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Saturday, July 28, 2007

TONIGHT: Steve Maloney on Political Pistachio Radio

One of the leaders of the "Palin Movement", Steve Maloney, will be on Douglas Gibbs' internet talk show Political Pistachio tonight at 7:00 PM Eastern/4:00 PM Pacific (3:00 PM Alaskan) to talk about our efforts.


Political Pistachio can be accessed live at, then clicking over to the the segments tab. The special link they assigned this particular broadcast for now is: The archived episode may be accessed later on the BlogTalk Radio site, or will play automatically for a week when folks visit [In other words, if you miss the show on Saturday, you can still listen to it later.]

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Stephen R. Maloney said...

Hi Elephantman: We now have a new category, Palin Fans (or Fans of Palin). I informed OpinionateCatholic that he was a Palin Fan, and he agreed with the designation. Hillaryneedsavacation is also a Palin Fan. I think we can put them in the same practical category as the "4 Palin" people. I'll send you Opinionated's e-mail address. Don't know if I have hillaryneeds' e-mail but I'll get it. PinkFlamingo would be a very important addition to our group, and I should hear back from her tonight (or soon thereafter). I LOVED being on the radio and would like to do it again. Today, I got visitors from all over the world (Alaska, Turkey, Italy, southern France, Denmark -- even Pittsburgh!) Fun.


Stephen R. Maloney said...

Late tonight, former Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty endorsed Sarah Palin for V-P. Hallulejah, what hath Adam wrought?

I'm systematically telling everybody. Staying up WAY past my bedtime.