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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Palin adresses VP speculation on "The Bob and Mark Show"

UPDATE: has posted the audio of Gov. Palin's "Bob and Mark Show" interview. Sorry that technical difficulties prevented me from posting it here.


The good news just won't stop coming in, and today it's from Gov. Palin herself! We've obtained audio of an interview which she gave yesterday to "The Bob and Mark Show" on Anchorage's KWHL, and a good amount of time was spent on speculation that Gov. Palin might be moving up to higher office. I hope to have the audio file posted ASAP, but I'm having some technical difficulties.

Anyway, the governor wouldn't give a direct "yea" or "nay" about a possible 2008 VP candidacy, but what she did say was probably more encouraging than anything we have heard from her before. For one, she noted that "there does have to be some kind of diversity" on the 2008 GOP ticket. Then, she went a little further, saying, "A couple of rich, old white men trying to represent a party, much less the nation; I don't think that's going to cut's going to be interesting to see how clever they can be."

Then the conversation got REALLY interesting, as Bob and Mark posed an even more dramatic question....would Gov. Palin be interested in someday becoming President Palin? The answer, "Absolutely! Just think of the changes you could affect. Just think of, I guess, the reality that you could bring to the job there." (Granted, she also a said that it was "fantasy thinking right now" and "if ever...way in the future".)

There's obviously a lot more to those answers than I can post at the moment, but I think it's safe to say that this is a very positive development for our movement and our nation. At the very least, it sounds like the governor might consider running nationally in the future.

Many thanks to Trish Houser of, who brought this story to our attention and was instumental in obtaining an mp3 copy of the interview.

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Sam said...

The rise of Obama for the Dems plus the decline of Romney (meaning rise of Giuliani) for the GOP bodes very well for a Giuliani-Palin '08 Ticket. My money would be on that.