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Monday, April 14, 2008

Anti-War Blogger: Palin is Democrats' "Worst Nightmare"

The following quotes come from a March 28th column by Ed Tubbs of the anti-war group "Veterans for Common Sense." It is yet another example of the typical liberal reaction to the mention of a McCain-Palin ticket: apoplectic panic. Personally, I think that one of the better arguments for a Palin candidacy is the fact that the universal Democratic response is to cower in fear. While I disagree with parts of his take on the American electorate, I sincerely hope that he is right on one point: his assertion that Gov. Palin is being considered far more seriously than many people will admit.


Beware 42-year-old Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin, and face reality: few voters actually cast their ballot based on a thorough study of a candidate’s voting record or enunciated positions on arcane issues. Overwhelmingly, folks vote according to the following indices: (1.) Party affiliation, if the voter is affiliated with a particular party, and (2.) Overall likeability of the candidate.

Meet Governor Palin.

The woman is more than acceptably attractive; physically attractive to men of all ages without being threateningly so to women. She is bright. She is an authoritatively articulate, professionally practiced public speaker. Governor Palin is conservative, through and through. As a governor, she would lay claim to “executive” experience” — a resume item that has been considered important in every presidential election since Nixon; a resume plus that none of the current contenders for the high office can claim. She is the perfect running-mate to carry the heavy water for an aging John McCain.

The Human Events article below suggests Palin’s weakness is the paltry size of electoral votes she would bring to McCain. My take, however, is that the article’s proposition she is not seriously being considered for veep is an attempt to distract and deceive, like the draw play in football. She may only bring Alaska’s three electoral votes, but those are more than overwhelmingly offset by the demographics that her position on the ticket would present as wholly unearned and otherwise unanticipated gifts to the GOP. (For those who do not know, Human Events is the GOP’s ultra Rightwing publication.)

My point here is that those who regard a McCain presidency as too dangerous too think about seriously begin to seriously think about it

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