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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Palin: National office would be "an honour".

For the second time in a week, I have some amazing quotes from the Gov, to let you know about. They were actually published way back in October, but it took me forever to find them as they were given to a British-bade international affairs magazine. It's taken me a month to get access to the article, but it was well worth the wait. So, without further ado, I would like to share some excerpts from Gov. Palin's interview for the October issue of Monocle:

Monocle: You must have heard the recent gossip that Rudy Giuliani, if he emerges as Republican nominee for President next year, might ask you to be his running mate. Would you consider it?

Sarah Palin: I think it is so far in outer space, the possibility that he would ever want a hockey mum from Wasilla to be his running mate, that I haven't considered it. I think the obligation that I have here is to serve my four-year term as a governor of Alaska. That's the deal that I struck with voters. There is much more that Alaska can do to contribute to the US and I think I can help it do that as governor. But it would obviously be an honour for me to serve the country. And for Alaska's sake too, it would be very good for our future for an Alaskan to be serving nationally. (emphasis mine)


M: Back to the running-mate question. Say the Democratic ticket is Clinton-Obama, a woman and a black man, you can see why the party might approach you?

SP: That's diversity right there, isn't it? Wow! And who do the Republicans have? Good old rich white boys. I think that's another factor that has to be considered by Republicans, that in some way their candidates are a reflection of more politics as usual. Not to slam good old rich boys, but it sure wouldn't hurt for new energy and new perspective to be enveloped by the Republican Party.


There are two things to take note of here. 1) The governor is making it sound like she is very open to serving on a ticket if asked. 2) "Gossip" is circulating that Rudy Giuliani wants Gov. Palin as his running mate. Now, I don't know where that rumor originated or how it evolved, but it's certainly not something that has ever appeared on this site or any of the sites which endorse our movement. We have laid out many reasons why Giuliani (or any other nominee) should seriously consider Sarah Palin as a running mate, but we have never asserted to have any knowledge of who is actually being considered for the VP position. Let's hope that these rumors are more than just "gossip".

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