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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Palin: I'm Interested.

Gov. Palin tells The Washington Post's Chris Cillizza that she is interested in national office in the future. She doubts that she will be picked this year, but with the increasing buzz around her name, we think that she just might have to "make that decision" sooner rather than later. This video has gone up on a number of big time blogs due to Palin's blunt honesty aout national office. it is also getting noticed that she calls on other potential VP's to be honest about their willingness to serve on a ticket. I will have to disagree with Mr. Cillizza's argument that Palin (or any woman) would be considered only if Hillary Clinton wins the nomination. I hope to comment soon about why I think Palin might be even more effective against Obama than she would be against Clinton. So, stay tuned.


Thud said...

I don't get to vote as a Brit but i do have a vested interest in getting a republican president...palin seems a good choice as a V.P. Anything that helps McCain sounds good to me.

SunFresh said...

Are people supposed to fly when they are more than 6 months pregnant?