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Saturday, August 29, 2009

One Year Reunion

This site has been out of commission for a while - but I think there is good reason to recommission it for a special one-night-only event.

For anyone who was part of the Palin movement at the time, you should remember that exactly one year ago we achieved our goal - Sarah Palin was nominated by John McCain as the Republican candidate for Vice President in 2008. Of course, we got a half-million hits that day and received a lot of publicity - but the one thing most of us will probably remember is the marathon comment thread (about 900 comments total) that ran through the night as all of the commenters talked with a curious poster named "Drew" - who said he was helping set up the Dayton event and that we would be happy. We never actually found out who he was - but he was right, we were happy. A number of you also found ways to look up planes currently in the air - and you were the first to find a charter plane from Anchorage to Dayton, which ultimately was picked up by the media as the first sign that Gov. Palin would be nominated.

Some of you might even remember that I was not a part of that thread - I regret to say that I stupidly fell for McCain's disinformation campaign and went to bed, fully expecting to spend the next morning watching the genesis of the McCain-Pawlenty or McCain-Romney ticket. Thank goodness I was wrong.

So, while I think we in the Palin Movement still have much to do, I think we can take a little time for nostalgia. Hence, the old site is being temporarily rebooted to accommodate a reunion. I actually have an engagement tonight - so I again will miss the opening posts - but I should be around later in the evening for those interested in re-enacting the vigil.

Welcome back everybody.