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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Action Alert: Palin excluded from Newsmax VP poll!

We have a crucial opportunity to make our voices heard, and we must take it. (a major conservative news source) posted a poll today regarding John McCain's VP pick and FAILED to include Gov. Palin in its list of 16 candidates. This despite her repeated placement near the top of almost every online poll in which she is included (including the RealClearPolitics "Veepstakes!"). This presents us with a golden opportunity to prove just how much support Palin actually has by flooding Newsmax with our own "votes" via email.

Please send your "votes" for Gov. Palin to Newmax's Editor (click here) and Webmaster (click here) along with requests that Gov. Palin be added to the main poll based on her online base of support (be sure to mention all of the recent media mentions posted on the blog). Please remember to keep your comments civil.

Lastly, please forward this post to your friends. We will not view this as a setback, but rather an opportunity. Newmax's faux pas provides us with a golden chance to let the world know that there is a lot of support for a Palin nomination.

As backup for our argument that Gov. Palin must be included in polls for the VP nomination here is a linked list of major blogs and news oultets who have recently mentioned (or in some cases supported) the idea. By "recently", I mean within the last two weeks.

1. Slublog at Ace of Spades HQ
2. Instapundit
3. Brian Faughnan of The Weekly Standard
4. Samantha Sault, also of The Weekly Standard
5. Brandon Barker of AOL News' Political Machine
6. Lisa Schiffren of National Review
7. Ross Douthat of The Atlantic
8. Dena Bunis of The Orange County Register
9. The Times of India
10. Ray Mickol of Associated Content

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