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Monday, February 26, 2007

Palin on the Issues

Rather than telling you what I think Sarah Palin believes, I have elected to post direct quotes from her gubernatorial campaign website. The following quotes have been selected because I believe that they reveal Gov. Palin’s thought process on issues of national relevant. For more info on Gov. Palin’s stances, visit

Selected quotes from

FREE MARKET“I am a conservative Republican, a firm believer in free market capitalism. A free market system allows all parties to compete, which ensures the best and most competitive project emerges, and ensures a fair, democratic process.”

EDUCATION Click here to read Gov. Palin’s full position paper on Education.

GUNS AND HUNTING - “I am a lifetime member of the NRA, I support our Constitutional right to bear arms and am a proponent of gun safety programs for Alaska's youth….I have always strongly supported the personal use of fish and game by Alaskans. I grew up hunting and fishing in Alaska, and I am proud to raise my children with this same uniquely Alaskan heritage. … Anti-hunting groups who oppose hunting and fishing rights will be the winners if we allow them to pit us against ourselves….As an Alaskan with strong beliefs on this issue, I am confident in my ability to build consensus among diverse user groups and reconcile the many competing interests in a manner.”

SMALL BUSINESS“As Mayor and CEO of the booming city of Wasilla, my team invited investment and encouraged business growth by eliminating small business inventory taxes, eliminated personal property taxes, reduced real property tax mill levies every year I was in office, reduced fees, and built the infrastructure our businesses needed to grow and prosper.”

MILITARY - “I respect our military personnel and understand the importance of Alaska's National Guard. As I watched our military men and women being deployed I recognized how important it is for their families to know how much Alaska and America support them.”

HEALTH CARE“I support flexibility in government regulations that allow competition in health care that is needed, and is proven to be good for the consumer, which will drive down health care costs and reduce the need for government subsidies. I also support patients in their rightful demands to have access to full medical billing information.”

SOCIAL ISSUES“I am pro-life and I believe that marriage should only be between and man and a woman.

ENVIRONMENT – “Regimes to protect Stellar Sea Lions must be based on sound science not personal agendas…I will fight in every way possible to make sure that our fishing communities are protected from the personal agendas of federal fishery managers”

“I believe in protecting Alaska's environment through fair enforcement of our environmental laws. Having a clean record on environmental regulation is critical to getting ANWR open and maintaining our fisheries mining, timber, and tourism industries.”


Is this site endorsed by Sarah Palin?
No. This site is in no way endorsed by or connected to Governor Palin. When we say "unofficial", we mean TOTALLY unofficial.

Is the blogger who runs this site personally connected to Sarah Palin?
No. Adam Brickley has never met Governor Palin, and he had not heard of her until she won the GOP nomination for Governor of Alaska in 2006.

Is this an Alaskan blog promoting a "favorite daughter" candidate?
No. In fact, the proprietor has never even set foot in Alaska - he hails from the Rocky Mountain region of the lower 48 states.

Does the blogger on this site endorse any candidate for President?
Yes. While Sarah Palin would be a superb running mate for any of the GOP candidates, Adam Brickley endorses Rudy Giuliani. The reason he has elected to lay this fact on the table is that he will not go against Giuliani if Palin backs another candidate. That said, the Palin movement accepts support from all corners of the GOP and is willing to discuss Palin as a VP candidate for other potential nominees. She would fit VERY well with most of the men running for he GOP presidential nomination.

Has Sarah Palin endorsed any presidential candidate?

Has Sarah Palin expressed or implied any interest in the Vice-Presidency?
No. She seems focused on doing what's best for Alaska - which is exactly what she should be focused on right now.

Isn't it a little early to be talking about the VP nomination?
Yes. However, the race for Vice-President started long before this blog came into existence. Many of the "second-tier candidates for President" are actually angling for the No. 2 spot on the ticket (whether they're doing it purposefully or not). Furthermore, bloggers everywhere are already trying to predict what the Republican ticket will look like. If Sarah Palin's name is to be inserted into the "race" for VP, those who support her must start working to get her name out NOW!

Do you aspire to force the GOP to pick Sarah Palin for VP?
No. The goal of this site is merely to show the political establishment that Palin would be a good choice (and a better one than the names currently being circulated), because they probably wouldn't consider her otherwise. It is the belief of this site that the presidential nominee will like what he sees if he adds Gov. Palin to his list of perspective Vice-Presidents. However, a candidate must select the running mate that he believes is best for the country, not the one that a bunch of bloggers told him to.

Do you really think that a blog like this can affect the 2008 election?
Well, that really depends on you, the reader. If there is a lot of support for a Palin nomination, then TOGETHER we can have an effect on the political process in 2008. Is it going to be easy? No, but it is far from impossible. The power of the blogosphere to influence events is well documented (just ask Dan Rather), and the proprietor plans on aggressively promoting this site throughout the conservative blog world. Maybe it will make an impact, maybe it won't , but it is certainly worth a good college try.

Feel free to submit more questions. Valid inquiries will be answered as often as is possible.

Why Sarah Palin?

This blog is the result of about a month worth of research on potential Republican Vice-Presidential candidates for the 2008 election. I had been considerably less than thrilled with all of the early speculation, mostly swirling around second-tier presidential candidates, so I decided to see if there was anyone better suited for the job that I hadn't been hearing about. So, I developed the following profile for the perfect VP candidate (using Rudy Giuliani as my presumptive presidential candidate):

1) A energetic, young, fresh face who will energize the electorate
2) Not connected to the current administration
3) Pro-Life
4) Pro-Gun
5) A woman or minority to counter Hillary or Obama and put to rest the idea that America only elects white males

One of the first names I found that fit these qualifications was that of Sarah Palin, the recently elected Governor of Alaska. I knew that I had stumbled upon a fantastic candidate for national office, but I kept looking in the hope that I could find other potentially viable choices. However, after looking at every GOP governor, senator, and congressperson, I found that Palin had only become more appealing.

She was certainly energetic and young, having become governor at only 42 years of age. Watching her speches and campaign ads, I discovered that she was definitely a new kid of leader, coming off more as a spunky soccer-mom than a stuffy career politician. As for abortion, she was staunchly pro-life; and as a lifetime NRA member she was the most pro-gun candidate in the country. Furthermore, her experiences in rural Alaska provided a perfect complement to the big-city credentials of candidates like Giuliani. Her moderately libertarian positions on most other issues also match up perfectly to Giuliani.

There was thing about Palin that initially worried me - "lack of experience". She had only been elected governor in 2006, and her only previous experience was as a two terms as a city councilwoman and two more as mayor in Wasilla, AK (population 8,471 in 2005) followed up by a failed campaign for lieutenant governor and a brief stint on Alaska's Oil and Natural Gas Conservation Commission. This didn't seem very appealing at first, but then I took the time to look closer at Palin's history. What I had failed to realize was that she had habitually knocked of powerful incumbent opponents and was a quick learner on the job. In the 2006 gubernatorial election, she rolled over scandal-prone incumbent Frank Murkowski in the GOP primary, then went on to defeat former governor Tony Knowles in the general election - pretty impressive. Further back, she had knocked off an entrenched incumbent to become mayor of Wasilla, then developed a reputation as a hard-nosed, effective mayor. Her performance in Wasilla got her elected president of the Alaska Conference of Mayors and earned her the nickname "Sarah Barracuda".

In the end, I decided that Sarah Palin had actually compiled a rather astounding record of achievements in her 42 years, and was more than capable of making the jump to the national level. So now I ask you who you would rather have as your Vice-President. You could accept conventional wisdom and choose from the lineup of old men currently being bantered about, or you could choose an inspiring leader like Sarah Palin. As for me, I'm going with "Sarah Barracuda", a candidate who will help us win the election and then deliver solid results.