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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Liveblog: Showdown in Juneau

All times Alaskan:

4:36 PM: Okay, the Dem response is over. Not much substance to it, they want problems fixed but not many programs were suggested. No commentary afterward, feed just went dead.

4:31 PM: Oh dear, now we have to listen to a Democratic response.

4:30: Ends the speech by literally saying, "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!"...You go gov!

4:26 PM: More choice and personal responsibility in healthcare, wants to eliminate certificates of need. Also think she almost teared up talking about child sexual abuse. Appeals for unity in Government, says it's not about "who gets the credit". Ouch!

4:23 PM: The Gov. wants Alaskans to vote on some projects in the!

4:20: Palin is appointing an "Energy Coordinator", says AK can lead U.S. to energy independence. Says schools have to be about more than test scores, wants education funding package. Quotes Victor Hugo: "He who opens a school door closes a prison."

4:14 PM: Palin wants to reduce "burdensome taxes and fees", argues for AGIA, says it is working. Notes that Alaska cannot "surrender its sovereignty" ore be "leveraged by a small group of companies."

4:11 PM: New camera angle, can't see Lyda Green's face anymore. Wondering if that is purposeful.

4:08 PM: Governor Palin talks about shrinking government, making Alaska a self-sufficient state. References Ronald Reagan. Calls for environmental policy based on "science, not special interests".

4:05 PM: Palin lists the accomplishments of here first year; Green looks very teed off, I just watched her roll her eyes.

4:00 PM: Senate Pres. Lyda Green is seated right behind the podium, I'll be watching her face the entire time. It's produced by KTOO Juneau, and there are in fact two commentators for analysis.

3:56 PM: Just tuned in via KTUU. Its a direct feed from the "Gavel to Gavel" coverage from the legislature's website, so it doesn't look like there will be any analysis from the local talking heads. I'll be watching both the speech and the audience to see who does and doesn't applaud, etc. Hopefully I can watch the 5:00 news on KTUU afterwards for analysis.

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Anonymous said...

Palin is so far from a Ronald Reagan it is not even funny. She got elected on her looks and not her brains or speaking ability. Looks only get you so far. If McCain picks her as a VP, he would be a fool. She is far to hard headed to be good choice. That would be McCains undoing. Don't need two liberals on the Republican ticket. Rice would be a much better VP to run against Obama.