for life is the 22nd Amendment-if you think its repeal is impossible, wasn't it once deemed impossible for a man to ever give birth to a baby?

Mountain Mama said...

Ah, Techno! You forget that Obama has SAID he's a Christian! That "confession" is hopefully true, and he's growing in faith and closer to God, as the rest of the world's Christians hopefully are.

If, however, it's NOT true, and Obama is just saying he's a Christian to win friends and influence people----well, Obama's words give God's Holy Spirit PERMISSION to impact Obama's life in deeper ways than without his permission.

SO, we can pray that God will move in Obama's heart, help him to treat people better (Hillary's supporters won't ever forget how horribly Obama treated her----and S. of S. Hillary won't likely forget, either), and become a truly authentic believer, who is the same in private as in public.

You know, like Sarah Palin is!

techno said...

So Sarah with temporarily on hiatus from the MSM glare, Huckabee slams Romney and Romney responds in kind and both bite the dust for 2012. Divide and conquer without spending a dime. Sarah, your road to the Presidency in 2012 just became much easier. Now you can go up the middle between both of them among evangelicals and social conservatives.

Zack said...

Even if Sarah is someday elected president and serves with distinction, I bet she would still look back on her life and say being governer of Alaska was the best job she ever had, and the opportunity to raise her family in Alaska was something she wouldn't have wanted to miss for anything.

I hope that if she has national ambitions, she will take her time and make the best of her current situation.