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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Medved: Palin a "possible Vice Presidential candidate"

I wish I would have found this sooner, but unfortunately tracking talk radio is much more difficult than monitoring the blogosphere and the print media.

Micheal Medved, as many of you know, is one of the nation's most prominent talk show hosts (3.75 million listeners every week), and the subject of Sarah Palin came up on his program last Friday. The broader discussion was about John McCain, congressional earmarks, and the "bridge to nowhere"...but then came this comment:

"The Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, who is a possible Vice Pesidential candidate...great lady...has come out and told her own congressional delegation, all Republicans, 'Stop with the earmarks! It's wrong, it's wrong! Even when it benefits us in Alaska.'" (emphasis mine)

So there you have it, a national conservative radio host confirming that Sarah Palin might just be the next Vice President of the United States (and seeming to like the idea). Yes, it was a brief quote, but it was still heard by hundreds of thousands or listeners. Furthermore, he acknowledged Gov. Palin's status as a leading fiscal conservative.

The snowball just keeps rolling!

Hat tip to the Anchorage Daily News' anti-Palin "Alaska Ear" columnist. If you want to hear the quote, it was on The Michael Medved Show on December 21st, roughly 14 minutes into the broadcast. It is available at, but you will need a "Medhead" subscription to access the archives ($4.95 for one month of access).


Anonymous said...

Hurry up and get her out of Alaska! She's raising state spending by 27%.

vellap said...

She's an ethical reformer who's had the courage to take on big oil, attempting to boost taxes on oil company profits which could bring in as much as $1.6 billion for Alaska. But, please let her finish out her term (2010) & consolidate her record in her home state before leaping to the national scene prematurely. There will be time in 4 years...

maxal said...

I agree with "vellap." Gov. Palin will only get lost behind a high profile presidential candidate & if he gets elected, the vice-presidency is usually a dead-end job. She's too good to sit & do nothing for 4 years.

ElephantMan said...

The vice presidency has become steadily more powerful in recent decades, culminating with Dick Cheney, arguably the most powerful VP ever (only competition for that title is Walter Mondale under Carter). If Sarah Palin was elected Vice President, I have little doubt that she would be a true second-in-command.

Jerad McClure said...

I would submit to you that our governor, Sarah Palin, is far from great, is by no means a conservative, and is merely a populist. Hopefully, she will be ejected in the next governor's race here in Alaska.
We can forget about ANWR's opposition on the national level because she will have forced the oil industry out of the state; no one will be left who will be actually capable of drilling in the wasteland known as ANWR.
She is a RINO, and a socialist.
Calling Palin a good governor really bothers me.
She is unqualified to be governor let alone Vice President.

TheAkal said...

Yeah, like J. McClure said, or might have well said- the sky is falling! The sky is falling! The oil companies are going to leave. I hope they take me with! I say, Hurray for populists as long as they do what we need them to do, instead of looking for ways to line their own pockets. Perhaps Jared would prefer the old way of doing business?