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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Palin on "To the Contrary" today

Obviously, this will probably be a taped interview, considering that the Governor is in the hospital after delivering her son Trig, but she will be appearing on the PBS political program "To the Contrary" to discuss diversity in the Republican Party as well as balancing family and politics. I'm assuming that the Vice Presidency will come up in light of her pregnancy and the Texas hand-raising story. Check your local listings on the program's website, as it airs at different times in different markets.

"To the Contrary", is devoted to "stories relevant to women, families, and communities of color" an this weeks panelists include U.S. House Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC), Genevieve Wood of the Heritage Foundation, Ruth Conniff of The Progressive Magazine, and Tara Wall of the Washington Times. Palin is listed as a topic rather than a guest, but the fact that is says "Sarah Palin...on balancing family and political life" leads me to believe that the governor will be appearing in some capacity (maybe a brief interview).

I will be posting on this tommorrow as my local station does not air the program until midnight.

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