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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Palin's Approval Rating Breaks Record!

Four polls taken over the past two months indicate that Sarah Palin is the most popular politician in Alaska history!

According to NBC affilliate KTUU, a February poll by Marc Hellenthal found that 73% of Alaskans approve of Gov. Palin's job performance, while only 7% disapprove. A statewide poll conducted by David Dittman in late March and early April produced "very similar results". Some reports have even placed Palin's approval at an astonishing 83%!

Previously, the only two Alaskan political figures to top 70% job approval were U.S. Senator Ted Stevens and the late Governor Jay Hammond (after he left office). However, both Hammond and Stevens had disapproval ratings in the 20% range at their peak popularity, meaning that Gov. Palin is significantly more popular than either of them.

Sarah Palin knows how to get results, she knows how to communicate with ordinary people, and she has relentlessly refused to play politics with major issues like the Alaska Gasline Inducement Act (AGIA). That's why Alaskans love her, and that's why the rest of America needs her.

In closing, I just want to leave you with a recent quote from Gov. Palin:

"I've never been a real big fan of politics or political games or politicians, for that matter, and I think that's shared by other Alaskans, too. They just want the job to get done here in this administration".

Now that's the type of leadership this country needs!

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JB said...

I just spent the weekend in Alaska, and I heard Palin's name come up once - I got the impression she was rather well-liked, but I had no idea! 73%!! Normally the only way a politician gets that popular is by doing nothing.

Justin said...

YES, YES, YES!!!! I'm a huge Sarah Palin fan too. She and Rudy would clean up in '08.

Justin said...

Please add away!! I'm definitely a supporter of Governor Palin (despite my lack of Alaskan residence). She represents the future of the party. Also, great to hear you know of Appleton. It's a very nice place.