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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Palin calls out Ben Stevens

According to KTUU, Gov. Palin has made it known that she wants former State Senate President Ben Stevens out of his position as Alaska's representative to the Republican National Committee. Stevens, the son of U.S. Senator Ted Stevens, has been named by former VECO corporation executives as one of the legislators who had received bribes from that company, although he is not currently facing any charges.

Palin has stated "When I'm looking at the political party in which I'm registered and I see the national committee man is Ben Stevens, I'm free there to state my opinion and that's; he shouldn't be our national committeeman."

The Governor is also asking the State Senate to review whether Senator John Cowdery (R-Anchorage), also named as a VECO bribe recipient, should remain in his position as Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee. Cowdery has announced that he will not attend the upcoming special session of the legislature.

Governor Palin is becoming arguably the greatest crusader for ethical government in this country. With the GOP trying to cement its image as a party that does not tolerate wrongdoing (see: Larry Craig), and with the the Dems reeling from the Norman Hsu scandal, Sarah Palin's reputation as one of the nation's most ethical politicians is exactly what the party needs to carry it to victory in 2008.

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