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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Palin credited for landslide win in Georgia

OK newspaper says; Palin credited for landslide win in Georgia

Chambliss: ‘Dynamite’ Palin turned out vote
Newly reelected Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) credited Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin with firing up his base and allowing him to cruise to a victory over Democrat Jim Martin.
Chambliss heaped praise on Palin, saying she has a “great future” in the GOP.
“I can’t overstate the impact she had down here. All these folks did a great job coming in,” he said, referring to former presidential candidates Mike Huckabee and Rudy Giuliani. “They all allow you [to] add momentum to where we were in the campaign. But when she walks in a room, folks just explode.”

Party leader credits Palin, majority for GOP victory in Georgia
“The margin you see in this race, I think you can attribute to her involvement in the end,” McKoon said.

Biden to Palin: With the race over, ‘no one pays attention to me’
“I might point out, as I told you when we walked in, since the race is over, no one pays attention to me at all … Maybe you will walk outside with me or something later and say hello to me,” Biden said,

Perry, Sanford and Palin fight for Taxpayers at Philly Conference
Republican Govs. Rick Perry of Texas, Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Sarah Palin of Alaska, led a spirited debate about the pitfalls of adding to the $10.7-trillion federal debt. “They warned that the U.S. economy could collapse”, said Governor Paterson

Palin Power: Former Vice Presidential Candidate Attracts Most Attention At The Governors’ Meeting
The most exciting politician at the National Governors Association (NGA) conference was not President-elect Barack Obama, D, nor was it the former movie action star, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, R-Calif. The politician everyone wanted was Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice presidential candidate.
“I still have great concerns, when much of the economic problem that we are facing today perhaps was caused by too much debt that solving those problems will not come from incurring more debt”, said Palin.

Finally, watch this video. It appears as if Senator Chambliss endorsed Palin for 2012.


Unknown said...

thanks for the great update!!!
great news!!!

AbiSomeone said...

Thanks for the great post full of links and that video. Go, Sarah!

techno said...

Not that conservatives had to be convinced but time and time again Sarah has proven that she rises to the occasion a la Tiger Woods and 'delivers the goods': her intro, convention speech, debate with Biden, stump speeches to SRO crowds, and her ability to exponentially increase Chambliss' margin of victory by stumping for him one day before the vote all speak volumes of her ability to perform and execute in high-pressure situations; Sarah thus, I believe, has to be now considered the de facto leader of the GOP, until someone else emerges that gives the party a better chance to reach the promised land in 2010 and 2012.In terms of conservatism, you are either for it or against it. If you are the latter-get out of the way-we're coming through, full steam ahead.

Admin said...

cool! Sarah 2012!!!!

manajordan said...

Governor Sarah Palin is a rock star. It is because she continues to be gracious generous and firm on her values. She continues to impress me. She and her family continue to be in my prayers.

Mountain Mama said...

Okay, our dear Sarah is getting trashed in the press now specifically for her having made this statement recently:

"I still have great concerns, when much of the economic problem that we are facing today perhaps was caused by too much debt that solving those problems will not come from incurring more debt.”

Okay---fine; her sentence doesn't have perfect syntax; she should have slowed down, made a clean break after saying, "too much debt," and started another sentence entirely, rather than use "that" as a conjunction.

So what? All these "progressives" are more than willing to ignore the Messiah's many speech problems ("Uh...uh...uh.....") and his factual errors (he actually said something as dense as this: "Iran isn't a threat to us; it's a tiny little nation"---although that isn't an exact quote, but his was just as dense!).

The fact is, when these politicians are having to get little sleep and speak publicly all the time, they are bound to make some mistakes here and there. Sarah is NO worse than Obama or Biden or any other politician in that regard....

Their constant haranguing criticism just gets old......

12thMan said...

The irony here is that the great HIGHLY-EDUCATED media can't digest more than one word at a time. If they played by their OWN rules wouldn't they have to throw Charlie into the fire for starting the Sarah interview with "Governor, John McCain" (only it didn't sound like he put a pause between the two) then? I know, throw one of their own under.............

But I gotta admit, I do love watching the BIG MEDIA morph into a glorified Huff/Puff Post. Got a chance to read TIME's (remember when they used to be a news mag?) lovefest issue for Barry last night. Of course they couldn't resist taking a jab at Sarah towards the end.

Just consider the source. As Ronald might say, "They say that media is the third oldest profession. In my experience, it seems to have a lot in common with the first two"

Scott said...

can you imagine if they did a $500,000 overhaul on the straight talk airplane including her personal logo embroidered into the headrests?

also i don't know if anyone has seen a story on it but i read on another blog how obama brushed off the Supreme Court yesterday on that certain issue... and how at least 2 California electors (who are supposed to as yet vote him in) are plaintiffs in a lawsuit demanding he prove his citizenship, otherwise the Cali votes are to be held.

azaeroprof said...

Thanks for the video link. That, along with the results of the Saxby vote, have seriously recharged my batteries for the coming weeks!

Wasilla Resident said...

NEWSFLASH: Georgia is red. Obama lost there big time. duh

Mountain Mama said...

RATS! I've been had by the media one more time, unfortunately at Sarah's expense! Please read this Sarah quote, punctuated as the MSM has been publishing it everywhere:

"I still have great concerns, when much of the economic problem that we are facing today perhaps was caused by too much debt that solving those problems will not come from incurring more debt.”

That's the sentence I thought didn't have clear syntax.

Now re-read it, with new and I believe PROPER punctuation, which the MSM hasn't supplied to it, NO DOUBT on purpose, to make Sarah look dumb:

"I still have great concerns, when much of the economic problem that we are facing today perhaps was caused by too much debt, that solving those problems will not come from incurring more debt.”

See? Punctuated this way, her syntax wasn't wrong at all. I apologize for ever doubting you, Gov. Palin!!

The MSM jerks incorrectly punctuated the inflection used as she spoke----and she spoke properly and made sense! "That" was NOT improperly used by her as a conjunction; instead, commas are required for the dependent clause, and the independent clause makes perfect sense:

"I still have great concerns that solving those problems will not come from incurring more debt.”

See? GRR...... That rotten MSM....

Good heavens, how can we conservatives help Sarah Palin and other conservatives succeed, in the face of such constant mis-editing, which amounts to lying?! It is so frustrating.....

Red and Black said...

First, let me say I am a huge Sarah Palin supporter. After knowing her just a few months, I would vote for her for President right now. I trust her values, her common sense, and her love of her country.

But she did technically misspeak. The independent clause should have been -

"I still have great concerns that solving those problems will come from incurring more debt."

There should not be a "not" in that sentence.

But her speaking style does not concern me, in fact I like it. She speaks like a regular person. It was crystal clear to me what she meant.

For some brilliant analysis of Sarah, I again recommend Camille Paglia's writings at Paglia is a pro-choice, liberal, Obama supporter. But she recognizes the intelligence, charisma, and leadership exhibited by Governor Palin.

Unknown said...

You write excellent posts, MM

I found this site on hillbuzz (which continues to support Sarah) for those with Christmas shopping left to be done:



Mountain Mama said...

Actually, Gov. Palin's sentence makes sense either way, whether phrased in the positive or in the negative, because "concern" can be used either way.

Here is her sentence, written so it makes sense either way, by implication:

"I still have great concerns [to make sure] that solving those problems will not come from incurring more debt."

Or in the way you suggest:

"I still have great concerns that solving those problems will come [much as I don't want it to] from incurring more debt."

However, you're correct, Redandblack: the MSM and most people know precisely what she means! They're just being picky to keep her from seeming to be intelligent. They are also deflecting attention to her supposed grammar or syntax issues, instead of dealing with the point she's making (ie., how will creating more debt resolve debt issues?).

Mountain Mama said...

Palin's sentence is also okay another way:

"I still have great concerns that solving those problems will not [be allowed to] come from incurring more debt."

That's seems to be the very way she meant...

techno said...

I would suggest you go over to and read not only the column 'How Conservatives helped Elect Obama' by Joel Mowbray but the 'comments' section as well. I'm not going to rehash it here (you folks aren't Ziegler-exposed idiot Obamatrons)but I will say out of 70 odd comments not a one said that Sarah was the reason that McCain lost the election (debunking the MSM's assertion that Sarah was a drag on the ticket); a few mentioned that the loss would have been greater if not for Sarah; what it came down to was McCain: the tenor of his campaign, the baggage he brought with him from the past, his inability to talk to fiscal conservatives, the rejection of McCain by Hispanics and finally because he was and is NOT a conservative.

Capitolio Clorieto said...

How can people don't think she's an idiot?

Scott said...

regardless of the english exam.. how many understood what she meant? that's what counts. It's pathetic how they have nothing to attack her on so they have to have interns monitor her grammar.

Unknown said...

following up on Techno's comments on the continued attack against Sarah, four of the first 8 items on newsbusters today had to do with media bias against Sarah.

I had a chance to look at this post by Kristofer D. Lorelli in more detail today. He did an impressive job organizing it.

But, also, it speaks again to Palin Power.

the post by azaeroprof said it well:
""Thanks for the video link. That, along with the results of the Saxby vote, have seriously recharged my batteries for the coming weeks!""

There is a surge of energy coming out of this. Maybe it was more than just Mountain Mama's turkey dinner.

btw MM-- I enjoyed your English lession today. I love the language, inspite of the challanges that I have trying to use it correctly. You certainly are talented.

techno said...

I'm glad that Sarah didn't allow Barbara Walters to interview her for her special on 'Fascinating people' (the only one that chose not to) since Barbara said that Sarah was ill-informed. How do you spend 2 months being mentored by John McCain on the campaign trail, give a convention speech that rivals Reagan, defeat Biden in her debate, meet with prominent current and former politicos and statesmen, give SRO speeches and various interviews and be ill-informed? Finally, Sarah, don't go on Oprah either. As a final note Elizabeth Hasselbeck should say to Barbara-you should asked me to interview her and she probably would have done it.

SladeBlader said...

"Capitolio Clorieto said...

How can people don't think she's an idiot?"

Read that comment again buddy.. LOL The irony....

Comments like these speak more of the person making them rather than of Palin herself.

Scott said...

how can people don't think she's an idiot? it's easy, stop and think for yourself and don't rely on biased media to tell you what to believe.

Sortof the same way people believe obama was the right candidate

Unknown said...

ahhh... juicy gossip....

Sarah is giving O the same treatment as barbara wawa (aka snl of the 1980's)



As I said before, the MSM will hate her not for her beliefs but because she won't pay their game.

""But here's a little news flash for all those reporters and commentators: I'm not going to Washington to seek their good opinion. I'm going to Washington to serve the people of this country. Americans expect us to go to Washington for the right reasons, and not just to mingle with the right people.""
Sarah Palin

That was an act of war.

We are so lucky Adam found her!!!

manajordan said...

It feels like a campaign week again! Governor Palin goes out and does 4 fantastic campaign speeches which were packed with fans. She then attends an important meeting, where she is the center of attention even though Obama should have been. The media proceeds with their various attacks on her intelligence, RNC wardrobe expenditure, bringing up old issues that have already been resolved. Oh and I got sick to my stomach again. What a great blast from the past. One more thing, Sarah Palin proves yet again she is tough as nails, classy and an all around awesome person.

laurence said...

"how can people don't think she's an idiot?"

can any of you folks form a sentence that makes sense?

manajordan said...

I was excited to see the Governor's website and see her tackling a couple of things right now, including one of the latest smears.

Mountain Mama said...

What smears do you mean, Manajordan? I am interested.

I am glad this was enacted (also from her website):

Governor Palin Lauds Firearm Decision by U.S. Secretary of Interior
December 5, 2008, Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Sarah Palin today lauded the decision by the U.S. Department of the Interior that will allow an individual to carry a concealed weapon in national parks and wildlife refuges. The new rule only applies if the individual is authorized to carry a concealed weapon under state law in the state in which the national park or refuge is located.

“The possession and use of firearms is especially critical to Alaskans,” Governor Palin said. “We will continue to protect gun rights. The ability to carry a firearm can define a life or death situation, especially for protection against surprise encounters with wildlife, mainly bears. I appreciate the Interior Department recognizing this is a step in the right direction.”

Within Alaska, most of the national parks and refuge areas are open to various forms of hunting, so possession and use of firearms is already widely allowed under both state and federal law. Currently, firearms are prohibited in Denali National Park, Glacier Bay National Park, Katmai National Park, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park and Sitka National Historical Park. The new rule will take effect in January.

SladeBlader said...

Natural Gas Pipeline Speech

M. Minnesota said...

Different subject, I write out of ignorance, so I need some help of those who know the recent history of the SCOTUS. Many years ago I think the Supreme Court Affirmed and or heard a Case in which they said to a sitting President Wm. Jefferson Clinton "You have Some Explaining to do!" Does anyone know what that case was, and what was thier reasoning forcing the Executive Branch to speak truthfully? Who was on the Court? I know Roberts and Alito Were not on the Court at the time. At least the Conservative Jurists on the Court know what it's like to be reviewed/confirmed by the Senate and to have all eyes on them and speak truthfully.

Unknown said...

there is a poll on newsbusters for those interested in expressing their opinion about 2012's election.




Sarah's in the lead so far for the GOP

jill said...

Sarah Set to Piano

Kind of a fun thing someone put together to show Sarah speaks like a musician. I don't know if the motivation for making it was pro-Sarah or not, but I liked it.

Unknown said...

a link to a hillbuzz article on Sarah:




M Minnesota, that is a tough question. if I think of it, i will let you know.

Mountain Mama said...

Joe, I couldn't access that pipeline speech. Was part of the URL cut off when this blogspot published what you posted? It also wouldn't come up when I typed in your name for the speech in the Search engine at Youtube.

Laurence, what a bore. Funny that you criticize a fellow Sarah-basher of yours for being unable to gripe cogently about Sarah, when you, Laurence, don't punctuate correctly: duh! Sentences begin with CAPS.

As always, Knowitall, you're on target: thank GOD Sarah won't play Oprah's Snotty Game. (I remind you all of how viciously O. treated Dr. Laura.) Oprah is rich and powerful, and loves to force everyone to bend the knee to her.

Sorry, Big O: the knees of Sarah's heart are bowed only to GOD.

Hey, Jill, how art thou? Yes, the jazz accompaniment of Sarah's answer to Couris was meant to make fun of her. You probably enjoyed the jazz, but don't miss the slam.

Meanwhile, SNL presented a hilarious skit initially with first Hillary, then also Bill, which was a scream: she will continue to sabotage Obama, but slyly. As the Wicked Witch said: "These things must be done DE-LI-CATE-LY." (Yipes!)

Unfortunately, SNL also presented what amounts to a huge, free ADVERTISEMENT for Obama as a skit: "He's cool." Such free ads will continue, no doubt, for the next 4-8 years. How do combat the constant pitching for the leftist agenda in the MSM?

hrh said...

I haven't seen the Sarah-piano video so I can't comment per se, but if you've seen Camille Paglia's writings about Sarah on of all places, she is very complimentary of Sarah (!), and actually says her speech patterns "riff like jazz" or some such phrase. And Camille definitely means it as a compliment.

So maybe the videographer was picking up on that? Again, don't know but wanted to point out that article ...

Here's a link

Unknown said...

Mountain Mama,

regarding your question:
""How [does one] combat the constant pitching for the leftist agenda in the MSM?""

I know I am repeating myself.
The answer is "Adam Brickley".
Even though I am 60 y/o, i believe that you and I are seeing (and living) the future. The MSM will be marginalized. A new democracy will rise out of the internet.

I read the three articles on Newsbusters today about the Obama-Brokaw interview. As discouraging as this is to someone like myself on the right, Rush is right. If I notice and newsbusters notices and you notice, millions more will notice too.
Sarah is oh so correct to avoid the MSM. She should work with the people on the right and interview there. She should be open on the internet and sell herself with "shameless self promotion" to the right.
To heck with fair and balanced. If the left has their news which is accountable to only themselves, then we, on the right, should do the same and have no regrets about it.

Our role will be supporting those new news outlets and supporting the sponsors. We need to support the young people to whom being conservative is cool.
I have great faith. Our best years are yet to come. Or, as I heard one learned physician say, my favorite song is one which has not been written yet.

You may notice that I rarely give my opinion here. I usually give people links so they may go and make up their minds for themselves. Well, there I offered an opinion so you know I am passionate about this.

Mountain Mama said...

Thanks, anyway, Jill; it's okay to enjoy something that had another meaning.

Yes, Knowitall, the blogosphere is key for winning hearts and minds in the future (and I did mean, "How do we combat...." Rats! I am sorry that I was rushing when I posted my comment). But blogging isn't the only answer or help. How else can we win back those who left the Republican Party----such as all the truly wealthy people, who suddenly (reports show) switched to Obama in the last few months of the election? What gives with that?----given that they should have known that they'd lose money? Is it that they really DID believe in Obama's "change" message? How is that possible, given the facts that were at hand?

Answer: the MSM hid the facts so well. The blogosphere can't beat all the MSM; we must find other solutions.

Mountain Mama said...

I'm furious that we're bailing out the automakers, when Congress already knows the bailout won't save them from bankruptcy, anyway----and they'll only need further bailouts----but Congress isn't evidently requiring that the businesses change their failing practices!
So, SNL produced a hilarious skit about this bailout. However, I am no techie and don't know how to post a permalink; rats! I hope this URL works for everyone, because it's the only site where I can find this skit online:

Scott said...

i got the pipeline speech to work ok

Scott said...

mm your link isn't working so i found it on another site...
the auto bailout skit
bailout skit

Scott said...

mm it's easy to post a link... here's a diagram. There are no spaces except between the a and href at the beginning.. (unless there are spaces between your added text)

how to insert a link

(quotations go around the web address)

techno said...

Today at 7PM EST Sarah Palin radio of

Patriot1776 said...

Rod goes down up for US Attorney Fitzgerald - Rezko/Obama deal.

Obama hasn't even been sworn in and he has a list of potential pardons on his desk.

How did the media just ignore the cesspool of Chicago politics???? Well, we voters got what we deserve - just another politican linked to corruption.

No wonder they HATED Sarah and what she stands for.

I am sure there will be more to come.

We need to regroup and reload for 2010 and have a strong conservative message because it will be ripe for a come back!

Mountain Mama said...

Now, if they can just keep tracing the corruption ALL the way back to Obambi!!!!!!!!!!!

techno said...

Sarah did an interview with Canada AM today. It can be found on their web site or the Globe & Mail newspaper web site.

manajordan said...

Governor Palin did an interview that aired this morning in Canada talking about the Pipeline. She is such a fantastic leader. At the end of the interview they asked her about her political future including a possible run in 2012. I loved her response.

"Some days politics make me roll my eyes and say 'I don't know if politics are in my future'" and "it's certainly not the be-all, end-all for me personally."

"If there are platforms, opportunities for me to be able to effect positive change in people's lives, whether that's political or another venue I will embrace that," she said.

"But I don't know if it's going to be in politics or running for president in '12."

Sarah Palin has a servant's heart, she wants to do whatever will help others. That is the kind of leader we need.

manajordan said...

I enjoyed hearing Joe the Plumber today on Glenn Beck. He was pretty candid about the candidates that he met. About Governor Palin, "she's the real deal." He was very complimentary and recognized that she is somebody that really wants to serve the American people.


Unknown said...

Sarah News:
the Palins host the Christmas open house in Alaska. Trig is the elf.





I am crushed by the news out to Chi-town today. Could it be that THE ONE has ties to corruption. No, I refuse to believe it.

Tbone said...

Hi manajordan: Governor Palin's response to running for President in 2012 was good. I agree that Sarah would bring leadership qualities that this country needs. I believe that she is just a natural leader. Sarah i still think will run in 2012 or 2016. Sarah really enjoys interacting with people. You can tell that from all her rallies.

Tbone said...

Rod did go down in Illinois. They still have to prove all of his illegal wrongdoings in court of law though. They said there is no connections to Obama though. They have Blago on tape though. They both have connections to Rezko. Obama and Blago both come out of the very corrupt Chicago political scene. This can't be what Obama wanted right now even if he is not connected.

Tbone said...

There was a link to an article on Sarah on the hillbuzz website from December 10th. It is titled Governor Palin hosts an open house today in Juneau. There are pictures of her. I love Sarah. She is just so genuine. The Palin's are neat also. I can never get enough of Sarah.

Brianus Berkleianus said...

Hi, Everyone, Brianus here. I have not posted in the last several weeks, but I have been faithfully reading your own posts. Mountain Mama, I particularly appreciated that crucial comma you inserted a few days ago in the text of one of Sarah's speeches!!! These little marks can make all the difference. I am reminded of the "homoousian"/"homoiousian" (of one substance (St. Athanasius)/of like substance (Arianism), re the Father and the Son) theological dispute of the First Millennium. It is this dispute, I believe, that led to the expression "an iota (i.e,. an "i") of difference." I would still be interested, by the way, in hearing any responses anyone may have to my idea that Latin could provide a bridge between the Hispanic and Anglo populations in states like my California, since the Roman tongue is both the direct ancestor of Spanish, and has exercised a high degree of influence on the English language. My original post on this matter received no feedback, which somewhat surprised and disappointed me, since this issue is a crucial cultural, educational, political, and even spiritual one.

Thanks, All, for your prayers for my brother. He is holding his own in the battle with cancer.

SARAH 2012!!!!!!! I LOVE her more than ever...OUR SARAH!!!

Brianus (I apologize in advance for any typos in this post!!!)

Unknown said...

this is more obama news than sarah news.... but the gossip is just too good.
It sounds to me like Rahm has a not so secret life in the gay community of Chicago. Who would pick a "loose cannon" (sorry I could not resist the pun) like him for their inner circle.
No wonder they hate Sarah. As Hillbuzz said, real men carry their bsbies in Santa Claus suits.






craniac24 said...

Mountain Mama said...
Now, if they can just keep tracing the corruption ALL the way back to Obambi!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's very sad that you're actually wishing that our President-Elect will be found to have involvement in such a horrible scandal. It's a highly negative, cynicnal and unpatriotic sentiment that our country doesn't need right now. For the sake of our country you should be wishing Obama nothing but great success, despite your ideological disagreements.

Mountain Mama said...

Craniac, your naivete is almost endearing.

How many people do YOU know who rise to the presidency on the basis of two self-stroking books, a convention speech, and a mediocre, Dodge-That-Controversial-Vote legislative career? Remember that Hillary had the NOIVE to point that little fact out to Americans?

I lived in Hyde Park for years, two blocks south of Obambi's house. He was SELECTED and promoted by the immensely corrupt Chi-town Democrat machine pols, and every single human being----children included----in Chicago KNOWS this.

Hello-oo, who picked and CHEATED to elect Kennedy? (Look up "shoe box full of votes.") The Chicago Daley machine, that's who!

Now, Obambi undoubtedly tried to keep his nose clean, so he might never be indicted. That doesn't mean he wasn't completely involved covertly in several shady workings of the machine----and if anyone can find the necessary evidence, it IS Fitzgerald; he's a Hound from Lawyer Heaven.

Do I hope Obama does well as president? Of course! Do I nevertheless think he's likely been involved in some corrupt machine politics? Of course? Guess what? The hope and the reality aren't mutually exclusive.

On a more pleasant topic: OOPS! I forgot to commend your idea, Brian dearius! Yes, studying Latin would help connect the Hispanic and English-speaking communities. That cultural link, however, might prove daunting to present to People with Purse-strings in the school system----but I hope you're successful.

manajordan said...

Thanks knowitall and tbone for the reference to the hillbuzz article. What a beautiful family the Palin's are.
Just to let you all know about another great Palin blog, Josh Painter who comments here from time to time as a great one at

God bless. Oh and it is nice to hear from you again Brianus, I am glad to hear your brother is doing okay.

craniac24 said...

Mountain Mama,

I appreciate your attempt to backpeddle, as well as your history lesson on the seedier side of Chicago politics, but you were clearly rooting for Obama's implication in the scandal.

I stand my my assertion that your attitude is counterproductive and unpatriotic. Disagree loudly with his beliefs or methodology all you want, but when you enthusiastically wish for our President to be somehow liked to this scandal...or any scandal for that matter, it makes you look petty and shallow and un-American.

All these things said, I am somewhat surprised that people like yourself openly wished for the election of Ted Stevens, despite his felony convictions. It would seem that those who purport to hold such moral high ground would want to disassociate themsleves from such a candidate to the largest possible extent.

Unknown said...

Craniac24, there's a world of difference between supporting the president elect, as the leader of our country, and yet wanting the truth to be revealed. Even his supporters don't think he's not tied to corruption (yea, yea, double negative). But those ties will have less influence on him, as our president, if people are watching for their influence. Since you brought it up, though, I'm sure you have been all positive and supportive of our current president, as a true patriot would--as you pointed out. I know you don't think there should be a double standard, right?

Scott said...

reading that link with glenn beck on joe the plumber it doesn't sound like joe was too happy with John McCain as a candidate.

Scott said...

I think it's very sad that you're actually wishing that our President-Elect will be found to have involvement in such a horrible scandal. It's a highly negative, cynicnal and unpatriotic sentiment that our country doesn't need right now. For the sake of our country you should be wishing Obama nothing but great success, despite your ideological disagreements.}}}}}}}}

we don't want anything that isn't there.. but we do want the truth to come out.. if he is involved we're entitled to it. If he's corrupt the people need to know about it.

Mountain Mama said...

Craniac: move away from the Imagination Station and commence thinking....NOW!

You wrote:
<< when you enthusiastically wish for our President to be somehow liked to this scandal...or any scandal for that matter, it makes you look petty and shallow and un-American. >>

Oh, that's me all right----not!
Work with me, Craniac, because you can grasp this: I do not "wish" for Obama to be "liked"---um, you meant, "linked"----with this scandal; we already KNOW that Obambi IS linked, inexorably, to many people who are involved in this scandal. Just ask the lot addition to his home!

What I hope for----PAY ATTENTION!----is that Fitzgerald can find the evidence that PROVES what I believe is likely: that Obama knew about and didn't stop, or even participated in quid pro quo politics in Chicago.

Does that mean anyone (including Gov. Rod Blagojevich, much less Obambi) will actually be successfully convicted of corruption? Nope... Conviction has little to do with guilt; what matters in the law is who manages to win the case, not what the actual TRUTH is. Guilty people are set free of charges constantly----but who believes they're innocent? (Can you say, "O.J.?")

It's time that Chicago politics was cleaned up, and I'm glad it might happen, at least somewhat.

As for Ted Stevens: quit painting all conservatives with the same brush. I personally never supported him. Sarah Palin honored him until she learned about his "issues," and then she did what was proper: having no power directly to investigate or manage him, she backed away until he hung himself, so to speak.

So, as decent patroits, let's pray that ALL corruption anywhere is revealed and legally dealt with, no matter how high up the government ladder we have to go. I include Palin in this, and am glad she was exonerated.

Mountain Mama said...

MANY excellent and supportive posts here: thanks!
Re. Jan's response to Craniac:
<< Since you brought it up, though, I'm sure you have been all positive and supportive of our current president, as a true patriot would--as you pointed out. I know you don't think there should be a double standard, right? >>

BRILLIANT, Jan! Oh we all KNOW how the "progressives" have been SO patriotic and supportive of President Bush!

craniac24 said...


So let me make sure I understand. You are hoping that, "Fitzgerald can find the evidence that PROVES what I believe is likely: that Obama knew about and didn't stop, or even participated in quid pro quo politics in Chicago."

That sounds pretty clear to me. You not only believe it to be true, but you're HOPING that it's true. Perhaps I simply cannot relate to such a mentality...because if I were you, I would be praying for the exact opposite. With our country in the state that it is, the last thing we need is for our nation to be crippled by such a thing...regardless of what your ideology is.

If I were to give you an example from the other side of the coin, I would assert that, while perhaps many of those on the left were happy to see the resignation of Richard Nixon, there certainly was no pride in nor celebration of the circumstances which caused his downfall.

Lastly, allow me to say to Jan that our great nation was born only because of those brave souls who dared to be critical of the manner in which King George governed. Therefore, I argue that it is not only our right, but our responsibility to be critical of our leaders if we believe that doing so will bring about whatever change an individual believes is necessary.

Of course, there is a distinct difference between not being supportive of the way our President governs, and enthusiastically hoping that scandal rocks our nation. Nothing positive could possibly come from that.

Unknown said...

MM et al, don't bother responding to Craniac24. She/he isn't trying to understand what you are saying, she/he just wants to argue. No matter what you say, she/he will argue it and accuse you. It's not worth your time to respond or explain. (Crainiac's musings actually sounds like something troller Tom Paine would write)

Hope everyone is well. I haven't posted for a little while ...I bought a restaurant yesterday. (And then woke up this morning asking myself, "What have I DONE!) Anyway, now comes the fun part - trying to make it work in this current economy. Please pray for our family - for all the all the strength, wisdom and courage we need to accomplish this task.

Oh, and I really liked what Joe the Plummer had to say as well. he's a neat guy.

And about Blago and Obama - I was thinking the same thing, MM. I'm sure many across the country thought those same thoughts when reading about Blago. If a person DIDN'T wonder - if even for the briefest of moments - whether Obama was also involved, they'd have to be pretty brain dead.

Mountain Mama said...

Last try:

I believe and assume that Obama has been involved in the corrupt Chicago Democrat political machine.

I don't hope that his involvement is discovered; I assume his involvement already exists. High moral standards aren't Obama's strong suit: ask Hillary backers for details. He uses people, and tosses them when they begin hurting his image or agenda. Trust me, if Michelle doesn't keep shut, he'll consider dumping HER, too. Oprah, for one, would be all for it....

What I DO hope for is that Fitzgerald can find EVIDENCE of Obama's involvement in the corrupt Chicago machine----specifically, proof that will hold up in court, linking Obama and the corruption.

That is, I believe the link exists already; I don't hope for a link. I hope for PROVING the link that I and many others believe already exists.

Lord, it ain't just me: most pundits, liberal or not, are aghast at Blago's arrogance (amazing, since he knew he was being watched!) and are wondering aloud whether Obama is culpable, too----because he is SUCH a product of that corrupt machine.

Again, hoping for the destruction of a corrupt political machine IS patriotic. Blindly believing the worst about a president, without any evidence, is NOT patriotic.

Unknown said...

So Craniac, let me make sure I understand you. It's OK to bash and criticize, to be highly negative, cynical, and unpatriotic (your words there) about our president if you are a liberal and don't agree with the ideology of a republican president. But if a liberal is linked to corruption, that's OK, we should hush it up and cover it up to prevent a scandal? We should just allow those corrupt links to have a place in the decisions our president makes? Wanting links exposed (not made up, just actual links exposed) so that they have less chance of influencing the decisions made by our president is negative, cynical, and unpatriotic? Sorry, but I do disagree with you. Our leaders should have character, a strong moral fiber, integrity, honor, and courage. Those are also principles that our country is founded on. I'd feel the same way if it was a conservative with links to corruption. That's the difference between us, I guess. Corruption is corruption and should be exposed, regardless of who it is. It has nothing even to do with ideological differences at this point. Being critical of ideological differences doesn't even compare to exposing corruption. But let's just cover it up and turn the entire country into Chicago, right?

Tbone said...

I agree with Mountain Mama on Obama. It is very likely that Obama has been involved in the very corrupt Chicago Democratic Machine. I find it hard to believe that he can come to power out of Chicago without some support of the corrupt democratic machine.
It is hard to believe that Blago could be that stupid. Not only is he arrogant but delusional. He still remains governor and says he is innocent. Hopefully Fitzgearld could help destroy the corrupt Chicago machine. It is destroying Illinois. Whether Obama is involved or not. It is amazing that Blago won reelection with 50% of the vote in 2006 when he was a known crook.

techno said...

If you have noticed and I know you will find this hard to believe since August 29 there has been only two truly negative stories regarding Sarah: 1) the financial meltdown which Sarah was only a bystander, not a participant and 2) the election loss. Here are 10 other stories that were offered by the MSM to derail her popularity and have not succeeded because of their inaccuracy or falsehood (by the way comparing these stories with Obama, Obama's associations and the Blago scandal): 1)Trig trutherism fostered by Andrew Sullivan: what is worse-that Sarah may not be Trig's mother (she is) or Obama may not be a 'natural-born' citizen (who knows)? 2)Sarah's wardrobe 'excesses' that were fully provided and paid for by the RNC (Obama reneging on his promise to accept public financing)3)Sarah accused of being ruthless in firing people (Obama's team of lawyers flooding Anchorage and Wasilla looking for any sort of dirt on Sarah and teaming with the Enquirer to 'leak' that Sarah had an affair which went nowhere) 4)Sarah accused of going rogue (Obama's association with rogues like Ayres and Rezko)5)Sarah and Troopergate vs Obama and Blagogate 6)Sarah not knowing Africa is a continent when her father is a teacher and she is a university graduate vs Obama not knowing there are only 50 states (not 57)7)Sarah was a 'drag' on the ticket which was debunked after an analysis of the results showing 20% of conservatives voted for Obama or 3rd party and many of those claimed they did that was because of McCain's past and a general consenus by conservatives that Sarah kept the contest competitive (by the way as of Wikipedia the McCain-Palin ticket now has amassed over 59.9m votes only 1.2m short of Bush in 2004)vs Joe Biden who as a daily gaffe machine should have brought Obama down but was so insignificant that voters apparently ignored his incompetence 8)Sarah being attacked for a lack of foreign affairs knowledge but willing to appear at a protest against Iran at the UN vs Hillary withdrawing from an opportunity to do the same on orders from the Obama camapign 9)Sarah being too hard on Obama criticizing him for 'palling around with an unrepentant domestic terrorist and advocating socialism vs Obama did and did. 10)Sarah is a moron that negotiated a $40B pipeline deal vs Biden claiming that FDR got on TV in 1929 to talk about the Depression and that Obama would be 'tested' in the first 6 months of his administration

techno said...

What would you rather have on your Christmas wish list? 1)Obama's elitist intelligence vs Sarah's genuine integrity? IMHO the answer to this one question will determine why so many people voted for Obama and why 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing'.

Mountain Mama said...

GRE-EAT POSTS, Techno! I've missed your lists (but don't ruin your holidays writing TONS of them! ~wink~ )

Yeah, Jan----Craniac is no brainiac; he can't see how he doesn't meet his own, supposedly-high "moral" standards! Typically blind liberal.... (no offense meant to the sight challenged). And it was hilarious to read Craniac's reference to the Founders: how much you wanna bet he'd completely reject their faith and conservatism!?

Lisa! What kind of restaurant are you starting? God bless your efforts! If your food is excellent and your prices are low, people will flock to your business, even if you only serve a few (yummy) items, or even if it's a crummy economy.

Brianus, we're rejoicing that your brother is better. How gratefully will you celebrate Christ's Mass, right?

Finally, how cool that the auto bailout is still blocked? I wish they'd killed the first bank bailouts, too! How crummy, though, that some politicians who are pushing this bailout want to restrict WORKERS' incomes and benefits, without similarly restricting the white collar incomes and benefits! They're all trying to placate the electorate, without realizing that we basically want to know the truth: can we help this economy, or not?----and how can we afford these bailouts in the first place?

The entire mess is so sickening. I wish they'd investigate and enact the Automated Payment Transaction ("A.P.T.") tax reform, because it's the lowest tax ever, while being completely fair----and it can absolutely help this economy recover.

But the APT tax requires politicians to give up the power they derive from holding the tax code over our heads----so the politicians are loathe to enact it. How completely selfish----and in this economy, how potentially horrific, destructive, and short-sighted!

Sarah, if you're still reading this blogspot, why don't you enact the APT tax in Alaska and show the world how saving economies is done!?

Tbone said...

Hi Mountain Mama- It is great that atleast for the moment the auto bailout is killed. Polls show that alot of people were against the bank bailout's. This country can't afford the bailouts. The deficit for 2009 is going to be over a trillion dollars. That is without Obama's plans and another stimulus package. The national debt is going to skyrocket next year.