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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Video of America's next Vice-President - Gov. Sarah Palin!

I'm asking you all to consider Governor Palin as a potential Vice-President, so you need to know who this woman is. Here are links to some of the videos that helped convince me:

News segments from KTUU, Anchorage's NBC affiliate

These two short videos illustrate Sarah Palin's humility, energy, and down-to-earth personality - all factors that would endear her to a national electorate.

"Palin Wins in a Landslide" - Watch Sarah Palin react as she wins the 2006 GOP primary for Governor of Alaska - clobbering opponents John Binkley and incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski.

"Palins are Here" - Newly-elected Governor Palin and her family arrive at the Alaska Governor's mansion for the first time.

Governor Palin's Inaugural Address

Click here to watch Gov. Palin's inaugural address, courtesy of CSPAN. Please note that this video is a group of inaugural addresses from governors. I believe that Paln is second, so you will have to fast-forward through New York's Elliot Spitzer.

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