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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Glenn Beck lauds Palin!

This is probably one of the most eloquent commentaries that I have heard regarding Gov. Palin and her newborn son, Trig. I just heard about it today, but it aired last Wednesday on CNN's Glenn Beck Program. Mr. Beck really outdid himself here.... and yes, he did briefly mention VP speculation.

I'm working on a column of my own regarding the impact of Trig's arrival on our movement (overwhelmingly positive), and I hope to have that published soon.


SMatthewStolte said...

I get little alerts that I can browse when Sarah Palin makes it into the news or on blogs. I think this is the most beautiful congratulations to her that I've seen.

Unknown said...

It's the height of irresponsibility to bring a child with DS into this world. She knew his condition beforehand and yet still chose to proceed with the pregnancy.

Now she will pass him off to a nammy while she pursues her true love: the limelight.

It's disgusting.

Marilou said...

Hey "g": where are you from? OMgoodness!! Shame on you!! "pass him off to a nanny??"... she's a proud breastfeeding Mother who's in love with her precious child!

I wish all you Margaret Sangerites would just move back to whatever evil planet you came from! I've never in all my life read such stupidity!!

GO Sarah Palin!!
You're a inspiration to us all!!