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Monday, February 26, 2007


Is this site endorsed by Sarah Palin?
No. This site is in no way endorsed by or connected to Governor Palin. When we say "unofficial", we mean TOTALLY unofficial.

Is the blogger who runs this site personally connected to Sarah Palin?
No. Adam Brickley has never met Governor Palin, and he had not heard of her until she won the GOP nomination for Governor of Alaska in 2006.

Is this an Alaskan blog promoting a "favorite daughter" candidate?
No. In fact, the proprietor has never even set foot in Alaska - he hails from the Rocky Mountain region of the lower 48 states.

Does the blogger on this site endorse any candidate for President?
Yes. While Sarah Palin would be a superb running mate for any of the GOP candidates, Adam Brickley endorses Rudy Giuliani. The reason he has elected to lay this fact on the table is that he will not go against Giuliani if Palin backs another candidate. That said, the Palin movement accepts support from all corners of the GOP and is willing to discuss Palin as a VP candidate for other potential nominees. She would fit VERY well with most of the men running for he GOP presidential nomination.

Has Sarah Palin endorsed any presidential candidate?

Has Sarah Palin expressed or implied any interest in the Vice-Presidency?
No. She seems focused on doing what's best for Alaska - which is exactly what she should be focused on right now.

Isn't it a little early to be talking about the VP nomination?
Yes. However, the race for Vice-President started long before this blog came into existence. Many of the "second-tier candidates for President" are actually angling for the No. 2 spot on the ticket (whether they're doing it purposefully or not). Furthermore, bloggers everywhere are already trying to predict what the Republican ticket will look like. If Sarah Palin's name is to be inserted into the "race" for VP, those who support her must start working to get her name out NOW!

Do you aspire to force the GOP to pick Sarah Palin for VP?
No. The goal of this site is merely to show the political establishment that Palin would be a good choice (and a better one than the names currently being circulated), because they probably wouldn't consider her otherwise. It is the belief of this site that the presidential nominee will like what he sees if he adds Gov. Palin to his list of perspective Vice-Presidents. However, a candidate must select the running mate that he believes is best for the country, not the one that a bunch of bloggers told him to.

Do you really think that a blog like this can affect the 2008 election?
Well, that really depends on you, the reader. If there is a lot of support for a Palin nomination, then TOGETHER we can have an effect on the political process in 2008. Is it going to be easy? No, but it is far from impossible. The power of the blogosphere to influence events is well documented (just ask Dan Rather), and the proprietor plans on aggressively promoting this site throughout the conservative blog world. Maybe it will make an impact, maybe it won't , but it is certainly worth a good college try.

Feel free to submit more questions. Valid inquiries will be answered as often as is possible.


Kevin said...

You may wanna rewrite your first question..."Is this site endorsed by Sarah Palin? You left out the word "by"...

Anonymous said...

Palin gives disgruntled Clinton supporters somewhere to go. I am a lifelong Democrat who would vote for a McCain-Palin ticket.

Unknown said...

"Palin gives disgruntled Clinton supporters somewhere to go. I am a lifelong Democrat who would vote for a McCain-Palin ticket."
I agree I spent 10 long months helping with the Clinton Campaign and would be more than happy to help McCain/Palin.

Talking Chimp said...

Man, you sure picked a winner early! Good going!

Anonymous said...

All the way to the whitehouse!

andyjk said...

Governer Sarah Palin displays excellent, unpretentious leadership abilities. Despite her comparatively short political career she has layed down an impressive track record of accomplishments. Little rhetoric lots of action. She's an incredible credit to her gender and has earned the respect decent thinking people everywhere. Her dismissal by the lefties clearly displays what a threat her abilities and accomplishments are to them. I've been around a while and her nomination for VP is the most exciting and encouraging thing I've ever seen in politics. The garbage that Senator McCain has only seen her once is just that--leftist, detracting, contrary GARBAGE! You don't need to be spending social time with a leader whose accomplishments and personal character are a matter of public record. This speaks even more highly of John McCain's own seasoned leadership skills and his finely-honed ability to see the same great qualities in another. Go Sarah!!! And thank you Senator McCain for choosing her. Together you were meant to lead America on a path safely through these challenging and difficult times.

LadyHeegore said...

I'm not a political science major...just a normal, everyday American woman. I am all for Sarah Palin being VP. After hearing McCain's decsion, I read what I could on her. She is an excellent choice. She has solid, well-founded values. She is just what Washington needs. And whoever says that America needs to wake up and get with the 21st century needs to wake up and smell the coffee. The last thing this country needs is gay marriage and stem-cell research. We need to focus on the more important issues.

The Street said...

Mr. Brickley,

Young man (I am old enough to be your father's older brother, I think you must be a bright fellow to figure out the Palin thing way ahead of the pundits and other likely VP candidates. You have an eye for quality, as Sarah Palin is a quality person. She is perfect for Alaska, but not for me. From all the fine things I have read (and I read it "now" and I read it all the time)about Sarah Palin is a fine woman who is doing a great job as Governer of Alaska. She is the perfect person for the job. She is what Alaska has needed for quite some time with the corruption that runs rampant when one party, be it Democrat or Republican, is in charge of everything and has a weak opposition. It weakens the whole system and that is why government doesnt work. This gal is great in that environment. It seems to me that she is not just looking for a piece of the pie, she is looking for the whole thing. No matter what happens in this year's election (and, Yes, it matters bigtime)Sarah Palin has been raised to a national prominence that she cannot back down from. So, you backed a good horse, young man and I hope you get some "mileage" out of it.

So Congratulations, young man, I think you have potential. If you would just get the facts, make more reasoned decisions about your politics and stop wasting your talent where it will do little good for your fellow man (person).

I am with you on Palin, she's the perfect Governor of Alaska. She should keep the job.

The Street said...

Young man,

I forgot to tell you why I dont want Ms Palin as my Vice-President. Basicly, we are from different worlds. I live in a large city down there in the "lower 48." I can see what the last two guys who come from out in the middle of nowhere do for me. She is the governer of the largest state in the Union, but it is one of the least populated states. She runs heard on more deer than people. The needs of the people of Alaska are quite different from the needs of most of us. A considerable number of America's citizens live in cities. I live in one of the largest. We Americans have many universal needs and desires. Whether we live in Hoboken, NJ or Butte, MT we share much in common including a shared responsibility to the rest of us. I like that about Sarah Palin, that she wants to share the responsibility at a high level. But she is throwing her hat into my backyard now and if you dont know what you are talking about in my town you aint nuttin'. When Clinton was president there was money to fund the police projects and a force to be reckoned with. Bush took that money away and dont you know my town has become known as "Killadelphia."

John McCain's decision to choose Sarah Palin as a running mate was pure politics, and I bet they really had to hard sell her on it. But I do think, no matter how this race turns out, this move will eventually be good for the country, good for Alaska, and good for Sarah Palin. She is not just a candidate, she is a person of historical proportion. In the next two months she will become bigger than life. I wish her well, but I do not wish her success.

DB said...

Ms. Palin seems like a good mother and maybe even a good public servant for her state. However, leader of the free world? A little bit of a stretch in my opinion.

Unknown said...

Well, what does she think about science? Obama answered 14 questions on science and tech:

I'll figure out who I support when McCain/Palin answer...

Ed Faunce said...

I just discovered your work here, and I must say it is impressive. It reminds me that John McCain couldn't have done this by himself, since the man who is running for the highest office in the U.S. cannot use a computer and doesn't understand the internet. It would be a great victory if Senator McCain did use the information that you posted to make his decision, however I think it was more dart board than it was research. Governor Palin has an excellent record... so far. I hope you did ALL of the McCain background research for them, because your site knows more about her than Kay Bailey Hutchinson the Republican Senator from Texas.
Good job. (PS: If you actually think that paternalistic liberal Republican John McCain is going to let any of Governor Palin's ideas get enacted, you and the rest of the neo-conservatives have been fooled again!)
By the way, what is vaticanism? It sounds interesting. Seriously, I would like to know.

Anonymous said...

I have only one question.... With a newborn son with special needs, and a 17 yo daughter about to have a baby.... Can she, or better yet should she, be focusing on becoming Vice President? I'd think better of her if she turned it down to raise her family, who still clearly needs her.

The Botswana Jones Family said...

Great job on this blog! Gov. Palin is just what the Republican Party needs. It's amazing how the usual media types are trying to destroy her so ruthlessly (even her 17 year old daughter)...but America as a whole is smarter than that and it most people will draw sympathy from her struggles and triumphs.

Is she qualified for VP? YES, just as qualified as Obama is and he is at the top of the Dem ticket! How is being a state senator from Illinois any more experience (especially executive) than mayor of a town? How is two years (of active service) as a US Senator any more experience than two years as Governor of Alaska? Any Dem argument against Palin's experience is logical suicide.
Go Gov. Palin!

Mrs. D said...

I had never heard of Sarah Palin before, but am thrilled at McCains choice. This woman is an answer to my prayers for a person of strong ethic and morals to be in office. I too wish she were running for President. (Oh well, there is always 2012) We now have 2 people of incredible character and accomplishment in contrast to flash and lack of substance to vote for.
I am thrilled and impressed!

Nancy said...


Palin for President said...

You've done this country a great favor by introducing Sarah Palin.

I think she deserves to be president!