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Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Thread

Hello Everyone.

Since there are still a lot of people commenting here, I figured that I would give you a new post to start on. This way, you won't have to scroll through three pages to get to the recent stuff.

If you want to read my recent writing, you can find me at three different locations. In addition to my own blog, The Brickyard, I am also now a contributor to and Conservatives 4 Palin.


Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Thanks, Adam. I'm still trailing way behind - someday I'll make it to additional sites.

I'm really suprised we aren't hearing more outcry concerning so much of Obama's antics.

Starting with Obama's decision to move the 2010 census into the White House where Obama's people can change the numbers, to making the CEO of a private company resign, to telling companies what they can and can't do with their legal contracts, telling the car companies that the White House will decide who the members of the company board will be, and finally the bail out money that frightened banks now can not return even if they want to.

Now there is talk of mandatory "volunteer" programs for teen agers. Knowing a wide spectrum of teenagers and their personalities, I have to wonder how the government would make a "volunteer" program work; who would supervise it, what kind of "educating" would be included, how far they would go to enforce participation, and how much the volunteer program would end up costing.

The current social climate is more scary to me that the global warming climate.

Obama's behavior in London has also been absolutely embarrassing. He thinks he's not only the king of America, but that the rest of the world should bow to him as well. I can't believe he's given the Queen of England an ipod with his speeches on it. What a self-absorbed child! And then Obama's wife, against protocal, put her arm around the the Queen of England! The rest of the world leaders seem to be irritated by Obama's behavior at the G20 conference.

Obama and his people are on a road to doing serious damage to our country. They are children playing adult. We all need to scream at our Congress people and Obama and get as many others to scream as well.

For a complete list of contact information for Congress, Obama, his cabinet, and 40 top Obama aides, go to Get the Contact info and share it with your friends.

This administration is going to continue to steam roll over everyone until people start to speak up loudly.

Gelston said...

Adam, thank you for starting a new thread.

Lisa. That is a perfect entry. You did not miss a thing. I agree with everything that you said. You are not falling behind

techno said...

"...but was there any domination which did not appear natural to those who possessed it."

John Stuart Mill On Liberty 1849

techno said...

"And that after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins

When all men are paid for existing and no man must pay for his sins..."

Rudyard Kipling

craniac24 said...

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

"Obama's behavior in London has also been absolutely embarrassing...I can't believe he's given the Queen of England an ipod with his speeches on it. What a self-absorbed child! And then Obama's wife, against protocal, put her arm around the the Queen of England!"

I think your grasp of the facts is what's embarassing.

techno said...

"The political class is increasingly deciding the business winners and losers. This dramatically opens the door to massive corruption."

Pajamas Media (David Thompson blogger)

techno said...

"Never apologize and never explain-it's a sign of weakness."

John Wayne is She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949

techno said...

"No one seemed to have the faintest idea that when public enthusiasm is once damped, nothing can enkindle it again, when the necessity arises..."

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

1akn said...

Adam, glad you're back. I'm new to your site, but thought you'd be a good person to start with getting info out about LEVI. I'm sick of seeing him lie on tv every day. That kid is a scam artist. Every day he's bragging about not having to take care of tripp--that bristol does it for him. and he didn't live with the palin's either. he crashed their for a few weeks. He complains about not being able to get any sleep b/c the baby kept him up at night. He's always sitting in the Carrs parking lot in his big red truck with a blonde girl--and it aint his weird, obsessive sister with the tattoo of his name on her wrist. It's some freakin sophomore. Who paid for that trip to tyra? He's flat a** broke. His mom has 6 felony drug charges. He aint working. He aint getting his highschool diploma. Bristol could do so much better. Atleast she tried to be polite when she went on tv once. And she's going to graduate with us in June.

techno said...

"...we do not belong to ourselves; we are not our own; man must get in step with a law and harmonize their conduct, to get in step with it, proper role or duty of men; men love the ought; the duty, submission to something higer, the categorical imperative..."


techno said...

"For the waywardness of the simple will kill them and the complacency of fools will destroy them"

Proverbs 1:32

techno said...

"Frankly when struggling against moral depravity there's no such thing as a strategy without conviction."

FR Mancolicani

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Hi iakn;

I was confused by your note at first, because I hadn't heard any of those points on the news. Wondered where you'd picked them up. But as I read on, it sounds like you know Bristol and Levi personally and are you a high school classmate of Bristol's. Is that correct?

If so, the points you made help to make sense of the break-up.

My daughter has a story much like Bristol's. I tried to talk her out of her relationship with a guy three years ago, when she was 18. He was not a mature person. She didn't listen. They had a son together and then went ahead and got married, much like Bristol was prepared to do. I did my best with it. I celebrated her marriage with them, welcomed him to the family, and spoiled my grandchild. Now she has asked him to move out and is getting a divorce. The young man can't keep a job, is dishonest, doesn't pay bills, and doesn't pay good attention to the baby. Sounds just like Levi.

Still, I am sad about the divorce. When she insisted on marrying him, I decided to do my best to help. Now I'm not sure what role to take. I can really understand the Palin's equally troubling position. Once a child is involved, nothing is easy. it's very hard to decide what the best road is.

So I haven't told my daughter what to do in this. My advice came before the marriage. I have to stay out of it after.

Praise God that Bristol has made a decision prior to a wedding. It's too bad that so many of Bristol's decisions have caused such difficulties in the entire family, though.

Teenagers always seem to think that it is their right to make whatever decision they want without any concern to how their decisions affect those closest to them. But I guess I did the same thing to my mother.

Anyway, if what you are saying are things known to be true among those nearest to Bristol and Levi, I can only assume that Bristol has made the right decision this time.

techno said...

"No, we want a king over us. Then we will be like all other nations, with a king to lead us and to go out before us and fight our battles."

I Samuel 8: 19-20

NB: 'government by king was introduced into the world by heathens from whom the children of Israel copied the custom...most prosperous invention the devil ever set on foot for the promotion of idolatry."

Thomas Paine

techno said...

"Uncertainty and hesitation are the opposites of virtue."


techno said...

"A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus by their fruit you will recognize them."

Matthew 7: 18-20

techno said...

"I have sinned for I have betrayed innocent blood." (Judas)

"What is that to us. That's your responsibility." (the chief priests)

Matthew 27: 4

(the day of Levi's appearance on Larry King)

Mountain Mama said...

Hey, everyone! I hope you're still engaged in the process, out there blogging away?

Say, 12thMan, oh 12thMa-an!
I remember it's coming up soon, son.

Btw, didn't Bristol do well in her radio interview last week, the same day she graduated? Sarah and Todd and The Fam are doing a great job of giving Bristol hope and support----of course!
Oops! I mean, YOU BETCHA!

Mountain Mama said...

As I posted at ---

A blogger for "The Boston Herald," Holly Robichaud, wrote recently about how Notre Dame today has invited BO to speak (through TOTUS, no doubt), and will confer upon BO an honorary degree.

Ms. Robichaud obtained a statement via email from none other than Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin about this event:

“My favorite grandpa, Clem James Sheeran, was Catholic. Irish to the core, his favorite place (other than church) was Notre Dame. I can’t imagine what he would think as the university recognizes someone who contradicts the core values of the Catholic faith by promoting an anti-life agenda. As we learned today, our nation is more pro-life than ever before; it is a very important time to strengthen the message that every baby is created for good purpose and has the potential to make this world a better place.”

Supporters of Gov. Palin (who speaks very well, even when HER teleprompter has trouble scrolling) are SO proud of her for making this compassionate and cogent statement.

Joe said...

Governor Palin will soon be visiting Auburn, New York on Saturday, June 6.

Auburn is a small city of nearly 30,000 citizens in Upstate New York, with a rich history, with some very important ties to Alaska. As the home town of William Seward, the city of Auburn has decided to dedicate its first annual "Founder's Day" celebration to the important ties of Seward to the great state of Alaska, which happens to be celebrating its own 50th anniversary of statehood.

Seward House, the Founder's Day committee, and the entire area are highly excited that the Governor has accepted an invitation to be a part of this important event, which celebrates the rich history of Auburn and its ties to this historic anniversary of Alaskan statehood.

Meghan Stapleton, who most of us know as one of Sarah's great advisors and ardent supporters, is an Auburn native, and the area will be so excited to have her home again as part of the celebration.

As many may know, Central New York has a tremendously rich history in the Women's Rights movement, dating back to the very foundation of the suffrage movement in Seneca Falls. As the first Republican Vice Presidential candidate, and the second major national VP candidate, there are so may ways ways in which this area echoes the important themes of her recent candidacy, and ongoing legacy.

Auburn's 2009 Founder's Day event will be a great way to celebrate one of Auburn's greatest figures in William Seward, as well as Auburn's important ties to the great state of Alaska. And what an honor to have Governor Palin as a part of it!

Stephen Carr said...

Good stuff. Just surfed in and looking for Pro-Palin blogs.
Elect Sarah Palin

Mountain Mama said...

THANK you for the great, informative post, Joe!

Hey, be sure to get some photos of this event, and let us know where you post them, okay? KUDOS!

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Obama has been apologizing to the world for what he sees as the historical "arrogance" of America's interference with other governments.

He stated that "no system of government can or should be imposed upon one nation by any other."
He then went on to tell Israel this week how they should run their country.

You want a list of apologies he's made around the world?

Jan. 26: -- in an interview with Al Arabiya
April 1: -- at a press conference ahead of the G20 in London
April 2: -- at G20 summit in London
April 2: -- President Obama, at the G20 in London, as reported by Germany's Der Spiegel, where he said, "It is true…that the (economic) crisis began in the U.S. I take responsibility, even if I wasn't even president at the time."
April 3: -- in Strasbourg, France
April 6: -- in Ankara, Turkey
April 16: -- in an op-ed that appeared in U.S. and Latin American newspapers prior to the Summit of the Americas
April 18: -- at the Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain, Trinidad, where he said, "We have at times been disengaged, and at times we sought to dictate our terms.”

Again, he says this and then turns around and dictates to Israel how they should run their country.

Now, where's the list of areas where the U.S. has been arrogant, aggressive and selfish over the last few decades? How about when we aided and defended allies in two World Wars, or sent billions of dollars in international aide to needy countries - regardless of race or religion? Then there was the assistance to South Korea in their time of need, liberating Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm, economic assistance to Eastern Europe after the Soviet Union collapsed, tripling aide to Africa, providing over $350 million to help Tsunami victims in 2004, aide to earthquake victims in Pakistan, India, China and even Iran, and then drawing attention to Darfur. Yup, if the U.S. kept its nose out of everyone's business, the world would be different.

Mountain Mama said...

Lisa, you're a treasure. GREAT post, dear one!

(How's the restaurant coming along? I hope this economy is going okay there!)

R-R-R said...

If this churlish ogre thinks jokes about "knocking up" a 14 yr old are funny- he's an even worse mess than previously suspected- and should be locked up. Letterman is a deranged slob- and his stale schtick's about as funny as a train wreck.

If Sarah Palin is SO silly and irrelevant, why the obsession? Clearly the Left noted her appeal, and are out to eliminate the threat- it’s not like it’s not obvious.

And she’s been highly successful in life while ignoring the left-wing feminist model… this helps to explain the extra dose of venom in the attacks.

Go get em, Sarah- and don’t mind the press, nobody will be listening to them anymore after the pending Obamamania implosion-

Anonymous said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

ron art said...

Sarah Palin announces that she is resigning as Governor of Alaska.

Yo know you guys really wanted her in office is a scary thought.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

In Governor Sarah Palin's resignation statement, she said that frivolous lawsuits and stupid attacks are costing Alaska huge amounts of money as well as administration time and energy.

Knowing that she and her staff had already accomplished most of the goals they had set out to accomplish, and not wanting to further burden Alaska with the cost of idiotic attacks directed at her and her family, she bravely made the right decision and stepped down.

Now, she is free to speak as she needs to without concern that senseless new attacks will cost Alaskan taxpayers more. No more will the idiots be able to use the Governor's office as leverage to try to stop her.

As she said, no more politics as usual. This move was brilliant in that it snatched from the jerks their ability to mess with her via empty ethics complaints. I bet that left them pretty surprised. Now all their left to attack with is 'name calling.''

Neither Sarah Palin nor the people that love and support her will disappear into the night. What many on the left, and even in McCain's slimy camp, is that half of America really does support her.

It doesn't matter to me whether or not she runs for President. That's not the point, and I don't believe that was the point of her resignation. Sarah has always been straight forward. She's never hidden her thoughts and plans. That's the reason so many on the left have chosen to dislike her. (Including the slobs who ran McCain's campaign). I believe what she said in her statement was very well said, and exactly what she meant. Which is why so many of the rest of have chosen to love her.

Having made the courageous decision she has made, she has only made us love her more. Sarah Palin - we're behind you, and we desperately need many more like you. May God Bless you and your family in whatever path you take over the next few years.

Mountain Mama said...

Sorry to disappoint you, Ron Art, but Sarah is terrific and we have the good sense to treasure her. I know it's difficult to believe that someone who enters politics might not be a "politician"----ie. someone who spins the truth----but instead is a regular person who happens to work in politics, and who sticks with TELLING the truth. It's TRUE: that's Sarah Palin.

The good news is that she DEFINITELY is planning to run for president. We can say that for sure because of her writing in Facebook today that she's following a "higher calling:"

YIPPEE! The race is on, and Sarah is calling the shots already! Obama is no doubt quaking in his slim metrosexual loafers.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Hi Mountain Mama. Good to hear from you again!

I'm still not sure that she's running for president. A higher calling could mean a number of things - all of which will be equally great to me, knowing that which ever path that she and Todd follow, they've done it with lots of prayer and thought.

A higher calling, to me, means that they've been praying and are simply moving in the direction they are being led.

A higher calling could even mean staying home and nurturing the kids, and if that were her decision, I would support her in that just as I would support her in politics.

However, that doesn't seem to be all she intends as she's stated she will continue to work on conservative issues nationally. So she will be out there in some type of leadership roll. It will be exciting to see just which type develops over the next few months.

I'm trying to keep my mind open and support whatever she and Todd decide as time goes on. If it is the presidency, lots of us will be behind her.

pradeep said...

Nice information provide by you.
You are doing very well job! keep it up.


laurence said...

she should become a Community organizer

Mountain Mama said...

Yeah, and that's just what she'll do, too, Laurence: organize a COOL community of conservatives and their candidates for office!

Oh, and Lisa: good news! The Palins pretty much confirmed that she'll keep active in politics. It's just Not Done, to declare oneself as a candidate for the presidency this early; that would TOTALLY draw the fire from the MSM! She'll wait, watch Obama's work, and decide later if she'll run in 2012 or 2016.

Of course, anything could change her course: health needs in her family, horrific events nationally (which might speed up her run, actually), etc.

The point is, she's open to it, should God provide.

Jan said...

What amazes me is how many people don't understand someone who doesn't think "it's all about me." Let someone do something that's above themselves, and people say they're a quitter. I admire her even more for putting her state above herself. It is so frustrating to elect people to represent you, and instead of doing what is right for the city/state/country they are supposed to take care of, they play politics and keep good things from getting done--even things they want done but just because it's a different party or person they oppose, they keep things from happening. Finally, someone has the guts to stand up and say that playing politics is not what is best for her state, that her state will be better off without the stupid, childish games the politicians are playing, so that things can be accomplished in her state. It's one thing to oppose something because of differences of opinion, that's why we have a government set up the way it is, but the stupid little games are just ridiculous. It doesn't do the state any good,and it's not what people elected them to do. The fact that Sarah can put her state above her own wants is something we haven't seen in ages from any politician. I wish more politicians cared more about who they are supposed to represent and the good of that city/state/country than they do about games or power. More power to you, Sarah! I know this must have been a hard decision, but I admire you for it. And yes, I know my grammar was bad, but it's been one of those days and I don't care right now.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

Good thoughts, Jan

Laurence said...

That’s cool with me Mountain Mamma. The only thing that improves democracy is more democracy. So I encourage Sarah to get involved in community organizing if that is her goal. What makes me laugh though is how during the campaign she made such a big deal out of her experience as a Governor and knocked President Obama’s experience as a Senator and Community Organizer. Now she says that “She has never thought it important to have a title before ones name to effect change”. I’m glad that she has changed her mind and I wish her well now that she will be out of office and power. It’s all over now. Good bye.

Mountain Mama said...

You just wait and watch, Laurence: Sarah Palin is NOT done with politics.

Sure, events could warrant her not entering the next presidential race; she'll be careful about making that decision for the right time.

But meanwhile, she's ALREADY helping conservative candidates, so just keep posted, Laurence. Try not to get depressed about it, now! Sarah Palin is going to continue being SO effective!

M. Minnesota said...

Thank to you people who are still posting on this site!

Yes Sarah will still be in Politics! That is why everyone who is so inclined needs to pray for her and her familiy constantly!!!!

I think it's SO GREAT that C4P was able to draw some political comparisons between President Jackson's political happenings and Sarah's. This will give the base and others courage that it can be done!!!

It will also frighten the left more because they know history CAN REPEAT! This anedotal Jackson/Palin comparsion is correct.


Gelston said...

i agree m minnesota.
there are good people here.
i am fond of all of you.

Lisa - Mother of Nine said...

I'm fond of the people here, as well...even though we don't seem to ever catch each other at the same time anymore....

I've closed the restaurant. Tried hard, but just couldn't make it work. I'm back blogging again - this time as a writer on Hope to run into you guys every now and then...

Marie said...

Hello everyone.
Just letting all Palin fans know that I'm still hanging on and hoping she will run in 2010.
We just can't keep going the way things are going now. After all,... Obama has spend more money than all the 43 previous presidents combined! Yes you read it right.
Keep the faith everyone!

Mountain Mama said...

Hiya, Marie. I agree with your hope that Sarah will run for the presidency, but she can't run until 2012 at the earliest.

Did you mean that you hoped she'd run for another office? I doubt that she would run for Lisa Murkowski's Senate seat in 2010; Sarah would just get hounded in office all over again there.

You're absolutely right, though, that Obama has only further ruined our nation's already dicey economy. The worst thing about him, I think, is how socialist he is! I'm continually astonished at how far he's reaching; usually that's the way that liberals eventually lose their hold on Americans.

Good to read your blogs sometimes at C4P, Gelston. I try to get over there sometimes, but there's so much to read. It's hard enough to keep up with the MANY emails in our pro-Palin blogger group. Would you like to join, btw? Let me know.

It's great to read your comments, too, M Minnesota and Lisa Mother of Nine. Wasn't Sarah's statement against Obama's Deathcare plan (my words, there) just superb?! We must pray HARD that God will protect her and her family, for truly evil folk do NOT have her best interests at heart (if they each have one, I mean; sometimes, they don't seem to).

Lisa, I am SO sad that you closed your restaurant! That must have been wrenching (not that I want to remind you of it)! I remember that you were working SO hard there; everyone I know who's owned a restaurant basically just LIVES there. In this economy, so many businesses are closing, which probably only gives you small comfort.

Someday, tell me what was your best menu item, and how you prepared it in a unique way. I'll try to prepare it with as much heart as you put into it, okay?

G-d bless you, too, Adam! And all of you Palins!!!! Trig sure is growing up, and Piper, too.

Mountain Mama said...

Check out

How did I do?

(I cannot get a hyperlink to work here! Rats!)

M. Minnesota said...

Mountian Momma, haven't found your comment at Pinkflamingo, will search somemore. Lisa-Mother of Nine we also have a household that is dependent on the Pure self Employed Free Market condition. I know what that is like. Best wishes and prayers to you and your family!!

The Posts by Sarah Palin on Facebook regarding ObamaCare have been outstanding!!

The Posts make me think of her speech in Evansville. She openly spoke about the brief struggle she had about carrying Trig.

Remember right around the time of her resignation she told us to trust her? Well I think at those key points in her life, God has asked Sarah to Trust Him. I think she now knows why Trig is such a wonderful gift and glorifies God.

God uses the hard things in life to make us more like him if we repent of our ways and say "not my way Lord, but yours"

The Lord has blessed Sarah Palin with a conversion relatively early in her life. She has had to struggle with all of the issues believers have in thier earlier life stages. This I believe has made her stronger than the MSM could ever believe that she could be.

Conversions/Awakenings were fairly late in Life for Reagan (after assasination attempt) and Bush W. College or Mid - Life?)

Sarah Palin is making her Case on Face Book Akin to a Biblical Character who boldy spoke her mind knowing it could backfire completely.

Mountain Mama said...

Hi, M. Minnesota! I just successfully accessed my article at the URL I typed two posts earlier than this.

Hmm.... Well, I just noticed that the URL here contains an "s" after the http----so that "s" has to be deleted in order to type in other URL's, such as for my article.

Yes, Sarah Palin has written terrific posts about Obama "care." She comes off as more reflective and cogent than is possible during interviews (especially ones that are edited unfairly!), as well as compassionate and (of course!) appropriately upset about the far-reaching, immoral "health care plan."

I just love it that she keeps beating Obama, without resorting (as he does) to using unethical tactics, or faking support. HE has to hire "supporters" to come in and LIE at these Townhall Meetings; those who agree with Sarah don't NEED to be recruited or paid or tell lies: they are real people with real (and really appropriate!) fears and factual information!

God bless Sarah Palin, her family, and their future. And God bless Adam and all those who joined him here to support her.

Gelston said...

you people always write such good stuff.

Lisa, I am sorry about the restaurant, also. I am sure is was not from a lack of good recipes, not from lack of your spirit that you put into it and not from a shortage of hard work. I'll bet the food was great. Life is not fair.

Mountain Mama,
it was good to see one of your comments get recognition on the Sunday wrap up. When I saw it, I thought, "oops, that is not one Mountain Mama would be proud of." It did not even sound like you.

I am becoming tired of that site. I think, out of respect for my wife's tact, I will not say more. The main articles are usually excellent, however.

You said, "Good to read your blogs sometimes at C4P, Gelston. I try to get over there sometimes, but there's so much to read. It's hard enough to keep up with the MANY emails in our pro-Palin blogger group. Would you like to join, btw? Let me know."

Yes, I would like to be introduced to it. It might be more of what I am looking for.

M Minnesota, Always great to read your comments. You are very thoughtful.

Adam, you changed my life. I will never forget you for that.

G-d bless you all

You know, I think I will return here the evening of August 28th, just to see if Drew returns.

Mountain Mama said...

Yipes! You're right, Gelston: I'm not entirely proud of that comment of mine; rats! Well, I must have been particularly peeved at the MSM that day, which is no excuse. (Some days are just so aggravating....)

Well, I just watched the re-run of Sarah Palin on Sat. Night Live nearly a year ago. I remember wishing she had NOT gone on that show: they totally dissed her, McCain, and the McCain campaign, right in front of her.

I agree with those who think she'll never let anyone run her campaigns like that, ever again. She knows how to be herself for the public better than any campaign staffer does.

I just realized I don't know enough about you to get you into the pro-Palin blogging group, Gelston! How about if you send your information (name, a tidge about your work with the elderly, and anything you did for Palin last year----and blogging comments certainly count!) to Adam Brickley at his email address. He can send it on to me. (Okay, Adam? Julie? And THANKS!) You'll like the group; they are very dedicated and hard workers.

Mountain Mama said...

P.S. Gelston:
Did you read the (much more "like me") article I wrote?

Check it out at:

(If you type it in from the "Draft SP for VP" blogspot, don't forget to delete the "S" after the "http"----which is odd to me, but I see the "S" after it at various other blogspots, too.)
How did I do?

Again, how did I do?

TKD Momma said...

It's nice to "see" everyone again. It's been so long since I stopped by here. So many loyal friends -- especially Mountain Mama and Gelston.

I'll probably be back here the night of the 28th/29th...just to relive it. I told Adam he should go with the idea of a reunion blog entry here. It sure would be cool if "Drew" stopped by. But there are soooooo many regulars up all night.

Well, it's goog to chat with everyone. Keep up your loyal support.

Julie aka Adam's Mom

Gelston said...

mountain mama,
i found your article. it is now on my to-do list. please give me a few days.
i loved your comments last night on conservatives4palin.
great stuff. you have not lost your fast ball pitch.

manajordan said...

Happy Sarah Palin day eve guys!

M. Minnesota said...

Good afternoon everyone!! Mountian Mama I also read your article it is on my to-do list to respond!!!

Yesterday, August 27, I volunteered and went to my Congresswoman Michelle Bachman's Town Hall on Health Care.

It was a good town Hall. Bachmann also had Congressman Micheal Burgess (R) M.D. from the state of Texas. Burgess was Mccains Health Advisor. He also worked with Obama's advisors to See if there was middle ground. Burgess basically said that Health Care was the Democrats baby because they are being so belligerent.

Anyway it was a nice Town Hall. Bachmann at times had to tell the audience to allow her opponents to speak. The Majority of the audiance was for Bachmann.

I remember a year ago this afternoon evening I was stuck like glue to my computer from 5 p.m. till about 3 a.m. slept about an hour maybe in that wonderful evening/night/morning when Sarah was announced!!!

Will be checking in here this evening here from time to time if anyone is around. Gelston you said you would be here?

Even if Adam doesn't change the thread, the title is still appropriate "New Thread".

Everyday is a New Day.

Gelston said...

Thank you for your leadership and helping all Americans discover Ms. Palin.
And, as Bob Hope would have said, thanks for the memories.

Knowitall Gelston

Brianus Berkleianus said...

Hi, Everyone,

While I was not among the privileged ones who spent last year, at this time, on this great site, I later read the posts from the unforgettable night of August 28/29, 2008. What precious, special, fateful hours those were. To Mountain Mama, Gelston, Techno, and everyone else whom I first encountered here, God bless you, and enjoy the first Sarah Palin Day. I shall post a few thoughts I have about this day on C4P later on.

ADAM, eternal thanks for what you have done for Sarah and for our country!!


eclecticak said...

Remembering a year ago today when I was just a lurker here..... wondering what remarkable destiny the future possibly held for my Lady Governor while rumors gathered thickly and people tracked airplanes..... What change a year can bring, now this previously non-politicaly involved Libertarian lives for my daily visits to conservatives4palin and a certain Facebook page.... ;-)