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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Palin scares Dems!

Before I get started, I should tell you to click here to listen to my interview on Doug Gibbs' Political Pistachio.

Anyway, I was looking at my hit-counter today, and I was rather puzzled to find that I had visitors coming from this liberal post about how massive numbers of Republican women will supposedly vote for Hillary instead of our nominee (yeah right). But I scrolled down, and I found this in the comments section:

Not to be Debbie Downer here, but if this happens we could be in for bad times.
Posted by Benson October 20, 2007 2:33 PM

Now, I'm not going to put too much stock in one blog comment, but this is the first time that I have EVER seen a Democrat say something like this about ANY Republican in the 2008 election. Sarah Palin is the very antithesis of everything that Hillary Clinton stands for, and by far the strongest candidate that we could put in the VP slot. If Palin is on the ticket, I think it would send a very clear message to the opposition: "Be afraid, Senator Clinton, be VERY afraid."

Monday, October 15, 2007

Palin on Charlie Rose, Me on Political Pistachio

There are two big interviews that I need to tell you about. The first happened last Friday, when Governor Palin (along with Governor Janet Napolitano of Arizona) sat down with Charlie Rose for a nice long interview. I thought that she did a great job, more than holding her own alongside the two-term Democrat Napolitano. It was also significant that the Governors were asked about national issues and the presidential race. Palin remains uncommitted to any candidate, but she did single out National Security as the biggest issue in the coming election and Energy and Ethics as the issues that Alaskans will most want to hear about. This interview shows, yet again, why Sarah Palin should be a candidate for national office in the near future.

The second interview involves myself. I will be appearing on Doug Gibbs' internet talk show Political Pistachio this Wednesday at 10:00 PM Eastern/7:00 PM Pacific (6:00 PM Alaskan). Be sure to listen live, and call in if you can, but the show will be replaying on the web until Saturday if you can't. Political Pistachio is one of the bigger internet shows, and previous guest have included former presidential candidate Jim Gilmore, and big-time bloggers such as Atlas Shrugs. So, this is definitely a great opportunity for the Palin Movement.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Gov. Palin in Newsweek!

"Women & Power" is the theme for next week's issue of Newsweek, and can you guess who got a very prominent mention? That's right, it's Sarah Palin. In a long article devoted to woman governors, the two main focuses were Democrat Janet Napolitano of Arizona and, representing the Republicans, Sarah Palin! Palin is the youngest and least senior of the the three female GOP governors, but she leap-frogged Connecticut's M. Jodi Rell and Hawaii's Linda Lingle to take top billing. So, yet another media outlet has confirmed the governor's status as the fastest rising star in the Republican Party.

Check out the article here!

And is it just me, or does that building in their photograph of Gov. Palin bear an uncanny similarity to the White House? An omen, maybe?

Click here to sign the "Draft Palin for VP" petition!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sign the "Draft Palin" petition!

If you want Sarah Palin as your next Vice-President, please show your support by signing our new online petition at It takes only a few seconds to add your signature. Let's show America just how much support there is for a Palin candidacy!

Here's the text:

"We, the undersigned, call upon the Republican Party to put forward candidates for national office who represent our party’s ideals of limited government, honesty in public service, and strong American values.

Therefore, based on her strong record of fiscal and social conservatism, the decisiveness with which she has led her state, and her relentless pursuit of ethical government; we ask that that eventual Republican nominee for President of the United States select Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as the Republican candidate for Vice President in the year 2008. "

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