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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Memo to Pres. Candidiates: You NEED Sarah Palin!

I've said in the past that Sarah Palin would be the best VP for any GOP presidential nominee, and I think it's time that I put my money where my mouth is and prove it to you. I've had this post planned for a long-time, but a lot of my blogging has been focused on the growth of our movement. Tonight, I'm going to take the time to examine each top-tier presidential candidate (Giuliani, Romney, Thompson, McCain, Huckabee) and why Sarah Palin is the perfect running mate for each of them. By necessity, I will deal bluntly with the shortcomings of each candidate, because those are the holes that a VP needs to fill. No disrespect is meant. So without further ado (and in alphabetical order)....

Giuliani: Rudy, you have two problems. First, you are a Northeastern, big-city candidate. The GOP voting base is in the rural South and West. Second, you are viewed skeptically by the base in two BIG areas: social issues and gun rights. Sarah Palin is the ideal patch for both holes, and she brings a few extra perks as well. Palin is solidly pro-life, married with four kids, and a lifetime NRA member...a so-con's dream. Furthermore, she represents rural, Western America and has lots of experience with key issues that you didn't deal with in NYC (namely natural resources). Alaska may be off the beaten path, but the values there are the same as large swaths of the South and West, and Palin will play well in both regions. Her hockey-mom demeanor will also garner votes across the Northwest and Midwest. Lastly, she is a hard-nosed, decisive former mayor who you could trust to carry on your leadership style should anything happen.

Huckabee: Mike, you should have no problem in the Bible Belt, but your appeal is limited outside the South and the Midwest. You are going to need to massively expand you support to the North and West. You will also have to reassure fiscal conservatives and libertarians that you are not a big spender. Who better than a tough-talking Northwesterner who vetoed $23o million in wasteful spending and killed the "bridge to nowhere"? And did I mention that the Libertarian Party endorsed her for Governor? She also reinforces your outsider, down-home persona; and it wouldn't hurt to have a running mate who isn't as soft-spoken as you are.

McCain: I hate to break it to you John, but you are getting old. You look good for 71, but you REALLY need to add youth to the ticket. Palin is on 43 years old and preserves your maverick image without compromising on any conservative values...that's going to be a big key to settling down voters whose heads are ringing with the terms "McCain-Feingold" and "McCain-Kennedy". You could also use someone with a libertarian twinge considering that your support for campaign finance reform raises questions about your commitment to personal liberty.

Romney: Mitt, the problem isn't that you're saying the wrong things, it's that we have trouble believing you. You come off as too perfect and too slick, and you need a running mate with an "aw-shucks" personality to add humanity to your ticket. You also have the same problem as Rudy in that you are from the big-city Northeast. You've been talking like a Southern, Bible Belt candidate, so I don't think that the South will be a huge problem. The West, on the other hand, is where you are going to need help. Sarah Palin is the quintessential Western candidate, complete with libertarian streak and NRA membership. She also reinforces your squeaky-clean personal life to create the ULTIMATE family values ticket.

Thompson: Fred, you are four years younger than McCain, but you look and act ten years older than him. You need youth AND energy. You also need a support base outside the South. Sarah Palin to the rescue! With Palin on the ticket, you add a burst of energy and build support in key Northwestern states. It also wouldn't hurt to boost your lagging support among women. Palin also reinforces your down-home personality and neutralizes any questions about your personal life.

So, there you have it. Sarah Palin is a dynamite pick for VP no matter who is on the top of the ticket. I tried to be equally blunt about all of the candidates...and I like most of you, so please don't take it personally. And for the record, I think Palin would add a lot to the ticket should any of the second-tier candidates pull off a miracle.

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:: Suzanne :: said...

Why on earth don't you have Ron Paul on this list?

J said...

Ron Paul could have won without Sarah.