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Thursday, July 5, 2007

It's not just for bloggers!

So, you want to draft Sarah Palin for Vice-President, but you don't have a blog....Well, welcome aboard. Starting today, this draft movement is open to everybody.

In order to make this possible, two new "Draft Palin" ventures are being launched:

1) The Draft Palin Mailing List: If you want to stay up to date on everything being cooked up by the "Draft Palin Movement", sign up for the new mailing list. I will provide a weekly email mailer with updates on the state of the movement, action alerts, and links to Draft Palin discussions around the web. To get on the list, just shoot an email to
(Note: I wouldn't know how to sell your personal information even if I wanted to, so rest assured that the only email you will ever get will be from me).

2) The Draft Palin MySpace Headquarters: That's right, I am now on send me a friend request. I am planning some cool promotions using this new site, so stay tuned. (Note: MySpace being what it is, you may want to accompany friend requests with a message or comment to help me filter supporters from spammers and other assorted nuts.)

This page will continue to be my main hub of activity, but I would encourage you to check out the new features, as they will likely become increasingly important in this draft campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Today was the first day in a very long time that I am excited to be a Republican!
Sarah Palin is a gift from God. I did not know she exsisted until today and the more I learn about her the happier I am!
We are praying for you Sarah.
From a Mom of Three in Tennessee!

Unknown said...

I agree with jammiestn as I know a lot of fellow Republicans do. We are very excited about her and I know that she is going to be a fabulous running mate for McCain! Go VP Palin! :)

BBQ Gary said...

As a conservative from of all places, Massachusetts, I'm delighted with Sarah as the choice for McCain.

Let me be the first to coin the term nationally that this is going to be a contest between Captain America and Annie Oakley, pitted against Captain Kangeroo (Only change kids can believe in) and Mr. Ed (A horse is a horse is a horse and Biden is a plow horse that talks).

Pro-life; Pro-energy independence; A working career mom; A son in the military and on his way to an unpopular war. What more can we want in America. Vision, responsibility and the level headed thinking of a women.


Tamara said...

As a republican, I was unsure if I would vote in the November election. I wasn't fired up about John McCain. Now that Sarah Palin is on the ticket they definitely have my vote!

vivian said...

I'm Hillary's supporter and I'm voting for Palin.

Melody said...

I have not been so PUMPED about a pending election in a very long time. I am a 44 year old working mother of 3 from IOWA. Ronald Reagan was the first president I was old enough to vote for. In November I really did not want to vote for John McCain but was going to because I believe it is our duty to vote and he was the lesser of the two evils. NOW I am signing up to work on the campaign and work my rear end off to get McCain Palin elected. I am for Sarah Palin not just because she is a woman (that's just an added bonus). She is a true conservative and reminds me a great deal of President Reagan. She is smart, strong, holds the values and beliefs that my husband and I hold, and she leads by example, not by talking a good talk and then doing something else - SHE WALKS HER TALK! To hear some of the "pundits" on TV allege that she has no experience, especially in foreign policy, and does not "deserve" to be one heartbeat away from the most powerful position in the world would almost be funny if it were not so insulting. She has served her community, state, and country well. Has anyone heard of this huge pipeline that she negotiated with Canada? I am still waiting for Obama to list any accomplishment he has other than being friends with felons, terrorists and people who hate our country (Rezko, Ayers & Wright to name a few).
God bless John McCain and Sarah Palin - you will be in our thoughts and prayers!

jamesferrel said...

Extremely good news for the McCain campaign. I supported Senator McCain when he ran in the Repulican primaries in 2000.The article on Gov. Palin in the Feb. 08 Alaska Magazine was oustanding and after I read it I thought WOW. I immediately signed the petition. I too imagined but thought it was only an outside chance. Her experience in my mind exceeds that of Sen. Obama. Do believe that McCain's choice is far better than Obama's. Biden's attacks will be a backlash for the Democrats.

Howard M. said...

I am sickened by the number of people who continually point to Sarah Palin's lack of foreigh polich experience. The lady has it all, and has the dems quaking in their shoes, make no mistake. They will do all they can to drag her down, most of it will be trumped up bits of nothing. Fact is, it has already started. Her one shortcoming seems to be foreigh policy experience, well, I don't see where the other two have much, if any more. The answer is simple. Keep Condy Rice around, in her present position. They cannot throw mud on this lady either, and has more foreigh policy experience than all the rest of them put together. I would have been happy if John had picked Condy for VP, but I respect his decision, and will work for them with all my 78 year old heart. (who said 72 is old. Look at his Ma)Go John, Sarah, and Condy.
Howard V. Miller

Rose Hook said...

I called your name in prayer today. I am so excited to see a christain lady coming to office. Just remember when the trails get hard someone is praying for you. I promise to call your name in my morning devotions everday!
Rose Hook

Claudette said...

Thank you Adam for introducing this unbelieveable "breath of fresh air" to me in Sarah Palin. I am a woman with no children and have a hard time keeping things together. She has such an inspirational story and seems to be one tough gun-toting, moose-hunting, non-nonsense hockey-mom who I am so glad happens to be such a great Republican role model. I was voting for McCain no matter who he picked but now I think we just won the White House. I am writing from New Orleans and having just gone through Hurricane Gustav and am still experiencing some very strong winds and rain, my mood, while somber for my fellow Louisianians severely affected by Gustav like we were from Katrina, is extremely upbeat about this election and has been since the big announcement. I have family in Alaska but we don't get to talk too much so I had no idea how lucky they were. Don't get me wrong, I am very lucky and thankful for Goveror Bobby Jindal, who should have won the first time he ran and almost did but that incompetent Democrat Kathleen Blanco, who will go down as the worst Governor in Louisiana's history, beat him by a narrow margin. Jindal was also mentioned as a running mate for McCain but I'm glad he didn't want it anyway, because we need him here. His time will come though! Anyway Adam, thanks again for all that you did and still are doing to keep us up-to-date on the lovely maverick from Alaska! P.S. I guess Diddy doesn't have anyone from Alaska that wants to work for him on his new reality show (either white or black) which proves just how smart Alaskans are!!!

Margaret Melican said...

Please let us know when there is a Massachusetts event! We'll all be there!

Rachel1963 said...

For the first time in my life I will be voting Republican for president. McCain and Palin are the best candidates and have my full support! The liberal media is just beside themselves with this whole thing and I find it hilarious watching them scramble to find stuff to dig up on Sarah Palin.You go girl. I have faith in you!

SCmom said...

As a conservative working mother of 2 in South Carolina, I was very lethargic about the upcoming election. For the first time in my life, I was not planning to vote.

Then I heard McCain had picked a woman for VP. My first thought was 'now he's done it'. I am not a big fan of any of the woman in politics. President Obama here we come.

Then I heard Sarah speak...I became a little excited...then I read up on her...becoming more and more excited...then I heard her speech last night...

Amazing. Not only did she make me have extreme confidence in her abilities as VP, but she also made me appreciate McCain and what he has done and can do for this Country.

I am not only voting in this coming election...I am going to work it!

I lived in Alaska from 90-94. If I had to pick the one thing I miss the most it would be the amazing fresh air ...and that is exactly how I would describe Sarah amazing breath of fresh air from the mountains of Alaska.


Diane said...
Delighted that a smart, capable, well-rounded woman will be such an inspiration to moving our country forward and get us out of the rut of same old/same old. Men all know the reasons behind their level of success, but need to be more appreciative and coherent that women lend a much kinder, more compassionate, nurturing (sometimes confused with "expressive emotional")intellect, and logic into most business, pliable venues, successful relationships, and the means for most success in all areas. Mrs. Palin certainly seems to represent a large faction of understanding a large majority of people, with a very diverse understanding and knowledge of business,sports, people, politics, dreams, and hopes for most of us who reside in the great United States of America. I am certain that like every other soul, spirit, personality, and individual in this world, she and I would share differences of thoughts, opinions, logic, as she would with anyone, but it impresses me deeply that she seems like a person, who is willing to go after her convictions and goals wholeheartedly (not with the selfishness of there is only one way), and probably welcomes any challenge as an opportunity to assist as and when necessary to keep our great country growing and developing to ensure hope and prosperity for all. I stand behind her and beside her, as a successful woman, who has so many opportunities in this world to be a better character, a more formidible ally, and and individual who very respects and appreciates our freedoms and choices. YOU GO, GIRL!!! Let's show the guys how much powerful and influential that can be when we are not only the "Wind Beneath their WINGS", but the strength, logic, compassion, and support inspiring them everyday to make this world a "kinder, gentler, more loving World". GOD SPEED for the greatest country on the Planet.

maddmaxxi said...

Way to go Sarah. Hoping you knock Biden's socks off in the debates. Got to beat Obama in the elections now we can really do it with you!!! Mccain supporter!!!

Hannah said...

Hannah said: Sarah’s definitely a gift from God,too! and she is as qualified as Obama is; my prayers are with her daily & continue for our country! she's not afraid to 'tellitlikeitis'. I admire her & know that she's not perfect; hope all who read this pray for John-Sarah & all involved; we do need God's grace & mercy upon this country - may real truth prevail in America! thank God, she's not a 'learned-behavior' politician nor a 'groomed for lifer' career congressman; it appears that a “learned with RHETORIC” speaker can deceive & influence many; i pray this is not what we’re dealt; my prayer for Obama too is: that overtime, he comes to understand the real stakes our country faces, especially the moral & SUBTLE economic groups benefiting from these crises; also pray he will not be deceived (naivete) & used by the 'status quo's agenda & pumped up too fast; but I do admire & respect him & am proud of him; we’re the same skin color & born around same time but it still doesn't justify me voting for him; i do believe his time will definitely come & he’ll make a great president, but right now there’s no time for on the job training; would rather support someone who stands up for what they believe, suffer for it & lives it out; the issue now is: will voters vote for another charismatic & a social group? and the others vote for same skin color? well, this shouldn't be the case; also our country doesn't need more Hollywood influence or 'business as usual’ congress-crowd! well, who are some of the backers? ..a no-brainer.. our country’s on brink of more crisis if voters don't wake up; it’s easier said or spoken than actually solving complex issues, and guaranteeing answers to complex issues or mentioning years worked in community centers; who else can come forward that can really state what great impact this made their life/community; of course, it did some good; but let the fruit speak? we’re not perfect & should not appear more than we are; time will tell on us all.