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Friday, October 31, 2008

Home Stretch

Well, here we are. The final days of the campaign are ticking down, and all we can really do is wait. That said, I'm going to try to blog hard until election day, and I have not intention of stopping afterward (regardless of result). Just so you know, my laptop has been stolen, so I'm a little dependent on my work computer and my friends' I might be a little sporadic. Anyway, we should have a lot of good news to cover in the next few days, and I intend to stay on top of it. The polls are showing a very close race, Sarah is doing a fantastic job on the trail, and Barack Obama is being forced to play defense in states he thought were wrapped up (namely Iowa, where he was today). Keep it tuned here for all things Sarah as we ramp up for the big finale!

P.S. What's cuter than Piper and Trig? Piper and Trig in costume! (love the baby elephant!)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

AK Dems Defend Palin!

This AP article is a MUST READ. You know the media is not doing their job when even Palin's in-state rivals feel compelled to defend her.

Also, I taped a segment with CNN International this morning. They put me opposite liberal blogger Zennie Abraham, and I have to say that it was an enjoyable discussion. I will let you know as soon as they tell me when they are airing it, and I will be sure to post video here.

Monday, October 27, 2008

UPDATE: Here's the video of the CNN interview


First off, The CNN interview went well and I am working on getting a video for you. I should be able to put it up soon. But first, I wanted to address another issue that has been jumped on by the media..."anonymous McCain staffers" saying that Palin has gone "rogue".

There seems to be no real evidence of tension between McCain and Palin, just tension between Palin and the staffers which were assigned to her (mostly ex-Bush staffers). Everyone in the media seems to be placing the blame on Sarah (as always), but lets take a look at this situation:

Staffers are complaining that Palin isn't taking their advice...advice which led to the Katie Couric editing spree, the Charlie Gibson chop-job, and the abandoned "makeover". Now that Sarah is finding her feet and doing what she does best, suddenly the bad-advice people think they have a right to get mad at her?! Please. These people work for Sarah, not the other way around. She's their boss, not their science project. There's nothing wrong with trusting your advisers, but when the advisers steer you wrong, it's time to get a second opinion. Sarah is the candidate, meaning that she cannot "go rogue" on anyone (except McCain himself), or veer off her own message. The only people "going rogue" are the staffers who wanted to keep Sarah under wraps and hide her from the electorate. Considering their handling of the situation, they should be grateful that Sarah is keeping them around at all.

CNN Appearance Today!

Just so you all know. I will be appearing on CNN today at 3:30 PM Eastern/12:30 PM Pacific. I will do my best to make video available as soon as possible.

Friday, October 24, 2008


This is an independent interview I did a few days ago, which has been uploaded to Current. Thanks to Kyanna for a great interview, it was a pleasure talking to you. Be sure to go over to Current and "Vote Up".

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CNN for Sarah, New Yorker for Me.

If you didn't see it yesterday, Gov. Palin turned in a fine performance in a one-on-one interview with CNN's Drew Griffin. I guess they only publicize these things when they think they use them to damage the governor. Oh, well.

On a more personal note, the current issue of The New Yorker has an article on the rise of Sarah Palin...and yes, I'm part of it. It was a real pleasure to be interviewed by Jane Mayer, and I think that the final article came out very well.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Live, From New York, It's Sarah Palin!

Last night was Gov. Palin’s SNL debut, and personally, I thought it she was hilarious. I think I read that that the show drew a record audience, which could have an ever-so-slight impact on the polls. I think it said a lot that Sarah was willing to participate in what I think were comparatively wild sketches (as opposed to those that have featured either the real John McCain or the real Barack Obama, which were rather tame). Great job, Governor!
I could probably analyze these sketches more, but then you wouldn’t have time to watch them (assuming that you haven’t already done so)

Gov. Palin Steals Tina Fey’s Thunder!

The Sarah Palin Rap (Pure Hilarity!)

Hope your enjoyed the weekend fun, and see you tomorrow as we get back into campaign mode.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

John and Sarah: The Comeback Kids

Ladies and Gentleman, the comeback has begun! The polls were starting to narrow anyway, and John McCain gave the campaign a final boost by blowing Obama away in tonight’s debate. The media can say what they will, but everyone I talked to thought that Senator McCain won convincingly and turned in his best performance yet. Senator Obama, on the other hand, looked flustered by McCain’s spot-on criticisms. After the debate ended, Obama looked worn out while McCain was bouncing off the walls. I don’t care what any pundit says; both candidates on stage tonight clearly knew who won and who lost.

Now, the question becomes how to build on this momentum and continue climbing until Election Day. By most counts, Obama is up by between three and eight points. Some polls, particularly the Gallup Daily Tracker, have shown a wider lead. However, I refuse to put stock in the Gallup Poll as they have recently changed their definition of a “likely voter”. Luckily, Gallup is honest enough to report how their poll would have come out if the traditional definition of a “likely voter” was applied. In today’s poll, for instance, Obama enjoys a 7% lead among registered voters, and an 8% lead among “likely voters”. However, if the standard definition of a likely voter had been used rather than Gallup’s new expanded version, the very same poll would have shown Obama leading by only 3%! Hence, my personal feeling is that Obama’s actual lead going into the debate was somewhere in the 3-6% range. Based on McCain’s performance tonight, I would expect a 1-2% shift in his favor in the next few days, leaving the race in a statistical dead heat. This is where Sarah Palin once again enters the picture.

If you haven’t noticed yet, Gov. Palin has been granted MUCH more independence lately and has ramped up her end of the campaign. She’s doing well in her speeches, and more importantly she has been doing well in interviews. I listened to her on Rush Limbaugh yesterday and the Mike Gallagher Show this morning - she did beautifully in both. She’s also been getting a bit more positive coverage by doing things like stopping the Straight Talk Express at Wal-Mart to buy diapers for Trig (don’t laugh, it happened recently). Finally, if she does indeed appear on Saturday Night Live, she will likely generate a good deal of publicity and emphasize the difference between Tina Fey and the real Sarah Palin. These moves by Gov. Palin may be able to shift the polls another 1-2%.

I’ve already lined out the possibility for a 2-4% shift based solely on McCain and Palin’s actions. Taking into account other factors, it could easily be bigger. The stock market will gradually begin to stabilize, deflating the panic that has inflated Obama’s recent numbers. ACORN is becoming a major issue as more and more fraudulent voter registrations are found. I would not be surprised to see several more major ACORN busts, possibly accompanied by criminal charges. Finally, if there is any major international news, McCain is the natural beneficiary based on his foreign policy credentials.


This has made a few headlines in the last few days, but I hadn't heard the full song until today. So, for those who have yet to hear Hank Williams Jr.'s "McCain-Palin Tradition", enjoy.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sarah on Rush!

For those that haven't seen it yet, Gov. Palin gave a great interview today on the Rush Limbaugh Program. She was in rare form, looks like SarahCuda is back and better than ever.

Click here to read the transcript.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Great "Troopergate" Response

It's a bit of a slow news day, and I don't have much time. However, before I forget, I wanted to quickly direct you to the response to the Branchflower report issued by Gov. Palin's lawyers. It turns the entire investigation on its head by asserting (credibly) that Sen. Hollis French, Sen. Lyda Green, and "investigator" Steve Branchflower are themselves in violation of Alaska's ethics laws. It also makes a plausible case for "abuse of power" on the part of Senators Green and French due to their use of public money to finance a labor union's vendetta against the governor. I really enjoyed reading such a thorough smackdown against the anti-Palin lynch mob, and I feel that I would be doing you disservice if I didn't make sure that all of your read it.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Half-Baked Alaska with A.C.O.R.N. Glaze

Well, we’re still waiting for the release (or lack thereof) of the Branchflower report on the Troopergate circus. I don’t really want to go into too much detail until we know more but I do want to offer some thoughts:
I personally doubt this will happen, but let’s say we end up with a “worst-case” scenario where most of the “allegations” against Palin are deemed to be true. Even in that case, I have difficulty discerning a crime. Legally, you can’t say that Commissioner Monegan was wrongly fired. First, he wasn’t dismissed. He was offered a reassignment, which he refused. Second, a Commissioner can be legally dismissed for any reason or even no reason. If I recall, they’re no longer even investigating that angle.
So, if it’s not about Monegan, maybe it’s about Todd Palin’s undue influence on his wife’s administration. Again, there’s no crime there. The governor can choose whoever she wants as an advisor, and numerous first spouses have had as much, if not more, influence than Todd Palin. Nancy Murkowski, Todd’s predecessor, admittedly had a VERY large role in her husband’s administration.
So, if it’s not about Todd, maybe it’s about the idea that Sarah used her power to pressure the department of Public Safety to fire Trooper Mike Wooten. I’m guessing that this is the actual focus of the “investigation”, but there are a lot of pitfalls there as well. I don’t have a link ready, but I remember reading somewhere that the legislators running this show originally said that pressuring for the dismissal of Wooten would be within the governor’s rights if she believed that he genuinely was a bad trooper. So, in order for the kangaroo court to find any wrongdoing, they would have to prove that Sarah not only applied direct pressure to fire Wooten (an accusation which already seems to have been debunked), but also that she disbelieved her own assertion that Mike Wooten was a bad trooper and a threat to public safety. First off, that’s a rather extraordinary burden of proof for the investigator; and second, I think it’s painfully clear that Trooper Wooten is no saint (I would point to his numerous official reprimands). Now, I’m no lawyer, but from what little I know, there objectively should be no case. The only thing they could potentially do is accuse somebody of trying to cover up a crime that…well…was never a crime to begin with.

Now, let’s compare this farce to some of the recent events involving the Obama campaign. Obviously, there’s the Willaim Ayers issue, on which Obama has shifted his position (he now says he knew of Ayers’ terrorist activities but believed that he had be ‘rehabilitated’). That’s worse than Troopergate to begin with in my mind, but most of those associations do go back a little farther than Palin’s issues with Mike Wooten, so let’s deal with something a little more current: A.C.O.R.N. If you’ve been reading the news, you should know that A.C.O.R.N, a community organizing network, is in a lot of hot water for voter fraud. Not only has Barack Obama associated with them in the past, his campaign paid $800,000 to an A.C.O.R.N. -affiliated organization back in the primaries. Now, as it comes to light that A.C.O.R.N is responsible for thousands of false voter registrations in numerous states, Sen. Obama is trying to backpedal. The conservative media and the Republican Party are getting mad, but the “mainstream” people don’t even seem to think that A.C.O.R.N. is even relevant. We’re talking about an organization that is actively trying to rig votes for Obama, which is a much bigger deal than trying to get a bad trooper fired, but I don’t hear anyone in the press screaming for an investigation. Maybe they’re just too busy camping out in the Alaska State Capitol.

Half-Baked Alaska: Awaiting the Branchflower Report

Once again, we return to the three-ring circus that is the "Troopergate" non-scandal. Apparently, "independent investigator" Steve Branchflower has completed his report and the legislative council is debating whether to realease it to the public. I will be commenting futher this evening when we know more, and I am planning a compare-and-contrast of Troopergate with Barack Obama's scandals. Obviously, this investigation has been so thoroughly discredited that I'm not putting any stock in any of the findings, but it will be interesting to see how much mud gets thrown at the wall. Stay tuned, and please take a look at the McCain campaign's "Palin Truth Files" website for more information about about this issue.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yom Kippur

In observance of Yom Kippur, there will be no active blogging on this site until Friday morning. The comment section will be open. Thank You.

Monday, October 6, 2008

SarahCuda vs. The Associated Press

If anything is dropping faster than the stock market, it's the media's level of integrity. Yesterday, the Associated Press dove further into the gutter by accusing Governor Palin of racism. I'm not particularly surprised by the claim, as the Obamaphiles in press seem to be fond of using racism claims to dispute any argument that they can't legitimately refute. However, I am appalled at the reasoning behind this claim, as it seems to be the first time the media has admitted that any criticism of Obama (including legitimate, totally non-racial remarks) can and will be labeled as racism.

Here's the breakdown: The AP has declared Palin a racist for associating Senator Obama with Bill Ayers, an admitted and unrepentant terrorist who once bombed the U.S. Capitol. Here's the problem: Ayers is white; most of his "Weather Underground" colleagues were white; and he is often referenced as an archetype of the (predominantly white) pseudo-intelligentsia of 1960s radicals masquerading as intellectuals on America's college campuses. Mr. Ayers has no connection to anything that would be considered "black", let alone "stereotypically black". In fact, associating Obama with Ayers is more of an attempt to associate him with the snobbish (and, again, mostly white) class of leftover-hippies-turned-radical-professors. So, basically, the AP has declared Palin racist because she associated Sen. Obama with a bunch of elitist Caucasians.

This bizarre feat of intellectual gymnastics was justified by the AP as follows:

Palin's words avoid repulsing voters with overt racism. But is there another subtext for creating the false image of a black presidential nominee "palling around" with terrorists while assuring a predominantly white audience that he doesn't see their America?

Read that again very carefully. Essentially, they said that she did nothing racial at all, but merely that she dared to suggest that Senator Obama is anything less than a divine gift to America. If this paradigm were applied across the board, EVERY criticism of Obama would be labeled racism. Using that definition, it is literally impossible to say anything negative about the Senator from Illinois without committing a racist act.

Think about that for a second - let it sink in. According the the AP, NOBODY CAN EVER SAY ANYTHING BAD ABOUT BARACK OBAMA.

Friends, that's not just's downright Orwellian.

Sarah Palin is not a racist. She never has been; She never will be; and it is an understatement to say that the AP owes her an apology. It is appalling to me that Barack Obama's association will Bill Ayers, an admitted and unrepentant terrorist, would be considered anything less than "fair game". Until such time as Sen. Obama admits that he showed bad judgement by ever associating with Mr. Ayers, this should remain an open issue, and we should regard any media attempt to bury the story as censorship.

Apologies if this sounds a little radical of me, but this is genuinely how I see it, and I challenge the AP to prove to me that I am wrong.

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Day After

With the dust finally settling after the debate, it is becoming more and more clear that Sarah scored a resounding victory last night. The conservative media is ecstatic, and most of the mainstream media are declaring it a draw but noting that Sarah did exactly what she needed to do. The leftists and Obambaphiles aren't impressed, but we weren't expecting them to see the light anyway. Even if we accept the idea that Sarah and Sen. Biden tied (and I will admit that the he did well), I would give the tie to Sarah for several reasons:

1) Low expectations.
2) The debate was billed as a referendum on Sarah, and hardly anyone mentioned Joe Biden in the run-up. Far more people tuned in to watch her than her opponent, so she probably got more attention from the audience.

I would also note that skeptics such as David Brooks and Peggy Noonan wasted no time in jumping back on the bandwagon (though we are still awaiting reaction from Kathleen Parker).

So, Sarah is not only back in the game but back with a vengeance. To quote Noonan, "she killed." The only question now is how much movement we will see in the polls. My guess is that McCain will get enough of a bump to take back narrow leads in Virgina, Florida, and possibly Ohio. That would leave him down slightly overall, but well within striking distance if he can score victories in his own debates (which, judging by his first performance, he can).

Lastly, I think we saw last night that the unedited Sarah is far better than the unethical, cut-and-spliced travesties that Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric presented (and no, I don't think that's putting it to harshly after reading the unedited transcripts). This should provide a lesson to the McCain campaign that LIVE interviews are a absolute necessity for Sarah. I don't have a particular affinity for the Sunday talk shows, but I'm starting to think that they are the best venue simply because they cannot be edited. I know that Brian Williams of NBC has the next private interview lined up, and while I think he may have to be more careful after watching the debate, the campaign should assume that he will be just as...ahem..."artistic" in his editing as the other two network anchors. So, now is the time to start booking "Meet the Press" if they want to avoid another hit job.

Congratulations to Gov. Palin on a great debate, and thanks to all of you for helping her get there!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

Well, I feel comfortable saying that Gov. Palin won tonight. Granted, Sen. Biden was well prepared and gave a good performance. However, I think Palin had the best lines of the night and related to her audience much better. She had a grasp of the issues and soundly put to rest any doubts about her competence. Judging by the earliest media reaction, it looks like the reaction to Sarah’s performance was overwhelmingly positive. Granted, I was watching Fox, but the focus group people all seemed to agree, and there were a number of Democrats in the group.

In the final analysis, I think that we won’t really know how everything went until we see the news reports tomorrow. I’ll be watching to see which lines get the most play in both the mainstream and the conservative media. But, in the early going, I think that the perception is that Sarah is back with a vengeance.

Very quickly, I wanted to run over a few of the bullet points I listed before the debate.

1) On the wardrobe, we didn’t see the red, but we also didn’t see the dreaded leather jacket. So, I think that we saw some evidence that there is less harsh image control.

2) On Gwen Ifill, I thought that most of her questions were fair. I thought that one question was designed to imply that Gov. Palin supported gay marriage (which she does not). But, other than that, a competent job.

3) Kudos to Sen. Biden for keeping a lid on himself and avoiding pitfalls. That said, I saw/heard him sigh several times while listening to Sarah’s responses and I thought that his pronounced facial expressions could easily provide fodder for Saturday Night Live.

Enjoy the Debate!

I’ve decided against live-blogging tonight’s debate, as it is probably best let you watch rather than forcing you to multi-task on such a big night. I will, however, be providing at least one post-debate analysis. My plan is to put up my personal response right after the debate ends (and before the media gets their crack at Sarah), and then another post later analyzing the media’s response (no promises, though).

A few quick thoughts before we get started:

1) I’m personally going to be watching on FoxNews - not necessarily for the right-leaning coverage, but because they had the most coverage of the Gwen Ifill story yesterday. I’ll personally be watching Ms. Ifill very carefully, so I’m interested to hear analysis of her performance in addition to Sarah and Sen. Biden.

2) You may think I’m nuts for saying this, but I think that Gov. Palin’s wardrobe choice will be our first tip to how she will do tonight. Will we see the “Cindy McCain” designer leather jacket from the Couric interview, the “signature Sarah” red powersuit, or something black and formal? If we see the red, I think that’s our first clue that Sarah is liberated and coming out swinging.

3) Both Biden and Palin are masters of the one-liner, and I expect a number of memorable lines tonight. The question is who will get more.

4) My guess is that Biden will try to ignore Sarah and debate John McCain. On the other hand, I’ve read that Sarah is planning to debate Biden directly. Keep close track of who Biden is talking to. If he takes his focus off McCain and starts talking about Sarah, it could mean that she’s getting under his skin. And if she gets under his skin, she wins.

5) While we’re on the subject of Sen. Biden, there are two key traps waiting for him. First, he must always refer to Sarah as “Gov. Palin”. He doesn’t know her, and to address her without her title will be seen as demeaning. Secondly, he has to be very careful about mentioning the fact that his son is deploying to Iraq, as Track Palin is doing the same. Palin, as a mother, will win any arguments about empathizing with her children, and Biden could be in SERIOUS trouble if he dares to bring up Track before Sarah does.

There is probably a lot more that I’m not mentioning, but those are the first things that spring to mind. Enjoy the debate, and I will see you all afterward.

Debate Prep

Well, the big day has finally arrived. Tonight, in what will almost certainly be the most-watched VP debate in history, Sarah faces off against Sen. Joe Biden with all the marbles on the line. I don’t want to get too bogged down in analysis, but I do genuinely think that all signs are pointing to a Palin win. Consider the following:

1) While I think that much of the criticism of Gov. Palin’s creatively edited interviews with Katie Couric has been overblown, it has succeeded in lowering expectations. In some cases, I think they have been lowered so far that it is literally impossible for Sarah to perform worse than expected.

2) Gov. Palin is generally regarded as a good debater. Coupled with low expectations, even a typical performance from Sarah will be regarded as a major win.

3) Thanks to her book on Obama, Gwen Ifill will be under more scrutiny than any moderator in history. She will likely go overboard to ensure that she is seen as unbiased, meaning that the questions will likely be fair ones rather than “gotcha” pop quizzes a la Katie Couric.

4) Debates cannot be edited. Both the Gibson and Couric interviews were edited to eliminate Gov. Palin’s best answers, and sometimes to make it look as if she evaded questions that, in the REAL interview, she answered. In a debate, there is no way to censor a speaker, so if Sarah answers a question, the public will actually hear her.

Now, Joe Biden is a good debater and a formidable opponent. He’ll be tough to beat, but I think that the deck is currently stacked in Sarah’s favor. In their rush to destroy her, some in the media have created a situation where she can look “better than expected” simply by forming complete sentences and not behaving like a character from “Hee Haw.” Hence, if she does indeed look competent and prepared, she will get even more of a bounce than she otherwise would have. An otherwise "good” performance will be seen as “stellar”, and an otherwise “stellar” performance could rise to the rank of “legendary”.

No promises, but I am going to try to live-blog tonight’s festivities. Hopefully, we will be watching the launch of Sarahmania version 2.0. See you then.